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nxnis launchpad down for anyone?09:03
zenitraMI can't access launchpad from a couple EC2 instances on the range09:04
zenitraMis there any DDoS going on or something? I can't even ping it, while it works from another instance on the same region on a different IP range09:04
wgrantA couple of our routers are having issues. We're working on it.09:04
wgrantIt's not a DDoS, but rather some BGP issues.09:05
wgrantSo it'll work from some places but not others.09:05
nxngood to know. I will stop pinging and just try again in the morning. guys have a good night09:05
zenitraMoh, thanks!. ping me if you need any help debugging09:07
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AlecTaylorHmm, so not all launchpad projects have to enable their bug tracking functionality?11:42
* AlecTaylor is trying to report a bug at: https://launchpad.net/~chris-lea/+archive/ubuntu/node.js11:42
cjwatsonCorrect, and PPAs don't have bug tracking anyway.11:42
cjwatsonGenerally you should just contact the person-or-team maintaining the PPA11:43
cjwatsonIndeed it says as much on that page.11:43
cjwatson"For questions and bugs with software in this PPA please contact chris lea."11:43
AlecTaylorWas a little confusing seeing the "Bugs" and "Answers" tabs, was hopeful11:44
cjwatsonAh, those take you to bugs reported by (etc.) the person owning the PPA.  Yeah, a little confusing11:48
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karnoHi, i've got an assembler source code initially translated via "IAR Embedded Workbench" which I know to compile via msp430-as but have some problems with the following line14:00
karnomov.w   CM_1 + CCIS_1 + CAP, &CCTLX14:00
karnocan someone tell me how to make this constant or in normal assemlber?14:01
karnosorry original line is: "mov.w   #CM_1 + CCIS_1 + CAP,   &CCTLX"14:01
karnoouh.. just noticed I'm in the wrong "launchpad" channel14:02
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