pazadamhow to switch beetween english to herow03:50
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onaxisHi i just connected a second monitor but displays the same thing in both. Is there a way to set up this so it can show me another workspace?16:00
delttrying to find this app for ubuntu studio ---> http://kxstudio.sourceforge.net/Applications:Carla16:05
deltalso, there's a weird priority glitch with the screensaver.... when it starts and dims the screen, midi notes playing DURING the dimming process are postponed to the end of the dimming, where they all play at the same time and normal playback resumes.16:07
delt(midi keyboard -> renoise -> pianoteq vst)16:07
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zequencedelt: That application has not been packaged for Debian, so the only way you can get it is if you compile it yourself from source, or add the kxstudio ppa that has it19:47
zequenceYou can find more info about kxstudio and falktx apps at #kxstudio19:47
zequencedelt: I would just disable the screensaver. It's not something we work at for Ubuntu Studio. We don't actually do any work on desktop applications at all19:48
zequenceBut, it's interesting it takes such a priority. You could mention this for whoever developes the screensaver19:49
deltzequence: it's xscreensaver. Only the "fade" effect seems to take really high priority. Once it's in the actual screensaver there's no problem.20:29
delti can easily disable this dimming/fade effect, but i just thought i'd mention it, since it can potentially happen in other situations too.20:40

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