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rogpeppe1urulama: hiya06:16
urulamarogpeppe1: morning06:16
rick_h__morning party people06:16
rogpeppe1rick_h__: yo!06:16
urulamarogpeppe1: you're early today :)06:16
rogpeppe1urulama: it happens :-)06:16
bacrick_h__: ci is still dead, presumably selenium related.  did anyone send you an update yesterday?06:32
rick_h__bac: no, writing an email now and have a run to see if we found the problem07:17
bacrick_h__: you going to boardroom at 9:3007:23
rick_h__bac: yes, the text based UI stuff?07:24
rick_h__jujugui - email sent to peeps on CI issue, working branch has run through tests but is not fit for landing07:25
rogpeppe1frankban: gogogo?08:29
frankbanrogpeppe1: sure, I'll be there in a minute08:32
urulamamorning frankban08:33
frankbanhi urulama 08:33
urulamafrankban, rogpeppe1: how's "publish" going?08:33
rogpeppe1urulama: not bad. overwhelmed with overhead yesterday, but back onto the meat of it today. just the tests to write now.08:34
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frankbanrogpeppe1: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/7978769/11:03
* frankban lunches12:04
* jrwren coffees12:14
* urulama dreams of unicorns 12:18
rogpeppe1urulama: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KPA1fH9wZIg12:37
frankbanrogpeppe1: gogogo?13:02
kadams54jujugui: Morning all. Before I start another card, I thought I'd check to see if anyone's looking at CI and what, if anything, I could do to help.13:15
jcsackettkadams54: i am still looking at CI, pursuing the selenium-version issue jeff identified yesterday.13:21
jcsackettkadams54: if you are able to run make ci-check, and can actually see tests running via the selenium console (follow the url provided by make ci-check), then we might be able to speed things up.13:22
jcsackettkadams54: wait, you're running a vm, right?13:22
jrwrenwhat is gogogo?13:22
kadams54Something impatient people type before an match of League of Legends starts?13:23
kadams54jcsackett: yes, though I can also see if I can get a dedicated Ubuntu machine up and running. It's something I've been meaning to do for awhile.13:24
jcsackettkadams54: yeah; sauce and the machine running the tests need to be able to talk, which has been the source of our slowdown. both vms and lxcs (and anything on my home network, since timewarner is blocking the port i need) fail; i've got an ec2 machine coming up now, which is probably faster than you spinning up a dedicated ubuntu machine.13:25
rogpeppe1frankban: indeed. i missed your ping, sorry13:27
jrwrenkadams54: LoL doesn't glhf?13:32
kadams54Game starts in 5… 4… 3… 2…gogogogogogogogogo13:33
kadams54But yes, glhfs are out there too.13:33
jrwrenI see.13:34
bacjcsackett: \o/14:13
jcsackettbac: ?14:13
rick_h__jcsackett: your branch/fix14:14
jcsacketti may have been premature.14:14
* jcsackett is crossing his fingers that it does actually work in CI.14:14
jcsackettsave the hoorays for when it passes. :p14:14
jcsackett...and it just failed.14:15
rick_h__jcsackett: what do you think of the removal in my reply?14:16
jcsackettrick_h__: haven't seen your reply yet. 1 sec.14:16
jcsackettrick_h__: so, the browser warning bit is about handling us popping up the "gui doesn't work on your browser" thing. i think if we remove the handle stuff, and that's the failure, we'll have a hard time sorting that out.14:19
bacjcsackett: ok, i retract my whoo-hoo.  doesn't look like it did anything.14:19
jcsackettbac: indeed not.14:19
rick_h__jcsackett: but we'd have the sauce video that shows it?14:19
rick_h__jcsackett: e.g. in the video we see a browser warning for a browser that should have no warning?14:19
jcsackettrick_h__: that's true, i suppose. it just doesn't feel good to me, but i'm happy to be overruled, if only to get back to the card iw as working on before. :p14:19
jcsackettincidentally, there seems to be no way to run ci-check appropriately. at least not documented.14:20
rick_h__jcsackett: you know our code has the isBrowserSupported function?14:21
rick_h__in index.html?14:21
jcsackettrick_h__: yes.14:21
hatchit's a very odd issue, the GUI is rendered but it can't access the fn14:21
hatchyou can actually see the canvas and everything but it says the fn doesn't exist14:21
jcsackettas i said, "isBrowserSupported" not being found is not actually the error. if you run ci-check without even being able to make the connection to sauce labs, you see isBrowserSupported being the failure.14:21
jcsackettthe failure message is useless.14:22
hatchright - there is a bigger problem - because when CI fails with that error the GUI IS loaded14:23
rick_h__call guys?14:23
rick_h__hangout room?14:23
jcsackettrick_h__: sure, one sec.14:25
hatchjcsackett rick_h__  so yeah the isBrowserSupported method IS definitely there14:31
hatchhttp://ci.jujugui.org:8888/ < jcsackett 14:32
jcsacketteveryone cross your fingers14:32
* urulama has problems typing now14:32
rick_h__hatch: cool14:33
hatchjcsackett interesting...in FF on OSX window.isBrowserSupported() is returning false14:33
jcsacketthatch: google-chrome on linux is returing false as well.14:33
jcsacketthatch: so, there's something else going on.14:34
jcsackettb/c we're setting 2.30.0 for chrome on this thing and it's still dying.14:34
hatchjcsackett oh you need to pass it `navigator.userAgent`14:35
hatchat which point it works correctly14:36
hatchjcsackett trigger another manual ci run, once the GUI is loaded open it in chrome and type `window.isBrowserSupported(navigator.userAgent)`14:37
hatchchrome on ubuntu that is14:37
jcsacketthatch: yeah, i saw that too.14:37
jcsackettstill, chrome, with the supposedly correct version of selenium, still fails.14:37
jcsackettcould be the new version of chromedriver/chrome14:39
jcsackettin which case, we have to fix our test. b/c that would mean it just doesn't work on the latest version of chrome.14:39
hatchright - but can you check to make sure the fn executes correctly? I'm wondering if it's not the driver that we are using....if the method is indeed there (Which I'm pretty sure it is) then it's the python driver not being able to send the proper command14:40
hatchjcsackett we could also change that test in python to test for something that WILL be there like Object for example14:40
hatchif it sill fails then we know for sure it's the driver14:40
jcsacketthatch: there's a build running now; when it gets to the selenium bit i can see if it works.14:42
jcsacketthatch: oh, as far as method being there, i can confirm that for sure.14:42
hatchahh ok14:42
hatchbrb 14:43
jcsacketthatch: i just called it without the agent bit and it returned false. but it's there.14:43
hatchand with the agent?14:43
hatchok so next thing to try is modify the browser.py to try and execute something that is DEFINITELY there :)14:44
hatchjujugui call in 10, kanban now14:50
jcsacketthatch: it works fine.14:51
hatchjcsackett well what the deuce.....14:51
hatchthat doesn't make any sense....14:51
jcsacketthatch: none of this makes sense.14:52
jcsacketti'm going to try getting an earlier rev of develop to pass through--one that passed before the sauce changes.14:52
hatchsure 14:52
hatchjcsackett so what if we remove that test? Does it pass then or do other things fail?15:08
jcsackettif we remove *every* call to handleBrowserWarning, it passes, as you can see in rick's branch.15:08
jcsackettbut, y'know. there's a reason we're checking on the browser warning stuff.15:09
hatchyeah - if we supported IE11 we could drop it...15:09
jcsacketthatch: i'm verifying the chromedriver thing by running a build that uses the old default chrome and chromedriver.15:09
hatchok excellent15:09
jcsackettif that passes, i think the critical situation is over--we land that branch and add a card for investigating CI on chrome 35+15:10
jcsackettb/c previously we've been running everything on the old default anyway, so we're not in any *worse* of a position.15:10
jcsackettand we're unblocked. but we definitely don't want to be stuck on an increasingly old version of chrome.15:11
hatchright - *crosses fingers*15:11
jcsackettwell, good news: my incidental upgrade to ff 31 passes.15:13
jcsackettnot the good news we want, but good news all the same.15:13
hatchhaha need every ittle win15:14
jcsackettwell, the first test.15:14
jcsackettbut the first test was failing.15:14
jcsackettso, this is looking good.15:14
* hatch is in suspense 15:15
jcsackettpassed the second one.15:15
jcsackettchrome has passed.15:15
jcsackettthe new chrome/chromedriver is the issue, and this unblocks us.15:15
jcsacketti'll tidy up the PR and ask for reviews, and make a card to investigate new chrome on CI.15:16
hatchok ping when it's up and I'll +1 it15:16
hatchjcsackett can you also send out an email to peeps with the details?15:16
jcsacketthatch: already writing it.15:20
hatchu da man15:20
jcsackettjujugui: 2 reviews, please. https://github.com/juju/juju-gui/pull/48415:21
hatchon it15:21
frankbanjcsackett: done15:22
jcsackettthanks, all.15:22
hatchjujugui I'll handle getting everything landed once this lands15:23
kadams54hatch's new job title: PR Wrangler15:23
hatchyeeeee haw15:23
kadams54Excuse me… PR Herder15:23
hatchnot sure what sound herders make15:24
kadams54Yeeee haw is appropriate.15:24
jcsackettwtf; something else just failed.15:27
hatchlooks to still be running...15:28
jcsacketthatch: that's the run triggered by comments.15:28
jcsacketthatch: the run with the test change failed, but i think it's the spurious failure. we'll see what the comments one does.15:29
hatchohh that's a spurious failure15:29
* jcsackett lets out a breath15:30
jcsackettthank god.15:30
hatchjcsackett pm me the email you want to use for KB15:31
rogpeppe1urulama, jrwren: https://github.com/juju/charmstore/pull/6215:37
rogpeppe1frankban: ^15:37
urulamarogpeppe1: TBH, my brain is not capable to do PR right now ... in a few hours i can do it15:41
frankbanurulama: np, thanks15:47
frankbanrogpeppe1: we missed one test: wrong hash provided16:14
rogpeppe1frankban: ah yes. good point.16:15
frankbanrogpeppe1: and actually it seems the check is not done by PutForEnvironment16:15
rogpeppe1frankban: ah16:15
frankbanrogpeppe1: I was able to upload a charm using something like "curl -ikL --data-binary @$2 -H "Content-Type: application/zip"$1/archive?hash=ciao"16:15
rogpeppe1frankban: ah, of course. PutForEnvironment doesn't know the hash that it's meant to be uploading16:17
rogpeppe1frankban: hmm16:17
rogpeppe1frankban: that means that we can't actually use juju/blobstore without changing it16:17
rogpeppe1frankban: good catch. darn.16:18
rogpeppe1frankban: at the least, we could change PutForEnvironment to return the actually created hash16:19
rogpeppe1frankban: or to have an optional hash passed in that it could check16:20
frankbanrogpeppe1: yeah, I am surprised this check is not done already somewhere in managedstorage16:22
frankbanrogpeppe1: so, if the path and the hash are two different concepts in blobstore, it would be nice if we are able to inject a checker into PutForEnvironment. If PutForEnvironment to returns the actually created hash, that means for each blob with invalid hash we write it to mongo and then delete it. Providing an expectedHash seems specific to our use case at this point.16:30
rogpeppe1frankban: yes16:30
hatchheyyal what are you using in Ubuntu for irc? Quassel looks like a good candidate 16:37
jcsackettin unity? xchat. otherwise weechat.16:38
hatchyeah in Unity16:39
hatchxchat is just so ugly16:39
lazyPowerhey hatch - gimme some PeerReview? http://askubuntu.com/questions/507521/juju-charm-relation-hooks-are-not-running/508158#50815816:40
hatchlazyPower on it16:40
hatchI already did16:40
hatchsee that upvote16:40
hatch<---- this guy16:40
hatchnow I know why the charm reviews take so long - your busy writing proper AU responses :P16:41
lazyPoweri've had a slew of people contacting me privately in email for help. I'm redirecting them to AU for public knowledge16:42
frankbanrogpeppe1: something like http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/7981133/ ? It's bad that in that case we'd need to modify the ManagedStorage interface16:42
jcsacketthatch: i change the color scheme; there are various themes.16:43
hatchjcsackett have you used quassel? It really does look nicer 16:43
hatchlazyPower excellent idea16:43
lazyPowerQuassel for the win. love it.16:43
lazyPoweruse it on my phone, tablet, desktop, laptop16:43
jcsacketthatch: it's a kde app, though, so the icons don't match up with everything else. or at least they didn't last time i installed it.16:44
hatchor utouch16:44
lazyPowerdroid. i dont see a utouch app for it.16:44
hatchjcsackett ohh, I'll have to check, I bought the numix gtk3 light theme16:45
hatchso it comes with a slew of icons16:45
hatchstill can't figure out why the unity dash takes so darn long to open16:46
hatchwhen the task-search one is instant 16:46
hatch__Yeah you're right the icons don't match at all heh16:49
jcsackettthese days i'm a big fan of weechat.16:52
jcsackettbut that's a terminal app, and if you're using unity, it doesn't integrate with the messagemenu at all, which is vexing.16:53
jrwrenirssi 4 life.16:59
jrwrenI may or may not have that tatoed on my person.17:00
hatchlol, on your neck probably, amiright?17:02
rogpeppe1frankban: i wouldn't make the checkers so general. i'd just pass in an expected hash17:03
rogpeppe1frankban: which can be checked immediately after preprocessUpload17:04
frankbanrogpeppe1: and if empty the check is not done?17:05
rogpeppe1frankban: yes17:05
frankbanrogpeppe1: that would work, sure17:05
rogpeppe1frankban: perhaps a *blobstore.ResourceHash17:05
rogpeppe1which is nil if the check isn't done17:06
hatchspurious test failure....ugh.....I swear these branches will land eventually!17:09
hatchcan someone ping  juju gui and gui help for me so I can test my new alerts17:10
frankbanrogpeppe1: we will need a blobstore.v2 :-/17:13
rogpeppe1frankban: well, blobstore isn't gopkg.in, so i guess it can just change in place17:13
kadams54jujugui guihelp17:14
hatchwell they highlighted but no ding or notification17:14
hatchthanks kadams5417:14
hatchguess I'll have to look into that17:14
frankbanrogpeppe1: well, my point is that we should put in gopkg.in. otherwise I'm not sure about when dependencies should be versioned and when not17:15
rogpeppe1frankban: i agree.17:16
rogpeppe1frankban: let's just call it v117:16
frankbanrogpeppe1: sure, done for the day, have a nice night17:24
rogpeppe1frankban: g'night17:24
hatchman I'm having no luck with this charm release - I keep getting huge diffs which cause things to fail hard17:39
hatchjujugui does anyone else want to take a stab at making the precise charm release? 17:40
hatchjujugui anyone know how I undo a merge in bzr? I havent committed but I want to reset it to HEAD18:38
hatchfound it :)18:40
hatchpython ppl, what would cause the charm `make lint` to fail with a compiler error from pip?18:46
hatchsays no Python.h ?18:46
hatch^ jujugui18:47
jrwrenmissing python-devel package18:47
kadams54python-dev not installed18:47
hatchso....why does something in lint require building python from source?18:49
hatchok here is a new one18:52
hatchpython/apt_pkgmodule.h:14:28: fatal error: apt-pkg/hashes.h: No such file or directory18:52
jrwrendid you run make sysdeps?18:52
hatchthat's not in the instructions lol18:52
hatchwill try that18:53
kadams54I suspect make lint is running a python library, which needs it and all its dependencies downloaded, optionally compiled, and installed.18:53
jrwrenmake sysdeps would have installed a bunch of debs for you, including libapt-pkg-dev (which gives that missing file)  and would have got libpython-dev too.18:54
hatchsounds like we should be including the compiled versions18:54
hatchbut hey lint passed18:54
hatchkadams54:  hey any luck on that truncation stuff? 19:09
kadams54hatch: no, though to be honest I kinda forgot about it and was starting on the other card.19:15
kadams54Which reminds me that I was going to check in with you on what you'd found.19:15
hatchyeah so this is actually a pretty large issue with how the callbacks are executed19:16
hatchbecause we are creating 'ghost' models then removing them and allowing the new ones to be created via the delta19:16
hatchthe time between there there is no model and as such, no UI19:16
hatchso the proper fix is to have the delta update the appropriate models instead of removing it19:17
hatchwhich is an architectural change to how the ecs/env handles it now19:17
hatchthe other approach (which I don't like as much) is to wait until the delta comes in then remove the old one and create a new one19:17
hatchkadams54:  that match the direction you were working on already?19:22
kadams54Why would you rather update than remove and re-create?19:22
kadams54updating seems like asking for stale data19:23
hatchthere is a lot of infrastructure attached to the existance of the record19:23
hatchso when they go away/come back lots of things happen19:23
hatchat scale that could cause the thread to lock up19:23
kadams54any gotchas?19:24
hatchprobably....it's the ecs/env19:24
hatchthat's as far as I got - it's a pretty big change - the env has used the same callback system since day one19:24
hatchnow we are changing it19:25
kadams54ha ha… *sobs19:25
hatchif you like you could defer that to either frankban or i19:25
kadams54i may19:25
hatchor matt, I think he is back monday19:25
rick_h__hatch: why don't you like doing the callback on seeing the new item?19:28
hatchrick_h__:  that's not how it works, atm the callback is fired when juju says "yep I hear ya" we need to wait until the delta comes in then act19:28
rick_h__hatch: right, but you mention you're not a fan of waiting for the delta to do the callback?19:29
hatchsorry I meant that I didn't want to remove the old model and create a new one vs just updating the old one19:29
hatch(after re-reading I see that wasn't clear)19:29
hatchboth approaches require acting when the delta comes in vs the OK from juju19:30
rick_h__kadams54: definitely feel free to delay on it if you want. 19:30
rick_h__hatch: right, we need to do some adjustment for sure.19:31
hatchI THINK I've finally got the charm tests to pass successfully 19:32
hatchwill see in a bit :)19:32
rick_h__charm tests? woot?19:32
rick_h__what blew up the charm tests?19:32
hatchfor the precise release19:32
hatchno idea....there were a ton of changes causing conflicts and whatnot - I emailed Matt to find out why there were so many changes19:32
hatchbut he is off so will have to wait to see19:33
hatchI won't push it until I hear back though19:33
kadams54hatch, rick_h__: OK, taking a different card19:33
hatchLP even shows commits without diffs which is very odd19:33
hatchso something got borked up real good19:33
hatchrick_h__:  good news is that CI is back up and running though 19:34
rick_h__hatch: saw that, thanks for the work on that + jcsackett 19:34
hatchit was mostly jcsackett - I was the monkey poking the other monkey with the stick19:35
hatchI was *just19:35
hatch*sigh* I spoke too soon the test failure for the precise charm is still there....19:40
rick_h__hatch: if you're not sure what's up don't force it. A few more days to figure out the charm won't hurt. Maybe also lean on frankban if he's around tomorrow19:42
hatchyeah I think I might do that - it's very odd because the code is identical between precise and trusty but precise is the only one which is failing19:43
hatchI'll fire him an email, hopefully he will have some better luck - I would like to get some real work done :) 19:45
hatcheveryone should be on trusty anyways.....right?19:45
lazyPowerhey hatch, you got a minute?20:20
lazyPoweri'm getting a really strange error from the GUI about the bundle not being a zip file20:20
lazyPowerand i'm not sure if this is gui or deployer20:20
lazyPowerbut that bundle looks perfectly acceptable20:21
lazyPowernevermind, looks like the charms weren't ingested yet20:25
hatchlazyPower:  sorry stepped away for a sec20:27
lazyPowerits cool, we discovered the root of all evil is ingest20:27
hatchyeah it's pretty horrible20:27
rick_h__but it's going to go away so yay! :)20:33
hatchjcsackett:  hey you use github hub right? Do you like it?21:32
hatchdoesn't look like anything quite beats the functionality of GRB21:36
jcsacketthatch: i am a huge fan of hub.22:00
hatchjcsackett:  so I frequetly use `grb create` and `grb delete` which creates a local branch, pushes it to the remote, and then tracks it22:01
hatchthe latter of course undoing that but only deleting the local if the source has been merged22:01
hatchdoes hub have anything like that? it doesn't appear so22:01
jcsackettnot really, no.22:02
jcsackettbut hey, aliases.22:02
hatchyeah, so what does hub give you that makes you be a fan?22:02
hatchlike what features do you find very useful22:03
jcsacketthatch: git checkout $pullrequesturl22:03
jcsackettit also just cleans up a lot of commands so it's easy to work with github style repos.22:03
jcsackettalso git pull-request -b develop -m "message"22:03
hatchahh yeah that one would be helpful22:03
hatchhmm I'll have to give it a try22:05
hatchmorning huwshimi23:22
hatchCI is back up and running23:22
hatchhuwshimi:  so how goes the x uncommitted branch?23:35
hatchit's been hanging in starting for a while :)23:35
hatchkadams54:  hey I also have input on your card in starting :D23:36
huwshimihatch: Yeah, that's because I keep starting other things because it's annoying23:37
hatchhaha - ok it's just been sitting there so haven't had anything to say in the standup23:42

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