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ochosihm, have any of you guys used thunar's file templates ever?07:06
ochosii personally haven't, but i feel it sucks a bit that we have a menu that's always empty there...07:07
ochosiFile > Create Document > No templates installed (is what i'm referring to)07:07
forestpiskieochosi: nope - not me07:10
ochosimorning pixie/elfy07:11
elfymorning ochosi 07:12
bluesabre_morning ochosi/elfy09:36
ochosihey bluesabre_ 09:45
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bluesabrehey knome09:45
bluesabrewhats up guys?09:45
knomemanually upgrading a wordpress 3.5 site to 3.9.2. fun!09:46
knomewell, it's easier now09:48
knome...that i've just manually upgraded a wordpress 3.6 site to 3.9.209:48
knomeone more to go after this ;)09:48
ochosibluesabre: tested light-locker's dbus interface today for the first time10:21
ochosiit's a bit more than half-ready i guess10:22
bluesabreyeah, saw that10:23
bluesabreslow and steady, eh10:23
elfyhi bluesabre 10:30
bluesabrehey elfy10:33
bluesabrehow are things?10:33
knomehey elfy10:33
elfyhi knome 10:34
elfybluesabre: ok thanks :) week off and the sun is mostly out 10:34
knomewoot :)10:34
knomehope the sun isn't too hot ;)10:34
elfynope - this IS england :p10:40
knomehah, well this is finland and it's too hot in here...10:43
ochosibluesabre: lordy, ppl still keep commenting on the black screen bugreport...10:47
bluesabreochosi: yes, I have no love for light-locker these days10:48
ochosibluesabre: not sure what to do about that though10:51
bluesabreat this point, I think it's probably more of an issue with Xorg10:52
ochosiwell, it's multiple problems, but i guess the main issue is VT switching + suspend10:52
ochosior, even more compressed: VT switching10:52
elfytrouble is we don't know what these people posting have done in the meantime - only what they say they've done10:52
ochosiyeah, and in fact ppl are misattributing all kinds of issues to this bug10:53
elfyI'd bet my last penny - that they are different bugs10:53
ochosiit has become a sort of catch-all10:53
bluesabreseveral times we've had reports from ubuntu users10:54
bluesabrewhere their compositor froze and left them with a black screen10:54
elfyso how about 10:54
bluesabrewhich had nothing to do with light-locker, which they didn't have installed10:54
ochosiyeah, or those folks that just have general suspend bugs because of the graphics stack or xorg or whatever...10:54
elfyunsubscribe us from it - make a note that the original bug is fixed and if people have other issues they should create new bug reports as we're no longer monitoring this one10:55
ochosiyeah, that sounds sensible10:55
elfyand specifically if *we* get notification once xubuntu-bugs is unsubscribed deal with that locally10:56
elfyshall I do that now ochosi ?10:56
ochosiyup, that'd be great10:56
ochosithanks elfy 10:56
ochosistill, in the long run we have to deal with this somehow10:58
ochosiif vt switching is causing so much headache10:58
brainwashlight-locker 2.0 :)10:59
ochosiyeah, but we need at least some sort of idea when that's going to happen10:59
ochosithing is, that's something *i* definitely can't implement11:00
ochosii guess cavalier wants to clean up the dbus branch first and release that as ll 1.611:00
elfyochosi: This bug has become a catch-all for issues that appear to be similar. The original issue is now fixed, the Xubuntu Team is no longer monitoring this bug.11:00
elfytoo blunt? 11:00
elfyor just elfy enough 11:00
brainwashgoing back to xscreensaver is not an option =S11:00
ochosiit's quite blunt, but as i've mentioned this a few times in the report already, go for it11:01
ochosibrainwash: why not?11:01
elfyok - xubuntu-bugs is unsubscribed and I've posted that :)11:01
elfywe might get them via xfpm though - not sure11:01
brainwashbecause we just switched to light-locker which is the better (looking) solution11:02
ochosiwell i'm not the last person to admit an honest mistake, if we start to feel that way11:02
ochosiwhat will suck though with xscreensaver is the fun settings duplication with xfpm :)11:03
knomei think we should just work wiht light-locker and keep improving it11:03
ochosiin a way, i'd personally prefer if we tried to improve the situation though11:03
elfyyay - they fixed the images \o/11:03
knomeeven if it took until 16.0411:03
brainwashright, 14.10 is just a play ground anyway, so no need to switch back11:04
ochosiwell, "just a playground" might be a bit exaggerated, but yeah, i tend to see it that way11:05
ochosias the recent vote on xchat has shown, the team doesn't agree on this though11:06
bluesabrethe ones not in favor seem like they'd be in favor of having hexchat though for the sake of quick irc11:10
* bluesabre advocates nothing11:10
brainwashknome: is this bug still present? bug 130792911:12
ubottubug 1307929 in light-locker (Ubuntu) "light-locker crashes on every unlock" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/130792911:12
knometo me, it looks like some people interpreted the question as "should we drop xchat forever" instead of "should we do an experiment with no xchat on one release"11:12
knomebrainwash, i'll check that later today, or sth11:12
brainwashknome: thanks11:13
bluesabretime for work, bbl11:14
ochosihf bluesabre, ttyl11:14
ochosielfy: if now a shitstorm arises, i hope we won't be subscribed anymore ;)11:15
elfyI disagreed on removing something and leaving nothing in it's place - pidgin is not a replacement 11:15
elfyochosi: LOL11:15
elfythat argument is like taking a car from someone and giving them a motorbike as a replacement almost ;)11:16
ochosido you really wanna start this discussion now? (cause i'm about to head out for lunch...)11:16
elfynah not at all - that's all done now :)11:17
ochosialright :)11:21
ochosiin that case i can quietly head out ;)11:21
elfyyep - have some lunch for me :)11:22
* ochosi is on a diet11:23
ochosibut i'll make an exception for you, elfy 11:23
knomebon appetit11:24
elfyochosi: when you're back - I like the tab swicher :)11:29
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Unit193Good luck with the CC check-in.15:23
skellatWhat time was that supposed to be?16:11
knomein 50 mins.16:11
knomeskellat, did you catch this link from IRC or the ML: http://xubuntu.org/team-calendar/ ? :)16:12
skellatNo, actually I didn't16:12
knomewell, there you go :)16:13
knomeit incorporates the team calendar and the trello calendat16:13
elfyis there anything that we need from the CC?16:24
elfythat anyone else knows ... 16:24
knomedon't think that we "need" anything16:24
elfyI didn't think so16:25
Unit193Mental help for the entire team...16:26
elfycan't ask for that ... 16:26
knomedoubt the CC can help with that..16:26
elfy2 of the team would have to self-administer ... 16:26
knomeochosi, pi-ping!17:08
elfyeven anyone other than us two from team would be good ;)17:09
* Unit193 pokes in for two seconds then out. ->17:11
elfythanks knome :)17:34
knomenp, and ty elfy 17:34

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