seaLnehas anyone heard of kmail no longer fetching (imap) after update to 4.13.97?07:39
=== vinay is now known as Guest50130
Mamarokdo you folks read the kubuntu-users list?10:25
shadeslayerI do not :(10:28
yofelI do usually10:29
Riddellonly occationally10:30
RiddellMamarok: something up?10:30
shadeslayerkubuntuBot: quit10:40
shadeslayerkubuntuBot is no more, all hail kubotu10:42
yofelkubuntuBot: he's trying to make fun of you :(10:43
shadeslayerkubuntuBot: quit10:43
shadeslayerwhy did that come back 10:43
shadeslayerapachelogger: is that you10:43
Blizzzhm, updates want to remove software calligra, digikam and kdenlive… ?10:44
apacheloggershadeslayer: no10:44
apacheloggerdawn of the dead10:44
* shadeslayer shoots it in the head10:44
shadeslayerif it comes back, neon host has been take over by zombies10:45
shadeslayerIDK what you did in that last update10:45
apacheloggerI think you just don't know how to use upstart :P10:46
yofelBlizzz: trusty with backports?10:46
Blizzzyofel: yes10:47
yofelok, seems like Riddell never did the library transitions for this backport :/10:47
Riddellstill in progress10:47
Riddellcalligra is a beast..10:47
yofelshouldn't that just be a no-change rebuild?10:48
Riddellnot really because it uses nepmouk so I wanted to work out what to do with it in utopic and backport that10:48
Riddelland I've only just worked out what to do in utopic (I think, upstream is unsure but seems it only uses soprano not nepomuk and doesn't need virtuoso so I'll just change that build-dep)10:49
yofelRiddell: if you use copyPackage() you should also please read the PPA page a  while later:10:50
yofelCopied from: Private PPA for Kubuntu Ninjas. Copied by: Jonathan Riddell Target series: Trusty10:50
yofelartikulate 4:4.13.97-0ubuntu1~ubuntu14.04~ppa2 in trusty (source has no binaries to be copied)10:50
apacheloggerneeds automation10:50
Riddellartikulate needs the new qtgstreamer which is waiting on new kamoso and new kde-telepathy to exist10:51
yofelthen don't copy it if it's incomplete :S10:51
Riddellyay 4.13.3 in trusty! vishesh will be happy10:52
apacheloggerI think that is overestimating the enjoyment of software landing 6 weeks after upstream release :/10:53
RiddellI want to write a blog post to explain why patience is golden for packaging10:54
yofel... as long as you apply that to your backports...10:56
* yofel makes coffee and tries to stop being grumpy10:56
* valorie adds a bit of brandy to yofel's coffee10:57
soeewhat about this http://qa.kubuntu.co.uk/plasma-status/build_status_5.0.1_utopic.html > :)10:57
yofelmhhh, thanks valorie :D10:58
* shadeslayer is thinking of writing software to auto check for file conflicts10:58
shadeslayeron upgrades10:58
valoriewhy are you thinking instead of writing, shadeslayer?10:58
shadeslayerwould supplement britney quite well10:58
shadeslayervalorie: not awake enough10:59
Riddellor do it like us catalans, cafe con heilo y cacaolat10:59
* shadeslayer is reading ki18n docs10:59
Riddellshadeslayer: I'm pretty sure that already exists10:59
yofelshadeslayer: first write one that can go back and update broken breaks/replaces versions10:59
shadeslayerRiddell: oh? then why are not using that :S10:59
shadeslayeryofel: hm?10:59
valorieah, reading the docs is preparation for writing, excellent11:00
apacheloggerRiddell: depeche mode - slow11:00
yofelmost of our beta/rc issues come from existing breaks/replaces whose versions are invalid11:00
* valorie goes to lunch11:00
apacheloggeryofel: broken versions?11:00
yofelapachelogger: merge done in 4.13.1 -> breaks/replaces << 4:4.13.1-0ubuntu2~ or so, trusty now has 4.13.3 and is upgraded to .97, find the error11:01
apachelogger.97 is supposed to be derived from utopic, no?11:02
yofelso? the breaks/replaces are still wrong11:03
Riddellshadeslayer: dunno only exists for the ubuntu archive? needs investigation11:03
apacheloggerand for the regular update stuff... perhaps it would be best if we always added the ubuntu version to all packages ever?11:03
Riddellshadeslayer: I'm also curious to know how rpm distros manage11:03
apacheloggeroh wait that had not helped much had it11:04
yofelapachelogger: back when .1 was current we had: trusty: .1/utopic: .1 with b/r - now we have: trusty: .3, utopic .97 with .1 b/r11:04
yofelso they don't do anything unless you don't use trusty-updates11:04
apacheloggeryes that computed11:04
apacheloggerbut the problem is not that .3 > .1 it is that 14.04.3 < 14.10.311:05
apacheloggeran issue to be mused on for sure11:05
apacheloggeranyway, lunch11:05
yofelwell yeah, lets use the ubuntu version as epoch? ^^11:06
BluesKajHiyas all11:08
Riddellug, you can't comment a json file?11:43
soee_green :)11:49
=== soee_ is now known as soee
soeelool :D12:02
soeejust used the CTRL + SHIFT + M shortcutm in muon :)12:02
MamarokRiddell: actually the last thread, where Orjen complains of not having announcements on Kubuntu news for new releases anymore12:31
yofelI'll excuse myself that recently I've had major issues editing drupal posts in rekonq and konqueror lately so I only do it when I really need to...12:35
yofel(Sometimes the javascript stops working completely so I have to edit the html classes in the rekonq dev tools to make items appear)12:35
yofelovidiu-florin: how's the new site progressing?12:36
* yofel goes to try writing a .3 post12:36
yofelshadeslayer: how do I run your patch parser?12:44
yofel$ ruby ubuntu-patch-parser.rb 12:44
yofelubuntu-patch-parser.rb:154: syntax error, unexpected tCONSTANT, expecting ')'12:44
yofel                         <meta charset="UTF-8">\n12:44
shadeslayeryofel: you want to use the python script12:44
yofelthere is none12:44
shadeslayeryofel: I have it written on my work pc12:44
yofelah well12:44
yofeldo you have the link to your example output?12:44
shadeslayeryofel: essentially you want ubuntu-patch-parser.rb branch_name12:44
yofeldo you by chance require ruby2?12:45
shadeslayersomething broke12:45
shadeslayerI know12:47
shadeslayeryofel: http://paste.ubuntu.com/8026477/12:47
yofelhm, a setup.rb would be nice12:48
yofel/usr/lib/ruby/1.9.1/rubygems/custom_require.rb:36:in `require': cannot load such file -- htmlentities (LoadError)12:48
yofelhow do I install that again?12:49
shadeslayersudo gem install htmlentities12:49
yofelbzr: ERROR: Not a branch: "bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/kde4libs/debian/patches/".12:49
yofelthis isn't svn ^^12:50
shadeslayerbranch ? 0.o12:50
shadeslayer165     branched = `bzr export patches lp:~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/#{package}/debian/patches`12:50
yofelmy fault, kde4libs != kdelibs12:51
yofelthat did the trick12:51
soeeRiddell: release the kraken (5.0.1) :)12:54
shadeslayeryofel: essentially I wrote a python helper script that gets all the branches in kubuntu-packagers and feeds them to patch-parser12:55
shadeslayeryofel: but it's still on my work machine, I possibly forgot to bzr add12:55
yofelshadeslayer: also: http://paste.ubuntu.com/8026542/ - html doesn't know \n12:56
shadeslayerah hm12:56
shadeslayersend MR 12:56
* shadeslayer rages at internet12:57
shadeslayerxD ^^12:57
shadeslayeroh hm12:58
shadeslayerspotify not scrobbling12:58
shadeslayernow it is \o/12:58
shadeslayeroh oh, I got upto 11100 plays12:59
mcstr_hmmm i have a problem.... since upgrading kde libs from 4.13.3 to 4.13.97 kdenlive is broken, calligra is broken and a few others as well13:00
shadeslayermcstr_: define broken13:00
mcstr_@shadeslayer it was broken until i did a -f upgrade it fixed a few things then i did a -autoremove and now i have no kdenlive anymore no calligra anymore and if i want to install it over synaptic it says calligra-libs package is defect13:01
yofelmcstr_: known issue, Riddell was working on it13:01
mcstr_okay thx yofel13:01
ovidiu-florinyofel: It's usable, but I dont' think it's worthy of the public yet13:19
yofelshadeslayer: http://yofel.dyndns.org/ext/patches/ubuntu-patch-status.html13:37
yofelpreferably I would like colors for upstream_*.diff etc. too13:37
yofelhow do I do string matching in ruby?13:37
yofelhm, I'm off by one ^^13:39
shadeslayeryofel: hm?13:39
valorieovidiu-florin: did you find anybody to test kde-telepathy/kdetalk with?13:40
yofelrefresh and  look at the bottom ^^13:40
* valorie just got both set up13:40
shadeslayeryofel: ahh13:49
yofelI'm dropping rowspan, looks good but is a pain13:49
yofel(I need the final item count before the table is printed)13:50
* yofel hits shadeslayer for using a 2 space indent13:53
yofelwho does that o.O?13:53
valorieshadeslayer is ignoring this13:55
* yofel then hits ruby instead13:55
yofelnot sure yet if I like or hate ruby, it has its good points, but so has pythong14:02
yofelthe built-in perl stuff is tempting14:03
yofelkdelibs has a series.old o.O14:06
yofelshadeslayer: refresh, comments?14:17
shadeslayeroh oh oh14:18
shadeslayerwhat's the green stuff14:18
shadeslayeryofel: <314:18
yofelshadeslayer: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~yofel/+junk/ubuntu-patch-parser/revision/1014:30
yofelI'll leave it at that for now14:30
shadeslayerplz file mr14:30
shadeslayerhttps://www.dropbox.com/s/des7p23vf2tw9ew/randa_group_pic_preview.jpeg < konqi is sad14:31
shadeslayerbecause of all the sunlight14:31
yofelshadeslayer: launchpad doesn't seem to offer +register-merge for +junk :(14:32
shadeslayerstupid lp14:32
* shadeslayer merges by hand14:32
shadeslayeryofel: merged and pushed14:34
Riddellmcstr_: what else is broken?14:56
mcstr_@riddell actually, only the calligra-libs package is shown as defective in synaptic BUT  see http://s8.postimg.org/e8349pe3p/synaptic2.jpg   all these above got removed when i checked for the kdelibs update....14:58
Riddellmcstr_: all the zu entfernen packages?15:00
mcstr_yeh... i cant reinstall them via synaptic as they require the calligra-libs package which then is marked as defective15:00
Riddellmcstr_: yep, that's all calligra stuff, I'm compiling that locally and should upload, it'll take a few more hours to compile in the PPA then you can install it15:01
mcstr_if i do it via apt-get in the console it suggests me to install other packages instead but whenever i try the suggested they depend on other things or refer to other things and cant be installed15:01
mcstr_cool thx riddell15:02
mcstr_and kdenlive btw15:02
mcstr_kdenlive got removed too and i cant reinstall that one either15:02
Riddellalready uploaded should be compiling away15:02
Riddellwatch the dials turn at https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/ubuntu/backports/+packages?field.name_filter=kdenlive&field.status_filter=published&field.series_filter=trusty15:02
mcstr_thx currently kdenlive depends on libnepomuk4 here and cant be installed15:03
mcstr_waiting thx 15:04
Riddellmcstr_: calligra uploaded https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/ubuntu/backports/+packages?field.name_filter=calligra&field.status_filter=published&field.series_filter=trusty15:31
Riddellthanks for being an unwitting guinea pig15:31
mcstr_negative... calligra still shows as defective, so does kdenlive15:33
Riddellmcstr_: it'll take a few hours to compile15:34
mcstr_ok then i ll check again later this evening after gym 15:35
RiddellseaLne: ↑15:35
kdeuser56apachelogger: https://forum.kde.org/viewtopic.php?f=285&t=12239916:28
kdeuser56apachelogger: please ping if you are back16:29
kdeuser56apachelogger: :)16:30
kdeuser56apachelogger: why the question mark? I meant mention my name so that I get an notification16:31
kdeuser56isn't this normally called ping?16:31
* kdeuser56 away for some fresh air16:33
Riddelldownload.kubuntu.co.uk redirected to cdimage, cost for its use over the 10 days was $US 81.0917:10
Riddellwith up to 100 downloads a day17:10
alleeriddel: trusty 4.13.97 upgrade:  baloo4 should Replaces: baloo (because 2 files are in both pkgs)17:32
alleethere's more confilkts, that vanished after 2nd dist-upgrade run17:33
Riddellthanks allee 17:33
alleeRiddell: new khelpcenter4 and kde-runtime-data .3 have a othercontrolmodules.desktop17:37
alleeRiddell: both, new baloo-dev and baloo .3 have org.kde.baloo.file.indexer.xml17:38
alleelooks like that's all17:39
Riddellwho's the sflphone dude?17:43
alleea right, more recent sflpone would be nice.  Dude pong?  Take the pkg from daily ppa this starts at least.  Pkg in upstream 'stable' ppa is broken17:50
kdeuser56apachelogger: what do you think?17:50
apacheloggernot sure applications should be listed17:51
kdeuser56apachelogger: why not, kmix currently does the same17:51
kdeuser56apachelogger: we could call it "streams" which would maybe be the more correct term17:52
apacheloggerjust because kmix does it doesn't mean it makes sense really17:53
alleekdeuser56: keep applications that's something my familie understands.   Stream and uhh, sink and they start screaming and run away17:53
kdeuser56apachelogger: i think many users will cry when they cannot control volume application wise ... that would be a very hated change imho17:54
apacheloggercan't control it17:55
apacheloggerexcept in the application :P17:55
kdeuser56yeah, but imagine the you can't in the application17:55
kdeuser56apachelogger: how would you turn off sound in firefox?17:55
kdeuser56apachelogger: imagine the user opens some site that plays sound all time and it annoys him because he wants to listen to music while being on that site ... the average user can't delete the sound file out of the source17:57
apacheloggerfirefox should allow muting?17:58
kdeuser56apachelogger: where?17:58
apacheloggerwell I dunno, I am not a firefox developer17:58
kdeuser56apachelogger: see, so is the average user17:58
kdeuser56apachelogger: i think you can compare it with client side decorations ... imho the same17:59
apacheloggerno you can't17:59
kdeuser56why not?17:59
kdeuser56same situation: control something centrally vs. let only the application control it18:00
apacheloggerapplications can change the volume if you have global control18:00
apacheloggerwhich you have anyway18:00
apacheloggerjust not in the default mixer display18:00
apacheloggerbecause why would you because you have it in the app18:00
yofelapachelogger: I *do* like to be able mute specific stuff in kmix so please don't remove that.18:01
yofelbut I guess I could just use pavucontrol 18:01
kdeuser56apachelogger: would assume all applicaitons behave sane, which is obviously not the case18:01
kdeuser56yofel: the second argument was not a good one :p18:01
apacheloggerI am not removing nothing18:02
apacheloggerI am saying that having applications in the default mixer display is silly18:02
yofelwhere would that be then?18:02
yofelkmix main window?18:02
yofelI could live with that18:02
kdeuser56no, i could not live with that18:03
kdeuser56too much trouble18:03
yofelone more click is too much trouble o.O?18:03
kdeuser56yofel: no, buts not elegant imho and it add nothing18:03
yofelif you have many applications open then the kmix dialog is pretty cluttered18:04
kdeuser56yofel: why make things harder accessible when it's not necessary18:04
kdeuser56yofel: thats why my mockup has a scrollbar18:04
Riddellallee: uploaded fixes, those are issues with updates to 4.13.3 when replaces are set to 4.13.218:05
apacheloggerkdeuser56: you do not consider inputs in your mockup btw18:05
yofelhow would those be different than outputs o.O?18:06
kdeuser56apachelogger: would be under applications (or better named streams, like it is currently in kmix). input stream is also just a stream18:06
20WAA14SW@riddell its looking good now with calligra.... synaptic seems to install it without any defective packages18:07
kdeuser56yeah one could seperate between input and output, but i guess adding "input" and "output" to the stream name is clear enough18:07
Riddell20WAA14SW: great :)18:08
Riddellumm, why does this want to copy 5.0.0 and not 5.0.1?  ./copy-package -s utopic -p kubuntu-ppa --ppa-name=next-staging -b -p kubuntu-ppa --ppa-name=next oxygen18:10
20WAA14SWwas a bit of a shock for me this morning to just doing an upgrade and it asked me to remove whole calligra suite and kdenlive :o18:10
Riddellsorry about that 20WAA14SW 18:11
apacheloggerkdeuser56: how do you tell apart input from output devices then?18:11
kdeuser56apachelogger: clicking, going to sinks tab, see if input is ticked18:12
20WAA14SWriddell no issue, i basically knew i join the irc channel and someone would either being already there fixing it or would start doing so... thx god this is not microsoft :P18:12
kdeuser56apachelogger: when you seperate input and output streams and list them, you will have duplicates, in case of stuff that goes to both, which is and should be also possible18:12
yofelRiddell: you want --to-ppa-name for the 2nd ppa18:13
Riddelloh yes, well spotted yofel 18:15
kdeuser56apachelogger: by simply labeling them input /output, both18:16
apacheloggerkdeuser56: the volume of the input device18:16
apacheloggernot an source output18:16
kdeuser56what do you mean?18:16
kdeuser56input device volume control makes sense18:17
apacheloggeryes but where does it go18:17
kdeuser56under devices18:17
kdeuser56now imagine you would want to test the microphone: simply click the input device, go to sinks tab, and select output device, then, if the microphone works, you can hear yourself speaking18:18
apacheloggerkdeuser56: how do you tell an input and an output apart?18:19
kdeuser56apachelogger: by the name, we can simply append input or output to the name 18:20
kdeuser56or do you mean pulse audio wise?18:20
apacheloggerwhy don't we only make one list and append what kind of volume the bar might control18:20
apacheloggerthis seems rather inconsequential18:20
kdeuser56apachelogger: one list of what?18:21
kdeuser56apachelogger: because this would not allow advanced stuff in an easy way like looping back stuff to both output and input18:22
kdeuser56apachelogger: my idea is to add kind of an abstraction layer to make it easier for the user to achieve more advanced tasks18:23
apacheloggerwhy would we do that?18:24
apacheloggerthere's a kc18:24
apacheloggerwhere they could do eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeverything18:25
apacheloggerand in a much more convenient way than would ever be possible in the confiend space of the systray popup18:25
kdeuser56apachelogger: i am not saying the systray popup should o eeeeeeeeeeverything ... just a few sensible taks, which DO fit in the space18:28
kdeuser56otherwise it will look pretty empty18:28
kdeuser56one slider is not much18:28
kdeuser56or two18:28
apacheloggerwhy do we need to fill up the space?18:28
kdeuser56if we have something sane to represent in the space, why not?18:28
apacheloggerbecause the user can have n inputs and n outputs18:29
apacheloggerso the more stuff you add other than inputs and outputs the harder it gets to do anything18:29
kdeuser56that argument applies to anywhere ... even to a kcm 18:30
apacheloggerkdeuser56: no because we have no constraints on how much stuff fits inside18:33
apacheloggerthe tray area however is constraint by plasma itself18:33
kdeuser56i think opening a window for everything really sucks, especially if you work with many windows anyway. systray stuff and popups are supposed to save use from that.18:33
kdeuser56want to mute that distracting application? click, popup, mute, no window navigation needed18:34
kdeuser56that very much questions plasma in itself: why would anyone every need plasmoids, when everything fits in a window/kcm?18:35
kdeuser56we could throw the network plasmoid which is around of the same complexity over board with the same argument too18:36
kdeuser56cause you can have 10000 connections too18:36
kdeuser56or you could argue the tabs are useless, cause the monitoring is better done in an own kcm/application18:37
kdeuser56it is simply not imho18:37
kdeuser56most people do not have many sinks and streams, so it will fit in most of the cases without much scrolling18:41
kdeuser56i think regarding input/output sorting it is the same as in networkmanager plasmoid: sort after name, or signal strengh? ... the discussion will never end18:41
soeekinfocenter - have been kept back18:55
soeelatest updates18:55
yofelwhich ones?18:56
ovidiu-florinvalorie: yes, myself18:57
ovidiu-florinI created another account18:57
valoriewell, I'm valorie there.....18:57
ovidiu-florinand logged in with both18:57
valorieRiddell: when you have a min, can you create a kanban board for KDE Books?18:57
ovidiu-florinI've added you, any notifications?18:58
valorieyes, it just went away quickly and I had to find it18:58
yofelRiddell: are you working on the digikam or kdenlive backport issues?19:00
=== toscalix is now known as toscalix_off
yofelRiddell: I'm uploading a no-change rebuild for digikam until the new one is ready and I'll fix the kdenlive rebuild version19:07
Riddellthanks yofel 19:27
Riddellvalorie: ok19:30
valoriethank you my dear19:30
Riddellvalorie: https://todo.kde.org/?controller=board&action=show&project_id=1519:31
valorie{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} and thanks!19:32
ovidiu-florinvalorie: so it's developer oriented, very nice19:46
ovidiu-florinI want a copy19:46
ovidiu-florinwhen it's done19:46
MamarokRiddell: thank ou verymuch for breaking Amarok, you removed libnepomuk...19:47
Mamarokdoesn't run anymore19:47
Mamaroknow I can't even test anything anymore, pplease put that library back!19:49
* yofel wonders why it's again just me and maxy talking about the debian VCS move considering apachelogger was the one that originally wanted it -.-19:50
apacheloggerbecause I am not connected to other networks righ now 19:51
yofelwe're freakin' CC-in kubuntu-devel..19:51
RiddellMamarok: really? works great for me19:52
yofellibnepomukcore4abi1 is not removed on upgrade here so it shouldn't be broken...19:53
Mamarokyeah, had to rebuild it completely19:53
yofelMamarok: how exactly did it break?19:53
Mamarokit expects libnepomuk419:53
RiddellMamarok: apt-cache policy amarok ?19:53
MamarokI build my own one19:53
yofeldoesn't here19:54
yofel# apt-cache depends amarok | grep nepo19:54
yofel  Depends: libnepomukcore4abi119:54
yofelthat's all19:54
Mamarokand I didn't rebuild after the kubunntu upgrade19:54
RiddellMamarok: what kubuntu version?19:55
* Mamarok rebuilds...19:55
Mamaroktakes like ages19:55
Mamarokwell, the 4.13.97 updates you pushed yesterday19:55
Mamarokon 14.0419:55
soeeRiddell: please take a look @ kinfocenter in a free time, some problems installing it19:57
Riddellsoee: installing what version?20:05
soeeRiddell: http://paste.ubuntu.com/8029510/20:06
Riddellsoee: and what's the issue?20:10
Riddellaah I see it20:10
Riddellsoee: uploaded ~ppa4 to fix it20:16
soeeRiddell: what does the ~ppaX means ?20:20
yofelthis backport is so buggy20:20
yofelRiddell: next time, before you copy *anything* into backports, please do an upgrade test in a chroot with the backports enabled and *at least* this installed: (with recommends) kubuntu-desktop, kubuntu-full, kde-full, digikam, kdevelop, calligra20:25
yofelnvm backports, anything except experimental, staging and staging-next20:26
shadeslayerneeds automation20:35
shadeslayerall of it needs automation20:35
* shadeslayer volunteers to write automation20:35
yofelgo do that then, I don't care if it's automated or not20:35
yofel$something has to do it20:35
valoriesorry ovidiu-florin, I was off talking book20:36
valorieabsolutely, it will be available in multiple formats, to one and all20:36
valorieI'm asked if ctrl-alt-backspace is disabled in Kubuntu?20:41
soeeRiddell: fix for kinfocenter works fine20:42
shadeslayervalorie: controversial change20:43
shadeslayervalorie: it is20:43
valorieelcaset won't like that answer, I'm afraid20:44
yofelnot our call to make I fear20:45
yofelIIRC sysrq+k is disabled by default too for security reasons20:45
valorieright, it's an ubuntu thing I believe20:45
5EXAAN0YF@riddell kdenlive is installing now fine too20:51
alleeRiddell: trusty: kdepimlibs5-dev does not contain libkdepim.so  (and digikam 4. cmake claims can find libkdepimlibs)23:23
alleeRiddell: trusty: kdepimlibs5-dev does not contain libkdepim.so (and digikae-m 4. cmake claims can find libkdepimlibs)23:24
apacheloggerallee: libkdepim.so is from actual kdepim and not kdepimlibs23:25
apacheloggerallee: apparently libkdepim doesn't even install headers23:28
apacheloggergotta check23:28
alleeseem to be kdepim-dev ?23:28
apacheloggerallee: can you give me an error?23:30
alleeuh, installing kdepim-dev wants to install the hole set of KDEPIM programs.  WTF?23:31
alleeapachelogger: not a real error: digikam 4.2 cmake: --  libkdepimlibs library found.............. NO  (optional)23:33
apacheloggerallee: libkdepimlibs-dev? :P23:33
apacheloggerNB: libkdepimlibs != libkdepim23:33
alleeapachelogger: and I've noticed that /usr/lib/libkdepim misses the .so23:33
apacheloggerlatter is a private library used by kdepim and cannot be used form the outside because there's no headers23:34
alleeapachelogger:  Hmm, okay.  then I have to restart ;-)23:36
alleeapachelogger: is there a log that shows why     MACRO_OPTIONAL_FIND_PACKAGE(KdepimLibs) was not found?23:51

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