ikeyHi - is there an equivalent to systemd-analyze with upstart to determine system readiness+boot time?15:35
xnoxikey: no, but you can install and use bootchart to give you graphs and logs.15:36
xnoxikey: (the release series before it became systemd only)15:36
ikeyxnox, unfortunately the test I'm using wont work with that :)15:36
ikeyxnox, it boots VMs using qemu in parallel and determines actual length of boot15:36
ikeyUsing a serial device (virio) communicating with a host unix socket15:37
ikeyUnfortunately the LTS doesnt have systemd support so it wouldnt be a fair test to inject it from a PPA15:37
xnoxikey: well that's easy, just feed your console logs to a timestamping logger, e.g. syslog and check what / when happens.15:37
xnoxikey: boot with --verbose kernel arg to see more details from upstart as to when/what starts.15:38
xnoxikey: or just install bootchart from the archive into that vm.15:38
ikeyxnox, righto. So the way it works now is systemd tells me the system is up, by systemd-analyze returning a 0 retcode15:38
ikeyI can't rely on scp back to host because of handshake lag and unreliable networking in Linux in general :)15:38
ikeyThis is starting usually around 20 VMs together and needs a script to run in the guest to echo to the serial015:39
ikeyIs there a way that upstart can run a script *last* when upstart considers the system booted?15:39
xnoxikey: yes.15:39
ikeyThat'll at least make the test fair :)15:39
xnoxikey: that would be equivalent of cloud-init final. Let me give you the sample script.15:40
ikeyThanks :)15:40
xnoxikey: so, if you are using cloud-init then at the end of boot cloud-init final is executed with "fully booted / ready" messages on the console.15:41
ikeyThank you very much :)15:42
xnoxikey: otherwise you want to add a job "start on stopped rc RUNLEVEL=[2345]" which is after all runlevel 2 tasks have been completed.15:42
xnoxikey: and system is fully booted, users can login, and things like display-managers / auto-logins are happening...15:42
xnoxand in that job you can send whatever notification you need/want whereever.15:43
ikeyThe way it currently works is incredibly trivial15:43
ikeyecho "VMREPORTID:%d|||`systemd-analyze` > /dev/virtio-ports/serial015:43
ikeywhere %d is taken from a boot parameter in /proc/cmdline15:43
ikeyHopefully the virtio-port is up when my script runs ^^15:44
* ikey had that with systemd..15:44
xnoxthere is no useful "systemd-analyze" but you can do: start on stopped rc RUNLEVEL=[2345] \n exec echo "VMREPORTID:%d|||`uptime` > /dev/virtio-ports/serial0 15:45
ikeyThat sounds fair enough to me15:46
ikeyThanks for your help :D15:46
xnoxikey: but that's not the same. Also one can add more time entries / points elsewhere. E.g. by simply adding /etc/init/job.override with post-start "uptime after foo"15:46
ikeyGoing to need to give this a good look into :)15:46
xnoxikey: no problem. I should look into systemd-analyze and check if that can be made to run against upstart =)15:46
ikeyWould be cool tbh15:46
xnoxikey: i wonder if you are ikey i'm thinking you are.15:47
ikeyI think it uses an internal signal though15:47
ikeyjust whois'd you xD15:47
xnoxikey: so you are =)15:47
ikeyam indeed, howdy :)15:47
xnoxikey: well only one week to go. Starting on the 11th =)15:48
ikeyoh nice :)15:48
ikeyI go on vacation around the 15th im going to need to check to be sure but perhaps a meet up in london wouldnt hurt15:48
xnoxikey: right. And i'll be off to debconf the week after 22-1 =/15:50
xnoxikey: meh, i'm sure we'll stay in touch.15:50
ikeyOh ok15:50
ikeywell, hope you enjoy debconf :)15:51
ikeyoh its in portland this year15:51
xnoxikey: yeah, trying to blag auke into keeping me there for an extra week to work from hillsborogh =)15:54
xnoxikey: he says something rather "budget" and "approval" or some such excuses =))))))))) *giggle*15:55
ikeysomewhat envious - wouldnt mind being in portland myself :)15:55
xnoxikey: yeah. well not sure. maybe i'll end up going for debconf only / conference leave. And then both of us will go in march for the OTC meet up.16:00
ikeyAnywho I can't take myself to a debconf - I betrayed Debian :P16:02
xnoxikey: oh, traitors make the best DDs ;-) come to dark side, we have swirls =)16:07
ikeyright i gotta get going - meeting soon. ttyiab xnox :)16:13

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