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onicromI'm running into an odd issue... when i run the ubuntu install (specifically the debian installer) and it 'scans' the network (and or network devices) my dell drac6e network interface becomes unavailable (in the drac6e the onboard nic is 'shared' with the management nic)10:11
onicromwhen i use the fastpath installer i do not have the same problem10:11
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apwonicrom, hmmm that sounds pretty wrong, we would want a bug filed against the installer (at least) for that as it is somehow busting the network card (possibly by probing all possible devices)15:57
apwonicrom, please niclude a full description15:58
brendandapw, is cking on holidays?16:12
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onicromapw: sure thing, where should i file the bug?16:41
onicromapw: fyi i tried this via a pxe based install and a usbkey based install, same thing16:41
zequenceHaven't seen any kernel SRUs for a while. Why is that?16:56
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