ScottKkhtml and kdelibs4support udpates done04:05
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ScottKOK, they built on all archs now.05:49
ovidiu-florinGood morning sexy people :D05:54
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lordievaderGood morning.07:05
Riddellllordievader: able to do more ISOs today?08:05
Riddelllsoee: ↑08:05
lordievaderRiddelll: In the evening, sure. It got a respun right after I finished testing, eh. What changed?08:06
Riddelllnot sure, but a respin is validation that all this testing is important :)08:06
lordievaderRiddelll: I'll run a few test in the evening ;)08:08
Riddelll09:11 < jibel> Riddelll, last respin was a fix to dmidecode to support smbios > 2.7 and not crash ubiquity08:12
Riddellllordievader: ↑08:12
lordievaderAh check. Yeah that is a useful fix :)08:13
RiddelllScottK: kf5 all throught to released, thanks for the poking08:14
RiddelllScottK: I don't suppose you've any idea why kde4libs and friends isn't transitioning?08:14
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Riddellkubotu: newversion plasma-nm
Riddellkubotu: newversion digikam 4.2.008:28
apacheloggerkubotu: you have broken output, how did you manage that?08:29
tsimpson_apachelogger: ubottu.com is upgrading to 14.0408:30
apacheloggerthat would explain it I guess08:30
apacheloggeror maybe it doesn't08:33
apacheloggertsimpson_: is the upgrade in progress right now?08:33
tsimpson_it's upgraded all the packages, just migrating postgresql from 9.1 to 9.308:33
tsimpson_I did notice the default ruby version changed to 1.9 though08:34
apacheloggertsimpson_: rbot is using a ruby in my home08:34
apacheloggerthat wouldn't impact it though, the entire output of newversion comes out of a python script working the API08:34
apacheloggervery suspicious08:35
tsimpson_maybe the devel API changed it to a list08:36
tsimpson_hmm, the apidoc doesn't suggest it did08:37
apacheloggerthat would be a fun API change08:38
apacheloggerrunning it manually doesn't have the problem ...08:42
tsimpson_maybe ruby is splitting stdout into lines?08:42
apacheloggerah it is rubys fault after all08:43
apacheloggersince I upgraded to ruby>=2 a while ago the readlines api changed... in <2 it returned either a string or an array in 2 that has been unified so it always returns an array ^^08:43
apacheloggerkubotu: newversion plasma-nm
apacheloggeret voila08:46
ScottKRiddell: No, I didn't sort it out.09:34
Riddellhttps://dot.kde.org/2014/08/02/randa-meetings-interview-four-myriam-schweingruber "you could describe me as kind of a nerd" surely a geek :)10:35
shadeslayer_apachelogger: what needs doing10:46
apacheloggerlet's call it a day then10:47
* shadeslayer_ tries to figure out things to do10:47
apacheloggerfind out what is memleaking on my system :P10:50
Riddellshadeslayer_: 12.04.5 testing!10:50
apacheloggeror why magic key oom killer doesn't want to work10:51
shadeslayer_I am doing that10:51
Riddellapachelogger: stop dancing and test 12.04.5!10:51
* apachelogger had to kill his system earlier :'<10:51
shadeslayer_it's booooring10:51
apacheloggerRiddell: no time10:51
apacheloggerdoing !kubuntu things today10:51
Riddellcos I'm busy releasing frameworks so I can release plasma10:51
Riddell!kubuntu?  whatever could that involve?!10:51
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* yofel feels with apachelogger11:29
yofelthere is sysrq+f for manually oomkilling stuff11:29
apacheloggerthat's the one that didn't want to work for whatever reason11:31
apacheloggerat the same time +k didn't so it might well be that there was a fork bomb going on11:31
yofelmight be disabled, see /etc/sysctl.d/99-sysrq.conf11:31
apacheloggerwhich reminds me that I wanted to make a package to reduce security :P11:32
shadeslayer_gdb stuff probably11:34
* yofel plays with license-helper.py11:38
yofelthat thing is really useful11:39
shadeslayer_what's that11:41
yofelsee maxy's last mail to devel11:41
yofelI totally missed that there was a kde-workspace 4.11.1111:43
shadeslayer_my eyes11:43
yofelkubotu: newversion kde-workspace 4.11.1111:43
yofelwhat did I do... /o\11:43
yofelapachelogger: we need a doctor!11:44
Riddelldidn't I package it?11:44
Riddellyes it's in utopic11:45
Riddellbut would be nice to updates indeed11:45
yofelah hm, somehow my apt didn't know about it, and neither does bzr11:46
yofelRiddell: mind fixing latter please ^ ?11:46
yofel"An update is available for your system", indeed, there's 55511:48
yofelI knew I forgot to do something lately11:48
* Riddell looks11:48
apacheloggeryofel: system upgrade made it explode clearly xD11:48
shadeslayer_kubuntuBot_: nick kubuntuBot11:49
kubuntuBot_shadeslayer_, you don't have 'config::nick' permissions here11:49
apacheloggeroh that is rubbish11:49
Riddellyofel: done11:49
yofelthanks :)11:49
apacheloggersomeone nohuped it incorrectly I say11:50
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apacheloggerkubotu: newversion kde-workspace 4.11.1111:51
yofelon that topic, let me cherry pick that powerdevil patchery I did. I don't really think that should wait another month until we test logind11:51
soee__have question: we do ISO testing. now i se for ubuntu i386 there is a bug report about ubiquity, now i wonder if there might be again situation when they rebuild isos and we would have to do our tests from 0 again12:00
yofelNoskcaj: btw. we're now completely fine with upower 0.9912:01
=== soee__ is now known as soee
* yofel officially blames gcc for all the kernel panics he gets lately12:21
apacheloggeryofel: why did 4.13.3 take 15 days from upstream release to ppa?12:24
BluesKaj'Morning folks12:26
yofelapachelogger: I didn't have time and nobody else bothered12:33
yofelor didn't have time either12:33
yofelthis new shiny plasma thing was fancier12:34
sgclarkthere was also the 14.14 beta12:35
sgclarkso much at once...12:35
sgclarkwell.. don't think I can possibly donate much more time in my day, I do like sleep occasionly lol12:40
yofelnah, I've been there and did kde updates almost all by myself for a couple months and burned myself out12:42
soeesgclark: dont worry one day i will help you, dont know when this day will come but it will :D12:42
yofeldon't do that12:42
sgclarkI am on vacation next week :) will rejuvenate12:43
sgclarkbut yeah, wow lots of work haha12:43
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alleeFWIW: utopic: switched yesterday to sddm, rebooted (mac book pro) and only saw a black screen. found no way to switch to a virt console.  Power off and switched again to lightdm13:26
Riddellsgclark: not want to set up a build status page? http://qa.kubuntu.co.uk/ninjas-status/13:38
sgclarkRiddell: my apologies, will set that up13:38
shadeslayer_allee: this seems to be a common issue :S13:38
alleeshadeslayer_: :-)13:39
shadeslayer_allee: what happens if you try running sudo sddm via tty113:39
shadeslayer_or tty2 rather13:39
alleeshadeslayer_: with lightdm stopped I assume ...13:42
Riddellapachelogger: tarme doesn't like kwindowsaddons  http://paste.kde.org/p9hauwe1413:44
shadeslayer_allee: yep13:44
apacheloggerRiddell: I think your LANG or LC_ALL is busted again/still13:48
Riddellyou're right13:49
Riddellit didn't like  LANGUAGE=en:es:en13:49
yofelso, I removed german from my settings, now I have LANGUAGE=en:de:en13:53
alleeshadeslayer_: black screen.  Last night I saw a black screen with a cursor.  Now nothing vt1 is only black14:00
shadeslayer_allee: please file a bug on github.com/sddm/sddm with /var/log/sddm.log14:00
BluesKajwhat's the point of sddm anyway, lightdm was working fine as was kdm before it...why all these changes when stuff already works ?14:02
Riddellapachelogger: more problems? http://paste.kde.org/punus97id14:06
apacheloggernow you had a socket error :P14:08
alleeshadeslayer_: sddm.log will not help. http://paste.kde.org/pmhhlcysk   HOw to turn on debugging?14:11
shadeslayer_idk, thats where it's supposed to dump things14:11
sgclarkRiddell: http://goo.gl/EgjqmX14:12
Riddellsgclark: nice, looking mostly green :)14:13
sgclarkRiddell: well , qtruby is posing to be a big problem, if another set of eyes can take a look14:13
Riddellsgclark: look at the build log, it builds usr/lib/ruby/vendor_ruby/1.9.1/i686-linux/qscintilla.so14:16
Riddelland wants to install usr/lib/*/ruby/vendor_ruby/*/*/qscintilla.so14:16
Riddellso there's an extra dir the .install file wants  usr/lib/*14:16
Riddellthat asterisk can go14:16
sgclarkRiddell: aha, thanks, sorry long day/night14:17
Riddellso it needs a backport-hook script to do some sed magic on the .install file to fix that then reupload it14:17
Riddelllooks like all the .install files will need the same thing done14:18
shadeslayer_oh my14:21
shadeslayer_apachelogger: fyi https://errors.ubuntu.com/?user=kubuntu-bugs&period=month is working14:22
shadeslayer_probably the first and last time I'll see a developer cheering at incoming bug reports14:30
shadeslayer_xnox: ping14:46
xnoxshadeslayer_: yo!14:47
shadeslayer_xnox: on http://cdimages.ubuntu.com/kubuntu-plasma5/daily-live/pending/ I can't start ubiquity at all14:47
xnoxshadeslayer_: i'll look into that in about an hour. In a meeting at the moment.14:48
shadeslayer_xnox: sure14:48
shadeslayer_xnox: sudo ubiquity makes it start though14:48
allee shadeslayer_: weired, now the (in)famous x-cursor of a plain xserver is displayed.  Still with black bg. No new entry in the log.14:50
shadeslayer_sddm is not the most reliable thing in the world :(14:53
shadeslayer_though alot of the issues also come down to shit drivers14:53
apacheloggersuch as?14:55
shadeslayer_black screens?14:56
shadeslayer_sounds like a driver issue, since it starts fine on other machines14:56
shadeslayer_ofcourse, I'm no sddm expert :p14:57
apacheloggershadeslayer_: sounds more like a greeter/qml issue to be honest15:04
shadeslayer_Riddell: whai 15:12
shadeslayer_not alternate15:12
apacheloggerbut alternate is the best? :(15:12
shadeslayer_Riddell: might want to check why those were respun and test that specific thing15:13
shadeslayer_instead of checking the whole thing again15:13
shadeslayer_which is just a PITA15:13
Riddellshadeslayer_: it's all good15:13
Riddellalternates didn't have the problem15:13
Riddellso your testing this morning is still valid15:14
Riddelland this is only the ISO not the livefs so most previous testing is still valid15:14
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Turgayi am getting error http://www.imageupload.co.uk/images/2014/08/05/IMG20140805194727.jpg16:16
Turgaysystem :14.10 alpha2 plasma 516:16
shadeslayer_Turgay: and does it work with lightdm?16:16
Riddellanyone around for the rest of today (next 6 hours) able to click button on 12.04.5 release?16:18
Turgayshadeslayer_,   yes16:19
shadeslayer_not a clue16:19
RiddellScottK, sgclark, valorie, ahoneybun: you folks are in a late timezone, fancy clicking publish on 12.04.5?16:19
sgclarkRiddell: I have no idea what you mean16:20
Riddelllordievader, soee: those desktop images could do with some more testers if you are able to this evening16:20
Riddellsgclark: 12.04.5 is due to be announced sometime today hopefully in the next 6 hours, I need to leave, so someone needs to click publish for the story on the website when it happens16:21
sgclarkRiddell: not sure I have access or rights on website nor do I know which one :(16:21
sgclarkor I would lol16:22
Riddellsgclark: that can easily be fixed :)16:22
Turgayshadeslayer_, partial keyboard works16:22
sgclarksure then, point me to it16:22
sgclarkRiddell: ^ and alos I presume you want me to commit all the trusty backport stuff I had to make16:23
Riddellsgclark: yes please :)16:24
sgclarkI am now becomeing a sed master muhaha16:25
Riddellerror: unclosed replacement :)16:25
lordievaderRiddell: Any arch in particular?16:27
Riddelllordievader: both, desktop images16:27
lordievaderRiddell: Check, I'll see what I can do ;)16:27
sgclarklol ok maybe some time yet before I am a master16:33
apacheloggerRiddell: fwiw, I won't be around tomorrow (maybe eveningish) so if you face issues you better ask shadeslayer_16:38
apacheloggerI hear he speaks rupee very well :P16:38
Riddellapachelogger: going to randa?16:39
Riddellapachelogger: do you forsee any issues I might face?16:39
apacheloggeruntil now you always did have issues :P16:40
apacheloggeralbeit no new ones today, so I guess that is reason to hope16:40
soeeRiddell: wht have change since last isos i  tested ?16:44
soeezsync shows no difference16:44
Riddellsoee: minimal16:53
Riddellsoee: just wubi16:53
Riddellnevertheless, needs testing16:53
Riddellok I'm out for the evening, adios16:54
soeeyeah im doing some testes16:54
lordievadersoee: What are you testing?16:57
soeelordievader: atm 64bit / manual partitions16:57
soeeim setting In progress flag whenim doing some test16:57
soeeyou can always see it :)16:58
lordievadersoee: Ok great, before we do the same thing ;)16:58
soeethe bigest problem is the Wubi test16:58
kubotusoee meant: "the biggest problem is the Wubi test"16:59
lordievaderAgreed, unfortunately I cannot test that.17:00
ahoneybunhello lordievader soee 17:12
lordievaderHey ahoneybun, how are you?17:13
lordievadersoee: Can you confirm that the different filesystem types are listed twice under the parition setup?17:13
ahoneybunlordievader: good you?17:13
lordievaderDoing okay :)17:13
soeelordievader: i recheck that after current test Install (entire disk) is finished17:14
lordievadersoee: I'll file a bug, could you confirm it if you see it?17:15
lordievaderWhoo interesting it only happens with add not with change.17:15
soeewith add partition ?17:17
lordievadersoee: Yes, or clicking free space. The bug report number is 1354106.17:23
lordievaderbug #135410617:23
ubottubug 1354106 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "file systems listed twice manual partitioning" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/135410617:23
lordievaderahoneybun: How is it going with the docs these days?17:26
ahoneybunlordievader: tbh I have been out of the loop of most things I worked on 17:30
lordievaderahoneybun: Hmm, same here. Busy with life?17:35
soeelordievader: the auto resizer test - is there usch option to install kubuntu alongside other system ?18:32
lordievadersoee: If your disk is large enough, yes.18:35
lordievaderFor me it doesn't show, the disk I gave the vm is too small.18:35
soeei gave 20 gb18:36
apacheloggerI think 30gib or so of size should be enough18:36
soeei have se 35 GB disk, installed fedora 20, tried to install Kubuntu but thers not such option to install alongside19:08
soeeapachelogger: https://github.com/sddm/sddm/issues/25519:13
soeethe drm driver is the kubuntu part or my laptop stuff ?19:13
apacheloggerI know nothing about this or anything19:24
apacheloggershadeslayer_: ^ maybe u comprehend19:24
ovidiu-florindo you guys know anything about Bluetooth on Plasma 5? any luck with it?19:24
apacheloggerI also know nothing about this or anything19:26
apacheloggerovidiu-florin: shouldn't is simply work(tm)?19:27
ovidiu-florinapparently not19:27
apacheloggerRiddell: on a related note, didn't we want to land a bluez at some point or something so we can get bluedevil's latest release in?19:27
ovidiu-florinapachelogger: it works, but there's no GUI controller19:41
ovidiu-florinI can connect it via bluetoothctl19:41
apacheloggerovidiu-florin: bluedevil?19:42
ovidiu-florinmaybe, I don't know it's name19:42
ovidiu-florinthey'r all blue to me19:42
ovidiu-florinaparenlty the bluetooth service is not in the services list in Systemsettings19:46
apacheloggerit wouldn't be19:48
apacheloggerthat list is kded5 while bluedevil would use kded419:48
shadeslayer_soee: Kubuntu20:25
soeeshadeslayer_: to i shall report it somewhere as it is not related to sddm ?21:00
xnoxif you need me, ping me on #ubuntu-devel from now on.23:44

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