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aalexhello. I upload packages to Launchpad on my PPA, but the package don't show up: https://launchpad.net/~mapmap/+archive/ubuntu/mapmap/+packages20:24
aalexIs there a way to verify they have been successfully uploaded? I should just wait, eh?20:24
cjohnstonaalex: did you receive an email?20:25
aalexcjohnston: yes! thank you21:52
aalexNow, the files specified in the debian/install file are not found. The file "mapmap" is the binary that should be built by qt4-qmake via CDBS.21:53
aalexThere is also a mapmap.desktop file. (no icon file for now)21:54
aalexHere is my current install file: https://github.com/mapmapteam/ubuntu-mapmap/blob/master/debian/mapmap.install21:55
aalexHow should change it so that it works?21:55
aalexdebian/tmp/usr/bin/mapmap ?21:56
aalex('cause my `make install` rule doesn't seem to install any file, so maybe my Qt4-qmake packaging is wrong)21:57
dobeyyou should use sbuild or pbuilder to test your builds locally21:57
dobeyyou also probably don't need to specify where to install things in the install file intself, but the qmake files should install them when "make install" is run21:59
aalexCan someone point me how to create a quilt patch with git-buildpackage? I have to modify some of the upstream files.22:16
shadeslayer_aalex: quilt new my_awesome_patch.patch23:11
shadeslayer_aalex: quilt edit foo/bar/baz.cpp23:11
shadeslayer_should open a editor23:11
shadeslayer_hack hack hack23:11
shadeslayer_write to file, exit23:11
aalexand then quilt refresh23:11
shadeslayer_quilt refresh23:11
shadeslayer_then quilt pop23:11
aalexand then git add these files23:11
shadeslayer_sounds like you have a handle on it ;)23:12
aalexahah, I figured it out since I posted that question. :)23:12
aalexBut thanks for the answer, I lost the page where I found the info.23:12
shadeslayer_it's alright23:12
aalexI will write a summary in some wiki.23:12
shadeslayer_you mean https://wiki.debian.org/UsingQuilt23:13
aalexYes, almost, I like to put pages under my user name on the debian wiki.23:13
aalexthere https://wiki.debian.org/AlexandreQuessy/GitNotes23:17
aalexDo you guys have a default simple .pbuilderrc to suggest me? The ones I found are rather buggy.23:18
aalexmaybe shadeslayer_ ? :)23:18
shadeslayer_aalex: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7983766/23:19
shadeslayer_is what I use23:19
shadeslayer_though needs adjusting23:19
shadeslayer_aalex: FWIW #ubuntu-motu might be a better place for packaging questions like these23:21
shadeslayer_or #ubuntu-packaging23:21
aalexThank you shadeslayer_ !23:47

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