qtrospopey hello, Alan! How are you?07:54
popeyhi qtros10:14
qtrospopey hello again, I want to ask one question - should all core apps use new header? In shorts we have few problems with that ...10:15
qtrospopey or we could use old one?10:16
popeyFor consistency we should, yes, but that's difficult for shorts, because it has multiple pages10:16
popeyfor weather we limited the number of locations to 810:17
popeybut thats not practical for shorts.10:17
qtrospopey solution for this problem is simple - enable scrolling in tab selection popover10:31
popeyt1mp: ^^ is that on your radar?10:33
DanChapmanoops sorry wrong channel11:46
qtrospopey few screenshots of Shorts with new header: https://yadi.sk/d/uOyXjYqDYuBzj . "6.png" - you can see custom "toolbar" which looks like old SDK Toolbar. On "7_1.png" you can see bug - arrow from popover sometimes doesn't hide (on desktop 14.04 bug is  100% reproducible)12:22
* popey looks12:25
popeyqtros: i dont think sdk bugs in 14.04 will get fixed, so you're better using the 14.10 emulator for reference i think12:31
qtrospopey emulator is 14.1012:44
qtrospopey and sometimes little triangle doesn't hide.12:44
popeyI'd file a bug. there may already be one12:46
nystreeclimberis anyone free for a sec ? i just need two questions answered17:18
qtrospopey ping17:42
qtrospopey in Terminal app when I am trying to type "ps -A" letter "A" is invisible. I don't know why and possible reasons for that, but if I type "A" after "-" it's always invisible17:44
qtrospopey Is someone working on that app? I can see "avatar.png" icon for "Panels" action which is default icon from template)17:45
qtrospopey fixed few bugs in shorts meanwhile)17:52

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