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RaginBajinCan someone help me understand the difference between say DataSourceConfigDrive and DataSourceConfigDriveNet?11:44
RaginBajinFor some reason, when I boot up, cloud-init can't find the configDrive. But if I log into the box, and run cloud-init init, it works just fine. 11:45
RaginBajinWhen I run cloud-init on boot, it fails to find my configDrive. If I log into the console and then run it, it seems to work just fine.  Any ideas12:27
harmwRaginBajin: still fbsd?12:37
RaginBajinIt looks like I got everything working, and then tried on a new host and rebooted it 12:37
RaginBajinharmw I just don't get. Everything looks right. I am just wondering if a part of the boot processes hasn't finished and it holding back certain data from being accessed. 12:42
RaginBajinharmw: Figured it out. BLKID needed to be set to an exact path, since it wasn't being found. 12:54
harmwhm ok12:59
harmwwell, I haven't ever tested it with 1) a recent version of c-i and 2) clouddrive 13:00
harmwif you have patches you're more than welcome to submit those :)13:00
RaginBajinI definitely will. I need to do some thinking about them though. I had to insert some specific fbsd things to make it work. I think if I can figure out how to know what distro that is being used, then I can make this nicer13:08
RaginBajinright now, it's pretty rough. 13:08
harmwIll look into running it again sometime soon as well13:15
harmwdid you run into an issue regarding hostnames btw?13:15
harmw(setting the hostname)13:15
RaginBajinI think I did, and let me see how I fixed it. 13:22
RaginBajinAhh, yes.  It's actually in the loadrcconf method.  It doesn't handle comments very nicely.  Since we try to split on = it doesn't find that match and basically stops working. Never to update the hostname13:25
RaginBajinso,  I did a match for ^# and if the line didn't start with a comment, then to actually do the split. If it does, it just skips over it. 13:25
RaginBajinThe problem with that is that someone will lose all their comments in the rc.conf13:25
harmwoh lol, it's not taking care of #?13:25
harmwI knw that regex was a bit harsh, but I didn't know it was going to break stuff13:26
RaginBajinI was thinking of really jsut getting rid of the loadrcconf, and moving it into the updatercconf. So if a value was to be updated, then it just parsed the file, and updated it once it found it. 13:27
RaginBajinThat would leave the comments in place and the order in place as well. 13:27
harmwIll have a look, somewhre soon13:28
harmwthanks for pointing this out :)13:28
RaginBajinNot a problem. I'm not sure I mentioned it, everything else seems to be working, and its been a life saver to have all the functions you've added. 13:29
RaginBajinand I'm not sure if the changes were more of a FreeBSD10 thing than anything else. I want to try it on 8 and possibly 9 as well. 13:29
harmwits only tested on 1013:29
harmwthough the things being done so far aren't realy specific to any version13:30
harmwwell, perhaps the ifconfig rc.conf syntax13:30
RaginBajinYeah, I think it may be really just blkid that may not exist in those other versions13:30
harmwahyes, well, since that regards configdrive I'm not ready yet to comment on that :p13:30
harmwbtw, you're always welcome to file bugs at launchpad, and even supply patches with them :)13:31
RaginBajinwill do 13:35
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harmwRaginBajin: how did you create your fbsd image? using oz?17:46
alexpilottismoser: good morning!18:10
RaginBajinharmw:  I created the image using the bootonly iso.  Then I checked out the latest build of freebsd, and rebuilt the environment.  (make world, etc)18:12
harmwRaginBajin: ok, you could try looking into oz then19:41
harmwnice little tool to create al sorts of images which can be directly inserted into glance 19:41
harmwok, uploading a shiny new fbsd10 image to glance now so I'm almost ready to checkout the new ci on that20:17
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