ahayzenvthompson, see my latest comment on https://code.launchpad.net/~vthompson/music-app/lookup-file/+merge/22961200:36
vthompsonahayzen, I see it. that makes sense. Filter should be reset00:38
ahayzenvthompson, cool :)00:39
ahayzenvthompson, shall i top approve https://code.launchpad.net/~vthompson/music-app/remove-white-error-labels-1353173/+merge/22971300:40
vthompsonahayzen, do you agree with the small color tweaks in the error msg and the confirm button?00:41
ahayzenvthompson, i think so00:42
vthompsonI don't think the confirm button change was necessary, but I didn't like having them both grey00:42
ahayzenvthompson, but really i want to go through everything and make them use Theme.00:42
vthompsonlol, I just updated the app and now clicking an album from the scope launches random apps. First clock now browser. lol00:43
ahayzenhah oh god not that again00:43
vthompsonwhat'd you do to fix it?00:44
ahayzennothing was the platform last time00:44
vthompsonSeems that if I leave the music scope and go back into it it was OK00:44
vthompsonyelp it looks ok again.00:45
* ahayzen hides00:46
ahayzenvthompson, top approve https://code.launchpad.net/~vthompson/music-app/remove-white-error-labels-1353173/+merge/229713 if u think its ok ...so it fixes the white on white issue for now...but i think we need to do an overall review of the colours at some point00:46
vthompsonahayzen, yea, I agree. That will probably come with the redesign overall00:47
ahayzenvthompson, for https://code.launchpad.net/~vthompson/music-app/lookup-file/+merge/229612 .. when the filter is cleared would onFilled not be called? and then trackClicked() ?00:47
vthompsonahayzen, I dont understand the question. the process function will reset the filters which forces the onfilled to be called00:48
vthompsonwhen a new album is selected00:48
sergiusensslangasek: I asked on tech, doko answered; not supported yet; cgo is used to write bindings to c/c++00:49
ahayzenok so u click on an album that filters the model... which then gets refilled...on filled is called.. it plays whtever is in the model... then the filter is cleared... the model reloads to the cleared set and would onFilled not be called again here? which would then cause trackClicked to be called on the clear filter model?00:49
vthompsonyea, but selectedAlbum is now false ;)00:50
OrokuSaki@ogra console=tty? related??? Well I got 13.04 to work on my kernel.. when I run test_glesv2 I don't see the triangles.. unity8 does work...00:50
meetingologyOrokuSaki: Error: "ogra" is not a valid command.00:50
ahayzenvthompson, ah yes ;)00:50
OrokuSaki@ogra_ console=tty? related??? Well I got 13.04 to work on my kernel.. when I run test_glesv2 I don't see the triangles.. unity8 does work...00:50
meetingologyOrokuSaki: Error: "ogra_" is not a valid command.00:50
ahayzenvthompson, hehe i knew that would help when i did my first review lol..not..00:50
OrokuSakianyone see my last 2 messages before I resend?00:50
OrokuSakiOh well.. console=tty? related??? Well I got 13.04 to work on my kernel.. when I run test_glesv2 I don't see the triangles.. unity8 does work... Ogra???????00:51
ahayzenvthompson, oh last thing the var track = false ? and then track = musicStore.lookup() ... why not just var track = musicStore.lookup() ?00:51
OrokuSakiIt's odd not to see triangles.. but have unity8 run00:51
vthompsonahayzen, well I'm glad you found a reason why we'd want to make sure it's reset00:51
OrokuSakiand see a screen00:51
OrokuSakiWhat do you guys think about that?00:51
vthompsonahayzen, because of the mediascanner2 code throwing an exception when the track is not found. This should leave track as 'false'00:53
vthompsonwe really dont need this as the check we do is just for debug... but really in the end we might want to choose to do something00:54
ahayzenvthompson, if it is throwing an exception then don't u need a try catch?00:54
ahayzenvthompson, and i thought it just returned null ?00:54
vthompsonwell, I'm not sure how we'd catch a c++ exception in javascript00:54
vthompsonmaybe it would return null. Undefined?00:55
ahayzenvthompson, hmmm ok we'll just leave for now00:55
ahayzenvthompson, i'll check over it when doing content-hub as that touches the same code00:55
vthompsonahayzen, ah yes, that might allow us to do a nice small test for not finding the requested song00:56
ahayzenvthompson, i'll approve for now00:56
ahayzenvthompson, i'm gonna go to bed top approve the approved branches as u wish :) and could u have a check over listitem actions ... other than the colours/sizes i think it is there?00:57
vthompsonahayzen, yea, you'll merge trunk in the morning?00:59
ahayzenvthompson, i just did? ...00:59
vthompsonohhhh you're good00:59
ahayzenvthompson, well whtever was trunk 23mins ago :P00:59
ahayzenvthompson, anyway have fun o/00:59
vthompsonahayzen, ah that's just the ap and dev3 fixes. :)01:00
vthompsonwill do! Night!01:00
ahayzenyep :) u 2 cyas01:00
OrokuSakifailed to stat "/home/justin/UTATRUSTY/out/target/product/tenderloin/boot.img":01:10
OrokuSakiThere was away around this with 13.04 anyone know 14.04? you have to remove this line in main.mk $(INSTALLED_BOOTIMAGE_TARGET_ANDROID) \ with 13.0401:11
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pittibzoltan: thanks for fixing the dev focus! (sorry for confusing terms; that's what I meant)05:58
pittibzoltan: I think that'll also fix LP translations to now auto-commit to /staging, not to /trunk05:59
bzoltanpitti:  I might change it back  :D05:59
pittiand make MPs go to the right place05:59
bzoltanpitti:  the question is how CI works05:59
pittibzoltan: ah, you mean you now need to tell it to land into lp:u-u-t/trunk ?06:01
pittibzoltan: somehow it must work; autopilot is the same06:02
pittibzoltan: i. e. lp:autopilot points to /trunk which is an actual trunk06:02
pittibzoltan: and landings are from the lp:autopilot/1.5 branch, which reflects what's in the archive06:02
bzoltanpitti: Mirv just told me that CI lands on the lp:ubuntu-ui-toolkit  what is the staging branch06:02
pittiso thomi/veebers should know how this "real trunk" mode works with CI06:03
bzoltanpitti:  our case is different ... the lp:ubuntu-ui-toolkit now is the lp:ubuntu-ui-toolkit-trunk06:03
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pittibzoltan: that's the same in AP06:03
pittii. e. development focus points to trunk, not to the archive branch06:04
Mirvbzoltan: elopio just mentioned autopilot is already exception, so maybe it could work for you too06:04
pittiTBH, that's the normal mode of development everywhere else in the world..06:04
bzoltanMirv:  if we make it an exception :) before the actual landing06:04
pittiso "I want to upload" then becomes "merge trunk into archive branch"06:05
bzoltanpitti:  what you say makes sense ... the CI process should use an "archive" branch and let the projects do whatever they want06:07
pittibzoltan: yeah, and as AP uses that I thought it would work06:08
pittibzoltan: so, if that needs some special setup in CI and this blocks you from landing, I guess you need to switch back temporarily (too bad, but I guess this is not the time for dealing with such things)06:09
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dholbachgood morning06:51
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Saviqtvoss, so... bug #135385507:04
ubot5bug 1353855 in unity8 (Ubuntu) "Explicit g++ 4.9 dependency breaks cross-building" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/135385507:04
tvossSaviq, yup, let me take care of it07:04
MirvKaleo: bzoltan: hey. before I drop this from my mind, have you removed the workarounds required during 5.2 that made app startup slower? bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/qtdeclarative-opensource-src/+bug/1320823 should be fixed in Qt 5.307:20
ubot5Launchpad bug 1320823 in qtdeclarative-opensource-src (Ubuntu) "Missing patches for QTBUG-35095" [Undecided,Fix released]07:20
bzoltanMirv:  I do not know.07:21
Mirvbzoltan: do you know how to / from whom to find out? sounds like SDK stuff possibly since Kaleo was the one who mentioned the problem07:21
Mirvhmm, I can file a bug and assign Kaleo to it07:22
bzoltanMirv:  that is a good idea07:23
Mirvbzoltan: bug #1353863 filed with some subscribers too, seems important enough to double check since it's related to app startup times07:24
ubot5bug 1353863 in Ubuntu UI Toolkit "Drop workarounds that penalise loading time for all apps" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/135386307:24
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KaleoMirv, grep for the bug number in the toolkit: modules/Ubuntu/Components/Label.qml & examples/ubuntu-ui-toolkit-gallery/TemplateRow.qml10:26
mandelElleo, I tested the new udm on the browser, app installation, dist upgrade and mms and everything works as expected. Is marked as tested and should be published in a number of hours10:27
KaleoMirv, https://code.launchpad.net/~fboucault/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/remove_relayout_workaround/+merge/22991810:29
sil2100Kaleo: hi!10:31
sil2100Kaleo: so, w10:31
sil2100Damn, keyboard problems...10:31
sil2100Kaleo: so, we might have to revert camera-app to the previous version in the store10:31
Kaleosil2100, what's wrong?10:31
Kaleosil2100, bug report?10:31
sil2100Kaleo: smoketesting shows it regressed test-wise, we get a constant number of 8-9 test failures on all supported platforms and brendand reports that it opens up now in about 30+ seconds10:32
sil2100brendand: did you fill in a bug for this already ^ ?10:32
brendandKaleo, then after it opens it hides itself10:32
brendandsil2100, nope - going to now10:32
Kaleobrendand, ???10:33
sil2100Kaleo: anyway, since we're in traincon-0 we can't really accept any new breakages10:33
Kaleosil2100, yes of course but I just don't experience that here10:33
sil2100brendand: I think davmor2 confirmed the issue on his mako device as well from what I remember10:34
sil2100I mean, Kaleo10:34
sil2100Damn, what's wrong with me today... so many typos10:34
davmor2Kaleo: are you on 17610:34
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sil2100Anyway, brendand could you try maybe installing the earlier version of camera-app to make sure it's at fault?10:35
brendandsil2100, okay - someone can help me out with that?10:35
brendandKaleo, ?10:35
sil2100We didn't see anything else landing that could affect this, but better be sure10:35
sil2100I remember popey had some nifty way of downloading old click packages...10:35
Kaleodavmor2, I'm on 175 with the new cameraz10:36
sil2100Mirv, popey: could you guys give us a hand with downgrading click packages?10:36
Kaleodavmor2, I'm looking for my mako now to check (that was on barajas)10:36
brendandKaleo, on 175 and it works?10:40
Elleomandel: excellent :)10:40
Mirvsil2100: I know how to upload, but not specifically how to downgrade. I believe that'd be on the store frontend side ie. popey or dholbach10:40
Kaleobrendand, yep actually, on my 2 devices10:41
Kaleobrendand, upgrading to 176 now10:41
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Kaleobrendand, sil2100, upgrading to 176 broke it :(10:46
Kaleohang on10:46
Kaleoit was very slow to load10:46
Kaleobut it loaded10:46
Kaleooups and very slow to write a pic10:47
Kaleoit's odd10:47
sil2100Kaleo: does the camera-app use mediascanner in any way?10:47
Kaleosil2100, maybe for thumbnaining?10:48
Kaleosil2100, is thumbnailing related to it?10:48
sil2100Since we had a mediascanner landing as well... not sure if anything else could have affected it, still looking at the commitlog10:48
sil2100hm, not sure10:48
KaleoI have just gotten a popup10:48
Kaleo"camera wants to access your location"10:48
ogra_`popups FTW !!10:48
sil2100hm, maybe it's related to location then!10:49
Kaleonow it seems fast too launch10:49
sil2100We also had location service landing yesterday10:49
ogra_`depends on what device10:49
sil2100brendand: ^10:49
ogra_`location partitally works on mako10:49
Kaleothat's on mako10:49
ogra_`but doesnt on others10:49
mandelogra_`, partially, that offends me :P10:49
* sil2100 upgrades to do some testing10:49
Kaleodoing a clean reinstall with wipe now10:49
mandelogra_`, will work better in a few days10:50
Kaleosil2100, so my guess is that an earlier click won't fix the issue unfortunately10:51
ogra_`mandel, why does it offend you ... ? not your fault10:51
mandelogra_`, joking ;)10:52
* ogra_` blames tvoss for not writing hs own AGPS server yet :P10:52
sil2100Kaleo: right, I would suppose that as well right now, that's why I asked for brendand to try the earlier version - but I guess we have now enough evidence that it might not be related to the new camera upload already10:52
brendandKaleo, i'm still going to file the bug on camera-app10:56
Kaleobrendand, sure10:58
brendandKaleo, look at the screenshot in the bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/camera-app/+bug/135395611:01
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1353956 in camera-app "Camera takes a long time to launch (30+ seconds) and disappears from view" [Undecided,New]11:01
brendandKaleo, that's what i see as i pull the launcher out11:02
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Kaleobrendand, nice :)11:07
Kaleobrendand, yeah the app is there loaded quickly but not shown adequately11:07
Kaleobrendand, I think it's pending on that location yes/no dialog11:07
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Kaleobrendand, commented11:09
dholbachMirv, sil2100, I'm not sure - you mean you want to overwrite a broken version of an app in a click package?11:10
dholbachin that case you'd need to ship the old source with a newer version11:10
sil2100dholbach: about that, it might no longer be valid11:10
Mirvdholbach: oh, there's no "revert the offering to an earlier version" button? anyway, it seems based on above that we don't want it (possibly) since it wouldn't help11:10
sil2100dholbach: the problem is probably coming from another package11:10
dholbachahh ok, I see11:11
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ChipacaLaney: anything I can do to help you re-review https://code.launchpad.net/~chipaca/ubuntu-system-settings/push-helper/+merge/229571 ?11:53
cjwatsonbeuno: so, we have a key for you.  elmo is going to transfer it physically to the datacentre (so early next week), and I have a shard of the master key that signs the operational one on a USB stick for you when we next bump into each other11:58
beunocjwatson, woohoo! that's great news12:00
beunostaging seemed to go well, we're going to sign all the existing packages soon12:00
beunoand hopefully it'll all come together on production next wee once the key is in the DC12:01
beunocjwatson, you're taking care of the public key landing on the device?12:01
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cjwatsonbeuno: Yeah, I'll get that sorted12:13
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cjwatsonbeuno: Need to polish/land mvo's signing branch too12:14
cjwatsonI gave him a nice long review only to realise that he's on vacation12:14
beunocjwatson, one of those "I'm rubber, you're glue" situations12:16
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mterryWellark, is there any update on bug 1302049?12:38
ubot5bug 1302049 in Network Menu "Need a way for external processes to ask for sim unlocking." [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/130204912:38
Wellarkmterry: actually there is12:38
Wellarkas for working with https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1341548 I'm adding a connectivity service to session bus12:39
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1341548 in Network Menu "Online detection does not work with confined apps on Nexus 4" [Critical,Triaged]12:39
WellarkI can easily add an interface needed for bug 1302049 as well12:40
ubot5bug 1302049 in Network Menu "Need a way for external processes to ask for sim unlocking." [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/130204912:40
Wellarkmterry: any particular semantics you need for the API?12:41
Wellarkor is simple com.ubuntu.connectivity1.private.UnlockSims() enough?12:41
mterryWellark, not especially -- though I'm curious how dual sim would work?12:41
mterryWellark, does it start unlocking both?12:42
Wellarkmterry: it would iterate the modems one by one12:42
mterryWellark, OK.  Yeah, I think we just need a way to start it.  Let me double-check the design12:42
Wellarkjust make sure the unlocking dialog is not shown automatically every time somebody tries to dismiss the greeter12:42
mterryWellark, if no pins are locked, presumably the call will do nothing, so we can unconditionally call it on boot?12:44
Wellarkmterry: yes.12:44
mterryWellark, then yeah I think that dumb of an API is fine  :)12:45
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om26erwhats the password for phablet ?12:55
pmcgowanI believe there is none12:56
t1mpom26er: it used to be phablet, but there is an email on ubuntu-phone mailing list from a month ago saying it will be changed to blank13:00
om26ert1mp, thanks :-) so I just found since had set a passcode for lockscreen my password is that now.13:01
mterryom26er, ah yes -- you're not the first person to not expect that.  I would have mentioned that in my email when making the switch, but I was so embedded in the work, it seemed "obvious" to me13:03
ogra_mterry, we should probably add some info about that to the popup dialog ;)13:06
ogra_or call it "systemwide passphrase" or so13:07
mterryogra_, hopefully most users aren't sudo-ing too often  :)13:07
ogra_heh, true13:07
dpmhi mterry, when you've got a minute, do you think you could reply to the last comment on bug 1347010? I think it's your area of expertise13:23
ubot5bug 1347010 in Ubuntu Terminal App "require screenlock password (if set)" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/134701013:23
mterrydpm, on it13:25
dpmawesome, thanks!13:25
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mterryogra_, did we stop producing grouper images on system-image.u.c?13:35
mterryoy we did13:36
ogra_mterry, about a year ago13:36
ogra_or 8 months or whatever ... quite a while already13:36
mterryogra_, hah, shows how long I've tried to use my grouper13:36
jason___Hello. I just installed ubuntu touch on my nexus 7. But I cannot find Synaptic on the app store. I also don't know how to put it in landscape mode. Can someone please help me?13:37
jason___The reason I install ubuntu on my nexus 7 is to be able to do c programming using GNU Emacs. Is that possible? Thank  you very much13:38
greybackjason___: we do not have landscape mode working for nexus7 yet13:41
jason___oh, is it possible for me to install the old Ubuntu version like 13.04? All I want is do C programming using Emacs for my statistics subject. I cannot find the Ubuntu Nexus 7 Desktop Installer as well. Thank you very much13:43
cwaynemterry: just added the huge unity8 silo now its asking me for a password, is there a new default pass?13:44
mterrycwayne, no13:44
jason___Can I use this command to install older version like 13.04?    $ ubuntu-device-flash --channel=trusty --revision=299     But I dont't what the correct revision number is. 299 is the current one.13:45
mterrycwayne, did you re-flash?  It'll keep the old password unless you use --wipe13:45
cwaynemterry: i did a wipe, then added silo 00113:45
mterrycwayne, what's the contents of /var/lib/extrausers/shadow?13:46
mterrycwayne, ok so you have no password set as far as the system itself is concerned13:48
mterrycwayne, let me test myself13:48
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oSoMoNSaviq, is it a known issue that the splash screen displays the app name untranslated?14:01
SaviqoSoMoN, yes, there's a bug for that14:01
SaviqoSoMoN, bug #135036014:01
ubot5bug 1350360 in QtMir "App name in the splash screen needs to be localized" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/135036014:01
oSoMoNSaviq, ok, thanks14:01
cwaynemardy: hi, any update on the desktop files not showing anything in system settings online accounts?14:09
mterrycwayne, oh, did you get a scary message when upgrading about pam.d files?14:13
cwaynemterry: yep14:13
mterrycwayne, I assume you chose to override the changes, which blew up your PAM settings the way we like them14:14
cwaynemterry: probably14:14
mterrycwayne, I've got branches to avoid this problem in the future14:14
mterrycwayne, but for now I can fix your stuff manually, give me a sec14:14
mterrycwayne, in /etc/pam.d/common-auth, add the following line before any of the other lines:14:14
mterryauth    [success=2 authinfo_unavail=ignore default=1] pam_extrausers.so nullok14:14
mterrycwayne, and in common-password, the following line before any others:14:15
mterrypassword        [success=2 default=ignore]      pam_extrausers.so minlen=4 sha51214:15
jgdxxkenvandine, pushed fixes to reset branch https://code.launchpad.net/~jonas-drange/ubuntu-system-settings/1219793-reset/+merge/22895414:21
kenvandinejgdxx, great, thx14:21
jgdxxkenvandine, no, thank you. Wouldn't get anywhere without these reviews. :)14:22
nik90sergiusens: Hi, did you have time to look at daniel's debian packaging branch?14:25
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sergiusensnik90: do you have the link again? I might have lost it14:28
sil2100dholbach: hmm... do you know who I should ping regarding calendar-app development?14:30
sergiusensnik90: just add me as reviewer I guess and I'll see it14:31
tedgmardy, Is there a signal for when a new account is added?14:32
tedgmardy, Specifically I want to know when a new U1 account is added.14:32
nik90sergiusens: done14:33
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mardytedg: hi! Which API? QML, Qt or glib?14:36
mardycwayne: no updates, I didn't work on that yet14:36
tedgmardy, I'm not using the accounts right now, only libu1-auth. So I can use any of those if needed :-)14:37
tedgmardy, That's a Qt lib so the Qt version is probably easier in that object though.14:37
sil2100dholbach: hi! Do you have the power to publish packages to the store? We would need music-app updated, Mirv already uploaded the new version14:38
nik90sil2100: mihir, kunal on #ubuntu-app-devel14:38
mardytedg: so, the classes which you need to use are Accounts::Manager (to get notified when accounts are created/deleted) and AccountService (to get notified when the account gets enabled/disabled)14:38
sil2100nik90: thanks :)14:38
tedgmardy, Okay, cool. Thanks!14:39
sil2100dholbach: pretty please with cherries on top ;)14:40
sergiusensnik90: thanks14:40
jgdxxelopio, hey, I've pushed fixes which addresses your comments in https://code.launchpad.net/~jonas-drange/ubuntu-system-settings/call-fwd-wait-dual-sim/+merge/229774 – thanks14:41
Mirvdholbach: 1.3.558, that is14:41
tedgmardy, What is the serviceType string for U1?14:52
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mardytedg: let me check if I find it...15:01
dholbachsil2100, Mirv: looking - just coming back from the dentist15:02
mhall119nik90, renatu my Unity shell becomes unresponsive when an alarm is playing, is that a known bug?15:02
mardytedg: "ubuntuone" :-)15:02
nik90mhall119: nope15:02
nik90mhall119: image 157?15:02
sil2100dholbach: thanks!15:02
mhall119nik90: yeah15:03
tedgmardy, Cool, thanks115:03
mhall119nik90: the welcome screen is responsive, but once I swipe that away nothing works, not even the launcher or top panel15:03
dholbachsil2100, Mirv, balloons: music approved15:03
sil2100dholbach: \o/15:03
nik90mhall119: ah that's due to the snap notification15:04
nik90mhall119: it takes away all input and forces the user to dismiss the snap notification first15:04
mhall119nik90: do you know if there's a bug for it?15:04
nik90mhall119: that's by design15:04
mhall119nik90: but it lasts long after I dismiss the notification15:04
nik90mhall119: hmm yeah that is a bug15:05
mhall119nik90: what project should I file it against?15:05
nik90mhall119: will have to reflash my phone to 157 to test it out.15:05
nik90mhall119: report it against the clock app, let me try to confirm it and then investigate where the issue lies15:05
mhall119nik90: well it was technically a calendar event15:06
mhall119though if it's in the notification it can probably be caused by either15:06
nik90mhall119: well the indicator-datetime is the one which triggers the actual notification and the snap decision. This is used by both clock and calendar.15:07
mhall119ok, I'll file it there15:07
mhall119thanks nik9015:07
mhall119nik90: https://bugs.launchpad.net/indicator-datetime/+bug/1354041 if you are able to reproduce15:10
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1354041 in Indicator Date and Time "Unity shell remains unresponsive after dismissing calendar event notification" [Undecided,New]15:10
kenvandinejgdxx, mind reviewing https://code.launchpad.net/~ken-vandine/gsettings-qt/version_dep/+merge/22995315:12
jgdxxkenvandine, sure15:12
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kenvandinei'll get that in a silo quickly :)15:12
alecuballoons: so, were you able to get at the ubuntuone id from your qml app?15:13
balloonsalecu, I ended up spending the day on another bug and didn't get much further. I'll be at it again today, so :-)15:13
alecugreat, let me know how it went :-)15:13
jgdxkenvandine, done, thanks15:21
kenvandinejgdx, thx15:22
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Wellarkjdstrand: hi16:22
Wellarkjust thinking of bug #134154816:22
ubot5bug 1341548 in Network Menu "Online detection does not work with confined apps on Nexus 4" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/134154816:22
robotfuelSaviq: mzanetti: ping I have this new crasher in unity8 that need triaging https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity8/+bug/1354068 let me know if the upstart or syslog will help16:23
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1354068 in unity8 (Ubuntu) "/usr/bin/unity8:11:std::function:SlotWrapper:core::Signal:core::dbus::Signal:operator" [Undecided,New]16:23
Wellarkjdstrand: I'm not familiar with out policy/permission system enough16:24
Wellarkbut I would want to have the apps to declare different set of permission they want regarding the connectivity api16:24
mzanettirobotfuel: hmm... weird one. seems to crash in the/a media player16:24
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mzanettirobotfuel: did you listen to some song in the dash preview?16:24
Wellarkjdstrand: something like connectivity.networkstatus, connectivity.radiocontrol etc.16:25
robotfuelmzanetti: I am buried in crash files, so I didn't look. It was found by randomly clicking the ui, so that's possible.16:25
Wellarkso that it would not be just a general catch-all "connectivity"16:25
mzanettiah ok16:25
Wellarkjdstrand: how would that work?16:25
mzanettirobotfuel: is this thomi's random input stuff?16:26
robotfuelmzanetti: yes random input16:26
Wellarkalso at some point I would love to see that the user can deny networking from an app entirely, but we are not there yet anyway16:26
mzanettiok... will try to find a way to reproduce... atm it looks like some hiccups in the media player backend - just judging from the stack trace16:26
mzanettijhodapp: do you perhaps have some input on that one? https://errors.ubuntu.com/problem/8c88c781c702b88274b020e223d66d63e2d34a3316:27
robotfuelmzanetti: let me know if log files will help, I'll add it to the bug or start collecting it.16:27
mzanettirobotfuel: hmm... yeah... if you have it around, please send over ~/.cache/upstart/unity8.log16:27
robotfuelmzanetti: ok I have that one.16:27
jhodappmzanetti, I had a thought about that, but am heading out to lunch...I'll ping you when I get back16:28
mzanettiand if its a really new image, unity8-dash.log might be useful too16:28
mzanettijhodapp: sure, no worries. Enjoy your lunch16:28
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bregmaso the latest unity-plugin-scopes breaks dependencies in the archive and forces the removal of unity8 on the desktop16:35
jdstrandWellark: we can mediate on bus, path, interface and method16:35
mterryboiko, what's the best way to ask if there is any sim card in any of the modems from qml?16:36
jdstrandWellark: we have one connectivity policy group currently. it is for coarse grained connectivity information16:36
boikomterry: no way right now, I was discussing with salem_ about that, we need to change the connection status report in telepathy-ofono16:36
mterryboiko, is there a bug tracking that yet/16:37
Wellarkjdstrand: so how would it look like if we had finegrained connectivity policies?16:38
jdstrandWellark: what would you want to make available?16:40
Wellarkjdstrand: well, for example radiocontrol is one of the simplest examples16:40
jdstrandWellark: what do you mean by radiocontrol?16:41
jdstrandWellark: turning it on and off?16:41
Wellarkwifi enable, bt enable, flightmode16:41
jdstrandWellark: we don't let apps do that currently. if we wanted to, the dbus service would need to have trust-store integration16:42
Wellarkso for an app to access networking status, it would have to define in it's manifest that it needs connectivity.networking_status, for an app to control devices radios it would need to define connectivity.radio_control etc16:42
jdstrandWellark: basically, apps in the app store have no review and are considered untrusted16:42
jdstrandWellark: we also (by design) don't have installation prompts16:43
Wellarkjdstrand: but we would still make the information available with parts of the system an app requires permissions for?16:44
Wellarkand in technical level at some point would it also be possible for the user to rip off certain permissions from an app?16:44
jdstrandWellark: as such, the exposed API must either be safe for everyone to use and not leak info the app shouldn't have. if it grants sensitive information or allows privileged actions, then there needs to be trust-store integration so the user is prompted when the app performs the access16:44
jdstrand(the answer can be cached for later)16:44
jdstrandWellark: apps declare what policy groups they can use. right now, we have an empty 'connectivity' policy group that is defined as what apps can use to obtain coarse-grained network info16:46
Wellarkcan that group be splitted up for more fine grained access?16:46
jdstrandWellark: we can add an additional policy group, sure. not sure what we would name it, but for this discussion, it can be connectivity.radio_control16:46
jdstrandWellark: if the api is well-designed, sure16:47
jdstrandWellark: I would suggest using a different path for coarse and radio_control16:47
Wellarkjdstrand: ok. for future in mind, then I think the current connectivity group should be renamed to connectivity.networking_status16:47
Wellarkjdstrand: sure16:47
Wellarkon the service side they would be separate paths16:47
jdstrandWellark: I can't really do that. it is long established as what to use for coarse grained network status16:48
jdstrandwe should just do 'connectivity' and 'network-control' or something16:49
jdstrandI wouldn't worry about what we name it16:49
jdstrandthere is metadata for people to read as well as documentation to explain what it does16:49
robotfuelmzanetti: the unity8 and unity8-dash logs are attached to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity8/+bug/135406816:51
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1354068 in unity8 (Ubuntu) "/usr/bin/unity8:11:std::function:SlotWrapper:core::Signal:core::dbus::Signal:operator" [Undecided,New]16:51
jdstrandWellark: fyi, if you want to know more, I suggest looking at: http://developer.ubuntu.com/publish/apps/security-policy-for-click-packages/16:51
Wellarkwell, if the connectivity group is currently empty, then renaming it should not be a problem. or if you are worried about existing apps already requiring "connectivity" group (which does nothing as it's empty) then we can leave the connectivity group as empty and mark it as deprecated and update the documents to tell people to define connectivity.networking_status16:52
jdstrandWellark: (it might help to know that typical users don't see or care about the name of the policy group)16:53
Wellarksure, but developers do16:53
jdstrandWellark: it is documented for more than a year what it does16:53
jdstrandWellark: why the hang up on the name?16:53
Wellarkbecause it gives consistency in the future when we expand the connectivity service16:54
jdstrandWellark: I want to provide consistency too. we can just do like with content_exchange or music_files. ie, we do connectivity and connectivity_control like we have content_exchange and content_exchange_source or music_files and music_files_read16:56
jdstrandanyway, this is a very minor point16:56
jdstrandthe name of the policy group doesn't really have anything to do with the name of the service16:56
jdstrandor rather, it doesn't have to16:57
jdstrandit is just something so people have some idea what it does16:57
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Wellarkok, so the existing policy groups use "_" instead of "." to as a namespace delimiter17:00
Wellarkjdstrand: what is the difference between current connectivity and networking ?17:02
jdstrandright, that too is minor. mostly I just want to use what we've documented for status, and then add a new one for radio control17:02
jdstrandWellark: networking gives you access to networking17:02
jdstrandwithout it, you can't get online17:02
Wellarkright. ok. I found the descriptions also17:02
jdstrandmaybe it would make sense to add radiocontrol to networking to not add a new policy group17:04
jdstrandWellark: are you planning on implementing this radiocontrol API for RTM?17:04
Wellarkactually looking at existing documentation17:04
mzanettirobotfuel: thanks17:05
jdstrandWellark: oh, actually, connectivity is not currently blank17:05
Wellarkjdstrand: so, this is just my initial throught and you can ignore it if you want:17:05
Wellarkjdstrand: way I would feel most comfortable would be that we have (at some point) the following groups17:05
jdstrandit has some accesses in there, just not everything that the existing (non-libconnectivity) libs try to use17:06
Wellarkthat way they are all consistent17:06
Wellarkand grouped under connectivity topic17:06
mzanettirobotfuel: hey, do you know if there's any local music on that test device?17:07
Wellarkas in the future when our platform API's expand we are going to have a lot more policy groups17:07
robotfuelmzanetti: there is none17:07
jdstrandWellark: well, there is a balance. we actually don't want a lot of policy groups and complexity. mdeslaur, sbeattie and I designed what we have for simplicity. if you want to redesign it, then this should be taken to a list17:08
mzanettirobotfuel: a video showing where it started to play music from would be awesome now :)17:08
Wellarkjdstrand: no, I do not want imply that we need a redesign17:09
robotfuelmzanetti: sometimes I hear grooveshark play17:09
mzanettirobotfuel: right... /me is located in germany17:10
mzanetti=> no grooveshark17:10
mzanettirobotfuel: mind trying this: Find some grooveshark song, start playing in the preview, then click on "Open in media player"17:11
mzanettimust be a combination of already playing some music in unity8 and launching the media player17:12
Wellarkjdstrand: just that for the network_status I would want the policy to be named to more accurately match what it allows you to do. connectivity is a broad topic17:12
Wellarkand if we now reserve the "top-level" 'connectivity' group for just a simple networking status information then it would be highly inconsistent if we then later add some more fine grained connectivity_ groups17:13
Wellarkor not highly17:14
jdstrandWellark: this was all discussing over a year ago on the phablet list and it was agreed to. I appreciate what you are saying, however only developers see these policy groups and the SDK shows what they do and the documentation describes them17:14
robotfuelmzanetti: it will be 20 minutes, I have to flash my manual testing phone with today's image.17:14
mdeslaurWellark: the name are irrelevant, we can name them whatever...the descriptions can be changed though17:14
jdstrandwell, it is somewhat irrelevant17:14
mdeslaurIf they are already in the policy, that means apps can use them, so it's too late to change17:14
jdstrandwe have connectivity and networking already, and people are using them17:15
mdeslaurthen it's too late17:15
Wellarkconnectivity does not work17:15
jdstrandsure it does17:15
jdstrandWordNet: "the property of being connected or the degree to which something has connections"17:15
jdstrandthat is what it does17:16
WellarkI mean the current policy does not work. even though apps are using it they can't get the connectivity information17:16
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jdstrandwell, yes, that is where you come in17:16
Wellarkwhich is what I'm fixing.17:16
Wellarkindeed. :)17:16
jdstrandwe can add whatever policy from your connectivity service to any policy group, it doesn't matter17:17
jdstrandie, it might make sense to add connectivity service DBus API to the networking policy group in the future. that's fine17:18
Wellarkso in that light, any apps already "using" the connetivity policy group don't actually get the information. so deprecating it in favor of connectivity_networking_status would not be a problem. but sure. it's not a life-or-death situation right now17:19
jdstrandand in case it was missed in backscroll-- connectivity does actually, today, provide policy for determining some sort of network status. it is just incomplete because the Qt/QML APIs need to much17:19
jdstrandI was wrong when I said it was blank17:20
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Wellarkjdstrand: oh, one more thing, is it possible for a policy group to state it depends on some other policy groups?17:23
jdstrandWellark: no17:24
jdstrandthe hope I always had was that the SDK would notice the APIs used and add them for the developer. for now, there is online documention and meta-information in the SDK17:25
* mhall119 is starting to hate the harp noise18:03
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popeymhall119: just starting!19:05
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mhall119popey: I'd had it muted before19:15
Saviqrobotfuel, this looks very much like a media hub crash19:46
robotfuelSaviq: mzanetti was saying the same thing. I tried using grooveshark to get it to crash, but I couldn't reproduce.19:47
Saviqrobotfuel, and both look almost the same indeed, do you have steps to reproduce?19:48
popeymhall119: ahhh!19:49
robotfuelSaviq: no it's a random gesture and click test that found the errors.19:49
Saviqrobotfuel, they're retraced pretty well, so maybe we'll be able to dig something out19:50
mzanettiSaviq: do we play music/sounds somewhere in unity8 (NOT unity8-dash)?19:51
Saviqmzanetti, notifications19:52
mzanettiSaviq: the crash is in /usr/bin/unity8, leads to the media player backend19:53
mzanettiSaviq: the logs say that last thing happening is opening the Music player app19:53
Saviqmzanetti, we also have a hud volumepeak detector, but doubt it's related19:54
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dobeyis it possible to connect a serial device via bluetooth on the phone yet? or are only audio profiles supported at the moment?20:59
sergiusensChipaca: can you ask verterok to join here?21:02
Chipacasergiusens: sure21:02
Chipacasergiusens: but he's gone to the car shop21:02
sergiusensChipaca: ah, ok, I'll be here for a couple more hours21:04
sergiusensChipaca: just can't join the internal servers ;-)21:04
sergiusensand using webchat :-/21:04
dobeysergiusens: he's in other channels on freenode, so just /query him or something :)21:05
sergiusensdobey: right :-)21:05
sergiusenshe should still be here :-)21:05
dobeysure. just saying. i'm only on here because i'm waiting for the sdk to build a "kit" since it's forcing me to do that now, and i was curious about bluetooth serial device support21:07
dobeyand thw weather sucks21:07
MattMahello, yesterday I insalled touch on my nexus4 from devel channel.Today I entered with adb (activated ssh) and run the stuf I am used on my ubuntu  desktop (apt-get update and dist-upgrade), after huge ubdates I am asked on the gui of the phone to enter a password (not the sim unlock). I have tried pphable, ubunut password, no password, but nothing works21:33
Fishscenewas "pphable" a typo? If not, try "phablet"21:34
matv1MattMa phablet should work21:34
MattMayes was only a typo21:35
matv1MattMa mind that a quirk in the OSK means that even in terminal, the first letter will be uppercase. Does that help?21:36
matv1(when ofcourse the password needs all lowercase characters)21:36
MattMano I am sure that i used only lower case21:37
MattMaI checked it by waiting a moment until the letter apears when pressing it, and I have also tried Phablet...nothing works21:39
MattMaI (thinkt I have mounted the filesystem with write access can this cause the problem?21:39
balloonsbarry, it seems attempting to remove any python3 package on the phone causes an apt error. Unmet dependencies, python3-aptdaemon.pkcompat : Depends: python3-aptdaemon (= 1.1.1+bzr973-1ubuntu4) but it is not going to be installed21:40
balloonsany thoughts? the apt index is up to date21:41
barryballoons: weird, i haven't seen that, though admittedly i haven't tried to remove any such packages21:42
balloonswhat is the .pkcompat? never seen that before21:43
barryit's a transitional package.  i don't even know why that's installed or trying to be installed on the phone21:44
matv1MattMa are you sure about your release version? latest channel devel release is 157. There have been changes concerning developer mode (both adb and ssh being dissabled by default, I believe, and activated only after a pwd change) but they haven't made it to devel21:48
MattMaho can I look form my r?21:48
balloonsbarry, thanks.. I'll take it to the list21:49
MattMaI think it was (yesterday) r15721:49
matv1MattMa System Settings ->  About this phone21:49
MattMai can not enter there now...21:50
MattMaonly adb21:50
MattMauname -a Linux ubuntu-phablet 3.4.0-5-mako #32-Ubuntu SMP PREEMPT Wed Jul 16 10:39:52 UTC 2014 armv7l armv7l armv7l GNU/Linux21:50
verteroksergiusens: hi!, was pickingup the car from the shop...whatsup?21:50
barryballoons: cool.  i think mvo may be the most help here, but it's past his eod21:51
MattMaI did not enter any pw (exept for ubuntu one, and this does not work eighter)21:52
sergiusensverterok: discuss the account-polld stuff21:53
sergiusensverterok: wasn't clear to me if you were going to do the c stuff or I was though21:54
verteroksergiusens: no idea what the stuff nor c stuff are :)21:54
sergiusensverterok: about the standup today wrt to implementing the "account created" watch21:55
sergiusensverterok: and pushing that as a notification21:55
verteroksergiusens: right, no idea what that implies. can we do a hangout?21:56
sergiusensverterok: we can try21:56
* sergiusens grabs headsets21:56
MattMasorry ubuntu-one is ok but the password is not the one requested here. It looks like a phone unlock pw with title 'Hello' and in the window where to enter the pw is sais: Please enter a password (translated from german 'Bitte geben Sie Password ein')21:56
robotfuelSaviq: mzanetti, I have another bug to triage for someone on the unity8 team to triage this one is not a crash https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity8/+bug/135418222:06
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1354182 in unity8 (Ubuntu) "apps page doesn't redraw after selecting ubuntu icon on launcher" [Undecided,New]22:06
matv1MattMa can you run adb shell system-image-cli -i22:12
matv1and confirm you are on r157 ?22:12
MattMamatv1: yes:  adb shell system-image-cli -i current build number: 157 device name: mako channel: devel alias: ubuntu-touch/utopic last update: 2014-08-06 22:29:19 version version: 157 version ubuntu: 20140729.2 version device: 20140728.122:16
matv1ok sorry in that case i am not sure what you are seeing. Maybe your best bet is to reflash?22:18
matv1Or else someone else may jump in :)22:18
MattMaok thank you! I was thinking in a reflash I try another bit tomorrow and if it does not work i reflash! Thank very much!!!22:21
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matv1MattMa np22:22
anpokjust updated to 17722:23
anpokon first boot (nexus4) it claimed sim was not present22:23
anpok.. rebooted again and it worked..22:23
anpokis there a better way to resolv this? Logs I should look at? services to restart - or debug?22:24
matv1the Music app crashing is a known issue?22:38
ahayzenmatv1, hey, what are u running it on?22:38
matv1mako channel devel22:39
ahayzenmatv1, hmm did u get an update recently?22:39
matv1i just updated the app today yes22:39
ahayzenmatv1, ah damn that update was only supposed to go to devel-proposed :(22:39
ahayzenmatv1, it requires the latest mediascanner2 so will explode on devel22:40
matv1i see22:41
ahayzenballoons, we were told that -dev-3 apps would not appear as updates to devel as it is on -dev-2 at the moment? appears this is not happening ^^22:41
balloonsahayzen, ?22:41
ahayzenballoons, well the latest music-app won't run on older ms2 so it has broken in devel22:42
balloonsubuntu-sdk-14.10-qml-dev3 and ubuntu-sdk-14.10-dev2 are the current framework22:42
ahayzenballoons, when i was talking with dpm we thought that because we had bumped to dev-3... so the app would only appear as an update to devel-proposed and not devel22:42
balloonsahayzen, ohh you mean there was a store update to music that broke devel, gotit22:42
ahayzenballoons, yep ... music-app requires latest mediascanner222:43
balloonsahayzen, well that's obviously not true.. but I was going to say I don't believe any 14.10* would be limited by the minor version22:43
balloonsit's a little weird on devel for this reason22:44
balloonsin theory, they store shouldn't push apps that would break22:44
ahayzenballoons, matv1, is a bit of a chicken and egg ... we need latest mediascanner2 to land for us to work...but to pass CI we need latest mediascanner22:44
balloonsyep.. I think it's really just a function of running in devel22:45
balloonsand you did need to push in order to keep CI going, so I think the decision made sense no matter what22:46
ahayzenballoons, this is from the meeting http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/7983532/22:46
ahayzenballoons, yeah tricky :/22:46
balloonsahayzen, well.. heh22:46
balloonsI guess we should ask beuno then22:46
ahayzenballoons, i was just surprised because we were 'told' it would be fine22:46
balloonsare we sure devel is currently -dev2 though?22:46
ahayzenballoons, hmm maybe not22:46
Velo_Hello! I have a quick question about installing ubuntu touch22:47
balloonstricky tricky22:47
ahayzenballoons, ah well bring on promoted image tomorrow :)22:47
balloonsthere you go22:47
ahayzenmatv1, basically just wait for the next image and then music-app will start working again, sorry for breaking it22:47
Velo_I am looking at installing ubuntu touch on my nexus 7, as a dual boot, next to cyanogenmod, is that possible?22:48
Velo_Nexus 7 Flo, 32Gb22:48
matv1ahayzen yes i understand. No problem hope we get a landing tomorow then :)22:50
matv1or rather a promo22:50
ahayzenmatv1, hopefully :)22:52

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