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cyberalex4lifecould u please help me with some nvidia problems?16:03
cyberalex4lifeafter some recent updates, quite a few, if I install any nvidia drivers with bumblebee16:04
cyberalex4lifegdm fails to start16:04
cyberalex4lifeif I remove bumblebee, and configure it for nouveau the problem dissapears16:04
cyberalex4lifebumblebee works ither with nvidia and nouveau in gnome shell, but after installing nvidia gdm fails to start16:06
daschelI recently assembled this PC(about 2 months ago) and installed ubuntu with it.  It's not unusable, but it seems very unstable.  there's nothing major going wrong, but a bunch of little things adding up.  For example I just did an update about 2 mins ago, and when it finished it closed everything I was working on. there's a bunch of display errors.  the DE crashed on startup a couple times a week.  When being wok16:13
daschelen up from sleep, I have to restart GDM, but if I want sound too, I have to do a full reboot. Is this release known to be so unstable, or have I just had bad luck?16:13
daschelOnce it's running, it runs fine.  But if it goes to sleep or if I need to reboot, it's a crap shoot16:14
zerwasI have the same problem with having to restart GDM after suspend to RAM16:14
zerwasDoes the sound issue also happen when you use another DE?16:14
zerwasMost often this is a driver issue16:15
daschelI haven't tried another DE, but i am using the proprietary graphics driver because at the moment the only speakers I have are built into my monitor, and I couldn't get the sound to work without the prop drivers16:16
zerwasI see.16:17
zerwasDid you install 14.04?16:17
daschelthe only things I've really installed are chrome, several tools for a development environment, and some gnome extensions.  Do you know off-hand if any gnome extensions are causing problems with the DE?16:20
daschelzerwas, just found this: https://sites.google.com/site/easylinuxtipsproject/bugs#TOC-Hibernate-and-suspend-don-t-always-work-well:-they-make-some-computers-malfunction-or-even-enter-a-coma16:23
zerwasYes, Suspend/Hibernation + Linux is still no good combination16:26
zerwasAlso have a look at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingKernelSuspend16:26
zerwasI bet it has to do with the graphics driver in our case16:27
dascheldo you have dual displays by any chance?16:27
zerwasBut suspend used to work fine for me in Unity16:29
zerwasIt started to misbehave since I'm using GNOME16:29
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shmupfigure i'll ask in here instead of just #ubuntu. sitting at preparing to install ubuntu gnome screen for _a while_. tried a few random things i've read. ubiquity --debug. not checking the two optional check boxes. rebooting.20:59
shmupi do have an internet connection. i'm talking to you right now through ubuntu live ;p20:59
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