bluesabre  elfy: should be fixed with x-d-s 14.10.1, but if you have a menu file in ~/.config/menus, it might override it00:06
bluesabrepleia2: looks like they did now :)00:07
pleia2bluesabre: I meant "I did" :)00:08
Unit193ochosi: ...And now should have that done soon too.02:52
elfybluesabre: ta - bit of a facepalm from me there ... I'd be less than amused if an upgrade to it killed my custom menu entries :p06:43
elfyUnit193: same debootstrap warning here06:44
Unit193Meh, it's a warning.06:46
elfyUnit193: but I has success \o/ 06:49
elfyI guess after apt-get install -core you could start lightdm or something to get a desktop - but I gave up last night, restart the morning and all's well06:50
elfyso it passes a test - it looks xubuntuish ;)06:58
Unit193Yeah, went well for me the second time, and as soon as I catch cjwatson during UK working hours, tasksel will get the option too.06:58
Unit193So, xubuntu-core06:58
elfyexcellent :)06:58
elfyUnit193: as a name?06:59
Unit193No trying to make sure you installed 'xubuntu-core^', but hit the enter key.  Should have very few gnome or unity packages installed.  Very few total even.07:00
elfyyea that's what I installed 07:00
elfyfrom memory ~250Mb download 07:00
Unit193Fantastic. :D07:00
elfybut that is now yesterday - so memory could be a bit dodgy ... 07:01
Unit193So what was different that permitted you to continue?07:01
elfywell after I had the correct mini.iso and I ignored the debootstrap thing it installed to cli, then apt-get doodah07:05
Unit193Ah, I see.07:06
elfyso that's at least 1 of 32 and 64 bit in the wild now 07:06
elfythat time I didn't get the login window07:09
elfyversy slow getting to login 07:17
elfyand a login loop too07:17
Unit193Guess you couldn't say why either? :/07:21
elfyodd - worked earlier, now it doesn't - not got time to look any deeper atm07:22
Unit193Sure sure, just ignore it, no rush on this stuff.  I'll see if I can get a broken one too.07:23
ochosimorning folks07:33
ochosicongrats Unit193 and elfy :)07:34
ochosislickyma1ter: i think it's time to hit "publish" on the 5 things to do article on x.org, would you like to do the honours?08:12
ochosi(btw, i edited the paragraph in the beginning a little)08:17
elfyochosi: afaik slickyma1ter is away for a week or two12:29
ochosielfy: oh, thanks. i guess in that case i'll hit the publish button for him (we were done with the article anyway)15:50
elfyochosi: welcome :)16:38
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Unit193http://paste.openstack.org/show/iGoJRsNXUfmvtsL6S6iN/ current tally.18:59
Unit193ochosi: Does the power icon plugin even last through an xfce4-panel -r for you?  Doesn't for me.. :/20:18
ochosiUnit193: yes ofc it does20:42
ochosiwhat version are you using? 1.3.0 or git master?20:43
ochosialso, any output when restarting the panel from the commandline?20:43
Unit1931.3.0, utopic.  I don't believe it did.20:45
ochositry daily20:50
bluesabrebrightness slider is in xfpm battery plugin23:54
bluesabreochosi: consider setting a min value for the slider... at 0%, the damage is done ;)23:54
Unit193...Did you just do this?23:56
bluesabreI did not... kept it clicked :D23:56
bluesabreafraid to let go23:57
Unit193Hah, was wondering. :P23:57
bluesabrealso, daily xfpm survives restart23:57

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