mgodzillalubuntu 14.04.  remmina rdc to window 2008 server.  server view from lubuntu client is ugle.  colors saturated, icons distorted.00:12
mgodzillacolor depth didn't really do anythin' for me.00:13
mgodzillaany other thoughts or sugegestions?00:13
wxlmgodzilla: remmina handles multiple protocols. should i assume rdp?00:14
mgodzillai'm sorry wxl - i'm n00b to this.00:14
mgodzillayeah, rdp.00:14
wxlmgodzilla: did you try any other rdp clients? that would be the first test. if none of them provide any help it might be on the server side :)00:15
wxlmgodzilla: if you're command line friendly, try rdesktop00:15
* mgodzilla googles00:15
mgodzillathx. wxl :)00:15
wxlmgodzilla: also to sort of side step your problem, you might try using no machine instead00:16
* wxl can't remember if it's in the repos00:16
wxl!search nomachine00:16
mgodzillaah.  the app. is call nomachine?00:16
wxlhold on i'll link you in a sec00:16
mgodzillathank you again.00:16
wxli don't think it's in the repos00:16
wxlbut it's available for windows, os x, linux, mobile00:17
wxlwe used to use rdp for remote access at work and switched to nomachine and several things that didn't work now work wonderfully00:17
mgodzillaoh wow.  record a desktop session.  i like that.00:17
* wxl nods00:17
mgodzillanice.  thanks for the tip :)00:17
* mgodzilla hug00:17
wxlbefore rdp we were using logmein which is $$$ but nice and nomachine is free and has many of those same features00:18
absk007why does sound mutes when screen is locked? How to stop this behaviour?00:21
absk007What's the difference in power saving over perf.? http://i.imgur.com/ifjkwOK.png00:32
holsteinabsk007: power saving will be preferred over performance01:44
swift110Hey all01:53
swift110How r u hyperAir01:56
hyperairfine thanks01:57
swift110What motivated u to use lubuntu?01:59
holsteinlubuntu is a nice light base for most any work flow02:01
swift110Thats cool02:02
swift110I was using puppy on a ten year old machine and i decided to try lubuntu on a separate hdd since i have so many of them02:03
holsteinpuppy is lighter.. at a cost02:09
swift110Yes i know02:09
swift110Holsten can u elaborate please02:10
ubottuYou can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.02:10
holsteinthe way puppy loads into ram is faster.. but that is a compromise... and the ubuntu base and package system that is "heavier" about lubuntu is a feature.. lubuntu is a balance02:11
swift110What are other benefits02:43
hyperairswift110: i don't.02:52
hyperairswift110: i use ubuntu myself, but that's because i want a fully featured desktop without compromising on anything.02:53
swift110Oh ok02:54
swift110I need something light enough to use with 512 mb ram02:54
hyperairlubuntu is light enough to use on 512MB ram.02:54
hyperairin fact, the older versions of ubuntu proper were light enough to use on 512MB RMA02:54
hyperairjust stick with 32-bit02:55
hyperairthe 64-bit version will use more memory. not as much as double, but easily 25-50% more02:55
swift110 I see03:00
swift110Lol i thought of upgrading to 1 gb but i want what i have to be put to.usr03:01
holsteinswift110: 2 or 4 gb's is pretty standard these days.. id say, max out the capacity in the box.. its likely quite cheap these days to do so03:11
holsteinfact: nothing software makes the hardware any "better" or "faster".. you can just use less resources, and lubuntu is a nice balance for that.. many more heavy, and many more light03:12
ianorlinI have used lubuntu on a box with 512 mb of ram it is useable and have gotten job interviews after applying for jobs on it03:58
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swift110Helo all09:29
Aisonwhere are the xorg settings stored in lubuntu 14.04?10:40
AisonI detached one monitor but lightdm still loads two screen10:40
Aisonso I cant see the login window10:40
Aisoncan I reset that somehow? /etc/X11/xorg.conf is not present10:41
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phillwAison: if you need xorg, you need to install it.11:01
Aisonxorg is installed :P but the settings are completely strange11:02
AisonI can move out with the mouse over the screen borders11:02
phillwAison: have a look at http://askubuntu.com/questions/217758/how-to-make-an-xorg-conf-file11:06
donglewifihello there, got some trouble with my dongle wifi11:10
donglewificould u give me a hand?11:12
hateballoh come on ubottu11:13
ubottuPlease elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)11:13
* yz3pD gives donglewifi a hand11:13
donglewifihere we are, sorry I was away11:17
donglewifiI've got pastebin ready for use11:18
donglewifilsusb shows that the dongle is connected11:18
hateballdonglewifi: What is the actual issue?11:19
donglewifiI cannot connect to the internet/don't see any wireless11:19
donglewifiI am connecting now with LAN11:19
hateballdonglewifi: Are you on 14.04?11:20
phillwdonglewifi: what version of lubuntu are you using?11:20
donglewifiI am not completely sure11:20
donglewifiI guess is 14.0411:20
donglewifiHow can I quickly check?11:21
hateballdonglewifi: "lsb_release -a"11:21
hateballdonglewifi: Can you check under Preferences - Additional drivers, if there's some firmware to download for the chipset?11:21
donglewifithanks hateball , yep, I confirm it's 14.0411:21
phillwdonglewifi: If you have 14.04, then do an update which will pull in the fix for nm-applet11:22
donglewifiI have done it earlier, I'll do it again if helps11:22
phillwdonglewifi: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade11:22
hateballGoogling suggests it uses rt2800 which I know broke for me in some kernel version...11:22
hateballWell the module works, just firmware binary is outdated and wont load11:22
donglewifido you reckon?11:23
donglewifiI have downloaded two tar packages11:23
donglewififollowed some instructions, but made it worse :(11:23
donglewifiso, I am pretty desperate11:23
hateballdonglewifi: if you do "lsmod|grep rt" does it show rt2800 ?11:24
phillwdonglewifi: also look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Device/Tenda_W311M#rt2800usb_driver11:25
donglewifinothing relevant I assume11:25
donglewifiI had a look phillw , thanks anyway11:25
hateballdonglewifi: nope. how about all of lsmod11:25
hateballif you have loaded some other module perhaps11:26
hateballdonglewifi: and links to the "some instructions" would be helpful as well I guess11:26
donglewifisorry, I forgot to do it11:26
hateballdoesnt look like any modules for wifi are loaded at all11:27
donglewifiI did what this guy was saying, but made it worse11:27
donglewifito begin with I could see wireless, and it tried to connect to the wifi, but didn't work.  Now I cannot see anything at all11:28
donglewifiIt's weird isn't it?11:28
hateballnot really very weird11:29
donglewifiright, that's good then11:29
hateballwhat you've done is blacklist rt2800usb which is the module you need, and instead loaded rt2870sta11:29
hateballso that needs to be undone11:29
donglewifiI thought there were to many blacklisted things11:30
donglewifiHow can I do this?11:30
hateballdonglewifi: you can "sudo nano /etc/modules" and comment out the rt287011:30
donglewifiok, i see, but 3 of them11:31
hateballlikewise in /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf you scroll to the end and remove the modules you blacklisted11:31
hateballdonglewifi: three of what? rt2870sta? perhaps you ran the thing 3 times?11:31
hateballjust comment out or remove them all11:32
hateballnot lp tho11:32
donglewifiI did delete those three but I cannot see any save document anywhere..11:33
donglewifiwhat should I press?11:34
donglewifijust quit?11:34
phillwCtrl and X11:34
donglewifiis askink what file name to write11:34
phillwdonglewifi: kust press enter11:35
donglewifiok, thanks11:35
donglewifiready for the next step11:36
phillwnano will always suggest to save as the file name you opened11:36
phillwdonglewifi: reboot :D11:36
hateballdonglewifi: /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf11:36
hateballneeds to be edited as well, if you have not yet done that11:36
phillwouch, has he not that yet...11:36
phillwtoo many cooks.... hateball I'll leave him in your capable hands :)11:37
hateballphillw: well hang around :p11:37
hateballI am at work, so who knows how much time  Ihave11:37
donglewifithanks hateball, I am really thankful of your time helping me11:38
hateballI know how much of a PITA these chipsets are11:39
donglewifibtw, i downloaded a zip file called: RT2870_Firmware_V22.zip11:40
donglewifido I need this?11:40
hateballdonglewifi: hopefully not. save it for now unless you need the space11:41
phillwYeah, I know tell people to just get http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Mini-150Mbps-USB-WiFi-Wireless-Adapter-150M-LAN-Card-802-11n-g-b-2dbi-Antenna-UK/271048274239?_trksid=p2050601.c100103.m2451&_trkparms=aid%3D111001%26algo%3DREC.SEED%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20140721095842%26meid%3D8864319498041210802%26pid%3D100103%26prg%3D20140721095842%26rkt%3D4%26clkid%3D8864322381674458025&_qi=RTM179356511:42
hateballdonglewifi: well, it would be sudo nano /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf11:42
hateballsudo being your way of elevating your rights, nano being the editor, and the rest being the file to edit11:42
phillwhateball: he could also use gksudo leafpad /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf if he's not familiar with nano (and no telling a new comer to use vi :P )11:44
donglewifithanks, this is the result: http://pastebin.com/7JGLqg9E11:44
donglewifi(actually I am using gedit :D )11:44
hateballphillw: Yeah I know, just didnt want to switch editors midway :p11:45
hateballbesides, knowing how to use a cli editor comes in handy...11:45
hateballdonglewifi: oh man :D11:45
hateballdonglewifi: well. that's not a good looking file. remove everything from line 56 and down11:46
donglewifi(with dark colour scheme) :D11:46
donglewifiok boss11:46
hateballThen save the file, and now we can reboot the machine. Still not done however.11:46
donglewifiok, I kinda thought that, but it's a step forward :D11:47
donglewifisee ya soon11:47
donglewifiok, now I am at the previous stage before the mess11:50
hateballdonglewifi: alright, let's check first with "lsmod|grep rt" if it loaded rt2800 by itself this time11:50
donglewifiI can see everything now but obviously the wireless doesn't wor11:51
hateballdonglewifi: You can see networks now, but not connect, is that correct?11:51
donglewifiyep, that's correct hateball11:51
hateballdonglewifi: Now do "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade" and after that check in the additional drivers again11:52
donglewifiok, so I do the same: lsmod|grep rt?11:53
hateballdonglewifi: no no11:54
donglewifii did update and upgrade11:54
hateballdonglewifi: in preferences -> software -> additional drivers11:54
donglewifiit seems there was nothing new added11:54
hateball(I think, not on lubuntu atm)11:54
hateballbut it's in there someplace11:54
donglewifiyep found it11:55
hateballDoes it show any additional things to install?11:55
hateballOr well, enable11:55
donglewifiEhm it seems that the Nvidia Geforce11:56
hateballYes I saw you were using nouveau, it's up to you if you want the proprietary driver or not11:56
hateballBut... it would be nice if there was mention of the wifi stuff11:56
donglewifiactually, that's another problem I had :D11:56
donglewifiI have a graphic card, but am using the integrated one because started to not show the screen11:57
donglewifithere is nothing about wireless11:58
hateballdonglewifi: if you do... "dmesg | grep rt2" does it show anything about failing to load firmware?11:59
donglewifiit seems to be something like 'disabling', i'll paste it in a second12:00
donglewifiwhat's this 'AP'12:01
donglewifiit seems that here lies the problem12:02
hateballit does seem it could be related to that network manager bug phillw spoke of12:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1104476 in network-manager (openSUSE) "Network manager cannot connect to WPA2/PEAP/MSCHAPv2 network without CA_Certificate" [High,Confirmed]12:05
hateballdonglewifi: what is the output of "modinfo rt2800usb" ?12:06
hateballstarting to run out of both ideas and time12:06
hateballit's weird, the id for the device you pasted suggested it was 3072, yet according to dmesg it is 307112:08
donglewifi:( that's really odd12:09
donglewifihowever, to tell you the full story, I had it working in Ubuntu.  Then I wanted to get Lubuntu because of its lightweight and that's it :)12:16
hateballdonglewifi: is the package linux-firmware installed? I guess it is12:17
phillwdonglewifi: hateball wifi stuff is done in core. not by lubuntu12:17
donglewifiehm, I am not sure12:17
donglewifican I check?12:18
hateballphillw: yes?12:18
donglewifihow? :D12:18
phillwdonglewifi: how did you install lubuntu?12:19
hateballphillw: well, it could be some freaky depend on ubuntu-desktop vs lubuntu-desktop in this case, but even that is doubtful12:19
donglewifiI deleted ubuntu and installed from usb12:19
hateballdonglewifi: apt-cache policy linux-firmware12:19
hateballshould say if it's installed12:20
phillwhateball: I want the instal usb checking, usb writers are creating bad images that leave you in the land of 'silly errors'.12:20
phillwboot from usb and run the self test.12:21
donglewifiI am really sorry phillw , but I don't know what self test is12:22
donglewifido you mean I should use the same usb pen that I used to install Lubuntu?12:23
hateballlet's not get sidetracked :|12:23
donglewifi(there is something you should know, the pc is 64 bit but I have installed a 32 bit OS, does this matter?)12:23
hateballdonglewifi: what does "ls -lashv /lib/firmware|grep rt28" say?12:25
hateballbecause that's where the rt2870.bin firmware should be... if the linux-firmware package is installed12:25
phillwdonglewifi: when you boot from USB stick, it offers an option the "Test CD", I'd like that done.12:27
donglewifii will do it asap12:27
donglewifisee you in a wee while12:27
hateballeverything looks fine, I don't even know12:28
phillwwb donglewifi how is it now?12:50
donglewifiit did not give any errors12:50
donglewifiso I assume nothing wrong with the installation#12:51
phillwdonglewifi: it is still possible, so do a boot with the usb stick and get it to check itself12:52
donglewifisorry phillw , could you explain what check itself mean?12:53
phillwdonglewifi: when the usb boots, it offers a couple of options.. one of them is "Check CD", this also works on the USB12:55
donglewifiI just did that13:03
donglewifino issues encountered13:03
phillwdonglewifi: good news, does wifi work?13:04
donglewifinot yet my friend :(13:05
phillwdo you have the nm-applet ?13:05
GlorfindelI am live booting lubuntu 14.04 on a dell latitude D820 and it doesn't recognize the wifi card13:57
GlorfindelIt is an intel13:57
phillwGlorfindel: re-boot and do self test (it is in the boot screen)13:58
comics_ideesis there any good new programm for lubuntu?14:15
holsteincomics_idees: for what? you can fire up any ubuntu live CD and look at what is in the repos for 14.04 and see what is "new"14:22
phillwcomics_idees: or, you can be a real man and test 14.10 :P14:24
comics_idees14.10 is not lts14:24
holsteincomics_idees: what software are you interested in?14:25
comics_ideesfor desktop pc14:25
comics_ideesanything useful14:25
holsteincomics_idees: if you are interested in "new", you'll want to go with the latest releases, and likely not stay on the LTS's.. ubuntu is not a rolling release14:25
phillwcomics_idees: you want new stuff and LTS????.... Massive fail14:25
phillwholstein: +114:25
holsteincomics_idees: for what use? there are literally thousands of packages in the repos.. what are you trying to do?14:25
comics_ideesfor better video, graphics etc14:26
comics_ideesbetter use of cards14:26
holsteincomics_idees: "better" video what? you mean, 3d grahpics drivers?14:26
comics_ideesno better use of existing old video card14:27
holsteincomics_idees: you can always ask the creators of the cards for "better" software.. its really ultimately up to them to support the products they create.. *all* of linux is open, and every company is able to and encouraged to support the devices they create14:27
comics_ideesyes ok14:28
holsteincomics_idees: there will likely never be better support for older cards.. quite possibly, they fall into the "legacy" category and actually dont get support14:28
holsteincomics_idees: be sure you check with your manufacturer and see what policy they have on linux support, and if they do not officially support linux, you can test upcoming releases and drivers and report bugs officially14:29
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.14:29
holsteinalso, anything that steam suggests should have the latest GPU drivers..14:29
ubottuValve have officially announced that they are developing Steam and are working with !ubuntu during their development, see http://blogs.valvesoftware.com/linux/steamd-penguins/ for further details, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Valve for install instructions, you can also join #ubuntu-steam for discussion.14:29
holsteinthough, ppa's are not officially supported, they do provide a way to add more recent drivers to your system for GPU's.. though, on older hardware, that is likely not the concern..14:30
holsteincomics_idees: what is your concern with your graphics? are you trying to get 3d and not able to? are you trying to play games? and cannot?14:30
comics_ideesno I want to watch video14:31
comics_ideesand causes problems14:31
holsteincomics_idees: what video?14:31
comics_ideesfor example dvdrip14:31
holsteincomics_idees: you dont need graphics drivers to watch video.. what video? where?14:31
holsteincomics_idees: dvdrip is *not* a video.. thats an application14:31
comics_ideesin an lubuntu software14:31
holsteincomics_idees: are you trying to watch a DVD you ripped? where? in what?14:31
holsteincomics_idees: lubuntu *is* ubuntu.. all lubuntu software is in the main ubuntu repos..14:32
holsteincomics_idees: what video are you having what trouble with?14:32
comics_ideesfor any kind of video, divx avi etc14:32
comics_ideesit is not good play14:32
holsteincomics_idees: not "good"? or not playing at all? what makes you think this is related to your graphics hardware support?14:33
comics_ideesit plays the video but it makes pauses and freezings14:33
holsteincomics_idees: what are the specs of the system? could be, you are on lagacy hardware that may not provide you the funtionality you seek in linux14:33
comics_ideesmy graphics card is very old14:34
holsteincomics_idees: i would try to remove the driver from the equation.. i would use a vesa driver and test.. you can force a vesa driver easily with a custom xorg.conf14:34
holsteincomics_idees: sure.. but, nothing in software will make your graphics card any newer..14:34
comics_ideeswhat is a vesa driver14:34
comics_ideesanother problem is that I cannot play google earth14:35
holsteini would try the vesa driver, and test.. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1270209 try it with this resolution and test.. dont even bother configuring it14:35
holsteincomics_idees: google earth requires 3d14:35
comics_ideesit says graphics card does not support 3d14:35
holsteincomics_idees: sure.. so you dont get google earth support from your hardware vendor for linux14:35
holsteincomics_idees: you dont get 3d support14:36
comics_ideeshowever i play google earth in same pc but not in lubutu14:36
comics_ideesI play google earth windows version14:36
sgo11hi, what can cause /etc/fonts/local.conf not working? thanks.14:36
holsteincomics_idees: sure.. you are guaranteed 3d support from the vendor for windows.. there is likely a little sticker on the box that guarantees windows support..14:36
holsteincomics_idees: you can have the same support from them for *any* operating system that can run on the hardware.. linux, or whatever.. but they have only promised you windows support14:37
sgo11my lxterminal uses Monospace font. but that is wrong. It's not the one I configured in /etc/fonts/local.conf. this is weird. This never happens before.14:37
comics_ideesI dont know if it has 3d but it works in windows but not in lubuntu14:37
holsteincomics_idees: you stated it does *not* have 3d support14:37
comics_ideesbut I dont know if windows needs 3d14:38
comics_ideesmaybe it does not need14:38
holsteincomics_idees: "works in windows" is irrelevant, since, they promised you windows would work on the hardware.. they never promised you linux woul14:38
holsteincomics_idees: its not that windows needs it.. its the google earth *requires* it..14:38
holsteincomics_idees: so, in windows, where the manufacturer has provided you a driver with 3d support, google earth works.. in linux where you are responsible for driver support, its not working14:39
holsteincomics_idees: what graphics chip do you have? have you tried any proprietary drivers?14:39
comics_ideesI use lubuntu in 2 different pcs14:39
comics_ideesone has a  ati radeon 9000/910014:40
comics_ideesgraphics card14:40
holsteincomics_idees: is that the one we are talking about?14:40
holsteincomics_idees: or, both dont do 3d?14:40
holsteincomics_idees: have you tried the proprietary driver? on either?14:40
comics_ideesI am not sure14:41
holsteincomics_idees: do you know what a proprietary driver is? the manufacturers do provide drivers for linux in many cases14:41
comics_ideesyes but where is the ati radeon 9000/910014:41
comics_ideesI cannot find it14:41
comics_ideesand how to install it14:42
holsteincomics_idees: what have you tried? the driver is in the repos.. you *can* find it..14:42
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto14:42
holsteincomics_idees: in many cases, you dont need it.. but, the proprietary driver is likely the only chance for providing 3d support.. and if you have not tried it, try it14:42
holsteincomics_idees: is the other device ati as well?14:43
comics_ideesno I dont checked it14:43
comics_ideesI must check the other14:43
holsteincomics_idees: well, i would focus on one machine at a time, and as always, have data backed up and read up on installing and removing the driver modules14:43
suncokretdoes anybody use xombrero browser?14:45
holsteincomics_idees: keep in mind, a team of professionals were hired to make sure windows works on that hardware.. you are basically taking that task on yourself for linux support..14:45
comics_ideeshm ok14:45
holsteinand, if the vendor has not made it easy for linux support, it may not be easy, or possible.. there are many devices that do not get 3d support in linux.. though, steam coming to linux has really helped.. i would follow any advice you read in the steam community for driver support14:47
ubottuValve have officially announced that they are developing Steam and are working with !ubuntu during their development, see http://blogs.valvesoftware.com/linux/steamd-penguins/ for further details, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Valve for install instructions, you can also join #ubuntu-steam for discussion.14:47
comics_ideesso what is steam?14:49
comics_ideesshould I install steam client to pc?14:49
holsteincomics_idees: no.. i didnt say that at all14:49
phillw!steam | comics_idees14:49
ubottucomics_idees: Valve have officially announced that they are developing Steam and are working with !ubuntu during their development, see http://blogs.valvesoftware.com/linux/steamd-penguins/ for further details, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Valve for install instructions, you can also join #ubuntu-steam for discussion.14:49
holsteincomics_idees: what im saying is, steam is a gaming application that requires 3d. and they also now support linux.. so, anything they have documented will be relevant to you14:50
comics_ideesso if I install steam it might prompt to download some drivers that I need14:51
holsteincomics_idees: no, i did not say that14:53
holsteincomics_idees: no need to go installing steam, or another other applications.. there is *no* piece of software that is going to magically make your hardware supported14:53
holsteincomics_idees: what you can do is read up on the community support at steam, since steam is requiring 3d, and there is a large community there, and any driver info for your card at steam will be relevant14:54
holsteincomics_idees: start by literally simply installing the driver from the repos..14:54
suncokretdid you told me about xombrero? :)15:22
wxlsuncokret: i don't know. do you love it or hate it? it you love it, yes. otherwise, no. ;)15:24
suncokreti can't find any options, you told me there is favorites...15:25
suncokretwhere Unit193 come from so fast15:26
wxlsuncokret: Unit193 is the master of xombrero.15:26
suncokreti know15:26
suncokretyou told me last time15:26
Unit193Nah, I don't use favorites.15:27
suncokreti start xombrero but i can't find any options15:27
suncokretit don't have menu bar15:27
suncokreton right click it don't have any options15:27
Unit193Looks like you need to read the manpage.  It's a vi like browser, it's not going to have those.15:27
wxlhe means it DOESN'T have those.15:27
* wxl does point out that gvim such things, and proceeds to point and laugh at poor old Unit193 15:28
suncokretxombrero is about half lighter than opera15:28
suncokreti use opera15:28
Unit193gvim isn't vim. :D15:28
suncokretfirefox is much heavier than opera15:28
suncokretxombrero is ligthe than opera but don't have much great options which opera have15:29
wxlUnit193: i guess that's like saying that aptitude is not apt-get is not dpkg, which is somewhat true, but not really XD15:29
wxlsuncokret: sounds like you need to start programming a fork of xombrero with a menu bar.15:29
suncokreti am not programer15:30
wxlwell, become one and your problems will be solved :)15:30
suncokreti don't have problems, i use opera :)15:30
suncokretit works very good15:30
wxlthen what's your question again? XD15:30
suncokretquestion was about favorites in xombrero15:30
suncokretbecause you told me there is15:30
wxland now you know the answer.15:31
suncokretso xombrero is very light, but very poor with options :)15:31
wxlnot poor with options but certainly lacking a menu bar15:32
wxlwhich some people consider a feature15:32
suncokrethow is not poor with options when it don't have almost any option?15:33
wxlsuncokret: if you read the manpage, you'll find it has many.15:33
suncokrethow i can use them, keyboard shortcuts?15:34
wxlsuncokret: if you look just at the surface, then you won't see it. which is the same with vi. open up vi in a terminal and see how many options there are. it seems like apparently none. there are a TON of options. but they're all through keyboard commands.15:34
wxlthere was a time before the mouse…15:34
* wxl misses that time.15:34
* rafaellaguna don't uze mouzez15:35
wxlrafaellaguna: wrong channel XD15:35
suncokreti don't like to use terminal15:35
wxlmy condolences15:36
wxlyou're missing about 90% of the full power of your operating system15:36
suncokreti use keyboard shortcuts or mouse15:36
suncokretand i like GUI15:36
rafaellagunaI love GUI too, but sometimes I open a term to do things that will last hours with windowed apps15:37
rafaellagunathe I close it and it's a GUI again ;)15:37
suncokreti open term sometimes too15:37
wxli use a gui browser15:38
wxli use a gui for image editing15:38
wxli use guis mostly for creating audio but that's largely because i don't feel like re-creating all the interfaces and making them usable in a terminal for improv use15:38
suncokreti use gui for everything, because i can do everything which i need in Lubuntu with15:38
wxland that's about it15:38
* rafaellaguna loves command BEEP15:39
* wxl loves redirecting /dev/urandom to the dsp15:39
wxlrafaellaguna: you mean irc beep?15:40
rafaellagunano, command beep, for making beep noise :P15:40
wxlyeah don't use that one15:40
suncokret<wxl> you're missing about 90% of the full power of your operating system15:40
rafaellagunawxl, a newbie question, how the hell could I send something to nowhere? I mean, like "> nul"15:40
suncokretwxl, i don't know what i miss, because i do everything what i need without terminal15:41
wxlrafaellaguna: echo "something" > /dev/null15:41
rafaellagunaooh, right15:41
wxllike there's a great shirt that parodies the saying "i'm with stupid" and says "i'm with /dev/null"15:41
rafaellagunaI did > nul and, obviously, it created a nul file :D15:41
wxlsuncokret: to each his own15:42
suncokreti was try linux 10 years before, and i leave it after month15:43
suncokretbecause then i can't do everything which i need from gui15:43
suncokreti don't remember everything15:43
suncokretbut i know that i had problems with cyrillic15:44
wxlthere is a gui for that. xnotes :)15:44
suncokreti have much file and directory names in cyrillic15:44
wxl!info xnotes15:44
ubottuPackage xnotes does not exist in trusty15:44
rafaellagunaI needed a drawing app and then I met with GIMP, and Windows was dead for me15:44
wxlaw crap what's it called?15:44
wxlsuncokret: there's fonts for that15:44
wxl!info xpad15:44
ubottuxpad (source: xpad): sticky note application for X. In component universe, is optional. Version 4.2-0ubuntu1 (trusty), package size 89 kB, installed size 622 kB15:44
wxlyes that.15:44
suncokretnow it work15:44
wxlnever forget things again15:44
rafaellaguna!info cucumber15:44
ubottucucumber (source: cucumber): acceptance testing framework. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.3.8-1 (trusty), package size 84 kB, installed size 507 kB15:44
wxlrafaellaguna: have you used inkscape at all?15:45
rafaellagunait's my daily app ;)15:45
wxli haven't fully mastered it15:45
suncokretnow cyrillc works great15:45
rafaellagunathere's a nice app now in repos, mypaint, if you have an intuos or wacom15:45
wxlsteep learning curve and i dabble in graphics. dont' have a daily use for it. but it's awesome15:45
suncokretand all files and directory names which are in cyrillic i can see15:45
wxli gto everyone at work using it (even on windows) because it can import and export pdfs :)15:45
rafaellagunayou should try, wxl, results are like oil paintings15:46
wxli wish i had one! actually i got an app for my tablet that will use it as an input device15:46
rafaellagunaexcept mine that looks like a cat vomit15:46
wxlalso now that the kernel accepts wiimotes and xbox controllers i was going to try to use them rafaellaguna XD15:46
wxloooh cat vomit!!!!!!15:46
suncokretnow linux work fine15:46
wxlwell glad all is well suncokret15:46
rafaellagunado it, let your inner artist awake15:46
suncokreti expect to be able to do all what i need from gui15:47
* wxl coughs up a hair ball, puts a frame around it and hangs it up with some dramatic lighting on the wall.15:47
suncokretand even lubuntu which is lightest enviroment do work15:47
rafaellagunasuncokret, you know what? I was using OSX and it lacks tooones of Linux resources15:47
wxlsuncokret: in my impression that's a generally high expectation for lubuntu (there are some things…) so i'm glad to hear it!15:47
rafaellagunait has a terminal which can do nothing15:47
rafaellagunaand for every complex install you need to add additional command line packages15:48
wxlrafaellaguna: the terminal is DIFFERENT. but the annoying thing is that it's not only not linux, it's not even proper freebsd.15:48
rafaellagunaI mean servers, collaborative boards, etc,15:48
wxli was on os x too before my official move to linux full time15:48
wxlthe more i used it the more i got irritated at it because i do use the terminal A LOT15:48
rafaellagunait's a fake of Unix, they took bsd and screwed it up15:48
wxlpretty much15:49
suncokretlubuntu is great distribution i can do everything what i need from gui15:49
rafaellagunawe're glad you do :)15:49
suncokretand i don't need other linux15:49
rafaellagunaI tested ALL15:49
rafaellagunaexcept CentOS15:49
suncokretand it finaly have lts15:49
wxlwell feel free to hang out here suncokret and help others. we could use all the volunteers we can get. are you on the mailing list?15:49
wxlcent is derived from what again?15:49
rafaellagunadunno, checking...15:50
newazI install dconf turn off screen saver , but after few minutes it goes to login panel. Is it any bugs with that ?15:50
wxlwell if you've used redhat there you go15:50
rafaellagunaso no interest then :)15:50
rafaellagunamy first Linux was RedHat, then Mandrake, then OpenSuSE, then Ubuntu15:51
wxlnewaz: meaning it goes to the screensaver login panel??15:51
wxlrafaellaguna: i started with slackware :)15:51
rafaellagunatrust me, no other Linu has the same community, support, easyness and "stupidness"15:51
wxlrafaellaguna: actually if you want to consider all unix-like operating systems, i started with freebsd. terminal only.15:52
wxlrafaellaguna: that's why i stayed here and continue to stick with canonical.15:52
rafaellagunayes, I hadn't a desktop in redhat, it came later :)15:53
wxli used an old kde when i started15:53
rafaellagunafirst it was a primitive X, with a look and feel that I still miss (that dotted background, with a clock floating)15:53
wxlguess what we use at work? kkubuntu XD15:53
wxlrafaellaguna: don't forget xeyes!15:53
rafaellagunano way! I can't use other thing than OSX (Spain is sold to Apple and Microchown)15:53
* rafaellaguna lovez xeyes!15:54
wxlrafaellaguna: http://bikefridaywalter.files.wordpress.com/2011/05/macbochs.png15:54
suncokreti tryed xfce, cinnamon, mate, kde.... and i prefer lxde15:54
rafaellagunaeven with msdos, I didn't use msdos, mine was drdos with a graphic GEM environment15:54
wxli used the original dos15:55
rafaellagunaI use now XFCE, because of the BeOS resemblance (tweaked a lot, of course)15:55
wxlmy love affair with m$ ended with 95 because the terminal became mostly unusable.15:55
suncokreti used win98 more then 10 years15:55
wxlyou're using xfce on lubuntu???15:55
rafaellagunayup :D http://i.imgur.com/xuGRyyb.png15:55
wxljust the window manager?15:55
rafaellagunathe whole desktop15:55
wxlwow crazy15:55
wxli wonder how that all works out15:56
rafaellagunaI have 6 or 7 desktops installed, I need them to test my icons and themes15:56
suncokreti tried xfce on lubuntu, but lxde is better15:56
wxli use lxde but have canned openbox in lieu of awesomewm15:56
rafaellagunaeverything works fine until I install Plasma, then everything blows15:56
wxlrafaellaguna: yeah well that's kde for you15:56
rafaellagunatry fluxbox15:56
wxlkde is the emacs of de's: too weird15:57
wxlrafaellaguna: i have but awesomewm is tiling15:57
wxli like to not touch my mouse XD15:57
rafaellagunakde was too window-ish at first, and that problem with Nokia / QT libs...15:57
wxli want to swap out lightdm for slim but last time i tried it didn't "just work" and i didn't have time to mess with it15:57
rafaellagunathen KDE4 appeared and didn't like it at all15:57
* wxl realizes we're pretty offtopic here. i'm going to head off. ;)15:58
newazwxl: yes login panel16:04
wxlnewaz: yeah that's some weird stuff. try doing it and then checking your log files16:10
absk007any dark theme for lubuntu?18:33
absk007will it work with Netbook?18:34
holsteinit? you mean lubuntu? yes.. lubuntu will work for netbooks18:35
ianorlinI don't know if themes change the backround of the lubuntu netbook session image to something dark?18:35
holsteinyeah, i agree, now that i understand the question.. the netbook session has limited theming options18:36
ianorlinA dark theme will work on a netbook in the regular lubuntu netbook if you use Lubuntu session https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Theming18:38
holsteinyeah, i dont use the netbook session on netbooks18:39
yz3pDjust use normal lubuntu sesson everywere18:39
absk007yz3pD, holstein, actually i've very limited memory (2 GB) & HDD (7.52 GB) & CPU (1 GHz)18:45
yz3pDabsk007, i have 1,5gb ram 500gb hdd 2*1ghz18:46
yz3pDmaybe puppy linux is the right for you18:46
absk007puppy linux? why ?18:47
ianorlin2 GB is more than enough for lubuntu the hard drive is pretty tight and low cpu might be a problem18:47
absk007i've 2 cores 1 GHz AMD C50 CPU18:48
absk007My netbook is ASUS 1215B EeePC18:48
absk007though i brought it for programming in Windows 7, when i did, it just crashed my 320 GB HDD in 1 yr. (wan't using it primarily)18:49
anarkhosi installed lubuntu on an acer aspire one netbook (2gb ram, 1.3ghz cpu if i recall correctly, 20gb reserved for the lubuntu partition) a few weeks ago. seems to run fine so far18:50
ianorlinit will run on that18:50
absk007Firefox lags in my netbook18:50
absk007ianorlin, so.. i should choose Normal lubuntu session rather than Netbook. rt?18:51
ianorlinif you want a dark theme18:52
holsteinabsk007: i dont think 2 gb's is limited.. i dont fine the netbook vs the desktop session of lxde to save resources18:53
ianorlinI think netbook is mainly to have large icons on small screen18:53
holsteinabsk007: i dont think you'll find much benifit to the netbook session for that18:53
ianorlinso you can see to launch things18:53
absk007ok. Thanks.18:54
* ianorlin wonders if netbook partially helps accessability for some people with bad vision18:54
holsteinyeah. .the "blown up" launcher is really the only benefit.. not resource management in any way18:54
absk007i'll switch soon.18:54
SomeusHello! I have outdated graphics card. Ati X1200.. Is there a way to get proprietary driver on Lubuntu 14.04 for it?19:06
SomeusI read that proprietary driver works on Ubuntu 8.o419:07
ianorlinproprietary drivers are not supported by the vendors forever19:07
holsteinSomeus: not a "magical" way.. i mean, they (ati) either provide one, or not19:07
ianorlinand probably do not work on newer supported lubuntu versions19:07
SomeusSo no way?19:07
holsteinSomeus: you can always step back if you think that will help.. in theory, *if* the card was supported, you can force support.. but, they older module may be for the older kernels, and not be able to be used with modern kernels19:08
holsteinSomeus: there is always a way..19:08
holsteinSomeus: the vendor is welcome to support you.. but they may choose not to keep maintaining "legacy" hardware19:08
holsteinpersonally, on older hardware, i juse use the open driver, or vesa... 3d support on a card that old will be a compromise in any scenario19:09
SomeusI find that Open source drivers give little bit worse performance when watching youtube/19:09
Someuson Windows i had smoother youtube videos streaming19:10
holsteinSomeus: i think you'll find that even if you had a supported driver, in linux, in  youtube, on that old hardware, performance will be compromised.. 3d driver or no19:10
holsteinSomeus: on windows you *will* have smoother performance, since you were promised that from ati19:11
holsteinif they want, they can help you make linux performance "better".. buy they likely are not interested in it19:11
SomeusWith Windows Vista i had problems with 1GB ram.. and since i have integrated video card i have about 850 ram. Laptop froze so often and HDD won't stop writing something.. Lubuntu is perfect.19:12
Someusholstein i doubt they will help me.19:14
holsteinSomeus: they *do* help you.. with what they have promised to help you with19:14
ianorlinnot sure much you can do about youtube performance19:14
holsteinSomeus: they never said they would help you with linux support.. and, as i said, 3d support is not the only issue19:15
* ianorlin wishes there was more stuff in audio format only for some things19:15
SomeusWhy Open Source drivers are not as good as proprietary drivers?19:15
holsteinflash support in general is a compromise.. you'd likely do "better" to use the recent flash that is in google chrome with the open drive19:15
holsteinSomeus: ?19:15
holsteinSomeus: they open source developers are not given information to support the proprietary hardware19:16
ianorlinI have heard people complain about fglrx though19:16
SomeusThey are some secrets in hardware?19:16
absk007so how to choose a gfx that works for everything?19:16
holsteinSomeus: ? its proprietary hardware19:16
holsteinSomeus: you cant just create an open driver that will work with it19:16
holsteinSomeus: *they* are able, and welcome to create drivers that support the device they create, and they can open the source if they like19:17
ianorlinthe open driver developers do as much as they can but don't have designs of the all the raedon stuff19:17
absk007hmm... Can't there be an open gfx card like Arduino or RasberryPi, etc.19:17
holsteinSomeus: they never promised they would.. so nothing is "broken" here.. or malfunctioning.. or needing fixed..19:17
ianorlinactually rasberrypi has proprietary gpu19:17
ianorlinintel integrated gpu have open source drivers that are made by intel of good quality but aren't the fanciest hardware19:18
absk007is there no freedom like Richard Stallman expected?19:18
SomeusOkay.. I understand. Are there actually graphics card makers making open source drivers?19:18
Someusianorlin okay19:18
ianorlinthe intel igp drivers are open19:18
holsteinabsk007: ?19:18
holsteinabsk007: anyone is welcome and encouraged to create whatever software they like19:19
SomeusI don't understand why manufacturers installed on my slow laptop Windows Vista.. :)19:19
holsteinabsk007: if ati wants to create an open driver, no one will stop them19:19
holsteinabsk007: but, they dont. and they never promised they would..19:19
absk007holstein, matter of fact - They Don't19:19
SomeusIs it hard job to make open source driver?19:19
Someusfor ATi19:20
holsteinabsk007: they are welcome to.. and can.. all of linux is open19:20
holsteinthe issue is, to expect magic from open source developers to support some hardware they have no access to.. or information on19:20
holsteinthe machine came with windows support.. thats what you are promised..19:20
SomeusATI should release open source. it isn't hard to do.19:20
absk007holstein, why don't they make open source drivers? What's the reason?19:20
holsteinif you want linux support, try a reseller like system7619:20
holsteinif you want open drivers, use intel.. they provide open drivers19:21
Someusholstein if i had Intel graphics19:21
holsteinabsk007: its a company, friend.. ask them.. they are welcome to create what they like19:21
holsteinthey are not asking me, or us, or you if they should open the source for the drivers..19:21
SomeusGreat job on making Lubuntu19:22
SomeusI tried many distros. I find this distro best for me yet19:22
Someusfor this laptop19:22
SomeusOh i found that in Additional Drivers there are offer to use proprietary Wireless driver. What should i use?19:24
holsteinSomeus: there is no "should".. just what works for you19:24
SomeusI don't know. I need best performance19:25
holsteinif you have wifi, i would use what you are using.. if you have issues, try a proprietary one.. if you want open, replace the hardware with hardware that uses an open driver19:25
Someuscurrently i am wired19:25
holsteinSomeus: "best" is always a matter of opinion and use case.. is the wifi working? if so, i would leave it alone19:25
Someusi haven't installed driver for Wireless yet19:26
holsteinSomeus: if not.. try a proprietary driver.. if you want open, buy a wifi chip that supports open driver19:26
absk007holstein, how to know which wifi chip supports open drivers?19:27
holsteinabsk007: ask them, friend.. they can make what they like, and all of linux is open19:27
holsteinabsk007: anyone can make drivers.. and comply with "open" standards or licensing19:27
absk007holstein, ok.19:28
holsteinabsk007: "open" is just that.. its not different code.. or "better"..19:28
holsteinits a license19:28
Someusok now im proud user of proprietary driver19:28
holsteinif you want to use open drivers, one must research, and purchase with that in mind19:28
absk007"open" fullfills the dream of Richard Stallman!!19:28
SomeusIs there open source Windows OS? :)19:29
holsteini personally prefer open.. but, my, nor Richard's preferences dictate quality..19:29
holsteinSomeus: lots of open source software is available for windows.. microsoft releases open code19:29
SomeusWhy for example games on Windows are performing better?19:30
holsteinSomeus: "better" is a matter of opinion and use case19:30
holsteinSomeus: i would ask in a windows channel about windows software19:30
absk007why is DX better than OpenCL?19:30
absk007or OpenGL?19:31
holsteinwow.. it wont be for every case19:31
holsteinif something works better, its better for that need19:31
SomeusI am little bit confused. Why Tablet with 1 GB ram performs better faster and smoother than my laptop with 1 GB ram?19:32
holsteinSomeus: driver support.. the configuration.. the tasks.. etc.. literally anything19:32
SomeusI want similiar OS like android on PC :)19:32
holsteinSomeus: nothing is preventing google from providing android for your PC19:32
holsteinSomeus: there is chromium os.. but its not android. android is arm based.. there are android x86 projects19:33
Someuswhat is arm based?19:33
ubottuARM is a specific (RISC) processor architecture used in a variety of applications such as handhelds and networkdevices. For more information see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM . For ARM specific support, stop by the #ubuntu-arm channel.19:33
holsteinits why you cant phisically load android on your pc easily..19:33
holsteinits different chip architecture19:33
Someusandroid x86 is like emulator which slows down pc19:34
holsteinSomeus: thats not what i said19:34
holsteinSomeus: there are actual x86 ports of android.. AFAIK19:34
holsteinSomeus: nothing prevents google from releasing android for x86.. ask them.. but, they dont now..19:34
Someusi know but I would like to get same performance on my PC as android tablets get with same RAM :)19:34
SomeusFor example i used my laptop just to browse Internet19:35
holsteinSomeus: i personally get *better*..19:35
holsteinSomeus: if you want "good" linux support, buy  with that in mind.. dont buy with windows support in mind and expect linux to magically work19:36
holsteintry system76 or another reseller19:36
SomeusIm not complaining19:36
absk007offtopic can done in #lubuntu-offtopic19:37
holsteinSomeus: you are welcom to complain, in the offtopic channel. im trying my best to only state facts, so you can make an informed desicion19:37
SomeusI don't know why this laptop came with Windows Vista at first place as Vista needs at least 2 GB ram19:37
holsteinSomeus: ?19:37
holsteinSomeus: ask the vendor why they ship what they ship. but, you are promised windows support there. thats why linux is not performing "out of the box" as you like19:37
SomeusLubuntu is faster that's what i lile19:38
SomeusOk that's it19:38
SomeusIm going. bye19:38
explodingmangoHi. When someone has a moment... I've got some weirdness with XML file associations and mimeapps.list, and I'd like to figure out if it's a bug before submitting it.20:15
explodingmangoAh, I'll just describe it now so I can copy-paste it later. Using Lubuntu's default file manager (PCManFM), if I try to change the program to open XML files, the change doesn't stick.20:17
explodingmangoAnd it looks like when it tries to make the XML association change, in mimeapps.list it writes to the "application/xml=" line but not the "text/xml=" line. And it reads the text/xml line back to determine the file association, which is why it never changes.20:19
explodingmangoSo I can work around it by changing the "text/xml=" line manually. I'm hoping someone can tell me if this is a reproducible bug, and if so, whether to file it under pcmanfm or something else. Thanks!20:20
phillwexplodingmango:  raise a bug report. I've never come across it, but that is not to say it exists21:15
explodingmangoOh, hey. I also asked in #lxde (on another server), and some guy said his mimeapps.list didn't have a text/xml entry, and that if it wasn't there PCManFM would prefer the application/xml entry instead21:17
explodingmangoAnd lo and behold, removing that entry worked. Not sure how it got there in the first place (maybe from all the browsers and text editors I installed21:18
explodingmangoUpdate: The guy in #lxde says it's probably a bug in glib and he'll file a bug report.21:30
suncokreti need help21:37
phillw!ask | suncokret22:10
ubottusuncokret: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience22:10
suncokrethow can i change resoluton in log on screen?22:11
patarrwhere is font config on lubuntu?22:20
ubottuFont installation basics here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FontInstallHowto - No fonts in Flash? Install "ttf-mscorefonts-installer" (from !Multiverse), "gsfonts", and "gsfonts-x11". For the official ubuntu font, see: http://font.ubuntu.com/22:20
patarrwxl: I have a fonts.conf file. Where would I put that?22:22
wxlpatarr: no clue. maybe that page mentions something about it? i've never used such a beast.22:23
melodiepatarr try lxappearance22:30
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