skd5anerhi, is there any way to upgrade mythbuntu 12.04 to 14.04 from the command line?01:41
skd5anerremotely, via ssh01:41
skd5anerwhen I try to do do-release-upgrade, it says there's no new release found01:42
skd5anerI've edited the /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades file have release = lts01:42
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enycI wonder why the mythtv source packages in ubuntu  12.04 and 14.04  seem to turn off support for most video output accelelration  seemingly  [ OpenGL video              no   VDPAU support             no   VAAPI support             no   etc...]07:14
tgm4883enyc: they shouldn't be14:21
tgm4883enyc: yea all that support is turned on14:24
tgm4883enyc: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/7980117/14:24
tgm4883enyc: if you are downloading the source and building, do you have the dependencies needed to enable those?14:36
enyctgm4883: hrrm at least, using   "apt-get build-dep"  via package manager14:42
enyctgm4883: though, I was, actually, compiling  both  'precise' 0.25 mythtv and  'trusty' 0.27 mythtv,  on  debian wheezy ARM arch variants =)14:42
enyctgm4883: but I _definitely_ had the build_dep satisfied14:43
tgm4883and you compiled with things like --enable-vdpau?14:43
enyci can find out later this evening how the various builds are going14:44
enyctgm4883: not changed, from the ubuntu  debian/rules  compile  defaults...14:44
enyctgm4883: which is odd, as I would have (expected) that  ubuntu had such turned on14:44
enyctgm4883: but maybe something in there, turns off when compiling on arm, or something14:44
tgm4883I don't have too much time right now to work though this. superm1 would know more than I on that14:45
enyctgm4883: i thouni k iwll just look in the debian/rules file first etc...14:45
tgm4883enyc: I would recommend trying (or at least looking through) our build scripts and packaging stuff  https://github.com/MythTV/packaging/tree/master/deb/debian14:45
enyctgm4883: ooooot there is a helpful readme =)14:46
enycifeq "$(DEB_BUILD_ARCH)" "armhf"14:48
enycMYTHTV_CONFIGURE_OPTS += --disable-opengl-video --disable-opengl --disable-vaapi14:48
enycMYTHTV_CONFIGURE_OPTS += --enable-opengl-video --enable-vaapi14:48
tgm4883looks like a superm1 question14:49
enycsuperm1: ^^ see above, any reasoning why opengl gets deliberately disabled on armhf ;-)14:49
enychrrm... so I should check my armel build may have it...  but  raspbian, which ''considers'' itself armhf (even though it isn't per-se), will also trigger the disable14:50
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