phillwkoell: the default works if both screens are similar resolution. if not, I'd suggest getting arandr00:09
koellaptik works like a charm :300:20
phillwkoell: When I do go to places for over head projectors, I just check I have ArandR installed :)00:24
koellphillw: arandr, xrandr, im confused xD00:28
phillwkoell: if you need two screens on differing sizes, go into LSC and pull in ArandR via the graphics stuff00:33
indn1234Yo guys, I wanna disable the ubuntu style scrolling on my lubuntu-desktop environment, and go back to old school scrolling side bars. Can I do that? How?04:28
MeXTuXInstalled Compton and used this configuration http://www.ivegotavirus.com/how-to-finally-fix-visual-tearing-on-xubuntu-other-ubuntu-based-distros/ but the main menu disappears. Any idea? My graphics card is a Sumo [Radeon HD 6480G] and installed propietary drivers04:44
ripthejackerNeed help, Lubuntu is not able to resolve .local addresses11:38
ripthejackerOk fixed it by installing avahi-daemon11:41
koellDo you know a clicki-way to mount a nfs share in pcmanfm? Does pcmanfm support that feature?13:58
holsteinkoell: try gigolo14:25
holstein!info gigolo14:25
ubottugigolo (source: gigolo): frontend to manage connections to remote filesystems using GIO/GVfs. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.4.2-1 (trusty), package size 130 kB, installed size 1001 kB14:26
koellokey thanks =)14:26
holsteinthis will mount, and you can navigate in whatever filemanager..14:26
koellsadly, such feature is not integrated in the filemanagers itself14:27
holsteinkoell: sure, they are14:28
holsteinkoell: you are using lubuntu, with lxde, with "light" choices by default14:28
koelli guess a mounting feature is lightweight enough =)14:28
holsteinif you want to make a compromise for something heavier, with the functionality you want, you can.. or, use gigolo, which is quite light..or mount in the CLI14:28
ubottumount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount14:28
koellyes cli is easy, but not for my dad :D14:29
holsteinkoell: could be, lxde/lubuntu is "not for dad"..14:29
holsteina agrue, a new linux user likely shouldnt be mounting nfs shares..14:29
holsteinshouldnt need to*14:30
koelli know about fstab but it is just a temp mount14:30
koellmaybe samba is better then14:30
twagerAny gotchas on upgrading to utopic ?16:08
phillwtwager: I've been on it since alpha 1... Love it :)16:15
phillwlubuntu utopic is a bug fix release only, so bugs are fixed that are not yet rolled into 14.0416:16
phillwtwager: that does, however, come with the proviso that something like a kernel update could kill things etc.16:16
twagerphillw, Thanks will set it to upgrade and give it a try..Must move abt 60g music first in case of failure :-)16:17
phillwalways keep a backup! one good little hint is to make a separate /home partition :)16:18
twagerI have a spare external drive I keep all my rubbish on..I have 4 partitions already on this drive so no room for a seperate home.16:21
phillwtwager: if you're going to run 14.10, then have a read of https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/Testing and join that mailing list.16:22
twagerphillw:  Thanks for all the info will leave now and give it a try..16:26
phillwtwager: tidy the drive up, and use the extended partition area (should be swap) to add a new area.16:29
phillwI use LVM, but that's a bit geeky for most people :)16:30
twagerOK..bbl I hope16:31
twagerphillw: ?17:25
phillwtwager: you're alive!17:26
twagerAnd kicking with a new lubuntu !!17:26
twagerUpgrade was faultless17:27
phillwtwager:  shh... say yes ....17:27
twagerMust leave box to get my dinner...bbl17:28
deitarionDragging and dropping VDPAU-mode MPlayer or Chromium is horrendously slow and laggy with or without compton. I'm running nvidia-current. Is this regression since 12.04 a known issue?19:38
deitarions/dragging and dropping/drag-moving/19:38
deitarionAlso, without Compton, Geeqie's damage handling is horrendously broken.19:39
deitarionThe only potentially relevant EE/WW line in Xorg.0.conf is "NVIDIA(0): Option "TwinView" is not used"19:40
phillwdeitarion: can you hang on, a guy I know who is good at this issue has been paged and will be along when he gets chance.19:44
phillwjust be patient :)19:44
deitarionphillw: No problem.19:44
phillwdeitarion: your looking out for rafaellugna I think he's have his meal, but he will be back.19:46
phillwdeitarion: it is a driver issue, from my poor memory, what is the card ?19:58
deitarionGeForce GT43020:02
phillwdeitarion: try http://www.howopensource.com/2012/10/install-nvidia-geforce-driver-in-ubuntu-12-10-12-04-using-ppa/ (close the advert)20:10
deitarionIf it's just a matter of installing a newer driver, then I'll try switching from `nvidia-current` to `nvidia-331` first. The fewer PPAs I need, the less I have to keep track of.20:12
deitarion...after I finish catching up on certain YouTube vids.20:14
comics_ideeshow to delete chat history from skype in lubuntu22:16
deitarioncomics_idees: Wouldn't that be a general "How do I delete the chat history in Skype for Linux version X?" question?22:18
comics_ideesyes for linux Skype version 4.3 how do I delete chat history22:19
deitarioncomics_idees: Unfortunately, I can't answer that one because I'm still on Skype 2.2 beta. (The last version of Skype that works without PulseAudio)22:20
deitarion(After about half a dozen "it's better now"s, I gave up on that pile of bugs and adopted an "ALSA dmix only" policy.)22:21
phillwdeitarion: did you try the new drivers?22:22
deitarionphillw: Not yet. Too much hassle to end my desktop session right now.22:22
deitarionI'll probably batch up a whole bunch of fixes I need to test first. (stuff like moving all my autostarts out of lxsession so they actually work)22:23
comics_ideeswell I still need to delete messages from history in skype, how to do this22:25
deitarioncomics_idees: All chat history or just some of it?22:27
phillwcomics_idees: http://askubuntu.com/questions/380489/how-to-clear-skype-chat-history22:27
phillwhowever the NSA will retain all records22:28
onla_any popular fps game have a linux version?22:40
deitariononla_: Define "popular". DOOM, Quake, and various Unreal Tournament games have Linux ports, but I suspect you mean "popular currently".22:41
onla_jwas just watching cs:go tournament on finnish tv and mah mates wants we make a team22:42
onla_just saw that they are developing the linux port22:42
onla_also world of tanks would be of interest, but the wine tutorial was only if I didnt have win already installed which I have in form of playonlinux so no idea how to approad22:43
onla_I guess I could get idea if I read 10 pages of text22:43
deitariononla_: PlayOnLinux sets up alternate Wine prefixes. You can still use the default Wine prefix normally.22:43
deitarionAnyway, I'm not big on FPS games (the last ones I played were probably Half-Life, the original Unreal Tournament, and Tribes 2) but, if you're not a hardline anti-DRMer like me, I'd check out what Steam has to offer.22:44
deitarionI seem to remember a fair number of Source engine ports.22:45
deitarionIn fact, if you're not a hard-line Anti-DRMer, Steam is a good place to start looking for Linux stuff, period.22:46
deitarionAt least half my IsThereAnyDeal.com waitlist is stuff where I'm not actually waiting for a price, but for a sale from a store that doesn't do Steam keys.22:47

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