holsteinstaxxx: when upgrading from 12.04 to 14.04, you get 14.04 in place of 12.0403:32
staxxxdo i loose stteing? files?03:33
holsteinstaxxx: you should prepare for losing everything, at all times.. since, *all* hard drives fail03:34
holsteinstaxxx: so, prepare for that drive failing, and you will be able to recover your files/settings anytime03:34
holsteinstaxxx: i personally get a live CD, and see how the newer kernel is supported by my hardware.. then, i personally fresh install.. but, if i wanted to upgrade, i would do so after backing up my files03:35
staxxxok. I'm upgrading right now03:35
holsteinstaxxx: i find, best case, it'll take a few hours to do an upgrade, and more like 20 minutes for a fresh install03:35
staxxxso i've noticed...03:35
staxxxbeen here for 2h now03:36
holsteinwhen upgrading, your /home files should stay in place.. configs, etc as well as your actual data files03:36
staxxxi decided to upgrade after pulseaudio not finding any audio soundcards03:36
staxxxpnly dummy03:36
staxxxhopefully this would fix the problem03:36
holsteini have a tracking drive that i keep my audio production files on, and i mirror those to external USB and blueray discs. on a seperate hard drive i have the latest lts and the last lts at all time03:37
holsteinstaxxx: "Fix" what problem?03:37
staxxxno sound03:37
holsteinstaxxx: if you have a device that is broken, you wont fix it like that03:38
staxxxonly dummy appears in pulseaudio03:38
staxxxi asked for help here but there was no one03:38
holsteinstaxxx: in pulseaudio?03:38
holsteinstaxxx: you mean, pavucontrol?03:38
staxxxin sound settings03:38
holsteinstaxxx: its not the kind of channel where you are guaranteed support 24/703:38
holsteinthis is volunteer support03:38
staxxxi know it's no problem03:39
holsteinstaxxx: for pulse support, you can use xubuntu or ubuntu support anyways03:39
staxxxbeen there also03:39
staxxxand googled alot03:39
holsteinbut.. you are upgrading.. and you can do the following if all your stuff is the same afterwards03:39
staxxxwhat can i do to fix it?03:39
holstein1. use a live CD or supported operating system to see that the hardware is not broken.. also check the bios, or phyisical connections03:40
holsteinstaxxx: just saying "how do i fix it" assumes something.. you dont know what is broken, or how, or why. or if *anything* is broken03:40
staxxxok sorry03:40
holstein2. try a different user.. a fresh user can have different hidden .config files that can "break" many things.. especially when using ppas or 3rd party software03:41
holstein3. follow..03:41
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.03:41
holsteinyou can always quickly open a terminal and run these 2 commands .. "aplay -l" and "arecord -l" .. you will be able to see what alsa is seeing03:42
staxxxaplay =  no soundcards found03:42
holsteinyou can run "lspci" or "lsusb" and see that the operating system is picking up the hardware.. then, the above commands to see if alsa is picking them up.. then, move on to pulse03:42
holsteinstaxxx: so, alsa is not seeing the card, in that situation03:43
holsteinstaxxx: pulse has no device presented to it03:43
holsteinstaxxx: so, you have no pluse problem, as i see it there03:43
staxxxi understand03:43
staxxxno alsamixer too03:43
holsteinstaxxx: you would need to go back to step one, and ask the question, is the hardware there, present, on, broken.. etc03:43
holsteinstaxxx: no.. you *have* alsamixer03:43
holsteinstaxxx: you have no device present in alsamixer03:43
holsteinstaxxx: as i said, if "aplay -l" presents nothing, you have nothing03:44
staxxxyou mean hardware broken like physically broken?03:44
holsteinstaxxx: you dont need to move on from there03:44
holsteinstaxxx: correct.. if your hardware is physically broken, it wont show up, or could be "acting" funny.. and you cannot confirm if you havent tested03:44
staxxxall works fine when booting on elementry os03:45
holsteinstaxxx: elementery os running audio is a good test then.. so, the audio device is likely fine03:45
holsteinstaxxx: do you see what i typed above? just follow that, and03:45
staxxxbut still no sound in ubuntustudio03:46
holsteinstaxxx: run lspci.. run a live CD03:46
holsteinstaxxx: sure,, i unerstand you dont have audio. the question is why03:46
staxxxlspci give a big result03:46
holsteinstaxxx: does it report in lspci? does it work as a different user? does it work with the live CD?03:46
holsteinstaxxx: does lspci *specifically* list the audio device in quesiont03:46
staxxxit does nt work as a different user03:46
holsteinstaxxx: what would i do? literally just fresh install 14.04, and try and be more careful03:47
staxxxAudio device: Intel Corporation 82801H (ICH8 Family) HD Audio Controller (rev 03)03:47
holsteinor, just install elementary os and whatever audio applications i want to use03:47
holsteinthey are an ubuntu base, and you likely are not using jack03:47
staxxxi need jack and audio apps03:47
staxxxi use jack all the time03:48
holsteinstaxxx: sure. jack is in the elementary repos03:48
staxxxi just started checking elementary out. been using ubuntustudio for 1 year and a half03:48
holsteinanyways.. is fresh install of 14.04 an option?03:48
holsteinstaxxx: could have been a ppa, or anything that "broke" your audio03:49
staxxxcan i do a fresh install and keep all files without having to back up?03:49
staxxxhum.. ppa03:49
holsteinstaxxx: you should have a backup *Regardless*.. that hard drive *will* fail03:49
holsteinstaxxx: so, plan for *when* your hardware will fail, like all hardware does, and fresh install and put your data back03:49
holsteinpersonally, i would do that after trying 14.04 live03:51
staxxxi'm already upgrading...03:51
holsteincould be that the more recent kernels dropped support for your hardware.. or alsa03:51
holsteinstaxxx: then, test, as i said, after that, friend03:51
holsteinstaxxx: i have a numbered list above to do after the upgrade03:51
holsteinand i assumed since we were doing that, that the upgrade was complete03:52
staxxxi'll save this text03:52
holsteinstaxxx: you can copy and paste that so you can refer to it later.. or find this chat session logged online03:52
staxxxthe upgrade is taking about 3h now03:52
holsteinsure.. i always prefer a fresh install for many reasons.. the time it takes being up there on the list03:53
__ravenhow to finish/read out a non finalized disc of a dvd camcorder?16:47
sadoihello can anyone give me a hand with an issue i have with my audio?19:19
zequencesadoi: What sort of issue?19:20
sadoii seem to be able to use my speakers but just if i turn up and down the volume from alsa mixer, the one on my panel bar or the short key seem to do nothing19:20
sadoithey seem to be 2 completely separated things, so i want the shortcuts and the menu thingy to work as one, because even the wheel on my speakers turn up/down but the volume keeps at the same level, just getting into alsa mixer volumes seems to work19:22
sadoii've searched on google but found nothing19:25
zequencesadoi: Pulseaudio doesn't have all controls. Sometimes the only way to control your card is via an alsa mixer19:27
zequencethe alsa mixer shows all the controls19:27
zequencesadoi: What audio device is it?19:27
sadoiand is there a way to make alsamixer a bit more... user friendly? without eneding to open the box everytime19:27
sadoisome logitech usb speakers19:28
zequencesadoi: Sounds like the alsa interface for it might not be optimal, which leads to pulseaudio not controlling it well19:28
zequence..since it's not a pro audio card, more of a standard consumer device19:28
zequenceThere are a few mixers to choose from, when it comes to alsa, and gui19:29
zequencesadoi: Try qasmixer19:30
zequencesudo apt-get qasmixer19:30
sadoioh it does come with ubuntu studio19:30
zequencethere's also qasmixer19:30
sadoibut that turns up /down the volume of pulseaudio19:31
sadoiwhich is the thing that doesn't work19:31
zequenceThere's also volumeicon-alsa19:31
zequencenot sure if it works19:31
Unit193It's for alsa, but yeah it works.19:32
sadoiif i could be able to select the speakers on pavucontrol it should work i think19:33
sadoibut they simply don't apear19:33
sadoivolumeicon-alsa doesn't work19:33
sadoiwait... yeah i need to download it, dumb me19:34
sadoisame :(19:37
sadoiok i think what the solution might be, changing the default speakers/output from pulseaudio19:44
sadoii just don't know how to do that, also sorry for the wall of text and all the ask-ask-ask19:44
zequenceif you're getting sound from your speakers directly through pulseaudio, they will already be selected as deafult19:48
sadoino i get audio thru alsa mixer19:51
sadoinot pulse audio19:51

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