bbwsubbiehello everyone00:08
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brouschcmaloney: I'm enjoying this Go game12:24
cmaloneybrousch: Cool. :)12:34
cmaloneyI'm finding more enjoyment in playing go than I have in playing chess.12:34
cmaloneyChess to me feels like a solved problem, or at least a series of opening moves that play out better than others.12:35
cmaloneyThough JoDee and her sister are playing "chess" with friends.12:36
cmaloneyso I've heard stories about "horsie", "the castle", and "the diagonal thingie"12:37
brouschI have not played much chess12:41
cmaloneyFriend from high schoool named his machines after famous chess players13:00
cmaloneyAlekhine, Kasparov13:00
cmaloneyhe was better than I was so I didn't provide much challenge for him13:01
cmaloneyplayed against several chess computers.13:01
cmaloneyOf course there were the off-the-shelf cheap chess computers from Excalibur that played incredibly naive chess at the lower levels, and took a lifetime to make a move at the higher levels. :)13:08
bookiebothttp://goo.gl/kPEbiA - Why You Should Never Drunk Text A Doctor Who Fan. This Is Priceless13:50
cmaloneyThat seems canned14:03
cmaloneyColonelPanic001: Sadly I think a lot of that equipment was still in use when I was there.14:05
cmaloneywas re: https://www.flickr.com/photos/waynestateuniversity/14664659259/in/photostream/14:05
bookiebothttp://goo.gl/08utq2 - Engineering students in laboratory, circa 1970s | Flickr - Photo Sharing!14:05
ColonelPanic001cmaloney: didn't know you went to wayne14:05
cmaloneyI worked there at the CoE14:06
cmaloneyunder Cliff Stallings14:06
ColonelPanic001ah, neat14:06
ColonelPanic001I've only been in the building twice. CS dept. was part of the college of liberal arts and sciences until after I graduated14:07
cmaloneyWhen were you a student there?14:07
ColonelPanic001hired in C&IT in 201114:08
cmaloneyAh, long after I was there.14:08
ColonelPanic001worked here 2011 - death14:08
* cmaloney worked there from 1993ish to 1995.14:08
ColonelPanic001know any of the Thompson brothers?14:09
cmaloneyColonelPanic001: Didn't know you died yet.14:09
ColonelPanic001cmaloney: eventually, if my plans for immortallity don't work out14:09
cmaloneyI know of the Thompson Twins. ;)14:09
cmaloneyBut yeah, that's ringing a bell14:09
cmaloneygot a photo?14:09
ColonelPanic001I hope they do, though, because it'd be a huge waste of all this Blood of the Innocent14:09
ColonelPanic001hm, hang on, trying to remember which works over there14:10
ColonelPanic001I don't even know if he was there back then.14:10
ColonelPanic001there's five of them working in the university, four of them currently in C&IT.14:10
ColonelPanic001rob, david, michael, arg, who else?14:10
cmaloneyAh, we didn't do much with C&IT14:11
ColonelPanic001there's one that's been over there a while, but who knows back then14:11
ColonelPanic001Ah, Brian, I think it is14:11
cmaloneyBrian Thompson? That name rings many a bell14:12
cmaloneyDude was a fucking electronics wiz.14:12
ColonelPanic001that may be him. I don't really know him personally14:12
ColonelPanic001his brother, Rob, is my boss14:12
ColonelPanic001David is more or less "lateral" from me in another group14:12
ColonelPanic001same more or less for Michael14:13
ColonelPanic001the three I know are all great guys though, pretty bright. I wouldn't be surprised at all if Brian was an "electronics wiz"14:13
cmaloneyYeah, though I was witness to some funny stuff14:14
ColonelPanic001(mildly) amusing story from Penguicon. One year I just had met a girl-i-know-in-high-school's boyfriend. I mentioned I worked at wsu (not even what division, etc). He says "Oh neat. Do you know Rob Thompson?"14:14
cmaloneyLike the time they hooked a hard drive to a variable power supply.14:14
ColonelPanic001it was a little twilight-zone-ish14:14
cmaloneypro-tip: Chips can heat up enough to blow the top off of them.14:15
cmaloneyNot to mention the electrical arcing14:15
ColonelPanic001this does sound like a thompson14:15
cmaloneyGod, fun times14:16
cmaloneyStudent-rate employment but man that was a great job14:16
cmaloneylearned me a great UNIX there.14:16
rick_h__party party14:16
rick_h__one more day then HOLIDAY!14:16
cmaloneyrick_h__: Awesome!14:16
rick_h__bah, vacation, damn europeans messing with me14:16
ColonelPanic001I suspected that translation14:17
ColonelPanic001but thought maybe I missed something14:17
ColonelPanic001I have a day off next week, but not for holiday stuff. Just doctory stuff. Not nearly as fun14:17
ColonelPanic001saving up vacation time for November, when I'll be gone for weeks14:17
ColonelPanic001and will probably start freaking out from lack of office14:17
cmaloneyI can honestly say there haven't been many times I freaked out due to lack of office14:20
ColonelPanic001I get bored14:20
ColonelPanic001just not used to it14:20
ColonelPanic001my honeymoon was probably the first time since I was 16 I had more than a week off of work||school14:21
cmaloneyTry unemployment sometime.14:21
cmaloneyIt's the weirdest thing. Suddenly the weekends don't mean quite so much.14:21
cmaloney'cept you get to hang out with your working friends.14:22
ColonelPanic001I sorta tried once - when I was switching jobs, I tried to start a week after I'd leave the current one. They were pushy about starting sooner :\14:22
ColonelPanic001yeah, I don't imagine it's fun14:22
cmaloneyLet's just say I watched way too much Jerry Springer14:22
ColonelPanic001as long as that time went to good use, then14:22
cmaloneyYep. Had all the time in the world to cure cancer and make the world a better place14:23
cmaloneybut said "fuck it" and watched the world burn14:23
ColonelPanic001oh good, I have this lump, may as well ask you abo... oh14:23
* ColonelPanic001 zips up again then14:23
cmaloneyHave you always had it?14:23
ColonelPanic001it's the weirdest thing - yes, and there's two of them14:24
ColonelPanic001my god, you *are* an expert14:24
cmaloneyI think you'll be fine. You're just an ass. :)14:24
cmaloneyWell, it was either that or a male.14:25
cmaloneyDepending on which way the moon goes.14:25
brouschI feel like I could get so many projects done if I was unemployed during the school year14:29
ColonelPanic001I always think that, but then I have a week off and I don't do crap14:29
ColonelPanic001"oh man if I had six months without work I'd do so much cool stuff and work on some open source stuff, etc"14:30
ColonelPanic001never happens14:30
brouschYou just sit around and wank all day?14:30
cmaloneyHave to eat sometime14:31
ColonelPanic001I mean, eventually14:31
brouschIncorrect. It is 3:30pm in this channel19:30
rick_h__ /time19:31
rick_h__19:31             Freenoderajaniemi.freenode.net Thursday August 7 2014 -- 19:31:18 +00:0019:31
rick_h__hmm, seems 7:31pm to me19:31
rick_h__in this channel :P19:31
brouschNo. This channel is for Michigan. You will abide by Michigan time here.19:32
rick_h__but I asked the channel what time it was?19:32
brouschI'm hooking electronic components to my RPi and controlling them with Python. This is fun and a different use of PYthon for me19:36
jrwrenbrousch: YAY!19:37
brouschHm, maybe I can get this working as a tent security system for camping tomorrow19:38
brouschI have a passive IR motion sensor that triggers a camera right now. Need to add a flash for night time19:39
greg-gwhat's the word for unstated/ignored problems that... sacred cows, thanks19:57
brouschRandom thought: Why do they not offer child care in movie theaters?20:18
greg-gbrousch: million dollar idea there20:18
brouschYou watch a movie while your kid plays/watches some other movie. Give the parent a vibrating pager for emergencies (to discourage constant phone checking)20:18
brouschI really don't see why this isn't a thing. Hardest part would be lining up correct number of sitters, but I think there would be plenty of full time licensed day care providers who would want to moonlight regularly.20:28
brouschRequire a reservation to use the service and you know how many sitters you need20:29
greg-gDo you think people would do that instead of getting a sitter so they can also go out for a quick dinner before hand?20:29
greg-gor whatever20:30
brouschYeah, often I just want to watch a movie and don't care about dinner20:30
brouschFinding a sitter for 3 hours can be annoying20:30
brouschAnd then you have to monitor your phone in case there's a problem20:30
brouschI think you could do it for roughly the price of a movie ticket per kid20:34
jrwrenbrousch: great idea!21:06
jrwrenI find night care in general to be lacking in teh world.21:07
jrwrenwe have day care, why not night care?21:07
brouschApparently 2 theater chains out west were doing it a few years ago21:58

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