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mazalmorning everyone06:20
* mazal learned a nice lesson last night06:21
mazalcharl, that script failed again last night.06:23
mazalChecked the destination this morning when I got up , nothing. Same as yesterday morning the rar file from a manual was gone and no new file there.06:24
mazalWhat got me wondering even further was the fact that a manual folder I created in the destination was also gone06:24
mazalThen a light went on , stopped looking at cron or the script as the problem and started looking at something that might be deleting files06:31
mazalAnd voila , found the culprit. An rsync job , from another script that runs 4am deltes the folder06:32
mazalSo what seems to be happening , 12am the tar script runs and creates the file. At 4am another script deletes the contents of the same folder and rar file gone.06:33
mazal6am I check and can't find file06:33
mazalPointed this script with the dissapearing act to another folder now to test. I am fairly certain it will work now06:34
ThatGraemeGuymorning all06:45
mazalMorning ThatGraemeGuy 06:48
charlmorning mazal, ThatGraemeGuy 07:11
ThatGraemeGuyhey charl07:12
mazalmaaz , coke please07:40
MaazLook in the fridge mazal Do you expect me to do everything for you07:40
charlMaaz: coffee on07:40
* Maaz starts grinding coffee07:40
mazalmaaz , there any beer in there as well ?07:41
Maazmazal: Excuse me?07:41
mazalMaaz , beer , booze , hardehout07:41
Maazmazal: What?07:41
mazalMan I am so thirsty07:41
mazalDrove by shop twice now and didn't buy coke :(07:41
mazalCharl , you saw my feedback ?07:42
mazalPebkac error with two parts: a. Not remembering exactly what an old script created long ago does , b. Pointing a second backup script to same location as old one07:42
charlmazal: ah :) good to hear you got it sorted07:44
charlhi Kilos 07:44
MaazCoffee's ready for charl!07:44
mazalWhen I saw that empty folder again this morning I was like what the &^$%^$&^$ is going on. Actually thought at one stage there is a problem with the drive. This one really puzzled me07:45
Kiloshi ChanServ ThatGraemeGuy inetpro and others07:45
charltab autocomplete fail again07:45
mazalWhen I lost faith in the rsync one I should have either a. Disabled it in cron , or b. pointed the tar one to it's own seperate folder07:45
Kilosoi! i didnt even see that sorry charl 07:46
Kiloshi mazal 07:46
mazalMore oom07:46
charllol Kilos 07:47
mazalOom Kilos , ek het die spook gevang wat my files delete die heel tyd lol07:47
Kiloswat was dit mazal ?07:47
mazalLangerige storie , maar kom neer op my ou rsync backup script wat die rar files delete elke oggend 4uur07:48
Kilosthis hexchat decided i need a new channel open here07:49
mazalSoos ek nou daar gese het , toe ek die nuwe een gemaak het moes ek daai ou script gaan disabled het of die nuwe een na sy eie folder toe gestuur het07:49
Kilosamper 500 mense daar07:49
Kilosah conflicting scripts07:50
mazalrsync goes like " Hang on , these are not on my source , I am deleting this " lol07:50
Kilosdie een steel die ander een se pap07:50
mazalWhich is my fault not rsync's07:50
Kiloswell apologise to rsync07:50
mazalWell at least that is what I am thinking anyway. Is the only thing that makes sense. Will see tomorrow morning if my files are there or not. I pointed them to their own seperate destination07:51
Kiloslol good luck07:51
mazalOnly question left now07:52
mazalOom rsync nog steeds in moeilikheid oor backup data wat korup was. Dis wat die hele gesukkel met 'n tweede backup laat begin het07:53
mazalMaar ek gaan daai nog toets sodra ek die tyd het. Ek vermoed ek weet wat gebeur het07:54
mazalMaar is lang test om dit te toets07:55
mazalEk dink saterdag oggend07:55
Kiloseina man, geduld help07:55
mazalJy sien daai rsync hardloop in cron elke 3 ure. Ek dink dat die probleem het op my life data gekom , toevallig net na dit toe hardloop die sync wat die probleem toe backup. Toe ek teruglaai toe laai ek die probleem terug07:56
mazalOom verstaan wat ek bedoel ?07:56
mazalMAW , dit het dit laat lyk of die backup useless07:57
mazalWat my vertroue in resync laat verloor het07:57
Kilosis daar iewers n plek waar jy kan sien watter scripts jy in het07:58
mazalDit skep vir my 'n nuwe probleem. Auto backups is nie noodwendig betroubaar nie ( want dit backup probleme ). Ek moet either manual backups ook byhou. OF 'n hele clomp verskillende scripts maak wat elkeen op 'n ander dag run07:58
mazalFirst though , to test my theory and to get my trust in rsync back , I have to let the back run at midnight. Next morning make a manual backup. Then go delete the source data on purpose08:00
mazalThen put back the rsync backup.08:00
mazalIf rsync data fine , then I think my theory is correct. THEN I must start creating a script for every day of the week to a seperate folder for each one to prevent auto backup of problems08:01
mazalIf last one backed up the error. Then go 1 day back08:01
ThatGraemeGuymorning Kilos08:01
mazalOr just do a manual as well every day08:01
mazalDunno yet what is best option08:01
ThatGraemeGuymazal: I still think you need to install a proper backup app. it solves all these problems08:02
mazalThatGraemeGuy, I was unable to find one with scheduling08:02
ThatGraemeGuyheh, ok then08:03
mazalIf you guys know of any please share08:03
mazalAND it must be able to kill process before start AND start processes after backup08:03
mazalThat is the thing I struggle the most with to find in a backup app08:04
mazalMany has the scheduling covered , but I struggle with that stop and start processes part08:04
Kilosmany have08:06
mazalI'm looking at that link of ThatGraemeGuy now08:07
bushtech_mazal: Also have a look at crashplan08:11
* mazal makes notes08:12
Kiloshi bushtech_ 08:12
bushtech_more Kilos08:13
mazalAnd I don't even need something heavy advanced. Just backup home , do it in a schedule , stop processes before , start processes after08:13
mazalNo need even for system file backup. My imaging has that covered08:13
ThatGraemeGuyif you wanted to get really fancy you could make your script triggered by udev so that plugging in a specific usb drive would automatically run your backup script08:15
ThatGraemeGuywell that wouldn't help if its always plugged in i suppose08:15
ThatGraemeGuybut if that were the case its not a very useful backup anyway08:16
mazalI don't need any such fancy things. Just those few basic stuff08:16
ThatGraemeGuysometimes we don't do these things because we need them, but because "wooo, look what I managed to do!"08:16
mazalIt must basically shutdown names processes. Backup folder a to destination b. Start processes08:17
mazalIs actually a very basic thing I need08:17
ThatGraemeGuypkill --signal term namepfprocess08:24
ThatGraemeGuysleep 1508:24
ThatGraemeGuypkill --signal kill nameofprocess08:24
ThatGraemeGuyrsync $OPTS08:24
mazalWhat's the difference between pkill and killall ?08:25
ThatGraemeGuythe 1 is 1 character shorter08:26
ThatGraemeGuyi think killall works for specific names, and pkill does pattern matching08:26
mazalJust wondered if there is a disadvantage to killall08:27
ThatGraemeGuybut i've have to read their man pages to determine what the differences were08:27
ThatGraemeGuyor google it even08:27
Kilosjust gonna restart hexchat08:45
inetprogood mornings08:49
ThatGraemeGuymorning inetpro08:49
Kilosmorning inetpro 08:49
charlmorning inetpro 08:50
mazalHow do you break a screen card so that the whole vga port sits inside the chassis09:03
mazalHow on earth do you achieve that !09:04
KilosMaaz, wb10:15
MaazThank you so much Kilos my good good friend10:15
Kilosty cocooncrash 10:15
Kilosoh my inetpro topic bar needs updating sometime please10:22
mazalBye everyone , nice evening12:44
nuvolariaw. almost got to go home at 13:0014:30
nuvolariwithout electricity and external telkom UPS's ran down14:30
nuvolaribut then as we are about to leave, it came back :'(14:30
charlgood afternoon14:45
Kiloshi charl 14:45
charlhi Kilos 14:45
charlphew hectic day14:45
Kilosis it coffee time?14:45
charlevery day whole day is coffee time14:45
KilosMaaz, coffee on14:45
* Maaz washes some mugs14:45
charlthere is no such thing as coffee no-time14:45
charlMaaz: coffee please14:46
Maazcharl: Righto14:46
charlMaaz: large14:46
MaazIn a beer mug just for you charl14:46
charlthat's what i like to hear14:46
charla german bierhumpen14:47
Kilosthats how i drink my tea14:48
Kilos500ml beer mug14:48
charlvery good14:48
charlat oktoberfest we drink 1 litre14:48
Kilosbeer is yucky stuff man14:49
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos and charl!14:49
Kilosa beer shandy with 80%lemonade i can handle14:50
KilosMaaz, danke14:50
charlMaaz: danke14:50
charlKilos: this is a real beer glass http://www.sixthseal.com/images/beer%205l%201.jpg14:50
nuvolariMaaz: coffee please14:51
Maaznuvolari: There isn't a pot on14:51
charldrinking beer... liek a boss !14:51
nuvolariMaaz: beer please14:51
Maaznuvolari: *blink*14:51
nuvolarioh you know all right14:52
charlKilos what you want is a radler http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radler14:53
charlThe Radler (literally "cyclist", which refers to its reputation as popular sports drink) is a beer-based mixed drink (Biermischgetränk) with a long history in German-speaking regions.14:53
Kilosna im happy with tea and coffee14:54
charlradler became ridiculously populair here in NL now recently14:55
charlit all happened in the last 6 or so months14:55
charlpeople selling radler now everywhere14:55
charli think it's a girl drink14:55
Kilosno such thing as a girl drink14:55
charli remember an old nambrew advertisement "we don't drink pink drinks, dave, always keep it real"14:55
Kilosyou know what is nice though, old brown sherry when its cold14:56
Kiloshaha i remember that add yes14:56
Kiloswe had it with some other drink14:57
charlwe don't drink a shady shandy, dave, always keep it real14:58
charla good sherry is nice (on the odd occasion)14:58
charlok i'm off14:59
charlttyl all14:59
inetprohaving to deal with a mail queue of more than 80,000 messages is a lot of fun16:11
Symmetriason of a bitch, I just sprained my ankle17:30
charlSymmetria: bah, how did that happen ?17:54
charlinetpro: mail messages ?17:55
Kiloshaha inetpro are you reading them all or just need to route them somewhere18:16
charlhi smile 18:18
Kiloshi smile 18:18
smilehi! :D18:19
charlhow are you smile18:19
smileLinux 3.16 will be used by the next release of Debian, Ubuntu and Fedora :o18:20
smilecharl: fine, just tired :) Listening music now. How're you?18:20
charli'm doing well18:20
charlalso a little tired but it's almost weekend :D18:20
charlhi SilverCode 18:22
smilecharl: that's right :)18:36
charlholiday time is coming for me now18:37
charlhave to enjoy what is left of this summer18:37
charlnot that i feel we really had much of a summer with this weather18:38
charlbut yeah high in the 30s is also not my idea of nice weather like what we had a short while ago18:38
superflyI'm over winter, ready for summer.18:38
charlsmile: do you happen to have any recommendations for vps providers in europe? i'm growing a little dissatisfied with hetzner18:40
charli'm looking at tilaa and netcup right now18:42
charlthere's digital ocean but they're american (i'm worried about latency)18:42
charltried transip but they have extortionist pricing if you go over 1tb18:44
superflycharl: Linode has presence in London, if that works for you18:44
charllinde is ridiculously expensive last time i checked18:44
superflynot much more than others...18:44
charllemme take a look now ...18:45
superflyat the time that I looked they were the cheapest option18:45
superflyand they're always upgrading the packages18:45
charlah i see, they dropped their pricing quite sharply18:45
charlthat's actually quite affordable18:45
charlbut once again i see bandwidth limits18:46
charlwhat happens if you go over that 2TB ?18:46
charltransip also had that but then you have to pay some extortionist price and you can't block it18:47
charli actually sent them a mail "what happend when i get ddosed" they answered basically "your problem"18:50
inetprocharl, Kilos: email18:52
inetproluckily I could just delete them from the queue18:52
charlah all spam ?18:52
Kiloswow you a popular guy inetpro so many emails! whew18:53
inetproa bug was introduced on the web server18:53
inetprothe MTA just marked them all as frozen 18:53
superflycharl: I don't know how I'd manage 2TB a month18:53
charlnah i'm just worried about ddoses18:54
charlwhere i work we have them almost every week now18:54
charlonce hit 40gbps incoming18:54
charlwhich is our internet capacity btw18:54
superflycharl: well I suppose it depends on (a) what you use it for and (b) how much you cheese people off18:54
charlnah i don't like to take unnecessary risks18:55
charlthese kids with the booters are having a ball at other people's expense18:55
smile"smile: do you happen to have any recommendations for vps providers in europe? i'm growing a little dissatisfied with hetzner" -> no :P no experience :)18:55
smilegood night! :p18:55
charlnight smile :)18:55
Kilosnight smile sleep tight18:56
inetprogood night smile18:56
smilethanks guys :)18:57
alphaGgood evenings19:28
Kiloshi alphaG 19:29
alphaGkilos howzit19:29
Kiloswelcome to ubintu-za19:29
Kiloswho are you hehe19:29
Kilosubuntu-za as well19:29
alphaGall this time trying to get back here. looking for n app19:29
Kiloswhat app?19:30
alphaGweb browser works fine then :D19:30
alphaGirc app for blackberry.19:30
superflyI'm sure there are some.... somewhere....19:31
alphaGI have. a question I finally got to install wubuntu19:31
Kilosya there have been peeps here on their blackberries19:31
alphaGthey suck superfly I'm chattn via browser now web application. 19:31
KilosMaaz, google irr for blackberry19:32
MaazKilos: "Coller Capital IRR Calculator - BlackBerry World" http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/55311?lang=en :: "NPV/IRR | NPV/IRR Android App | NPV/IRR BlackBerry App | NPV ..." https://businesscompassllc.com/NPV/IRR :: "irr calculator free download - Softonic" http://en.softonic.com/s/irr-calculator :: "Laura Marling "Blackberry Stone" IRR Acoustic19:32
MaazSessions - YouTube" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zdA81MVEQp8 :: "XE: (IRR/EUR) Iranian Ria…19:32
alphaGanyhow back to my question. back in the day I installed compiz on wubuntu install. and loved it.19:32
KilosMaaz, google irc app for blackberry19:32
MaazKilos: "AndroIRC - BlackBerry World" http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/86078/?lang=EN :: "jmIrc - Java mobile IRC-client (J2ME)" http://jmirc.sourceforge.net/ :: "The Virca IRC MIDlet! - VidarHolen.net" http://www.vidarholen.net/contents/virca/ :: "BlackBerry 10 IRC Client - Wishful Coding" http://pepijndevos.nl/2013/08/17/blackberry-10-irc-19:32
Maazclient.html :: "Free AndroIRC IRC Client Ported to the BlackBerry PlayBook ..." http://www.berryrev…19:32
alphaGis it possible to Install compiz offline on 12.0419:33
Kilosif you have the package and dependancies yes19:33
alphaGand I can get that at ubuntu.packages?19:34
Kilosdo you want to download the packages on another pc ?19:35
alphaGlast time I got compiz effects I was usi g gnome.. 19:35
alphaGI don't have internet access right now.. only monday again. but if I can somehow download packages via blackberry that would be awesome. 19:36
Kilosive never tried getting individual packages from the repos19:37
Kilossuperfly, can you advise please19:37
superflyas far as I know, compiz is part of Unity19:38
superflyall you should need to do is enable the fancy effects19:38
superflyhow you do that in Ubuntu I don't know, perhaps you need one of those tweak tools?19:38
alphaGu have mailed me a method on how to do this a while back. if can remember19:38
alphaGI'm new to unity ..very new 19:39
KilosalphaG, who mailed you?19:39
alphaGu kilos19:40
Kilosthen compiz is already installed19:40
Kilosyou will need to get online and run 2 commands19:40
Kilossudo apt-get update and sudo apt-get upgrade19:40
alphaGeish no online till monday.. boss19:41
alphaGonly bb online.19:41
Kilosthen it should all work and you use unity-tweak-tool to personalise things19:41
Kilosuse the bb as a modem19:41
Kilosthere must be a way to do that19:42
alphaGok danke 19:42
alphaGno then I need data 19:42
Kiloshave you got a data cable for it19:42
alphaGadd on bundle19:42
Kiloscan bb download stuff free?19:42
alphaGyeah I do unless some kind person here knows how to use BIS as modem 19:43
alphaGvia the browsers on the phone yes -kilos19:43
Kiloswow thats nice of them19:44
Kilosbut you dont need to download compiz it should already be installed19:44
alphaGis jy verseker19:44
Kilosthose 2 commands should give you a fully working system19:45
alphaGok I'm going to check now.19:45
Kilosek is nou hier op unity 19:45
Kilosi didnt need to install unity later19:45
Kilosnot unity sorry compiz19:47
alphaGbut u probablly updated everything anyway righg?19:48
alphaGkilos u on whatsapp?19:49
Kilosno i cant get whatapp on pc and cell too old19:50
Kilosyes ubuntu installs the system and update/upgrade sorts all things that didnt work right on the basic install and adds new security upgrades etc19:51
alphaGtelegrams on my android only19:52
Kilosdoes telegram work on pc superfly ?19:52
alphaGcan't find tweak here19:54
Kiloshaha i click that link and it goes to https://tdesktop.com/19:54
Kilosyou have to install unity-tweak-tool once updated19:54
Kilosdo you have synaptic installed?19:55
alphaGai install install19:55
alphaGnothing installed just 12.04 alongside vista19:55
alphaGcudnt boot so I changed bios settn19:55
alphaGI had to leave pc lab before I could run an update 19:56
alphaGai ya yai.19:56
Kiloswait unity tweak tool is for 14.04 i didnt register you are on 12.0419:57
Kilosupdate/upgrade then try 12.04 you often need nothing more other than your own programs you like19:57
alphaGyeah I need to update to 14.04 19:57
Kilos12.04 is good too but near life end i think19:58
alphaGwhat's betyer updAte or download iso19:58
alphaGexpire 2017 I think19:58
Kilosmixed opinions there19:58
alphaGlast time u told me to get a friend to download and I did. 19:58
Kilosi prefer iso download and new install. fly always upgrades and he is the clever one19:59
alphaGI only got around to installing it now19:59
Kiloswhew ive forgotten that19:59
alphaGyes its a long time I know. 19:59
alphaGbut getting there none the less20:00
Kilosif you have 12.04 going then run it when you can go online and update , you might like to stay there till it expires, i found 14.04 more work20:00
alphaGI've read somewhere about super OS20:00
alphaGubuntu with added drivers etc all in one aimed at offline peeps20:01
alphaGI have net access at lab so its just a matter of time.20:02
Kilosi dont know it20:02
alphaGonce imsorted I will chat via ubuntu and let u know.20:02
alphaG12.04 std instal is not bad tho. for nw jusy sucks having no wifi... with so much potential . like sitting in a custom car with no gas just chilling in the garage.20:04
Kilosim happy with unity and more so with kubuntu, just its a bit heavier20:04
alphaGchat soon hopefully goodnight20:05
Kilosbut once updated you will only need to install your chat clients and email client etc20:05
Kilosthe rest should work20:05
Kiloscheers alphaG 20:05
alphaGdoes pidgeon still exist20:05
Kilosyes i use it20:06
alphaGloved that lil app20:06
Kilosfor mxit,msn aim and everything else20:06
Kiloschow now20:06

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