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DanChapmanGood Morning all o/05:59
dholbachgood morning06:51
justCarakasgood morning06:54
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qtrosHi guys08:23
qtrosI know that it is wrong channel, but maybe someone know - where I can fill bug against Nautilus?08:24
qtrosjustCarakas yes, I already saw this page, but what next?)08:28
qtrosjustCarakas seems that their bugs are located in gnome.org08:30
justCarakasqtros: dholbach do you know it ? since you created the page on launchpad08:32
dholbachyes, wat qtros said08:42
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twstddevHello guys. I would like to do some development. I understand that you are getting ready for RTM right now. Is there anything I could slowly start working/helping with?10:11
Mirvtwstddev: it's hard to pinpoint anything, but there's eg. plenty of bugs filed against core apps https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-phone-coreapps10:42
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twstddevMirv, Ok. Will have a look. Is there a particular reason why most of the apps written used javascript rather than c++?10:54
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Mirvtwstddev: QML is popular, and it's used at least for the UI layout. some people do only UI in QML and write a lot of backend stuff in C++.11:00
twstddevMirv, Oh, so I'm not restricted to javascript only?11:01
Mirvtwstddev: definitely not.11:05
Mirvonly the lightest / simplest apps are QML only usually (althought some like to push the limits)11:06
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twstddevMirv, Fab. Thanks. Will have a look at the bug list later.11:08
nik90ahayzen: hey, good morning11:09
ahayzennik90, yo .. afternoon11:10
* ahayzen is on his lunch break11:10
ahayzennik90, whats up?11:10
nik90ahayzen: oh yeah afternoon :P..11:10
nik90ahayzen: hey I am unable to find the delete action button in my autopilot tests11:10
nik90ahayzen: how did you tag it so that autopilot can find it?11:10
ahayzennik90,  i manaually added it.....11:10
ahayzennik90, hang on let me find it11:11
nik90ahayzen: did you add it to the ListItemWithAction.qml file?11:11
ahayzennik90, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~andrew-hayzen/music-app/listitem-actions-take-2/view/head:/common/ListItemWithActions.qml#L24011:11
ahayzennik90, note the 'primed' attribute as well11:11
nik90ahayzen: what's the primed for?11:12
ahayzennik90, so autopilot can get the right one11:12
ahayzennik90, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~andrew-hayzen/music-app/listitem-actions-take-2/view/head:/tests/autopilot/music_app/emulators.py#L25811:12
ahayzennik90, it was more what i had in my custom system...it worked before so i copied it over11:13
nik90ahayzen: do you change the primed variable anywhere in the UI?11:13
ahayzennik90, yeah in ListItemWithAction.qml just search for primed :)11:14
nik90ahayzen: ah you use it to see which one is enabled11:14
ahayzennik90, ...although my ap tests aren't totally passing yet but i think this bit is working...it is more the next bit that fails11:14
ahayzennik90, yes enabled / visible on screen11:14
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ahayzen...it finds the actions and clicks on them so i'm assuming this bit is working :)11:15
ahayzennik90, u don't use right actions do u?11:16
nik90ahayzen: nope11:16
ahayzennik90, cool cause i have some more trickery to get that to work hehe ;)11:16
nik90ahayzen: :P11:16
ahayzennik90, as u may seewhen searching for primed11:16
ahayzennik90, let me know if u figure a more elegant way of doing it ;)11:18
nik90ahayzen: I am thinking11:18
ahayzennik90, hah ... i like my solution :)11:19
nik90ahayzen: I like the get the action icon part. Not so convinced by the prime part. Just wondering if that can be made easier11:19
ahayzennik90, maybe u just need some way to ensure u get the one on the correct listitem11:20
nik90ahayzen: yeah, we used to do that by adding "index" to the objectNames. But this one is in the upstream component itself which makes it harder11:21
ahayzennik90, yeah11:21
nik90ahayzen: Yup found a easier solution :D11:33
ahayzennik90, hah :) what u done?11:33
nik90ahayzen: instead of prime, I did property bool isActivated: swipeState === "LeftToRight"11:33
nik90ahayzen: this automatically gets updated when you swipe to the right11:33
nik90ahayzen: so it is based on your idea, but I let the component do the hard work of updating it automatically11:33
ahayzennik90, ah cool ... but still an extra property :) ... i may make mine do ^^ as well :)11:33
nik90ahayzen: which is why I said it is based on your idea. But I don't need to update that manually using resetPrimed() and other statements11:34
ahayzennik90, ah yes11:34
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ogra_DanChapman, where is my dekko setup gone ?12:12
ogra_(tells me there is no account)12:12
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nik90bzoltan: hey would you be making a new UITK release to phone since the datetime critical bug is a image promotion blocker?12:14
zsombinik90: tomorrow, I'm still trying to fix teh date picker issue12:19
nik90zsombi: ok12:20
nik90renatu: hey, do you guys have a autopilot test to swipe delete a contact in the address book? On searching I only found deleting contacts in the multiselect mode.12:20
renatunik90, I think the messaging app does12:22
nik90renatu: ok. will look there12:23
ogra_DanChapman, hmm, and even after creating a new account it is not there on restart of the app12:27
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dpmhi balloons, when you're online, could you perhaps follow up with psivaa and cjohnston on why this branch's autolanding job fails on a bzr error? https://code.launchpad.net/~vthompson/music-app/prevent-incorrect-no-music-screen/+merge/22897213:17
dpmhi nik90, which features will the next clock app store upload you're planning include?13:54
nik90dpm: custom swipe delete, fast scroll, some AP tests, vibration support and custom alarm sounds14:01
nik90dpm: the last 2 are blocked due to TRAINCO since it requires silo to be published to phone14:01
balloonsdpm, I simply superseded the MP and redid it. I'm not sure why bzr threw that error, it's a question for victor if he did anything out of the ordinary. We'll see if bzr does it again. https://code.launchpad.net/~nskaggs/music-app/prevent-incorrect-no-music-screen/+merge/22994414:17
nik90Need some help with clock app reboot MP reviews  at https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-clock-dev/ubuntu-clock-app/utopic-3.0/+activereviews14:19
dpmthanks nik9014:28
dpmthanks balloons14:28
sil2100mihir: hi! I heard you're working on the calendar app14:39
sil2100mihir: we seem to be having some autopilot test issues since some images: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-calendar-app/+bug/135392114:39
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1353921 in Ubuntu Calendar App "tests using address_book_service_testability (e.g. test_fill_form) fail" [Undecided,New]14:39
balloonssil2100, mihir that's a missing depends issue. brendand pointed out installing address-book-service-dummy fixes the issue14:42
sil2100Oh, right, now I see the bug description14:42
sil2100Then I guess we'll have to do it from the infrastructure side14:43
balloonswell, having it run as an autopkgtest should also solve it14:43
balloonsbuy yea14:43
mihir_sil2100: yes14:51
sil2100mihir_: so, I guess I know what's wrong and am preparing a fix for CI to review :)14:52
sil2100Anyway, good to know who to ping when issues arise14:52
DanChapmanogra_, hey that's odd you don't see it after restarting the app. Could you try removing ~/.config/com.ubutu.developer.dpniel.dekko and try again. I wonder if the migration to the new accounts model settings borked it somehow14:52
mihir_sil2100: yes, same here :)14:52
ogra_DanChapman, tried already ... didnt work14:52
mihir_balloons: thansk, balloons are we still struggling for more AP to add in calendar right ?14:53
nik90bzoltan1, kalikiana: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/+bug/135403614:53
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1354036 in Ubuntu UI Toolkit "Landing 06-08 has a visual bug due to square overflow tab panel" [Undecided,New]14:53
DanChapmanogra_, :-( right... that's not so good then. Ok first off are your settings actually getting saved to the .conf file and secondly is there an [Accounts] section that contains your email address?14:56
balloonsoO sil2100, the testconfig supports stuff like that? https://code.launchpad.net/~sil2100/ubuntu-test-cases/touch-fix-address-book/+merge/22995014:58
balloonsthat's a little scary to see14:59
kalikiananik90: I'll track down if there's a color for the dark theme; I didn't get one from design while I was working on it so this is "expected" for now15:00
sil2100balloons: what do you mean?15:00
nik90kalikiana: Ack. what about the black rectangle instead of the icon?15:00
nik90kalikiana: visible in the reminder app (3rd screenshot)15:00
sil2100balloons: it makes possible to install certain packages for certain test suites, as click package tests as ran in the infra have no means of installing all their dependencies15:01
nik90kalikiana: sry 2nd screenshot15:01
balloonssil2100, I mean it's just hidden dependencies. It's a nice fix to the problem, but the package should be self-declaring for test depends15:01
sil2100balloons: sadly, not much we can do with the current way things are working15:01
balloonssil2100, yes indeed. Hence the push for autopkgtest. Reminders is coming very soon and it will be the first15:01
balloonssil2100, but that means I didn't realize we could have landed it by pushing all the depends into the jenkins testconfig, heh15:02
sil2100balloons: right, I agree, but it's not the time for that, especially when we're struggling to get rid of blockers for promotion15:02
sil2100hah ;)15:02
balloonssil2100, certainly.. It was mostly me realizing there was ANOTHER workaround that could be done15:02
ogra_DanChapman, sadly in meetings the next 2h ... i'll try to take a look15:03
DanChapmanogra_, that's cool. Whenever you  have time :-)15:04
kalikiananik90: what is that icon? how is it done?15:10
kalikianait worked before?15:10
nik90kalikiana: pretty sure it worked before since I noticed that in my own app Flashback as well15:11
nik90kalikiana: let me have a look at it15:11
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nik90kalikiana: In my app, I defined the action as https://github.com/krnekhelesh/flashback/blob/master/components/TraktAction.qml and the icon is shown correctly when in the header bar. The black rectangle appears only when it is in the overflow menu due to 3 or more actions15:15
nik90kalikiana: weird it only happens in certain use cases. Check out the reminders app in the image and you will see what i mean15:16
kalikianaoh I've got an idea15:25
kalikianathe buttons are not implemented in the same way inside the overflow so I'm checking the exact differences15:25
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kalikiananik90: t1mp: https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-sdk-team/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/sourceOverflow/+merge/22996015:49
nik90kalikiana: testing15:56
nik90kalikiana: that works!16:01
kalikianafor a change a quick fix :-D16:02
nik90kalikiana: the font color is still an issue though. I understand that the font color for dark backgrounds hasn't been provided, but from a user's perspective this is a visual bug which should be fixed before rolling out square visual tabs imho16:03
dpmthanks balloons for looking at the File Manager tests16:05
kalikiananik90: I can't do much here until I get clarfiication from design, I'm not going to pick a random color :-)16:06
nik90kalikiana: :D16:06
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nik90renatu: hey, I finished the fastscroll and custom swipe delete integration in the clock app. The Mp's are awaiting review and I cannot find any one better to review it. Do you mind reviewing it? You will have to only review the small integration bits since the upstream code that I borrowed were not changed at all16:44
ahayzenballoons, thanks for doing that extra mp16:48
kenvandineahayzen, how's the content-hub support in music-app coming?16:53
ahayzenkenvandine, i am just writing a status update to https://bugs.launchpad.net/music-app/+bug/134744416:53
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1347444 in Ubuntu Music App "Music app does not expose download handler" [High,In progress]16:53
ahayzenkenvandine, we are now waiting for the last stage \o/16:53
ahayzenkenvandine, we need the ms2 models to auto update... jamesh has just posted this https://code.launchpad.net/~jamesh/mediascanner2/model-auto-update/+merge/229903 ... so hopefully once this is merged we'll be able to land support :)16:54
ahayzenkenvandine, and the UDM fix is in a silo ready to land now16:54
kenvandineahayzen, cool, thx for the update16:54
ahayzenkenvandine, i'm just basically writing ^^ into the bug report now so others can see the progress and i'll link the branch16:55
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ahayzendpm, damn did 558 not 559 get pushed to the store?17:02
elopioboiko: can we put on the checklist of all the apps to make sure that you are updating the pot files if you change UI labels ?17:02
boikoelopio: that's a good idea actually17:02
elopioboiko: I'm glad you like it :) I'll update the wiki page.17:03
boikoelopio: actually we do have a CMake rule that does update every time you build, but since it also updates the .po files, it causes lots of merge conflicts when we have multiple MRs to land17:03
boikoelopio: we end up not commiting the po changes17:03
elopioboiko: is there a way to update only the pot ?17:04
boikoelopio: I can check it later17:04
elopioboiko: so, should I proceed or wait for you to review that?17:05
dpmahayzen, I don't know, balloons took care of the upload. What's up?17:05
ahayzendpm, just 559 would be preferable as otherwise the app flashes up saying there is no music for a short period of time17:06
ahayzendpm, i was just going on what the spreadsheet says...also the spreadsheet says there are invalid urls?17:06
dpmballoons, would it be much effort to do another music app upload?17:06
balloonsahayzen, dpm I just asked Daniel to approve it.. I didn't push it actually. But indeed, as all these music MP's land, we could certainly send another upload17:06
dpmahayzen, not sure what spreadsheet you mean or which urls17:07
ahayzenballoons, cool thanks17:07
ahayzendpm, https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AnZdnhOl8MU5dDJseW1vT1N5RkJvLUJHZTdhalRVd1E&usp=sharing#gid=117:07
ahayzendpm, '#VALUE' for music and sudoku17:07
dpmballoons is the spreadsheet master - Nick, would you know what's up with those #VALUE cells? ^17:08
balloonsmm.. date import failures, let's see17:09
balloonsmust be a connectivity thing.. I'll try and force refresh it17:09
dpmcool, thanks17:10
dpmthanks, "the fixer" balloons \o/17:11
ahayzenballoons, thanks :)17:11
balloonshah dpm17:12
ahayzendpm, did u see the mail i forwarded to u from james?17:14
dpmahayzen, I was just reading it, good news! :)17:14
ahayzencontent-hub support is getting closer and closer :)17:15
dpmreally looking forward to that17:16
kalikiananik90: color fix https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-sdk-team/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/overflowColor/+merge/22997417:16
nik90kalikiana: you already got a design resolution for it?17:17
nik90kalikiana: wow. testing. will report back in a few minutes17:17
kalikianalucky everyone seems to be working late tonight :-P17:17
nik90kalikiana: I tell you trainco sometimes help :P17:18
nik90sudo make install17:22
nik90bah wrong monitorr17:22
kalikianamake[3]: Nothing to be done for 'install'.17:22
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nik90kalikiana: it fixes the issue in my flashback app (with black background), but in the clock app the issues persists17:25
kalikiananik90: pushed another change17:31
nik90kalikiana: same issue17:34
* nik90 brb in 15 mins17:43
kalikiananik90: should've been obvious… my fix doesn't apply to clock app because it doesn't use the real gradient theme and manually sets the colors17:44
kalikianaso the color is "correct"17:44
nik90kalikiana: wat do you mean by manually sets the colors?17:44
kalikianaheader, background, footer17:45
nik90aren't app supposed to do that manually?17:45
kalikianawell it means it breaks the theming - as you initially said colors should not be hard-coded17:45
nik90so core apps shouldn't specify gradient backgrounds any more17:46
kalikianaI'm not taking a position here I'm only saying that's why unsurprisingly it breaks17:47
kalikiananot sure how to solve it; I'll probably leave that to t1mp as he worked on this before17:48
nik90kalikiana: I am just trying to figure out what the correct way of doing things. I remember sometime back it was announced that background gradients are not supported by the SDK. If that is the case then I should report bugs accordingly against the core apps17:48
nik90kalikiana: ok will discuss with t1mp about this tomorrow and see if we can make a decision about the gradient backgrounds17:49
* nik90 really got to go now. t-10 mins17:49
jgdxelopio, just a reminder that I've addressed your comments in https://code.launchpad.net/~jonas-drange/ubuntu-system-settings/call-fwd-wait-dual-sim/+merge/229774 – thank you18:04
elopiojgdx: oh, right, sorry.18:05
jgdxelopio, err, actually, something has happened.18:05
elopiojgdx: so, shouldn't I wait to review?18:14
jgdxelopio, sorry, I've gotten my branches in a twist today. Please ignore me for a while. Sorry!18:15
elopiodon't worry. I'll wait for your ping.18:15
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ogra_DanChapman, ok, i found some time to look at the log ... the app crashes at the end of the user setup (i wiped everything related to dekko and reinstalled the click)18:46
ogra_DanChapman, this is what i get in the log:18:46
ogra_Saving settings18:46
ogra_QDir::exists: Empty or null file name18:46
ahayzenballoons, ping ... quick question19:08
balloonsahayzen, yes?19:08
ahayzenballoons, i'm working on ap tests and saw "After 10.0 seconds test on Player.currentIndex failed: 0 == dbus.Int32(0, variant_level=1)" ...19:08
ahayzenballoons, am i correct to think that this is incorrect "Eventually(NotEquals(endtracksCount))" because it is using the var rather than the method ?19:09
ahayzenballoons, basically the listitemactions have extra animations which are causing some tests to fail...so having to put wait_for etc in19:09
balloonsahayzen, in that statement unless endtracksCount is a function, it makes no sense19:09
ahayzenballoons, but this one looked a bit strange ... yeah that was my thought19:09
balloonsas the value will not change :-)19:09
ahayzenballoons, these tests badly need rewriting lol19:10
balloonsahayzen, yes yes they do19:10
ahayzenballoons, both me and victor are still surprised they don't randomly fail in CI more often lol19:10
ahayzenballoons, ok cool thanks19:10
ahayzenballoons, oh god that specific bit of code i sent u is over loads of tests lol19:14
nik90|Dinnerahayzen: btw I found a way to fix the AP tests without modifying the ListItemWithActions.qml file :D19:21
ahayzennik90|Dinner, hmmm how?19:21
nik90|Dinnerahayzen: essentially that ^^ I created a ListItemwithActions class which exposes the correct icon19:22
balloonsahayzen, I owe nik90|Dinner several reviews, but after I can dive in with you19:22
ahayzennik90|Dinner, interesting19:23
jdstrandpmcgowan: sorry to bother you, but who would I talk to about missing touch templates on utopic in the sdk?19:23
nik90|Dinnerahayzen: Does the music app follow the page model?19:23
ahayzenballoons, hah call.. it would probably be best to go properly after listitem actions landed19:23
nik90|Dinnerahayzen: if it is this should be quite easy to use19:24
ahayzennik90|Dinner, define page model...if ur talking ap tests...then it probably doesn't ;)19:24
ahayzennik90|Dinner, our ap tests badly need rewriting19:24
nik90|Dinnerahayzen: http://developer.ubuntu.com/apps/platform/guides/acceptance-testing-using-the-page-object-model/19:24
ahayzennik90|Dinner, https://trello.com/c/2p7zUffL/278-music-refactor-ap-tests-to-use-python3-correct-objectname-test-var-names19:24
nik90|Dinnerahayzen: until then I think it is best to stick with the current method you have19:24
ahayzennik90|Dinner, its on my list19:24
ahayzennik90|Dinner, yeah probably19:25
nik90|Dinneroh btw image 177 is awesome :) some nice unity8 improvemnets19:25
nik90|Dinneranyways as my nick says,  going for dinner19:25
pmcgowanjdstrand, whats missing?19:26
pmcgowanwould need bz or zb19:26
jdstrandistr HTML5, pure QML, an extension alone19:27
jdstrandI wanted to test the sensors bug and just wanted QML19:27
jdstrandthen noticed it wasn't there19:27
pmcgowanApp with Simple UI?19:27
pmcgowanjdstrand, I see 7 templates19:28
jdstrandpmcgowan: you are on utopic?19:28
pmcgowanjdstrand, trusty19:28
jdstrandyeah, on utopic there are 319:28
pmcgowan  Installed: 3.1.1+14.10.20140805.1-0ubuntu1~0trusty119:29
pmcgowanthats the plugin19:29
pmcgowangot update yesterday19:29
pmcgowanjdstrand, what version qtcreator-plugin-ubuntu19:30
jdstrandseems I am out of date19:31
jdstrandpmcgowan: ok thanks. let me play with it and I'll file a bug. thatnks for pointing me in the right direction19:31
jdstrand(file a bug if needed)19:31
balloonsnik90|Dinner, all of these merges seem to be unapproved by jenkins19:57
=== nik90|Dinner is now known as nik90
nik90balloons: that's because we don't have debian packaging ready19:58
nik90balloons: jenkins doesn't run or merge the clock reboot merges, I do it manually19:58
balloonsnik90, ahh ofc ofc19:59
balloonswow, dholbach's merge is making more sense20:00
balloonsthough I'm confused by how we're doing it.. I digress20:00
balloonsfastscroll is looking good, just investigating a couple things20:00
nik90yeah that's why I have been pushing to get the infrastructure like dbian packaging, cmake, translation ready parallely as I work on the design spec implementation.20:01
DanChapmanogra_, sorry had to shoot out. Right ok thanks, that narrow's it down a bit and i'm guessing the conf file never gets created/ is empty if created?20:08
balloonsnik90, I'm missing some depends :-(20:11
nik90balloons: which MP?20:11
balloonsfastscroll it seems.. I swear I ran this before20:12
nik90balloons: can you paste the depends errors that you get20:12
balloonsMainClock.qml:20 module "DateTime" is not installed20:12
nik90balloons: ah that :)20:12
nik90balloons: I am assuming you are running from the terminal, in the README.developers file, there are instructions on compiling the c++ plugins that we ship with clock reboot20:13
balloonsI did compile.. so it's odd20:13
nik90hmm that's weird then20:14
balloonsyea, I'll blame me tho20:14
ahayzenballoons, hmm i need to wait for a page with a listview to appear wht is the best way todo this?20:14
nik90DateTime is essentially the backend/modeuls/DateTime folder20:15
balloonsit's whining about other things now too20:15
balloonsI see it built libdatetime.so20:15
nik90balloons: may be clean the build files and try fresh?20:15
* balloons didn't pass the import path20:15
balloonsso pretty20:16
balloonsk, so final question, why did you remove objectName: "location" + index?20:18
balloonsyou switched to just location20:18
nik90ah that's because location isn't inside a listview20:22
balloonsI was just having a look20:22
nik90we used the location + index to target specific items in a listview20:22
nik90it was done accidentally by carla and I told here I would fix it in my end20:22
balloonsnik90, nevermind, I got it20:23
balloonsslightly confusing, but literally it's an objectname on the "location" label20:23
balloonsapproved with comment20:23
DanChapmanis it just me or is myapps.developer.ubuntu.com down?20:27
DanChapmanscrap that it's back20:27
balloonsjust you20:27
nik90DanChapman: was just about to say that20:28
balloonsbtw, hello DanChapman :-)20:28
DanChapman:-D hey balloons nik90. How's it going?20:28
nik90DanChapman: hey man, going great :)20:28
balloonsDanChapman, pretty good. Just trying to get merges, well you know, merged ;-) Which always feels so great and productive20:29
balloonsnik90, I love the snapback on swipe to delete.. fun20:32
nik90balloons: I know rite :D20:33
nik90balloons: btw I would suggest reviewing the update-pagewithbottomedge MP before the swipe-delete MP. Atleast that's the order it will go into trunk.20:33
balloonsnik90, interesting interaction with fastscroll, while in search mode20:35
nik90balloons: what do you mean?20:35
balloonsnik90, well, it doesn't work20:36
balloonsthat's interesting right?20:36
nik90balloons: let me try in my end20:37
nik90balloons: works for me20:38
nik90balloons: as in I type a few letters, which reduces the results to few alphabets and the fast scroll appears on the side20:38
balloonsworks on device20:41
balloonsok, I'm crazy20:41
nik90although now that I think about it, the fastscroll shouldn't appear when the results fill less than a page. For instance if I search for "New", then the results will include about 4-5 cities in which case a fast scroll doesnt make sense.20:42
nik90I will need to scour upstream to see how to do that20:43
balloonsahh yes, that is a difference20:44
balloonsI think that's what I was seeing at first, just not realizing it was grayed out20:44
balloonsI can confirm upstream behaves better20:44
balloonsbah, blasted firefox corrected my spelling to be UK English again :-(20:46
balloonsit's a conspiracy20:46
nik90balloons: fixed the fastscroll hide behavior. It now won't be shown when the results is less than 2 pages long20:49
nik90balloons: copied from upstream20:50
nik90hey popey is back20:52
nik90it helps to say hi :=)20:52
balloonsnik90, so PageWithBottomEdge.qml is upstream? Did you pull the emulator code from there too?20:53
nik90balloons: yup20:53
balloonswhich project?20:54
nik90balloons: initially carla wrote her own implementation, but after pull in the latest update it broke. So I got it again from upstream.20:54
nik90balloons: dialer app, address book20:54
nik90they all use the same implementation20:54
balloonsohh address book20:54
balloonsthis is the work of elopio and indeed it is20:54
nik90balloons: https://bazaar.launchpad.net/~boiko/address-book-app/fix_autopilot/view/head:/tests/autopilot/address_book_app/pages/_common.py20:54
balloonselopio, I'm considering having a helper for the bottom edge.. crazy or ?20:55
balloonsnik90, so 3 down.. I'm happy with them20:55
balloonsno we have sound and vibration stuff20:55
nik90balloons: awesome20:56
nik90balloons: for those 2 branches, you will to install the respective upstream package20:56
nik90balloons: in the case of the vibration, there is a deb package20:56
nik90but for the alarm sound, you will have to compile and install the sdk manually20:57
balloonswhich should I start with.. aka, give me an order20:57
nik90balloons: they are independent. So your choice :)20:57
balloonsvibration is first20:57
nik90:) it should look like https://imgur.com/f9Wf3ao20:58
balloonsnik90, ohh right, when I push to the phone, it's not clock or ?20:58
elopioballoons: we need a helper, but it has to be specific to each project.20:58
elopiothe toolkit doesn't provide a bottom edge component.20:58
elopioon the telephony apps, the qml is duplicated between them I guess, so we would have to duplicate the helper code too.20:59
balloonselopio, ahh right.. totally independent. yep, thanks20:59
balloonselopio, yea, that was my concern, but you are correct I guess20:59
nik90elopio: add clock app to that as well :)20:59
balloonsso we're copying much across to clock20:59
balloonsand I imagine others will implement the edge very similar20:59
balloonsnik90, unity needed a restart to see it ;- clock -reboot21:00
nik90balloons: after installing the latest indicator-datetime package?21:00
nik90balloons: hurray -> https://code.launchpad.net/~sergiusens/ubuntu-clock-app/reboot-packaging/+merge/23001121:01
balloonsnik90, no I need to install the packed21:02
nik90balloons: not sure I follow..so on the phone you will have to install the armhf indicat-datetime package and then restart the datetime service (or reboot phone) after which you can push the clock reboot MP and see if the vibration works or not21:03
balloonsi installed the deb and pushed the click I built21:05
balloonsso just have to check it out21:05
nik90balloons: you are missing out on the ease of use of doing this via qtcreator :)21:07
nik90ease of doing this via*21:07
balloonshmm, no vibration on flo21:07
nik90what about mako?21:07
balloonstrying that next21:07
balloonsstill updating mako image21:07
nik90it worked for me during my testing, but I can point that out to charles21:07
balloonsmako that is?21:08
balloonserr flo that is?21:08
charleshaptic hasn't landed yet21:08
charlesit's in silo 6 but there's some weird issue that I need to figure out today21:08
charleswhen I test from the PPA... no notification popup21:08
charleswhen I build the indicator myself... notifications21:08
charlesanyway, might be something small, I just haven't gotten to it yet today21:09
nik90charles: hmm I installed the deb from the jenkins comment and it worked nicely for me.21:10
nik90charles: I didn't try the PPA yet21:10
balloonsI did set the alarm before it was installed21:10
charlesnik90, try the 006 ppa and see what happens21:10
nik90balloons: that shouldn't matter21:10
nik90charles: ok21:10
balloonscharles, should it work on flo?21:12
charlesballoons, you mean should vibrate mode work?21:12
balloonscharles, yes21:12
balloonsshould it vibrate?21:13
charlesballoons, no not yet, it's still in silo 6, hasn't landed...21:13
balloonswell I mean I pulled the deb and installed it21:13
balloonsnik90, I noticed when I scroll the sound page I lose the header21:13
nik90balloons: yeah that's by design similar to the web browser21:14
charlesballoons, I don't have a flo device, does it have vibration mode? :)21:14
nik90balloons: its supposed to do that in other pages but we have some issues with that21:15
balloonsI'm wondering.. I don't know, hence the question..21:15
balloons^^ flo vibration that is21:15
nik90charles: btw zsombor figured out why the alarm sound url was lost :) He has a fix ready21:15
balloonsnik90, so what's the custom sound backend stuff? I guess I'll try that21:16
charlesnik90, url?21:16
nik90balloons: it adds suport for custom alarm sound per alarm21:16
balloonsahh so I can actually select a sound21:16
nik90charles: we had a issue where the SDK used to loose the alarm sound that was chosen by the user21:16
nik90balloons: yup21:16
nik90charles: the alarm.sound property used to turn up empty21:17
charlesnik90, what was the cause?21:17
nik90charles: https://code.launchpad.net/~zsombi/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/alarm-sound-fix/+merge/22980021:17
nik90charles: he forgot to initialise in the constructor I think21:18
charleszsombor's patch looks good21:20
charlesI hope that DatePicker test issue doesn't block this, that looks unrelated IMO21:20
balloonsnik90, yea select a city does the same disappearing header thing. So is there a bug for that or /21:21
nik90balloons: when does the header disappear? When you scroll up?21:22
balloonsscrolling up to move down the list21:23
nik90balloons: that's the intended behavior. To show the header again you scroll down.21:23
nik90balloons: that's also what the browser does when you scroll the page up21:24
nik90charles: I tried the PPA. Works for me.21:24
nik90charles: I am able to enable/disable the vibrations21:24
nik90on Mako21:24
balloonssure, I didn't know if it was intended or not21:24
charlesnik90, so you've installed from silo 6, and when an alarm goes off, you get the vibrations and see the notification?21:25
balloonsnik90, sound selection seems to work21:25
nik90charles: yup I see the snap notification and feel the vibration.21:25
nik90charles: disabling the vibration only shows the snap notification21:25
balloonsnik90, I will say the checkbox selection is a bit weird.. I want to select the label, but it doesn't check the box21:26
nik90balloons: did you hear a different ringtone when the alarm rang?21:26
nik90balloons: I agree. That's something I can easily fix. Will do so now actually21:26
balloonsnik90, yes I get the ringtone I select. interesting the alarm is still ringin just once21:26
nik90balloons: what?21:27
nik90balloons: you mean you hear the alarm ring once and then it is dismissed?21:27
balloonsindeed.. a familar bug21:28
nik90impossible, that bug was fixed a long time ago. It should ring for a duration of 10 mins minimum without any intervention21:28
nik90balloons: which image is this?21:28
balloonsthis is still flo, image 1721:29
nik90I am not sure but that could be due to flo?21:30
nik90u don't have a mako?21:30
nik90it was confirmed by QA that the alarm keep ringing now until dismissed or it times out automatically after 10 mins21:31
balloonsmako is flashing21:31
nik90ah ok21:31
balloonsslow inet, and I wanted it on the latest image21:31
popeynik90: heya21:37
popeynik90: hows it going?21:37
nik90popey: :) hi, going great. busy times21:38
nik90popey: you missed our meeting, I was waiting for a while :P21:38
ahayzennik90, did dpm not do urs?21:40
popeyoh, i asked others to cover it21:40
popeysorry about that21:40
nik90popey: j/k balloons held the meeting :P21:40
nik90ahayzen: ^^21:40
popeyyou guys21:41
nik90I got to work on my sarcasm :)21:42
popeyOh no, your sarcasm is *fine*.21:42
popey^ lesson 1.21:42
balloonsnik90, you know what, I realize the notification also doesn't show on flo for alarms21:44
balloonsyou will be happy to note mako is fine21:44
nik90I am :) .. regarding flo, it could be that alarm hw_backend is not present (wild guess)21:45
balloonsso mako seems fine, just confirming the branches. flo also doesn't let me select different sounds, heh21:47
balloonswell I mean, different sounds didn't play21:47
balloonsnik90, so testing on mako, I'm not getting different sounds playing21:49
nik90balloons: did you push the SDK branch I linked in the MP?21:50
balloonsnik90, on this? https://code.launchpad.net/~nik90/ubuntu-clock-app/add-custom-sound-backend/+merge/22581221:50
nik90balloons: yes21:50
balloonsI don't see anything21:50
nik90oh the bug report in the MP has a merge proposal .. let me get the link21:51
nik90balloons: pushed a fix where you can now click on the label to select the alarm sound21:58
nik90balloons: did the same for the alarm vibration switch as well.22:01
balloonsnik90, k, trying it out22:09
ybonis tvoss sometimes around here?22:10
nik90ybon: let me guess issues with Qtlocation on OSMTouch?22:12
nik90ybon: hi :)22:12
ybonnik90: hehe, yes :)22:13
nik90ybon: osmtouch was talked about a lot during the day :P22:13
ybonwhy that?22:13
nik90ybon: no worries not your fault :)22:14
ybonok :)22:14
nik90just figuring some recent issue with QtLocation stuff22:14
nik90the camera-app is having some issue with geo-tagging and so osmtouch came up22:14
ybonmaybe I should highlight on "osmtouch" here22:14
nik90the discussion was on #ubuntu-ci-eng not this channel22:15
ybonoh ok22:15
balloonsnik90, hey I get vibrations :-)22:15
nik90balloons: cool :D22:15
balloonsno notification though, and no sound after 1 play22:15
balloonsand I can't make them stop22:15
nik90totally weird22:16
balloonsI was attempting to test the sound mp22:16
nik90my brain can't think anymore why that might be happening for you22:17
ybonnik90: is there a final word on the location issue, or is this still under investigation by the Jedis? :)22:17
nik90ybon: not sure, wasn't paying too much attention to it. But I think it is still undergoing22:17
nik90ybon: it was on today's landing email22:17
ybonah, interesting, let me read it in details, so :)22:18
ybonI generally just read until I see if there is a promoted image or not :p22:18
nik90ybon: https://bugs.launchpad.net/qtmir/+bug/135297722:19
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1352977 in QtMir "Creating a prompt session for an app without a surface does not show the prompt" [Critical,In progress]22:19
balloonsnik90, yea I think the sound and vibration both are a no go for me22:19
balloonsI'm gonna reflash hah22:20
ybonoh, ok, thanks, I've been notified for this bug btw :)22:20
balloonsphone is not happy22:20
nik90balloons: I will try it out again tomorrow. Hopefully by then the silo 6 is published to make testing easier22:20
balloonsnik90, yes, I'll review again once things land22:20
balloonshope that helps a little22:20
balloonswe did iterate a bit on things22:20
nik90balloons: yup. will let you know when that happens22:21
nik90yes indeed. the behavior is a bit better now22:21
nik90hopefully tomorrow dholbach and I will have answer to the debian packaging stuff22:21
nik90anyways I am eod22:21
nik90balloons: cu tomorrow :)22:21
nik90thnx for the reviews22:22
balloonsnik90, indeed.. night!22:22
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BoogleHello Im am working on qml app but i cannot get the audio to play ifinite i am using the qt multimedia 5.023:48
BoogleIm sorry my grammar was not good I typed very fast23:50

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