kidxI am looking for help04:23
kidxI dont know how to broadcast to my server my Icecast server I rent for so much cash.04:23
holsteinkidx: i used to use BUTT.. what are you using?04:24
holsteinkidx: i think butt is a handy/easy tool for troubleshooting at least04:25
kidxwell i bought radioboss04:25
kidxbut runs not so well on linux04:25
kidxi see Internet DJ Consle04:26
holsteinok.. hav eyou tried BUTT? if not, consider trying it04:26
kidxbut reuires alot of bs to do04:26
holsteinkidx: not really04:26
kidxyea on windiows fine04:26
holsteinkidx: what is "on windows fine" ?04:27
kidxbut linux its not picking up my mic right04:27
holsteinkidx: ?04:27
kidxI sound like a chip monk casue its mono04:27
holsteinkidx: radioboss is not supported here04:27
kidxwell i know that much but what is04:28
holsteinkidx: you are assuming the cause is due to mono04:28
kidxi have a mono mic04:28
kidxso yeah04:28
kidxof course04:28
holsteinkidx: ok04:28
holsteinkidx: keep in mind a few handy things04:28
kidxaudio technica 250004:29
holsteinkidx: your audio device creator hasnt promised you can use the device in linux04:29
kidxso ill go back to windows then04:29
kidxthanks for the help04:29
holsteinkidx: usb devices *should* be class compliant, so, its likely you are just having issues configuring04:29
kidxthought i couldexcape it04:29
holsteinkidx: i say, if you literally just want to get going in a hurry, go back to "windows".. if you have time to work with supporting the hardware, we can help04:30
kidxtime what u mean04:30
kidxi have all the time04:30
kidxtime is nothing04:30
holsteinkidx: a team of experts work to make sure all of your hardware works in windows.. you basically take that on yourself when you want to use linux.. or any unsupported OS like that04:30
kidxyea but ifyo dont support it or linux dont then why bother04:31
kidxunless you can help get it supported04:31
kidxor souning proper04:31
kidxif not ill go back to windows04:31
kidxnot a big deal i just dont wanna waste so much time here for nothing04:31
holsteinkidx: again, if you want to do this fast, go back04:31
kidxhow long will it take04:32
kidxcasue i pay for my server04:32
holsteinkidx: i have no way of extimating how long it will take you04:32
holsteinkidx: how long have you used windows?04:32
kidxtake me for what04:32
holsteinkidx: how long from when you started using windows til you starting streaming?04:33
kidxsince late 90's04:33
kidxlike radio04:33
holsteinkidx: i have *no* way to extimate how long it will take you to learn to use windows04:33
kidxi know windows04:33
kidxi am not dumb04:33
kidxi came here for help with linux04:33
kidxthis is ubuntu studio correct04:34
holsteinkidx: i am not sahying you are dumb.. i am saying, you spent 10+ years using windows04:34
kidxi alos used linux off and on04:34
kidxnot pro04:34
kidxbut i can get arond04:34
holsteinkidx: you may not be able to just fire up *any* other operating system and just hit the ground running04:34
holsteinthere are differences.. and configurations.. and hardware support, that is not guranteed04:35
kidxbut i do need a radio broadcasting expert04:35
kidxsome one that knows what they are doing04:35
kidxso0 i can learn04:35
holsteinkidx: sure.. you can use #opensourcemusicians04:35
holsteinthats where i went when i started04:36
holsteinotherwise, try BUTT, and other tools.. seperate your issues04:36
holsteinyou say, you have issues with streaming to icecast *and* a mic support issue with a USB device.. so.. seperate those..04:36
kidxwhats that04:36
holsteinkidx: what is what?04:36
holsteinkidx: seperation?04:36
kidxthe open soucrce musicans04:36
kidxmaybe they can help ill go there04:36
kidxjust thought coming here would have more knowledgeable people04:37
holsteinkidx: you asked 2 quesitons, friend.. just pull them apart is all04:37
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holsteinkidx: dont troubleshoot using linux with new USB device and icecast all in one go04:38
kidxi am not04:38
kidxi am trying to figure our why i sound like a chip monk04:38
holsteinkidx: you are not what?04:38
kidxso mono04:38
kidxread what i said04:38
kidxyou dont have to question my replys lol04:39
holsteinkidx: i would try running pavucontrol and see what is routing where04:39
holsteinkidx: i might need to follow up with questions.. but, thats ok.. good luck to you.. im going to bed04:39
holsteinkidx: you can try the main #ubuntu channel or an also channel.. or some audio technica support for your audio device.. since its not related to ubuntustuduio specifically.. cheers!04:40
kidxi am04:40
cfhowlett#opensourcemusicians might also be good04:40
kidxi am running pavu04:40
holsteinkidx: you are what?04:40
kidxI am running pvau04:40
kidxpulse audio04:41
kidxcomes standard in ubuntu Studio i think04:41
holsteinkidx: what are you routing through?04:41
holsteinkidx: are you getting the hollow sound from the recording of the device? or just the streaming? or just in your headphones on some other audio device?04:42
kidxi sound like i am on helium04:42
holsteinkidx: sure04:42
kidxkinda hard to explin04:42
holsteinkidx: when? and under what circumstances? what other audio devices? how are you monitoring? how have you tested?04:43
holsteinkidx: you'll be the only one who can explain.. and you'll need to.. try recording the audio to audacity and see if the recorded sound is "on helium".. try routing to a different source.. how are you monitoring?04:43
kidxjust my onboard audio and web cam mic and ATR250004:43
kidxaudio wont play04:45
kidxjust keeps play 2 secs and stops04:45
holsteinkidx: what sounds like helium then?04:45
kidxi m using pulse04:45
holsteinkidx: so, you sound like helium for 2 seconds?04:46
kidxmy audio only plays back for 2 secs04:46
kidxwell in audacity04:46
holsteinkidx: thats on the stream? becuase thats what id like to seperate.. *not* icecast *and* the streaming04:46
kidxthis is sound from mic to audacity no stream04:47
holsteinkidx: so, you record the audio, and its helium for 2 seconds and then no audio? in audacity?04:47
kidxi have nit broadcasted yet04:47
holsteinkidx: you are *not* using jack, correct?04:47
kidxam i suspose to04:47
kidxcasue i know nothign about jack04:47
holsteinkidx: you are supposed to what?04:48
holsteinkidx: are you using jack?04:48
kidxI am not using jack04:48
holsteinkidx: ok.. you dont need it for audacity04:48
kidxi know nothign about it04:48
kidxjack is chineese language to me04:48
kidxi know jack about jack04:48
holsteinkidx: ok.. you dont need to know anything about it..04:49
kidxwish there was a course ion ubuntu studio\04:49
kidxa course that teaches you04:49
cfhowlettkidx, teaches you ... what?04:49
holsteinkidx: all hardware is different..04:50
kidxlike the insides and out to live streamung and audio/video prodution04:50
cfhowlettkidx, too much to ask.  there are thousands of apps and packages.04:50
holsteinkidx: it depends on what  software you want to use, and what hardware you have.. and many other things04:50
kidxI know little on linux when it comes to radio broadcasting04:50
holsteinkidx: what AT mic do you have? the ATR2500 ?04:50
holsteinkidx: the "helium" sound has *nothing* to do with broadcasting.. thats simple system config and audio04:51
kidxyea its cause linux dont support my mic04:51
holsteinkidx: are you able to playback audio through the mic's headhpones?04:51
kidxi cant04:51
kidxwont play04:51
cfhowlettkidx, choose a medium: audio, video, photo, graphics, publishing.  Choose a project.  Work from the basics.  "Podcasting with Audacity" is from the developers and will give you a pretty good foundation for that medium04:51
holsteinkidx: linux is open.. if audio technica wants to support it, as they do other operating systems, they are welecome and encouraged04:52
holsteinkidx: please open a terminal, and run..04:52
holsteinaplay -l04:52
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.04:52
kidxpaste event not found04:53
holsteinkidx: whats the output of aplay -l?04:54
holsteini know, i would try jack on it..04:56
ubottuFor information on professional audio tools in Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio/ProAudioIntro04:56
holsteinwouldnt hurt.. you can always fire up a live CD and play around if you are afraid you will break something..04:57
holsteinkidx: anyways.. before you play around with jack, are you able to play audio with *any* audio device? the internal card?04:57
kidxwas able to in browser04:57
kidxbut then browser stop playing and now freezes04:58
kidxkinda weird I just install this os04:58
holsteinkidx: pull up a known good audio file in something like vlc .. not flash in browser.. try and isolate these things.. dont use a web browser when testing the audio since you dont have to04:58
cfhowlettproaudio still references 12.04.  14.04 update in the works???04:58
holsteini would get the known good simple audio file playing in vlc or whatever audio player.. then route it in pavucontrol to the mic and see if you can make it work04:59
holsteincfhowlett: are you volunteering :)04:59
cfhowlettholstein, too many demands on my time to do much, but I can do some things incrementally.05:00
holsteincfhowlett: yeah, i was just giving you are hard time.. i havent been able to make much time either05:00
cfhowlettholstein, looks like only the main US page shows current release ...05:01
holsteini think thats correct, though05:01
holsteinor, preferred, or whatever05:01
kidxthe pavu is not looking right05:01
kidxi dont see built in05:01
holsteinkidx: cool.. just let us know any details05:02
kidxbuilt in audio is not there05:02
holsteinkidx: you can tak screenshots or whatever05:02
kidxi have to upload them05:02
kidxhold on05:02
holsteinkidx: one thing i suggest is to just simply look for and apply updates and reboot05:02
kidxalready done so05:02
holsteinkidx: alsa software updates and kernel updates can "fix" many things05:02
kidxdone that05:03
kidxalso they can break as well05:03
holsteinkidx: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade05:03
holsteinkidx: you *have* breakage, that we are trying to address..05:03
kidxi also tried to installed airtime05:03
holsteinanyways, if you want to use linux and be online, you update05:03
kidxbut no go it is bugged even they say so05:04
holsteinkidx: you may want to just use the live CD then, and see if anything you have done has broken your system05:04
holsteinkidx: im assuming a fresh install when im working with you05:04
kidxi am thinking same thing05:04
holsteinkidx: you dont need to think anything. you can literally tell me if its a fresh install, or not05:05
holsteinor, if you have tried to install things like "airtime" or whatever05:05
kidxyea airtime05:07
kidxi tried to install it05:07
kidxbut it gave me an error05:07
holsteinkidx: sure.. so, you *dont* have a fresh install05:07
kidxi hust installed not long ago05:07
holsteinkidx: so, try the live CD, test your audio.. if it works as expected, then, you broke your audio05:07
kidxmy mic records but no sound yet it shows sounds?05:08
holsteinkidx: but, you are having issues monitoring.. i dont think you can assume its not recording05:08
kidxrecording s fine05:08
kidxits playback05:08
kidxcould be alsa05:09
staxxxhello everyone. I need some help here I may have uninstalled something my desktop is a bit messed up. no icons etc and the windows look a bit strange. no x button to close windows. any help please06:28
cfhowlettstaxxx, you did something to your desktop environment (xfce4).  the only fix I know of is a bit radical.  kill all the configuration files, logout/login.  that will set everything back to the defaults06:29
staxxxi think it has something to do with metacity. i cant do metacity --replace on the cli somehow06:29
staxxxif i kill all the configutarion files the desktop will revert to the states as if it was freshly installed?06:30
cfhowlettstaxxx, exactly.  but test first.  logout / login to the Guest account.  if that account looks normal, the problem/fix is limited to YOUR account, not a global OS issue.  the fix I suggested would cure it.06:31
staxxxbut that would erase my desktop as i know it? my desktop is customized, panels etc06:33
staxxxI'd had to do it all over again?06:33
cfhowlettstaxxx, "reset to defaults" means exactly that.  you'd have to re-configure06:33
staxxxhow do i reset to defaults? and is there any other way?06:41
cfhowlettstaxxx, delete /home/.config/xfce4           I know of no other way to restore the default arrangement06:42
staxxxi just logged into a guest account and the problem is the same as the user account06:56
staxxxany hints?06:56
cfhowlettstaxxx, you changed something at the global OS then.  Ask #xfce06:57
staxxxstill no results before reinstalling07:31
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nevaHi there everyone! can someone help me with xrun problem I have?15:41
holsteinneva: just ask, and we'll see15:44
holsteinunfortunately, so much of that can be tied to driver support15:44
holsteinfor "Fixing" xruns, i would try relaxing the jack settings.. but, if you need sub 10ms latency, you need it.. and you'll likely just need to troubleshoot and see if you can get it15:44
holsteinit really depends on what you are doing.. personally, if i cant get under or around 10ms, then, i  cant do "realtime" on that machine or audio hardware.. i just dont use that hardware for realtime audio effect processing or software synths15:45
nevaI have two m-audio delta 1010lt cards synced with spdif. I have launched jackd like was explained on remastersys forums "how to run 2 m-audio..." everything works like should but when I try to record with mixbus or ardour I get lots of xruns15:51
holsteini would try removing variables15:51
holsteinis it becuase you are linking 2 cards? do you need low latency? is it just mixbus? ardour2? ardour 3?15:52
nevawith one card I had no xruns16:01
nevamy goal is to get Live play/recording to work16:02
nevaI use mudita24 digital mix for monitoring  and it works fine16:03
nevaI tried with ardour 3 and mixbus 2.5 with same results16:04
holsteinneva: then, i would use one card for that16:10
holsteinAFAIK, its pretty common to take a hit in performance for that funcitonality16:10
nevabut I tried to record only on track and I get millions of xruns16:11
holsteinneva: with both cards? and with only one, no xrun issue?16:12
holsteinneva: can you relax the settings with 2 cards and get no or less xruns?16:13
holsteinneva: you should try and seperate your goals.. your goal is to link 2 devices, *and* do live play16:13
nevawith one card I just started qjacktl and found frames/period setting that worked16:13
holsteinneva: you may not be able to do both at the same time16:13
holsteinyou dont need 2 cards for "live" effect processing or software synths.. so, you may have to do one at a time16:14
nevaI dont need to that many instruments through the mixbus and to be heard on the PA16:16
nevamy main problem now is that I cant even get one track to record without xruns16:19
holsteinneva: you can with only one deivce, correct?16:21
holsteinneva: if so, relax your settings with the 2 devices16:21
holsteinneva: linking devices together can effect performance16:21
nevamy drums needs 8 tracks to record and only two for monitoring16:22
nevahow I do relax settings ? what parameters should be adjusted16:25
holsteinneva: the jack settings16:30
nevaI have to start jackd on command line16:30
holsteinframes per period and periods per buffer16:31
holsteinneva: then, you are responsible for configuing the settings16:31

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