beunoJamesJRH, no, Launchpad uses Ubuntu One as it's OpenID provider00:00
beunoit used to mask that behind its own branding00:00
beunobut it doesn't anymore00:00
JamesJRHbeuno: I thought Launchpad predated Ubuntu One by quite a bit. I first used Launchpad in 2008, and it was around before that.00:03
beunoJamesJRH, indeed it did. But the OpenID parts were split out years ago00:03
beunointo its own service00:03
beunoit was called Ubuntu Single Sign On first00:03
beunothen just Ubuntu One00:03
JamesJRH2004, same year that Ubuntu began: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/100:06
ubot5Launchpad bug 1 in Ubuntu Malaysia LoCo Team "Microsoft has a majority market share" [Critical,In progress]00:06
JamesJRHOh. I thought Ubuntu SSO was a rebranding of the Launchpad OpenID.00:06
beunonot sure how that's different, but sure00:06
beunoit was split out00:07
beunoand re-branded00:07
beunoso that's where it is today00:07
JamesJRHI never quite understood. When I log in to an external website, I see Launchpad as always. When I log into an Ubuntu service I sometimes see Ubuntu SSO, sometimes Ubuntu One, and occassionally Launchpad.00:12
JamesJRHI much prefer Launchpad, I don't know why it all had to be messed-up.00:13
JamesJRHTo be fair, Launchpad as a whole has very notably avoided being messed up, and this pleases me.00:30
xnoxJamesJRH: originally launchpad had the OpenID, later U1 was introduced and then SSO got split into separate identity provider that the two share. However U1 wanted strong branding hence it was presented with U1 interface, instead of a generic SSO, or launchpad.00:39
xnoxJamesJRH: there were other branding excercises and reorganisations in process.00:39
xnoxJamesJRH: i think SSO (external sites) and Launchpad (launchpad id's / authentications) are to stay for now with U1 phased out.00:40
xnoxJamesJRH: http://www.notboring.com/jokes/work/3.htm00:40
JamesJRHAnd all of that strong branding is now defunct. Shame.00:42
JamesJRHxnox: Is that Dmitrijs?00:43
xnoxJamesJRH: that's my old name, yes. My current name is Dimitri.00:45
xnoxJamesJRH: https://people.debian.org/~xnox/changeofname/Change%20of%20Name%20Declaration.pdf00:45
JamesJRHxnox: All this rebranding business.. :-P00:50
xnoxin my case it was a revert of a historical mistake00:53
JamesJRHOkay, I was about to say that I find it sad that you westernised your name, but not sure what the mistake was about.00:55
JamesJRHxnox: I've never seen the ‘L̦’ before. That's ‘L’ with U+0326 COMBINING COMMA BELOW. Is that right?01:07
JamesJRHs/Is that right?/Was that right?/01:08
JamesJRHxnox? What did you find funny, or was it a different sort of haha? (I can think of a few ways of saying that, something I find annoying about text chat.)01:28
JamesJRHxnox: I went to the Netherlands for my first time last year, I now can't help noticing that ‘rijs’ looks very Dutch, and also ‘j’ is pronounced like English ‘y’ there (as in many languages and IPA). By any chance was there a Dutch influence to your original first name.01:37
JamesJRHNot sure what you mean by ‘historical mistake’ because isn't that where all spelling variations and language dialects came from?01:40
JamesJRHWell, I always try to spell and pronounce people's names as locally accurate as I can, as well as place names and other foreign words, out of respect for people and their cultures. So I'll have to be sure to remember this name change. So anyway...01:51
JamesJRHxnox: Hello again, Dimitri John Ledkov! :-)01:53
JamesJRHAnd of course good night seeing as I 'spect you've long since gone to bed. :-]02:00
JamesJRHxnox: Btw., I liked your 3 envelopes joke.02:01
JamesJRHHow do I download and restore metadata?08:11
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Uncommon Instrument Awareness Day!  :-D09:04
JamesJRHHow do I download and restore metadata?14:41
JamesJRHCan someone from Canonical please send me my metadata before they delete it?14:44
dobeyyou mean your files, or something else?14:48
JamesJRHdobey: Timestamps, modes, ownership, etc..14:49
JamesJRHTbh., the download tool is shit.14:49
JamesJRHAnd the Ubuntu One application doesn't seem to let me download anymore.14:50
JamesJRHI have all of the files now, but I can't sort by date modified (usefully).14:51
dobeyfilesystem attributes are not stored in u114:54
JamesJRHAccording to the download tool, all hashes are correct. But I had to redownload the whole of my ~/Documents/ directory and a couple of others just in order to download a couple of directories that contained photos from my Android phones.14:54
JamesJRHdobey: Well that sucks. At least some dates are visible in the Web interface, I assume that's date modified.14:56
dobeythat's the date it was last uploaded to the server14:57
JamesJRHHaving those dates at least would allow decent chronological sorting.14:57
JamesJRHI wish I'd never even used Ubuntu One.14:58
dobeyif the u1-downloader tool is not setting the dates, then there is no way to grab them from the server, sorry14:58
dobeyyou don't need to be rude14:58
JamesJRHI have completely lost trust in Canonical.14:58
JamesJRHdobey: Rude? No seriously. I'm never going to use cloud services again, and I'm going to try to move as much as I can away from Google as well. I.e. I'll eventually self-host my emails and contact-synch, and change my email address.15:02
dobeythat's fine15:04
dobeybut yes, calling something "shit" and saying "i wish i'd never used it" is a bit rude15:05
JamesJRHdobey: It is though. Its poor design was probably a major factor to its downfall. No denying that it was riddled with flaws.15:07
JamesJRHdobey: Also, Canonical have hyped and dropped so many things. I'm tired of their superficial hype. I've felt that way since 2011 with the release of Oneiric.15:09
dobeylike i said. rude.15:10
JamesJRHAnyway, I don't know how Ubuntu One stores things, but if it's just in a normal *nix filesystem, it should be simply a couple of commands to collect all of the timestamps from my files.15:12
JamesJRHdobey: I apologise for saying ‘shit’. Sorry. Apart from this word, which I should have instead said something like ‘of atrociously rushed quality’, I don't think that I've been rude. Everything I've said is totally honest. “I wish I'd never even used Ubuntu One.” is true and not rude.15:36
JamesJRHAlso sorry for “Well that sucks.”.15:37
JamesJRH‘Well that is very disappointing.’*15:39
JamesJRHAny Canonical staff here?16:06
JamesJRHAssuming Ubuntu One Files uses a standard *nix filesystem, please could someone with Ubuntu One Files admin access run these commands from my directory and send me the output dumps:16:08
JamesJRHfind ./ -print0 > names16:09
xnoxJamesJRH: it doesn't use *nix filesystem, it uses cloud storage buckets / object store.16:09
JamesJRHfind ./ -exec stat {} + > attributes16:09
JamesJRHfind ./ -exec sha256sum {} + > hashes16:10
xnoxJamesJRH: no, nobody can run any commands for you like that. Canonical staff does not have access to your data =) that would privacy policy violations.16:10
xnoxJamesJRH: also sync access has been disabled. You should download your content using https://one.ubuntu.com/shutdown/ otherwise it will be deleted today.....16:10
JamesJRHxnox: I have the files content and directory structure, using the shutdown u1_downloader tool, but I realised earlier that timestamps are broken.16:12
JamesJRHAll hashes reported okay, but having no true timestamps is a bit of a problem for organisation.16:13
JamesJRHThere's a directory from an old Android device (which won't turn on anymore) which I don't seem to have another copy of, other than the u1_downloaded copy with useless timestamps.16:19
JamesJRHxnox: I guess I'll have to manually traverse the Ubuntu One Files Webif, taking archives of each directory page of necessary directories, and then somehow use this to restore a level of usefulness in the timestamps.16:23
JamesJRHxnox: What do the timestamps represent? Local date modified? Or upload date i.e. server date modified?16:24
xnoxJamesJRH: i downloaded tarball, and it clearly does have last modification timestamp in it.... http://ubuntuone.com/u1-downloader/u1-downloader.tar.gz16:26
xnox --atime-preserve16:26
xnoxis the option you probably want when extracting it....16:26
xnoxJamesJRH: or like open the tarball with file-roller / xdg-open *.tar.gz16:27
JamesJRHI didn't think the excutable took any options; it didn't respond to --help.16:27
JamesJRHxnox: ‘--atime-preserve’ is an option to tar. I'm not such what you're suggesting to do. The last modification timestamp of the u1_downloader binary isn't necessary.16:32
xnoxJamesJRH: .... http://ubuntuone.com/u1-downloader/u1-downloader.tar.gz16:34
xnoxJamesJRH: right.16:34
xnoxJamesJRH: oh, that's the wrong thing, not actual data.16:34
JamesJRHOr are you saying it's also an option to the u1_downloader binary? Should I try?: ./u1_downloader --atime-preserve16:34
xnoxJamesJRH: nah, file syncing is off, and even that never preserved modification times on new syncs.16:35
xnoxJamesJRH: if you are an active user, you should have had an uptodate synced machine with all modification timestamps.16:35
xnoxJamesJRH: if you don't, then that's it.16:35
xnoxJamesJRH: honestly, timestamps shouldn't matter as much as you think they do.16:35
JamesJRHNew synchs?16:35
JamesJRHDid it change?16:35
xnoxno, it never change...16:35
xnoxbye James.16:36
JamesJRHxnox: I have all but a couple of directories. They must have been accidentally unchecked.16:36
JamesJRHOh, bye. :-)16:36
JamesJRHxnox: “and even that never preserved modification times on new syncs.” – Do you mean if a file was updated in place?16:38
JamesJRHI don't like this, the Webif only has day precision. Well at least it's better than nothing, but I'm sure the full timestamps are somewhere.17:03
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