RAOFI guess it's too soon to be passing --std=c++1y? :)01:39
dufluWait, what? I was utterly convinced today was Wednesday01:43
RAOFOh, it's not!01:44
RAOFAnd you somehow made me think it was Tuesday!01:45
dufluThat is honestly shocking. I do recall several very long work days. No wonder the fridge is quite empty01:47
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RAOFConflicts in since lunch. Yay!06:03
dufluRAOF: Sorry, I think. It's a problem we all suffer from occasionally06:35
RAOFEh. Very simple conflicts.06:36
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RAOFHah. Whoops.06:50
RAOFI've tested all the things except actually wiring up the probe in the DefaultServerConfiguration! :)06:51
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RAOFOk. I think I'll call that EOD.07:51
* duflu waves to RAOF07:53
duflualf_: Do you have a fix in mind for bug 1353867? If not I would just propose a revert of the offending change. As crashing is more helpful than an infinite loop08:22
ubot5bug 1353867 in Mir "[regression] Nexus4: Mir client gets caught in an infinite exception loop if the server crashes ("Caught exception at Mir/EGL driver boundary")" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/135386708:22
alan_gduflu: are your concerns addressed? https://code.launchpad.net/~alan-griffiths/mir/versioning-libmirplatform/+merge/22948808:24
duflualan_g: Sorry, distracted. I'll check this arvo08:24
alf_duflu: Yes, I have a fix, I am just waiting for https://code.launchpad.net/~afrantzis/mir/better-client-api-override/+merge/229479 to land to propose08:25
duflualan_g: One of those days where I just don't get on top of everything. Checking it now...08:33
alan_gduflu: np - it happens to us all08:33
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racarr_Is anyone else having...entire system randomly freezes in utopic kind of issues (with alarming frequency)18:02
racarr_I feel like maybe alf was or something?18:02
kdublike, the desktop?18:06
racarr_freeze/unfreeze sort of stuff lol18:10
racarr_its been a few weeks now and is really starting to push my patience so starting to feel like I should dig in to cause18:10
racarr_and thought I remembered alf was having something like this18:10
racarr_on radeon evergreen as well18:10
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racarr_android...build...so long.21:52
racarr_RAOF: p.s. what were you saying about an honest to god stub platform21:52
racarr_I had to make, another one for https://code.launchpad.net/~mir-team/qtmir/server-client-acceptance/+merge/230018 and now to add more tests I have to make it better (or perhaps just end up copying the one from mtf...)21:53
RAOFracarr_: https://code.launchpad.net/~raof/mir/privatise-all-the-things/+merge/228796 has some of an honest-to-god stub platform.22:42
RAOFracarr_: At least, it has platform-graphics-dummy.so and client-platform-dummy.so.22:42
racarr_RAOF: How did it end up there?22:43
RAOFracarr_: Because I needed some dummies to test.22:47
racarr_hmm 6 hours is a long time even for jenkins ;) (want to see a + 1 on touchspot-renderable before EOD)23:27

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