zequenceIf anyone is interested in testing, we have 12.04.5 being released today, and it needs a bit of testing beforehand07:44
cubhow's things zequence, bad tooth again?18:06
zequencecub: Actually, I was at the dentist today. Crazy woman. Got angry, and asked for a new dentist, after she had poked me in the "tandköttet" one too many times18:08
cubhehe yeah I read that18:08
zequenceRight :)18:08
cuband then they charge yo for it.18:08
zequenceI didn't pay though18:08
zequenceDidn't get far enough into the treatment18:09
zequenceJust got postponed18:09
zequencecub: And you?18:09
cubhaha you ended the whole procedure?18:09
zequenceI had only sat in the chair for a couple of minutes, until I lost my temper18:10
cubLife is good but busy. New job, well I'm 5 months in but feels new. My GF starting up her business again. Not much time left over18:10
zequenceThink she felt bad about it, but better she feels bads and finds another job, then messes peoples mouths up18:10
zequenceIt's hard to find time for prolonged work18:11
zequenceIt's one thing to do someting that only takes you 1-2 hours18:11
cubI hope to get more stable once Ulrika is back on track18:11
zequenceBut, if it takes a while longer, you end up forgetting things if there's too much time in between occasions of work18:11
cubexactly and that 30 minutes thing take longer time because you need to trace back 18:12
zequenceI won't be doing more than now, not until next year18:12
zequence100/100Mbit now, so testing ISOs happens pretty instantly18:13
zequenceI'm going out for a smoke (though, I don't really smoke, erhm). See you around cub :)18:14
cubhaha I'm going to do some cleaning here, having fun all the time18:14
cubsee ya!18:14

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