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mappmornin knightwise07:21
knightwisehey mapp , how are you doing07:25
mappnot bad mate07:28
mappjust got up for work?07:28
knightwisedoin ok07:28
knightwisesame here07:28
knightwisebeen up a couple of hours07:29
knightwiseinstalled ubuntu on a mac mini in the house here07:30
knightwisegoing to be using it as a server for some vm"s and files07:30
knightwiselooking for the best way to remote into it07:35
knightwiseinto the gui07:35
mappwhat time did u get up if u been up a few hours!07:36
knightwisealready did some digging in the yard before I start working from home07:37
mappthats early:)07:37
knightwiseused to it07:38
knightwiseworking from home this month because my co-workers are all on holiday07:39
knightwisei have the extra hours to do some work on the house and stuff07:39
knightwiseand run my own company :) (i'm an it consultant)07:41
Gargoyleknightwise: snap! (Also at home)07:42
Gargoyletaming the beast that is cloud-init. :)07:42
knightwisehey Gargoyle07:42
knightwisehmmm. . gonna try to get that mac mini up and running as a side project07:45
GargoyleWhat you connecting from?07:45
knightwiseInside the network I would like to be able to connect using an RDP client07:46
knightwiseunder Gnome it used to be easy , under Unity , not so much.07:47
knightwisei am willing to install lxde if required07:47
GargoyleUsed vnc in the past, because I mainly would be connecting from a Mac.07:48
knightwiseGargoyle: then what do you use on the linux side ?07:48
GargoyleMost recently I've been using VM's that provide a vnc connection - but if I don't remember using anything elaborate before that. Just whatever google turned up!07:50
mappwas debating having another cig07:50
mappbut my throat hurts:(07:50
Gargoyleknightwise: vnc4server07:51
knightwiseand that works on a headless machine (so no confirmation required and stuff like that ? )07:54
GargoyleOr you could just use bash! :P07:55
knightwisei do use bash , everything I can do via the CLI , i do via the Cli07:56
knightwisebut sometimes its handy to just have a quick glance at the desktop07:56
GargoyleIf it's a headless, why even bother with a desktop?07:56
knightwiseI don't think you can run virtualbox without a gui07:58
knightwiseat least not on the host machine07:58
SuperMatttbh, I'd install a desktop so you can plug the thing in to a tv if you need to07:58
knightwisetrue SuperMatt , always nice to have it around even just if you are using it as a mediabox or something08:00
SuperMattmight not want to set lightdm/gdm to start automatically08:06
knightwisethat I have (i installed it using the Mac64 desktop version)08:06
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bigcalmGood morning peeps :)08:37
knightwisehey bigcalm08:55
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.08:59
knightwise@hey brobostigon09:00
brobostigonmorning knightwise09:00
knightwisehey brobostigon , how are you doing today09:02
brobostigontired and boiled, and you knightwise ?09:05
knightwiseworking from home today09:07
knightwisestill have 120 bricks , 500 kg of steel rods and about 1 cubic ton of cement to carry to the back yard09:08
knightwisethats something to do for this evening09:08
brobostigonwhat are you building?09:08
knightwisegarden wall between me and my neighbour collapsed09:09
knightwiseTime for a new one09:09
knightwise7 meters wide , 2 meters high09:09
knightwiseneeds to be reinforced with iron rods and filled up with concrete09:09
brobostigoni see.09:09
knightwiseand we live in a row of houses09:10
knightwiseso everything needs to be carried THROUGH the house09:10
* knightwise is getting some exercise09:10
knightwiseits shitty but it needs to be done09:11
* knightwise listening to a good audiobook meanwhile ...09:11
knightwiseso that helps to pass the time09:11
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bigcalmSometimes I wish phone calls came with sub titles. Just had a call from a lady with a very thick Welsh accent. Think I got the gist of what she said :S09:55
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diddledangrr @ adobe dropping support for linux flash12:21
bigcalmAnybody know much about children's rocking horses? I'm going to buy this off a friend but have no idea how much to offer her: https://www.dropbox.com/s/awce26xa6eq9kyz/IMG_20140717_173455_705.jpg13:25
bigcalmI'm having a bugger of a time finding something similar on the interwebs13:26
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mappspesky power cable came out again14:13
diddledandon't you hate when you unexpectedly fall out?14:15
mappsits been dodgy for a while14:16
mappshave to wedge a remote under it14:16
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daftykinsok, test VM running 12.04.5 - run "hwe-support-status --verbose" and i get...19:27
daftykins"You are not running a system with a Hardware Enablement Stack. Your system is supported until April 2017."19:27
daftykinsi was under the impression it's going to automatically get trusty's HWE19:27
daftykinsit's certainly claimed that the above command is meant to provide instructions on how to install it if not19:28
daftykins(just for clarification here, i don't want to know HOW to do it... i'm curious that the above doesn't provide an answer)19:28
popeywat https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mmv/console-os-dual-boot-android-remastered-for-the-pc19:56
diddledanpopey: that's nuts20:13
daftykins"Most other processes on the system trace their origin ultimately to init; the exceptions are kernel processes, started by the kernel directly for managing internal operating system details."20:32
daftykinsany thoughts on examples of kernel processes? :)20:32
daftykinsmight driver modules count?20:32
daftykinsi suppose they aren't processes20:32
popeylook for any process on your system owned by root starting with the letter k20:33
popeykworker, kthread, khelper, kdevtmpfs, kcryptd etc20:33
daftykinslots of kworker yeah20:34
daftykinsty sir20:38
ali1234modules definitely aren't separate processes20:50
ali1234kernel uses processes for long running worker tasks20:51
daftykinsas soon as i wrote it i figured, well hey there's no 'nvidia' process ;)20:51
ali1234actually there is20:51
ali1234modules can use one or more threads/processes20:52
daftykinsa bit of research seems to say things like kworker handle kernel processing, such as interrupts, timers and I/O20:52
ali1234most don't though - most are really really simple20:52
ali1234but module code is no different to any other kernel code really20:52
ali1234yeah interrupts is a good example20:53
daftykinswould that be in terms of IRQ handling?20:54
ali1234the interrupt itself fires in an interrupt context which means it interrupts absolutely everything else happening on the computer20:54
daftykinsor a different kind of interrupt20:54
ali1234IRQs yes20:54
ali1234so you want to handle the interrupt as quickly as possible to prevent them from piling up, which is bad20:54
ali1234so what you do is collect the interrupt information and hand it over to a kworker thread to deal with then leave the interrupt context20:55
ali1234most modules do not need to directly deal with interrupts20:56
ali1234for example USB - all the interrupt stuff is andled in the host controller driver (uhci/ohci/ehci/xhci)20:56
ali1234the actual device drivers never see the details, they just get data streams20:57
ali1234so they don't need any threads usually20:57
daftykinsmight DMA IO differ from involving a kworker thread?20:59
daftykinsi think that bypasses CPU involvement?20:59
ali1234correct, DMA bypasses the CPU... or more correctly it is "fire and forget"20:59
ali1234you say "copy from address x to address y length z" and it does it and signals back when it is done (probably by asserting an IRQ)21:00
daftykinsi suspect that's why a lot of software graphically stalls when awaiting IO then, as there's no mechanism to say there's a problem until it's done21:01
ali1234that stems from a lack of threaded programming21:02
daftykinsi say graphically, but that's probably just in the case of a blocking design21:02
ali1234that's not really down to the kernel, there are ways to avoid it if you program "correctly"21:02
daftykinsmmm it's interesting discovering how the pieces come together more, i'm just doing this newbie edX course for fun :)21:02
daftykinsit's referring to init and the older System V UNIX style of doing things21:03
daftykinsthough i understand ubuntu doesn't use runlevels and hasn't done for years (well, rather it only uses two in a way)21:03
ali1234it's still widely used despite what some people will tell you21:03
daftykinsmmm the course material states that the conventions of System V are kept for compatibility21:04
ali1234busybox init is probably the most widely used init in the world :)21:04
daftykinsfor the swathes of embedded devices?21:05
daftykinsthanks :)21:09
* daftykins continues with the boot process chapter21:09
popeyali1234: hows your racing game coming on?21:46
ali1234not bad. i just rewrote the track system again recently21:46
ali1234i'm using catmull-clark surfaces now, which means you can directly export an arbitrary surface from blender and that's the track21:47
ali1234however, this means that tracks can have arbitrary topology, which means there's no way to determine who is winning21:47
ali1234i also did a test with sound using soloud21:48
* xnox canonical--23:33
* xnox not-canonical++23:34

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