DS-McGuireI think I am being a bit stupid but... I can't figure out how to join the mailing list! Can somebody help?12:15
pmatulisDS-McGuire: hi12:56
pmatulisDS-McGuire: what have you tried so far?  what pages did you read?  i'm interested because you are new.  maybe we can improve things for newcomers12:57
DS-McGuirepmatulis: I simply can't find out how to add to the mailing list. haha!12:59
pmatulisDS-McGuire: what are you looking at?12:59
DS-McGuireI have read all the pages I can find and they all say "join the mailing list".12:59
pmatulisDS-McGuire: k, sec12:59
DS-McGuirehold on13:00
pmatulisDS-McGuire: so this is our home: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DocumentationTeam13:00
pmatulisit may not be the best but if you go to 'Contact us'13:00
pmatulis(top right)13:00
pmatulisyou'll get to this page:13:00
DS-McGuireAh, I never thought to look under contact us, I assumed it would be under Join the Team...13:01
pmatulisDS-McGuire: yeah, so this is a valid point.  we may consider moving it13:01
DS-McGuireI don't know if that's my fault, I think it might have been.13:02
pmatulisDS-McGuire: take these kind of notes down.  they're valuable13:02
DS-McGuireI will do :D13:04
pmatulisDS-McGuire: sec, on the ☎13:14
belkinsa-DS-McGuire, some of the teams use the lists.ubuntu.com mailing lists since some of the teams were before LaunchPad.  The link for our mailing-list is: https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-doc14:18
=== belkinsa- is now known as belkinsa
DS-McGuirebelkinsa-: Thanks, I am signing up now :)14:19
belkinsaNot a problem.14:19
belkinsaAnd pmatulis is right, the best way to find where the mailing-list is is under the contact wiki page of most teams.14:20
DS-McGuireThat wasn't very obvious to me for some reason ahah!14:21
belkinsaDS-McGuire, you should really need read the home page of each team on the wiki and the how contact them, when you want to join.  Of course there are other pages that help you get started or see if you want to really join.14:22
pmatulisDS-McGuire: i see you tried to joing the ubuntu doc umbrella team.  i guess that is something else we need to make more clear.  just join the contributors team, which you already did14:24
pmatulismental note for /me14:24
DS-McGuireI did read everything that I came across and on launchpad it says this: "If you wish to begin contributing, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DocumentationTeam, join our mailing list, and find us on irc at #ubuntu-doc". It doesn't say go the contact us page at all. I assumed Contact Us was for other people.14:24
DS-McGuireOh well that makes sense then, I will remove my request for that team.14:25
pmatulisdon't bother, i don't think you can anyway14:25
* pmatulis makes notes14:25
DS-McGuireOh, well it shouldn't be a problem should it?14:25
pmatulis① clarify how to join ubuntu-doc14:25
belkinsaDS-McGuire, I was thinking of what Ali Linux said in one of his presentations on how to get involved.14:25
pmatulis② clarify what team to join14:26
DS-McGuireI have work with Ali in the past.14:26
pmatulisDS-McGuire: where are you from anyway?14:26
belkinsaI spoke to him a few times.14:26
DS-McGuireWales in the UK14:26
DS-McGuireI didn't particularly enjoy working with him.14:27
DS-McGuireI have never met him in person,14:27
belkinsaDS-McGuire, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ijUbXSxU2UQ (ignore the strange suggested videos - YouTube has the worst UX ever)14:28
belkinsaIt's that video.14:29
belkinsaBut I believe pmatulis has a point on fixing it.14:29
DS-McGuireOh wow that is a long video. I will save that for later on tonight, thanks :)14:29
belkinsaIt is because it was for the last UOS14:30
DS-McGuireOh I see14:30

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