oneof3wil upgrading the new LTS break my duel boot?00:04
oneof3maybe it will but its easy to fix?00:04
quantibilitygrub should keep.. isn't it on a small partition00:05
Unit193If you're using UEFI, yes.00:06
Unit193(There are other, non-default ways to get it as well, but that's the same with everything.)00:06
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Guest93169hey, how do i turn safeboot  off?00:14
Guest93169or get into BIOS settings to do it?00:15
Guest93169this is kinda urgent guys00:21
Guest93169its cuz of my OS00:22
Guest93169wrong chat00:22
Guest93169can u help me format my HD in xubuntu?00:26
Guest93169or turn safeboot off?00:26
Guest93169is there a command or something i can use to wipe everything off my Hard Drive? including the OS?00:35
Guest93169is there a command or something i can use to wipe everything off my Hard Drive? including the OS?00:40
Guest93169is there a command or something i can use to wipe everything off my Hard Drive? including the OS?00:50
ObrienDaveyes, but we're not allowed to tell it to you00:51
Guest93169you arent?00:51
Guest93169can u go in my comp nd do it? i need to uninstall Xubuntu...00:51
ObrienDaveuttering such a commanand can get you banned00:51
Guest93169oh :(00:52
ObrienDavewhat are you trying to accomplish?00:52
Guest93169is there a wy to uninstall it without the command that shall not be named?00:52
Guest93169i need to turn safeboot off so i can re-install windows but cant access bios by using the delete button?00:53
Guest93169or uninstall Xubuntu would work too, and i need to format my Hard Drive anyways :/00:53
ObrienDavenormally BIOS is F2 or F10, depends on your computer00:54
Guest93169ill try now00:54
Guest93169f2 is startup00:54
ObrienDavewhy not boot into a live DVD sys?00:54
ObrienDavemuch easier00:55
Guest93169cuz i only ave recovery disk00:55
Guest93169from Acer00:55
ObrienDaveok, that will wipe out the HD and reinstall windows00:55
Guest93169it cnt cuz its in safe mode and i cant get it out cuz i cant get into BIOS, neither f2 or f10 work00:56
Guest93169can't* sorry00:56
Guest93169this comp is missing the a key so its just a lil rubber nub00:56
ObrienDavewhich safe mode? window?00:56
Guest93169the computer is00:57
Guest93169in safemode, and i need it out to boot from this disk00:57
ObrienDaveyes, windows safe mode?00:57
Guest93169i dunno, support guy just said i needed to go into my BIOS and turn safemode off00:58
Guest93169then he said he couldnt help cuz i hve xubuntu installed and stopped talking00:58
ObrienDavewell, for bios i've also seen home, delete, any number of F keys. you need to find which key is for your bios00:59
ObrienDavecomp model number?01:00
Guest93169is there a way to format without the forbidden command?01:00
Guest93169uhm..acer aspire e1-52201:00
ObrienDavethe command is not really a format, it's a delete all command01:00
Guest93169oh! ms237201:00
Guest93169so it wouldnt work?01:01
ObrienDavenot as a format, sorry. long weekend, very tired01:01
Guest93169no its fine01:02
Guest93169im sorry for being clueless about this01:02
ObrienDaveno prob. everything i'm reading shows F2 for bios01:03
Guest93169ok im in this menu, at the top the tbs say: information, main, security, boot and exit01:04
Guest93169no bios or safeboot anywhere01:04
ObrienDaveyou're in UEFI boot screen01:04
Guest93169boot mode is legacy01:05
ObrienDavei no nothing about UEFI settings01:05
Guest93169boot mode is legacy though...not UEFI01:06
ubottuUEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI01:06
ObrienDavejust a FYI for you01:07
Guest93169so you cant help?01:07
ObrienDavewhat happens when you try to boot the recovery disk?01:08
Guest93169says to switch to UEFI, then when i pick an option it says to switch to LEGACY and just dosnt work01:09
Guest93169er, when i put it in legacy it says to switch to uefi again01:09
ObrienDavehmm, look for a safeboot setting01:10
Guest93169would it be secure boot?01:10
ObrienDavecould be, i dunno really01:11
Guest93169mmm :/01:11
ObrienDavewhat is safe boot set to?01:11
ObrienDavesecure ;P01:11
Guest93169enabled, and i cant change it01:12
Guest93169wont let me select it01:12
ObrienDavethere is probably another setting to allow access to that one01:12
Guest93169got it! had to set an Admin password, lets see if this works now01:13
Guest93169thank you :301:14
ObrienDaveonce you turn secure boot off, the DVD should boot01:14
Guest93169i think it is, disk drive is spinning away01:15
ObrienDavecool, back in 501:15
Guest93169didnt work :(01:17
ObrienDaveok, what happened?01:20
Guest93169said to boot from legacy BIOS01:20
Guest93169same as before01:20
ObrienDaveok go back to UEFI menu and change that setting, i would assume01:21
Guest93169ok trying now01:22
Guest93169"this recovery system can only be used in "UEFI" mode"01:25
Guest93169stupid comp01:25
ObrienDavei would suggest reading further on your system and see how to do it.01:26
Guest93169i need to format my HD so i can use the DEL button to get into bios01:26
Guest93169do you know how i can do that?01:26
ObrienDavefrom a live system. burn a live ISO to DVD01:27
Guest93169would Xubuntu 14.04 on a usb work?01:28
Guest93169ok, lemme go grab it01:28
Guest93169do i boot off the usb?01:30
ObrienDavedid, that recovery disk come with that system?01:35
Guest93169what do i select from this menu? default, help, try, install, check disc for defects,test memory, boot from hard disk?01:35
Guest93169or tab to edit options?01:36
Guest93169ok its loading up now01:37
Guest93169ok now what01:37
Guest93169sorry if i seem demanding01:38
Guest93169i dont mean too01:38
ObrienDaveno to worry01:38
Guest93169ok :)01:38
ObrienDavei'm not sure if wiping the drive will allow the DVD to boot. are you sure you want  to do this?01:38
Guest93169ya i have everything backe dup and if all else fails i can reinstall xubuntu01:39
Guest93169backed up*01:39
ObrienDaveok, last chance ;P01:40
Guest93169haha ok, what do i do?01:40
ObrienDaverun gparted it should be in system i think01:40
Guest93169how do i start it?01:41
Guest93169run it*01:41
ObrienDaveit's in the menu somewhere01:42
Guest93169i cant find it, neither can application finder, and i checked software center, says its installed01:43
ObrienDavehow about rebooting the USB and going for the install?01:44
Guest93169i already have it installed, cn i just boot from HDD?01:44
ObrienDaveyou want to overwrite the HD, yes?01:45
ObrienDavei'm confused01:45
Guest93169i want to completely remove Xubuntu01:46
Guest93169so i can install Windows instead01:46
ObrienDaveopen a terminal, type gksu gparted01:48
Guest93169in the try thing or the installed?01:48
ObrienDaveyou are now running from the live USB, yes?01:49
ObrienDaveok, open a terminal, type gksu gparted01:49
Guest93169have to install gksu01:51
ObrienDavetry just, gparted01:52
Guest93169it says only root may run it01:52
ObrienDavesudo gparted01:52
Guest93169that worked01:53
ObrienDavetop right, select the drive you want to work with01:53
ObrienDavedevice, create partition table01:54
ObrienDaveit should say msdos01:54
Guest93169a new partition cant be created when there are active partitions?01:54
Guest931691 partition currently active on device /dev/sda01:55
ObrienDaveare you in the correct drive?01:55
ObrienDaveok, unmount that drive01:55
Guest93169it is unmounted01:56
Guest93169should i mount then unmount?01:56
ObrienDaveyes, try that01:56
Guest93169didnt work01:57
Guest93169status is :busy(at least one logical partition is mounted)01:58
Guest93169that help at all?01:58
ObrienDaveok, try rebooting to USB, go for install01:58
Guest93169wait, what about deactivating in gparted?01:58
Guest93169i can right click and there is a deactivate option01:59
ObrienDavenever seen that one. try it02:00
Guest93169didnt work, but now there is a format to option?02:01
Guest93169"format to"02:01
ObrienDaveok, try the create partition table02:01
Guest93169says a partition is still active02:02
ObrienDavewhat size is the drive?02:02
Guest93169oh i got it02:03
Guest93169there was another thing activated tht i thought was the usb02:03
Guest93169i see the msdos thing now02:03
Guest93169i am02:04
ObrienDavemake SURE you have the HD selected, sda, i believe02:04
Guest93169ya its sda02:04
ObrienDavenow create02:05
ObrienDavewhat size is the drive?02:05
Guest93169698.64 GiB02:05
ObrienDaveyes, msdos02:06
Guest93169now what02:06
ObrienDavedrive should say unallocated after this02:07
ObrienDavepartition, new02:07
ObrienDavemake the whole drive NTFS02:08
Guest93169do i just make the new size the max it can be?02:10
Guest93169and turn file systems to ntfs?02:10
ObrienDaveselect NTFS from the 'type' drop down02:10
ObrienDave'file system' sorry02:10
ObrienDaveyes, to both02:11
Guest93169i did02:11
Guest93169now what02:11
ObrienDavegreen check mark to apply02:11
Guest93169ok done02:11
ObrienDaveok, you now have a completely empty HD. shut down, remove USB, try to boot the DVD02:12
oneof3hi just uupdated Xubuntu LTS and i see at boot I have the normal Ubuntu entires but I also have one just called Ubuntu. Which do i choose and does it matter?02:16
ObrienDavethe Ubuntu entry in GRUB is supposed to be the right one and update with new kernels02:17
ObrienDavebut i can't get it ti update LOL02:17
ObrienDave*it to02:17
oneof3I hav Ubuntu, and Ubuntu with Linux etc..02:17
oneof3oh i see02:18
Guest93169ugh saying to use legacy mode then UEFI(i think thats the letters) mode -.-02:22
Guest93169i give up for tonight, too tired and frustrated right now02:24
Guest93169g'night ObrienDave, thanks for the help02:24
ObrienDavei have no clue what's wrong. i don't know UEFI02:24
Guest93169no problem, ill figure it out02:25
photonHi. Two hours ago I unmounted an ext4 partition. I tried to remount it half an hour ago, got an error (don't remember the exact wording, but IIRC something about bad descriptors was in it). dmesg showed "group descriptors corrupted" for that partition. I ran fsck on it. It fixed tens of thousands of "Group descriptor ... checksum is invalid." errors, tens of thousands of "Free blocks count wrong for group" errors, and just as many "Inode bitmap diffe02:39
photonrences" errors, followed by another bunch of "free inode count wrong" errors. After an hour of fixing, I got no more errors and remounted the partition. At first glance, it seems all my files are still there and intact. What could have caused this? Could it be that the HDD is failing? SMART shows no such indication and no errors. Should I buy a new HDD? Should I reformat? Or can I safely continue to use this partition? Thank you!02:39
fernando_hello everyone03:53
ali1234photon: can't tell without the logs...04:07
ali1234sounds like you should back up whatever is on the drive though04:07
photonali1234: which logs do you need? the error I got was "bad superblock" ... could it be possible that one bad superblock is causing all these thousands of checksums and counts to be invalid?04:09
photon[   99.769472] EXT4-fs (dm-3): ext4_check_descriptors: Inode table for group 3266 not in group (block 2254439456)!04:10
photon[   99.769475] EXT4-fs (dm-3): group descriptors corrupted!04:10
photonthat's the two relevant lines.04:10
ali1234nothing else?04:10
photonnothing else besides netfilter log entries.04:10
photonhowever, when running fsck I got thousands of errors.04:11
ali1234what type of drive is it?04:12
photonmagnetic hard drive04:12
photon4 TB partition04:12
photonconnected via SATA04:13
photonali1234: Can you come up with any reasonable scenario that might explain how a bad superblock can cause 28000+ errors and when they are fixed, everything seems to be OK again? I'm trying to wrap my head around this.04:16
ali1234there is a backup superblock04:17
ali1234the superblock stores information about every file04:17
ali1234so if you were to erase it you could concievably get an error for every file on the disk04:17
photonali1234: ah, so something has likely destroyed the "main" superblock (could have been a simple bit flip at a critical position within the superblock, right?), which made it impossible to mount the partition, and fsck used the backup superblock to repair the main one?04:20
ali1234nah, bitflip wouldn't be enough04:20
ali1234also it would tell you if it did that04:21
ali1234the usual way the superblock goes bad is if the sector it is on has to be reallocated04:21
ali1234but that would show up in smart04:21
photoncould it be that my hard drive is failing without SMART showing any errors?04:24
ali1234not really04:24
photoncould an unclean umount cause a superblock to go bad, then?04:25
ali1234could do yeah04:25
photonwell, I guess I should be happy then that I got my partition back and not wonder too much about what could have caused this.04:27
oneof3hello. Can anyone tell me how to please shutdown or remove xfce4-power-manager 1.2.0?04:57
oneof3oh, from starting as well please. I dont see any mention of it in startup04:58
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chris___i just installed steam and apt-get update is suck at 100% [Waiting for headers]05:53
chris___why is it doing this?05:54
chris___i just installed steam and apt-get update is suck at "100% [Waiting for headers]" why is it doing this?05:58
chris___holy crap it wasnt stuck it was just the slowest thing i have ever seen05:58
baizonchris: the steam repo isnt working06:18
baizondisable it06:18
baizontest back07:51
ObrienDavenow you're going to troll Xubuntu?07:51
SamwiseGamgeeWow, what happened, this channel went blank, did you guys notice a server problem?07:52
ObrienDaveyes, you showed up07:52
SamwiseGamgeeall the text disappeared form the xubuntu channel07:52
baizonwhy ban?07:53
Luyinhe hasn't even asked one question. wtf?07:53
ikoniano need for bad language07:55
ObrienDaveLuyin, you don't know his history on other channels. this is a family oriented channel07:55
Luyinok just saw the discussion in the other channel.07:55
deshipuso, anyone have problem with chromium interface being too big?07:55
LuyinI actually kinda like him, he's so much fun :D07:55
ObrienDavedefine too big07:55
ObrienDavedeshipu, define too big07:56
deshipuObrienDave: 4 times larger than normal, after the last update07:57
ObrienDavehave you checked your screen DPI?07:58
deshipuyes, it's 9607:58
ObrienDavefont size?07:59
deshipuit's not just fonts, the whole thing is huge07:59
deshipuand only that one app07:59
ObrienDavedoes chromium have UI scaling?08:00
deshipuhow would I know?08:00
ObrienDavecheck its steeings08:00
deshipuhttp://paste.sheep.art.pl/18be5ac2-e494-40a3-bb31-47f7d347d0db <-- here is the screenshot, firefox and chromium side by side08:03
deshipunothing like that in chromium settings08:03
deshipualso, deleting chromium settings files doesn't help08:04
Psil0Cybinupgraded to 14.04 noticed it came with ubuntu spyware08:58
Psil0Cybinhow can i remove unity-webapps-runner08:58
ikoniaplease don't call it spyware08:58
ikoniagrow up a bit if you want help08:58
nickgerhi !08:58
Psil0Cybinokay sorry how can i remove that package08:58
ikoniaPsil0Cybin: why is a unity package in xubuntu08:59
ikoniaPsil0Cybin: are you using xubuntu ?08:59
nickgerhow can i prevent Xubuntu from turning on the screensaver while watching a film in browser with Flashplayer ?08:59
Psil0Cybinand i think witht his install i had unity fist then did xuubntu-desktop install08:59
bazhang!crosspost | Psil0Cybin08:59
ubottuPsil0Cybin: Please don't ask the same question in multiple Ubuntu channels at the same time. Many helpers are in more than one channel and it's not fair to them or the other people seeking support.08:59
Psil0Cybinbut i removed it all in 14.04 and upgrading brought it back08:59
ikoniaPsil0Cybin: so it's nothing to do with xubuntu then08:59
ikoniaPsil0Cybin: you installed ubuntu - which is why unity packages are there08:59
cfhowlettPsil0Cybin, if logged in xfce, I THINK sudo apt-get purge ubuntu-desktop will remove the ubuntu packages.  might need to reinstall xubuntu-desktop to make sure you've got a running system09:00
ikoniacfhowlett: I thought that only took the metapackage09:00
Dragon64you will need to do a sudo apt-get autoremove after that to remove the rest09:01
cfhowlettPsil0Cybin, or you might download and install the actual xubuntu09:01
Psil0Cybinall with a format09:02
Psil0Cybini have plenty of work to do :(09:02
Psil0Cybinshould have not upgraded tonight09:02
Dragon64it does unless you do the other too, I did the exact same thing a week ago ...     ;)09:05
Psil0Cybinthe other too?09:06
Psil0Cybinim triing to find the package in synaps so i can try and remove it and learn from this09:06
Psil0Cybinif im already going to reformat09:06
Psil0Cybini need to do plenty of backups09:07
Psil0Cybini thought this owuld be a nice clean upgrade lol i keep learning to expect the worst so im not going nuts09:07
Psil0Cybinif someone can help me remove unity-webapps-runner --amazon --app-id=ubuntu-amazon-default that i would be forever grreaful cannot find a way to rid it off my machine09:23
brainwashPsil0Cybin: remove the package unity-webapps-service09:28
Psil0Cybinwierd question09:29
Psil0Cybinhow come i am missing ubuntu software center09:29
Psil0Cybinhas that name changed?09:29
brainwashdon't think so09:30
Psil0Cybinmy issue09:31
Psil0Cybinbtw thanks brainwash !09:33
Psil0Cybini really appreciate that09:33
Psil0Cybinsoftware-center is installed but i cannot view it wierd09:33
Psil0Cybinwhat is xfce network mananger09:39
Psil0Cybini need a tray icon for xfce for the wifi09:40
Psil0Cybincan i remove the nm-applet from gnome or will it mess something up09:42
LuyinPsil0Cybin: nm comes with a tray icon, with xubuntu it's usually in the networking-indicator09:42
Psil0Cybinnm does not work for me09:43
LuyinPsil0Cybin: then you can install wicd09:43
Psil0Cybini already have that indicator plugin09:43
Psil0Cybinbut it does not display networks and show my vpns etc09:44
Psil0Cybinlike it did before09:44
Psil0Cybinur saying wicd would work?09:44
LuyinPsil0Cybin: run "sudo service network-manager restart" and see if nm returns. I can't recommend wicd really, because it lacks some functions like mobile broadband connections09:46
LuyinPsil0Cybin: but I'd still recommend to just back up your /home and reinstall xubuntu, that should solve most of your problems if they've come from upgrading.09:47
Psil0Cybinokay im back i cannot get nm-applet to work09:55
Psil0Cybinnor can i get it to display other wifi networks around me :( like that icon is just missing09:55
Psil0Cybinin 14.0409:55
LuyinPsil0Cybin: could you send me a screenshot of your desktop please?10:02
Psil0CybinLuyin: what service should i use to upload?10:02
LuyinPsil0Cybin: whatever you like10:02
Psil0Cybinon top i have no network icon to display other connections or the vpns or anything like i had in the gnome one10:05
Psil0Cybinprior to upgrading in 12.04 , i had a nm-applet that would display along side other icons like the sound etc10:06
Psil0Cybinthats all gone10:06
Psil0Cybinno sound icon or mail icon anymore or nmapplet10:06
LuyinPsil0Cybin: rightclick onto your panel → add element → add "indicator-plugin"10:06
Psil0Cybinwhen i do that its all buggy it adds 30 icions of the wifi icon i want and then crashes10:09
Psil0Cybinat first i thought it was the indicator-multiload plugin10:09
Psil0Cybinso i remofed it10:09
Psil0Cybinbut it still continued10:10
Psil0Cybingksu and the command is what people suggest online but that wsound iffy10:11
LuyinPsil0Cybin: gksu and which command?10:12
LuyinPsil0Cybin: nope, that shouldn't run as root I suppose. doesn't here at least.10:13
LuyinPsil0Cybin: my suggest is still that you reinstall. it seems there's a whole lot of problems that occured through your upgrading process, and you'd save yourself a lot of time if you just reinstall and set up your desktop again as you wish it to be.10:13
LuyinPsil0Cybin: others might help on this more, but I'm at a loss what else to suggest now.10:14
Psil0Cybinlet me try restarting again10:15
Psil0Cybinafter another update10:15
glitchdhello everyone10:45
glitchdgot an error after installing on top of a system that was broken by a wild rm -rf ...10:46
glitchdits complaining about the sources list10:46
glitchdE: Malformed line 68 in source list /etc/apt/sources.list (dist parse)10:47
glitchdE: The list of sources could not be read.10:47
glitchdthats the error10:47
glitchdbut, it was line 67 so i commented it out but then it just went to the next line and gave the same error10:48
deshipuwell, open that file, and fix the error at line 68?10:48
glitchdi did that for line 67 but then it said it about 6810:48
glitchdits making me think that its gonna do that for everything after 6710:48
deshipuI would just backup all the important files from your system and do a clean install10:48
glitchdthere are sources in there that i would like to keep but im not skilled enough to go thru and manually adjust copy or fix them10:49
glitchdthat would be the smart thing yo do10:49
glitchd*to do10:49
glitchdguess im trying to go against the grain here10:49
glitchdguess im gonna have to wipe it all then10:50
glitchdthx for the help10:50
deshipuI'm going to guess that its trying to download something to some directory that doesn't exist10:50
glitchdthat would make sense since the original system suffered a wile rm -rf10:51
glitchdi was able to cancle it out just a second after it was activated10:51
glitchdimagine that,10:53
deshipuyou may have stuff missing in there that you discover in two years from now10:54
deshipuwhen you try to use somehting10:54
glitchdi doubt this system will last all that long10:54
glitchdi see a full reinstall in my near future10:55
glitchdtoday is a lazy day10:55
glitchdthx for the answers10:55
toma678For some reason my LVM home partition is only showing the size of one PV ( the original one before I added my 2TB drive to the VG ) and ignoring the +2TB I added at a later date. Any ideas?12:43
toma678^ Ignore that, forgot to do resize2fs.12:47
ssarahhei guys, what does $sudo passwd14:18
deshipulet's you set the password for the root user14:18
cfhowlett_ssarah, NOT recommended14:19
cfhowlett_!root | ssarah14:19
ubottussarah: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo14:19
ObrienDave*no snarkyness* ;P14:21
cfhowlett_ObrienDave, snark on standby but not needed - so far.14:21
ali1234does "sudo passwd" actually change root's password?14:24
ali1234or just change the user's password using root's privilege?14:24
ObrienDavewhy do you want to do that?14:25
ali1234i don't. just curious14:25
ali1234since i've never had the desire to do it, i don't really know exactly what it does. hence why i asked...14:25
ObrienDavei think it does, not sure14:26
cfhowlett_ali1234, don't mess with root until you know what you're doing.  Just sayin' ...14:26
ali1234sudo whoami -> root14:28
InokiGuys I have a question; I'm about to re-install a laptop with a given name for the home folder. Can I change this home folder's name during the live session and when I specify the new home folder name during installation will it be normally mounted?14:28
ali1234that answers that one then14:28
ObrienDave!crosspost | Inoki14:28
ubottuInoki: Please don't ask the same question in multiple Ubuntu channels at the same time. Many helpers are in more than one channel and it's not fair to them or the other people seeking support.14:28
ali1234Inoki: folders aren't mounted14:28
ali1234the installer makes a home folder matching your username14:29
ali1234if you rename the existing home folder, then assuming you don't format, a new fresh home will be created, and the old one will be wherever you renamed it to14:30
InokiObrienDave: didn't feel like I'd get a reply.14:30
ObrienDavepatience, grasshopper14:30
ObrienDavesometimes you have to wait more than 90 seconds ;P14:31
GridCubeInoki, when you go throught he manual partitioning of the install process you can choose a different mount point for you /home dir14:36
GridCubeif you leave it to be automated it will create a new directory under wich it will install ~/14:38
InokiThanks a lot here also, it should work that way.14:43
Madne5по русски может кто17:28
ubottuПожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.17:29
=== nim is now known as _nim
_nimHi, can anyone help me with a harddrive/partition problem? :)17:49
ObrienDavenot without knowing what the issue is :)17:49
_nimObrienDave: I dual boot Windows 8 and Xubuntu, and I made a 500 GB partition in Windows which is currently unallocated. I want to use this partition in Xubuntu as a second drive/more space, but I don't know how or what to google for17:50
ObrienDaveyou have to allocate a file system to it. fat32, ntfs, if you want windows to see it. ext4 if you only want linux to see it17:52
_nimHow do I allocate it to ext4?17:52
ObrienDaveformat it to ext4 using gparted17:52
_nimAs a primary or extended partition?17:54
_nimThanks. Do I have to give it a "label"?17:57
ObrienDaveyou don't have to. it comes in handy17:58
ObrienDavegreen check mark to apply18:00
_nimNow a new drive showed up in Thunar but it has a weird name. can I rename it? :)18:01
ObrienDaveyes, that's the label LOL18:02
_nimHah, ohhh. I'll redo it. Thanks :)18:02
Psil0Cybinhey guys i upgraded to ubuntu 14.04 and im having problems running google chrome - as well as getting nm-applet to work the only way i can get it to appear is by using dbus-launch nm-applet is that safe? what does dbus-launch actually do? differently?18:28
ObrienDavedid you install chrome properly?18:31
Psil0Cybingot it working it was the upgrade from 12.04 to 14.0418:34
Psil0Cybinmissing libraries18:34
Psil0Cybinbut my biggest issue is the nm-applet18:34
Psil0Cybinis running it with dbus-launch safe?18:34
Psil0Cybinwhy is it having problem,s launching normally like it used too just with nm-applet18:34
ObrienDavei have no idea18:34
ali1234what has google chrome got to do with nm-applet?18:37
Psil0Cybintwo questions binded together to save you guys from enter spamming.18:44
ali1234okay then. why are you running nm-applet manually?18:45
Psil0Cybinits not starting up by its self..18:50
Psil0Cybinactually after upgrading to 14.04, i had plenty of ptroblems with indicator-applet or indicator-multiload18:50
Psil0Cybinit would spawn thosands of icons. close them, crash restart, and continue that process over and over.18:50
arno_Hi, I just installed ubuntu. And then switched to xubuntu with this method: https://sites.google.com/site/easylinuxtipsproject/alternative19:06
arno_I did setup dvorak keyboard layout at installation. And, in xfce keyboard settings, I did choose "use system layout"19:06
arno_but whenever my computer reboots, xfce is still in qwerty. How do  I fix that?19:07
ObrienDavesettings, keyboard, reconfigure proper keyboard19:09
Psil0Cybinif i redownload xubuntu do i get 14.04.1 or 14.0419:10
Psil0Cybini want the most supported LTS build19:10
Psil0Cybinalso i upgraded from 12.04 and i cannot boot into my system i get a Starting Mount filesystems on boot failed! what can i do to fix this?! to get information off my HD before i format..19:11
ObrienDave!crosspost | Psil0Cybin19:11
ubottuPsil0Cybin: Please don't ask the same question in multiple Ubuntu channels at the same time. Many helpers are in more than one channel and it's not fair to them or the other people seeking support.19:11
Psil0Cybini am in a bad place ObrienDave :(19:11
Psil0CybinI did not back up...and plan for these things19:11
ObrienDaveso, boot a live system, BACK UP to an external drive, reinstall19:12
Psil0CybinObrienDave, encrypted home directory :'(19:12
Psil0Cybincan i boot a live install and mount it?19:12
ObrienDavei don't know about that. i doubt it19:13
Psil0CybinI did not think this would happen i was actually in the system 10 minutes ago using it perfectly....and all i did was restart, after installing updates19:13
Psil0Cybini cant tell if it was the updates or...19:13
Psil0Cybinjust because19:13
Psil0Cybinsoi am i at a loss?19:14
ObrienDavei don't know what happened either.19:14
Psil0Cybinokay i booted in safe mode19:14
Psil0Cybinit was because it cannot load libudev.so.119:15
Psil0Cybinit says cannot open shared object file, no such file or directory19:15
Psil0Cybinwhat i did was try to link it to libudev.so.0 before..19:15
ObrienDavei've heard that works. not sure19:15
Psil0Cybinit says to do this on 64bit system19:17
Psil0Cybinsudo ln -s /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libudev.so.0.13.0 /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libudev.so.019:17
Psil0Cybinwhat do i do on a 32 bit one?19:17
ObrienDavei don't know19:17
xubuntu504hey guys19:39
xubuntu504I thought maybe someone here could help19:39
xubuntu504I've run into some bug19:39
ObrienDavenot without knowing what the issue is :)19:40
xubuntu504if I plug in my headphones too many times the sound stops working19:40
xubuntu504and I have to reformat19:40
xubuntu504to fix it19:40
ObrienDavereformat what?19:40
xubuntu504my laptop19:41
xubuntu504and reinstall xubuntu19:41
xubuntu504tried all the suggestions I found, like removing and reinstalling pulseaudio etc19:42
xubuntu504but took a reformat and reinstall of xubuntu to fix19:42
xubuntu504are there any good backup programs so I can do like a system restore19:43
xubuntu504instead of having to reformat next time19:44
Hedgeworkxubuntu504: There are many options, depending on what you like your backups to be like.19:45
Hedgeworkxubuntu504: My preferred solution is rsnapshot + etckeeper... I use rsnapshot to keep a full and several incremental backups of my /home and /var/log directories, plus etckeeper to track all my system configuration.  This way it's easy for me to selectively restore things to previous states.19:46
Hedgeworkxubuntu504: However, I'm not at all confident that these things have GUIs, so I'm not sure they'd be right for someone less command-line oriented.19:46
Unit193Ah, etckeeper.  Saw that in the package list a long time ago, sounded a little interesting.19:49
HedgeworkI really like it.19:50
HedgeworkIt's simple, it doesn't break, and it does what I need it to.19:50
ali1234yeah the headphone thing sounds like the "independent h/p" bug20:25
ali1234maybe not on a laptop though20:26
Psil0CybinHello , everyone how can i remove guest session from my Xubuntu Login? panel?22:15
Psil0Cybini tried editing "sudo gedit /usr/share/lightdm/lightdm.conf.d/lightdm-greeter or what ever it was exactly called and put allow-guest=false22:16
Psil0Cybinbut i do not think that was the proper file22:16
mushello. can someone please help me? everytime i click on "trash" in thunar it suddenly closes. what should i do?22:47
Psil0Cybinlast question installing xscreensaver on xubuntu wants to install xfishtank, xdaliclock qcam, streamer, gdm3 kdm-gdmcompat is that fine?22:48

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