jesse__anyway, I have an idea01:05
jesse__Does anyone know how to use xubuntu?01:06
jesse__Very general question, I know, but I need to know how to use this thing...01:07
Unit193No, nobody around the world has ever figured out how to use it. ;)01:07
jesse__I'm watching a youtube vid on how to use irssi.01:08
jesse__The guy on youtube seems legit...01:08
jesse__Probably too legit to quit.01:08
jesse__Sooo, #xubuntu is pretty sparse.01:09
jesse__Cool, thanks Unit193.01:10
Unit193There's a few more good ones too if you needed.01:10
Unit193http://niklas.laxstrom.name/page/eng/irssi if you plan to have tons of channels.  Also, I recommend setting up CertFP or SASL to auth to the server.01:11
Unit193http://esaurito.net/blog/posts/2008/11/irssi_notify/ for notifications.  I use a modified version myself.01:12
jesse__Thanks again unit. New to this, so it helps.01:15
Unit193Sure.  While I greatly like irssi, there's more user friendly clients out there.01:16
Unit193!tab | Also, FYI01:16
ubottuAlso, FYI: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.01:16
jesse__The less friendly the better.01:17
jesse__I would say I'm a masochist.01:17
Unit193w3m for internet, alpine for email, newsbeuter for rss, irssi for IRC, bitlbee or maybe finch for IM, etc, etc.01:18
benyaminhello... can anyone help me? i have a problem with nvidia that cause my start up screen change into a such kind of terminal and that make me weird looking at it. i have try fixing on grub and also adding framebuffer=y but still, not working well, only shutdown splash back to normal.. can anyone help? i really happy if its.. thanks allot!02:02
ObrienDave!crosspost | benyamin02:03
ubottubenyamin: Please don't ask the same question in multiple Ubuntu channels at the same time. Many helpers are in more than one channel and it's not fair to them or the other people seeking support.02:03
benyaminoh okay..02:04
benyamini'll ask on ubuntu chanel only.02:05
xubuntu675i downloaded xubuntu 14.04 on my chromebook and now the screen keeps blacking out03:58
xubuntu675it wont turn on unless i shut it down and restart it again03:58
ObrienDavewhen does it black out?03:59
xubuntu675just randomly when im on it04:00
ObrienDavehmm, i don't know anything about chromebooks. try screensaver or power settings04:01
Unit193And if not there, nomodeset.04:01
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter04:02
xubuntu675i dont boot directly into xfce, first i go into the chromeos shell and type a command to start xubuntu04:03
ObrienDave2 users in the chromebook channel??? oh my04:07
xubuntu893Hi does someone's there ?04:39
ObrienDavenope, no one home04:40
xubuntu893I've got a problem. Here's the deal.04:40
xubuntu893When I make update, everytime at the end it's gonna says : Failed to reach bla bla bla04:40
xubuntu893I'm not able to install Adobe Air to04:40
ObrienDavecan you pastebin the exact message?04:41
xubuntu893Yes, hold on04:41
xubuntu893W: Failed to fetch http://ftp.debian.org/dists/etch/main/binary-amd64/Packages  404  Not Found [IP: 80]  W: Failed to fetch http://ftp.debian.org/dists/etch/main/binary-i386/Packages  404  Not Found [IP: 80]  E: Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead. weezy@weezy-HP-Pavilion-dv7-Notebook-PC:~$ sudo apt-get dist-update E: Invalid operation dist-update04:42
xubuntu893I'm on Sudo mode04:42
ObrienDaveumm, you're on debian weezy. i can't help you here. try #debian04:43
arpad2hello, I don't know why , but from time to time, 2-3 times a week the system doesn't accept input from the keyboard and the main menu button in the panel stops to work, including the restart or turn off button, so I can only shutdown the system from terminal and restart again, then the system behaves normally10:51
ObrienDavehave you tried the REISUB key combo?10:53
arpad2ObrienDave: I don't know what isv REISUB10:54
ObrienDaveit's a combination of keys that resets and reboots the system. look it up for more info.10:55
arpad2ok, even if I find it, the reoccurring unresponsive system remains10:56
ObrienDavebasically hold right-alt and SysRq keys and then R-E-I-S-U-B a few seconds apart. that flushes disk cache and other things and reboots10:57
arpad21ObrienDave: yes, this combination restarted the system, though the input from the keyboard was accepted11:03
arpad21what is the command in terminal for a restart?11:03
ObrienDavenot sure11:07
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sorinelloHello. I have 2 questions about the XFCE interface settings. First is.. how do I configure XFCE so that if I click on the Firefox shortcut icon (manually added to panel) NOT to open another Firefox instance. This is also the same for all my other apps from the panel11:25
ObrienDavesorinello, not sure if you can do that11:29
sorinelloObrienDave: thanks. Also, is there a setting to allow moving the running apps in the panel ? Reorder them11:31
ObrienDavesorinello, you can move running apps to other workspaces, i have 20 of them LOL11:32
sorinelloI have only one workspace, and I just want to reorder them on the taskbar11:32
ObrienDaveright click on the taskbar, add items11:33
ObrienDaveat the bottom you find workplace switcher, add that to your taskbar11:34
ObrienDaveright click on the taskbar,panel, add items11:34
sorinelloObrienDave, : but I don't want more workspaces. I just want to reorder the taskbar (running apps) on my workspace11:35
ObrienDavehmm, good question, don't know, haven't tried. LOL i like the 20 workspaces11:36
ObrienDavedoes not seem like you can reorder taskbar tabs11:38
ObrienDavenope, they stay in alphabetical order, left to right11:39
knomeright-click the panel, select panel -> panel preferences...11:41
sorinellotoo bad :(11:41
knomethen go to the items tab, and select "window buttons"11:41
knomethen click the properties icon (the cogwheel)11:41
knomein that dialog, change the sorting order to "none, allow drag-and-drop"11:41
sorinelloindeed it works. thanks knome !11:42
ObrienDaveooooooooo, learned something new! thanks knome11:43
knomesorinello, no problem11:43
knomeObrienDave, see how "you can't do it" is a bad answer if the real answer is "i don't know" ?11:43
sorinelloknome, : do you also have an answer for my first question ?11:44
ObrienDavei never said "can't" i said "does not seem"11:44
knomesorinello, that's something the apps must handle themself11:46
sorinellobecause for example in Unity, it you click on Firefox icon, you won't have a new Firefox instance started11:46
knomethe xfce panel doesn't support such launchers by default. you'll either have to use a command for the app that makes sure a new window isn't opened, or write a launcher script that handles checking if the app is running and instead of running a new instance, just changes to the old one11:49
koegsthere was some sort of panel-item for that11:51
knomepotentially some non-default applet11:52
koegsknome: yes, but his might be it: http://www.webupd8.org/2013/03/dockbarx-available-as-xfce-panel-plugin.html11:53
koegsor this: http://git.xfce.org/panel-plugins/xfce4-taskbar-plugin/11:53
cookieburrahey guys11:57
kj4hello xubies12:06
wrongplacewill a tar.xz break my xubuntu 14.04 4 bits?12:24
wrongplacewill a tar.xz break my xubuntu 14.04 64 bits?12:24
knomedepends what it is and what are you about to do with it.12:25
wrongplacedo you know telegram?12:26
wrongplacealpha version means it is unstable, am i wrong?12:29
jkhlshortcut key for opening the terminal?12:49
cookieburractrl + alt + T12:54
jkhlwasn't working (Lubuntu install, switched to xfce) but added it now in Settings Manager13:03
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goneeurois there an easy way to upgrade libreoffice to 4.3?13:58
goneeurowithout reinstalling it I mean. I am currently on
knomegoneeuro, if it's not in the repositories, not really14:04
knomeand in most cases it's not worth it anyway (unless you really really need a new feature)14:04
goneeuroknome: no I am just an update junky. I always update when I see a new version.14:06
goneeuroThanks though.14:06
goneeuroI am not in the mood to reinstall so I guess Ill just wait for now.14:06
knomeyou would not only have to reinstall, you'd have to do a manual install that has very different consequences than a regular update from the repositories14:08
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abhrahow could "recently used" be opened in whisker menu everytime instead of "favourite"?15:03
dominik_hello guys, can u help me with customizing my xfce in ubuntu? I want to hide unmounted ntfs windows partitions from desktop only.15:52
GridCubedominik_, in the last tab of the desktop settins you can choose what drives to show15:58
dominik_Oh Gr8:) and i can hide only some icons( i mean those which are open like music player)15:59
xubuntu735Hi Hedgework, if you are here. I sent you a pm :)16:30
Eldunarhello i have problem with fusion icon. It do not want to open;/17:55
GridCubetry opening the application from a terminal and see if it gives you an error17:59
shay_shayi want to remove software center17:59
Eldunardominik@dominik-pc:~$ fusion-icon * Detected Session: xubuntu * Searching for installed applications...Naruszenie ochrony pamięci (core dump17:59
shay_shayit seems safe...17:59
shay_shayi need to resolve this first. i think those autoremove packages are from when i installed libreoffice-gtk and then installed libreoffice-gnome on top18:00
GridCubeshay_shay, you can do sudo apt-get purge ubuntu-software-center, but make sure before accepting the unistall that you dont delete apt-get18:00
baizonshay_shay: just remove software-center18:01
GridCube!pastebin @ Eldunar18:01
ubottuGridCube: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)18:01
GridCube!pastebin | Eldunar18:02
ubottuEldunar: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.18:02
shay_shayGridCube: heres what i plan on doing. i want to set manually installed anything that is set to "automatically installed but no longer needed" right now which shouldn't be, then purge software-center, then manually install anything which appears in "automatically installed no longer needed." hence the reason for my pastebin18:02
xubuntu530whois bekks bekks18:03
xubuntu530whois bekks bekks18:03
xubuntu530whois bipolar bipolar18:03
baizonxubuntu530: please stop it18:04
baizondo a slash before whois18:04
shay_shayi think its possible playonlinux broke my system18:04
shay_shayand i should have never installed it from their ppa18:04
shay_shaynot sure why wine is installing and removing itself18:04
* shay_shay misses debian :'(18:05
baizonshay_shay: then install it?18:05
shay_shayit wont work on this system18:06
shay_shaynew xorg improvements, etc18:06
shay_shayi just need a second set of eyes http://hastebin.com/uzuquwihay.txt18:07
shay_shayi am okay with autoremoving it but maybe someone else will see it as unusual because i am unsure :P18:07
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MigilenikHey guys20:04
Migileniki wanted to ask20:04
MigilenikXubuntu project seem to be very active, but how about xfce itself?20:04
Migilenikthere are no news for years on the website, something news sometimes appears at the forum, but it seems like its not from active development20:05
Migilenikdoes anyone have any idea what is really going on with xfce ?20:05
Unit193Migilenik: You can see here: http://git.xfce.org that it still exists, and 4.11 (development releases) have been released recently, but yeah it's not the most active one around, but still activly develped nevertheless.20:07
MigilenikUnit193: im not a developer or hardcoder so maybe stupid question: can those commits be just sort of automatic thing?20:18
Unit193The translations yes, but not the actual commits.  https://mail.xfce.org/pipermail/xfce4-dev/2014-July/thread.html is the mailing list.20:20
MigilenikUnit193: thanks man, i subscribed to dev mailing list already20:25
Migileniklooks like there is a lot of interesting info, thanks again20:25
Migileniktake care ;)20:25
svetlanaMounted a USB, removed without unmounting, its contents remained on the computer?21:18
David-Asvetlana: filesystems usually caches read blocks in unused ram. if the ram was not needed for something else, and you only look at dirs or files you have looked at before while the usb was connected, it may not need to access the actual device and discover it is gone.21:23
svetlanaOkay, thanks21:27
wilsonjl3how do i stop my screen from turning off? i went into power management(think thats what its called, under hardware) and set all the options to never, but it still turns off, any ideas?23:36
wilsonjl3er, it dosnt turn off, it goes black, like a screensaver, goes back to what it was as soon as i click or press a button23:39
trevjburnsYou went to power management, then th Display tab?23:39
wilsonjl3the "on AC" tab23:40
wilsonjl3(its a laptop)23:40
trevjburnsThere should be an Actions tab and a Monitor tab23:40
trevjburnsOn the right23:40
wilsonjl3ok xubuntu 14.04?23:40
wilsonjl3i have a thing on the left with settings, on AC, on battery, and extended tabs23:41
wilsonjl3and options for each tab on the right side of the window23:41
trevjburnsYep. And on the right above all the settings you should see tabs23:41
wilsonjl3i dont23:42
wilsonjl3thats in power manager?23:44
trevjburnsYes, if you don't have it then I have no idea :(23:44
trevjburnsthat's what mine looks like23:45
wilsonjl3yeah, i see now23:45
trevjburnsAwesome :) Hopefully that will fix it23:46
wilsonjl3sorry, i did go into both monitor and actions and chage it to never23:46
trevjburnsAhh, I'm not sure then :S23:46
wilsonjl3hah ok, no problem23:46
trevjburnsDo you have Light locker?23:47
wilsonjl3yes but its disabled :p23:47
wilsonjl3did that already too hehe23:47
trevjburnsidk, most likely some software overriding power management though23:49
trevjburnslike a screen saver program maybe23:49
wilsonjl3mmm, i dunno23:49
wilsonjl3oh well, thanks for trying23:49
wilsonjl3whats the command for uninstalling and purging stuff?23:50
ObrienDavesudo apt-get purge *package-name*23:51
wilsonjl3heya ObrienDave! and thanks :323:51
trevjburnsDid you try turning off xset ?23:52
wilsonjl3whats that?23:52
ObrienDavehey wilsonjl3, how's it going?23:52
wilsonjl3pretty good, trying to make my screen stop shutting off23:52
wilsonjl3trevjburns whats xset?23:52
ObrienDavewilsonjl3, mine does too. not always. dunno why23:53
wilsonjl3oh okay23:53
wilsonjl3so just a glitch then?23:53
ObrienDavewilsonjl3, have you checked BIOS for any settings like that?23:53
wilsonjl3no i dunno how to check BIOS :P dunno what it is23:54
trevjburnswilsonjl3, xset just manages display preferences23:54
wilsonjl3oh okay23:54
ObrienDaveBasic Input Output System23:54
wilsonjl3i see23:55
ObrienDavewilsonjl3, it's the chip that retains your basic computer settings. time of day, hard drives/ memory installed. really the heart of the system info23:56
ObrienDavenew machines are going twoards UEFI23:56
wilsonjl3mine is from last year, dont have to worry about that23:57
wilsonjl3oh! how do i remove repositories?23:57
ObrienDaveyou can delete them through settings, software & updates23:58
ObrienDavelet me find the command23:58
wilsonjl3nah, its fine, i got it :)23:59

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