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yahyaai have hand brake for the latest version of kubuntu, but it does not have the extension for the mpeg format! Does anyone know how to get the mpeg format added to handbrake?01:17
CHR0N0Slordievader: howdy again!01:42
CHR0N0Shello all01:42
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Guest19742is ther a reason why administrators belong to groups adm and sudo, the sudoers references sudo and admin?01:53
Guest19742can i condense these to adm safely?01:53
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lordievaderGood morning.07:05
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FlashDelhi folks! I got a problem with 14.04: after fresh install with LVM and LUKS i cannot boot my system. It says: /scripts/local-top/cryptroot line 1 can't open /dev/my-lvm-root: no such file and thats it. Does anybody got a hint for me?09:21
lordievaderFlashDel: Mine does too, however after a bit it does continue. The system does ask you for your password?09:23
FlashDellordievader: yes, i type in the password, then the error above shows up and AFTER that there is cryptsetup: sda_crypt setup successfully. I tried a rootdelay but this doesnt take any effect09:24
FlashDelNow i am trying this workaround: http://blog.nanthrax.net/tag/ubuntu/09:24
lordievaderFlashDel: I see exacltly the same behaviour. However here it does boot.09:26
FlashDeldid you try to disable the udev support during LVM2 vgchange?09:28
FlashDelmaybe i am not waiting long enough, how long does it take to boot?09:28
lordievaderFlashDel: After that message it doesn't take long before upstart kicks in.09:30
lordievaderFlashDel: No, haven't changed anything afterwards, I did use the mini iso though.09:30
FlashDeli will try that workaround and tell you if it solves the problem09:35
kbroulikhi, I just added the ppa:kubuntu-ppa/next  to my utopic install (alpha 2) and my xessions are gone (/usr/share/xsessions doesnt exist) and /usr/bin/startkde also doesnt exist09:55
kbrouliknevermind, some packages seem to have not been installed and/or upgraded10:17
TaZeRhow can i make kubuntu installed to a usb stick work as fast as when booted as live off usb or cd?10:21
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BluesKaj'Morning folks12:26
six86Hello. Is there a way to define a priority for panels? Background: In the dockign station I am using two big screens. When I remove the notebook from the docking station the panels get stacked randomly...12:38
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dandre_I have just installed kubuntu, previously I used gnome.13:47
dandre_I am trying to assign a shortcut to Alt-2 key but this doesn't work. Alt-1, 3, 4 ... works fine13:48
lordievaderdandre_: Alt+2 is used by krunner. You should first reassign the krunner shortcut.13:48
dandre_I use a french keyboard and the shortcut is labelled as Alt-É instead of Alt-é13:50
dandre_I addn't a notification message about that13:51
dandre_is there any file to manually edit to see wether it works with Alt+é?13:52
dandre_I have tried to modify .kde/share/config/kglobalshortcutsrc without success.14:01
dandre_lordievader: could you help me14:01
lordievaderdandre_: I have absolutely no knowledge how KDE handles such hotkeys, I wouldn't be suprised if he wouldn't see the difference between that and alt + e.14:02
Walexdandre_: use 'xev' also to figure out what they key's keycode and keysyms currently are14:13
dandre_Walex: I have this:14:20
dandre_XLookupString gives 2 bytes: (c3 a9) "é"14:20
dandre_but if I manually edit the rc file in .kde/share, kwin does not see this change14:21
bombe_Hi,i installed Kubuntu 14.04 and everythin is cool,but i have problems with russian and korean characters they are displayed as "�" symbol, how can i get characters displayed properly //P.S. my system locales is in English14:29
Walexdandre_: that's not necessarily how it works...14:29
dandre_so how can I put a "é" instead of "É" in the shortcut?14:30
Walexdandre_: try 'kcmshell4 keys' and/or 'kcmshell4 kcm_keyboard'14:31
Walexdandre_: "how can I put a "é" instead of "É" in the shortcut" is not necessarily how X input works...14:31
Walexdandre_: perhaps my suggestion to look at 'xev' is not entirely inappropriate :-)14:32
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dandre_ 'kcmshell4 keys' that's what I have already done14:38
Walexdandre_: there is an explanation that to me seems plausible here: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Extra_Keyboard_Keys14:41
dandre_ok but this key is a regular key on a french keyboard not an extra14:43
dandre_I must logout, back i 5 minutes14:44
dandre_If I press capslock before, the shortcut is handled but this is not convenient14:58
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xrosnighthello guys. anyone using chromium browser v34? flash plugin not installed error after upgrading15:38
xrosnightwhat's that?15:38
BluesKajxrosnight, open chromium, type chrome://plugins/ in the addressbar to check if you have Shockwave Flash installed15:44
BluesKajif not you may need to reinstall chromium after purging it15:45
xrosnightBluesKaj: not found15:46
BluesKajok try about:plugins15:47
bombe_Hi,i installed Kubuntu 14.04 and everythin is cool,but i have problems with russian and korean characters they are displayed as "�" symbol, how can i get characters displayed properly //P.S. my system locales is in English16:01
dandre_bombe_: do you use UTF8 charset?16:04
bombe_how do i check this?16:05
dandre_open konsole and type 'locale'16:06
bombe_dandre_:locale: Cannot set LC_CTYPE to default locale: No such file or directory16:06
bombe_locale: Cannot set LC_MESSAGES to default locale: No such file or directory16:06
bombe_locale: Cannot set LC_ALL to default locale: No such file or directory16:06
unopastebombe_ you have been muted for 60 seconds as it looks like you are pasting lots of lines into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste just the URL of your data here when you are unmuted16:06
dandre_bombe_: ensure that you use utf8 everywhere it's easier16:07
bombe_how can i do this?16:08
dandre_where do you see characters displayed as "�"16:09
bombe_in dolphin16:09
dandre_ok so these files must have been created on windows or other system. There should be a setting to display those fileame correctly but I don't know16:11
dandre_maybe on mount oint configuration16:11
bombe_but i got in clementine player this too16:12
bombe_and those files i downloaded today16:12
bombe_in linux16:13
andy123bombe_:  something is misconfigured in your locale16:19
andy123try $cat /etc/default/locale16:20
bombe_andy123: says LANG="en_US.UTF-8"16:22
dandre_paste the file url where you downloaded it16:23
andy123you can try $ sudo locale-gen en_US.UTF-8 && sudo dpkg-reconfigure locales16:24
andy123then you probably need a reboot16:24
bombe_should i put en_US.UTF-8 or en_MD.UTF-8?16:25
bombe_cause i'm not in US16:25
andy123you should put in your desired locale I think16:25
bombe_i give it a try16:26
andy123locale should not return an error16:26
andy123after this16:26
bombe_no error16:26
skinuxTrying to run a shell script, but it says permission denied even using sudo.16:28
andy123skinux: did you give it executable permission?16:28
andy123with chmod +x <filename>16:28
skinuxYes. I also did so using file manager.16:29
andy123can you paste the first line of the script?16:29
skinuxI tried giving it 755 permissions, which command worked, but permission didn't actually change.16:30
skinuxI'm trying to install Intelli J IDE16:30
andy123uh, is the files mount point disabling executable permissions?16:31
skinuxWhat do you mean?16:31
skinuxIt's in my home directory.16:31
andy123ok, so it should be fine16:31
rdietersh shell_script   , should work too16:31
skinuxIt's not the first time I've had this problem, couldn't find a fix last time.16:31
andy123try it like rdieter said16:32
lordievader!pm | dmoyne16:32
ubottudmoyne: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice.16:32
skinuxOkay, now it's having an issue with a JAR file.16:34
skinuxI'll ask in more appropriate channel about that.16:34
andy123you need java to run jar files I think ...16:34
skinuxI have java16:38
bombe_andy123: I had some errors, this is waht my terminal is saying:    http://goo.gl/vIXl6e16:40
andy123bombe_: are you sure your locale is called "en_MD.UTF-8"?16:42
andy123I cant find it with google16:42
bombe_i copy-paste16:43
andy123from where?16:43
bombe_from terminal16:43
andy123bombe_: have you installed the korean& russian language pack?16:45
bombe_i ran your command with en.MD, and i saw no output, then i ran en.US and this is output16:45
andy123I cannot find en_MD.UTF-8 anywhere16:45
bombe_i installed them cause i thought the issue will disappear16:45
bombe_In System Settings-> Locale->Country : i set Moldova16:46
bombe_maybe this is kind of bug?16:47
andy123I dont know16:47
bombe_cuz MD means Moldova16:47
bombe_so frustrating16:48
andy123I think en_MD.UTF-8 does not exist16:48
bombe_it doesn't16:48
bombe_but why he sets it then16:49
andy123can you use another locale?16:49
andy123I dont know16:49
bombe_like what en.IN (International)16:49
andy123you can try?16:50
andy123I'm sorry, maybe somebody else can help you better16:50
bombe_btw ,ty16:51
bombe_for effort16:51
dandre_bombe_: paste the file url where you downloaded it16:51
bombe_1 question should i get some output while running this command?16:51
bombe_dandre: http://goo.gl/vIXl6e16:51
andy123bombe_: it should liike like that http://paste.kde.org/pxp6qw2is16:53
andy123(the locale command)16:53
bombe_wrong url16:54
andy123maybe you should try "ro_MD.UTF-8"16:54
bombe_hmm, but will my system language change to Romanian?16:55
andy123I think so16:55
bombe_i will reboot now16:56
bombe_andy123: whpeeww, no errors after changing my country back to US17:05
bombe_i generated locales17:05
bombe_now rebooting17:05
andy123ok good luck17:06
bombe_LOL, still displaying those weird symbols17:09
bombe_in Ubuntu it russian and other characters with no problem17:10
bombe_but if i install russian and korean locales will it work?17:12
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alphacrypthey, I wanted to backup my kubuntu like in windows or osx by using a tool and then being able to restory using a live cd19:18
alphacryptnot partition/disk just individually, just system files, what is needed to get it started19:19
bpromptalphacrypt:  I guess that may mean everything BUT $HOME directory then19:21
bpromptwell.... I guess you can do away with /tmp or /proc and /var folders too19:21
alphacryptsorry I meant all my files on the partition without the free space that one19:22
bpromptalphacrypt:      hmm ....hmm    there's -> http://redobackup.org/   <--- not sure if it stores the free space though19:28
alphacryptwell that scenario would be fine19:29
alphacryptI have another one partitioned disk and leave free space and then I let backupimage restore into that space automatically19:30
alphacryptyeah I dont want to clone19:32
bpromptalphacrypt:    http://www.partimage.org/Main_Page  <---19:38
bprompthmm is in the Universe repository btw19:39
alphacrypthmm I think it will save the whole partition with free space19:39
alphacryptI try redobackup first I guess19:39
alphacryptahhhhhhhh no "Partimage will only copy data from the used portions of the partition."19:40
alphacryptok I start with redo thanks19:41
bpromptwell.. I've done images on other apps.. they do only use the "used blocks"   and they restore fine, compression or not19:45
alphacryptwhat one19:45
alphacryptbprompt I mean what tool did you used19:49
bpromptohh this was a win32 app...  ghost19:50
alphacryptok also heard its fine when I searched19:51
alphacryptmean read sorry19:51
alphacryptheave to reboot need to connect my recorder19:52
alphacryptback for while19:58
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sirellynSo hopefully there is someone around who can help me.20:40
sirellynI'm trying to get my wireless working on kunbuntu Tahr20:41
sirellynI've reinstalled the broadcom drivers, but I have the same problem.  I can see and connect to other wireless networks20:41
sirellynbut can't ping anything20:41
sirellyneven my router.20:41
sirellynI'll try posting this in linux too20:42
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fosterbusterjoin #seddit23:13
fosterbustergdammit sorry23:13

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