EleanorEllisBeldar: Yes perhaps. Unfortunately, right now I need to sort some stuff out relating to moving home so I will have to put up with it for now. I am chronically disorganised!00:00
IggyYzzzGuys you should check out the new Yosemite OS X00:00
Martin204I’m running it IggyYzzz00:00
Martin204the public beta00:00
Beldar!spam | IggyYzzz00:00
IggyYzzzhow u like it?00:00
ubottuIggyYzzz: Please don't spam00:00
Martin204I like it a lot00:00
IggyYzzzyes I am running beta as well00:00
MoPacBeldar: in case a driver had been updated00:00
Martin204the look took a day to get used to00:00
IggyYzzzi have felt the speed increase form Mav to Yosemite00:00
Martin204I haven’t noticed much performance difference00:01
IggyYzzzYes the look is different00:01
EleanorEllisBeldar: Is there any chance my problems could be coming from packages? Or do you think I am stupid to think that?00:01
Martin204the font looks nice though.00:01
Martin204something about dat helvetica neue00:01
Martin204just sexy00:01
IggyYzzzits true00:01
BeldarMoPac, A live is different than a install. Did you when you ran the update/upgrade untick the stick in software and updtaes?00:01
IggyYzzzi am very pleased00:01
Martin204it’s relatively stable too, just a few graphical bugs I’ve noticed00:02
BeldarEleanorEllis, Not stupid, however it is an assumption. Would you want your doctor to assume a medical diagnoses?00:02
Martin204hopefully it’ll be all polished up before they ship it00:02
MoPacBeldar: no, I didn't....should I untick it?00:02
EleanorEllisBeldar: Mind you, this installation was a clean install so there shouldn't be any packages from previous installations so maybe I just answered my own question.00:02
BeldarMoPac, Is this a dual boot, and have you looked to see on the web issue with ubuntu on this computer and or hardware?00:03
IggyYzzzI have more faith in 10.10  over 10.900:03
IggyYzzzI will never go back to 10.800:03
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damian-Beldar, not entirely sure what i'm looking at with the script output, http://pastebin.com/dSqtVDHj ?00:04
IggyYzzz10.10 just feels more snappy to me upon opening apps and browsers.00:04
user123321Beldar, I made it :D Thanks :D00:04
MoPacBeldar: it's not a dual boot...at the moment I'm just testing it out by booting straight from the live USB without installing. It's a very new platform, and I haven't seen anybody running Ubuntu on this specific model yet, what with the tablet mode and orientation shifting ability00:04
EleanorEllisBeldar: I wouldn't want my doctor to assume a diagnosis (mind you they usually do anyway) but I would want them to consider possible problems with any course of treatment they proposed. And it seems like only prudence to address what I am worried about rather than ignoring something niggling in the back of my mind in the hope it will go away, just in case it comes back to bite me on the arse.00:04
Martin204xcode 6 is pretty nice looking00:04
Beldaruser123321, Cool, no prob. ;)00:04
MoPacBeldar: I'm wondering if there is any generic place within Ubuntu that I can go to look for settings for touchscreens, orientation sensors, etc?00:05
IggyYzzzYeah I had to re install a few things. I did not do a fresh install. I did an upgrade00:05
IggyYzzzsloppy upgrade00:05
OerHeks Martin204 IggyYzzz OSx is offtopic, please keep this channel clear for ubuntu support00:05
BeldarMoPac, I have n o lvm experience so can't help. Besides here I would use the ubuntu forums and post that script and a new one if you make any changes.00:05
IggyYzzzsorry guys00:06
IggyYzzzi will stop00:06
Beldardamian-, ^^^^^^^^^^^ sorry MoPac used your nick by accidesnt00:06
MoPacBeldar: No problem, thank you for patiently juggling00:06
BeldarMoPac, Not sure only thing I have with touch is a nexus 7 running android.00:07
damian-thanks for the help Beldar, lol00:07
damian-actually you might be able to help in another way. i have /boot on a completely seperate partition, is there a way i can simply wipe that and start fresh?00:07
Beldarto much or not enough caffeine00:08
Beldardamian-, I beleieve lvm has that boot partition for a reason not sure really.00:08
ObrienDavenever enough caffeine ;P00:08
damian-ahh, i figured i just set it when i installed00:08
EleanorEllisBeldar: The other reason I haven't detached my home yet is that I don't have either a printer or a second PC so once I am limited to the command line in a recovery console, I don't have any way of looking up more information or asking for more help. All I have at that point is what I have written down in my notebook so I need to gather the right information before I do that so I don't mess up at that stage. At the moment, I have a (most00:08
EleanorEllisBeldar: But anyway, thank you for your help so far. And thank you to the other people who helped me, even though I now can't remember their names.00:09
mintcan someone here help me install linux mint, its already installed on a usb flash, and i want to install it on the hard drive00:10
Ben64!mint | mint00:10
ubottumint: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org00:10
BeldarEleanorEllis, As my last communication, I will say I think you will ahve to bite the bullet and do a fresh install and add your needed stuff, I.E start over again, we all get there or will at some point it is just part of the process.00:10
BeldarI fresh install every release myself00:11
Beldarand no separate home ever00:12
BeldarMoPac, Found this with a google search of "ubuntu touch screen wiki" https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touchscreen00:16
angel_hi, i require help to configure a bluetooth keyboard on ubuntu but  keyboard. i tried the menu options but i get a fail every time00:17
BeldarMoPac, more for you, http://askubuntu.com/search?q=touch+screen00:17
jakesylhey guys so ssh works but when i try sftp i get this git.io/FtwgOQ00:18
jakesylwoops url is actually git.io/FtwgOQ00:19
bluegoonWhen I leave my PC, and come back, I have a black screen, when I move my mouse etc, nothing happens.. using Ubuntu.00:20
saiarcot895jakesyl: Did you try adding brackets around your IPv6 address?00:20
Beldarbluegoon, Ubuntu has a lock screen stock people have had a black screen issue, chek the lock screen settings and the prompt to com back to desktop.00:21
jakesyl*smh* ashamed thanks saiarcot89500:22
jr_When I try to install ubuntu the screen just freezes with the mouse on it00:22
jr_and nothing happens00:22
Beldaror unlock gui prompt bluegoon00:22
bluegoonBeldrar, ok thanks, ill check it out00:22
Beldarjr_, When in the install, and where are you installing from, and your cpu and ram info.00:22
jakesylis there anyway to disable ssh for an account?00:23
jakesylbut keep sftp enabled00:23
jr_Beldar: Cd and I don't know my cpu/ram info.00:23
Beldarjr_, Ubuntu does not fit on a CD?00:24
jr_Beldar: virtual cd00:24
jak2000Beldar: you mean: sudo apt-get purge java-6-openjdk00:24
jr_Beldar: this is a virtualized server00:24
Beldarjr_, Not sure what that is, can you define exactly?00:24
Beldarwhat vm app00:25
jr_Beldar: the computer isn't real. I'm not sure, I got this VNC server from a hosting company. All I am able to do is remotely log into it in order to install the OS00:25
Beldarjak2000, If java-6-openjdk is the install command yes.00:25
JamesJRHk1l_: Apparently Files is the last part to go other than accounts which is staying. Ubuntu One accounts is effectively just Launchpad OpenID; as with Ubuntu SSO, the only thing it now adds to Launchpad OpenID is a defunct brand.00:25
Beldarjr_, Never done that, others may know.00:26
jr_Beldar: i do believe that you still may be able to help me here.00:26
Beldarjr_, I doubt it.00:26
Beldarchannel of over 1500 people lets give them a chance00:27
Mobutilsjr_: What hosting company out of curiosity?00:28
jr_Mobutils: alienvps00:28
arayaqHi! I have a problem with my dpkg database, everytime I try to read it throws an error. Very likely due to a hard drive failure.00:30
arayaqHere is the output when trying to install anything: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7909721/00:32
arayaqIs there a way to recover a working state?00:32
jr_Mobutils: never use 123 System Solutions...unless you can speak hindi and don't mind waiting a week 1/2 to have something done00:33
Beldararayaq, Ubuntu has a built in smartcheck disks top right corner dropdown.00:33
Beldarlive and installs00:33
Mobutilsjr_: thanks for the tip.00:33
angel_hi, i require help to configure a bluetooth keyboard on ubuntu but  keyboard. i tried the menu options but i get a fail every time00:34
angel_hi, i require help to configure a bluetooth keyboard on ubuntu i tried the menu options but i get a fail every time00:34
arayaqBeldar: S.M.A.R.T test only show temperature errors problems, I guess that corrupted the hard drive00:35
Mobutilsjr_: kind of looks like this is simmilar to a rackspace or aws, your os is setup during the inital server instance creataion.00:36
Mobutilsso you setup a server with them and are looking to install Ubuntu instead of whatever is currently on it?00:37
angel_how do i add a usb keyboard to ubuntu 14.04. and yes i googled it already00:37
Mobutilsyou plug it in.00:38
jr_Mobutils: it is.00:38
angel_i have ubuntu installed on a tablet, how can i make the touch keyboard appear?00:39
Mobutilsangel_: sudo apt-get install onboard00:40
Mobutilsthen run onboard00:40
Mobutilsi guess without a keyboard that may be difficult. is sshd enabled?00:41
jak2000http://pastie.org/9432955   how to remove:   java-7-openjdk-amd64   i try: sudo apt-get purge java-7-openjdk-amd64 but not work   i need erase all java packages (for do clean java installation)00:42
angel_Mobutils, thanks. how do i make it dissaper when i don't need it/appear when i do?00:43
Mobutilsgood question… not sure,00:43
Mobutilslet me check00:44
buriedalivesudo aptitude purge java-7-openjdk-amd6400:44
Beldarjak2000, I never use grep but often see it used here, find the commands to list all your java stuff.00:44
jak2000buriedalive testing...00:44
buriedalivesudo aptitude purge ~java00:44
jak2000Beldar: i do sudo updatedb    and then  sudo locate jdk00:45
Beldargotta have apptitude installed is all00:45
jak2000sudo aptitude purge ~java    <-- remove all java packages?00:45
ubottuFor instructions on how to set up bluetooth, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothSetup00:47
Beldarangel_, ^^^^^^^^^^^^00:47
angel_Beldar, i already did that. bluetooth is installed but i can't make the keyboard work00:48
Beldarangel_, Without any real details the channel is not much help, unless someone is real motivated to help and willing to spend the time it takes.00:50
the_wisenerdwould someone know how to start testdisk deeper scan from a particular sector? It takes too long for an entire harddisk scan... I already know my partition table, sort of...00:51
angel_Beldar, which details you need?00:51
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Beldarangel_, None hear I wont spend the time, however exactly what you have tried and where it has failed is a start.00:52
Beldara theme of it's not working is just ti broad00:52
Lasrod_Hi. I have a build script that, when I run it manually it works fine. However when our build server application is executing this it does not find the compiler. The path to the compiler is set in the PATH environment variable, however it seems like the build server application does not have this set. What is causing this not to be found by the application compared to when running manually?00:52
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vibedigitalhi! i'm doind some tests with tiger. it's takes how much time for audit ?00:57
buriedaliveLasrod_: -> sh ./ path/to/script/namescript00:58
buriedalivechmod +x /path/to/script/00:59
master__auxilio por favor01:01
master__tengo unproblema con ardour01:01
master__el problema radica en que no puedo utilizar mi interface01:02
vibedigital http://pastebin.com/fQ9qrkVd#01:02
EleanorEllis!es | master01:03
ubottumaster: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.01:03
Mobutilsawesome, a spanish speaking bot.01:03
EleanorEllisMobutils: It speaks other languages too. !fr01:04
ubottuNous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.01:04
buriedalivecool really)01:04
jak2000Beldar, buriedalive: http://pastie.org/9432985   not work :( how to remove all java stuff?01:06
Mobutilsawesome, a multi lingual bot.01:07
buriedalivejak2000: god01:07
jak2000buriedalive typed something wrong?01:08
Beldarjak2000, I did not suggest that command01:08
Beldaror any aptitude01:08
buriedalivesec, I will find it01:08
buriedaliveI'll find01:11
buriedaliveI think understand01:11
LiamWhey all01:12
LiamWI have a shiny new build, Ubuntu installed as only OS, proprietary nvidia drivers installed, etc01:13
buriedaliveBeldar: well?01:13
Beldarburiedalive, well what?01:13
buriedaliveBeldar: http://eldoradozpua.blogspot.ru/2013/11/ubuntu-java.html01:13
LiamWmost things are working very well. however, whenever I press Ctrl+Alt+F1 to get to tty1 the entire system locks up. I can no longer reach it via ssh and the numpad light on the keyboard stops responding.01:14
Beldarburiedalive, You want applause, I did not ask for help.01:14
buriedaliveBeldar: no no01:14
LiamWthat also means that Ctrl+Alt+F7 to try to get back to X doesn't work either01:14
jak2000is for me? right01:14
buriedaliveBeldar: say to work after01:15
Beldar!cookie | buriedalive01:15
ubottuburiedalive: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!01:15
Beldarthan be sure not to explain, lol01:15
buriedalivejust I rally want to help)01:18
jak2000buriedalive accept a pm?01:19
buriedalive8-20 am)01:19
jak2000private message :)01:20
buriedaliveand you?01:20
jak2000here 7:20 pm my gmt is -701:20
buriedaliveu from?01:21
jak2000and you?01:21
jak2000you are connected on russian network?01:21
buriedaliveof course01:21
jak2000wich server?01:22
fabzhello world !01:22
buriedalivewait, what do u mean?01:22
jak2000buriedalive see a private message01:23
buriedaliveirc serv?01:23
jak2000yes irc serv01:23
jak2000Beldar: you remember this song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SECVGN4Bsgg01:24
* sample_user hears crickets.01:34
Mobutilsto slow01:35
sample_userFor a channel with 1500 people in it, it's pretty quiet in here.01:35
Mobutilsyou have only been on for like 3 min01:36
sample_userFair enough.01:36
klemaxI have some problems such as sound sizzle while watching videos on youtube or dailymotion.01:36
Mobutilsoh the infamous sizzle problem….01:37
klemaxMobutils: yeah, do you have any idea about how to fix?01:38
Mobutilsno clue man, that’s not much to go on.01:39
mavidoritoscan i use pure debian with only openbox?01:40
mavidoritosi dont want to use xfce or lxde or gnome or any others01:40
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mavidoritosi tihnk it will be faster with only openbox01:40
loekanleis this were people get  tech support??01:40
loekanleI need help with my linux distro????01:41
Beldarloekanle, What does the channel header say?01:41
BeldarOfficial Ubuntu Support Channel  not linux but ubuntu01:42
loekanleOk good Im in the right place then, my ubuntu 12.04 wont get pass the loading screen01:43
Beldarmavidoritos, Ask debian they hace a channel.01:43
LiamWloekanle: are you unable to log in?01:43
mavidoritosBeldar, ok mate thanks :)01:44
LiamWloekanle: or is it worse? are you never presented with the greeter?01:44
loekanleyes  when I hit control & ALT & T I get01:44
loekanleIposted pics https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/conky/+question/25219901:45
loekanleit doenst get past greeter it stuck on the purple screen just loading01:46
LiamWloekanle: press Ctrl+Alt+F101:46
LiamWare you presented with a textual login screen?01:46
loekanleOk ill try that Im running on my windows right now, I will log off and back onto ubuntu01:47
loekanleif it work thanks01:48
LiamWloekanle: I suggest that if you have another computer, stay connected there01:48
NeshHi, can anyone help me out with a problem I have with dual booting ubuntu ?01:51
NeshThanks, for some reason ubuntu doesn't show up on the boot menu when i start my computer01:52
LiamWNesh: do you have grub currently installed?01:52
NeshI've done a boot-repair and this was given http://paste.ubuntu.com/7909314/01:52
NeshI'm not actually sure if I have it installed or not01:53
LiamWif you don't, you can still boot ubuntu with super grub disk01:53
samuelany way to ignore csrf tokens for specific routes?01:53
LiamWNesh: sorry, that paste link is timing out01:54
LiamWok, loaded01:54
crazymanhı all01:54
LiamWNesh: did your computer ship with Windows 8 installed?01:54
NeshYes it was preinsalled01:55
LiamWNesh: are you aware that your EFI bootloader is in a mode known as "secure boot"?01:55
samuelany way to ignore csrf tokens for specific routes?01:56
NeshI wasn't aware of that, I thought I had disabled it01:56
LiamWyou'll still be able to boot ubuntu with Super Grub2 Disk but I would probably abandon all hopes of starting it with grub01:56
crazymantürk varmı lan01:56
mavidoritoscrazyman, var01:57
Beldar<LiamW> you'll still be able to boot ubuntu with Super Grub2 Disk but I would probably abandon all hopes of starting it with grub  Why would you say that?01:57
crazymanbu ne sıcak ya01:57
LiamWBeldar: I've tried to deal with that pesky secure boot thing before with plenty of google and I could not figure it out01:57
LiamWmaybe I just followed directions wrong, idk. but I couldn't do it01:58
BeldarLiamW, That does not mean others with more experience can't.01:58
LiamWBeldar: it could have also been a UEFI bug/hardware problem as well01:59
BeldarLiamW, If you have no real answers than leave it for those that might. Making statements sound resolute is not helping01:59
annoymouseCan I run Ubuntu 14.04 as a LiveCD02:00
ObrienDaveannoymouse, yes, you can02:00
Beldarannoymouse, dvd yes02:00
annoymouseas in on a flash drive with persistence?02:00
Beldarannoymouse, Yes, however it has limitations research those.02:00
annoymouseand how would I do that?02:00
LiamWI'd use UNetBootin02:01
ObrienDaveusing unetbootin to burn ISO to USB02:01
annoymouseBeldar: Like what?02:01
BeldarNesh, The ubuntu forums besides here has help I would make a thread there with uefi in the header and post the script.02:02
ObrienDaveannoymouse, burn ISO to DVD, use DVD to install to USB. it becomes a complete stand alone system that way02:02
Beldarannoymouse, I can't walk you through every issue, what is your end goal?02:02
benyaminhello... can anyone help me? i have a problem with nvidia that cause my start up screen change into a such kind of terminal and that make me weird looking at it. i have try fixing on grub and also adding framebuffer=y but still, not working well, only shutdown splash back to normal.. can anyone help? i really happy if its.. thanks allot!02:02
annoymouseObrienDave: I can't install directly to a USB?02:03
LiamWbenyamin: add "nomodeset" to the kernel parameters02:03
annoymouseBeldar: Is there any major features that will be missing02:03
Beldarannoymouse, Can you read posts I asked a specific question.02:04
annoymouseBeldar: ?02:05
ObrienDaveannoymouse, read up ^^^^^02:05
BeldarBeldar> annoymouse, I can't walk you through every issue, what is your end goal?02:05
annoymouseJust to mess around with Ubuntu02:05
annoymousenot really a specific goal02:05
annoymouseI just want to check it out02:05
Beldarannoymouse, Ah well I would use a virtual for that.02:06
Beldaror just install02:06
annoymouseInstall on my main partition?02:06
annoymousenot really an option for me02:06
Bashing-ombenyamin: How did you attempt to install(s) the Nvidia graphics driver ? .. How you did install dependes on what to do, to correct the problem.02:06
ObrienDaveannoymouse, no, install to USB02:07
Beldarannoymouse, Main partition?02:07
annoymouseBeldar: Yes. As in replace my OS02:07
Beldarannoymouse, If you have a large enough usb say 8 gigs than do a full install, and be sure to get help on this.02:08
MronoI'm trying to get wifi working on the thinkpad t540p, the ucode is there for iwlwifi-7260-7.ucode but it's not seeing the card02:08
Mronobluetooth does work02:08
annoymouseBeldar: Help from where?02:08
ObrienDavehelp from here02:09
Beldarannoymouse, This is ubuntu support how about here.02:09
annoymouseThat's what I came to do02:09
annoymouseI have my flash drive ready02:09
BeldarObrienDave, All yours bro.02:09
ObrienDaveBeldar, nope, your team ;P02:10
* Beldar checks his samual jackson quotes02:10
fenix01for i use pc and internet i am very sick02:10
morpheus_grannoymouse, did u check this? http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/create-a-usb-stick-on-windows02:11
annoymouseI'm on Mac02:11
fenix01do you know it ?02:11
BeldarMrono, Run lspci and identify just the wifi hardware02:11
MronoBeldar: it finds the wireless adaptor02:11
BeldarBeldar> Mrono, Run lspci and identify just the wifi hardware02:12
ObrienDaveannoymouse, that would have been nice to know from the beginning02:12
annoymouseObrienDave: No one asked me what OS I was running lol02:12
morpheus_grannoymouse, there are also instructions for osx http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/create-a-usb-stick-on-mac-osx02:12
Beldar!mac | annoymouse might be worth reading in general02:12
ubottuannoymouse might be worth reading in general: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a Mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages02:12
Beldarfuture use maybe02:13
morpheus_gralthough as mentioned earlier if u just want to try it why don't you setup a virtual machine instead?02:13
benyaminerr... any suggestion for my problem?02:14
ObrienDaveannoymouse, and you did not think that would be important?02:14
Beldarbenyamin, You had three answers02:14
MronoBeldar: it see's the wireless, how do I use it02:14
BeldarMrono, Do you understand my request?02:15
Bashing-ombenyamin: My last ^^ .02:15
MronoBeldar: aparently not02:15
benyamin@bashing-om : i just install from repo02:15
BeldarMrono, In ubuntu open a terminal type lspci and in the data shown find the wifi hardware and post it to the channel.02:15
benyaminbefore i install from .run package.. so i think if i use the repo it could be better... but stilll -___-02:16
MronoBeldar: oh you want me to post it here, sorry02:16
benyamini fix it using this... http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=2&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0CCgQFjAB&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.binarytides.com%2Fubuntu-fix-nvidia-graphics%2F&ei=9qbZU7qwDIiwuATgp4GoDw&usg=AFQjCNEHX_X_R4yGAKsOmR28W-d2lMUZHg&sig2=n64O6ei7CA2u5lNxmWPOFw02:16
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annoymousemorpheus_gr: Those directions seem to be about making an installer02:17
Bashing-ombenyamin: Makes things easier then .. OK, can you get to the desk top when you boot from a 'recovery' kernel in grub's boot menu ?02:17
=== zbra is now known as pizza
MronoBeldar: 04:00.0 Network controller: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL8192EE PCIe Wireless Network Adapter02:17
annoymousemorpheus_gr: I want to run Ubuntu permanently from the USB02:17
benyaminwhat means? i'm don't understand.. :s02:17
benyamini'm in my desktop now(?) {my laptop}02:18
BeldarMrono, some realteks are a hassle some work just fine, here are three threads, http://askubuntu.com/search?q=RTL8192EE02:19
=== pizza is now known as _
morpheus_grannoymouse, it will work as a live usb02:19
damian-any of you guys know much about LVM installs? (i have no idea what they are..). but trying to do a grub-install results in 'warning: file system ext2 doesn't support embedding'02:19
annoymousewith persistence though?02:19
=== _ is now known as Guest91931
Bashing-ombenyamin: " install from .run package" Now, that makes it the more difficult.02:19
benyaminoh, i'm not using it. i using from the additional driver. err.. i just read it back.. you mean i must reboot my computer and go to recovery mode?02:20
ObrienDaveannoymouse, that is the limitation of the 'live' USB. however, is you do a real install to the USB it becomes a stand alone system. which is what you want02:20
ObrienDave*if you02:21
morpheus_grannoymouse, not really but also check this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=217463002:21
BeldarMrono, Probably worth looking around this google search while waiting, https://www.google.com/search?hl=en&source=hp&q=ubuntu+RTL8192EE+&btnG=Google+Search&gbv=102:21
=== Guest91931 is now known as _ike_
Bashing-ombenyamin: In order in sinstall any other driver, first is to remove the driver from the .run file ..02:21
annoymouseObrienDave: Is there anyway to avoid requiring two USB drives though?02:22
benyaminnow. i just fresh install my xubuntu and yesterday i just install the nvidia driver02:22
ObrienDaveannoymouse, yes, burn ISO to DVD. use DVD to install to USB. i can't give you specific Mac instructions02:23
annoymouseI mean avoid requiring two data storage devices02:23
LiamWannoymouse: if you're really concerned, just use unetbootin02:24
Beldar!who | benyamin you want this02:24
ubottubenyamin you want this: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)02:24
benyamin@beldar : ok02:24
ObrienDaveunetbootin only makes a live USB, you have to INSTALL to USB if you want a stand alone system02:25
ubottuYou can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.02:25
Beldarbenyamin, You can tyoe the first few letters of a nick and complete with the tab key02:25
LiamWon most clients02:25
Beldarvery good02:25
benyaminbash !tab test02:25
benyamin!tab bash test02:25
ubottubenyamin: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:25
Beldarnot a client issue its thew freenode OS02:25
benyamin@beldar : argh -___- manual is better...02:26
jakesylis there a 1 line adduser wrapper i can use to add a user and set a pass?02:26
Beldarbenyamin, Honestly if you don't understand tab complete I have little hope for you on a nvidia issue. ;)02:27
MeauxHi all!02:27
Beldarjakesyl, Where02:27
jakesylwhat do you mean where, add a user to an ubuntu server?02:27
Beldarhere your os the bank02:27
benyamin@Beldar : uhmmm okay. but how?02:28
Beldarbenyamin, Type bel and hit the tab key02:28
jakesylbenyamin hit tab and it'll complete the current dir that you were typing02:28
=== marcelo is now known as Guest99400
MeauxTab is your best friend02:28
Martin204cd ~02:28
MeauxAnyone know how to set the client side encryption/hash with LDAP?02:29
benyaminBeldar, oh god :s i'm some kind of jerk, but it's workin02:29
LiamWoh man, I just remember to install zsh02:29
jakesylcd ~/[starttypingoneletter] *tab*02:29
Beldarbenyamin, very nice. ;)02:29
=== Guest99400 is now known as SidBR
ObrienDavethere is hope for benyamin yet ;P02:29
TJ-jakesyl: I thought we covered that with that script yesterday?02:30
BeldarLiamW, For the record this is not chat, or guessing.02:30
benyaminBeldar, can you help me :o I'm sometimes not focus on the chat i just wake up and get bad cough -____- (Sorry)02:30
benyaminObrienDave, okay, what kind of hope :o02:30
jakesylTJ-  it was impossible to implement as a subprocess in python... sorry ;(02:30
SidBRalgum BR aqui?02:30
Beldarbenyamin, I have no real nvidia experience is all.02:30
TJ-jakesyl: how do you mean, as a sub-process?02:30
Beldar!pt | SidBR02:31
ubottuSidBR: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.02:31
benyaminBeldar, u use noveau?02:31
jakesylbut ya i even tried doing the calculations outside of the subprocess02:31
TJ-jakesyl: why would it not work as a sub-process?02:31
Beldarbenyamin, No real graphic experience to be honest, much better helpers than me in this02:31
Bashing-ombenyamin: let's see if a script is available to remove the proprietary driver. What returns from terminal command -> sudo find / -name "NVIDIA-Linux-*" <- . This command will take some time to complete, wait for it to complete.02:32
renebarbosaSidBR, /j #ubuntu-br lots of brazilians there02:32
jakesylthen someone over at #python said he thought there was a wrapper and TJ- absolutely no idea, if i had more time i would paste my output but i only have 5 minutes just needed to know if there was a wrapper02:32
benyaminBashing-om, errr, why i should remove propierty driver?02:33
TJ-jakesyl: I don't understand where the Python comes in ... are you trying to integrate the functionality into a Python script?02:33
jakesylTJ- yes02:33
Bashing-ombenyamin: I understand that tou have a graphics issue with your xubuntu system, that you 1st attempted to install a driver from Nvidia, and next tried to install from "Additionnal Drivers" utility, and still have a graphics problem . no ?02:34
damian-no one at all can help me? :'(02:35
jakesyldamian- what's your question?02:35
jakesylawesome the plane has wifi02:36
jakesylwoops wrong irc02:36
damian-i'm having issues reinstalling the grub bootloader onto my system after a release-upgrade buggered it. not sure how it's done when i'm (apparently?) using lvm?02:36
TJ-jakesyl: does the Python script run as root (so it doesn't need to invoke via "sudo bash /path/to/script.bash" ?02:36
damian-just errors out when i do grub-install saying 'file system ext2 doesnt support embedding'02:36
jakesylnope sudo not su02:36
Beldar!user | jakesyl02:36
ubottujakesyl: To add new users to your Ubuntu system, follow the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddUsersHowto - For administrative privileges, users need to be made members of the group "sudo" - See !sudo02:36
jakesylBeldar, i'm writing a shell script that's being executed by a python subprocess02:37
benyaminBashing-om, only for startup screen, otherwise normal02:38
Martin204su su sudio02:38
jakesylwait tj- where in this script do you actually say adduser:02:39
TJ-jakesyl: If you need python to be able to execute a privileged script, you could specify it in sudoers as "... NOPASSWD: /bin/bash /path/to/script" to allow the python process user ID to invoke the script02:39
jakesylthat's so much easier, but would i have to be sudoer02:40
jakesylalso why nopasswd02:40
damian-nopasswd means you don't need sudoer, doesn't it? :P02:40
benyaminBashing-om, i install my driver from additional driver02:40
Bashing-ombenyamin: "startup screen" is that also the grub boot menu, that you are refering to ? ?02:40
TJ-jakesyl: The user account running the python script would need to have the entry in the sudoers file, and you'd need to be able to add that entry of course02:40
TJ-jakesyl: the script when I left it with you last night was https://gist.github.com/iam-TJ/893716f37936fc411dbd02:40
benyaminBashing-om, splash screen plymouth02:40
benyaminBashing-om, the grub working normaly02:41
jakesylbut why the no passwd02:41
=== raven is now known as Guest16815
TJ-jakesyl: so that when the python script exec's "sudo /bin/bash /path/to/script" the 'sudo' doesn't cause a prompt for the user account password02:42
Bashing-ombenyamin: I regret to say, I know little of how xubuntu invokes the splash screen, others will have to advise.02:42
jakesylso anyone with an account sshing in can exec this script with no password?02:42
TJ-jakesyl: Assuming the Python process is unprivileged (not executing as root) then it'd need that in order to execute the script successfully, since adduser and usermod require root privs02:43
jakesyland to execute as root would i have to be sudo or su?02:43
TJ-jakesyl: No, only the user account(s)/group(s) named in sudoers02:43
jakesylokay i can do that' so just skip the no password02:44
benyaminBashing-om, it also happened to my ubuntu 14.04 lts before, i just reinstall xubuntu because i love mice(huh -___-)02:45
TJ-jakesyl: why would you skip the NOPASSWD ? The point of that is to allow the script to run successfully as a sub-process of python, without user interactivity. I thought that was what you were trying to achieve.02:45
jakesylTJ- here's my problem all my users are sshing in and i don't want them to freely be able to add users, which if i understand correctly they could do with NOPASSWD02:45
benyaminBashing-om, just kidding, but i really replace my ubuntu with xubuntu. hopping better things happened, but still same. i hope :( a lot...02:45
TJ-jakesyl: OK, as normal users they can't add users without elevated privileges.02:46
jakesylokay got it02:46
TJ-jakesyl: I thought, from your description, that you have some kind of Python long-running daemon that based on user interaction is able to add a user in the background. Maybe I mis-understood. That is the solution I've been addressing with the sudoers and NOPASSWD02:47
benyaminBashing-om, btw, forget about it.. i think only splash screen doesnt change anything, hehe... i also have problem with XIM on xubuntu, can you help me? i just try and browse anything in the internet, no one reffer about XIM on Xubuntu. they removed i bus :(02:47
jakesylno that's about right02:48
jakesylwait is there an extension to bash files02:49
Mrono.sh i think02:49
SchrodingersScatjakesyl: #bash would say no02:49
TJ-jakesyl: OK, so the question now becomes is it trivial for any user to cause that script to add a user? If so then adding to sudoers is a security risk. If the python script is in total control of whether the useradd functionality can be used by the user, then it could use the sudoers solution02:49
Bashing-ombenyamin: I just do not know what could affect the splash screen and still able to boot to a good graphics on the desk top, maybe you have edited the '/etc/default/grub' file ( removed splash ??).02:50
TJ-jakesyl: Depends... if you want to make clear a file is a bash script without having to inspect it, putting .bash helps. I use .sh and .bash to differentiate my scripts where I don't expect to turn them into full executables02:51
jakesylwait tj- problem with adding the file to bin/bash, no way to add arguments (i don't think)02:51
Mronohow do I reverse install -d02:52
TJ-Bashing-om: benyamin: I've seen plymouth splash corruption when GRUB starts in graphics mode and hands over to the OS which expects the console to be in a different mode, which means its writes to screen look corrupted02:53
TJ-jakesyl: you mean "/bin/bash /path/to/script arg1 arg2 arg3" ? that is perfectly fine02:53
reborni plan to install netflix by ppa, but is it only 64-bit?02:54
BeldarMrono, I would add the context of the use of install -d02:54
buriedalivehello reborn:02:55
buriedaliveBeldar: so?02:55
Beldar!ppa | reborn02:55
ubottureborn: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge02:55
MronoBeldar: I am attempting to reverse the commands on http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2190347&page=202:55
jakesylso TJ- my only question is, i see where you read usernames and stuff but where do you actually call add user02:55
TJ-jakesyl: line #1502:55
MronoBeldar: I ran make -n install to see what it did and one of them was install -d "/usr/share/-dkms"02:55
jakesylk thanks02:56
buriedaliveBeldar: so what?02:56
reborni just asking for if is it only 64-bit?02:56
BeldarMrono, I would use the ubuntu forums  chili555's the best help in this area there.02:56
Mronoalright, thanks :)02:56
jakesylthanks for all your help TJ- gtg02:56
Beldarreborn, Look at the ppa's web page.02:56
TJ-jakesyl: The script could just as easily take $1 as username and $2 as password, which could be passed in on the command-line from Python, or set via the environment first (to prevent the password being visible in "ps" output02:57
buriedalivesudo aptitude purge ~njava02:58
jakesylya i'll just take args, do you think it's better to do the password stuff in shell or python02:58
TJ-jakesyl: If Python is the controlling process it'd be best to take them there and pass them to the script, so the script isn't interactive with the user in any way02:59
benyaminanyway. thx02:59
Bashing-ombenyamin: Not sure I understand xim = "custom compose key sequences " ??02:59
rebornthanks, i got it.02:59
TJ-jakesyl: I've updated the bash script now (just refresh the page) so it checks if there are 2 arguments on the command-line. If there are it uses those and doesn't prompt for the username/password03:01
Bashing-omTJ-: IRT benyamin " GRUB starts in graphics mode and hands over to the OS which expects the console -> " that would indeed be a learning experience for me .03:02
TJ-Bashing-om: These days by default GRUB sets a graphical console (on non EFI boots) unless "GRUB_TERMINAL=console" is set03:03
Bashing-omTJ-: Yeah, I am aware of that one ( learned the hard way), and have played about with exporting the display. I do look to learn more about grub and the booting process // all in due time and effort.03:06
TJ-Bashing-om: When it works it is great... when it fails....!03:06
=== Kireji_ is now known as Kireji
Bashing-omTJ-: When it fails it gets interesting !03:07
TJ-Bashing-om: I challenged myself a couple years back to get the background to be the same from GRUB splash, through plymouth, the greeter, and finally my user desktop... that was how I learned about this part!03:07
_Nicco_Hi would anyone care to provide a link to show me how to add something to my PATH environment variable03:08
Loshki_Nicco_: maybe this? http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/unix-linux-adding-path/03:09
Bashing-omTJ-: Now that is "reading the code" ! To know what is happening .03:09
TJ-_Nicco_: "export PATH="$PATH:/my/additional/dir"03:09
_Nicco_TJ-, thanks03:10
_Nicco_I'll try that03:10
TJ-Bashing-om: yeah, I had a great photo of the Angel of the North (landmark in N.E. England) ... trouble was, I couldn't read the console text messages easily whether white or black text, so I abandoned it :)03:10
buriedalivecool, now I know03:10
buriedalive.to /bashrc03:13
Bashing-omTJ-: I only messsed about with that a little bit, I did find means to change the text colors, but was never real pleased .. in the end I find I like fast and simple more// There remains more about grub I do not know than what I do !03:15
damian-OK! i've installed grub again, but now i don't know how to actually boot my OS. any help would be appreciated, successfully boot into grub>03:16
TJ-Bashing-om: Yeah... it's really powerful under the hood. I use encrypted /boot/ partition with GRUB_ENABLE_CRYPTODISK=y too03:16
Bashing-omdamian-: Logical Volumn Management is out of me sphere of knowlege, but - I would expect that the boot code must reside out side of LVM and in a seperate /boot partition ???03:17
damian-well, i wiped the entire /boot partition (as it was fscked)03:18
damian-but i copied all of it to my root/tboot03:19
damian-so that SHOULD have the linux kernel in it, correct?03:19
TJ-damian-: So, you have a "grub>" prompt right now? or a "rescue>" ?03:19
damian-and if i do 'ls (lvm/leonardo-root)/tboot' i get a list of my old /boot03:20
buriedalivefdisk -l03:20
damian-fdisk invalid command03:20
damian-only have boot, cat, configfile, initrd, insmod, linux, loop, ls, lsmod, normal, search, set, vbeinfo03:20
TJ-damian-: OK ... I can probably give you the commands you need but you may have to fiddle them a bit if you see errors03:20
damian-i think i have to linux <kernel> before i can do anything?03:20
damian-that's alright TJ-, i am good at fiddling :d03:21
=== venom is now known as Guest9975
TJ-damian-: "set prefix=(lvm/leonardo-root)" or possibly "set  prefix=(lvm/leonardo-root)/tboot"03:21
TJ-damian-:  then  "set  root=(lvm/leonardo-root)/tboot"03:22
TJ-damian-: now you should be able to do "linux vmlinuzXXXXXX" to select the kernel03:22
TJ-damian-: And, if I recall correctly, "initrd initrd.imgXXXXXX" to select the matching initial ramdisk03:23
damian-okily dokily, lemme see what vmlinuz's i have03:23
TJ-damian-: So this is a 14.04 Trusty install :)03:24
Bashing-omdamian-: I help ya in the thought process, as I can .. the kernel does reside in /boot, but grub must call it from the boot code that is installed elsewhere, say perhaps the stage 1 boot code is installed to the MBR ( sector 0), I do not know how to define that path to say /boot/grub for the remainder of the boot code.03:24
damian-bugger, it seems the i386-pc directory didn't copy across with the rest of my /boot contents03:24
damian-which means modules aren't there03:25
TJ-damian-: Argggh!03:25
damian-lol, i agree.03:26
damian-do you know of a way to reinstall the kernel/modules from the rescue prompt?03:26
damian-i think that could be the past piece of my puzzle03:26
TJ-damian-: it might still boot... but I forgot, the "linux..." line needs the "root=/path/to/root/file-system" as well, so I guess you'd need to do "linux /vmlinuz-3.13.0-32-generic root=/dev/mapper/leonardo-root vt.handoff=7 single"03:28
TJ-damian-: If GRUB's core.img has the file-system modules built-in (it looks to have since you can list the file-system in an LVM LV), then that might get you into Recovery mode03:29
SirenaLoads of people in here.03:29
TJ-damian-: when all that is done, use "boot" to try to boot with those settings03:29
damian-nah, she still bugs out with couldn't find linux.mod03:29
damian-(tried both the set prefix's that you suggested above as well)03:30
TJ-damian-: OK, let's cheat here :)03:30
damian-i like cheating03:30
buriedalivedamian-: dont run03:30
TJ-damian-: You installed grub-pc package to that system?03:30
buriedalivefor bug03:30
damian-i don't know what that means. i did grub-install /dev/sda03:30
damian-and restarted, which put me to this prompt.. lol03:31
TJ-damian-: Do this: "insmod /usr/lib/grub/i386-pc/linux.mod" and tell me if it works ?03:31
TJ-damian-: ignore that!03:31
TJ-damian-: Do this: "insmod (lvm/leonardo-root)/usr/lib/grub/i386-pc/linux.mod" and tell me if it works ?03:31
SirenaLet's see if I can get this thing to install outside of Winderhz03:32
damian-lol, that almost worked; came up with video.mod not found03:32
buriedalivehm hm03:32
damian-can i just set my path to (lvm/leonardo-root)/usr/lib/grub ?03:33
TJ-damian-: OK so... "insmod (lvm/leonardo-root)/usr/lib/grub/i386-pc/video.mod" first03:33
damian-prefix, rather03:33
TJ-damian-: if you change root or prefix then it'll affect finding the kernel03:33
BeldarSirena, I you need help just ask.03:34
TJ-damian-: Try it... you can change it back once you've loaded all the required modules after all03:34
TJ-damian-: We only need to get you started into Linux once, then you can fix grub from there03:34
damian-cool, i set the prefix to ^^ then insmod linux and it worked fine03:34
damian-so if i change it back and do 'linux ..' to load the linuz *cross fingers*03:35
TJ-damian-: I've generated a sorted list of the contents of the grub-pc-bin package that contains all the modules, so you can look them up easily as needed: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7910804/03:35
TJ-damian-: before you can do "boot" you'll need to do "insmod boot" too03:36
damian-ahh cool, thanks03:36
buriedaliveYou do not understand, never updated if it works03:37
buriedalivewhy need?03:37
damian-linux vmlinuz* results in (lvm/leonardo-root)/tboot not found03:37
damian-lol buriedalive, because it told me to.. duh!03:37
Blue1I have an old compaq presario (vintage 2001) -- xubuntu works fine except for flash - tried gnash - almost works but not quite - suggestions?03:38
TJ-Blue1: avoid Adobe Flash03:38
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest50601
Blue1TJ-: what will work on something that old?03:38
SirenaThis OS has come quite a way.03:39
Bashing-omdamian-: TJ- :: Fot think'n purposes, I can boot my "normal" insta;; -> linux (hd0,msdos1)/vmlinuz root =dev/sda1 ro , initrd (hd0,msdos1)/initrd.img , boot <-. Where "prefix and root " and "insmod" are already set. Do we just need to define the hard drive and where the kernel's files are located  for booting LVM ?03:39
damian-well my kernel files (should) be in (lvm/leonardo-root)/tboot -- as long as i did copy them all over03:40
damian-cool, i think i go tthat03:41
TJ-Blue1: for what? I mean, avoid trying to display flash code at all. Adobe no longer support it on Linux so any security vulnerabilities leave you open03:41
damian-linux (lvm/leonardo-root)/tboot/vmlinuz-3.13.0-32-generic root=/dev/sda1 ro03:41
damian-didn't fail..03:41
damian-now boot......03:41
* damian- halts03:42
TJ-Bashing-om: The problem here is "insmod normal" "normal" is only good where the /boot/grub/i386-pc/ directory, and the /boot/grub/grub.cfg, exist03:42
Bashing-omTJ-: damian- :: something like (hd0,lvm/leonardo-root)/boot/grub ... then ???03:42
TJ-Bashing-om: and damian- is missing those, so we're having to do the menu.cfg script's job manually03:42
BeldarBlue1, Is this ancient computer your only one?03:42
damian-i think 'lvm/leonardo-root' takes over the 'hd0' part03:42
TJ-damian-: you need to use the correct linux... line!03:43
damian-before we continue, i'm just going to try something03:43
buriedaliveuse eselect kernel list03:43
TJ-damian-: "linux /vmlinuz-3.13.0-32-generic root=/dev/mapper/leonardo-root ro vt.handoff=7 single"03:43
damian-(because i crashed the machine when i boot)03:43
buriedaliveeselect kernel set numberofkernel03:43
buriedaliveand restructurize03:44
Blue1Beldar: no -- I am trying to ressurect this for a friend.03:44
buriedaliveemerge -1 @module-rebuild03:44
TJ-damian-: ensure you've reset "set root=(lvm/leonardo-root)/tboot"03:44
damian-i'm just going to reconfigure something first03:45
Blue1TJ-: flash is required to run flash videos03:45
damian-and let me say, i really appreciate your help03:45
Blue1such as youtube03:45
BeldarBlue1, Oka is it their only computer, the point being is using it in a safe way.03:45
TJ-Bashing-om: in the root device definition, lvm is in place of hd0 ... it indicates an lvm device, as opposed to hd0 indicating the first physical hard disk (as reported by BIOS)03:45
buriedalivewith your device not a way03:46
nholloway2007I have an Authentec 2665 driver. There are no drivers for it. Where would I go to get an intro to writing my own?03:46
TJ-Blue1: I wouldn't touch it... it is so full of security holes, and not been updated by Adobe since 201203:46
buriedalivejust wait03:46
TJ-buriedalive: Do you require support for an Ubuntu issue?03:46
Blue1TJ-: I understand that -- that said -- I still need it so they can use youtube and some functions on facebook --03:46
buriedaliveTJ-: I'm not sure03:46
TJ-buriedalive: Please take other comments to #ubuntu-offtopic03:47
Blue1TJ-: like it or not, security flaws and all - it is very much a part of the net landscape ---03:47
SirenaI think I'm finally about to install.03:47
TJ-damian-: let me know how you're getting on... its almost 5am here and I'd like to get back to bed ;)03:48
BeldarSirena, This is support not chat, keep that in mind.03:48
SirenaAhh, I assumed that.03:48
buriedaliveTJ-: to need?03:48
damian-lol, cool03:49
damian-well i'm just taking a dig around. it seems the /boot/grub/i386-pc folder is there, i just needed to put 'grub' in the prefix03:49
BeldarBlue1, Are you all like in a desolate section of the world and this old computer is the only option?03:49
* ObrienDave is ;P03:50
Blue1Beldar: for this person, yes.03:50
Blue1Beldar: I would not be at this juncture if there were another option03:51
damian-i have booted into the recovery mode (so i have at least functions), now trying an apt-get --reinstall on the linux kernel03:51
damian-as (i believe) it boots from the disc, but then uses my root / boot partitions afterwards03:52
damian-so hopefully this will create all of the files i need in their proper place, and might even make me a grub.cfg? :P03:52
BeldarBlue1, That is your words however we don't know the options available or if you know either. Honestly this is hard to believe and even that it will run xubuntu in any functional way.03:52
TJ-damian-: ensure you do "grub-install ..." and "update-grub" *and* read the generated "/boot/grub/grub.cfg" to ensure it looks correct and that core.img finds the correct /boot/03:54
damian-it looks like that failed anyway, 'subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 17'03:54
Blue1Beldar: it runs xubuntu perfectly -- except for flash.03:54
damian-but i do have a kernel in my /boot now03:54
TJ-Beldar: xubuntu runs great on older hardware... I still have a couple of 2002 Sony Vaio notebooks which run fine with 256MB orf RAM03:55
buriedaliveTJ-: why he is update03:55
buriedalivehe over update03:55
damian-woo. update-grub has found my linux image.. has found my root ..03:55
damian-generating grub config03:55
damian-i have no idea what the grub.cfg is meant to look like tho03:56
ObrienDaveburiedalive, do you need Ubuntu support?03:56
buriedaliveObrienDave: okey03:56
Blue1xubuntu is great on old hardware03:57
BeldarSure, however that this is the only option is hard to believe, there are organizations to help those that need help, that is really the point I wonder if has been exhausted.03:57
damian-TJ-, does this look ok: http://pastebin.com/bf4wHtj903:57
Beldara hobby is nice but using a tool not needed when other option may be around is not the best use of the situation, but that is my opinion.03:59
Blue1Beldar: there is an economic need here -- I am sorry If I seem to have wasted your time- that was never my intention04:01
damian-nope, she buggered still. lol04:02
damian-'error: diskfilter writes are not supported' and then crashes04:02
BeldarBlue1, No waste of my time. Your goal flash needed.... TJ- don't use flash this makes no sense in any communication resulting in an agreement is all.04:02
Beldarjust seems like a one sided argument with no resolution04:03
Blue1that I can't argue04:04
BeldarBlue1, Have you tried the chrome browser?04:04
TJ-damian-: looking (was away repairing a bite in a cycle tire!)04:04
=== Elephant is now known as Guest89
TJ-damian-: no... you also need to run "update-initramfs -uvk all" then redo "update-grub"04:05
damian-lole damnit04:05
damian-i already rebooted, lemme see04:05
TJ-damian-: sorry... I was busy outside :004:06
damian-nah you're right :P04:06
damian-what are you doing outside at 5am!04:06
TJ-damian-: repairing a cycle puncture... looks like a dog bit it !04:06
damian-lol, while you were riding it.. or in your yard? :|04:06
Blue1Beldar: I did that aborts with an odd crash.04:07
OERIASThanks Ubuntu! Now I am definitely migrating04:07
TJ-damian-: long story... it had a slow puncture yesterday, so my BF left it out to see how long it took to deflate since we couldn't find a leak... he also played with the Huskies with it ... I found it fully deflated with a gaping hole. I'm putting 2 and 2 together here :)04:07
damian-boys, amirite04:08
TJ-damian-: *rolls eyes04:08
damian-you are female, or gay?04:08
BeldarBlue1, There is a youtube watcher one can use with a browser, facebook is a whole other issue is all. I don't use social media myself, but other seem to have a draw to it.04:08
Blue1Beldar: it aborts with an "illegal instruction" so it's not happy about something -04:08
damian-because if female, i have to tell my partner that a lady helped me with a linux issue.. she believes that women don't exist in IT with any knowledge04:08
TJ-damian-: are you getting to the grub menu now? If so, you can edit the Ubuntu entry - possibly - to use the existing initrd.img in /tboot/04:09
damian-i'm booting back into recovery atm04:09
Blue1Beldar: tell me about the youtube watcher04:09
Beldarwithout a browser I meant Blue104:09
TJ-damian-: LOL ... nah, sorry to spoil your fun on that one :)04:09
ObrienDaveOERIAS, most welcome04:09
TJ-damian-: later :p04:09
BeldarBlue1, minitube04:09
damian-alright 'update-initramfs -uvk all' is running now04:10
Blue1Beldar: thanks let me try that04:10
damian-also, how do i manually edit the ubuntu entry (theres four or five in there - i dont know if it's booting to the correct one)04:10
damian-or does this command do that for me04:10
BeldarBlue1, I use the flash in the ubuntu repos and have never had a problem, this is linux you are not running the browser in root not that hard to use it safely.04:12
Bashing-omdamian-: With the kernel line highlighted, 'e' key for edit mode.04:12
TJ-damian-: "update-initramfs" regenerates the /boot/initrd.img-XXXXX files04:12
damian-alright, both commands have been processed04:13
TJ-damian-: once that is done, you need to do "update-grub" to regenerate the /boot/grub/grub.cfg so it includes those initrd.imgXXXX files04:13
damian-you know, i've been running this VM for the last year and a half with 1gb ram + 1vpu .. didn't even realise04:13
TJ-damian-: pastebin the /boot/grub/grub.cfg and WAIT whilst I check it :)04:13
damian-saw it when this shit broke, now the server is flying04:13
damian-hahahah, cool gimme 2secs04:13
TJ-damian-: by default, the first entry in grub.cfg is the default boot entry04:14
TJ-damian-: the "update-grub" scripts in "/etc/grub.d/" that create grub.cfg list the most recent kernel versions first, so it should always boot the most recent kernel by default04:14
TJ-damian-: OK, I can see one issue there04:15
Blue1Beldar: :-( - didn't work - i actually tried it on my 64 bit system (minitube) and it would not work on that either...04:16
TJ-damian-: It looks as if the "/etc/default/grub" doesn't have some settings, or is missing... can you "pastebinit /etc/default/grub" ?04:16
BeldarBlue1, If it were me I would install the xubuntu-restricted-extras and use the computer safely as any one would use any other.04:18
Beldarthe extras has flash04:18
TJ-damian-: ahhh, that is OK... this is a server isn't it? so no "splash quiet" on the linux command line04:19
TJ-damian-: OK, I think it is good to go04:19
ObrienDaveminitube works for me04:19
BeldarBlue1, I would use a lighter de is all04:19
JerryCCDid Justin Bieber see Selena Gomez naked?04:20
damian-yeah, she's a server04:20
* damian- crosses fingers04:20
BeldarBlue1, like openbox with tint204:20
Beldar!topic | jerrcs04:20
ubottujerrcs: Please read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic04:20
BeldarJerryCC, ^^^^^^^^^^^ sorry jerrcs04:21
Blue1Beldar: I previously installed the xubuntu restricted extras04:21
OERIASUbuntu is selling out to the corporations. Disgusting #debian04:21
damian-still comes up with 'error: diskfilter writes are not supported.' on the *Ubuntu boot... but she's still going04:21
BeldarOERIAS, Don't let the door hit you on th way out. ;)04:21
Blue1Beldar: I can support xubuntu -- the other one - I have never used.  other then the flash issue xubuntu works well04:22
damian-The disk drive for /boot is not ready yet or not present.04:22
damian-but, i have a feeling that /boot is now on my root drive04:22
BeldarBlue1, What is the issue?04:22
damian-instead of on the boot partition04:22
damian-services look like they are booting04:22
TJ-damian-: You can move that around if that's the case04:23
Blue1Beldar: flash crashes the plugin -- I tried gnash -- which uses a 10.1 version of flashplugin -- while that "runs" it is too old to display youtube videos04:23
damian-i SHOULD just be able to remove it from my /etc/fstab yeah?04:23
damian-she boots!04:23
damian-she's unhealthy.. but she boots!04:23
damian-[sudo] password for damian:04:24
damian-no talloc stackframe at ../source3/param/loadparm.c:4864, leaking memory04:24
BeldarBlue1, Does the computer have the max ram it can run?04:24
TJ-damian-: if you don't want to keep the separate /boot/ you would need to yes, otherwise the empty  /boot/ FS will mount and hide the /boot/ in the root-FS04:24
damian-i don't need a seperate boot partition, that was just default with the install04:24
redninjacan i get help with some knowledgeable with ubuntu and reading micro SD cards?04:25
damian-well, she's up and running TJ-. i really thank you for your help with this04:25
damian-like i said, she isn't very healthy by the looks of it, but she's up!04:25
damian-from here i can at least migrate to a newer, healthier system properly04:26
TJ-damian-: Yay! shouldn't take too much now :)04:26
Blue1Beldar: it has 512 meg o ram -- which is plenty for xubuntu04:26
ornjAnybody wanna help me get a printer up and running? Or where would I go for that?04:26
damian-actually, the errors stopped after the second boot04:26
* damian- hugs TJ-04:26
ornjWhat are min req. for Xubuntu?04:26
TJ-damian-: :)04:26
ObrienDaveredninja, what is the issue?04:26
damian-you're my new best friend04:26
ornjI'm sorry, I can just look that up04:26
Blue1ornj: iirc 25604:26
Mobutilsahh, we are making friends!04:27
ornjI was more thinking processor, Blue04:27
ADWthis is the best!04:27
ornjbut thanks  :)04:27
TJ-well, this friend is finally off to bed for snuggles and sleeps! night all04:27
ornjI have a PII but will probably put SliTaz on it04:27
damian-have a good one, thanks again04:27
BeldarBlue1, I would not say plenty but yes it seems to run xubuntu, I think there are options and some youtube will run, there are low def vids. The right light desktop and use should work within limitations is all, I would max the ram is all.04:28
ObrienDaveornj, which brand of printer?04:28
redninjai had an old phone htc windows phone and about a year ago i lost it and i found it today buried in mud i got it cleaned and pulled the micro sd card and wanted to grab the pictures and other stuff i saved the card looks in great shape but everything i load it into says it needs to be formated due to incompatible file system and i was hoping using ubuntu i could grab the files and transffer it to a thumb drive but im having problems h04:29
Blue1Beldar: if I can find ram for a machine that is almost 14 years old04:29
redninjathe card and im using a multi card reader04:29
Blue1Beldar: the problem is NOT the amount of ram --04:29
Bashing-omdamian-: A small detail "GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT_QUIET=true" per https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 , should now be set to false.04:29
damian-thanks Bashing-om04:30
BeldarBlue1, Never said it was.04:30
ObrienDaveredninja, let the card dry out for a couple of weeks and try again04:30
ADWand put that mamma jamma in some rice04:30
Bashing-omdamian-: I learned a bit too from TJ- ! .. makes it all worth the while .04:31
=== blindsight is now known as Guest76161
redninjathe card was never covered in mud and liek i said looks still brand new and it can be read on other phones and my windows just says incompatible filesystem04:31
ornjyeah it's not "just" a card with connectors it's got a whole little computer inside it04:31
ObrienDaveredninja, ok, put card in another phone and transfer the files using USB04:32
Beldaroh looks brand new it must work.........yeah that was sarcasm04:32
Jeffrey_fredninja: put the sd card in a pile of rice for a few days04:33
* ornj whines to Jeffrey_f04:33
ornj"But I wannit NOOOOOWWWWW...."04:33
ObrienDaveredninja, did the card get wet?04:33
Blue1Beldar: thank you for all the suggestions -- I need a bit of a break -- if you think of anything I may have overlooked please private message -- thanks04:34
* Jeffrey_f whines BUT YOU CAN'T04:34
ornjHe swears it didn't, but I can't imagine it didn't get a little misty on the inside, hangin out in a wet phone that long04:34
ornjJeffrey_f>>> Oh. :(04:34
Jeffrey_fLOL @ ornj04:34
redninjaevery phone i put it in doesnt recognize it.  and beldar im not stupid its being read just not on ubuntu if it was still wet inside the moment i put power to it would fry it.  and im not new to ubuntu i tried finding it via gparted and it still doesnt find it and  lsusb sees it its just not pulling up i was hoping you guys might know something of an issue and not use sarcasm for someone who has a question btw before you ask yes i tri04:35
Beldarredninja, wasn't directed at you in general.04:36
ObrienDaveredninja, "and liek i said looks still brand new and it can be read on other phones" your words04:36
Beldarjust that the statement means nothing04:37
Jeffrey_fredninja: If the sd card is waterlogged, you may end up wiping the card if you put power to it.  put it in some rice and let it dry out04:37
redninjano the card wasnt wet and the mud the phone was covered in was dried up and the sd card connectors we complety clean and free of debris and no problem beldar04:37
Beldarstill means nothing it works or it does not.04:37
blackyboyhow to do chroot in ubuntu04:38
redninjai was wondering if maybe there is an issue with ubuntu reading insignia multicard readers like it did with realtek a little while back04:38
ObrienDaveredninja, that is possible04:39
Beldarmechanical matters are one of the few incidences when things are dichotomies04:39
Blue1blackyboy: this may/may not help:  http://pkill-9.com/recovering-ubuntudebian-linux-after-a-windows-installhiccup/  this does a chroot04:40
blackyboyBlue1: thanks for the link let me check04:40
redninjak well thanks for the help guys04:40
Bashing-omblackyboy: Booting bios or EFI ?? the method for CHange Root differs.04:42
blackyboyBashing-om: nope just i want to know what is chroot04:43
Bashing-omblackyboy: : ) , synopsis -> do in terminal: man chroot .04:44
Beldarblackyboy, Probably easier to use. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BasicChroot04:46
Beldarblackyboy, Commonly we use a chroot to get to an install from a live dvd/usb to have a root terminal in that install.04:48
=== Guest76161 is now known as blindsight
blackyboyBeldar: yes faced a issue before 2 weeks ago, there was a dual boot machine and accidentally i have deleted the 100MB Boot partition of windows 7, because of that after reformatting windows i can't log-in into Ubuntu, that time i struggled a lot, there are important files in Ubuntu,  finally backup-ed the whole system using a Ubuntu live cd and reformatted to get fix, in this kinda situation this will be helpful so what i want to know about it.04:52
xubuntu893W: Failed to fetch http://ftp.debian.org/dists/etch/main/binary-amd64/Packages  404  Not Found [IP: 80]  W: Failed to fetch http://ftp.debian.org/dists/etch/main/binary-i386/Packages  404  Not Found [IP: 80]  E: Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used04:57
xubuntu893Problem with that, please help me04:57
xubuntu893deb http://http.debian.net/debian wheezy main05:00
OERIASxubuntu893, try #xubuntu05:01
xubuntu893no guy man stop05:01
xubuntu893you guys are sending me from channel to channel05:01
xubuntu893Ya Zubir ?05:02
zubirwat u need help with lil xubu?05:02
xubuntu893People told me Trusty is not supported no more05:02
xubuntu893I have to change errything to Wheezy or Weezy ?05:02
zubirnot really no05:02
zubirbut look up05:02
ObrienDaveno, they told you ETCH is not supported05:02
xubuntu893WHAT'S IS ETCH XD05:03
zubirlook upapt-get dist-upgrade05:03
zubiryou should be fine still using wheezy05:03
xubuntu893It starts05:03
xubuntu893I'm on trusty05:04
zubirtrusty w/e05:04
zubirbrb need to poop05:04
xubuntu893I'm dead xD05:04
dsfsdfgfdHello, whats the difference between debian and ubuntu05:04
zubirdsfsdfgfd: mainly packages05:04
dsfsdfgfdwhat about the base and kernel05:05
OERIASdsfsdfgfd, Debian is superior in terms of packaging and stability.05:05
ObrienDavexubuntu893, you need to get rid of the etch repos in your sources list05:05
Mobutilsubuntu is forked from debian, a lot of it is simmilar, like the package manager05:05
dsfsdfgfdso debian is more minimal, yes ?05:05
OERIASdsfsdfgfd, plus you don't get a ton of shit like Ubuntu.05:06
ObrienDaveOERIAS, don't let the door hit you where the good lord split you05:06
Beldarblackyboy1, Generally removing the boot in W7 is an easy fix, you need the recovery or install disc and a few commands on the terminal of recovery and a the C partition being live.05:06
zubirdsfsdfgf: debian is less "cutting edge" in the sense that the distro doesn't push the newest stuff unless it's been extensively bug tested05:06
Beldarboot partition*05:06
Mobutilsgo slackware if you want minimal…05:06
zubirhence why it's considered to be more stable05:07
zubirwhen you download debian 7, the kernel that comes with it is 3.205:07
zubirwhen the newest kernel is like 3.15 now05:07
Beldarcan we take the off topic to #ubuntu-offtopic05:07
Beldarand debian to #debian05:08
* Beldar waves his cane at the offtopic and says "get off my lawn"05:09
xubuntu893W: Duplicate sources.list entry http://archive.canonical.com/ trusty/partner amd64 Packages (/var/lib/apt/lists/archive.canonical.com_dists_trusty_partner_binary-amd64_Packages) W: Duplicate sources.list entry http://archive.canonical.com/ trusty/partner amd64 Packages (/var/lib/apt/lists/archive.canonical.com_dists_trusty_partner_binary-amd64_Packages) W: Duplicate sources.list entry http://archive.canonical.com/ trusty/partner i05:13
xubuntu893That's what happened at the end of  : apt-get dist-update05:13
xubuntu893And now I did apt-get update05:14
xubuntu893W: Failed to fetch http://ftp.debian.org/dists/etch/main/binary-amd64/Packages  404  Not Found [IP: 80]  W: Failed to fetch http://ftp.debian.org/dists/etch/main/binary-i386/Packages  404  Not Found [IP: 80]  E: Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead.05:14
xubuntu893same message again05:14
LostNvaim no expert but it seems  you need to edit/fix sources list05:15
xubuntu893 /etc/apt/sources.list ??05:15
Beldarxubuntu893, Make a new sources list with this. http://repogen.simplylinux.ch/05:15
LostNvayes you have duplicates, and at least one removed you need05:16
SamwiseGamgeeDoes anyone here know how to use Redo Backup?  I'm using version 1.0.405:16
Bashing-omxubuntu893: Check the "/etc/apt/sources.list" file and the "/etc/apt/sources.list.d" directory for the duplicated entry // remove the 'etch' entry.05:16
ssarahso i got this bash script. it just has a bunch sudo commands in it. But i want it to work not only through command line, but also double click05:17
ssarahhow i do it?05:17
xubuntu893deb http://ftp.debian.org etch main I remove this one ?05:18
SamwiseGamgeeIt's called Redo Backup and Recovery is an application from SourceForge used to backup partitions and to recover data.  It uses a Linux based OS and comes on a live CD.  So, has anyone here ever used this program?05:18
BeldarSamwiseGamgee, Might be easier ways, what is the end goal, just backups, a clone?05:19
SamwiseGamgeeI am trying to recover data from a compact flash card05:19
SamwiseGamgeeIt seems to be working, but my only problem is the destination partitions don't make any sense05:20
hydeookay, this is strange. Just upgraded 12.04-14.04, and keyboard doesn't work in Chromium (using web irc client, had to switch to Firefox to be able to write here...). Everything else I've tried seems to work, but not Chromium.05:20
s2013im using this tool that prints out to console how would i make it so it prints out to a file?05:20
s2013do i need to use cat?05:20
SamwiseGamgeethey have weird names and numbers that don't make any sense to me05:20
SamwiseGamgeeI am trying to save the recovered files to a location on one of my hard drives, but the names of the parttions are fracked up05:20
s2013or is it echo05:21
SamwiseGamgeethere appear to be three directories: one is called  "drwx- - - - - - - 0   0   280 31 July 2014"05:22
Bashing-omxubuntu893: Yes remove " deb http://ftp.debian.org etch main" as it is no longer supported.05:22
hydesomecommand > standardoutput.txt05:22
hydes2013: ^05:22
s2013let me try05:22
SamwiseGamgeethe other is called drwxr-xr-x   0 0  0   220   31 July etc05:23
s2013thank you so much05:23
s2013i think its working05:23
SamwiseGamgeethe third directory is called -rw-r - - r - -      0     0     40960  31 July 201405:23
s2013anyone has tips on how to edit a 20 gig file?05:23
s2013i just really need to remove something from the first line and something from the last line05:23
hydes2013:  note: if you need to redirect standard error, then it's a bit different. But most programs print actual error messages to standard error, and you want to see those yourself.05:23
SamwiseGamgeeRedo Backup uses the LXTerminal05:24
s2013hyde, im changing how a json file looks05:24
hyde(just saying this, in case you see output even when you redirect with > and wonder what that is)05:24
SamwiseGamgeeIt is forcing me to choose one of the three directories, since I have three hard drives, does that mean that each of those directories represents a hard drive?05:25
ObrienDaveall i'm seeing are permission flags and dates, not sure about the rest05:26
SamwiseGamgeeOh, I only have two hard drives, but there are those three directories I listed above05:26
hydes2013: mmm... some sed or awk one-lines ought to be able to do that. though you need to rewrite the entire file, if you remove from beginning... If it's enough if you just (for example) replace first line with spaces, then you could use a hex editor and edit file in-place05:26
s2013k let me try one thing at a time .thaks05:27
SamwiseGamgeeHow can I make sense of these bizarre directory names on the LXTerminal of Redo Backup?05:27
SamwiseGamgeeDoes anyone here know how to use Redo Backup and Recovery?05:31
hydeSamwiseGamgee: you could try `stat` command05:32
SamwiseGamgeewhere do I enter the stat command?05:32
hydeit's a command line command05:33
SamwiseGamgeeit did not work05:33
SamwiseGamgeewhat's the command for listing all the drives and directories?05:33
hydemount lists all mounted file systems05:34
SamwiseGamgeeGive me a safer command05:34
kostkonSamwiseGamgee, it is safe05:34
hydejust don't run it as root05:34
SamwiseGamgeeIf I mount, do I have to unmount when I'm done?05:35
LostNvamount lists, does that list all mounted?05:35
hyde(and iven as root, there's nothing unsafe with mount, really, that was more of a general advice)05:35
Loshkifdisk -l05:35
hydeor `cat /proc/mounts` gives about same info as `mount`05:36
hydeunless you have a rootkit or something, which hides mounts, then that should list all mounted filesystems, AFAIK ;)05:36
SamwiseGamgeeok, i'll try 'mount'05:36
eeeeSamwiseGamgee: if you only want the disks/partitions, use lsblk05:37
SamwiseGamgeeyeah, that sounds better05:37
hydeSamwiseGamgee: what exactly is the problem you are trying solve? restore backup? copy backups to somewhere else? what?05:37
SamwiseGamgeeI am trying to restore pic files from a compact flash on a PC running Windows XP05:38
SamwiseGamgeethe destination directories have bizarre names that make no sense05:39
SamwiseGamgeeso I don't know where to put the recoverred files05:39
hydeah, so you have the files on normal Linux (home directory or whatever), and want to copy them to the CF? or the other way? or what?05:40
hydeanyway, lsblk should show if Linux sees the CF, and also apparently show if it is mounted.05:41
FredddyTomi know the anwser is probably no05:41
FredddyTombut is there anyway in nautilus to sort 1.1  1.2 1.3 1.5.10 etc ?05:41
SamwiseGamgeethe files are JPEG pic files on a compact flash from my digital camera, and I am trying to recover them and put them on a PC running Windows XP05:41
SamwiseGamgeeRedo Backup uses Linux05:41
SamwiseGamgeeI found the partitions where I can put them, but the names do not match the 3 directories they are forcing me to choose from05:42
=== sR is now known as Guest82416
ObrienDavethose "names" look more like a corrupted directory table to me05:45
SamwiseGamgeethere appear to be three directories: one is called  "drwx- - - - - - - 0   0   280 31 July 2014"05:47
LostNvaSamwiseGamgee: what caused you to get to that point05:47
hydeSamwiseGamgee: that paste doe snot list the directory name...05:48
SamwiseGamgeethe second is called drwxr-xr-x   0 0  0   220   31 July etc05:48
hydeas far as I can see05:48
ObrienDavethe "drwx- - - - " are permission flags05:48
SamwiseGamgeethe third directory is called -rw-r - - r - -      0     0     40960  31 July 201405:48
SamwiseGamgeethe destination partition I want to use as a destination is sdb (1.4 TB)05:48
hydetry just `ls` without -l, what does it list05:48
SamwiseGamgeeIt has several subdirectories:  sdb1 30G, sdb2, 1K, sdb5 100 G, sdb6 200 G.....sdb9 400 G05:49
ObrienDaveSamwiseGamgee, those are not directory names05:49
ObrienDavethose are partition names, not directories05:49
SamwiseGamgeeyes, that is exactly the problem05:49
SamwiseGamgeethe names do not match05:49
ObrienDavethey are NOT the same thing05:50
SamwiseGamgeetherefore, there is nowhere to put the files, at least no known partitions05:50
SamwiseGamgeeyes, that is my problem05:50
hyde find . -maxdepth 1 -print0 | xargs -0 stat05:51
SamwiseGamgeethey are not the same thing: I need to find out where the directories are located, in which partitions, so I know where the files are going05:51
hydeSamwiseGamgee: ^ you might try that, and put output to pastebin, then maybe someone can make sense of your situation.05:51
hydebut now I'm off, good luck!05:51
hyde(and as general advice, do `man find`, `man xargs`, `man stat` before running random command from irc channel :)05:52
SamwiseGamgeeEven if I found out where to put those files, how would I access them using Windows XP?05:52
SamwiseGamgeeWould I have to show invisible files, or use the command prompt?05:53
bruceleecan anyone tell me about ubuntu packages, where apt-get update works on one server, but doesnt on another. They're both apt-get updating from a apt cache server05:53
bruceleefor some reason it gives me a 502, resource temporarily unavailable05:53
hydewhy do you need to put files to some specific directories anyway? just copy them to anything like a memory card or USB stick, then insert the stick to the XP machine, and copy them off?05:54
hydeSamwiseGamgee: ^05:54
SamwiseGamgeethe files are damaged05:55
SamwiseGamgeeOnly Redo backup has any chance of recovering them05:55
SamwiseGamgeethey cannot be recovered using Windows XP05:55
LostNvawhat type of files are they05:56
ObrienDavei'm guessing the real issue is no one here understands the recovery program you're trying to use05:56
SamwiseGamgeeoh, well, even if I put a usb stick into the PC, it will have another bizarre directory name or probably won't even show up, I wouldn't know where to find it05:56
SamwiseGamgeehyde, there appear to be three directories: one is called  "drwx- - - - - - - 0   0   280 31 July 2014"05:57
SamwiseGamgeethe second is called drwxr-xr-x   0 0  0   220   31 July etc05:58
SamwiseGamgeethe third directory is called -rw-r - - r - -      0     0     40960  31 July 201405:58
SamwiseGamgeethe destination partition I want to use as a destination is sdb (1.4 TB)05:58
SamwiseGamgeeIt has several subdirectories:  sdb1 30G, sdb2, 1K, sdb5 100 G, sdb6 200 G.....sdb9 400 G05:58
SamwiseGamgeeI said this before05:59
SamwiseGamgeeso I know where the files are, and I know where I want to put them05:59
SamwiseGamgeebut the problem is Redo Backup is using bizarre names for the directories that provide no useful information06:00
SamwiseGamgeeI showed you the names of the directories, can you make any sense out of those names?06:00
SamwiseGamgeeObrienDave, is there another channel where the people in it know how to use Redo Backup?06:02
ObrienDavei couldn't tell you. never heard of it before now06:02
djpohi guys can someone help my i try to hack some wireless connection but i keep getting this  errors06:02
SamwiseGamgeeI'll try hardware06:02
djpoWARNING: Failed to associate with06:02
djpoi'm new with ubuntu :)06:03
LostNvadjpo: failed to associate with what06:04
LostNvawhat are you doing when you get that06:05
LostNvaoh hehe hacker06:06
djporeaver -i mon0 -b C4:04:15:25:73:3206:07
djpoi'm doing this lostnva06:07
LostNvareaver -i mon0 -c (channel) -T 1 -N -d 2 -vv06:08
LostNvareaver -i mon0 -c (channel) -b (bssid) -T 1 -N -d 2 -vv    , i meant06:09
djpowhat do u mean with chnnel?06:09
Blue1Beldar: this is precisely the issue:  http://askubuntu.com/questions/142655/ubuntu-12-04-adobe-flash-player-crashes-cant-watch-youtube  unfortunately installing gnash (which is 10.1 flash) didn't quite solve the problem....06:09
LostNvalock on the chanell or it will roam, -c 6 example06:10
bruceleeanyone know what the propable reasons are that my apt-get update fails every single time at this one place, with 502 Resource temporarily unavailable. and its always the trusty/main amd64 packages06:13
bruceleeerror message says failed to fetch06:13
brucelee"Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored or old ones used instead."06:14
=== jaseywang_ is now known as jaseywang
ObrienDavebrucelee, communications error. Ubuntu repo? PPA?06:14
bruceleethe error message says its trying to download from the PPA06:15
ObrienDavewhich PPA06:15
ObrienDavePPAs come and go all the time. you sure it's still valid?06:16
bruceleeit works on other systems06:16
bruceleeim not sure what part of the system is causing a weird state06:16
bruceleeor if its not, how does apt-get update determine what its trying to download?06:16
bruceleeit says in sources.list right?06:17
diegoaguilarHello isla there any reason not todo keep with an updated 12.04.4 version instead of upgrading to 14.04?06:18
ObrienDavebrucelee, pretty sure.06:18
xanguadiegoaguilar: do you have a reason?06:18
diegoaguilarI rather keep with 12.0406:19
bruceleethink i found the issue06:19
diegoaguilarAs 14 has lotes of minors bugs which I hate06:19
bruceleewrong ppa06:19
ObrienDaveok, cool06:19
ssarahShould i ask again XD06:20
ObrienDavediegoaguilar, 12.04 is supported for another year at least06:20
eskphey guys getting "E: Release signed by unknown key (key id 40976EAF437D05B5)" when invoking pbuilder on debian06:20
eskpany clues?06:20
DrunkWithPowerFor Ubuntu's Unity dash - is the Amazon search "feature" now turned off by default for current Ubuntu distributions?06:21
diegoaguilarObrienDave ir will be more tan thay06:21
LostNvaDoes Linux have a restore Repositories to default button, if not it would really help a lot of people.06:21
ObrienDaveeskp, ask in #debian06:21
TJ-eskp: you've not imported the key into your key-ring?06:21
TJ-eskp: that's the ftpmaster@ubuntu.com key06:22
arkascamtasia for linux ?06:22
ObrienDavessarah, yes, please ask again06:22
Akiva-ThinkpadI am looking for two way sync frameworks available on ubuntu; ANY. Any suggestions?06:22
ssarahso i got this bash script. it just has a bunch sudo commands in it. But i want it to work not only through command line, but also double click06:22
diegoaguilarSince 12.04 its 5 years  ObrienDave06:22
arkasis there some program how camtasia from ubuntu?06:23
ObrienDavediegoaguilar, thanks, was not sure06:23
DrunkWithPowerI am not sure if the Ubuntu's help chat is practicing censorship, if no one knows the answer, or they do know but don't want new users to be thinking about Ubuntu's privacy issues?06:24
eskpTJ-: just ran gpg to receive keys, then exported and imported with apt06:25
eskpTJ-: same error06:25
ObrienDaveDrunkWithPower, or maybe they don't understand your question06:25
DrunkWithPowerOk I will rephrase it06:25
DrunkWithPowerBetter yet, I will paste from wikipedia06:26
eskpObrienDave: i tried, got no response06:26
TJ-eskp: Isn't it the keyring *inside* the pbuilder that needs the key?06:26
DrunkWithPowerWikipedia - Amazon controversy06:26
DrunkWithPowerAmazon search results displayed in the Unity dash feature was introduced with Ubuntu version 12.10. It was alternately described as the "Amazon controversy",[129][130] "privacy fiasco"[131] and "spyware".[132] It was awarded the 2013 Big Brother Award.[133]06:26
DrunkWithPowerUsually even Windows user do care somewhat about privacy06:27
DrunkWithPowerIf the Amazon search is turned off by default, then I don't see to much of an issue.  I thought they were going to do that?06:28
ObrienDaveDrunkWithPower, i have no clue about that06:28
TJ-DrunkWithPower: It looked to me to be the result of 2 main issues: 1) Canonical needed new ways to monetise Ubuntu through search referrals and 2) too many folks with their head in the 'cloud', so to speak06:28
TJ-DrunkWithPower: personally I never liked any of those background search/dash typed input tools, certainly with the Unity being influenced by touch screens it seemed ironic to me that it required such extensive typed input06:29
DrunkWithPowerOk.  Well people discovered it awhile back now.  In order for a person's privacy to be violated, do they need to be aware that their privacy is being violated?  Kind of a chicken and the egg question06:30
DrunkWithPowerIn other words, if a person has their head in the "cloud", then is it ok to violate their privacy since they are not aware there is a problem?06:30
ObrienDaveor, if you're not doing anything you need to worry about, then there's no problem in the first place06:31
TJ-DrunkWithPower: The Ethos with such things in the F/OSS community has generally been clearly opt-in, which is why I think the default enablement jarred06:31
TJ-ObrienDave: I disagree. I might be typing something to find a sensitive document and I don't want that 'leaking' off my PC to search/referral companies06:31
DrunkWithPowerOk.  So if you are innocent, and you talk to your lawyer, then you do not have the need for private communications between you and your lawyer?06:31
DrunkWithPowerRemember it is proposed that if you are not doing anything bad, you have nothing to worry about.  So you should not need to have confidential communications with your lawyer, doctor, teacher, friends, anyone06:32
FlannelDrunkWithPower: This has clearly strayed away from technical support, can you please take it to #ubuntu-offtopic?  Thanks.06:32
=== Symmetri1 is now known as Symmetria
* ObrienDave refuses to have a battle of wits with an un-armed person06:33
DrunkWithPowerI think it is a technical issue btw06:33
ObrienDavebut it is NOT a support issue06:34
DrunkWithPowerThe tech support question is - does Ubuntu have the amazon search feature enabled by default?  I need that info for technical reasons06:34
kostkonDrunkWithPower, it isn't. Better place for it is in #ubuntu-offtopic06:34
DrunkWithPowerYes it is06:34
FlannelDrunkWithPower: Whether it's enabled is technical, whether it's bad or irresponsible is not technical.  So if you can bisect you're conversation, it'd be appreciated, thanks.06:34
Flannelwell, wrong your there, but you get the picture.06:35
ObrienDaveno, the support question would be "how can i disable it"06:35
Akiva-ThinkpadWhat is a diff?06:35
DrunkWithPowerTech support deals with many things, some of which include how to utilize features of the software06:35
ObrienDaveAkiva-Thinkpad, a diff the difference between two files06:35
Akiva-ThinkpadObrienDave, thanks. These are used for merging, correct?06:36
DrunkWithPowerOk.  I have just installed Ubuntu and have made no changes.  I want my privacy violated by Ubunto and Amazon.  How can I turn on the Amazon search feature? Or do I need to, perhaps it is enabled by default?06:36
ubottuWow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!06:36
djpo<djpo> hi guys i'm looking 2 learn sql injection can u pl06:37
djpo[!] WARNING: Failed to associate with C4:04:15:25:73:32 (ESSID: pini)06:37
djpo<djpo> [!] WARNING: Failed to associate with C4:04:15:25:73:32 (ESSID: pini)06:37
djpo<djpo> [+] Sending EAPOL START request06:37
djpo<djpo> [+] Sending WSC NACK06:37
djpo<djpo> [!] WPS transaction failed (code: 0x04), re-trying last pin06:37
djpo<djpo> still getting errors06:37
unopastedjpo you have been muted for 60 seconds as it looks like you are pasting lots of lines into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste just the URL of your data here when you are unmuted06:37
ObrienDaveDrunkWithPower, since you so eloquently asked, http://www.theinquirer.net/inquirer/news/2337185/ubuntu-to-ditch-amazon-product-suggestions-from-its-search-results06:40
magicIs it possible to update an Ubuntu system running 12.04 to 14.04 without reinstalling?06:40
DrunkWithPowerObrienDave: but they have not ditched it06:40
DrunkWithPowerThis was discovered quiet some time ago06:40
zubirlil b06:41
ObrienDavemagic, yes, there is06:41
magicObrienDave: How?06:41
FlannelDrunkWithPower, ObrienDave: If you actually read the post, it's still enabled, and will be disabled by default (well, more like "handled completely differently") in a future version, but not the LTS.06:41
zubirapt-get dist-upgrade06:41
magiczubir: Is that different from the GUI?06:41
magicThe GUI tells me I'm upgrading to an unsupported version06:42
ObrienDaveFlannel, i read that as being the amazon search is not implemented in 14.0406:44
FlannelObrienDave: The next version (with the change) will not be implemented in 14.0406:44
DrunkWithPowerFlannel: Yeah, "handled completely differently" translates to "we will continue to spy on the users but make it more obscure and difficult to detect and disable"06:45
ObrienDaveok, well back to support for me06:45
FlannelDrunkWithPower: No, that's not realistically true.  Also, off topic.06:45
djpodjpo> [!] WPS transaction failed (code: 0x04), re-trying last pin06:46
djpoanyone know what i getthing this error?06:46
ObrienDavewrong WPS code06:46
DrunkWithPowerOk well you people make me sick.  Have a nice night.06:47
ObrienDaveyes, thanks you too06:47
magicHow do I upgrade from 12.04 to 14.04? The Ubuntu updater keeps telling me there's no updates left06:48
magicAlong with dist-upgrade06:48
magicThe setting for when to dist upgrade is set to 'LTS only'06:48
ObrienDavemagic, try do-release-upgrade06:48
magicObrienDave: "No new release found"06:49
ObrienDavemagic, also, not everyone is getting the update notices at the same time06:49
Beldarsome repos do not update that often as well06:50
magicOh I found the issue06:50
magicSo apparently Canocial isn't notifying LTS users yet06:50
magicAnd I have to stick a -d on the end of my update-manager06:50
BeldarI though it was the 31st officially06:51
ObrienDaveoh yes, that's right. sorry06:51
=== Akiva-Thinkpad is now known as Mr-Shuttleworth
magicWell technically it's currently the 31st but I don't think that's very fair to Canocial06:51
ObrienDavemagic, what was the proper command?06:51
magicObrienDave: I did sudo update-manager -d and used the GUI, TBH.06:52
ObrienDaveok, thanks06:52
magicThis machine isn't running server Ubuntu it just has to be really stable.06:52
ObrienDavei appreciate stability also06:53
Beldarit's overrated06:53
ObrienDaveLOL so is breathing ;P06:54
=== abcdef is now known as mau-tauuu-ajah
magicThe Higher Ups demand it06:54
magicI am but a vessel :p06:55
=== dk_ is now known as Guest4086
nicxzSo I'm using the intel graphics installer (https://01.org/linuxgraphics) on Tardy, and am seeing a big difference in video framerate, while using mplayer-vaapi. 12% cpu usage in windows, 45% cpu usage in ubuntu. Same hardware, same video (1080p big buck bunny).06:57
=== cdmsn|awy is now known as cdmsn
editionxubuntu is better with hardware.06:58
nicxzcan someone please point me in the right direction for debugging this?06:58
nicxzI'm assuming at this point I'm not using the correct driver06:58
nicxzbut it all seems to be in order06:59
nicxzsorry, I meant trusty06:59
ubottuUbuntu 8.04 LTS (Hardy Heron) was the eighth release of Ubuntu. Desktop support ended on May 12 2011, Server support ended on May 9th 2013. See http://ubottu.com/y/hardy for more details.06:59
nicxzthose got mixed up in my head :)07:00
ObrienDavenicxz, does it work?07:00
Mr-ShuttleworthI remember hardy; great background07:00
nicxzvideo plays, output says it uses vaapi07:00
nicxzbut still big cpu usage07:00
ObrienDaveso? does it work?07:00
nicxzwell the video plays, yes. but I want to know why the big difference in cpu usage, and if I'm using gpu at all.07:01
sgo11hi, I am trying to enable an external VGA display and rotate 90 degree. I tried this command "xrandr --output LVDS1 --mode 1366x768 --pos 0x1080 --rotate normal --output VGA1 --mode 1920x1080 --pos 0x0 --rotate left". It has a problem. my LVDS1 is not in the right of my VGA1. they overlap each other. why?07:02
yz3pDsgo11, use arandr in place of xrandr07:02
sgo11yz3pD, arandr works very well. thanks a lot.07:08
ObrienDaveFlannel, you were right. (hates when that happens) http://www.linux.com/news/software/applications/768624-ubuntu-to-make-amazon-product-results-opt-in-omgubuntu/07:08
ubottudevastator3: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».07:11
ObrienDaveoh lordy07:11
yz3p!minecraft | test07:11
devastator3!word war z07:12
ubottudevastator3: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)07:12
ObrienDave!it | devastator307:12
ubottudevastator3: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)07:12
Beldarminecraft is 3rd party07:12
ObrienDaveand third party PPAs not supported here ;P07:13
nicxzOk, I wasn't measuring correctly. apparently 'top' isn't very good for checking multicore cpu load.07:13
ObrienDavehtop might be better, not sure07:14
nicxzseems like the linux graphics driver are being used, and are doing a decent job07:14
Beldarnicxz, Might try a conky for realtime07:14
=== Mr-Shuttleworth is now known as Akiva-Thinkpad
nicxzwill look into htop, conky. thanks07:14
bekksnicxz: top works fine on multiple cpu systems. It is able to display the load of each core, even.07:15
ObrienDavenicxz, i go through the same linux driver site. no issues so far07:15
simonjr45anyone can help me on ubuntu usage?07:17
ObrienDavefire away simonjr4507:17
simonjr45can virus attack ubuntu linux?07:17
simonjr45I am a new user for ubuntu linux07:18
simonjr45been using windows platform for ages07:18
Beldar!av | simonjr4507:18
ubottusimonjr45: Antivirus is something you don't need on !Linux. except where files are then passed to Windows computers (perhaps using samba), See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus07:18
yz3pDsimion314, don't need an av-scanner but there are some aviable like clamtk07:19
nicxzbekks: well it's probably that i'm used to looking at the wrong number.07:19
simonjr45cool thank u07:19
Beldarsimonjr45, rootkits are the basic worry if any at all, a good password and safe use will protect you.07:19
simonjr45ubuntu is a good operating system I am totally impressed with it07:19
simonjr45should have used it a few years back but linux is not popular in malaysia07:20
ObrienDavewe like it :)07:20
simonjr45I think it is catching up now with ubuntu linux 14.0407:20
yz3pDBeldar, chkrootkit is also an application against rootkits07:20
simonjr45I am using it on 2 desktops and my netbook07:21
user123321http://laurentbel.com/2012/04/04/simple-failover-cluster-on-ubuntu-using-carp/ <---- I followed the steps but I don't get the results in ifconfig.07:21
simonjr45all the drivers are so easy to install07:21
Beldaryz3pD, Not really a protection only looks for file differentials you have to know what you doing.07:21
=== aaaas is now known as aaas
yz3pDBeldar, but it can help you to find rootkits, right?07:21
simonjr45I can't believe my eyes ..... if I knew this wouldn't have spend that much money buying windows sofware......sigh07:22
user123321In interfaces, I had only "# interfaces(5) file used by ifup(8) and ifdown(8)auto lo iface lo inet loopback", and I added the rest of the entries as mentioned there.07:22
Beldaryz3pD, If you know what your doing possibly so can rkhunter07:22
yz3pDsimion314, and there are mmore linux desktops not only unity, also kde xfce lxde ...07:23
simonjr45people can I ask where can I get good themes for ubuntu 14.04 using unity tweak tool07:23
simonjr45it really is worth donating to ubuntu org supporting their work07:24
Beldarsimonjr45, Your in fanboi mode.....it will wear off.07:24
simonjr45thanx people07:24
=== Kryptron_ is now known as Kryptron
simonjr45what is fanboi mode07:25
yz3pDBeldar, chkrootkit is easier to understand than rkhunter, right? ... so i will stay using chkrootkit07:25
Beldarsimonjr45, http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=fanboi07:25
pavelicGood morning folks, got a question here. How can i preseed an edit to the sudoers file? I need to make sure that the sudo group has NOPASSWD: on it.07:26
ObrienDavenew user, still excited about a new system, fanboi07:26
linuxuz3ris gnome store and ubuntu store the same?07:26
Beldaryz3pD, If you have to separate the two on a differential of understanding, you don;t understand how to use them.07:26
simonjr45beldar what is the url for? is it a software I have to install?07:27
user123321I'm trying this one now ---> http://rbgeek.wordpress.com/2012/09/02/simple-failover-cluster-using-ucarp-on-ubuntu/07:27
Beldarsimonjr45,  definition of your question.07:27
ObrienDavesimonjr45, no it's for the definition of fanboi07:27
simonjr45thanx obrienDave for the url07:27
simonjr45how come when I click on the url the browser doesn't open ?07:28
ObrienDaveright click, copy URL, paste in browser07:29
pavelicbecause xchat hates you.07:29
simonjr45oic thanx07:29
Beldarsimonjr45, right click-open link in browser07:29
Beldarpavelic, The greek chorus is on another channel07:30
linuxuz3ris gnome store and ubuntu store the same?07:30
simonjr45ok thanx again really helpful07:31
ObrienDavelinuxuz3r, not sure, don't think so07:31
pavelicBeldar, har. Any idea about my issue?07:31
ObrienDavesimonjr45, welcome to Ubuntu :)07:31
linuxuz3rObrienDave, which one is bigger ubuntu store or gnome store07:31
ObrienDavedon't know07:31
simonjr45thanx obreindave....r u a developer for linux platform?07:34
ObrienDaveno, just a long time techno nerd07:34
simonjr45does most of the nvidia graphic cards work on ubuntu linux07:34
simonjr45I need to download the driver though07:34
simonjr45i saw the youtube video where the linux founder used a four-letter word to accuse nVidia for not supporting linux O/S07:36
Beldarold news and not exactly the linux founder07:36
k1lsimonjr45: dont get caught by the media show07:37
simonjr45oh my who is the actual founder than?07:37
ObrienDaveLinus Torvalds07:37
simonjr45isn't he the one who used four-letter word in the forum?07:38
ObrienDavedon't know07:38
simonjr45yes he did07:38
Beldarsimonjr45, Bro this is support not chat.07:38
simonjr45ok sorry07:38
k1lsimonjr45: yes he is. but do you have a actual technical ubuntu support issue? we got #ubuntu-offtopic for chatter07:38
simonjr45can go there the next time around07:39
simonjr45I notice the XChat software has not been updated since 201007:39
pavelicsimonjr45, get hexchat.07:39
simonjr45the developer seem to have abandon the work07:39
simonjr45where do I get that?07:40
angsI have Ubuntu 14.04 on my laptop (x64). It has a Swedish keyboard and the keyboard setting is defined as Swedish. However, it sometimes turns to English keyboard. Has anyone experienced such problem before?07:40
pavelicsimonjr45, if its not available in the ubuntu repo's, https://launchpad.net/~gwendal-lebihan-dev/+archive/ubuntu/hexchat-stable07:40
k1l!find hexchat | pavelic simonjr4507:41
ubottupavelic simonjr45: Found: hexchat, hexchat-common07:41
pavelick1l, that works too :D07:42
k1lpavelic: it is in the repos. no need for PPA07:42
pavelick1l, what did i say up there?07:42
pavelic"if its not available in ubuntu repos"07:42
star_pronehow can I create an unity launcher in ubuntu 14.04?07:43
pavelici think its not available in 12.0407:43
AAmiterror: ERROR: cannot register object path "/org/freedesktop/ReserveDevice1/Audio1": A handler is already registered for /org/freedesktop/ReserveDevice1/Audio107:43
AAmitcan anybody help???????????07:43
ObrienDavesimonjr45, for general chat type /join #ubuntu-offtopic07:45
simonjr45which is better hexchat or xChat?07:46
simonjr45will I have problem if I continue to use xChat since it is not updated by the developer?07:47
angsI have never had any problem on xchat but there is a dedicated room for it #xchat07:48
simonjr45thanx angs07:48
angsyou can get better reply there07:48
giorgiodinapoligood morning guys! we want to add this to our sources list https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nagiosgrapher/1.7.1-4.1 <--- but where can we fint the ppa that we need to add?07:49
Night-hacksI want to remove OS X completely from my Mac and install Ubuntu.07:49
Night-hacksdoes anybody knows how can i get installable backup from OSX so i can install it on Virtual Box inside my Ubuntu ?07:50
simonjr45bye everday for the valuable answer and sorry for asking questions other than ubuntu support......07:50
simonjr45bye bye07:50
simonjr45thank you07:50
pavelicNight-hacks, i'm pretty sure thats a very problematic configuration.07:50
Night-hackspavelic:  what's the problem ?07:51
ObrienDavegiorgiodinapoli, there does not seem to be a PPA available07:52
pavelicNight-hacks, i'm reasonably certain that that will not work at all. AFAIK getting OSX to work inside virtualization solution when the host os is not OSX is iffy. IIRC Parallels were the only ones providing that.07:52
pavelicNight-hacks, i could be talking stupid here, but i recommend googling around for the particular configuration you want to do ( ubuntu host -> OSX guest )07:54
BeldarNight-hacks, The virtual runs in a OS.07:55
BeldarAh apple in a virtual07:55
Night-hacksBeldar:  isn't that possible ?07:55
giorgiodinapoliObrienDave, thats sad :( in 12.04 it was included by default07:56
BeldarNight-hacks, I doubt it's approved by apple.07:56
ObrienDave!info nagiosgrapher07:56
ubottuPackage nagiosgrapher does not exist in trusty07:56
Night-hacksBeldar: being feasible is important, not their approval :)07:57
BeldarNight-hacks, two things not supported here, and we don't support illegal installs07:57
Night-hacksBeldar: it's my own mac and the OS X that i've paid for ! what's illegal about that !?07:58
ObrienDaveyour team ;P07:59
pavelicNight-hacks, Apple did not provide you with a licence for a VM install.07:59
willwork4fooLicense terms.07:59
* Beldar writes a new drama as the ignore fills07:59
pds|2if anybody is intrested in an introduction course in linux : [09:59:21] <pds|2> als er iemand geintreseerd is in linux introductie cursus wel engelstalig : https://www.edx.org/course/linuxfoundationx/linuxfoundationx-lfs08:00
Night-hacksAnother reason for hating OS X   :)08:00
willwork4foopds|2: Is that the free one? I saw that.08:00
pds|2willwork4foo: yup free and certified08:00
willwork4fooThat's really good for an intro course.08:00
* willwork4foo is already OCP08:00
ObrienDaveNight-hacks, ANY paid OS will not allow you to do that08:00
willwork4fooNo, not Robocop08:00
willwork4fooObrienDave: Solaris allows you to install into a VirtualBox VM - I guess that's not a "paid-for" OS, it's just the support you pay for08:01
pavelicwillwork4foo, wasnt it sorta iffy with windozers for a while until microsoft definitely said "you gotta pay for more licences"?08:01
willwork4foopavelic: yeah I think so08:01
willwork4fooI don't know much about windoze.08:01
pavelici wish i could use linux on my work laptop -.-08:02
willwork4fooI use Kubuntu on mine.08:02
willwork4foo(Lenovo T420)08:02
Beldarscene one08:03
pavelicheh. i'm sitting on a Sony VPCZ1. stupid nvidia optimus.08:03
bruceleewhere is the ubuntu package index stored?08:03
giorgiodinapoliObrienDave, what can be the reason that it doesnt exist?08:03
pavelic(in short, no amount of fiddling allowed me to use dual-screen with the hdmi out on that one, only vga and full hd screen + vga = painful flickering)08:04
bruceleeis it possible to wipe the ubuntu package index, and have it re-download it? I'm trying to 'reset' it08:04
pavelicbrucelee, what did you do?08:04
KartagisI have a USB modem and sometimes I connect through that08:05
bruceleepavelic: when i do apt-get update, it gets to a point and this one part gets a 50208:05
bruceleei say 'part'08:05
bruceleebecause im not sure what apt-get update is doing08:05
KartagisUSB 3g*08:05
bruceleeim not sure if its downloading a bunch of files or what08:05
bruceleeif so, then it fails at downloading 1 file08:05
paveliccheck /etc/apt/sources.d i think08:05
pavelicone of the folder in /etc/apt has all the repos you are pulling from and temporarily comment out the on thats 502-ing out?08:06
Beldarbrucelee, Pastebin a apt-get08:06
KartagisI choose network settings > mobile broadband and make a new connection08:06
Beldarall lof it08:06
Kartagisbut next time, the connection isn't there08:06
bruceleeBeldar: this is not a straight forward troubleshooting process08:06
bruceleeBeldar: because im using apt-get cache08:07
BeldarKartagis, Run lsusb in the cli and identify the hardware to the channel.08:07
Kartagisall the connections I had to previously create are listed only after I create a new one08:07
bruceleewhat this means is, i have a server which caches apt-get downloaded packages08:07
Beldarbrucelee, Cool never mind.08:07
Kartagiswhy is that?08:07
bruceleepavelic: let me try that08:08
BeldarKartagis, 7 posts that should have been one./08:08
pavelicbrucelee, could be a dead repo on the remote side for something you've added ages ago?08:08
Kartagissorry Beldar08:09
KartagisBeldar: ^08:09
bruceleepavelic: i think we should rule out remote issues because it works with other servers08:10
ObrienDavegiorgiodinapoli, too old, not supported anymore, i would not know08:10
BeldarKartagis, take your pick https://www.google.com/search?hl=en&output=search&sclient=psy-ab&q=ubuntu+E220+HSDPA+Modem+/+E230/E270/E870+HSDPA/HSUPA+Modem&gbv=1&sei=3fnZU9GEC6G7igLJ2YHYBw08:10
pavelicbrucelee, good luck then, sorry.08:10
bruceleepavelic: infact, after i reinstalled ubuntu, and changed from the ubuntu default sources.list to what it was before i reinstalled ubuntu (the same one that didnt work previously)08:10
bruceleeit worked08:10
bruceleeso im pretty sure its something weird with local server, not the remote repo08:11
KartagisBeldar: the first hit says can't connect. but I can08:11
BeldarKartagis, Like I asked take your pick08:12
ObrienDavebrucelee, try changing repo mirrors08:12
bruceleeObrienDave: you mean changing stuff inside sources.list?08:12
bruceleesources.list contains repo mirrors right?08:12
ObrienDavethere is a GUI for sources08:13
bruceleethis is not on a ubuntu desktop08:13
bruceleeits on a server, no gui08:13
ObrienDavei would not know how to do that on a server08:13
bruceleeObrienDave: its ok, thanks tho08:15
=== andrex|off is now known as andrex
ObrienDavegreetings and welcome08:30
m1dnightGuys, this information is wrong, I presume: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TrustyTahr/ReleaseSchedule08:39
m1dnightWrong according to:08:39
m1dnight(I'm talking about the first point release)08:39
m1dnightSince I can't do do-dist-upgrade yet on my machine, I presume 17th of august should be correct.08:39
Rogzyo anyone here to help me with linux i got this big problem i can't install my gpu drivers nor change the resolution08:39
visceraWhy is audio randomly dying until I reboot? 14.04.1 LTS amd64 notebook with a "00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation 82801I (ICH9 Family) HD Audio Controller (rev 03)" audio device08:40
visceraWorks fine with other OSes08:40
viscera(including Linux)08:40
=== Rogz is now known as ROgz
=== ROgz is now known as Rogz
Rogzyo anyone here to help me with linux i got this big problem i can't install my gpu drivers nor change the resolution08:41
visceraDoing step 1A in https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshootingProcedure fixes it, so it must be a bug with PulseAudio or Ubuntu's implementation of it, right?08:43
ObrienDavem1dnight, read that again, 12.04.5 is due Aug 17th08:43
Rogzyo anyone here to help me with linux i got this big problem i can't install my gpu drivers nor change the resolution08:43
ikoniaRogz: what graphics card do you have and how are you trying to install drivers08:44
ikoniaRogz: what version of ubuntu are you using08:44
=== mudo_ is now known as mudo
ObrienDavem1dnight, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TrustyTahr/ReleaseSchedule clearly shows 14.04.1 was released July 24th08:45
Rogzdesktop but i don't know the number08:45
Rogzhow can i check the number?08:45
ObrienDaveuname -a08:45
RogzLinux fahd-H81M-S2PH 3.13.0-32-generic #57-Ubuntu SMP Tue Jul 15 03:51:08 UTC 2014 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux08:46
ObrienDaveoops, sorry08:46
Rogzmy gpu is GTX 750 ti08:46
m1dnightright, I read wrong08:46
m1dnightmy mistake08:46
m1dnightsorry guys08:46
m1dnightStrange, that dist-upgrade says there is no new version then, right?08:47
ikoniaRogz: please run "lsb_release -a" and confirm the release number (don't paste it all please)08:47
RogzNo LSB modules are available.08:47
k1lm1dnight: 14.04.1 release is a "servicepack". if you run all updates you are already on 14.04.108:48
Rogzoh wwait sorry08:48
RogzDescription:Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS08:48
m1dnightNo, i'm still on 12.04 LTS08:48
Rogzthere ikonia08:48
m1dnightSo I did what the wiki says to upgrade to 14.04 but it fails08:48
k1lm1dnight: ok, the LTS to LTS upgrade will be opened in some time. i dont know when the devs will do that08:49
m1dnightI read that it's opened up when the .1 release is released08:49
m1dnightTherefore I was confused :)08:49
m1dnightUbuntu gives me a warning HWE stack will be unsupported soon, that's why I tried.08:49
ObrienDavem1dnight,  cat /etc/issue08:49
m1dnightI'll try agani soon then08:49
m1dnightUbuntu 12.04.4 LTS \n \l08:50
ObrienDavek, thnaks08:50
Rogzso what do you think? i have been at it for hours08:50
TJ-m1dnight: the upgrade won't happen until Trusty is added to http://changelogs.ubuntu.com/meta-release-lts08:50
k1lm1dnight: you can change to the trusty kernel anyway (and should)08:50
m1dnightoh, so I add the -d flag ?08:51
TJ-m1dnight: It's already available in -proposed  though08:51
k1lm1dnight: no. change the kernel package to lts trusty kernel08:51
Rogzdoes anyone know how to fix it?08:51
m1dnighthmm, I think I can do that k1l08:52
m1dnighthold on :)08:52
m1dnightthat's that one, right?08:53
Rogzdoes anyone know how to fix it?08:53
k1lm1dnight: please read the message you get about HWE stack carefully08:54
TJ-m1dnight: it's "sudo apt-get install --install-recommends linux-generic-lts-trusty xserver-xorg-lts-trusty libgl1-mesa-glx-lts-trusty" as per https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack08:54
k1lm1dnight: it even explains what to do.08:54
linuxuz3rRogz, have you tried installing nvidia proprietary drivers08:54
m1dnightyes, I can do that, or upgrade to 14.0408:54
m1dnightbut I'd prefer to upgrade to 14.0408:55
linuxuz3ror ubuntu hardware automatic installer08:55
m1dnight* Upgrade from Ubuntu 12.04 LTS to Ubuntu 14.04 LTS by running:08:55
m1dnightputty accidental paste, nvm08:55
Rogz[11:54] <linuxuz3r> Rogz, have you tried installing nvidia proprietary drivers08:55
Rogzhow to do that08:55
ikoniaRogz: ok, thats great08:56
ikoniaRogz: how are you trying to actually install the nvidia modules08:56
ikoniaRogz: or "what are you doing"08:57
Rogzi installed wine08:57
jim2hello i am getting an error message "system program problem detected" why?08:57
Rogzand ran the download08:57
Rogzand i get08:57
linuxuz3rRogz, first off have you tried installing nvidia drivers through additional drivers08:57
ikoniawhy have you installed wine ?08:57
RogzMircsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library08:57
RogzRuntime Erorr!08:57
RogzProgram C:\NVDIA\D...08:57
RogzThis Application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way08:57
ikoniawhat has wine got to do with your video card drivers08:57
k1lm1dnight: they are still sorting bugs that will make trouble while upgradeing to 14.04. so stay patient for a short time.08:57
Rogzi tried to run the linux file08:57
Rogzit didn't work08:57
ikoniaRogz: so at that point you stop08:58
k1lRogz: you cant install drivers with wine08:58
ikoniaRogz: there is no need to run any "files"08:58
Rogzno the driver for linux08:58
ikoniaRogz: if you open the software center and search for nvidia, you will find nvidia graphics drivers08:58
Rogzit didn't work it opened up a notepad08:58
ikoniaRogz: once you click "install" it will install08:58
Rogzokay i'll look for it08:58
ikonia!nvidia | Rogz08:58
ubottuRogz: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto08:58
linuxuz3rRogz, try Additional drivers for ubuntu08:58
ikoniaRogz: please please ask if you are not sure08:58
linuxuz3ryou can see it in unity application menu08:58
ikoniaRogz: do not use wine to install anything for linux08:59
Rogzi did linuxuz3r08:59
Rogzi found nothing08:59
Rogzkk i'll look for it in the center08:59
ikoniaRogz: do you know how to use a pastebin ?08:59
linuxuz3rRogz, 750ti should be supported08:59
linuxuz3rRogz, stick with nouvea are you going to play games or do 3d stuff in ubuntu09:01
takasurazeemHi I am trying to install jdk8. using % tar zxvf jdk-8uversion-linux-x64.tar.gz and what I get on terminal is % tar zxvf jdk-8uversion-linux-x64.tar.gz09:02
Rogz[12:01] <linuxuz3r> Rogz, stick with nouvea are you going to play games or do 3d stuff in ubuntu09:02
Rogzerr no09:02
takasurazeemmy bashrc file is empty as well09:02
Rogzscreen is way too small09:02
Rogzso yeah people say the problem is the driver09:02
TJ-Rogz: what does "screen too small" mean? incorrect pixel resolution? What is it, and what should it be?09:03
jim2hi i am getting an error " system program problem detected'why?09:04
ObrienDave!details | jim209:04
ubottujim2: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)09:04
jim2ubuntu 14.04 when i boot up sometimes it gives me an error system program problem detected and an option to report this problem..just this09:05
TJ-jim2: You mean a GUI dialog-box but no further details about the problem?09:06
jim2yes tj09:06
takasurazeemHi I am trying to install jdk8. using % tar zxvf jdk-8uversion-linux-x64.tar.gz and what I get on terminal is % tar zxvf jdk-8uversion-linux-x64.tar.gz09:06
takasurazeemHi I am trying to install jdk8. using % tar zxvf jdk-8uversion-linux-x64.tar.gz and what I get on terminal is % tar zxvf jdk-8uversion-linux-x64.tar.gz09:06
takasurazeemmy bashrc file is empty as well09:06
TJ-jim2: That used to happen alot on 13.10 ... did you upgrade from 13.10 to 14.04 ?09:06
ObrienDave!patience | takasurazeem09:07
ubottutakasurazeem: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/09:07
TJ-takasurazeem: You mean "$HOME/.bashrc" ?09:07
jim2no tj i have not had ubuntu on my laptop i just installed it 1 month ago09:07
takasurazeem@TJ yes09:08
TJ-jim2: OK ... do you suspend/resume the laptop?09:08
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ObrienDaveryanz, greetings and welcome09:08
TJ-takasurazeem: Did you delete the file, or edit it previously?09:08
jim2it works fine but it gives me that error (sometimes not all the time)09:09
=== Guest78593 is now known as renatouy
=== renatouy is now known as renatou
TJ-jim2: It can be caused by non-serious issues during suspend/resume on laptops, so if that's what you do with your laptop that might be the explanation09:10
takasurazeemTJ-: I don't have laptop, it's PC09:10
joezasahi guys this is just a test for Polari IRC client09:11
jim2he iss talking to me :/09:11
takasurazeem:P sry09:11
akwytijoezasa, it works ;)09:11
TJ-takasurazeem: You can replace the missing file using "cp /etc/skel/.bashrc $HOME/"09:11
joezasabig Hi five to UBUNTU community but ARCH is Better09:11
mboeruanyone tried to install and boot 14.04 on a diskless server with iscsi target ?09:12
joezasaThanks akwyti09:12
takasurazeemTJ-: Still that error :/09:12
mboeruI managed to install it but booting just hangs09:12
joezasai will leave now thankyou guys09:12
joezasathank you*09:12
TJ-takasurazeem: what error - the file still missing?09:12
takasurazeemTJ-: bash: fg: %: no such job09:13
takasurazeemIt's driving me mad :@09:13
TJ-takasurazeem: what command are you issuing?09:13
takasurazeemTJ-: % tar zxvf jdk-8uversion-linux-x64.tar.gz09:13
jim2i fixed that09:13
TJ-takasurazeem: lose the "%", I think you've copied that literally from a tutorial. It is there to represent the shell prompt, which you probably have as a "$"09:14
jim2it seems that my var/crash file was full of notifications and with a quick cleanup via the terminal addressed this particular issue09:14
takasurazeemTJ-: so I will have to replace that % with & ?09:14
TJ-takasurazeem: no. don't put anything there09:14
TJ-takasurazeem: look at your shell prompt. Doesn't it end with a "$" ?09:15
TJ-takasurazeem: e.g. on one of my systems the shell prompt currently shows: "tj@caddy:~$ "09:15
takasurazeemTJ-: root@Takasur-ESPRIMO-P5730:/home/tak/Desktop/JDK#09:16
ubotturicotta17: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».09:16
geirhatakasurazeem: you shouldn't be doing that as root09:16
TJ-takasurazeem: OK, as root, your shell prompt ends with a "#" ... but in the instructions you are following it looks like they represented the shell prompt you see with the "%"09:16
takasurazeem:# so a '#' instead of %, I am new to linux xD but fan of linux sry for stupid questions09:17
TJ-takasurazeem: to successfully run the extract command you'd just type what is inside these quotes: "tar zxvf jdk-8uversion-linux-x64.tar.gz"09:18
TJ-takasurazeem: But as geirha said you would be better extracting the file as your normal user, not as root. You only need to run the installer as root, using the "sudo" command09:18
takasurazeemI think oracle didn't update tut.09:18
takasurazeemthat's what I've been followning09:19
TJ-takasurazeem: Yes, as I said, the tutorial represents the shell prompt with the "%" to denote running the command with a normal user account09:20
ObrienDaverolfy, greetings and welcome09:22
rolfyvery formal greeting :)09:23
ObrienDavenot really, polite and to the point LOL09:23
ObrienDaveTJ-, did you scare them off? ;P09:28
TJ-ObrienDave: I hope so... not been to bed yet... trying to last all day now :)09:31
ObrienDaveoh sheesh guy, go get some sleep09:32
TJ-ObrienDave: I'm chasing down a kernel regression in 3.16-rc7 right now, don't want it to get away before 3.16 is released09:35
ObrienDaveah, gotcha09:35
ObrienDavesad, greetings and welcome09:40
sadplease help me09:40
ObrienDaveask away09:41
sadhow can i update tor at lubuntu 14 ?09:41
k1l!tor | sad09:41
ubottusad: Tor is a program to route connections through several servers for anonymity. It is in Ubuntu's repositories, but the Tor Project recommends using their Tor packages due to past issues with Ubuntu's. For setup info, see option (2) of https://www.torproject.org/docs/debian.html.en | To use Tor on freenode, see !tor-sasl09:41
ubottufreenode blocks connections from Tor users on its regular servers. Users registered with nickserv can connect to freenode's Tor hidden service instead; see http://freenode.net/irc_servers.shtml#tor for instructions. For help, ask in #freenode.09:42
david_have a young friend with Ubuntu whose laptop will not come out of airplane mode09:48
ObrienDaveairplane mode? you mean sleep or hibernate?09:49
david_no wireless09:49
ObrienDavewhich adapter?09:50
david_don't know09:51
ObrienDavewhen does this happen? after sleep/hibernate? always?09:51
david_at startup09:51
ObrienDaveso, always09:52
ObrienDavedoes wireless work under other OSes? like windows?09:52
TJ-david_: does the laptop have a hardware radio kill switch? is it in the enabled position?09:53
david_good question I understand he is dual booting with 8,109:53
ObrienDavethat was going to be my next question LOL09:53
david_will ask I wish I knew more09:54
=== ailin is now known as Nei_
ObrienDavedavid_, ok, it's important to get as much detail as you can. different adapters/situations have different solutions09:54
david_This boy is only 10 maybe a big ask09:55
ObrienDaveok, check for hardware switch first, then see if it works under windows, and find out the adapter model number09:56
david_Ok thanks for advice will  email him09:57
ObrienDaveno problem09:58
mgregbtw has anybody seen issues booting with luks encryption on / (with 14.04)? Both times I've tried it the system ended up hanging after I put in my passphrase. Though booting in recovery mode worked fine.10:01
ObrienDavedavid_, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WirelessTroubleShootingGuide10:02
=== bill is now known as Guest56412
TJ-mgreg: No10:14
ObrienDavemgreg, just out of curiosity, do you have timeshift installed?10:14
ObrienDaveAAmit, greetings and welcome10:21
AAmitObrienDave: How are u today?10:22
ObrienDavegood thank you, and you?10:23
mgreg@ObrienDave NAFAIK, it booted fine the first couple of times, then after i left it on for a week or so and accidentally rebooted it happened again10:24
ObrienDaveyou would know if you had timeshift installed10:24
mgregthe first time I thought I had caused it by trying to mount my old hdd with an encrypted home dir, the second time I hadn't touched it10:25
AAmitm also fine.... :)10:25
ObrienDavewell, i had that trouble using timeshift. i purged it. sorry, but i don't know much about luks10:26
mgregi think it was getting stuck waiting for something, but there's obviously no logs in tty0 and in recovery mode it worked (apart from my graphics drivers not loading properly)10:28
truedonhey guys - does anyone know the best way to run a ssh command over multiple servers simultaneously, so u can issue a command to 10 servers at once?10:28
mgregadd your ssh key to each server, and then use a script to issue commands?10:29
mgregc.f. ssh-copy-id10:29
janai need help pleeease10:30
janahappily decided to finally replace windows xp by ubuntu.10:31
janamy laptop is old, hp, AMD Turion (tm) 64 Mobile, ML-34, 789MHz, 896MB RAM, 75GB10:32
janatried installing ubuntu 14.01. burned the image DVD10:32
ObrienDavejana, may i suggest a lighter flavor of Ubuntu? specifically Xubuntu or Lubuntu10:33
janabut i can never go beyond configuring bcmwl-kernel-source. there it always hangs10:33
janahi obriendave.10:33
janaearlier i also tried the xubuntu. same procedure. image dvd. and it hangs at the same place.10:34
ObrienDaveok, sec10:34
janai have so idea what to do10:34
jana:) thanks so much. i already appreaciate that you hear me!10:34
ObrienDavei know it's for an older version, but it might help you10:36
nbubuntuAnyone know how which comment to switch between PCIEx output display and internal VGA build motherboard output display ?10:36
faLUCEhello. my eth0 interface is not seen with "ifconfig -a" but it is seen as hardware with lspci... what I could do?10:38
janai saw this entry. but i dont even know how i reach the dos-window(however this is called) where i can enter manual commands. it says at the end of the link you sent me with ctr+alt+f2 but nothing happens when i do this. and then, what do i have to enter.10:38
ObrienDavejana, reading it myself ;)10:39
jana:) thanks10:39
ObrienDavejana, try answer #2, start again and do NOT install 3rd party drivers or do updates while installing10:41
janaok. will do. thank you obriendave. a lot.10:42
janaone more: when i start anew...since it was in both cases the same problem, does it matter if i take xbuntu or ubuntu?10:42
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=== xragnar_ is now known as xragnar
ObrienDavei recommend Xubuntu for your laptop10:43
ObrienDaveonly because i run Xubuntu on mine :))10:45
yz3pi recommend lubuntu10:46
OERIASlubuntu is the same10:47
yz3pnot the same!10:47
ObrienDaveyz3p, no feeding ;P10:48
janaok. if you recommend it, so shall it be.10:48
janai will try with xubuntu10:48
janathank you!10:48
ObrienDavei like it, you're welcome10:49
truedonanyone using clusterssh? or a parallel shell anywhere10:50
ObrienDaveJasonoftheB, greetings and welcome10:53
JasonoftheBI got a problem with my custom icon pack. If I have it in /usr/share/icons it works.10:54
JasonoftheBBut if I have it in ~/.local/share/icons it doesn't show up in unity-tweak-tools10:54
ecthienderhi when I can find update docs for supybot?10:58
annoymouseOkay. I10:58
annoymouse**I'm ready to make the LiveUSB10:58
annoymouseI have an 8GB for the installer, and a 16GB for the permanent10:59
ecthienderthis one also mentions its out of date.. http://ubottu.com/stdin/supydocs/supybot-docs/10:59
DJonesecthiender: I've got this link bookmarked, it may well be old though http://supybook.fealdia.org/0.0.4/#_what_is_this_document11:00
nbubuntuAnyone know how which command to switch between GCard PCIEx output display and internal VGA build motherboard output display ?11:02
=== joe75_ is now known as joe75
ObrienDaveannoymouse, wb, refresh me, what OS are you on now and which do you want to install?11:08
annoymouseI'm on OS X 10.8.5 and I am looking to make a LiveUSB of Ubuntu 14.04 (with persistence)11:09
ObrienDaveand you want to make only the 16GB a permanent system or replace OSX11:10
annoymouseWe determined the best way to do this was to copy the installer iso to a flash drive, and use that to install Ubuntu on a different flash drive11:10
annoymouseOnly the 16GB a permanent system11:10
annoymouseI don't want to touch my OS X11:11
ObrienDaveyes, and you did not want to burn a DVD for the live system because?11:11
annoymouseI don't have a DVD, but I have a spare USB drive11:11
annoymouseSo I figured I'd use that instead11:11
ObrienDaveok, here we go11:11
ObrienDaved/l unetbootin for mac, use that to burn ISO to the USB11:12
ObrienDaveyou can add persistence if you like but not really necessary for installing to the 16GB11:13
ObrienDaved/l unetbootin for mac, use that to burn ISO to the 8GB USB11:13
annoymouseI can't use Disk Util to burn it?11:14
ObrienDavenot sure on a mac, unetbootin seems to work better11:15
ObrienDavesanthosh, greetings and welcome11:16
santhoshhow to open a terminal in that terminal how to run jar file usiong sheel script11:16
santhoshiam using lubuntu in lxde desktop11:17
ObrienDaveannoymouse, after that's done, boot 8GB USB into the live system11:19
=== truedon_ is now known as truedon
santhoshhow to open a terminal in that terminal how to run jar file using sheel script in lubuntu11:19
ObrienDaveannoymouse, let us know when you're in the live USB system11:23
annoymouseObrienDave: It seems like UnetBootin gives me an option to download the iso from itself11:23
annoymouseShould I do that, or download it seperately11:24
annoymouseSorry, apparently I misplaced the 8GB11:24
annoymouseI'll find it soon though11:24
ObrienDaveannoymouse, well, without a DVD you'll need 2 USBs. you already have the ISO, yes?11:25
ObrienDaveat the bottom of the unetbootin screen, you'll find a file requester for the ISO11:26
annoymouseI have the iso11:26
annoymouseObrienDave: I think I can make the first USB myself11:27
ObrienDavewell, you still need 2 to end up with a stand alone USB system11:27
annoymouseOnce I have that done, I just plug the second one in and click on the "Install Ubuntu" option (or whatever it's called), and choose the second USB as the target disk, correct?11:27
=== cdmsn is now known as cdmsn|awy
ObrienDaveyes, pretty much11:28
annoymouseAnd will I have an option to configure persistence in the installer, or should I partition the drive myself?11:28
=== cdmsn|awy is now known as cdmsn
ObrienDavewhen you install the final to the 16GB, you will not need persistence, that is only for the live system, not the stand alone11:30
m1dnighthey guys11:31
m1dnightI'm sturggling to mount my virtualbox share11:31
m1dnightI upgrded to 14.0411:31
ObrienDaveannoymouse, persistence allows you to retain settings, add packages to the live system and use it as an installer11:31
annoymouseAh you're right. Thanks ObrienDave! I'll come back when I'm done, or if I need help.11:31
m1dnightI can mount it manually using "mount -t vboxsf <name> <mountpoint>, but my old fstab line doesnt seem to do it11:31
Blendahi world11:31
m1dnightanyone who can help me troubleshoot?11:32
m1dnightive googled a boatload but nothing works..11:32
ObrienDaveannoymouse, good luck, i'll be here ;)11:32
m1dnighthmm added vboxsf to /etC/modules11:33
m1dnightlets hope this works11:33
Walexm1dnight: if you can do "mount -t vboxsf <name> <mountpoint>" then the same parameters in 'fstab' will work11:33
Walexm1dnight: unless you expect the 'mount' to happen before the drive is active.11:34
antithesisDoes anyone here use dunst?11:34
m1dnighthmm still not working11:35
m1dnightany tips?11:35
ObrienDaveannoymouse, be VERY careful you do NOT select your HD for the install. bad news there LOL11:37
addinghello. every 9.10 install disc i burn fails disc verification as well as installation.11:39
addinganyone else experienced this?11:39
sine0is there a vurtual machine option that is free for linux11:39
addingit happens with 9.04 images as well. this has happened with the server, and desktor normal as well as alt install images11:40
janaobriendave! thanks for your support!11:40
ObrienDavejana, most welcome :)11:40
m1dnightso, anyone?11:40
addingsine0: kvm11:40
m1dnightIt's still not working :(11:40
janainstallation just finished and the computer is starting anew11:40
sine0people refer to vmware is that a paysoft11:41
ObrienDavejana, excellent, come back if you have more questions11:41
m1dnightIll go ask it on askubuntu then..11:41
ObrienDavesine0, 99% of the software is free11:42
janathank you. now i'm very curious to explore xubuntu!11:42
m1dnightnow i'm getting the error that the vboxsf gruop does not exist11:43
ptmandoes anyone know the process for updating http://changelogs.ubuntu.com/meta-release-lts ?11:43
m1dnightnvm that was a typo11:43
ptmanis there a bug tracker? a public mailing list? something else?11:43
janaobriendave....sorry, another quesiton for you: can you recommant any programm that runs on xubuntu and i can use for an iphone?11:49
ObrienDavejana, such as?11:50
janasuch as itunes11:50
janaor i heard rhythmbox is an equivalent?!11:50
ObrienDavenot really sure about the iphone, don't have one11:51
ObrienDavei'm sure there must be something you can use11:52
DJones!iphone | jana I think the bot has a link about using iphones with Ubuntu, not sure how up-to-date it is though,11:53
ubottujana I think the bot has a link about using iphones with Ubuntu, not sure how up-to-date it is though,: For information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - For the iPhone and the iPod Touch, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod11:53
ObrienDavejana, there ya go ^^^11:53
janathanks ubootu!11:53
janathanks obriendave!11:53
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest55380
ObrienDavedon't forget DJones  LOL11:54
janathanks djones!11:54
SlagwagMorning folks11:57
antithesisDoes anyone here use dunst?11:57
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makarahi. Why do I get "Network is unreachable" with whois?12:16
makarawhat port does it use? other Internet is ok12:17
irgendwer4711hi, I think Ubuntu had forgotten to aplly this debian update https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=69653712:18
ubottuDebian bug 696537 in kernel-package "kernel-package: Fails to build linux-3.7.1 with module-support disabled" [Important,Fixed]12:18
irgendwer4711I cant build a new kernel without initrd in Ubuntu 14.04.112:20
dExIThow can i install an older version of packages like BIND(9.8.1-P1) and SQUID(3.1.19)12:25
BlendaHi, i have to sudo reboot or it won't, any help? Ubuntu 14.04 LTS12:36
Blendaplz help, i have to sudo reboot, or it won't...12:41
jkhlshortcut key for opening the emulated terminal in Xubuntu?12:50
fffuuuLHow can i check in which package some applications are packaged?12:53
fffuuuLI'm looking for php5 DOM extension12:53
fffuuuLor how can i find out what file is in what package12:54
fffuuuLso i could check against the *.so file12:54
DJonesfffuuuL: I've just used the packages.ubuntu.com site to search for "php dom" thats given this result for 14.04 http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=PHP+DOM&searchon=names&suite=trusty&section=all12:55
fffuuuLDJones: You didn't check out the results tho12:55
fffuuuLThere is nothing helpful12:55
DJonesfffuuuL: No, I'm not exactly sure which package/file you're looking for12:56
fffuuuLDJones: the PHP5 DOM Extension, i don't know the package aswell12:57
fffuuuLthat's what i'm looking for :D12:57
fffuuuLI will try apt-file now12:57
dExIThow can i install an older version of packages like BIND(9.8.1-P1) and SQUID(3.1.19)12:59
dExIThow can i install an older version of packages like BIND(9.8.1-P1) and SQUID(3.1.19)13:00
tonySI tried to use apt-get to install curl and I got, "package curl is not available". Is there some way I can download it using my web browser and try to install it using terminal?13:07
tonySCan anyone help?13:12
tonySnyc-h0st: thanks13:13
geirhatonyS: curl is in the repositories13:14
geirha!info curl13:15
ubottucurl (source: curl): command line tool for transferring data with URL syntax. In component main, is optional. Version 7.35.0-1ubuntu2 (trusty), package size 119 kB, installed size 301 kB13:15
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tonySgeirha: I'm afraid I'm dealing with a modified version of ubuntu. Unannounced to me.13:15
geirhaa modified version of ubuntu where main repo is removed ... weird13:17
dohzerWhat's the difference between ATTR and ATTRS in a UDEV rule?13:18
StolenToastdoes anyonedoes anyone here use OpenVPN with their ubuntu server?13:21
StolenToastor any vpn?13:22
StolenToastI've got one set up and it does not work, basically13:23
StolenToastUNLESS I disable my firewall13:23
StolenToasteven though I've forwarded the associated ports13:23
dino82Associated ports being which ones13:23
MonkeyDustStolenToast  there's also #ubuntu-server... try to keep you questions in one line13:23
StolenToastwill do13:23
StolenToastdino82: opening firestarter, gimme a sec13:24
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StolenToastport 119413:25
=== trevor is now known as Guest7720
meganerdStolenToast: how does it not work exactly?  Are you not able to connect or is the problem with forwarding?13:36
LucidGuyAnyone know how to mount Window dynamic disk volume under linux13:37
subz3r0dynamic disk volume?13:37
subz3r0what is that?13:37
StolenToastI have an smb share set up between my PC and my server and it is unaccessible when the firewall is enabled13:37
LucidGuysubz3r0, Windows server volumes13:37
meganerdsubz3r0: think if it as LVM for windows13:38
subz3r0ahh "LDM"13:38
subz3r0here u go: http://michael-prokop.at/blog/2013/02/18/ldmtool-accessing-microsoft-windows-dynamic-disks-from-linux/13:38
matty_rhey all13:38
StolenToastmeganerd, if I am already connected to the vpn and I turn on the firewall the connection is not dropped but does not admit any traffic13:38
StolenToastif I then turn the firewall off I am still connected and it begins working13:39
meganerdStolenToast: so the problem is with your forwarding rules13:39
StolenToastbut if I attempt to connect after the firewall is on it is not13:39
StolenToastI suspect it is13:39
=== andygraybeal_ is now known as madscythe
matty_rSo, i'm moving from Win8.1 to Ubuntu. Whats the best software to replace the entire MS Office suite? Including Outlook13:39
StolenToastbut I could not find any more information than forward port 119413:39
subz3r0here another one: http://bigli.ch/howto-access-windows-spanned-dynamic-disks-with-ubuntu/13:39
StolenToastwhich is also specified in the config13:39
subz3r0matty_r: libre office13:39
subz3r0matty_r: its been shipped with ubuntu13:39
StolenToastlibre doesn't have something like outlook though13:39
meganerdStolenToast: port 1194 is what you connect in on, you need to allow destination ports13:40
subz3r0outlook suxx13:40
StolenToastprobably use THunderbird13:40
subz3r0there is no outlook alternative13:40
matty_rThanxx but I like outlook13:40
subz3r0then stay with windows13:40
StolenToastI bet you can get most of outlook's functionality with tbird plugins13:40
meganerdStolenToast: if you want to access web pages, you will need to allow 80 and 443 on the forward chain13:40
matty_rThanks for your help13:40
meganerdor Evolution13:40
matty_rThunderbird can do RSS and alerts?13:41
StolenToastmeganerd, I am not good at iptables so I use Firestarter13:41
StolenToastare you familiar?13:41
meganerdStolenToast: never used it13:41
subz3r0some gui for netfilter?13:41
subz3r0!netfilter | StolenToast13:41
StolenToastit manages the firewall, however it does that13:41
subz3r0hmm well13:42
subz3r0iptables is based on netfilter13:42
meganerdStolenToast: I have usually used scripts, lately I have been getting to know ufw since it ships with ubuntu13:42
matty_rDoes Libre office have Spreadsheets and compatible with formulas from Excel?13:42
subz3r0!gufw | StolenToast13:42
ubottuStolenToast: Ubuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has built-in firewall capabilities. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | GUI frontends such as Gufw also exist. | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo13:42
meganerdmatty_r: that is the wrong sort of question to ask if you want to be successful in moving to a new platform13:43
subz3r0matty_r: no idea what spreadsheets are... guess i dont know the german word for it... but yes, excel file work13:43
matty_rmeganerd: howdo you meaN13:43
StolenToastmatty_r, I would not expect great compatibility with Office formatting, but the formulas should all be fine13:43
matty_rI'm just looking for advice to ease the transition13:44
meganerdmatty_r: identify your workflow, then figure out how to accomplish that task(s) with open source programs.  Often there is more than one program that you may need to use, where in the Windows world there might have been one.13:44
meganerdmatty_r: basically, I can do almost everything that I can do in windows, but there is not always a 1 to 1 mapping in programs13:45
subz3r0meganerd: but mostly13:45
StolenToastmatty_r, libre office functions quite differently from Office in many many ways13:45
meganerdsubz3r0: it depends13:45
meganerdsubz3r0: not in the audio space13:45
StolenToastif you are accustomed to office or poweruse it you're gonna struggle13:45
matty_rmeganerd: I completely understand that, you guys just mentioned that Libre office is comparable. Close enough is good enough, i'm not looking for an exact replica, just certain things13:45
meganerdno VBscript for example13:45
StolenToastbut ultimately it is still very powerful13:45
matty_rI don't need VBScript, just a majority of the formulas is all13:46
StolenToastmeganerd subz3r0, so if I have never enabled ufw I should be unaffected by it?13:46
meganerdmatty_r: I don't use a lot of spreadsheets, and I don't notice a difference.  I know  a lot of Excel power users who did not like Libre/Open Office13:46
meganerdStolenToast: it is just another frontend to iptables/netfilter13:47
StolenToastthat's what firestarter is13:47
meganerdStolenToast: you might have better luck with it that whatever you are using13:47
StolenToastI can sure try it13:47
matty_rmeganerd: fair call - I had heard of Open Office but not Libre office13:47
StolenToastbut I suspect it is the firewall rules that are the problem13:47
subz3r0StolenToast: dont use ufw, use gufw13:47
subz3r0g for graphical13:48
subz3r0i prefer iptables.13:48
meganerdmatty_r: LibreOffice is a fork of OO, seems to have gotten some traction in the past few years13:48
wiehanHi, update my ubuntu and now can't even log in, log in screen looks fine, accepts password - flashes - then back to log in screen. I tried following the two suggestions on this post: http://goo.gl/G7Blgz but did not help. I can't believe I can't even log in. Log files are difficult to get onto the chat as I am using another laptop now. Strangely in /var/log/Xorg1.log - right at the end there is an odd error: Segmentation fault at ad13:48
wiehandress 0x0 and later on Server terminated with error (1). This is clearly a result of a sudo apt-get update and sudo apt-get upgrade. Ai Ubuntu, why now.13:48
matty_rmeganerd: got it13:48
meganerdmatty_r: libre office is packaged in Ubuntu so I would look at it.13:49
StolenToastLibreoffice started because a large part of the open office team didn't like what oracle was doing to it13:49
StolenToastso libreoffice is basically the continuation of OO13:50
StolenToastI would even say OO is the fork now lol13:50
matty_rwell fork me13:50
meganerdStolenToast: I am heading off to work.  Best of luck.  Remember, the forwarding chain is what you are interested in, and you need to allow destination ports on any IPs that you want to connect to (probably just 0/0 for everything)13:50
matty_rah man, I don't want to reboot my server... 45 days uptime13:50
meganerdmatty_r: uptime is meaningless.  Patches are important.13:51
wiehanCan't log into my system. Please help.13:51
matty_rmeganerd: means something to me... lol13:51
StolenToastthanks meganerd13:51
matty_rwiehan: I had the same issue a little while ago mate, let me see if I can find the answer13:51
djpohi i'm looking for alittle help with hacking wireless networks i'm first time using ubuntu13:52
wiehanmatty_r, ty - production machine, critical time to fail. Appreciate it13:52
meganerdmatty_r: I used to care as well.  I got over it :P  I actually autopatch my servers, which includes a daily reboot check (most of them reboot automatically)13:52
matty_rmeganerd: yea I know.. but still lol13:52
meganerddjpo: you have a lot of work ahead of you.  Learning linux and networking.  What I am saying is that you need to know how locks work before you can reasonably expect to be able to pick them :)13:53
matty_rweihan: here we go13:53
matty_r**fix login loop13:53
matty_rPress "Ctrl+Alt+F3" and login into the shell.13:53
matty_rNow run " ls -lah "If in the output the line13:53
matty_r"-rw-------  1 root root   53 Nov 29 10:19 .Xauthority"13:53
matty_rthen you need to do "chown username:username .Xauthority" and try logging in.13:53
matty_rElse, do "ls -ld /tmp". Check for the first 10 letters in the left: they should read exactly so: "drwxrwxrwt".13:53
matty_r"drwxrwxrwt 15 root root 4096 Nov 30 04:17 /tmp"13:53
matty_rElse, you need to do "sudo chmod a+wt /tmp" and check again.13:53
matty_rIf not both, I'd recommend you either13:53
matty_r1.    dpkg-reconfigure lightdm13:53
matty_r2.    or uninstall, reinstall it.13:53
matty_rNow press Alt+-> until you reach the login screen again, and restart.13:53
unopaste`matty_r you have been muted for 60 seconds as it looks like you are pasting lots of lines into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste just the URL of your data here when you are unmuted13:54
unopaste`matty_r you have been muted for 60 seconds as it looks like you are pasting lots of lines into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste just the URL of your data here when you are unmuted13:54
unopaste`matty_r you have been muted for 60 seconds as it looks like you are pasting lots of lines into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste just the URL of your data here when you are unmuted13:54
wiehanmatty_r, Now run " ls -lah "If in the output the line - this line I don't understand13:55
matty_rdid you get all that?13:55
matty_rgo here http://paste.ubuntu.com/7914747/13:55
wiehanmatty_r, sure, thanks, but: what is the exact command on this line: " ls -lah "If in the output the line13:56
=== ^_^ is now known as Guest69333
matty_ryou need to be in terminal13:56
wiehanwith the Quotation marks and spaces?\13:56
subz3r0exact command?13:56
matty_ras is13:56
matty_rls -lah13:56
subz3r0"ls" is the command13:56
subz3r0-"lah" are options13:57
subz3r0you can see file and directory attributes with it13:57
subz3r0like who can access or read a file13:57
subz3r0and execute ofc13:57
matty_rthe formatting is a little ugly in that paste13:58
wiehanmatty_r, must I replace username:username with my username as in wiehan:wiehan?13:58
subz3r0rwxrwxrwx = read, write, execute (for all) means: user:group:others13:58
subz3r0wiehan: that or user $USER:$USER13:58
ubottuAn explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions13:58
subz3r0thanks Pici13:58
Picinp :)13:58
subz3r0wiehan: but before you do anything anyone told you. you should try to understand what youre doing13:59
subz3r0not just copy and paste any stuff13:59
subz3r0wiehan: first check the permissions with the given command. if everything is correct there. go to the next step14:00
matty_rweihan: i'm fixing the formatting a little for you14:00
matty_rweihan: this is a little better http://paste.ubuntu.com/7914811/14:01
wiehanmatty_r, so far not looking good: the first Xauthority file was root root then I changed it as you said, successfully. Then I checked that tmp file the letters were all the same except 15 in stead of 6 after the letters. Then followed that command. Still did not work14:03
=== henry is now known as Guest43116
matty_rweihan: so the first step is correct now?14:05
wiehanmatty_r, all the permissions are now verbatim as to your correct ones14:06
=== Guest43116 is now known as Henry_
matty_rwiehan: ok did you try rebooting?14:06
wiehanmatty_r, yes14:06
EldunarHello, can u tell me to to change filemanager from thunar to nemo?14:06
matty_rwiehan: same after reboot?14:06
wiehanmatty_r, yes, same after reboot. Must I remove lightdm and reinstall?14:07
matty_rwiehan: how about dpkg-reconfigure?14:07
wiehanmatty_r, did the reconfigure too14:07
wiehanmatty_r, and then rebooted too14:07
matty_rwiehan: Ok, gimme a sec14:07
matty_rwiehan: Give this a quick read http://askubuntu.com/questions/223501/ubuntu-gets-stuck-in-a-login-loop14:08
matty_rwiehan: hope that helps mate14:09
MonkeyDustwiehan  just entered, havent folowed ... if your login screen loops, press ctrl-alt F1 and enter sudo chown -R username:username /home/username14:09
matty_rMonkeyDust: Yea we tried that mate14:10
MonkeyDustok, worked for me14:10
matty_rMonkeyDust: i've got him going through http://askubuntu.com/questions/223501/ubuntu-gets-stuck-in-a-login-loop14:10
ActionParsnipmatty_r: you can use the bash variable $USER in the command :)14:12
EldunarHello, can u tell me to to change filemanager from thunar to nemo?14:13
ActionParsnipEldunar: what is the output of:  cat /etc/issue14:14
EldunarUbuntu 14.04.1 LTS \n \l14:14
=== wickedpuppy2 is now known as wickedpuppy
MonkeyDustEldunar  set nemo as default file manager, in the settings14:15
MonkeyDustin the system settings, that is14:15
matty_rthanks ActionParsnip.14:16
punkgeekhow to change mysql root passwd in cli?14:18
matty_rupdate user set password=PASSWORD("NEWPASSWORD") where User='root';14:19
ActionParsnippunkgeek: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/reset-the-root-password-on-mysql.html14:19
punkgeekno i dont need reset, i need change14:20
MonkeyDustElephant__  is this useful https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DefaultFileManager#Changing_Your_Default_File_Manager14:20
MonkeyDustthat was for Eldunar ^^^^^14:20
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ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter14:27
bugtraqgufw dosentshow me the listening report14:28
bugtraqwhy ?14:28
matty_roh god, my server is rebooting cmon don't fail me now14:33
matty_rI believe14:33
bugtraqi need help14:33
matty_rbugtraq: i'm not familiar with gufw sorry mate14:34
bugtraqwho can help me ?14:36
cjnm@bugtraq with what, I missed the question14:37
bugtraqgufw dont show me the listening report14:38
ActionParsnipbugtraq: have you restarted the service?14:39
cjnmsorry, I am not familiar with gufw14:39
* MonkeyDust installs gufw14:39
=== gargola__ is now known as gargola
ActionParsnippunkgeek: isnt change and reset the same difference14:40
ActionParsnippunkgeek: you are setting the password to something else....yes?14:40
Your_Dogis linux (the kernel) lgpl or gpl?14:40
slsin #als14:40
matty_rActionParsnip: maybe he doesn't know the original password or something?14:40
punkgeeksee i using this passowrd to change mysql pass; echo "mysqladmin -u root -p'$op' password $lp"14:40
punkgeekbut it doesnt work in shell script14:40
bugtraqthis problem came after reinstall the system14:41
MonkeyDustwhoever asked the gufw question: Edit > preferences > listening report14:41
bugtraqwhen i do that he dont shw me the rebort14:42
wiehanmatty_r, gdm ftw, that's all.14:42
cjnmwhat is 'gufw' btw, just asking14:42
MonkeyDustcjnm  a gui for ip tables (firewall)14:43
bugtraqthe firewall in linux14:43
bugtraqi use bugtraq14:43
ActionParsnipmatty_r: thats what that guide gives14:43
cjnm@MonkeyDust Thank you, I will look into it14:43
matty_rwiehan: you're up and running again?14:43
=== bazhang_ is now known as bazhang
amirabbasi really need help can anyone help?14:44
matty_rAsk your question mate.14:44
amirabbasi installed ubuntu from a flashdrive when i booted my computer, i already had windows installed, did ununtu replace my windows???14:44
bugtraqi reinstall it and did everthing but nothing14:44
wiehanmatty_r, uninstalled lightdm and installed gdm14:45
wiehanmatty_r, now working14:45
MonkeyDustamirabbas  no, if all went well, you shlould have a menu now, so you can choose between windows or ubuntu14:45
ice9is there keyboard shortcut to scroll the terminal?14:45
amirabbaswhen i turn on my laptop it goes imedietly to ubuntu, to how can switch to windows?14:46
matty_rwiehan: ah yea awesome. Good to hear.14:46
ActionParsnipice9: SHIFT + PgUP + PgDn14:46
ActionParsnipice9: might be CTRL14:46
amirabbasmatty_r i forgot to say ur name, how can i switch to windows? when i turn my laptop on it goes immedietly to ubuntu14:46
punkgeekno body know?14:46
MonkeyDustActionParsnip  was faster, just found it too14:46
bugtraqso what i must to do to make him show reports when i press listening report !!14:47
MonkeyDustpunkgeek  know what?14:47
Beldaramirabbas, Run sudo update-grub in the ubuntu terminal and see if windows shows14:47
SarawaraIs there someone who can help a desperate user (who is not very skilled in ubuntu matters, and aware that this is not the way to address the forum)14:47
matty_ramirabbas: you need to update-grub14:47
MonkeyDustSarawara  ask and wait14:47
ice9update-rc.d -f mysql remove   on ubuntu doesn't remove the startup scripts for mysql!14:47
punkgeeki using this command to change mysql password: sudo mysqladmin -u root -p '$old pass' password $new pass   but it doesnt work in shell script what should i do14:47
JamesJRHHello. Can some Canonical staff please join #ubuntuone? I've realised that the metadata of my downloaded files is missing!14:48
matty_ramirabbas: what Beldar said14:48
amirabbasmatty_r Beldar so do i reboot and see if windows shows?14:48
MonkeyDustpunkgeek  maybe the people in #bash know it14:48
cjnmhow do you boot directly to a tty in ubuntu, I am using gdm instead of lightdm, and "GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="text" isn't working14:48
Beldaramirabbas, Look in the terminal with the command run14:48
amirabbasguys thanks so much i feel like im going to have a heart attack14:48
Bombowhen i do 'apt-get update' i get 404s 'Fehl http://de.archive.ubuntu.com quantal/main Sources 404  Not Found [IP: 80]14:48
amirabbasBeldar "command run"?14:49
MonkeyDustBombo  quantal is !eol, dead14:49
wiehanmatty_r, I also dist-upgraded my system now, now I have  a new version of gnome-shell 3.8.4 I think, but it has this butt-ugly thing at the bottom with all my open windows/apps - looked for a setting in gnome-tweak tool but can't find a way to switch it off14:49
Beldar<Beldar> amirabbas, Run sudo update-grub in the ubuntu terminal and see if windows shows   this is a command in a terminal14:49
xanguaBombo: you have been running an unsupported ubuntu release for over a year, install either ubuntu 12.04 or 14.0414:49
BomboMonkeyDust: hm14:49
Bomboxangua: will upgrade still work?14:50
xanguaBombo: clean install would be a lot faster14:50
SarawaraMy problem: my computer does not start up and I have a file on it I desperately need. I get a black screen, but for a fraction of time I see the Dell logo. I have just given it in for repair (same reason and the man replaced lights on the laptop screen) I probably have the lts 12.04 on a inspiron dell laptop14:50
matty_ramirabbas: http://tombuntu.com/index.php/2011/09/25/how-to-change-boot-order-in-ubuntu-11-04/14:50
pavelicso, quick question, how do i get ubuntu to not spew a message to compare files when i'm running apt-get update through a non-interactive script?14:50
MonkeyDust!nomodeset | Sarawara14:50
ubottuSarawara: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter14:50
amirabbasFound linux image: /boot/vmlinuz-3.5.0-17-generic14:51
amirabbasFound initrd image: /boot/initrd.img-3.5.0-17-generic14:51
amirabbasFound memtest86+ image: /boot/memtest86+.bin14:51
amirabbasBeldar it says found Linux image, Found initrd image, and found memtest86+14:51
pavelicmy current case is amazon ec2, 14.04 ami, trying to create a custom image.14:51
Beldaramirabbas, That is everything?14:51
amirabbasbeldar yea14:51
SarawaraI'll have a look ubottu/MonkeyDust14:51
somsippavelic: use automatic updates?14:51
Beldar!bootinfo | amirabbas run this app and post the script it makes in a pastebin14:52
ubottuamirabbas run this app and post the script it makes in a pastebin: Boot info script is a useful script for diagnosing boot problems. Run the script following the directions here: http://bootinfoscript.sourceforge.net/ and then look at RESULTS.txt (or !pastebin it for others to look at).14:52
cjnmhow do you boot directly to a tty in ubuntu, I am using gdm instead of lightdm, and "GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="text" isn't working, someone help please14:52
somsip!text | cjnm14:52
ubottucjnm: To start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode14:52
pavelicsomsip, i'm running this through packer, with a script doing "apt-get -q -y --force-yes upgrade"14:52
MonkeyDustcjnm  gdm has the option to choose a terminal session, in the login menu (lightdm does not have that)14:53
Beldaramirabbas, Actually even better in the terminal run sudo parted -l and pastebin the info from it.14:53
arun_does dualbooting ubuntu over 64 bit WIndows 7 affect the system ?? and is it possible without any errors??14:53
somsippavelic: I dunno what packer is. I use unattended upgrades on my EC2 instances14:53
Beldararun_, Alongside as a dualboot?14:53
=== cdmsn is now known as cdmsn|awy
MonkeyDustarun_  "over windows 7"? meaning?14:53
pavelicsomsip, well, this is just initial provisioning in preparation for a ami image that will be further instanced down the line.14:54
cjnmthanks, visiting the link14:54
amirabbasBeldar http://pastebin.com/FxWXTUBG14:54
=== cdmsn|awy is now known as cdmsn
matty_ruh oh14:54
amirabbasubottu it says the command is not found for the applciation14:55
amirabbasim sorry i dont know why it sent that 4 times14:55
somsippavelic: so you start a virgin AMI, then upgrade it, and you want the upgrade script to auto-accept what - existing configs or new ones?14:55
=== ochiottes-home is now known as ochiottes
pavelicsomsip, i'm thinking accepting existing configs. my experience with ubuntu on EC2 is very limited at the moment.14:56
arun_MonkeyDust: I mean Dualboot windows 7 and Ubuntu14:56
MonkeyDustarun_  what's worrying you?14:56
arun_in which Windows== 64 bit and Ubuntu == 32 bit14:56
matty_ramirabbas did you partition the HDD before you installed ubuntu?14:56
pavelicarun_, that will work.14:56
pavelicdont know why you'd want 32-bit if you can run 64-bit and have 3GB or more RAM.14:57
ActionParsnipamirabbas: ubottu is a bot, not a person14:57
amirabbasmatty_r i partitioned it in the instalation of ubuntu14:57
Beldaramirabbas, I see no windows and partitions way less than than the size of the while HD.14:57
somsippavelic: any particular package causing you problems, or you just want to keep all configs just in case?14:57
Sarawaraubottu if I understand this nomodeset well, it is suggesting to use code to solve the problem, how can I do such a thing when all I hav is a black screen?14:57
amirabbasBeldar sooo i dont have windows anymore??14:57
pavelicsomsip, keep all configs just in case.14:57
arun_I haven't tried installing windows 7 64 bit + ubuntu i386 so .....14:57
pavelici think that grub getting updated is causing the issue here.14:58
somsippavelic: -o Dpkg::Options::="--force-confold"  (but read more to confirm)14:58
pavelicarun_, ubuntu amd64 would work as well14:58
Beldaramirabbas, Id don't see if with the command you run, do you have more than one hard drive14:58
pavelicsomsip, thanks :)14:58
somsippavelic: that's on your apt-get command14:58
amirabbasBeldar so what do i do? make a pastebin with the command i ran?14:59
MonkeyDustSarawara  do you not see the grub menu?14:59
Beldaramirabbas, err isn't that what you just did?14:59
somsippavelic: np14:59
pavelicsomsip, man dpkg for the options i assume? :p14:59
SarawaraMonkeyDust, nope14:59
somsippavelic: that's where I see it15:00
MonkeyDustSarawara  reboot your pc, i guess esc or ctrl invokes the grub menu15:00
pavelicthanks, will give it a read before trying.15:00
amirabbasBeldar i dont know im panicing and i dont understand what your asking. im sorry. I ran the command sudo parted -l and put the results in a pastebin15:00
somsippavelic: needs testing on apt-get upgrade as all examples I've seen are for apt-get install15:00
pavelicsomsip, yeah, i'll test it on local vm's first.15:01
Paradiseehow can i watch video hosted on my server ubuntu, on another client ubuntu?15:01
Beldaramirabbas, Yes thank you, do you have more than one hard drive? If you do not understand the question say so.15:01
arun_pavelic: yeah but I was talking for i38615:01
pavelicanyhow, cheers and have a good rest of the day :)15:01
somsippavelic: and now, after setting up Ansible playbooks for all of my AMIs, I'm reading up about Packer...15:01
amirabbasbeldar no i dont have more than 1 hard drive15:01
pavelicarun_, if you have more than 3 GB ram, go 64-bit.15:02
MonkeyDustSarawara  when you're in the grub menu, hit e, then add the parameter to the appropriat line (note it on a piece of paper, first)15:02
pavelicsomsip, heh :D15:02
pavelicsomsip, i'm doing it via manual shell scripting for the time being. time constraints prevent investing too much time into looking up chef/puppet :(15:02
SarawaraMonkeyDust I can't get in the grub menu, only beeps when I hit escape (and nothing with control)15:02
Beldaramirabbas, From that command you put in the pastebin I see no windows, and way less on the hard drive than it will hold15:02
somsippavelic: I decided on ansible as a quick conversion from manual scripts, rather than the overcomplicated chef/puppet route too. But OT so enough on that :)15:03
MonkeyDustSarawara  how are you here?15:03
amirabbasBeldar so, my windows was removed? it doesnt exist anymore?15:03
pavelicsomsip, i'll investigate then :D15:03
pavelicsomsip, thanks :)15:03
somsippavelic: np15:03
SarawaraMonkeyDust other computer, my laptop only gives me black screen (but it does blink once with the logo of Dell though, just before giving me that black screen)15:04
MonkeyDustSarawara  hit esc a bit sooner or a bit later in the boot process, until you see the grub menu15:04
arun_pavelic: ok !!! Thanks a lot15:04
Beldaramirabbas, It will take more diagnoses to get to a definitive answer, and I have to take of shortly, others here will be better on confirming this, but yes it looks that way.15:04
bugtraqi have a problem in gufw "firewall" because he dont show me the reports when i press listening report15:05
bugtraqi use ubuntu bugtraq15:05
bugtraqand this problem came after reinstall it because he was work good before that15:05
amirabbasbeldar if my windows was removed, is there any way to revert it back to the original self and get my files back?15:05
MonkeyDustamirabbas  did you not make backups?15:06
Beldaramirabbas, I am uncomfortable in this situation helping, I have to leave soon, and your understanding is at a very basic level and I can't stick with you to an end answer.15:07
amirabbasmonkeyDust no i did ont15:07
SarawaraMonkeyDust, I have now tried all styles of hitting the esc key (before/after seeing the Dell screen for 1/10th of a second, long, short) nothing :(15:07
amirabbasbeldar thank you for your support15:07
Beldarno problem15:07
MonkeyDustamirabbas  file recovery is not really something for beginners like yourself15:07
ActionParsnipamirabbas: use your backups....you have made backups, right?15:08
daftykinsamirabbas: did you paste the link to the pastebin you made of the output from the command "sudo parted -l" yet?15:08
amirabbasmonkeydust I'm only a beginner in ubuntu. in windows im very experienced, i've studied java, c++ and many other languages, and am fully knowledgable in web design and someone in troubleshooting15:08
amirabbasdaftykins yes i did, http://pastebin.com/FxWXTUBG15:09
MonkeyDustSarawara  find a way to get to the grub menu, try alt or ctrl15:09
amirabbasactionparsnip i did not make backups15:09
trijntjeamirabbas: you cant get windows back except by reinstalling, but you might be able to save some of the files. However, you have to shut down the PC right now and rejoin the channel from another pc, every second you keep using your pc you will lose more data15:09
daftykinsamirabbas: so only one hard disk is listed and there's no sign of Windows... did you accidentally install over the top of Windows?15:10
MonkeyDustamirabbas  if you're that experienced, you should have known how to make backups15:10
Beldarand what command means15:10
Beldarmight be a language issue15:10
amirabbasso, theres no window... thats it?15:11
bugtraqi have a problem in gufw "firewall" because he dont show me the reports when i press listening report15:11
bugtraqi use ubuntu bugtraq15:11
bugtraqand this problem came after reinstall it because he was work good before that15:11
amirabbasWELL everybody thanks for helping, i now know i should take backups, im now going to go and cry. everybody have a nice day15:12
=== dcplaya_ is now known as dcplaya
SarawaraMonkeyDust still trying15:13
ActionParsnippeople love learning the hard way, the value of backups15:13
MonkeyDustActionParsnip  cynic15:13
dcplayaIs there any guide on how to make a live USB that boots, runs a DD command, and then reboots?  I need it to quickly update some devices we have15:13
ActionParsnipMonkeyDust: very, i have no pity15:13
daftykinsdcplaya: 'update' as in clone from one to another?15:14
daftykinsdcplaya: you ought to look into DBAN for disk wiping or clonezilla for disk cloning / backup15:14
dcplayadaftykins: technically yes. I have a image already15:14
=== ragle is now known as Guest87201
BashawВсем привет!15:15
dcplayadaftykins we have multiple controllers that need the newer image. Right now I boot into Ubunut live and run the DD command by hand. Id like to do it all automatically15:16
BashawЕсть Русские?15:16
daftykins!ru | Bashaw15:16
ubottuBashaw: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.15:16
daftykinsdcplaya: make a persistent install and store the script as an automated run-on-boot one, simples.15:17
dcplayaThats what my current idea is. Just wanted to see if there was a better way15:18
daftykinsdcplaya: nah, i doubt it. no point trying to reinvent the wheel15:19
SarawaraMonkeyDust nothing15:20
=== nocoins is now known as NoCoins
MonkeyDustSarawara  ok, boot a live session on that pc and save your important file, so at least you have that, then seek further assistance15:21
Sarawaraok i'll try if that works15:22
=== gargola is now known as gargoleitor
linuxthefishgrr why is iwlwifi so crap15:29
coventryWhat application should I run to configure the network, assuming I don't have a panel or unity running?15:30
=== gargoleitor is now known as gargola
ActionParsniplinuxthefish: tried modprobing it with the option 11n_disable=115:30
linuxthefishhow do i do that? :/15:30
linuxthefishi'm trying to download file, and it's so slow in ubuntu also15:30
ActionParsniplinuxthefish: sudo modprobe -r iwlwifi; sleep 2; sudo modprobe iwlwifi 11n_disable=115:31
linuxthefishand when speed goes over 4 MB/s the connection dies and i have to re-connect to wifi :S15:31
ActionParsniplinuxthefish: if it makes things better, we can make it stick15:31
linuxthefishthanks, i will try15:31
ActionParsniplinuxthefish: better?15:35
SarawaraMonkeyDust, live CD does not change the black screen (it's a 10.04 version but I suppose that makes no differce, I have no more recent versions on cd (only still older))15:37
SarawaraI also found an old CD that said 'super15:37
linuxthefishActionParsnip no...15:38
linuxthefishmodprobe: FATAL: Module mac80211 is in use.15:38
linuxthefishirc keeps dropping out every 10 mins also, useless ubuntu...15:39
ActionParsniplinuxthefish: ok, we'll do it the easier way:15:40
ActionParsniplinuxthefish: run:     echo "options iwlwifi 11n_disable=1" | sudo tee /etc/modprobe.d/iwlwifi.conf15:41
ActionParsniplinuxthefish: reboot to test15:41
NastynazI've just installed ubuntu server 14.04.1 LTS for the first time. I'm currently logged in as root. how do I make another user and log in as them? (basically dont want to use root for stuff)15:41
john_ramboI am trying to take a screen shot of a drop down menu of my router's web interface but as soon as I press print screen the menu folds back ...Is there a way to do this ?15:42
phunyguyNastynaz: during the install it should've asked you to create a user.15:42
eeeejohn_rambo: sudo apt-get install shutter15:42
SchrodingersScat!adduser | Nastynaz15:42
ubottuNastynaz: To add new users to your Ubuntu system, follow the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddUsersHowto - For administrative privileges, users need to be made members of the group "sudo" - See !sudo15:42
ubottusudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo15:42
john_ramboeeee: Trying15:43
ActionParsnipNastynaz: remember to put the user in the sudo group and you can then use sudo for admin tasks15:43
ActionParsnipNastynaz: didnt think root was enabled by default in Ubuntu server.....15:43
NastynazActionParsnip: when I use sudo as the user, will it prompt me for the root password?15:44
ActionParsnipNastynaz: no, sudo uses your user's password15:44
Nastynazif I dont have a password set, just ssh, will it prompt me?15:45
linuxthefishActionParsnip now it's just stuck on the bit after login screen...15:45
daftykinsNastynaz: there is no root password.15:45
ActionParsniplinuxthefish: ok then press CTRL+ALT+F1 and log in there and delete the file you just made15:46
con7eIs there any good manual for irssi IRC client?15:46
linuxthefishyeah, done that and rebooting :/15:46
linuxthefishi will just take the wifi card out of my old laptop15:46
con7ecan't figure out the official doc15:47
linuxthefishgrr even without the that file it's not logging in properly :/15:47
linuxthefishcon7e ALT + 1-9 to switch windows, and normal commands for everything else15:47
linuxthefishfor example, /server irc.freenode.com, /join #ubuntu15:48
MO_Handes there's this /sys/devices/platform/sony-laptop/thermal-control file which I manually write "silent" in it to make my laptop fan silent but after a while it automatically gets changed to "balanced", what is the problem? how can I find out which service, etc is changing the file? how can I prevent it from being changed?15:48
Nastynazdo ssh keys for all users go in the same place or is each one in each user's home folder?15:50
linuxthefisheach one in user folder Nastynaz15:50
ActionParsniplinuxthefish: can you ping ?15:51
dominik_hello guys, can u help me with customizing my xfce in ubuntu? I want to hide unmounted ntfs windows partitions from desktop only.15:52
linuxthefishActionParsnip yeah15:57
linuxthefishso i guess something else broke lol15:57
bkhiveI was wondering when control groups came into ubuntu is that only recently in version 14 or did 13 have it I am pretty sure I never saw it in lower versions like 12 ...16:00
nyc-h0sthi all, having a problem with Kerberos + LDAP, i can obtain krb tickets just fine and my user exists in ldap, however trying to login over ssh fails, logs are visible under; http://pastebin.com/BDCDFS2J16:01
bkhivemount -t cgroup ...16:01
MonkeyDustbkhive  what's the package name you're wondering about?16:02
bkhivecgroup manager (cgmanager) not sure of the package16:03
MonkeyDustnyc-h0st  LDAP is server technology. is that a server? if yes: better ask in #ubuntu-server16:03
MonkeyDust!find cgmanager precise16:03
ubottuPackage/file cgmanager does not exist in precise16:03
MonkeyDust!find cgmanager16:04
ubottuFound: cgmanager, libcgmanager-dev, libcgmanager0, cgmanager-tests, cgmanager-utils16:04
bkhiveI am thinking libcgroup and lmctfy16:04
MonkeyDustbkhive  there you have it, it's new16:04
bkhiveprecise is version 13 correct16:04
daftykinsbkhive: no, precise is 12.04 LTS16:05
MonkeyDustbkhive  no, precise is 12.0416:05
MonkeyDustdon't remember the names of 13.04 and 13.1016:05
daftykinsraring, saucy16:05
bkhiveso does 13 have cgmanager packages or just 14 currently16:05
bkhivein the repo16:06
daftykinsbkhive: it doesn't matter since they're both EOL anyway16:06
daftykinstheir repos are closed16:06
AcidRain2012hello. i have added SublimeText2 to /usr/include/ how can i make it so i can launch sublime from terminal?16:06
bkhivenot at a 13 machine so cann\t apt-cache for it16:06
AcidRain2012where i just type something like gksudo sublime16:06
bkhiveor dpkg for it16:06
MonkeyDustbkhive  the sources for 13.04 and 13.10 are no longer online, it's called !eol16:07
daftykinsAcidRain2012: that's more about the binary being in your PATH16:07
bkhiveno way I am still on 12 and 13 was like a year ago that doesn't give to much support time or TTL16:07
bkhivesort of speak16:07
MonkeyDustbkhive  what's the output of   cat /etc/issue16:07
AcidRain2012daftykins, nautilus is not in my path...16:07
AcidRain2012oh. PATH is a system var?16:08
bkhiveit is version 10 lucid16:08
linelevelHi, I'm having an (intermittent, unfortunately--it happens frequently but I can't reproduce it at will) problem with the latest NVidia drivers for my Lenovo Thinkpad T410 on Ubuntu 14.04. Should I submit a bug report? If so, where to, and what info should I include?16:09
MonkeyDustbkhive  paste the output here, so we're sure16:09
bkhivewhich is very old but I have used alot 12 as well16:09
daftykinsbkhive: 10.04 server is LTS, as are 12.04 and 14.0416:09
daftykinsalthough 10.04 dies next April, not much time left16:09
MonkeyDustbkhive  oh, and 10.04 for the desktop is !eol too16:09
daftykinslinelevel: nvidia drivers are not supported16:10
bkhiveone computer is the developer branch the other is  a non developer 10.4.4 or something Ubuntu lucid (development branch)16:10
MonkeyDustbkhive  10.04 desktop or server?16:10
lineleveldaftykins: I realize they're proprietary and not supported by Canonical... but I figured someone in here could point me in the right direction to help Nvidia fix it.16:10
daftykinslinelevel: no idea, did you install from repo packages or manual download?16:11
MonkeyDustbkhive  ok, what was your initial question again? what brings you here?16:11
lineleveldaftykins: Not a manual download, I installed it from the "Additional Drivers" pane in Ubuntu 14.04.16:12
daftykinspackages then16:12
bkhivejust wanted to know when control groups are available I think it is only versions 14 but was wondering if there where available in 13 repo's16:12
bkhivenot a big deal16:12
daftykinsbkhive: like i said 13's repos are closed now, both releases are !eol and unsupported16:12
lineleveldaftykins: The X.org open source drivers that are enabled in Ubuntu 14.04 has it's own problems (that's why I switched to the proprietary driver in the first place). Is that something I should report?16:13
bkhivebut version 10 , 12 are still available why close 13 end of life16:13
bkhiveso soon16:13
lykwydchykynHi; I have a crazy problem on my 12.04 ltsp server16:13
daftykinslinelevel: well when you say laptop, i suspect you have an nvidia optimus setup - where there's the intel on-die graphics and the discrete nvidia chip tacked on the side16:14
MonkeyDustbkhive  because 10.04, 12.04 and 14.04 are LTS16:14
lykwydchykynBasically, htop shows all 8 cores constantly between 80-100%, but no process is showing high cpu usage.16:14
MonkeyDustbkhive  13.04 and 13.10 were not LTS16:14
daftykinsbkhive: this is not a place to discuss why, it is simply fact - they are gone.16:14
lykwydchykynI posted on UF about it, if you want to see a screenshot: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=223704816:14
lineleveldaftykins: I think you're right but am not sure.16:14
daftykinslinelevel: a simple sharing of the output of "lspci" should confirm, as you'd see intel + nvidia16:15
bkhiveok gotcha16:15
daftykinslinelevel: in which case, to run this system, you'd be having to use nvidia-prime or bumblebee16:15
ssarahguys, im working on a custom distro version, and i'm running the scripts that were working for ubuntu 12, now im getting this error when i try to login (i cant, i go back ot the login shell) and dist-upgrade has this error16:15
ssarahProcessing triggers for gconf2 (3.2.6-0ubuntu2) ...16:15
ssarah(gconftool-2:10165): GConf-WARNING **: Client failed to connect to the D-BUS daemon:16:15
ssarahany idea why? i know it's a long shot. but i suppose something changed from ubuntu 12 that im not aware of16:16
lineleveldaftykins: https://dpaste.de/NEEA16:16
daftykinsssarah: we only support Ubuntu, not custom modifications16:16
ssarahaight, sorry16:16
lineleveldaftykins: So it looks like you're right.16:16
bluegoonHi guys, my system locks up.16:17
bluegoonI think its something to do with my audio.16:17
bluegoonAudio just loops, and everything locks up.16:17
daftykinslinelevel: i might be being blind but i don't see the intel graphics device16:17
VolisHey, quick question. I'm using Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, how do I send files to a phone via bluetooth? I have the boxes ticked in Personal File Sharing Settings dialog.16:17
ssarahany idea who could help me?16:18
daftykinslinelevel: can you get the model # of your processor from cat /proc/cpuinfo ?16:18
bluegoonUsing 14.04, just locks up, have to hard reset every time.16:18
bkhiveis 14 an LTS or not16:18
MonkeyDustVolis  install blueman (bluetooth manager)16:18
daftykinsssarah: try #linux16:18
daftykinsbkhive: 14.04 yes16:18
bluegoonIs there a way to see whats wrong each time my system crashes?16:19
daftykinsbluegoon: memtest would be a nice start16:19
bluegoondaftykins, thanks16:19
lineleveldaftykins: http://sprunge.us/bYQZ16:19
VolisMonkeyDust, Oh alright. And beside that, I see the Personal File Sharing dialog says I don't have required packages to share files on network either, what will those packages be?16:19
=== tumppu^ is now known as rmpk
MonkeyDustVolis  not sure, I don't use that16:20
lykwydchykynmaybe i'll ask on ubuntu-server then..16:20
bluegoondaftykins, how do I launch memtest?16:20
lineleveldaftykins: You're right, I don't see the Intel graphics either, I spoke too soon (without reading carefully enough) -- the X.org driver does work, though. The only problem (which is significant enough for me to abandon it) is that the screen never comes back on after a suspend.16:21
daftykinsugh ubottu you need some work16:21
daftykinsbluegoon: either download it and put it on a flash drive or CD, or hold left shift before boot and navigate the menus to find memtest16:21
bluegoonah ok thank you16:21
bluegoondaftykins, I'm running audio through HDMI (NVIDIA) I think that might be the cause.16:22
lineleveldaftykins: All the drivers available to me have really bad problems, though... the legacy NVidia driver lags whenever I try to resize any window (totally unacceptable), the latest NVidia driver randomly starts displaying all text in mangled/pixelated form (totally unreadable) until I reboot, and the X.org driver can't recover from Suspends (I have to hard-reboot--also unacceptable, since I use Suspend all the time).16:23
lineleveldaftykins: So I'm at a loss as to what to do.16:24
lineleveldaftykins: The legacy driver seemed to work fine on Ubuntu 12.04.16:24
daftykinslinelevel: play with all the versions that are available, there are several. yours having a GT218M is pretty old school so maybe v304 would be better16:24
lineleveldaftykins: By "latest" I'm referring to 331.38, and by "legacy" I'm referring to 304.117.16:25
lineleveldaftykins: So neither of those work for me.16:25
daftykinsoh right16:25
daftykinswell i have no ideas16:25
daftykins12.04 is still in support, you could run that for 2 more years :D16:26
lineleveldaftykins: And there's no real difference between the regualr and "-updates" version, is there?16:26
daftykinsi don't know on that one16:26
linelevelWhat are the chances that I can file a bug report and that someone will actually fix my problem (either NVidia or the X.org driver)?16:27
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bkhiveOk this maybe a stupid question but using DRBD  I sudo apt-get install drbd8-utils installed it on one computer do I need every computer that is going to be one of the replication computers to have the sudo apt-get install drbd8-utils16:27
bkhiveor basically does the primary main computer just have the drbd8-utils16:28
Nastynazmy ubuntu server main HDD with everything on failed. I managed to boot in to a rescue OS and mount it. I can copy files over. What is the most important stuff I should be copying (assuming I cant copy everything)?16:28
daftykinsNastynaz: no idea what your server runs, so can't answer that.16:29
bkhiveI am almost certain since you have to copy the config  file for drbd8 to all the computers etc so how else will you have the drbd service running if not the package on all computer16:29
Nastynazdaftykins: mainly mysql, apache and some other stuff16:29
bkhiveas well as the commands to admin it on each16:29
daftykinsbkhive: alright, please keep your thinking out loud off the keyboard however, we need to keep this channel free for support questions16:29
lineleveldaftykins: Should I try downloading other driver versions from NVidia's website? They have 337 (short-lived branch) and 340 (long-lived branch) here: calendar.google.com16:30
daftykinslinelevel: you're welcome to try things, but be aware that we cannot support those actions here.16:30
bkhiveTo me it looks like all of them have the software and are just messaging each other every so often and if no message is gotten one computer takes over16:30
daftykinslinelevel: if you do go down that route, be sure to remove all nvidia drivers installed from packages beforehand16:30
daftykinsNastynaz: check how bad the damage is by running "sudo smartctl -a /dev/sda" to start with16:30
lineleveldaftykins: I understand you can't support proprietary 3rd party drivers... but if I mess up and my system won't boot, can I ask here for help restoring it?16:31
SchrodingersScatbkhive: there is a #drbd channel, and http://www.drbd.org/users-guide/16:31
daftykinslinelevel: yep, but i'd ask you to be aware of the nvidia-uninstall program first.16:31
Nastynazdaftykins: i have the logs here. top post. Dont really know what tto make of them: http://forum.kimsufi.com/showthread.php?28577-ks212774-kimsufi-com-rebooted-last-night-Extremely-slow16:31
lineleveldaftykins: I will look it up, sure, but why do I need to remove packages that aren't being used before installing the new driver?16:32
daftykinsNastynaz: oh dear that disk is toast16:32
Nastynazwhat would you recommend I start backing up first?16:32
daftykinslinelevel: lets say a packaged nvidia driver installs file x, if the downloaded nvidia messes with that, the package won't uninstall and you'll leave yourself in a broken state16:32
lineleveldaftykins: One more question: Do you know what the difference between "short-lived" and "long-lived" branches are? Any idea which I should try first?16:33
daftykinsno never heard that16:33
daftykinsNastynaz: copy the things you want in the order you care about losing them most ;)16:33
linelevelThey're listed here: http://www.nvidia.com/object/unix.html16:33
daftykinswell that has nothing to do with ubuntu imo16:33
linelevelMaybe it's something like Ubuntu's LTS releases.16:33
Nastynazdaftykins: how do I copy all my apache settings?16:33
daftykinsNastynaz: keep the configs from /etc/apache16:34
daftykinsNastynaz: what kind of site were you running?16:34
void{entity}What's up16:34
Nastynazjust a personal one but I have loads of settings ive added and tweaked over the years16:35
daftykinsvoid{entity}: if you have support questions ask them, otherwise this is not a chat channel16:35
basketballYour profile could not be opened correctly.16:35
basketballSome features may be unavailable.  Please check that the profile exists and you have permission to read and write its contents.16:35
basketballwhen i open chromium16:35
daftykinsNastynaz: well if it used a db you'd have to backup the db's separate to the webserver document root of /var/www/16:35
daftykinsbasketball: made any changes to this system recently?16:35
daftykinsbasketball: reset your profile then16:36
stikkemzhi guys16:37
ActionParsnipbasketball: if you run:  ps -ef | grep chrom | grep -v grep   do you get an output?16:38
mjuszczakThe ruby-god package doesn't seem to have an init script.  Any idea hwy?16:39
basketballhow do i uninstall chromium via terminal ActionParsnip16:39
daftykinsapt-get remove chromium-browser16:40
stikkemzapt-get purge chromi[tab]16:40
yz3pDsudo apt-get purge chromi[tab]16:40
yz3pDor chromium*16:40
basketballty daftykins  stikkemz and yz3pD16:41
stikkemzi have a nasty video tearing issue that creates latency and it can be noticed when i move windows around (nasty tearing effect on the window edges when you drag it). I`m busting my head with it for 2 days now and broke X over 30 times doing so. Anyone care to help me figure this out?16:43
ActionParsnipbasketball: sudo apt-get --purge remove chromium-browser16:43
daftykinsstikkemz: you need to at least state your hardware + driver16:44
ActionParsnipbasketball: it wont fix your profile though16:44
stikkemzcan I post a link to the ubuntuforums.org thread?16:44
yz3pDActionParsnip, --purge remove == purge16:44
jim2hello i am using ubuntu 14.04 trusty tahr but with gnome 3..anyway is there any way to make the battery indicator show the percent of the battery?ty16:44
ActionParsnipyz3pD: i'm old skool16:44
stikkemzit's all detailed there16:44
daftykinsstikkemz: but given the answer to what i said was two words...16:45
ActionParsnipjim2: http://askubuntu.com/questions/2283/can-i-set-the-power-indicator-to-show-battery-percentage-instead-of-time-remaini16:45
stikkemznvidia gt 540m with nvidia-311 driver16:45
yz3pDActionParsnip, both are right, only purge is shorter but both are ok :)16:45
daftykinsoh optimus, good luck16:45
daftykinsstikkemz: tried bumblebee instead? maybe nvidia-prime has that issue16:46
ActionParsnipjim2: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Power16:46
stikkemzdaftykins not yet, but bumblebee didnt really work for me on 12.1016:46
jim2i will check that link also ...16:47
daftykinsstikkemz: time to give it a try then if all other paths failed16:47
stikkemzI was hoping to find a way to get the driver to recognize the displays, maybe create a better xorg.conf16:48
gameface22Hey.When trying to install Ubuntu 14.04 on my system,I am getting "Error:you need to load the kernel first" on thr GRUB.It has Windows installed.Any solutions?16:48
daftykinsstikkemz: having a xorg.conf in the first place is a bit of a mistake16:48
stikkemzdaftykins, oh?16:48
daftykinsstikkemz: pretty sure you shouldn't be running nvidia-xconfig with an optimus setup16:49
stikkemzwell even if i have a blank xorg.conf file, i still get the tearing16:50
lineleveldaftykins: The X.org open-source Nouveau driver is supported by Ubuntu, though, isn't it?16:50
lineleveldaftykins: So where can I report the bug I'm experiencing with that driver (the screen won't turn back on when I wake up from Suspend, I need to reboot)?16:51
linelevelOtherwise, that seems to be the best driver.16:51
linelevelBut that problem is a deal-breaker.16:51
daftykinshave you at least googled it with your model of laptop yet?16:52
linelevelYes, found lots of stuff for previous Ubuntu versions that don't work in 14.04.16:52
basketballin the top bar of chromium why are the suggestion searches so small http://imgur.com/94FcIZu16:54
stikkemzdaftykins, alright then mate.. i`ll go grab bumblebee and return here after that16:54
lineleveldaftykins: e.g. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-nouveau/+bug/111188416:54
ubottuUbuntu bug 1111884 in xserver-xorg-video-nouveau (Ubuntu) "10de:0611 nouveau fails at suspend/resume - PAGE_NOT_PRESENT" [Critical,Triaged]16:54
daftykinsstikkemz: you're aware you'll have to remove prime and everything you've done so far?16:56
lineleveldaftykins: and this thread which isn't for my version but came up in the google results and seemed relevant: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=197829016:56
stikkemzi am, no worries :)16:56
ActionParsnipbasketball: is that Lubuntu?16:56
daftykinslinelevel: yeah i'm not trawling through these links to see what they suggest16:56
basketballno it is ubuntu16:56
ActionParsnipbasketball: lastpass is the awesome!16:56
basketballhow do i fix the search sugbgestions they are so small it hurts my eyes16:57
stikkemzQ: after i removed nvidia do i need to reboot or can i just restart lightdm?16:57
lineleveldaftykins: Okay, well you asked me for examples... there are a ton of people's suggestions in there, and some don't even apply to 14.04.16:57
ActionParsnipbasketball: https://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=35127116:57
daftykinslinelevel: yep but i didn't want to have to work for them.16:58
lineleveldaftykins: There's nothing specific to my laptop model and setup, which is why I was asking how I should go about reporting this.16:58
basketballActionParsnip,  it is on medium and chnaging it to large doesnt do anything16:59
ActionParsnipbasketball: did you close the browser and reopen it after you made the change?16:59
basketballActionParsnip,  no i did not :)17:00
basketballin calc if i say print page one how can i have it print all of page one including empty cells17:01
ActionParsnipbasketball: is it ok now?17:01
ActionParsnipbasketball: weird that huh17:03
NastynazI want to backup irssi, where can I find it installed?17:13
ActionParsnipNastynaz: the config is in~/.irssi17:13
ActionParsnipNastynaz: one you reinstall irssi, you can restore that folder and the configs will be how they are now17:13
guest-uXENEWCiao a tutti17:14
stikkemzdaftykins, installed bumblebee with primer and nvidia-331 and I have no more tearing, seems to work.17:20
SchrodingersScatstikkemz: great17:20
stikkemzcheers mate17:20
daftykins'with primer' ?17:20
stikkemzprimus sorry17:21
daftykinsi don't know what you mean17:21
stikkemzsudo apt-get install bumblebee bumblebee-nvidia primus nvidia-33117:21
stikkemzthen python-appindicator and the bumblebee-ui from the git17:22
stikkemzprimus: client-side GPU offloading for NVIDIA Optimus17:24
MarcGuayHi folks.  I have a wireless N router and receiver.  nm-tool reports a 54Mb/s connection.  Any ideas?17:27
MarcGuayUbuntu's "connection information" says it's 300Mb/s.17:27
ActionParsnipMarcGuay: one may be megabits and one be megabytes17:28
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MonkeyDusthow fast is wifi?17:29
Stritup to 150 Mbit/s I think, depending on the standard it uses.17:30
ActionParsnip!away > cdmsn|awy17:30
ubottucdmsn|awy, please see my private message17:30
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raul782Hi guys, how do I check if a ruby program shutdown because of low memory?17:54
Eldunarhello i have problem with fusion icon. It do not want to open;/17:55
raul782Is there a file  in ubuntu that logs this kind of issue?17:55
=== Guest84324 is now known as Summerbreeze
coventry`raul782: There are no builtin postmortems like that.  You could run the program again, and track its memory usage.17:55
reisioEldunar: what do you even want it for?17:56
coventry`Oh, maybe the kernel would report it, if it killed the process because its memory was blowing up...17:56
raul782yeah, that would be great, I'll check that17:57
EldunarI need compiz icon for switching window manager17:57
reisioEldunar: why not just run the --replace command?17:57
Eldunari prefere gui stuff:)17:58
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ActionParsnipEldunar: press ALT+F2 and run it there, pretty enough?18:00
ActionParsnipEldunar: how often do you anticipate doing this?18:00
reisioEldunar: k, well perhaps it's not compatible with GNOME 3's idiotic system tray18:00
reisioplenty of solutions here http://www.google.com/search?q=unity%20compiz%20fusion%20icon18:01
Eldunaryeah but not working still;/18:02
TheLive1I have a dead entry on Nautilus under Devices. How do I remove it? It was never mounted, cant be mounted. Nothing infstab about it18:03
reisioTheLive1: what's it called?18:03
reisioTheLive1: you dual booting?18:03
TheLive1funny thing, its the same name as the live USB18:03
dsnyders I recently got a TV with a vga input. My machine has two video outputs, but what it is doing is spreading the desktop across both screens.  I want the desktop limited to one screen, and I want to use the other solely for mplayer output.  I was getting all ready to edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf, but there is no such file there.  Any suggestions?18:04
TheLive1Here's the error when i click it http://pastebin.com/PrBxLjBD18:05
TheLive1with no option to remove, nor unmount18:05
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TheLive1its just a dead entry18:05
LucidGuyFUCK .. is it me or is java via firefox shit.  Always have issues with java apps.18:05
reisioLucidGuy: java is, via anything18:06
reisiodidn't you notice the company that shilled it went out of business?18:06
coventry`dsnyders: Why do you want to restrict usage of the other screen to mplayer?  It should only fill up one screen when in full-screen mode, anyway.18:06
reisioand the company that owns it now lets community devs do all the work?18:06
maddawghmmm the line "auto eth0" in /etc/network/interfaces tells the interface to start up automatically right?18:06
LucidGuyI have to use my Windows7 vm with firefox becuase of this java app ... this should not be the case.18:06
reisiodsnyders: what graphics driver?18:07
maddawgcuz one of my interfaces doesnt come up at startup18:07
reisioLucidGuy: it's unlikely you need to use a java app at all, but I'm sure you could use it natively18:07
maddawgi have to type ifup eth018:07
coventry`java is anything but shit, but it's not used in the browser much anymore.18:07
MoPacHello. I'm hoping to troubleshoot multitouch support on a new hybrid notebook, and I'm wondering if there's anyone around who might help. I'm running 14.04x64 off a live USB on an HP Envy x360. Touch works, not multitouch or accelerometer18:07
ubottuThe main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList18:08
reisioMoPac: you might try a 14.10 build first, if you have the time18:08
LucidGuyreisio, how?18:08
reisioLucidGuy: how what?18:08
MoPacreisio: I can do that, especially sicne I'm just running off of stick18:09
LucidGuyGet this stupid popup stating .. Downloading JavaRConsol: 0% .. and sits there.. WWWHHHHYYY wont you download18:10
dsnydersreisio, I have an NVIDIA GeForce 114, but I am not using the proprietary drivers (as far as I know)18:11
shay_shayhttp://hastebin.com/uzuquwihay.txt can I get a second set of eyes on this please?18:12
shay_shaylooks fine for me but i want to be sure :D18:12
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raul782So the if out of memory it should be in the var/log/syslog or kern.log?18:12
dsnyderscoventry`: I want the desktop confined to the monitor on my desktop, and I want to have videos displayed on my TV.  I don't want to mouse over to the TV.18:14
pangaea_got a quick question, anyone know how to get Linux to discover temp diodes on motherboard and/or a program fitting for fan control?18:15
lykwydchykynpangaea_: install lm-sensors and run "sudo sensors-detect"18:17
Shadow}}Is security.ubuntu down?18:17
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pangaea_ty lykwydhyhkyn,....also what would you recommend for dependencies program for poss broken packages?18:20
Shadow}}I may of messed the line up, is this correct? "sudo -s > sudo apt-get update -y && apt-get upgrade -y && apt-get distupgrade -y && apt-get autoremove"?18:20
raul782Hi guys, is there a way to continuously see the processes being executed with a lot detail, something like ps aux and top18:22
julian-delphikiuhh, top is your best bet raul78218:22
raul782is there a way to see the arguments of the command?18:23
nbubuntuAnyone know how which command to switch between GCard PCIEx output display and internal VGA build motherboard output display ?18:24
Shadow}}Eh seems most the helpers are a tad busy or just plain not here.18:24
Shadow}}You can do that via Settings menu18:24
barkenetwork driver help for Lubunto_14.04 on Gateway_Profile_418:25
AcidRaini just deleted a file on accident. how do i find it?18:27
AcidRaini deleted it as root in my /var/www/18:27
nbubuntu Settings menu ? how do I do it if there's no just in a terminal stat on bootup ?18:27
bpromptraul782:     what ubuntu version are y ou on?18:28
dsnydersraul782, julian-delphiki,  htop is better than top.18:28
julian-delphikiraul782 "top -c"18:28
raul782ubuntu 14.04 server18:28
pangaea_ok so i ran the detect-sensors and it will only grab my ati radeon, no MOBO diodes recognized,18:29
raul782perfect thanks julian18:29
dsnyderspangaea_: does your bios recognize them?18:30
shay_shayhttp://hastebin.com/uzuquwihay.txt can I get a second set of eyes on this please?18:30
pangaea_with fan speeds18:31
nbubuntuAnyone here knowing how to switch between internal graphic vga out and pciex dvi out ?18:31
pangaea_is there a program like speed fan for linux?18:32
AcidRainfound it18:32
pangaea_or CPUID Monitor?18:32
dsnyderspangaea_: Hmm... did you check on the motherboard manufacturer's website?18:33
crystal77How do I tell what version of AppArmor I'm running?18:34
pangaea_yes, i have intel cpu micro installed,18:34
pangaea_last i checked bios my cpu was at 56c rated for 62c and fan at half it's speed, i'm at idle too18:35
pangaea_is there an XCHAT channel for Intel mobo issues?18:37
dsnydersI'm not aware of one, but what I'm not aware of could fill a planet18:37
bekkspangaea_: #hardware fits most for intel mobo issues.18:38
pangaea_ty bekks18:38
dsnydersHi all! I recently got a TV with a vga input. My machine has two video outputs, but what it is doing is spreading the desktop across both screens.  I want the desktop limited to one screen, and I want to use the other solely for stuff like mplayer output.  I was getting all ready to edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf, but there is no such file there.  Any suggestions?18:41
washuu@crystal: you're still here?18:48
paranoidi"renamed network interface eth0 to em1" .. how can I stop that? /etc/udev/rules.d is empty (14.04 LTS)18:52
CodeFormerhow do i find out if my ssh is ok or not? I m using 14.0418:52
Awokenis freenode having split issues atm?18:52
Awokentry connecting to it CodeFormer. %#$ ssh root@
washuuno splits in the last 30 min18:53
washuuNormal fluctuation...18:53
BeldarAwoken, I don't see it I have that info blocked but it does happen and randomly.18:53
CodeFormerAwoken: thanks18:53
buriedaliveparanoidi: edit file /etc/network/interfaces18:54
paranoidiburiedalive: how is that related to network interface names?18:54
paranoidiexcept that I have to use existing ones?18:55
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buriedaliveparanoidi: http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/setting-up-an-network-interfaces-file/18:56
madducknetworkmanager on 12.04 LTS seeminigly ignores DHCP lease times and requests a new lease every 20 seconds. How can I stop this???18:56
disappearedngHey I have ubuntu installed on aws ec2 at this: http://imgur.com/QF96E6P I installed apache2 and restarted the service. I can't access any ideas what might be preventing me from accessing apache from outside?18:56
catalaseis ufw necessary?18:56
CodeFormerAwoken: I m actually trying to verify : ssh -T git@github.com without any luck! But as u said 'ssh root@' works :)18:56
TiZHi. I'm trying to set up Xubuntu 14.04 on my work machine. I'm doing a fresh install in place of 13.10 and I'd like to use EFI. But the installer is showing every partition is being bigger than it actually is.18:57
Awokenyou may have issues if you're trying to connect to your local machine with a public address. CodeFormer18:57
buriedalivemadduck: hey, I have too 12.04 lts and I purge network-manager, install wicd18:58
TiZThis is a problem because I can't even get the EFI partition configured; it's a 256MB partition being reported in the installer as 268MB18:58
Awokenohh gothub ;p18:58
Awokensorry, im on my phone18:58
madduckburiedalive: yeah, i am using wicd myself as well, but unfortunately, we are dealing with 500 clients here18:58
madduckyou can imagine the trash on the network18:58
madducki cannot just change something and hope it works18:59
madducki know it would because NM is shit18:59
paranoidiburiedalive: yes, I am aware how to configure NICs .. not so much how to stop ubuntu renaming the devices, all resources I can find point to udev18:59
Beldarmadduck, language please.18:59
BeldarTiZ, This a post install config?19:02
CodeFormerAwoken: I hv just fresh installed 14.04 on my laptop 6710b. and openssh and git, but can't seem to get verified. I m pretty sure I hv done all by the book i.e., as it says in the github site. but my ubuntu is not connecting out to github .. any idea, why ?19:02
BeldarCodeFormer, For any help you will be asked to state what you have done, you might include that or a link to the instructions.19:04
AwokenCodeFormer: sorry, I'm not familiar with how ssh works with github. when I download .git files i use the command %#$ git close https://linktogitfile19:04
CodeFormeryes u r right Awoken: I used to do that too... now all on a sudden I hv to fall back to the books and libraries fo rit ...lol19:07
CodeFormerthanks anyway :) Awoken :)19:07
Awokennp CodeFormer. hope you accomplish what you are trying to do19:08
CodeFormernope not yet!19:08
CodeFormerbut trying all helps !19:08
CodeFormerthanks :)19:09
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sawyer__is it absolutely impossible to upgrade from 13.04 to 13.10 (or beyond) without installing fresh from a CD?19:11
Beldarsawyer__, No.19:11
CodeFormerthanks :)19:12
sawyer__because it seems like 13.04 repos are on old-releases.ubuntu.com, and it's impossible to upgrade at this point19:12
sawyer__Beldar: that sucks :/19:12
Beldar!eol | sawyer__ dude look at eol upgrades before complaining19:12
ubottusawyer__ dude look at eol upgrades before complaining: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades19:12
Paradiseehow can i remove networks from dolphin?19:12
Beldarsawyer__, "that sucks :/" Is over used and emotionally charged.19:13
Paradiseei have a shared folder that i can't remove19:13
AwokenParadisee: sudo rm -r /thedirectory19:14
Awokenthat might delete the contents though19:15
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sawyer__Beldar: i don't find that document very helpful. the package manager simply says there is no new distribution, that there's no updates to be done. my 'Prompt' is set to normal already...19:16
Beldarsawyer__, Really well maybe another will explain it to you, I wont.19:17
sawyer__Beldar: because i said "that sucks"?19:17
daftykinssawyer__: backup and clean install, moving on...19:18
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sawyer__daftykins: thank you19:19
bkhivequestion did zentyal come in on the version 12 or earlier because I don't have it currently in my repo for lucid19:20
Awokenif you're going to back up sawyer__, after you back up, you could update your repos to include the version of ubuntu yoy want then do an update and upgrade19:20
Awokennot sure how stable that would be19:20
daftykinsbkhive: probably, Lucid *is* 419:20
bkhivebasically what is the earliest version of ubuntu that supports this if any restrictions19:21
bkhiveno I have 10.04.4 lts19:21
bkhivenot in standard repo's19:22
bkhivelooks as zentyal is doing the work of many configuration things a package for clamAV, apache, asterick ,...etc19:23
bkhiveI just want to know if I can uses it on this system or do I have to go to 12 or 14 to uses it when I get to it19:23
newbie|2What's the best "format" to download video from Youtube so that you can make a video CD out of it?  Something that can be read by a DVD reader or a DIVX player?19:24
daftykinsbkhive: do you know the exact package name?19:25
Picibkhive: it was called ebox in 10.04.  It is probably ridiculously out of date compared to what is available now though.19:25
bkhivelike a linux small business server so like windows 2003 SBS where it had all the setup for exchange , office ,...etc to make it easier for the configuration19:25
newbie|2The best format of video... FLV? MP4?  AVI?  etc?19:25
daftykins!find zentyal precise | bkhive19:26
ubottubkhive: Found: zentyal-ca, zentyal-common, zentyal-core, zentyal-dhcp, zentyal-dns, zentyal-firewall, zentyal-network, zentyal-ntp, zentyal-objects, zentyal-openvpn (and 5 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=zentyal&searchon=names&suite=precise&section=all19:26
bkhivebut ebox sort of looks primitive from the docs much more to zentyal ?19:26
ubottuzentyal is a web-based GUI interface for administering a server. It is designed to work with Ubuntu/Debian style configuration management. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Zentyal (Project formally known as eBox - including in Lucid/10.04).19:26
daftykinsbkhive: ^ results from precise (12.04)19:26
dfdaI'm trying to get 1404 running on a lenovo t440p. I have installed ubuntu four times now (trying different secure boot settings), even with secure boot disabled it keeps booting windows instead of grub19:26
bkhiveso is ebox the best I can get for old ubuntu if so when did zentyal come out19:26
bkhiveor when was ebox switch to zentyal or become it19:27
newbie|2voidfire: Any hope to get your help again?19:27
OERIAS Ladies and Gentlemen, please stand for the anthem https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Th-Z6le3bHA19:27
daftykinsOERIAS: this is not the place for your links. don't do it again19:27
OERIASdaftykins, you believe in opressing the proletariat?19:28
BeldarOERIAS, We can rely on you showing up when the meds lay off.19:28
DJones!offtopic | OERIAS19:28
ubottuOERIAS: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!19:28
sadhow can i import fotos from my digital camera to my computer ( Lubuntu 14 ) ?19:29
OERIASBeldar I am more sane than you.19:29
bkhiveyes I can get ebox seems though zentyal has alot more packages and  things you can uses it for19:29
Beldarsad, Is there a usb chord to transfer?19:29
sadi dont know19:29
eeeesad: is your digital camera connected to the computer with a cable?19:30
Beldarsad, YOu might look on the web to find out linux compatibility to start with.19:30
sadyes , with a cable19:31
newbie|2Anyone wanna help me find the best format of video from Youtube?19:31
bpromptsad:     assuming your camera has a SD card or microSD card.. just pull that out and plug it in the SD slot in the computer...it'll be mounted right off19:31
eeeesad: ok, in the file manager, do you see it next to home, my computer, etc. ?19:31
bpromptsad:   other than that.... likely your camera has a usb port to connect a male-usb cable plug to it.... so use that19:31
quadHelixI tried to set up postfix MTA.  I clobbered my hostname.  I now have a 10 second wait time before pages load via apache.  Does anybody know how to repair this?19:32
bpromptnewbie|2:   best for what again?19:32
Beldarsad, Note we use  you nick to address you, please do this and use full sentences in answering.19:32
eeeesad: try sudo apt-get install gthumb19:32
newbie|2bprompt: I want to make a video dvd with some videos that I want to download from Youtube19:33
bpromptnewbie|2:    I think for the highest resolution youtube uses .webm or/and .mp419:33
newbie|2bprompt: Does that transfer easily to video DVD with Brasero or K3b, unless there is a better free program19:34
eeeesad: when you connect the camera to the computer you should get a pop-up window asking what to do, select import with gThumb, btw make sure the camera is turned on.19:34
newbie|2bprompt: and is FLV good or bad?19:34
quadHelixAdditionally, I can no longer ping web servers.  I have verified resolv.conf19:34
bpromptnewbie|2:   these days... I'd expect any dvd player to play .mp4 or .avi file maybe even .vob ones right off19:34
sadi 'll try it19:35
bpromptnewbie|2:    flv is good.... but I don't think youtube has it for highest resolution, used to, then they changed to .webm19:35
newbie|2bprompt: I can't find the option vob from youtube19:35
Loshkinewbie|2: by best, do you mean unencumbered, best compression, best compatibility, ease of use, what?19:36
bpromptnewbie|2:   there isn't any, is either .webm, mp4, .flv pretty much19:36
newbie|2bprompt: I downloaded MP4 files, but can't get them into a Video DVD and, when I burn it on a data dvd, it doesn't play on my dvd plrayer19:37
daftykinsquadHelix: what version of ubuntu?19:37
quadHelixDaftykins, apologies, 12.04LTS Server19:38
voidfirenewbie|2: hey19:39
Picinewbie|2: Have you tried using devede?19:39
daftykinsquadHelix: you may want to read this for diagnosing your delays - https://www.stgraber.org/2012/02/24/dns-in-ubuntu-12-04/19:39
newbie|2Pici: Yes, but no better19:39
newbie|2voidfire: Hi19:39
quadHelixdaftykins, ty i have not read that one yet.19:39
=== nein is now known as asksakak
bpromptnewbie|2:     how about if you just use the mp4 file itself... I assume your player is not 15years old.... so it'd play many video formats right off... as far as converting to .vob.... I think you'd need to use... an app to make a dvd video structure with tables and .ifo and .vobs for it19:40
ubottucasi: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».19:40
newbie|2voidfire: I appreciate what you have done, but I would be happier if you recovered the 352GB partition19:40
=== tumppu^ is now known as sdfr
voidfirehmm we will have to try19:40
voidfireI dont have too much time19:40
newbie|2bprompt: Such as ... ?19:40
newbie|2voidfire: because it's the 352GB partition that I can't access, not the 1.7TB one19:41
sadThank you very mutch ! It was succesful with gthumb.19:41
eeeesad: you're welcome19:41
voidfireokay newbie|2  we will have to change the tunnel19:41
voidfireand if its recoverable ill get it sorted now or in the week19:41
newbie|2voidfire: If you are busy, no problem19:42
sad: )19:42
voidfirelets take it private19:42
newbie|2voidfire: One thing I noticed ... during boot, I see a message that sayd that something with UUID ...... is unavailable or not there19:42
daftykinsyou really shouldn't do that when giving help.19:43
red_cellvoidfire gets naked19:43
daftykinsred_cell: keep those comments to yourself please19:43
voidfirered_cell: shud up :319:43
red_cellsame for you19:43
samthewildoneA generic random question...19:44
* daftykins waits for it19:44
samthewildonewhy does ubuntu freeze my computer .... randomly19:44
bpromptnewbie|2: http://news.softpedia.com/images/news2/DVDStyler-Review-2.jpg   maybe19:44
red_cellrule 4919:44
samthewildone64 bit19:44
Beldar!swap | samthewildone19:45
ubottusamthewildone: swap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq for more info19:45
daftykinssamthewildone: chances are it's not the OS at fault.19:45
red_cellall users on the net are naked newbie19:45
eeeesamthewildone: you could start with /var/log/syslog for clues19:45
samthewildoneCurrently I'm running windows 64 bit and it works like a charm but, when I install Ubuntu 14.04 the system freezes like a radical.19:45
daftykinsred_cell: no more thank you, take your off topic chat to #ubuntu-offtopic please19:45
red_cellsame for you19:45
samthewildoneI've got more ram than the common man.... so that cannot be it.19:45
Beldarsamthewildone, Might it be swapping?19:46
red_cellignore daffy19:46
samthewildoneAnother problem is the graphics19:46
samthewildoneI noticed that ubuntu is considerably slow... Im mean like a snail when it comes to performace19:46
daftykinssamthewildone: please explain on a single line the issues you're experiencing, we don't want to see a whole speech punctuated by new lines19:47
=== tumppu^_ is now known as sdfr
samthewildoneif ( ubuntu == problems ) {cout ... :D19:47
* Beldar continues the novel as the ignore fills19:47
daftykinssamthewildone: we do not entertain time wasting here.19:48
samthewildonedaftykins, okay let me write an essay19:48
bprompthmmm sounds more like a gripe rather than an actual concern19:48
daftykinssamthewildone: perhaps it's better off on askubuntu.com19:48
quadHelixdaftykins: did you have other tricks up your sleeve?  That article is on par with the others that I have read, the self-induced lag continues :(19:48
samthewildonemy problem is when I try to fix these problems myself through the power of the world wide web, I incur more problems and ultimately breaking the system.19:49
Picisamthewildone: Are you actually looking to get help here, or are you just complaining? We can only provide support for the former.19:49
daftykinsquadHelix: so you've disabled resolvconf and restored things to hardcoded DNS servers specified in resolv.conf but you get delays? even with command line utils like "nslookup x" ?19:49
samthewildonePici, mostly get some help though.19:49
washuuI'd say different Ubuntu versions clash with individual tastes and ...19:49
samthewildonePici, the world has enough complainers (me being one of them)19:49
daftykinswashuu: who are you actually talking to? i see no conversation19:50
Paradiseedoes anyone know how to share a folder within my home lan?19:50
samthewildoneOkay this is what I'm going to do to make it fair. I'm going to do a clean install of Ubuntu 14.04 with everything up2date.19:50
washuuSorry. I forgot to add "If I may add". My bad19:50
samthewildoneI'll come back when all the problems present themselves, I hope you guys are willing to help.19:51
* samthewildone grins while he leaves 19:51
streulmayeah :)19:51
streulmaUbuntu on this Macbook with second HDD works better then OSX mounted home partition on second HDD !19:52
mariellehello world19:52
streulmaI have a Macbook Pro, does one know this problem on some Macbooks? http://download.mijnadmin.be/adapter.mp419:54
daftykinsstreulma: i assume from that blurry video you're suggesting the magsafe LED is blinking and not charging properly?19:54
Minus80a broken cable might cause that problem19:56
daftykinsParadisee: what OSs run on the other computers?19:56
Paradiseedaftykins: all run ubuntu19:58
daftykinsParadisee: samba would be fine19:58
Paradiseedaftykins: except 1, there's a version of debian based for raspberry pi19:58
Trudkoguys I am using Screenlets for google calendar and I am not sure if its save to provide my login info to my gmail / gcalendar account with third party19:58
Paradiseedaftykins: i tried to share a folder, but it doesn't work correcly19:58
daftykinsParadisee: yeah i wouldn't try the graphical route19:59
Paradiseecan't even change options, that make me sad19:59
daftykinsParadisee: i would manually configure a folder to share from /etc/samba/smb.conf19:59
Paradiseethat's a good suggest20:00
paranoidisigh, headaches .. samba was working yesterday -> rebooted .. some samba related [FAIL] messages quickly went over, filesystem probably not mounted as I was moving discs. But now I can not bring samba up no matter what I try. No logs or anything anywhere?!20:01
khussi created a local deb repository but apt-get update giving an error - W: Failed to fetch file:/var/www/html/dists/boston/main/binary-i386/Packages  File not found20:02
khussi've creed the Packages.gz file but there is Packages file. Can anybody help me with debugging this problem20:02
Beldarkhuss, created where and how?20:02
khussBeldar: on my local machine20:03
streulmahello daftykins: all is working good! I was just thought that it was not correct behavior.20:03
khussBeldar: I used the doc from here https://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/apt-howto/ch-basico.en.html#s-dpkg-scanpackages20:03
daftykinsstreulma: if it's normal under OS X, can't really comment.20:04
khussBeldar: i did the dpkg-scanpackages binary-amd64 file | gzip > binary-amd64/Packages.gz20:04
Beldarkhuss, no idea here.20:04
khussBeldar:  any idea which irc channel would be of use20:04
Beldarnot really20:05
bkhiveebox or zentyal seem to do all the hardwork you had to do with individual services like squid , samba ,...looks cool not to test out20:07
TrudkoGuys  are screenlets secure?20:07
BeldarTrudko, In what way?20:07
Beldarwhere are you getting them?20:08
Trudkoapp center20:09
Trudkowell there is google calendar widget to which I am providing my Google Calendar name and password20:09
BeldarTrudko, should be secure, why would you ask?20:09
Trudkobecause I am providing my gmail name and password20:09
BeldarTrudko, Note I use your nick to address you. A secure password is the issue really.20:10
ClickbuzzHi, I was wondering if there was a way to create a floppy image that has data from a binary file on it via command line.20:11
TrudkoBeldar: well I can have the most secure password in the world but if third party app will store it whats the point20:12
gustvaomattupstate: hey, I am the front end developer that works with ubbersmith. He told me you guys were talking about the flask-csrf-angular issue that we have been facing. He told me that you managed to make it work with angular in your machine... I created a plunkr that shows my angular code (that is not working).. Would you mind taking a look at it?20:12
BeldarTrudko, Than you have answered your own question if that is the issue.20:13
bpromptClickbuzz:     you mean you want to burn a binary file floppy image to a floppy disk?20:13
TrudkoBeldar: well I would hope that there is some check for apps in ubuntu store20:13
BeldarTrudko, Nah ubuntu just allows anything in it's repos with no confirmations. ;)20:14
Clickbuzzbprompt yeah. but I dont actually have a floppy drive, was wondering if I do something like burn to an image of a floppy disk20:14
julian-delphikigustvao this is an ubuntu support channel... not sure if this is the channel you're meaning to be in20:15
rebornanyone who have a Intel Celeron G1840 Processor using ubuntu?20:15
bpromptClickbuzz:    you just want to access its files right?20:16
Clickbuzzbpromt trying to write my bootloader binary to t20:16
Clickbuzzbprompt trying to write my bootloader binary to it20:16
TrudkoBeldar: well if it doesn't that I can trust the apps there?(at least they try to be secure)20:16
gustvaojulian-delphiki, tks, i definetly used the worng chat20:17
BeldarTrudko, You are in paranoia land, any answer here will be subjective at best, talk to the designer.20:17
bpromptClickbuzz:     .... did you say you have the floppy image binary file? and you want to burn it to.... what medium?20:18
svetlanaThere is Ubuntu 'Store'? Thought it's Ubuntu Repositories20:18
daftykinsreborn: ask the next question as if someone had said 'yes, me!'20:18
DJonesTrudko: The benefit of open source is that you or anybody can download the source code and check whats happening20:18
TrudkoBeldar: well not really you can compare google play to Apples market. With apple you know they try their best to check what apps are there with Google Play you can't be sure what you are installing20:18
daftykinssvetlana: do you even run ubuntu...20:19
TiZOkay, so I tried to install Xubuntu 14.04 onto my workstation. I expected this to go smoothly since it went so smoothly on my laptop and 13.10 was working just fine just this morning. I opted for legacy boot insteaad of UEFI because it kind of seems like UEFI is flaky and bad on Dell Optiplexes. Anyways, I complete the installation, and grub is telling me that the disk that it installed onto never appeared. It was showing up just fine from the live USB env20:19
TiZironment! What's going on here?20:19
svetlanadaftykins, Yes, for 4 years20:19
daftykinssvetlana: looks like you need to explore a bit more ;)20:19
TrudkoDJones: sure20:19
=== cdmsn is now known as cdmsn|awy
BeldarTrudko, THat is not ubuntu support but an opinion we are done.20:19
daftykinsTiZ: what was the actual error message?20:20
Trudkowell that was great talk really20:20
daftykinsTiZ: can you boot the system to a live environment to run some commands?20:20
svetlanaTiz, What exact error?20:20
Clickbuzzbprompt I have 1 file bootloader.bin, and a floppy image file called floppy.img. I want floppy.img to contain bootloader.bin20:20
svetlanadaftykins, I have a feeling that these two concepts are /different/20:20
TiZThe error message was that /dev/disk/by-uuid/etcetcetc never appeared, and dropped me to a busybox shell. Not only that... but that shell was completely unresponsive to keyboard input even though I had literally JUST used the keyboard to get through the grub menu!20:21
=== zimbres is now known as coolcat
TiZRather, the wording was, "gave up on waiting for /dev/disk/by-uuid/etcetcetc"20:21
daftykinssvetlana: 'concepts' ? you're going to have to communicate in a non-vague manner20:22
BeldarClickbuzz, is the os encrypted?20:22
TiZ"Gave up waiting for root device ... /dev/disk/by-uuid/... does not exist." That is the exact wording, as I am looking at it right now.20:22
ClickbuzzBeldar nope. just a bootloader that hangs in an infinite loop20:22
TiZAnd it still totally ignores keyboard input.20:23
BeldarClickbuzz, and you are doing this to fix that?20:23
Beldarwhat is the end goal Clickbuzz20:23
TJ-TiZ:  how did this come about? Following a releae-upgrade, a general package-upgrade, changes to configuration, recent crash?20:23
ClickbuzzBeldar actually Im trying to make an image of a floppy disk that contains a bootloader, to load into a daemontools drive on a windows host, to boot a virtualbox guest from.20:24
daftykinsTiZ: so you can't type in the live session?20:24
ClickbuzzBeldar without having an actual floppy disk20:24
daftykinsClickbuzz: what's said floppy? i'd bet whoever would provide floppy images.20:24
TiZTJ- I have three partitions: /, /home, and swap. I formatted / and installed 14.04.1 in the fresh /.20:24
TiZdaftykins: I don't think that's the right word. When you say "live session", that makes me think of the USB session. The USB live session works perfectly fine. It's actually booting the installed system that doesn't.20:25
ClickbuzzBeldar but Im not familiar with linux, so I dont know if i should use some fancey dd command or something20:25
Beldarme neither20:25
daftykinsTiZ: yes and that's what i want you to boot, so we can run some commands.20:25
TiZThe USB? Okay, sure.20:26
TiZIf you mean my installed system, it's not responding to keyboard input whatsoever.20:26
svetlanadaftykins, :P :)20:26
TJ-TiZ: OK, are you able to access the GRUB boot menu? if so, you can check the state of things by adding to the kernel command line "break=mountroot" which will drop to the shell *before* the initial ramdisk code tries to find the root file-system20:26
TiZTJ- I like that idea better. Let's do that first.20:27
TiZAnd yes, I can get to the GRUB boot menu. I can even navigate it with my keyboard20:27
daftykinsTJ-: TiZ i'd have compared UUIDs to /etc/fstab - but since TJ-'s jumped on this one mid way, he can deal with you now.20:28
ClickbuzzFound the solution. woot! http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=195289620:28
TiZdaftykins: I already checked that and it checks out.20:28
daftykinsfair enough.20:28
TiZTJ- The shell is still completely unresponsive to keyboard input.20:28
BeldarClickbuzz, Yours a class project as well?20:29
TJ-TiZ: Do you have a USB keyboard?20:29
daftykinsTJ-: just a heads up it's pretty frustrating when you start replying to in-process queries from a screen or two ago of scrollback.20:29
ClickbuzzBeldar personal interest project20:29
TiZTJ- Yes.20:29
TJ-TiZ: I've seen this happen when the BIOS/Firmware's "Legacy USB" support is not enabled20:30
TJ-TiZ: What happens is, BIOS provides keyboard handling until the boot-loader loads the OS, then the keyboard won't function until the OS loads the keyboard drivers20:30
TJ-TiZ: which often needs it to load drivers from the root file-system... which currently it doesn't have due to the error20:30
TJ-TiZ: So, first, I'd recommend checking in the BIOS settings for the options that enable USB support after boot, usually referred to as Legacy USB support or similar20:31
TJ-TiZ: 2nd, I'd do a quick boot with "break=mountroot" to check on why the system has got so badly broken, then I'd boot the Live ISO and use that as daftykins says, to check the boot device references for both GRUB and in /etc/fstab20:32
TiZTJ- Sorry for the delayed response, had to take a work call. This is my work computer, an Optiplex 790. The most confounding thing is that my personal computer, an Asus G46VW powered through all of this like a champ. So I'll check the bios settings for legacy USB.20:33
bpromptClickbuzz:    ... I'm thinking you could just mount the .img file to a mount point folder... and you  may just be able to "dd" write to it... ... but I'm unsure it'd give you a bootsector area to write it to20:33
TJ-TiZ: OK ... ping me when you've caught up :)20:33
TJ-daftykins: Sorry about that, I didn't realise there had been an ongoing conversation when I /joined, it looked like TiZ was just started explaining the issue20:34
Beldareasy mistakes happens all the time20:34
daftykins*nod* no worries :)20:34
TiZTJ- I know the device references already match; I checked that. I'm not seeing anything for Legacy USB support in my BIOS20:35
TiZGranted, it's infuriating to try and navigate it because the mouse keeps jupming around.20:35
TJ-TiZ: For reference, in the initrd.img there are several places where you can have the script stop. They call the "maybe_break" function with one of "top, modules, premount, mount, mountroot, bottom, init" in that order. So, to break in earlier, choose a tag that occurs earlier in the list e.g. "break=premount" might be more help here20:35
TJ-TiZ: Let me check on that model's manual, it may have a weird name :)20:36
x42btw is there a way to change the default password hd encryption to a keyfile based system?20:36
TiZTJ- I really appreciate your help. Now, I have an idea. When I started the installation, I had the installer get proprietary software. Is it unheard of for the installation of this software to completely screw up the boot process?20:37
TJ-TiZ:  no... your description suggests to me that some kernel modules aren't in the initrd.img - such as, e.g., lvm, if your system is using LVM20:38
TJ-TiZ: The setting in BIOS is "USB Emulation" in the Maintenance section, according to the technical guide20:39
TJ-TiZ: (page 42 of the tech guide)20:39
TiZTJ- There is no USB Emulation subsection or option in any of the other subsections.20:40
TiZJust Service Tag, Asset Tag, and SERR Messages20:40
TJ-TiZ: does this manual look like your system? http://www.dell.com/downloads/global/products/optix/en/optiplex-790-tech-guide.pdf20:40
TiZThat is my computer.20:41
TJ-TiZ: check out page 42 in particular and the other BIOS settings to see if they match what you see20:41
TJ-TiZ: That page doesn't give a title to the section containing "USB Emulation" so I gave the title of the previous one, maybe the settings are somewhere else?20:41
serversidessup guys, what dir is recommended for ubuntu 14.04 server when serving websites?20:41
TiZTJ- Yeah, I have all of those options except for that blank header there... what even is that?20:42
TJ-serversides: It depends on whether you want to serve multiple vhosts, or one. For one, the default "/var/www/" is the expected directory.20:42
TJ-TiZ: no idea... do you see any of those other options anywhere? They look like boot-menu type options20:43
TiZActually, some of those I don't have. I don't have the USB Controller or Diskette Drive submenus.20:43
serversidesTJ-: yep multiple vhosts.  I used to use /srv/www or /var/www but now my hosts guide uses the home dir as an example, but it sounds crazy to do that because of my private data there.20:43
TJ-serversides: for multiple vhosts I have one user account per domain, and serve each out of "/home/$USER/public_html" which is pretty common and supported configuration by apache for many years20:45
TiZI guess what I'll do next is download the CD from inside the live USB and burn it, and see if somehow that makes any difference.20:46
TiZI am literally just butt-pulling now20:46
TJ-serversides: That ties into the mod_user style, but instead of loading mod_user, just define each vhost with the correct path and possibly also UID/GID if using external (F)CGI / PHP20:46
TJ-TiZ: If you have the Live ISO, simply boot it and then you can mount the broken system using a chroot to explore and fix it easily20:47
serversidesTJ-:  Will try that, thanks :)20:47
TiZTJ- I do have the live USB up and running right now, perfectly working.20:47
TJ-TiZ: OK, lets fix it then :)20:47
TiZTJ- I'm not sure what to look for on the broken system, though. I've already checked that the UUIDs match.20:47
TJ-TiZ: have you created a chroot mount-point so you can explore the broken system?20:48
TiZTJ- working on it right now.20:48
TiZmount-bind /dev /sys, /proc, and... anything else?20:48
TJ-TiZ: OK... I have a script to automate creation of the chroot if it helps: https://iam.tj/projects/misc/chroot-auto.bash20:49
TJ-TiZ: /dev/pts20:49
TJ-TiZ:  and "mount --bind /etc/resolv.conf /$CHROOT/run/resolvconf/resolv.conf"20:50
TiZTJ- Wouldn't that already be in /dev, though?20:50
TJ-TiZ: that last will ensure the chroot has name resolution20:50
TiZI did mount --bind for all of them20:51
TJ-TiZ: No, devpts is a separate file-system. If you use "mount --rbind  /dev /$CHROOT/dev" it will, but not with "--bind"20:51
TiZOh, okay. In that case I'll just rbind instead!20:51
TiZAnd I'm chrooted in. I'm ready to get to the bottom of this whenever you are, TJ-.20:52
TJ-TiZ: That's great... check it has the pastebin utility "which pastebinit"20:52
TiZTJ-, yup.20:53
TJ-TiZ: and check you can use DNS: "ping -c 2 www.ubuntu.com"20:53
TiZTJ- all good.20:53
TJ-TiZ: OK: "cat /etc/fstab /boot/grub/grub.cfg | pastebinit"20:53
TiZTJ- You're probably going to be a bit irked by what you see here, but: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7917700/20:55
TiZTJ- The labels you see in fstab, I did that *after* my first failed boot attempt to try and fix it; it didn't take. To give you peace of mind regarding the block ids...20:55
TJ-TiZ: "sudo blkid | pastebinit"20:56
TJ-TiZ: Labels are good, much easier to understand than UUIDs!20:56
TiZTJ-: Exactly what I was about to do! :D http://paste.ubuntu.com/7917715/20:56
TJ-TiZ: I'll just pair up the labels and UUIDs20:56
TJ-TiZ: so this is an EFI boot?20:57
TiZTJ- It's legacy, actually. I *tried* to make it an EFI boot, but it just hung whenever I did.20:57
TiZLike, it wouldn't boot, and I couldn't even see why. Just blackness.20:57
TJ-TiZ: The 790 is UEFI is it? The manual makes it look like BIOS20:58
TiZTJ- It claims to have UEFI support. However, it does not seem to be very good. :P20:58
TJ-TiZ: "dpkg -l 'grub*' | pastebinit"20:58
TiZTJ- http://paste.ubuntu.com/791774020:59
TiZAnyways, I left the EFI partition there and just left it unused, under the presumption that it probably wouldn't hurt anything. If it being around is problematic, I could always just change it into an ext2 /boot.20:59
TiZI don't feel like shifting around my partitions more.20:59
* samthewildone walks back into the room21:00
TJ-TiZ: "lsblk -t | pastebinit"21:00
TiZTJ- http://paste.ubuntu.com/791775121:01
TJ-TiZ: I can't imagine an unused partition getting in the way, but on the other hand if it has a partial EFI loader in which firmware is using :)21:01
CapriKornusHello, I have 12.04 installed on my laptop and I want to upgrade to 14.04.1, but it's not showing in the upgrade window. Any help please?21:02
TJ-TiZ: can you do the "lsblk" from within the chroot? That looks like it came from outside21:02
TiZTJ-: I did it from inside the chroot.21:02
daftykinsCapriKornus: run "do-release-upgrade -p" in a terminal21:03
TJ-TiZ: surprising, try it without the "-t" please... we should see some mount points too21:03
CapriKornusok, I will do that, thank you21:03
TiZTJ-: It shows the mountpoints on this one: http://paste.ubuntu.com/791777621:04
TJ-TiZ: OK, nothing obvious so far, so lets recap: GRUB works fine, finds the kernel and intird, loads them. Kernel is passed the reference to the root file-system using "root=UUID=36cae92c...." which maps to LABEL="Xubuntu"21:06
TJ-TiZ: The root file-system is ext4 in /dev/sda221:06
TiZTJ- But is it even getting far enough to where it cares about what's in fstab?21:07
slowdayi am having the most difficult time creating a bootable windows 8 USB from within Ubuntu. i need this so i can fix my desktop. i have followed about 5 tutorials online, 2 or so videos on youtube, and search the arch/ubuntu forums and found no working instructions. i have tried the MS-SYS and uefi methods but can get nothing to work.21:07
TJ-TiZ: Indeed: "Gave up waiting for root device ... /dev/disk/by-uuid/... does not exist."21:07
TJ-TiZ: I assume that "..." was 36cae92c....21:08
TiZYeah. I just didn't feel like typing all of that.21:08
TJ-TiZ: I know the feeling :)21:08
TiZAnd even more disconcerting, the keyboard was doing nothing inside of ash21:08
TJ-TiZ: so, lets think about how the /dev/disk/by-uuid/ directory is populated. It as udev that creates those symlinks21:09
TiZRight. And I guess busybox has the means to check them?21:09
TJ-TiZ: so, we can theorise that if udev doesn't create the sym-link /dev/disk/by-uuid/36cae92c.... then the /init shell script will never see the root file-system, and you'll see that error21:10
TiZTJ- Sounds logical to me.21:10
TJ-TiZ: So, let's check udev is installed *inside* the initrd.img itself21:10
TiZOr if that symlink points to nowhere.21:10
TJ-TiZ: all in the chroot: "mkdir /tmp/initrd && cd /tmp/initrd"21:10
TJ-TiZ: now, check which is the latest installed kernel version "ls /boot/initrd.img*" and note the exact name21:11
CapriKornusdaftykins, thank you for your help. also can I continue to use my laptop while the package downloads for the upgrade takes place in terminal or will it be locked?21:12
TJ-TiZ: then do "zcat /boot/initrd.img-<version> | cpio -id"21:12
TiZKay, done.21:12
unsxI'm running ubuntu in a vm, but my terminal is super laggy - everything else is fine. Possible to fix this?21:13
TJ-TiZ: now, in "/tmp/initrd/" you have the complete uncompressed contents of the initial ramdisk that is having the problem21:13
TiZTJ-: Right.21:13
TJ-TiZ: When the initrd is loaded, the first thing executed is the shell script /init ("/tmp/initrd/init") and you can view that now with "less init"21:13
giorgiodinapoliunsx, the problem is the display manager21:14
giorgiodinapoliunsx, try gnome classic e.g.21:14
giorgiodinapolithat runs fast21:14
TJ-TiZ: It is pretty straightforward to follow it's flow, just browse it quickly to get an 'sense' of how things happen21:14
TJ-TiZ: whilst you do that I'll check here on the files to look at to figure out the boot failure21:14
TiZTJ- At least I am learning about how the initrd works today! :D21:14
TJ-TiZ: I'm replicating all the steps we're doing, here21:15
TiZDo you want me to pastebin /init for you?21:15
TiZOh, I see those maybe_break functions you mentioned earlier.21:16
TiZTJ- I really have to pee, I'm guessing now's a pretty good time. BRB.21:16
TJ-TiZ: OK :)   ... when you're back... "grep by-uuid lib/udev/rules.d/*" should show the rule that creates the sym-links: "lib/udev/rules.d/60-persistent-storage-dm.rules:ENV{ID_FS_USAGE}=="filesystem|other|crypto", ENV{ID_FS_UUID_ENC}=="?*", SYMLINK+="disk/by-uuid/$env{ID_FS_UUID_ENC}" "21:17
nutzzIs there any tool to extract the lsb from a bmp image, I have to do this for a steganography challange21:17
TJ-TiZ: and the same rule in "lib/udev/rules.d/60-persistent-storage.rules" too21:18
unsxgiorgiodinapoli: that worked great, thanks :)21:19
TJ-TiZ: answering your earlier question - no pastebin required - the /init script is the same for everyone21:19
samthewildoneDoes ubuntu install some default audio driver ?21:19
samthewildonemy music sounds muffled.21:20
samthewildonenevermind... alsamixer took care of it.21:21
TJ-TiZ: Can you do from *outside* the chroot (use another terminal) "sudo lspci -nnkvvv | pastebinit" .... getting a drink... brb21:23
giorgiodinapoliunsx, ;)21:23
slowdayi am having the most difficult time creating a bootable windows 8 USB from within Ubuntu. i need this so i can fix my desktop. i have followed about 5 tutorials online, 2 or so videos on youtube, and search the arch/ubuntu forums and found no working instructions. i have tried the MS-SYS and uefi mrethods but can get nothing to work.e21:23
TiZTJ-: Okay, the grep checked out.21:24
TiZTJ-: your lspci: http://paste.ubuntu.com/791789521:25
macwolf74good day21:26
macwolf74so I have this uefi laptop that came with windows 8, and I've tried installing linux on my external drive with it21:26
macwolf74now it boots directly to the grub command line... I ask for guidance in booting windows so I can set things back21:26
macwolf74I can't boot into the UEFI setup or even external drives21:26
user2014всем привет21:27
red_cellmacwolf74 did you try booting from disc or usb21:28
macwolf74red_cell: I just said I can't boot from external media21:28
red_celland live disc21:28
red_cellusb thumb drive21:30
TJ-TiZ: thanks... looking21:30
TJ-TiZ:  OK... and again from outside the chroot "dmesg | pastebinit"21:31
TiZTJ- http://paste.ubuntu.com/791795921:32
TJ-TiZ: I'm now looking at the disk-drive+controller drivers... if either aren't ready then udev will never get an event from the kernel saying the disk was added, and thus the sym-link won't be created21:32
TiZTJ- But then how is it that they appear in the live USB?21:32
TJ-TiZ: Because the initrd.img is generated by "update-initramfs" customised to the running system, and it is sometimes possible for it to miss out on copying in required modules, whereas the initrd for the Live ISO has almost everything just-in-case because it has to boot on everything21:34
TJ-TiZ: this might be false lead, but it is the most obvious to explain the missing UUID sym-link21:34
TiZTJ- Right... but then... isn't the initrd during installation generated within the live cd21:35
TiZand then would already have loaded everything it needs and adds it in?21:36
TJ-TiZ: So, it is a Western Digital 250GB drive on SATA port 1 with 6Gbps (SATA 3)21:36
dw1ive got a weird network speed problem ... if i download a large file with a single thread (wget,ftp,scp,etc) i get 50-75k/s. if i use multithread the more threads i use the faster it goes. with 100 threads i can get 3MB/s which is near my cap...21:36
TiZTJ- Yeah.21:37
MutantTurkeydw1: that's not necessarily weird21:37
TJ-TiZ: No.. the installer runs update-initramfs from within the installed target chroot that it builds itself21:37
TiZTJ- I see. I was actually thinking about regenerating the initramfs from within the chroot since the disk is obviously in use right now21:37
dw1MutantTurkey: i think it is.. and it nerfs my Plex media streaming21:38
TiZBut if that's what the installer did, it wouldn't be any different.21:38
daniel_medeirossHi people !!!21:38
TJ-TiZ: yes, it will... what update-initramfs puts in the custom built initrd.img is determined by 'hook' scripts installed by other packages.21:39
TJ-TiZ: OK, lets just confirm the AHCI driver is in the initrd: "ls lib/modules/*/kernel/drivers/ata/ahci.ko"21:39
TiZTJ- Yup, it's there.21:40
TiZOptiplex 790's bios will let me take it out of AHCI mode... is that something I should try? As I understand it, ATA is slower than AHCI by like a lot.21:41
TJ-TiZ: No, AHCI is preferred21:41
TiZTJ- That's what I thought.21:41
TJ-TiZ: This all looks OK ... there is nothing obvious in the data that I can see so far, so I think we need to do a reboot into the real system with "break=mount". But to do that, we need to ensure that the keyboard works. Bear with me whilst I check on which drivers need to be forced in order for that to happen21:43
TJ-TiZ: whilst I do this, can you do a test boot adding "rootdelay=120" (that's seconds) to the kernel command-line ... that might be enough if the device eventually appears, to get you booted once so we can view the logs21:44
TiZTJ- I actually saw that suggestion while googling; I did rootdelay=150 earlier and it didn't help. :(21:45
TJ-TiZ: oh, good! That saves one boot attempt :)21:45
TJ-TiZ and answers the inferred question... does the device appear eventually? No21:46
TiZTJ- Glad we could skip that step then. :P21:47
TJ-TiZ:  I think I've found the keyboard problem, in dmesg there is "i8042: PNP: PS/2 controller doesn't have KBD irq; using default 1" i8042 is the IBM PS/2 style keyboard port controller21:49
TiZTJ- That's weird... well, the computer *does* have that port.21:50
TiZBut what I'm using is a USB keyboard.21:50
TJ-TiZ: yeah... the external keyboard is "input: Logitech Logitech USB Keyboard as /devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:1d.0/usb2/2-1/2-1.3/2-1.3:1.0/input/input6"21:51
TJ-TiZ: so now I am making sure which USB drivers are needed for that, and that they will be present and loaded in the initrd21:51
TiZTJ- yup, that's the one.21:51
TJ-TiZ: It also strikes me that if the keyboard driver isn't loaded... and the disk sym-links never appear... udev might be the common problem here... maybe it is failing in some way early21:52
TJ-TiZ: udev is reponsible for loading kernel modules in response to the kernel's device-added messages21:52
TiZTJ- That's a good point.21:52
TJ-TiZ: when the USB keyboard didn't work, did you try using a PS/2 keyboard instead (if you have one) ?21:54
TiZOh man, I don't even know if we have one...21:54
TJ-TiZ: that'd save us having to figure out the USB drivers :)21:54
eoanevening all - having some problems with (I think) pulseaudio; I'm using an external soundcard and unless I keep pavucontrol open the sound gets horribly distorted (based on my googling I think this is because pa is outputting at 48000 Hz instead of 44100.  If I start playing an mp3/internet stream the sound is distorted, but the moment I open pavucontrol everything is fine.  If I then close pavucontrol and wait a few seconds, th21:54
eoane sound gets distorted again.  If anyone has any idea where to point me, that would be great!21:54
TJ-TiZ: the module we have to force is "hid_generic" ... we may have to rebuild the initrd.img ourselves with that in the config if there is no PS/2 keyboard to try with21:55
bruceleehow do i get the OS to detect the new drive after hotswapping one in?21:56
bruceleealso what happens if i hotswap a drive out that's in use, would hot swapping it back in return things back to normal?21:57
bruceleeor would there be unrecoverable issues21:57
TiZTJ- Oh my god I found one21:58
TiZAnd it even works21:58
TJ-brucelee: it depends if you've got the hot-plug drivers loaded21:58
TJ-TiZ: That is *great news!21:58
TiZReboot now and give it a shot?21:58
TJ-TiZ: yes, with "break=mount"21:59
=== Kryptron_ is now known as Kryptron
jgcampbell300would lamp be the best thing to install for a home web server ?22:01
TiZTJ- keyboard works! yessss~22:02
TiZIt's HELLA dusty, but it's worth.22:02
TJ-TiZ: are you at the shell prompt?22:02
TJ-TiZ: lets try getting the USb keyboard working first, too: "modprobe hid-generic"22:03
TiZit didn't say anything, but the keyboard doesn't work.22:03
TJ-TiZ: OK, so the module loaded but nothing happened... lets check on udev22:03
TJ-TiZ: "ps | grep udev"22:04
TiZ/lib/systemd/systemd-udevd --daemon --resolve-names=22:04
TiZAnd then the grep.22:04
TJ-TiZ: ok, so it is running22:04
TJ-TiZ: lets check on the hidden udev log-file... which I now have to remember where it lives :)22:05
TJ-TiZ: There should be a /root/ mount-point destined for the root file-system, try "ls -a /root/" tell me if it is empty or not22:06
TiZTJ- /dev/disk does not exist.22:06
TiZTJ- empty.22:06
TJ-TiZ: OK.... give me a moment, I need to reproduce this in a virtual machine so I can give you accurate instructions22:07
TiZTJ- got it. Thank you for all of your help, by the way.22:07
red_cell expendibles 3  online now22:08
red_cell<red_cell> 3 weeks early22:08
TJ-TiZ: OK, "ls -al /run/udev/links" ... do you see some paths to disk file-systems?22:13
red_cellkaco you like movies22:14
TiZTJ- All I see is\x2frtc.22:14
TJ-TiZ: that's the only entry? OK, that confirms that udev hasn't created a link22:14
LunarioIs there a command for making a backup of one's ubuntu installation via commandline?22:15
TJ-TiZ: I'd expect to see 1 or more entries of the form "\x2fdisk\x2fby-id\x2fata..."22:15
TJ-TiZ: and some with "by-uuid" in them. The fact you don't have those confirms this is a udev issue of some form22:16
TJ-TiZ: what does "uname -r" report? I'd expect "3.13.0-24-generic"22:16
ceed^I have installed my HP printer without problems and it prints the test page but not anything but pictures from other applications. No text whatsoever. I'm on 14.0422:18
TiZwait wtf22:18
TiZTJ-, it says it's 3.11.0-12-generic.22:19
TJ-TiZ: that's the Saucy kernel :s22:20
TJ-TiZ: did you do an upgrade from 13.10 > 14.04 ?22:20
TiZWhy the hell is it running the saucy kernel?! :o22:20
TiZI formatted /22:20
TJ-TiZ: You sure about that?22:20
TiZPositive. I told the installer to do it, anyways22:21
TJ-TiZ: ok, lets try mounting and seeing what is there22:21
TJ-TiZ: I'm hoping this will work "mount /dev/sda2 /root/" then "ls -al /root/" and make sure you see entries, then check "ls -al /root/boot/" and look at the kernel/initrd package versions carefully22:22
TiZ"mount: mounting /dev/sda2 on /root/ failed: No such file or directory"22:22
TJ-TiZ: "ls -al /root/" ?22:23
TJ-TiZ: if it is empty, you should see "." and  " .."22:23
TJ-TiZ: Ok, so literally sda is missing22:23
TJ-TiZ: "ls -l /dev/sd*"22:24
TiZsure enough, it is not there.22:24
TiZThere are no sds whatsoever.22:24
TJ-TiZ: OK, so we're back to the original scenario... disk drive not discovered22:24
TiZI am really concerned about why the saucy kernel is running22:25
TJ-TiZ: Now we have to try to be clever, we need to save that current dmesg log-file, which means we need a writeable device. Do you have a spare 'data' USB flash memory we could use?22:25
TiZThere's a USB drive plugged into the thing right now.22:26
TiZIt's the same usb drive the live environment is on, installed from unetbootin22:26
TiZIt's been plugged in the whole time, actually.22:27
TJ-TiZ: The grub.cfg showed "linux /boot/vmlinuz-3.13.0-32-generic ..." so if you selected that at boot-time, then something is very screwy here22:27
TJ-TiZ: Huh? that doesn't happen to have Saucy installed on it does it?22:27
TJ-TiZ: Have you tried booting this system without that device connected?22:28
TiZIt did before, but I replaced it with Trusty.22:28
TiZAnd I'm checking now to see if that old kernel is still there.22:28
TiZI could have sworn that I booted it up without the stick plugged in multiple times22:28
TJ-TiZ: /me is thinking you booted from the USB device by accident22:28
TiZBut I am very senile for a 25 year old22:28
TJ-TiZ:  :D  I know the feeling :)22:28
TiZTJ- Without the stick plugged in, it's still 3.11.0-12-generic.22:32
TJ-TiZ: there's something very weird going on here then, based on the pastebin captures and this22:32
TJ-TiZ: reboot to the GRUB menu, use "c" to get to the grub console and do "ls" and see what versions it sees22:33
TiZOkay, I'll try that.22:33
TiZTJ- (hd0) (hd0,msdos4) (hd0,msdos3) (hd0,msdos2) (hd0,msdos1) (fd0)22:35
TJ-TiZ: when you do "grub> ls" you should see the devices22:35
TJ-TiZ: OK, now do "ls (hd0,msdos2)/boot/"22:35
TiZAll 3.13 stuff. Nothing to do with 3.11.22:36
TJ-TiZ: There are only 2 explanations: 1) uname -r lied or 2) the wrong filename is set on the kernel image22:36
TiZWell, I'm just going to overkill this. I've created a new USB image for 14.04.1. I'm going to delete the EFI partition, move / back to the start of the disk, format it in GParted, format it again in the installer, and pray that it works.22:37
TJ-TiZ: OK, Press Esc to get back to the GRUB menu, press 'e' on the "Ubuntu" default entry, and look carefully at the "linux ..." line to ensure that too has the 3.13 image name.... then lets do "break=mount" again and boot22:38
TJ-TiZ: OK... that might save some time :)22:38
TiZPrecisely. I get off work in 22 minutes and I have places to be. I don't mind staying longer to make sure it comes back up, but I'm all for saving time.22:38
TJ-TiZ: intriguing scenario you have though :p22:39
TiZTJ- It's murphy's law. Trusty is running like a champ on my Asus G46VW. I have a script I run to restore my package choices and configurations, and I get back to 100% in less than an hour.22:40
TiZHell, I did it twice. I started out trying btrfs, and then decided I didn't want to bother so just redid the process on ext4. Easy peasy lemon squeezy22:40
TiZSo it just FIGURES that when I try to do it to my work computer it goes and explodes in my face. :|22:41
TJ-TiZ: It looks like there was an existing 13.10 install and the installer didn't set the format flag on the file-system.... that being the case, I can imagine the Trusty install co-mingling with Saucy, which could explain this weirdness22:42
jay__i have a question.22:42
samthewildoneSo it seems with 14.04.1LTS I haven't experience any problems.22:43
samthewildoneso far so good...22:43
TiZTJ- I'm hoping that's the case because if I'm no closer to fixing this after this reinstall, I'm going to be furious.22:43
Bashing-om!ask | jay__22:43
ubottujay__: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience22:43
jay__If anyone is skilled or knowledgable at dual booting. i was wondering if i have a windows xp recovery disc, if i would be able to use that disc to dual boot windows on my linux.22:44
userhi guys, how to get the latest version of libreoffice, which is 4.322:44
TiZTJ- There are things I needed to do at work today that I haven't gotten to do at all due to having to mess with this. :(22:44
TJ-TiZ: well, let us know how it turns out, either way :)22:44
TiZI was like, reinstalling will be like 2 hours max. BOOM ENTIRE WORKDAY.22:44
TJ-TiZ: I use LVM, it allows me to co-install new/dev releases alongside and test before switching permanently22:45
TJ-TiZ: I don't allocate all the extents in the VG to the first OS... so I can simply create additional LVs for newer installs, and they can share the /home/ LV22:46
TiZTJ- I thought about using LVM. I guess that works if you don't allocate all the space. Otherwise it just seemed to me the same as regular partitioning in terms of file system resizing and the like.22:46
TiZLike, do you still have to move data around when you resize a file system?22:47
Muchachaohi guys, how to get the latest version of libreoffice, which is 4.3?22:47
TJ-TiZ: well with LVs I can dynamically resize them as needed... I often need to extend the SourceCode LV for example to debug large code-bases... but afterwards I can shrink it again when the space is no longer required22:49
OerHeksMuchachao, install it manually, or wait for the update ( recommended)22:49
TJ-TiZ: And I use them for VMs of course22:50
TiZTJ- Ugh, I just remembered this thing... The installer reports the sizes for all of the partitions incorrectly.22:50
TJ-TiZ: maybe that is because of the GPT on-disk instead of MBR ?22:50
TiZTJ- GPT on-disk?22:50
TiZI thought I left this thing as MBR. I didn't need any of the GPT features...22:51
TJ-TiZ: The disk had a GUID partition-table didn't it, with the EFI system partition?22:51
TiZNo, I just thought you needed an EFI partition if you wanted to use EFI.22:51
TJ-TiZ: Ahhh, it was MBR with an ESP? that's funky :)22:51
TJ-TiZ: EFI requires GPT, which requires an ESP (fat16/32 FS  ~256MB)22:52
TiZTJ- Huh. Well, in any case, I can't afford to change the partition table because there is some pretty important data sitting in /home. Namely, my Win7 VM.22:52
TJ-TiZ: if the installer boots in EFI mode, it'll install as EFI... if it boots with CSM (compatibility support module) it'll do MBR boot on either MBR or GPT disk22:53
jay__am i able to dual boot windows on my linux with a windows recovery disc?22:53
TJ-TiZ: can you "sudo fdisk -l /dev/sda | pastebinit" ?22:53
TiZTJ- I explicitly booted up in legacy mode; using the boot menu gives me a choice between the two.22:54
TiZTJ- ^22:54
TJ-TiZ: that looks correct to me, not sure why gparted would complain22:56
=== Player is now known as Player_
TiZTJ- Gparted didn't complain22:57
TiZThe ubuntu installer didn't complain either22:57
TiZBut the sizes were wrong and it couldn't detect what was in the first partition.22:57
Player_Hi, when I run sudo apt-get update it checks the translation servers for 'en' and 'en_US' four times, and sometimes it hangs on the fourth.  Is there a way I can make it only check these once or is there a good reason it's doing this?22:58
TJ-TiZ: that wouldn't surprise me if there was a pseudo-ESP partition in sda122:58
TiZAlright, well, installation done. knocking on wood and crossing fingers.22:58
TiZKnocking on wood while crossing fingers.22:59
TiZOw. Don't knock on wood *with* crossed fingers.22:59
TiZWell shit, it's coming up now.22:59
TiZOh, sorry for the language.22:59
Player_..and flooding. ;P23:00
TiZYes, that too. ^.^;;23:00
mastercasterHi, I have installed a program (gnu cobol) in version 1.0 and now 2.0. When I execute the program cobc (the compiler) it is still using the old one in /usr/bin instead of the new one that is installed to /usr/local/bin23:01
mastercasterhow do I tell bash where to find the file?23:01
=== neil is now known as malkauns
TJ-mastercaster: usually the user PATH has "/usr/local/bin" before "/usr/bin/" ... which user and shell is executing the compiler?23:03
TJ-master_: "which cobc" will show the default when no explicit path is given23:03
TJ-mastercaster: "which cobc" will show the default when no explicit path is given23:04
TiZWell, now to run my post-install script and fix anything that messes up. TJ-, thank you very much. You deserve a medal, sir.23:04
Player_I guess nobody saw my question?  when I run sudo apt-get update it checks the translation servers for 'en' and 'en_US' four times, and sometimes it hangs on the fourth.  Is there a way I can make it only check these once or is there a good reason it's doing this?23:04
TJ-TiZ: you're welcome... I'd love to figure out what you did to that thing!23:05
mastercasterI am using myself as the user (not root), using bash23:05
mastercasterI have removed the old compiler23:05
TiZTJ- I'm not sure I want to know, actually. :P23:05
mastercasternow when I use which cobc it finds the currently only installed compiler just fine23:06
TJ-mastercaster: what happens when you call "cobc" with its absolute path ("/usr/local/bin/cobc") ?23:06
mastercasterit works23:06
TJ-mastercaster: Then your bash PATH has been changed... what is ("echo $PATH" ) ?23:06
TiZI booted the USB in EFI mode. Added an ESP, tried to install. It didn't work. Then I booted in legacy mode and installed from there. And then we spent all that time wracking our brains. And then I killed the ESP and tried again. so... yeah.23:06
mastercasteronly when I write cobc -x file.cob I get an error "no such file or directory"23:06
mastercasterbasically it is looking in the old path23:07
TJ-TiZ: You're a master :)23:07
mastercastermore like a noob ;)23:07
TiZTJ- You mean massive scrub. :P23:07
mastercastermy nick is referring to a very nice guitar23:07
mastercastergoogle it ;)23:07
mastercasteranyways, is there not a way to simply reassign the path bash should look for a file, here the compiler?23:08
mastercasterI know that it searches $PATH23:08
TJ-mastercaster: I've already told you twice o.O23:08
mastercasterbut the new directory /usr/local/bin is in there as well23:08
TJ-mastercaster: show us what "echo $PATH" reports23:08
mastercasterok sorry, didnt see that23:09
mastercaster/usr/local/bin is the correct path23:09
mastercasteror directory I should say23:10
TJ-mastercaster: so "/usr/local/bin" is before "/usr/bin/" - I don't see how "which cobc" would report "/usr/bin/cobc" in that case, unless the "/usr/local/bin/cobc" isn't executable23:11
TiZDid you uninstall the system version, install the local version, try to compile all within the same terminal session?23:12
TJ-mastercaster: what does "cobc --version" and "/usr/local/bin/cobc --version" report ?23:12
mastercastercobc --version gives an error (file not found, because it is looking in /usr/bin/cobc, that is where my first installation (v1.0) used to be, before I deleted it. The one with the abs. path returns the cobc compiler v2.0 the one I installed later23:14
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mastercasterfile /usr/local/bin/cobc says it is  a 64bin executable23:14
mastercasteri had both cobc installed at one point23:14
TJ-mastercaster: "cobc --version" should be picking the "/usr/local/bin/cobc" since "/usr/local/bin/" is first in the PATH23:14
TiZmastercaster: if you uninstalled /usr/bin/cobc, installed /usr/local/bin/cobc, and tried to compile all within the same terminal session, you need to restart your terminal.23:15
mastercasterok i will restart the session that could be it23:15
TiZI don't know why this works, but it has worked for me before.23:15
TJ-mastercaster: does " ls -l /usr/bin/cobc" show it as a sym-link to /etc/alternatives/23:15
mastercasterTiZ, congratulations23:15
mastercasterthat did it23:15
TiZYay! I just paid it forward! :D23:16
mastercasterthanks TJ-  and TiZ for your help23:16
TJ-TiZ: how the heck can that happen!?23:16
TiZTJ- I don't know why bash gets stubborn about where it thinks something is, but it does.23:16
mastercasterwell it seems starting a new terminal session reads the env variables in once again23:16
TJ-TiZ: I'm going to try that now!23:16
mastercasterforgetting "old" files23:17
TiZ"cobc is in /usr/bin! I JUST saw it there! Don't try to tell me that it's in /usr/local/bin! You're crazy!" -- how I think of bash in this scenario.23:17
TJ-TiZ: mastercaster: The only way that might happen is if the compiler sets/changes some envvars and doesn't clear them23:17
mastercasterI dont remember how I installed v.1 of cobc. But just installing v2 I used ./configure and sudo make install23:18
TiZI've had it happen on non-compiler apps too.23:18
mastercasterit was written in the README23:18
mastercasterI was following instructions there23:18
TiZI guess for some reason bash caches the locations of things it looks up in PATH so it doesn't have to again?23:19
TiZThat is my semi-educated guess.23:19
mastercasterI am not too unix savvy to understand what is happening here.. but I am glad you guys found the solution23:19
mastercasterTiZ, my guess too23:19
mastercasterTiZ, it explains why a simple session restart did the magic23:19
Guest23651I am having problems running blender. I get this error: Xlib:  extension "GLX" missing on display ":0.0"23:20
Guest23651when I run glxinfo23:20
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TJ-mastercaster: there's some terribly basic compiler warnings during the build23:24
TJ-mastercaster: reproduced it ... now to discover why :)23:25
lritteroh god. i totally missed the end of life for 12.10 and now i'm a little stuck. how do i upgrade from here?23:25
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades23:26
lritterthanks <323:26
Beldarlritter, You can eol upgrade however it is through two other eol's and it will take time, you might consider backing up what you need and doing a fresh install of 14.04 that has 5 years support.23:27
lritterBeldar, i'll try the hard way; if it messes up i can still do the long road23:28
TJ-mastercaster: TiZ: here we go. To check what paths bash has cached "type cobc", and to clear it "hash -d cobc"23:29
Beldarlritter, I would consider the long road the upgrades but do waht works. ;)23:29
rwwBeldar: only one other EOL. 12.10 -> 13.10 is supported. Since 13.10 is now EOL, 12.10 to 14.04 might even be, not sure23:29
* rww considers spinning up a VM and testing it23:29
lritterBeldar, as said, if it messes up, i can still go the other way; but i don't have a great way to backup right now.23:30
Beldarrww, 13.04 to 13.10 is two other eol's23:30
lritterone can go directly from 12.10 to 13.1023:30
lritteri checked23:30
BeldarHave not seen that but if so cool23:31
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guzzi_jonesi am trying to copy from md1 to md0.  these are software raid1 partitions23:45
guzzi_jonesi have copied all the data and preserved permissions23:45
guzzi_jonesi edited fstab and adjusted the UUID23:46
guzzi_joneson the new raid drive23:46
guzzi_jonesi also tried to to update grub but it will not boot to the other partition.23:46
guzzi_joneshow do i change my mbr to boot to the new parition?23:46
TJ-guzzi_jones: which metadata version did you use for md1 ?23:47
guzzi_joneshow do i get that?23:48
TJ-guzzi_jones: if these are supposed to be bootable, then you can only use versions up to and including 1.0 ... 1.1 and 1.2 store metadata at the *start* of the array, and therefore are not bootable but firmware23:48
guzzi_jonesthis was not originally a bootable partition.  it was originally a swap partiion23:49
guzzi_jonesso how do i get the metadata version of md1 for you?23:50
TJ-guzzi_jones: "mdadm --detail /dev/mdX" I think23:50
guzzi_jonesmd1 is version 1.223:52
guzzi_jonesthat is my current bootable raid device23:52
guzzi_jonesi am trying to move to md0 which used to be a swap drive23:52
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TJ-guzzi_jones: Is md1 a whole-disk including a partition table, or are the underlying devices partitions23:58
zacwallshay guys23:59
zacwallsi have a question.23:59

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