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elopioping barry: do you know how to call the python3 pep8 binary?16:48
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barryelopio: good question! doesn't look like python3-pep8 has a /usr/bin script17:15
elopiobarry: I'm calling it like this: python3 -m pep8 .17:23
elopiobut I'm not sure if I can use that in a debian/rules file17:23
barryelopio: that's probably fine!18:02
elopioawesome. barry: are you a motu?18:02
barryelopio: i'm a core dev :)18:03
elopiobarry: in order to get a package to the archive the wiki says I need the approval from two motus, but I guess two core devs are just as good.18:15
elopiobarry: could you take a look at https://code.launchpad.net/~canonical-platform-qa/ubuntu-autopilot-tests/motu/+merge/229905 when you have some time?18:15
barryelopio: i'll put it in a tab :)18:19
elopiothanks. No need to hurry as the other reviewer won't be back until tomorrow.18:20
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