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idefinehi, where can I specify options for upstart? Specifically I'd like to set a value for --logdir23:06
xnoxidefine: hey.23:06
idefinexnox, hi23:06
xnoxidefine: you can pass arguments to upstart on the kernel command line e.g. --logdir=/what/you/want should work when passed on kernel cmdline.23:07
xnoxidefine: otherwise you can make /sbin/init a wrapper around upstart, or otherwise modify your initramfs to pass options to init.23:07
idefinexnox, how do I modify the kernel command line arguments?23:08
xnoxidefine: depends on your bootloader and os. typically you can edit /etc/default/grub & after doing so call $ sudo update-grub and reboot23:08
xnoxGRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="..... --logdir=/what/you/want"23:09
idefinexnox, any idea if that will work on AWS EC2 machines?23:10
xnoxidefine: not really, aws are quite special.23:13
xnoxidefine: please seek aws support separately. try e.g. #ubuntu-server23:14
idefinexnox, thanks!23:14

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