clasicoalguien usa idjc ?00:42
clasicose me instala pero no me conecta00:42
average_guydo you have JACK audio setup clasico?  It would be much easier to just install ubuntu-studio to get this working.  It will be diffacult if you do not have 2 sound cards.01:10
clasicoaverage_guy, ubuntu-studio let me do radio ? i mean i want shoucast radio01:27
average_guyUbuntu-studio comes with JACK pre-installed and the low latency kernel.  Which you need for idjc according to http://idjc.sourceforge.net/install_first_run.html01:31
average_guyyou can listen to shoutcast in rhythmbox or several other music players but if you are DJ'ing I would definately suggest you consider Ubuntu Studio http://ubuntustudio.org/01:33
clasicoi will see01:33
clasicohow can i.....02:33
clasico........see how much memory RAM i am use ?02:34
clasicosome channel for spanish ?04:43
clasicoabout lubuntu04:43
clasicodont work skype04:43
clasicoi download it but i can not lisen the other person in a call04:44
ubottuThe packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories.04:47
javalianemicois there any developer or member from lubuntu team?06:41
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koellianorlin: you're right, i guess my graphics card isnt that strong for both displays =)09:51
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cart_manHey guys... how do I get a simple "fs-cifs" program on lubuntu? Im really just trying to get a windows machine sharing a folder with my lubuntu machine10:26
cart_manmount.cifs seems to not want to do anything10:27
cart_manalso....why is the "pci -vvvvv" commane missing in lubuntu ? Isnt it standard in all Linux platforms?10:31
hateballcart_man: Perhaps you mean lspci10:40
cart_manYea I just figured it out10:42
cart_manwell actually10:42
cart_manon QNX which I think is more UNIX side is still using PCI10:42
cart_manI think PCI and LSPCI does pretty much the same thing although I get allot more data from PCI10:42
absk007how to know the version of distro i've installed?11:48
hateballabsk007: lsb_release -a11:50
absk007how to remove old kernel after dist-upgrade?11:50
hateballabsk007: sudo apt-get autoremove should be enough11:52
absk007ok. thanks.11:52
cart_manWhere will the lubuntu deevloper headers and source files be stored? Like PCI.h etc12:49
ikoniacart_man: normally /usr/include13:20
ikoniasome may go in a directory under /usr/include13:20
ikoniait depends on the package13:20
cart_manikonia,ok thanks for the reply but what package should I get if I want to develop stuff for Lubuntu?13:28
ikoniadepends what you want to develop and what tool kits13:29
cart_manI want to write PCI drivers for custom hardware we have designed13:32
ikoniaso what languages do you need/tools do you need ?13:33
cart_manIm coding in C and I already have Eclipse running and compiling...I just need the Libraries really13:33
joernpci.h is in the package libpci-dev and you can find it in /usr/include/pci/pci.h13:33
ikoniacart_man the build-essential package pulls in the standard compiles and most common libraries/headers13:34
joernbut that's for all flavours of ubuntu, not only lubuntu13:34
joernhope that helps :-)13:34
cart_manjoern,Yea that was my feelings too..thanks allot13:35
joernglad I can help13:35
cart_manikonia,Yea soo the basic stuff like pci.h will always be somewhere in the distro right?13:35
cart_manive seen the pure Linux Build and I have the code here13:35
cart_manSo I thought all of them should sort of follow that pattern for the bare basics13:36
ikoniacart_man: for built time yes13:44
ikoniabuild time sorry13:51
ikonianot built time13:51
cart_manikonia,Will there be some special package ill need to install though?13:59
cart_manTo get lubuntu specifics ..which I cant imagen will be there for that level of things14:00
ikoniathere is no such thing as lubuntu specific one14:08
ikoniaubuntu/kubuntu/lubuntu/xubuntu/etc all share the same kernel14:08
ikoniawhere your driver would go14:08
kuhilasvaaratrying to install https://github.com/lojban/jbofihe and when I type perl config.pl --prefix=/usr/local I get Can't open perl script "config.pl": No such file or directory .. Where do I need a config.pl, and should I create an empty one there I wonder15:30
kuhilasvaaraoh mmh, or I put in prefix the dir where I gitted those files15:31
kuhilasvaaraI gitted it here and put it in prefix but still same15:32
kuhilasvaaraperl config.pl --prefix=/home/v/files/lojban/jbofihe/15:32
absk007how to install emmet in Geany editor?15:38
kuhilasvaaraokhay. got it now and I think I got the dependencies but still can't get it to compile. (.text+0x20): undefined reference to `main' collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status make: *** [uncom] Error 115:47
GlorfindelI keep on getting errors when I update, could someone look through this and tell me what is wrong please? http://paste.ubuntu.com/8027771/16:29
rafaellagunaI'm looking...16:29
wxl!info astromenace16:29
ubottuastromenace (source: astromenace): hardcore 3D space shooter with spaceship upgrade possibilities. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 1.3.2+repack-3 (trusty), package size 293 kB, installed size 1450 kB16:29
wxlit's segfauling on setting it up?16:29
GlorfindelIt keeps trying to do astromenace for some reason16:29
wxldo you want astromenace? ;)16:30
wxlwell that's your probelm hehehe16:30
GlorfindelI installed it but it doesn't run16:30
wxlwhat i would suggest for the time being is to remove astromenace, update, and then try to reinstall it16:30
rafaellagunaclean the database and remove the temp apt files16:30
Glorfindelwxl: ok, doing it now. rafaellaguna: how?16:31
wxlappears that astromenace is problematic16:32
wxllike in general :)16:32
GlorfindelI can't uninstall it as it doesn't show under installed programs16:32
Glorfindel:D always some software like that16:32
wxlsudo apt-get -y purge astromenace does nothing?16:33
rafaellagunacleaning: sudo apt-get clean16:33
Glorfindelwxl: that worked :) rafaellaguna: applying16:34
Glorfindeland now to try the update thing again16:35
rafaellagunaand look at  /var/cache/apt/archives  for an astromenace file and delete it (as root, you should use sudo pcmanfm)16:35
Glorfindelwhich file would it be? I only see a folder ("partial") and a 'lock' file16:37
rafaellagunaany "astromenace" residual file16:38
Glorfindelok, done16:38
Glorfindelsudo apt-get update-ing16:39
Glorfindelfinished, seems there are no errors :)16:39
rafaellagunahave you installed so?16:39
GlorfindelI don't think so, what is it?16:40
rafaellagunaI mean, have you installed Astromenace?16:40
wxlrafaellaguna: there's complaints all across the net of segfaulting on start. it's probably a lemon.16:40
Glorfindelnot yet, I am installing it right now to test my luck :D16:40
wxlGlorfindel: that being said, you might want to file a bug report on it16:40
wxl!bugs | Glorfindel16:41
ubottuGlorfindel: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.16:41
Glorfindelso in a terminal I would type "ubuntu-bug astromenace"?16:42
wxlGlorfindel: yep16:42
GlorfindelBTW it failed :(16:42
wxlGlorfindel: if you've never done this you'll need a launchpad account. you might want to check out that url16:42
rafaellagunait may be a packaging bug, so yes, ubuntu-bug it ;)16:42
wxlrafaellaguna: i don't think it is but that's neither here nor there16:43
GlorfindelI guess I will have to survive not playing the game for a while :D good thing I was never hooked on it lol16:43
wxlGlorfindel: the nice thing is that ubuntu works with debian who works with upstream developers on packages so if we can't fix it, it'll just keep getting pushed up until someone does :)16:44
wxlGlorfindel: and if you report the bug, you'll get updates on changes as they happen16:44
wxlGlorfindel: if you've ever gotten irritated by buggy software, it's one of two things you can do to fix it. though the other one is actually programming the fix yourself ;)16:44
Glorfindelyeah, that is nice,16:45
GlorfindelUnfortunatly I know nothing about coding :(16:45
wxlGlorfindel: i figured as such. that's ok. a lot of us in the community don't. but there's plenty of things to do to help make things better!16:45
wxlGlorfindel: also if you want to learn to code it's generally a friendly community willing to help others16:46
wxlGlorfindel: anywho, i digress. if you'd like to discuss this subject further we should take it out of the support channel and over to #lubuntu-offtopic. meanwhile, feel free to idle with the rest of us ;)16:47
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Glorfindelthanks for the help wxl and rafaellaguna! :)16:48
wxlnp Glorfindel!16:48
GlorfindelIs the "Passwords and Encryption Keys" tool not included in lubuntu?17:10
wxlGlorfindel: looking for a password manager?17:15
Glorfindelsomething like that, I need it for a Openpgp thing for a key so I can sign the code of conduct or something17:16
wxlGlorfindel: well you don't necessarily need such a thing17:17
wxlGlorfindel: and as far as i remember you don't have to sign the code of conduct to submit a bug17:17
wxlyou could do it on the command line too17:17
GlorfindelI did that, it didn't get me anything :(17:18
wxlthat == try not to sign it or?17:18
wxlGlorfindel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GnuPrivacyGuardHowto#Validation_on_Launchpad17:19
GlorfindelI did "gpg --fingerprint" on a command line17:19
wxlbut really afaik you don't need to do all the coc stuff to get a launchpad acct and report bugs17:20
wxli could be wrong but i don't think so17:20
Glorfindelyou are right, I don't17:21
wxlhey if you want to, that's cool :)17:21
Glorfindelbut I want to :)17:21
* wxl nods17:21
wxlvery good17:21
wxlyou're on your way to being a full-fledged community member :)17:21
wxlnext thing you know you'll be a tester!17:22
Glorfindellol maybe17:22
wxlit's actually quite easy https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/Testing17:22
Glorfindelok, here is what I get:17:22
GlorfindelI will brb17:23
wxllooks good17:23
Glorfindelok, back17:55
Glorfindelso where do I find the key?\17:56
ianorlinkey for what? Glorfindel17:59
Glorfindelthe one for signing the code of conduct18:01
GlorfindelI was getting some help from wxl on what to use in lubuntu18:02
Glorfindelbecause I couldn't find the "Passwords and Encryption Keys" tool18:02
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Unit193Because you don't have seahorse installed.18:05
Glorfindelah, ok, I tried to find gpg but couldn't18:06
asd_hi can somebody tell me what is shortcut for Run??19:25
asd_i know it was alt+f2 before but now it doesn't work19:25
krytarikasd_: It's because of this bug - see the currently last two comments for a proper fix: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lubuntu-default-settings/+bug/131335519:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1313355 in lubuntu-default-settings (Ubuntu) "Alt + F2 shortcut does not work on Lubuntu" [Undecided,Fix committed]19:38
asd_krytarik, thank you soooo much.19:47
ianorlin /join #lubuntu-offtopic20:50
Glorfindelmega oops :D20:50
GlorfindelI did that once when I was identifying :o20:51
* Unit193 recommends autojoin and SASL/CertFP.20:52
Glorfindelyeah, that is what I do, unless I am using a browser based webchat, then I do it on the server tab :)20:52
deitarionnm-applet and gcdemu are deselected under Autostart but LXSession is still running them on startup.22:55
deitarionAlso, where is the current LXSession issue tracker? Apparently it's too stupid to strip %U from Exec before running it, so I can't just symlink things like audacious.desktop into ~/.config/autostart23:03

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