Unit193grendal_prime: Anything we can do to help you?00:42
grendal_primenot that im aware of..im sorry for some reason this client keeps connecting to ubuntu..and i have been banned from there but i cant find where i remove that autologon00:43
grendal_primeits xchat on ubuntu..i tought it was under the server settings but i cant find where to remove it00:43
Unit193I think it's called "favorite channels", not sure as I don't use it.00:44
grendal_primeya see i though i go to prefrences look up the server then users and channels and remove the channel from the list.00:45
grendal_primebut there are no channels in the list00:45
grendal_primethere is nothing listed...i dont know..00:46
grendal_primeits werid00:46
grendal_primeand every time i try ad open up the channels list..its so huge it locks up the app.00:47
IdleOneI removed the forward, he shouldn't be joining here anymore00:56
Unit193Thanks, IdleOne.00:58
IdleOneshould of thought of it earlier00:59
IdleOneshould have also00:59
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rwwbanned *!~PircBot@* because i am teh mean01:06
IdleOnewe don't need no pirckyness01:06
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ubottuOerHeks called the ops in #ubuntu ()16:17
phunyguyI would say just set it +r again16:20
phunyguy+rf #ubuntu-unregged if it persists16:21
Piciit is16:21
PiciI didn't remove +r16:21
phunyguyoh, it wasn't before16:21
phunyguyOh I see where you did it.  missed that line16:22
phunyguyso it was +r, but they were still in the channel16:22
phunyguygotcha :)16:22
Piciright, so I set +q until I could boot them, or they left16:23
phunyguyPici: well done, sir.16:27

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