daftykinsmaps|wrk: yeah i stopped at the start of 300:21
maps|wrkgonna do anymore?00:22
daftykinsnot tonight nope00:23
daftykinsbusy weekend ahead!00:23
maps|wrkteaching your cat to use the cat flap?:P00:24
daftykinssetup someones NAS tomorrow, 30 min cycle away00:25
daftykinshaven't been there since i lived at my parents so i'm a bit iffy about the route too00:25
daftykinsaaaand on Sunday i'm going to help friends moving an art gallery in just *one day* D:00:25
maps|wrkwhat did you go with daftykins00:40
maps|wrkdistro i mean00:40
daftykinsstill not set anything up00:43
daftykinsonce the course moves onto practical, then it'll be time00:43
maps|wrkhave a look at00:43
maps|wrkfirst labs kinda easy:P00:44
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brobostigonmorning boys and girls.08:38
* penguin42 yaaawwwnnns at popey10:44
jussigood evening all :)10:54
marshmnhi, are three known issues with Skype on Ubuntu since yesterday? I'm on an old, unsupported, version of Ubuntu (13.04) which may not help - but just wondered if there is any known issue?11:22
marshmnthis looks relevant: http://askubuntu.com/questions/505581/skype-cant-connect11:24
popeyyou may want to consider updating ☻11:26
marshmnpopey: yes, I'd like to update the OS - but there are some reasons I have to be on this version right now11:32
marshmnI've upgraded Skype and all is working again now11:32
marshmnI hate Skype.11:32
marshmnI need to try again to convince the office to use HipChat instead11:37
OERIASI'm sorry to bug everyone, but is there a way to get unbanned from #ubuntu?11:56
ikoniaOERIAS: join #ubuntu-ops11:56
OERIASI was using a PC infect with some script and it was causing a mess and know I can't event suport.11:56
ikoniathat's not what happened, but "ok" join #ubuntu-ops and talk to the operator team11:58
arc__i am having trouble with my 9800pro card in ubuntu 14.0414:06
daftykinstoday's trip by bike took me to the island's main reservoir17:01
daftykinsanyone ever encountered business-card like printers? my friends run an art gallery and could do with something to print the little cards beneath pictures17:36
penguin42some of the label printers can do something that wide I think, not sure about actual business cards though17:38
penguin42I've also printed bottle labels before from a roll of self adhesive labels on a sprocket roll17:39
daftykinshmm, i'm used to the little Dymo label printer jobs but of course they're on those yeah and not card17:39
penguin42I'd be tempted to find a straight path printer that could print A4 card and then take a scalpel or guillotine to it17:43
daftykinsi think they may well have been doing something similar so far17:45
daftykinsbut probably want to simplify17:45
penguin42I wonder if you can get card that's perforated to make it easy17:46
penguin42or maybe the photo printers?17:46
daftykinsi've just complained to Dymo for having an automated non-stoppable video on that page :P17:47
penguin42yeh annoying17:47
penguin42also, that's a reader not a printer17:47
daftykinsyeah, just browsing :>17:47
daftykinsi was curious how they could sell a device to read paper17:47
penguin42because they're selling it to execs who have too many business cards and nothing else to spend their expenses on17:48
daftykins'tis what my boss' secretary is for :D17:50
daftykins"add that guy to my contacts will you?"17:50
penguin42presumably most discussions go 'wth do you want that for? Oh ok, if you scan my set as well'17:53
daftykinsjust reported an issue with the edX website :)18:53
mappsdaftykins what about just using some service always see ads fr some compan doing cards19:18
mappscant remember name tho of course now19:18
daftykinswell they're an art gallery so creating them would be an ad-hoc activity19:19
daftykins /etc pronounced 'etsy' huh? i always thought of it as etcetera :>19:20
mappshahahahah yea ive heard it as etsy19:21
mappsid say eeee teee sea19:21
daftykinsthat too :D19:21
mappsetsy sounds odd (to me)19:21
mappslike when i heard dub dub dub for www19:23
mappsyea its odd19:24
daftykinsi avoid saying them :>19:24
mappsil still say eeeeee teaaaaaa seaaaa19:24
daftykinsnot been relevant for correctly configured domains for ages19:24
daftykinsit annoys me when i find a site that doesn't work without19:24
daftykinshttp://condorferries.co.uk/ ;)19:24
marshmndaftykins: if they are on a budget, perhaps they could print on over-sized labels that are then wrapped around a piece of card?19:26
marshmnI'm sure that there are machines that do what they want - but they might be somewhat expensive19:27
daftykinsyeah i didn't have much luck finding, i'd have just said get a dymo label printer then stick the labels on card19:27
daftykinsthanks :)19:27
mappsya its pretty lame daftykins19:28
* penguin42 would print on card and guillotine it19:28
marshmnI suppose it all depends what they are willing to pay and what level of quality they want19:28
marshmnmight even make sense to outsource it to a local printer19:28
mappslike uh its lame seeing somepage.php?abc=a&&axya=aaa19:29
mappsso web 1.019:29
marshmndid web 1.0 have PHP? :p19:30
marshmnmaybe web 1.1 :p19:30
mappsso what is it now?19:30
penguin42daftykins: http://www.simoney.co.uk/a4-perforated-sheets-acetate-name-badges.html19:32
daftykinsmm-hmm, that could work with an inkjet19:32
daftykinspenguin42: ty sir :)19:33
penguin42daftykins: There seem to be other places selling heavier/lighter weight - that one looks to be about twice the weight of normal laser printer19:34
penguin42daftykins: ah, much easier? http://cpc.farnell.com/jsp/level5/module.jsp?moduleId=cpc/425036.xml19:37
daftykinsgood ol' CPC :>19:38
daftykinsso if their inkjet would deal with the layout, that could work19:38
penguin42daftykins: Nod, I love how their discount catalogues have things like really specialised components on the same page as singing snowmen and office supplies19:38
penguin42I mean http://cpc.farnell.com/images/en_CC/RHPR_July14.pdf19:41
daftykinspenguin42: :D must be to reduce depression in employees browsing them ;)19:42
penguin42even the front page; where else would you find a combi drill, a Galaxy Tab, plug extension, car camera and bottle of screen wash on one page?19:42
penguin42actually that's a good catalog because they're trying to get rid of all the football junk19:43
daftykins80p for a 2m HDMI!19:44
penguin42USB microscope, DECT phone, HD+ cam corder, England Stetson hat, and HDMI adapter19:44
penguin42daftykins: Yeh if you want leads CPC is the place19:44
penguin42daftykins: Free delivery as well19:44
penguin42daftykins: But the prices are ex-vat19:44
daftykinsyeah i have an account, i have to phone order to get tax off :>19:45
daftykinsugh party with terrible singing going on behind my place :P20:11
penguin42go and offer better singing?20:13
daftykinsi can't show them up ;)20:14
daftykinsthis seems like a bit of a repeat no? mounting root (/) yet again20:16
penguin42daftykins: initramfs mounts the / somewhere underneath the current / and then 'pivots' it so that the place it mounted becomes the real root20:17
daftykinsoh i see20:17
penguin42daftykins: see man 2 pivot_root20:17
daftykinsty sir20:17
daftykinswhat does 'man 2' do over 'man' ?20:18
penguin42that reads the entry in section 2 (system calls)20:18
penguin42daftykins: Actually man 8 pivot_root includes an example20:19
mappshopefully updating ios will fix my vpn issues20:19
daftykinsApple.. fix things!?20:20
mappsthis married show is quite funny20:24
maps|wrkios update didnt fix vpn prob23:34
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