jrwren_marcoceppi: we were going to look at that yaml thing tonight. I'm exhausted. Another time?00:36
marcoceppijrwren_: yes, another time indeed00:36
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james_whello, how do I upgrade-charm from my locally modified copy when I initially deployed from the charm store?08:55
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marcoceppijames_w: hello, you can use the --switch flag10:36
james_wmarcoceppi: thanks11:31
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benjidpb1: /quit12:17
hazmatmbruzek, the other mp is referenced in the bottom of that first's comments13:23
mbruzekhazmat, got it.13:23
aisraelUsing vagrant for work on a charm. I have it and postgresql deployed, and add a relation between the two. If I ssh to my charm's machine and try to use psql to connect to postgresql, using the relation's private-address/user/password, it's failing, saying there's no entry in pg_hba.conf.16:27
aisraelI'm connecting from, but postgresql is seeing it as
aisraelShould I be able to connect from machine to machine that way?16:28
htmlwell  you got to first figure out why the ip is not working- then move on to the config file.16:40
aisraelthanks html. I'll dig in deeper and see what I can find.16:55
htmlaisrael,  im just a noob that is saying the basics16:56
aisraelUnderstood :)16:57
htmlaisrael,  luckly you that you got juju working- i dont know or even get it working16:58
htmli wish :/16:59
aisraelI'm still learning myself, but this is a good place to ask questions if you're stuck on something.17:07
lazyPoweraisrael: are you executing that from the host, the vagrant virtual environment, or from the postgresql lxc container running in the vagrant environment?17:19
Flint_Hi Bruzer17:34
mbruzekHello Flint_17:34
Flint_how goes the battle?17:34
Flint_..er work17:35
mbruzekround and round.17:35
Flint_do you have bluetooth with your linux box?17:36
Flint_...looking for a stable setup17:36
mbruzekYes I have bluetooth working on Ubuntu 14.0417:37
mbruzekFlint how would you plan to use it?17:37
mbruzekFlint_, although I suspect that depends on the hardware using it.  I am using a Thinkpad with an intel wireless + bluetooth card.17:38
aisraellazyPower: inside vagrant. It fails the same way if I juju ssh mycharm/0 and try to connect, or via debug-hook on db-relation-joined17:39
lazyPoweraisrael: have you confirmed the postgresql service is running on postgresql/0?17:40
Flint__sorry it lagged17:40
Flint__I'm suspecting its my headset going bad17:41
Flint__although Motorola should be reliable17:42
mbruzekFlint__, I use a bluetooth mouse when I travel and it works pretty well.17:42
mbruzekFlint__, trouble connecting with your computer or having trouble keeping it connected?17:43
Flint__keeping it connected17:43
Flint__I have seen a decrease in battery life, so it might be the root failure17:43
Flint__I'm setting up Kubuntu 14.04, and had heard that some bluetooth drivers weren't up to speed for a while.17:45
mbruzekFlint__, Well that actually is something I noticed.  The bluetooth mouse's battery status is not correctly reported in linux.17:45
mbruzekFlint__, when I connect the mouse it reads 0% charged, and they are fresh batteries17:46
aisraellazyPower: Yep. I suspect it might be vagrant at fault, with the way it's routing requests between machines17:47
Flint__ok, thanks17:47
lazyPoweraisrael: hmm.. its all being routed through a local loopback interface though.17:47
lazyPowerare you running 2 vagrant boxes, with services spread between them?17:48
aisraelJust one vagrant box for all the services. I pretty much followed the juju vagrant workflow.17:49
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lazyPowerok, that's the recommended method to use the vagrant box - interesting that you're having an issue connecting though. If you are stuck in a blocked state, file a bug aganist the pgsql charm and assign it to me please. I'll investigate it at my earliest availability17:50
lazyPower(i'm lazypower on launchpad as well)17:51
aisraelWill do, thanks.17:52
marcoceppiaisrael: did you get your psql figured?17:55
marcoceppiaisrael: you need to vagrant ssh, then you'll probably need to `juju ssh` in to the unit of the charm you're writing17:56
marcoceppithat should give you the proper access to psql17:56
marcoceppithere's also a psql charm you could deploy which will give you console access17:56
aisraelmarcoceppi: not yet. I did those steps, but it appears that postgresql/0 sees the connect coming from the gateway, not the unit ip17:57
marcoceppiaisrael: so you're inside your deployed LXC machine? interesting17:57
marcoceppisounds like a weird artifact of the local provider17:57
aisraelI'm walking through the config(s) to see if anything sheds some light on it17:58
Flint_sorry it cut em out again18:01
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Flint_getting W: Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/ubuntu-audio-dev/ppa/ubuntu/dists/trusty/main/binary-i386/Packages18:18
marcoceppiFlint_: I think you're in the wrong room18:33
Flint_nah, just tried the laod instructions18:34
mbruzekFlint_, what operation generated that error?18:35
Flint_sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install juju-core18:35
sarnoldit's just a warning18:35
sarnoldand the failure of a ubuntu-audio-dev PPA is unlikely to have an influence on how well juju works :)18:36
mbruzekFlint_, I found that that ppa does not yet have a trusty release.18:36
Flint_ah ok18:36
mbruzekFlint_, I suspect that was installed for an older version of Ubuntu?18:37
Flint_trusty, i think so18:37
Flint_although the documents say it should have been final realease in april18:39
lazyPowermarcoceppi: i'm having cranial flatulence. If we exit(0) from a hook due to the environment not being ready - how do we re-execute the hook context? we have to relation-set on the initiator dont we?18:48
marcoceppilazyPower: well, yes, each relation-set will re-execute the -changed hook for the opposing unit in the relation18:49
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natefinchmarcoceppi: how do I get help on juju charm subcommands?  juju help charm generate,  juju charm help generate, juju charm-help generate, charm-help generate, juju-charm help generate  all fail20:47
natefinchmarcoceppi: nevermind... juju charm generate --help works.20:48
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stokachumarcoceppi, this recent change in mysql http://manage.jujucharms.com/charms/trusty/mysql, pretty much breaks anything that was using juju add-relation nova-compute mysql21:58
stokachusince now it is required to set the interface we want21:58
jrwren_stokachu: what recent change?22:04
stokachujrwren_, https://bazaar.launchpad.net/~charmers/charms/trusty/mysql/trunk/revision/12422:09
stokachuadded an additional interface22:09
jrwren_stokachu: don't know about that one, sorry.22:10
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hazmatstokachu, its not about the additional interface surely but the multi-request around shared db22:32
stokachuhazmat, either case you used to be able to do juju add-relation nova-compute mysql22:33
hazmatstokachu, ack, change broke extant22:33
hazmatbut diagnosis is the key to recovery22:33
hazmatstokachu, what breaks exactly.. i don't see additional interface of note22:35
stokachuit doesn't know whether you want shared-db or nrpe-external-master22:35
hazmatfair enough22:36
hazmatstokachu, nova-compute is wrong btw22:38
hazmatthe only charms that can require on a container scoped relation are subordinates22:39
hazmatthe hosts are all providers22:39
stokachujamespag`, ^22:39
hazmatstokachu, he's on vacay this week22:40
hazmatsince its broken anyways the simplest fix is remove that line from nova-compute22:40
* hazmat runs blame out of curosity22:41
hazmatabout a year ago bundled in an ancilliary change22:43
rharperis it ok to mix juju 1.20.1 and 1.20.5 ?  the state-server is 1.20.1, the allocated nodes (maas env) are getting 1.20.5 --23:10

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