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akaradaghello again, does anyone know ubuntu's automated test method for os installation06:44
jpds_akaradag: Yes, what about it?07:00
akaradaggood, i am searching a method to test os installation as automatically07:01
akaradagwhat is ubuntu's method for that?07:02
jpds_Same as Debian.07:03
jibelakaradag, https://help.ubuntu.com/14.04/installation-guide/i386/apb.html07:29
dkesselgood morning07:30
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elfyyay - can install to whole disk again \o/11:19
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average_guyI am chasing a bug I filed #1352905 and have found the solution - dunno wht to do nxt17:42
average_guytestdrive pulls the iso listed on the manifest, the tracker where is says "Link to download information" does not show the correct link for zsync17:43
average_guyhence http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/315/builds/74832/testcases/1337/results17:44
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average_guyjibel or stgraber  ^^  I am told you guys are the ones I should mention this to18:06
balloonsbug 135290518:10
ubot5bug 1352905 in testdrive (Ubuntu) "testdrive not syncing most recent img maybe?" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/135290518:10
balloonsaverage_guy, you can check the image testdrive pulls vs the one you downloaded18:11
balloonslook in ~/.cache/testdrive/iso to find the images18:11
balloonscompare it with what you downloaded.. grab the md5sums and check both18:12
balloonsmake sense?18:12
average_guyi peeked under the hood of testdrive to see how it gets it's img balloons18:12
average_guyit pulls from the manifest18:12
average_guythe zsync link does not match18:12
balloonssure, but the bug is a little confusing.. or I'm confused18:12
balloonsare the images different?18:13
ianorlinyes but is it same image as it could be a mirror?18:13
balloonswell check the md5's and see18:13
average_guythey do not match18:20
balloonsi replied to the bug with some questions.. if you can provide the details it should help pinpoint the problem18:21
balloonsthanks ;-) and well spotted18:21
average_guyty :) am pretty proud of myself. It has been "bugging" me18:22
elopioballoons: hello.18:24
elopioballoons: your branch with the fixes for the warning is great, thanks for that.18:25
elopioballoons: but your test is still no good, because I can't make it fail.18:25
elopioand I can't find a way to make it work. I've tried all the ways to reload a module I have found.18:25
elopioballoons: as it's unlikely to regress because we will never touch the emulators module again, I'm ok with removing the test, if you agree that's a good idea.18:26
balloonselopio, you don't think importing in the testcase works?18:42
balloonselopio, I am ok with removing it.. it's probably a meaningless test18:42
elopioballoons: it doesn't work because by the time you hit it, it's already in sys.modules18:43
elopioso the second time you do the import, the warning is not logged anyway. So the test will always pass.18:43
elopioit was a good idea to test it, but now we will spend more time trying to get it right than the value we will get out of it.18:44
balloonselopio, ok fair enough.. I'll just drop it18:44
elopioI tested it manually, and all your changes solve the issue.18:44
balloonsI removed and pushed18:48
balloonsaverage_guy, so the tracker it is then?18:58
average_guyyes balloons, the tracker shows the wrong link for zsync'ing18:59
balloonsaverage_guy, mmm..18:59
balloonsi think I see the problem actually: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-server/daily/current/18:59
balloonsthe manifests are old18:59
average_guyI didn't even know that cld happen :(19:00
balloonsit's just a bit odd19:00
balloonsI'm confused as well19:00
average_guyI just know I get 2 diff test results, and dont wanna test everything twice19:01
balloonsaverage_guy, so testdrive is indeed correct here. This is sort of a weird case19:03
balloonsmy guess is the issue is images are not passing the automatic testing and thus the "current" image is out of date from the daily built image which the tracker links to19:04
balloonsheh, though actually that means testdrive is at fault19:04
average_guyI see19:05
balloonsthe trouble is, do we want a result for an image that failed automatic testing; the answer is no, that's why we gate them19:05
balloonsit's just never gotten so out of sync before19:05
balloonsso the issue has never really presented itself19:05
ianorlinit does say the image is oversized on the testing page19:05
balloonsso technically, on the tracker, you should grab the daily image as listed on the tracker.19:06
average_guygotcha balloons, trust the tracker - the manifest is the problem19:10
balloonsyes trsut the tracker.. the problem is that testdrive only grabs known good images.. which is technically what we want you to test19:11
balloonsit's worthy of discussion on the mailing list19:11
balloonsit's an interesting problem to have it carry on and be out of sync19:11
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