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onicrommorning folks10:09
allenapMorning onicrom.10:40
onicromis there an upgrade guide for maas? or if i pin in to a newer version and apt-get install would that 'break' things?11:19
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blake_rallenap: could I get review of https://code.launchpad.net/~blake-rouse/maas/large-object-store/+merge/22993813:23
allenapblake_r: Sure, I’ll take a look :)13:38
blake_rallenap: thanks13:40
onicrom#ubuntu-kernel is so quiet14:35
blake_rrvba`: could you review this https://code.launchpad.net/~blake-rouse/maas/largefile-model/+merge/22994914:38
jhobbsi think rvba is on vacation14:39
blake_roh okay14:40
blake_rjhobbs: maybe you then?14:40
roaksoaxblake_r: he is14:42
jhobbsi'm looking now blake_r but i think stuff stuff should go through core team too14:44
jhobbsstuff stuff14:45
allenapblake_r: Sorry for a very slow review; I’ve been dealing with a terrible builder via email.14:57
blake_rallenap: haha I remember you telling me about your builder14:58
blake_rjhobbs: nah, you good enough for me!14:59
jhobbsblake_r: done, have some questions inline15:18
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onicromare there examples of how one customizes the partition layout using fastpath installer?16:52
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onicromdoes curtin execute everything that's in preseed_master as well18:09
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onicromhrms found some stuf fin /usr/lib/curtin/helpers...18:20
onicromwe really need more documentation around curtin18:38
allenapblake_r: I’m looking at large-object-store again. Just waiting for Launchpad to scan the branch.18:39
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blake_rallenap: thansk for the review19:27
allenapblake_r: You’re welcome.19:27
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blake_rjhobbs: fixed the branch you reviewed, if you can give it another look19:52
onicromanyone have an issue with a newly installed system being unable to apt-get update because its looking to download files named Packages instead of Packages.gz or Sources/Sources.gz?19:52
onicromi think i found the problem..../etc/apt/apt.conf.d/90curtin-aptproxy20:03
onicromAcquire::HTTP::Proxy "";20:04
blake_ronicrom: there is a squid-deb-prxoy running on the maas server20:05
onicromjust found that20:05
onicromit seems to be doing something to the apt-get update request20:06
onicromwhich stops it from downloading the Packages.gz/bz2 file and makes it look for an uncompressed file20:06
blake_ronicrom: don't know much about squid-deb-proxy but that seems wierd20:07
onicromrefresh_pattern \/(Packages|Sources)(|\.bz2|\.gz|\.xz)$ 0 0% 020:07
onicromits a bug...20:13
onicromit you change  Main archive (required) , you need to update /etc/squid-deb-proxy/mirror-dstdomain.acl20:13
onicromand restart the squid proxy20:13
lamontfollowing along with http://maas.ubuntu.com/docs1.5/install.html#post-install - I do the createadmin, and then I say "maas my-maas-session node-groups import-boot-images" and it says: /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/maascli/__main__.py: error: argument COMMAND: invalid choice: u'my-maas-session' (choose from u'list', u'login', u'logout', u'refresh', u'root')21:11
lamontwhat's the right command there?21:12
lamonthttp://paste.ubuntu.com/7982829/ <-- that's what maas-import-pxe-files gives me21:15
lamontah, s/my-maas-session/root in my case21:16

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