dholbachgood morning07:01
elfymorning dpm07:26
dpmhi elfy07:26
dholbachdpm, looks like some spots in Europe have issues connecting to Canonical sites08:19
dholbachdpm, but I'm still here on Freenode08:19
dpmdholbach, ah, I was just about to ping you about it08:20
dholbachdpm, yeah, zyga, doko, ara and myself have issues - we're hanging out in #canonical-sysadmin08:20
dholbachdpm, all right, so I'm back to playing Angry Birds - let me know when connectivity's back08:21
dpmdholbach, all rightie, have fun ;)08:22
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popeyhows tricks?11:37
czajkowskinot bad thanks tipping away11:39
dpmpopey, dholbach, do you remember who did the team Q&A last week? I think I'm up for today, but I don't know who else12:58
dholbachdpm, I think the 4 of us were taking care of the last two, so you're on your own12:59
dholbachdpm, http://arewefullyet.com/images/2012/12/nelson-haha.jpg12:59
dholbachdpm, I don't know - maybe somebody put something in the doc where we noted things down? let me try to find it13:00
popeythe doc is already done13:00
popeyfor this week and next13:00
dpmpopey, just looked at it - awesome, thanks!13:04
dholbachpopey, dpm, balloons, mhall119: how about a UGJ planning hangout Thu 14 UTC? it's a free spot in your calendars13:51
dholbachI'd announce it on the loco list too, so we can have it on ubuntuonair13:52
dholbachall rightie13:53
dpmdholbach, sounds good. I've got a call starting 30 mins after, but I can join for the start of the hangout14:00
popeydholbach: you setting up the UOA hangout for today?14:00
popeyI'll pimp it about14:00
dholbachsure, can do14:00
dholbachpopey, done14:03
dholbachediting ubuntuonair.com now14:03
mhall119dholbach: works for me14:10
dholbachsent the mail14:10
popeytweeted from @ubuntu14:12
* popey gets coffee14:51
elfysounds reasonable14:51
popeydholbach: will and didrocks asked if they could go first, they have a meeting at :30, so we need to wrap up by then.14:51
dholbachsure sure14:51
dholbachposted on FB14:52
mhall119dholbach: I just realized that FOSSETCON overlaps Global Jam! \o/16:03
dholbachso that's one big jam already organised :-)16:03
mhall119yup, done and done16:04
mhall119it also means Florida gets to claim jose and pleia2 and being part of our team's jam :)16:04
mhall119and jcastro too, gain16:04
mhall119jono: you're going to miss out on all the phone :-P16:05
dholbachhaha, great :-D16:06
dholbachjono, yo yo16:06
dholbachjono, how's life over there?16:07
* mhall119 just realized how funny "jono, yo yo" sounds if spoken out loud16:07
dholbachall rightie, calling it a day - see you all tomorrow! hugs!16:18
bkerensapleia2: https://wiki.eth0.nl/index.php/LackRack22:08
pleia2bkerensa: oh wow, that's clever (and I actually have a Lack in storage)22:11
pleia2it's pink, obviously22:15

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