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nvucinichi guys, one more question 12:43
nvucinicwhen i dismount iso from nocloud 12:43
nvucinicall settings get reverted also12:43
smosernvucinic, that doesn't make much sense. 13:03
smoserwhat is "dismount" ?13:03
smoseryou mean eject cdrom ? 13:04
smoserthe next boot will look for another datasource, yes.13:04
smoseryou can change that with 13:04
smoser manual_cache_clean: True13:04
smosersee doc/examples/cloud-config.txt13:04
nvucinicsmoser: it was centos, not cloud-init13:05
nvuciniccloud-init works like a charm 13:06
nvucinicgave a few bitchslaps to drones 13:06
nvuciniceverything is working fine now13:06
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devicenullI didn't realize I could just provide a user-data script via the ec2 metadata api18:56
devicenullrather then implmenting all the different parts of that api18:56
harmwRaginBajin: ping19:39
harmwI was wondering if you've had a chance to checkout those packages yet :)19:40
RaginBajinI did.. I installed them. I just haven't gone through actually running anything with them 19:40
harmwah ok19:40
RaginBajinI did notice that they built the cloudinit python portion differently though19:41
harmwwhat do you mean?19:41
RaginBajinIn the directory /usr/local/lib/python2.7/site-xxx/19:41
RaginBajinif you build it by hand you just get the cloud-init.xxxx.egg directory19:42
RaginBajinwith yours I seemed to have both the egg and just a directory called cloud-init19:42
RaginBajinI can get the exact names if you need them 19:42
RaginBajinI'm just trying to go off of memory19:42
harmwwell, as long as it just works :) the port's Makefile doesn't do that many, and certainly not very special things19:43
RaginBajingotcha. I'll check it out and let you know probably tomorrow. 19:44
devicenullis there a way to pass per-instance scripts in via user-data?19:55
devicenullI see talk about executing them from directories, but that's not exactly what I want19:55
devicenullso, I'm writing a file to /var/lib/cloud/scripts/per-instance/ , but it never seems to get run20:25
devicenullI'm testing with "rm -rf /var/lib/cloud/instance/*; cloud-init --debug --force init"20:25
devicenullis there something else I need to be nuking to get this to work?20:25
devicenullahh missing shebang20:27
devicenullworks perfectly now :)20:34
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