TJ-linuxguy101: There's no such thing as "all root commands"00:02
linuxguy101TJ-, lets say a user interface that would allot you to do administrative settings for your system00:02
k1llinuxguy101: there are system settings00:03
linuxguy101k11 maybe i have missed it00:03
k1llinuxguy101: what do you actually want to do?00:04
TJ-linuxguy101: The whole point of the *nix way is to keep things simple and targeted, why require a GUI to obscure that, and the requirement of keeping it up to date as the underlying tools amend and add to what they do?00:04
linuxguy101tj say maybe something like the msec program00:05
jellowsmitzer, I don't think gedit supports strike through however you can use markdown that supports html tag <s><s> via plugins , I would ask in #gedit as they would likely know00:05
linuxguy101something like that would be very useful for ubuntu users i think00:06
k1llinuxguy101: ubuntu got a very easy way: dont use root rights where its not needed. and rootaccount doesnt have a password anyway so its "disabled" and the user uses sudo if that permissions really need it.00:07
linuxguy101k1l, well the problem with that is that your default settings on ubuntu totally stinks..00:08
linuxguy101user group and other have full read wright access..00:08
linuxguy101that is horrible if you have a multiple user system00:08
linuxguy101test it00:08
* Beldar wants a OS that makes a latte and fresh cookies in root00:09
BeldarAssociateX, Have you checked alsamixer in the terinal?00:12
BeldarAssociateX, You might remove the Chrome .config which resets it to stock, save the bookmarks first00:14
OerHekslinuxguy101,  see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SecurityLevels there has been some work, but the project seems dead00:17
AssociateXBeldar, yes, alsamixer looks normal.00:18
=== brad_ is now known as sencha
BeldarAssociateX, I would remove it in home or the config if there is one and it will rebuild a fresh install version. Technically a 3rd party app in the end.00:19
AssociateXBeldar, I will try that now.00:20
BeldarAssociateX, Look in ~/.config I don't use it so not sure where it will be in home.00:20
AssociateXBeldar, I'm not finding it. I'm going to google where it's at.00:22
CylusOn Debian, CAcert-issued certificates are trusted by default, but on Ubuntu, they are not. Is this something that will be fixed soon?00:23
BeldarAssociateX, use ctrl-h to show the hidden folders00:24
Ridley5hi all00:24
Ridley5i did not find how to shoose between source miror in Trusty00:25
BeldarRidley5, Do you mean change the trusty  repo to another?00:25
BeldarRidley5, Can you make that more clear?00:26
h9xi want some themes for Hackers or dark themes00:28
TJ-Cylus: see bug 125828600:28
ubottubug 1258286 in ca-certificates-java (Ubuntu Saucy) "CAcert should not be trusted by default" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/125828600:28
Apophisdownload anonymous wallaper LOL00:28
OerHeksh9x, hackers use themes ?00:28
linuxguy101OerHeks, thanks i will try to install it.. maybe it will work.. msec is a great program and it would be great to see it available on all linux systems00:28
ApophisHackers dont care about themes00:28
h9xcan anybody help me00:29
ApophisI hack myself00:29
ApophisI dont use thmese00:29
BeldarI think the miley cyrus OS is the hackers themes00:29
h9xbut i care00:29
ubottuFind your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freecode.com/tags/theme - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy00:29
CylusTJ-: Sweet. So it's not just me that cares. Thanks you!00:29
CylusNever mind, misread.00:29
OerHeksah, you want a windows 8.1 them ?00:29
CylusWell that sucks. I don't know any other open community certificate authority.00:30
h9xthank you ubottu for the help00:31
OerHeksI want a bass-line login.ogg00:31
Beldarcorrection Hannah Montana Linux:00:31
AssociateXBeldar, no luck, still no sound with google chrome.00:31
BeldarOerHeks, MY choice would be the Miles So What bass line.00:32
OerHeksproblem is: my system is ready in 3.7 sec after login, so it should be short00:33
Ridley5sorry Beldar00:34
Ridley5yes that is00:34
BeldarRidley5, software & updates app first tab+00:34
Ridley5i want to change miror host to another because there are a lot of latency00:35
Beldardownload from00:35
Ridley5in Synaptic Beldar ?00:35
BeldarRidley5, It can be reached from there or the dash or the software center00:36
Ridley5i try from software centre00:36
BeldarRidley5, edit-software sources in the center00:37
Ridley5i cant find any option to access that Beldar00:38
Ridley5in Software Centre00:38
BeldarRidley5, Top left in top panel edit00:38
LoshkiI felt sure that Hannah Montana Linux would turn out to be a joke. Well, it is, but it's also a distro. Who knew?00:38
Ridley5it's grayed00:38
Ridley5maybe i must run that as root00:39
BeldarRidley5, Do you have synaptic open?00:39
Ridley5no, i open one00:39
Ridley5it's ok00:39
Apophis!say hi00:39
BeldarRidley5, Not run in root, close any apt-get or other download stuff00:39
Ridley5yeah i'm on repo window in Synaptic Beldar00:40
BeldarApophis, Stop00:40
Ridley5on the 13.04 there was an option in the update manager that ping for best source miror and add it00:41
BeldarRidley5, 13.04 is end of life00:41
Beldar!eol | Ridley500:42
ubottuRidley5: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades00:42
Ridley5yes thank you00:42
Ridley5so any chance to change source miror without changing the source list file manually ?00:42
OerHeksRidley5, there is an mirror selector in the sources gui00:44
=== patrick is now known as Guest23450
AssociateXI wonder why mozilla can play sound but not google chrome.00:44
BeldarRidley5, You have no access to the repos with a eol basically time to upgrade or fresh inatll a supported release00:44
Ridley5how to access that OerHeks00:45
OerHeksRidley5, if you choose 'other'  you can hit the button 'select best server00:45
OerHeksRidley5, same way as in 13.0400:45
Ridley5in wish window OerHeks00:46
OerHekssoftwarecenter > edit > sources00:46
Ridley5i have only a small window with "install" and "cancel" buttons OerHeks00:46
source47hi guys. anyone here good in NAT? I am trying to add a NAT rule on my AWS instance so it forwards its internal IP (+port) to the lxc container's IP + port. here is what I am trying: https://gist.github.com/developerinlondon/31b4244113373c22b05600:46
TJ-source47: try in ##networking00:47
source47thanks TJ. just posted there.00:47
daftykinssource47: #ubuntu-server and ##/#networking if you get nothing in here00:47
daftykinssource47: the one thing i can tell you is you need to be issuing at least one iptables command with MASQUERADING in it, and it looks like you're not :)00:48
Ridley5that option is grayed OerHeks00:49
OerHeksRidley5, works fine here, well it gives me the same mirror as it is the fastest00:49
SamwiseGamgeejust a test00:50
SamwiseGamgeeis this really working?00:51
daftykinsnope, come back later00:51
source47daftykins: i think MASQUERADE is if i am proxying out. this is for incoming.00:53
daftykinssource47: ah, true that00:54
samthewildonehey daftykins00:54
rwwSamwiseGamgee: Your IP address changes so your (still existing) ban no longer matches you. Please /part the channel and continue with any in-progress ban appeal you may have.00:56
rwwchanged *00:56
cuddylierWhat does this mean? One of my boxes just died: http://puu.sh/aYnTQ/c8b0dab0ee.png00:57
daftykinscuddylier: not a lot, kernel panic spamming by the looks00:57
daftykinscuddylier: memtest / stability test / check SMART status of disks / check fans, temperatures... the usual00:58
cuddylierOkay, will need to reboot it of course then will check00:58
Ridley5i reinstalled software-centre now it ok, big thanks OerHeks & Beldar00:58
daftykinscuddylier: try and reboot via REISUB00:58
OerHeksRidley5, have fun00:59
TJ-source47: you need also "iptables -I FORWARD 1 -p tcp -d --dport 80 -m state --state NEW,ESTABLISHED,RELATED -j ACCEPT"01:02
source47TJ- I thought thats only needed if i am accessing it from outside01:03
source47but i added it anyways... didnt seem to make much diff01:04
source47btw i updated the nmap to scan 40000 also: https://gist.github.com/developerinlondon/31b4244113373c22b05601:04
Dr_DanHello.  Anyone see problems with ACPI (lid close)   in Ubuntu 14.04 or Xubuntu 14.04.  This is a asus netbook01:05
cryptodanI have a question, I am being prompted to update to 14.04.1 LTS and its only 64bit is there a 32bit version available for Server?01:05
Dr_DanI use Settings Manager to tell it -not- go to Standby on 'lid close'.  But it does keep the setting01:06
TJ-source47: your existing rules aren't easy to read since you only used the abbreviated iptables --list output... much better using "iptables-save"01:06
Beldarcryptodan, Yes but would be a fresh install.01:06
source47sure. let me get that01:07
Dr_DanDoes -not- keep the setting01:07
source47TJ- added that: https://gist.github.com/developerinlondon/31b4244113373c22b05601:09
bitsyAny help with getting iTunes on Ubuntu 12.04? I've tried via PlayOnLinux but without success, as it says USB connectivity is not currently available, and I need USB for syncing an iPhone.01:09
source47the rule seems to be there...01:09
Anonymous_Nope just wanted to know how can I get my wireless webcam working It's built in01:11
cuddylierdaftykins: Is checking the syslog worth anything?01:11
Anonymous_I have ubuntu 14.0401:12
daftykinscuddylier: i'm not sure the system has the time to write much when those happen, i'm not experienced enough i'm afraid01:13
=== Ridley5 is now known as zzz_Ridley
cuddylierAh okay, just as there doesn't seem much useful in the syslog, there is logs however, a memory dump01:13
cuddylierThat is probably the startup01:13
odisaif I create a new user on my server, and don't give it a password, but set up SSH for it, I'll still be able to login without using a password at all, right? or must I edit the sshd_config for that?01:14
odisa(in order to disable non-key access)01:15
OerHeksodisa try make an user without proper length password, won't work.01:15
odisaOerHeks, you mean to say I can't make users without passwords?01:16
OerHeks"By default, Ubuntu requires a minimum password length of 6 characters"01:16
odisaI see. So regardless O01:17
odisawoops. so regardless I'd have to edit sshd_config to force key-only access?01:17
OerHeksodisa yes, that would work for ssh, i never succeeded login without pass01:18
=== justinS is now known as jhsimpson
expungehi nez01:19
nezcreation1909hi ex01:20
Anonymous_!link <hackthissite username>01:20
ubottuAnonymous_: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:20
David-A_odisa: I believe 'sudo passwd [option] username' can bypass the password length rule. will 'passwd --delete' do what you want?01:21
OerHeksAnonymous_, no hacking sites please, wrong channel for that01:21
Anonymous_Ok sorry01:22
odisaDavid-A_, thanks, but no I was just trying to find out if whether creating a user without a password would allow unsecured access via SSH01:22
odisabecause this guide I'm following is telling me to create a new user and to add it to a new admin group, to which I should restrict root access, and then disable root login01:23
Dr_DanI have question,  i have Xubuntu 14.04.1 on a asus netbook.  I see problems with ACPI and xcfe-power  where if you set 'Do nothing' when lid closes it -still- seems to Suspend01:23
expungeDr_Dan: screenshot?01:23
nezcreation1909what about blackphone::::01:23
odisabut I think what I'm looking for is to simply disallow password access altogether01:23
Dr_DanScreenshot of the 'suspend' ?  Or the power manager01:24
Anonymous_Exactly how many channels are there here01:24
ubottualis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*01:24
poplWhat's the preferred way to deal with the error " syntax error: unknown user 'jetty' in statoverride file"? should I just manually remove the occurrences from the statoverride file?01:25
rwwAnonymous_: 5225901:25
Anonymous_Im going to try and register my nick01:25
Anonymous_Whats that rww01:25
rwwAnonymous_: the number of channels on freenode01:26
Anonymous_Ok thank you01:26
=== robfrawley is now known as Guest63531
Dr_DanExpunge:  a screenshot of the 'suspend' or the Power Manager01:27
exportodisa: you could probably just lock the user's password.  Once that is done there should be no way for the user to login with password based auth.01:27
Dr_DanOk.  Gimme a few minutes.  Im in my car driving home.01:28
daftykinsDr_Dan: don't IRC and drive.01:28
export"i'll be home to reconfigure that server in a f" <- this was his last message, don't irc and drive.01:29
knobhe did get to hit enter01:30
nezcreation1909can anybody tell me about any security theme channel01:31
poplnezcreation1909: /msg alis help01:31
knobumm ##security ??01:31
nezcreation1909yeah; about IT security01:32
=== alexander is now known as _Alexander__
rebornwhy kubuntu recommened only 32 bit?01:52
sakamopreborn: My guess is it's slightly faster and isn't capped at 4GB. But that's a question for #kubuntu.01:53
OerHeksreborn, so you won't have 32/64 bit issues, but that warning is old.01:53
sakamopHow do they even install on uefi with 32bit anyway?01:53
=== Schnabel- is now known as Schnabeltierchen
rebornokay then i will do.01:53
OerHekssakamop, only windows is able to do 32 bit on UEFI :-D01:54
sakamopAh definitely an old guideline then01:54
OerHekssure, as ubuntu is multi-arch, no need for ia32 libs anymore01:54
sakamopThese days drivers for new hardware are "probably" better on 64 ibt01:54
OerHeksjust add <package>:i386 and you'lll be fine01:55
Dr_DanExpunge:  are you still around?01:55
poplWhy do stale entries stick around in /var/lib/dpkg/statoverride?01:56
poplOr rather, what could cause it?01:56
sakamopLinux has come along way. It's nice to see things improve with each new release of each distro.01:57
Dr_DanExpunge:   http://i61.tinypic.com/254v4ms.jpg02:00
Dr_DanExpunge:   it will still suspend when you close the lid02:01
FernestI have several work/private desktop PCs. I was thinking of getting a USB-SSD, installing Ubuntu on it and booting from it on whichever PC I might be on. Would this work? Would it be possible to hibernate on one PC (saving the RAM on that portable SSD) and returning to that state from a different PC? or would it crash due to e.g. different hardware?02:04
jmaderohi all - having a weird problem where I'm not connecting to wireless automatically nor am I seeing networks until I connect manually to one - going through "connect to hidden network". Once I connect this way - nm-applet then shows all networks around me02:08
Dr_DanWhich Ubuntu version and what wireless card is installed.  I.e.  Intel 3495 abg02:09
daftykinsFernest: get some drive caddys to put in a 5.25" bay instead, then remove the disk and insert it to each bay each time... no USB bottleneck02:10
Beldarjmadero, Do you have more than one desktop installed?02:10
Fernestdaftykins: This is a good idea, but I 'm not allowed to upgrade the work PCs.02:11
=== fginther is now known as fginther`
Fernestdaftykins: Even with the USB bottleneck: Would this work? Especially the hibernation with different hardware components?02:12
daftykinsFernest: ah, to be honest you'll have some fun with different graphics drivers across them all02:12
daftykinsFernest: no, hibernation across all is a terrible idea02:12
jmaderoBeldar: no just one - running Ubuntu 12.04 with Fernest02:12
jmaderowhat's the command to get wifi card info02:12
jmaderoit's broadcom something or other02:12
Dr_DanDoes it happen after a 'sleep' or 'suspend'?   Or almost anytime02:13
Beldar!broadcom | jmadero02:13
ubottujmadero: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx02:13
jmaderoDr_Dan: only after reboot, once I connect once - I continue to see networks after coming out of sleep. . . even if I move locations and get on to a new network02:14
jmadero04:00.0 Network controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM4312 802.11b/g LP-PHY (rev 01)02:15
jmaderothanks daftykins02:15
Beldarjmadero, Do you see the bots info on broadcom?02:16
Beldarand what is Fernest?02:17
jmaderoBeldar: sure - I don't see any fix there though02:17
jmaderoI've already uninstalled and reinstalled drivers02:17
jmaderoBeldar: a foreign language called typo ;02:17
Beldarjmadero, 1000's have used it you might try it.02:18
Fernestok, thx for the info. I guess I'll just use it for normal boot + VMs02:18
Beldarthe errors yo get mat just be bad install technique.02:18
jmaderoBeldar: 1000's have tried what?02:19
Beldarjmadero, What was our last conversation on?02:19
jmaderobot info on broadcom02:20
jmaderobut what have they tried out of that long document - I don't see the symptoms I'm seeing listed anywhere02:20
jmaderoor anything that looks like a solution to any similar problem02:21
Beldarjmadero, Maybe you were doing it wrong and need to follow a ubuntu wiki we suggest to every user who come here using broadcom.02:21
jmaderoBeldar: ah - but mine works out of box so I didn't manually install anything - it was broken immediately upon install but it works with my lame workaround02:22
jmaderothen I tried purging and reinstallig with identical results02:22
jmaderothen I did fresh install and get same results02:22
Beldarjmadero, Out of the box means live but not on install?02:22
=== storm is now known as Guest10003
jmaderoBeldar: immediately after install02:22
Beldarjmadero, That is the standard issue and why we suggest the wiki.02:23
jmaderoBeldar: okay will try, thanks02:23
* Beldar bangs their head on a brick wall./02:24
jmaderoBeldar: what do you suggest wl or sta?02:25
Dr_DanIs he running the wl driver or the b43 one?02:25
Dr_DanYes you02:26
jmaderohm interesting what I have installed and what I don't - okay trying STA02:27
bitflowhi i need registration code..becouse i've upgraded from olivia 15 directly to qiana 17 using apt without any issue..and i'd like to say it at this page..  http://community.linuxmint.com/tutorial/view/6202:29
somsip!mint | bitflow02:29
ubottubitflow: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org02:29
bitflowok thx!02:30
sakamopregistration code?02:32
sakamopmint has that now?02:32
Beldarsakamop, ask them02:32
=== Jake0720 is now known as SithJake
Dr_DanFor STA driver to work,  doesnt he have to build it?  Or is there binaries in the repos02:34
=== SithJake is now known as Jaekke
BeldarDr_Dan, The wiki works for about 99% of the users who go there.02:36
Beldarit is where one should start02:37
Dr_DanHmm.  Ok.   Still need to figure out my ACPI deal02:38
snadgewhy does opening a downloaded pdf in firefox.. open it in gedit?02:41
snadgethe default action is set to ask.. or document viewer in nautilus.. the best i can tell from google, is that its a firefox fail02:41
snadgeit makes me want to punch someone violently in the face :p02:42
daftykinsthere are multiple PDF x types i believe02:43
Xheartthi everyone.02:45
zocker2khi xheart02:45
Xhearttanyone familiar with Chromiun Web browser not workig with adobe flash?02:45
Xheartti uninstalled it and installed it and tried to download adobe flash but it is still not working02:46
David-A_snadge: this is my theory: files arriving over http have a content type (mime type) specified in the header, before the file. the server may set a content type that is not consistent with the actual file, or unknown to your system.02:46
samthewildonehow do I do a git checkout via terminal ?02:46
samthewildoneI'm trying to checkout http://git.qtquick.me/?p=twitter4qml.git;a=tree;hb=c0c24023cae30fe50854da3a19a52cf12ad7419602:46
somsipsamthewildone: git clone {url} {directory - optional}02:53
samthewildonesomsip, I wanna pull the whole thing02:53
samthewildonesomsip, already mkdir on desktop02:54
somsipsamthewildone: from the website, "02:54
somsipsee http://qtquick.me/ for instructions"02:54
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foobarfaceI've blacklisted snd-hda-intel in alsa-base.conf using the -2 swith, but it's still the default soundcard and not my usb soundcard. /proc/asound/cards says my usb is at 0 and the internel soundcard is at 1.02:57
=== themacproguy is now known as Zachary_DuBois
=== onrul is now known as Guest73338
tableshow do i check what package a file is from on ubuntu?03:18
somsiptables: what file?03:19
cfhowletttables, apt-show packagename gives a whole lot of info03:19
somsipcfhowlett: other way innit? Has filename, needs packagename. Was going to suggest !find03:20
daftykinsapt-file can locate a file to a package, but plenty of download is required to populate its' database03:20
cfhowletttables, apt-cache show packagename03:20
tablessomesip /sbin/iwconfig03:20
cfhowlettsomsip, find is also good!03:20
tablesi need the reverse of that cfhowlett03:20
somsip!find iwconfig | tables03:20
tableswhat a file is from03:20
ubottutables: File iwconfig found in bash-completion, manpages-it, manpages-pl, wireless-tools, zsh-common03:20
daftykinswireless-tools it is03:20
tablesah wireless-tools03:20
somsiptables: so wireless-tools. But how to do on command line, I'm not sure03:21
daftykinslike i said, apt-file03:22
somsipdaftykins: so you did :)03:24
somsip!ping | pandu03:27
ubottupandu: pong!03:27
=== tyteen4a04 is now known as tyteen4a03
panduselasa hari sibuuuk03:27
somsip!id | pandu03:28
ubottupandu: join ke #ubuntu-id untuk membahas ubuntu dalam bahasa Indonesia03:28
=== megabitdragon is now known as megabit|away
NordomCould I get some help on lvcreate command?03:58
TJ-Nordom: "man lvcreate" ?03:58
NordomTJ-:  that isnt exactly what I need03:59
TJ-Nordom: ask your actual question then :)04:00
NordomTJ-: I am setting up a logical drive for my vm, and I want it to create the logical drive on my second drive. I tried sudo lvcreate -L 4G -n ubuntu-hvm /dev/sdb previously but it created the logical drive on my primary disc. Did I somehow mess this command up or this this the proper way to create the volumn on my second drive which is dev/sdb04:02
ngohey kids04:02
TJ-Nordom: LVM has layers... raw block device > Physical Volume > Volume Group > Logical Volume04:03
Nordomok want it create the logical volume, on a different raw block device04:03
ngoAnyone seen anything like this? http://www.reddit.com/r/linuxadmin/comments/2dxzxw/28_second_of_packet_loss_on_debianubuntu_kvmqemu/04:04
TJ-Nordom: So, assuming you have a partition /dev/sdXY reserved for use as LVM, you'd do "pvcreate /dev/sdXY && vgcreate MY_VG /dev/sdXY && lvcreate -l 50%FREE -n my_lv  MY_VG && mkfs.ext4 /dev/mapper/MY_VG-my_lv"04:05
ngobasically I have a problem with qemu/kvm on ubuntu (and debian!) where the VM's lose network connectivity for 28 seconds. It's not STP .. :)04:08
NordomTJ-: what segnificance is mapper in dev/mapper/MY_VG-my_lv?04:11
TJ-Nordom: That's the Linux device-mapper nodes04:12
NordomTJ-: http://pastebin.com/BeZcU5JU is the report that I got04:15
NordomTJ-: nm I realised I need sudo every between the &&s04:15
TJ-Nordom: I usually do "sudo -i" first to get an interactive root shell04:17
NordomTJ-: my new issue is  http://pastebin.com/U5Ketbkn does that mean I should just restart?04:20
TJ-Nordom: firstly, you don't have to chain each command together - I did that for conciseness. Second, vgcreate will need 'sudo'. Third, If the purpose of the VG is to have a Windows system in it the it doesn't need an EXT file-system creating. Lastly, if /dev/sdb1 is already in use for something BE VERY CAREFUL AND CHECK before turning it into a PV04:24
ArbitionHi. ubuntu 14.04.1, I am trying to execute a file in my home directory, but despite setting +x and I can't see noexec on relevant mounted media, bash tells me "No such file or directory". I'm not especially familiar with ubuntu, is there some other policy framework that is preventing execution?04:26
NordomTJ-:  It is on my second drive with the express perpose of being a drive only for my vms04:26
TJ-Nordom: OK... as long as you know... I see folks that just blindly issue commands without a thought and then live to regret it04:27
matipcHola capos04:28
sakamopArbition: ./filename04:31
Arbitionyes, doesn't work04:32
sakamopArbition: Chances are ~ isn't in your path for safety reasons04:32
matipcHola amores04:32
Arbitionqirc@ubuntu:~/bin$ ./quasselcore-static-0.10.004:32
Arbitionbash: ./quasselcore-static-0.10.0: No such file or directory04:32
Arbitionalso didn't work when I gave an absolute path04:32
Arbitionall parent directories have +x04:32
matipcroot@debian:/home/matipc# glxgears04:33
matipc5945 frames in 5.0 seconds = 1188.833 FPS04:33
matipc6518 frames in 5.0 seconds = 1303.535 FPS04:33
sakamopArbition: you're in ~/bin not ~ as you said earlier04:33
Arbitionalso does not work04:33
Arbitionjust moved it to there before04:33
sakamopArbition: where is the file?04:33
Arbitionhere is a thing of history http://pastebin.com/sS6fiX2i04:34
Arbitionit was formally in /home/qirc, then I moved it to /home/qirc/bin as well to test04:34
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=== ubuntu is now known as Guest19535
somsipmysql show all users04:44
somsipwrong window - soz04:44
ArbitionWhat policy tools could possibly be in use to prevent execution of executables in users home directories?04:46
lickalottgents, quick question.  I've tried downloading 3 different emulators for NES.  All failed for various missing libraries.  I can't seem to get the libraries installed (probably because they are either depricated or ridiculously old).  Does anyone know of a newer NES emu that will run on 14.0404:46
odisaI'm going through a server security walkthrough, and it speaks of "bind9".. is this essential to security?04:46
odisalickalott, have you tried GFCE?04:47
lickalottthat was the first one.04:47
ArbitionCould AppArmor be preventing execution in user directories?04:47
ArbitionI am more familiar with SELinux04:47
TJ-Arbition: "hash -l"   ... is it listed?04:47
lickalottodisa,  - error while loading shared libraries: libvga.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory04:48
ArbitionWhat is hash?04:48
TJ-Arbition: "hash -d <name>" to delete it, then try again04:48
ArbitionNo dice04:48
lickalottodisa, think I just lied to you....04:49
odisalickalott, is your system up to date? try running the apt-get upgrade command on the package04:49
=== usTrUcX_ is now known as usTrUcX
ArbitionNo entry in hash -l now though04:49
lickalotti did 2 versions of FCEU not GFCE.....  lemme try that.04:50
TJ-Arbition: OK so "~/quasselcore-static-0.10.0 "  fails still?04:50
Arbitionwell it is in ~/bin now04:50
TJ-Arbition: ahhh, yes, so try it with "~/bin/..."04:51
Arbitionstill failing04:51
TJ-Arbition: what does this report: "uname -m && file ~/bin/quasselcore-static-0.10.0"04:52
Arbitionah I see04:52
Arbition/home/qirc/bin/quasselcore-static-0.10.0: ELF 32-bit LSB  executable, Intel 80386, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked (uses shared libs), for GNU/Linux 2.6.9, stripped04:52
ArbitionWhat support libraries are missing that actually would make it completely invisible?04:52
Arbitionusually on different systems it just complains that there are missing libraries04:53
ArbitionTJ-: Package ia32-libs is not available, but is referred to by another package04:55
ArbitionI am not sure what this means04:55
OerHeksArbition, ia32 is no longer needed, as ubuntu is multi arch now, just add <package>:i38604:56
Arbitionok so I am back to my original problem, why is the executable invisible?04:56
Arbitioninvisible as an executable04:57
Arbitionnow that it is in path, bash will autocomplete it happily, but come execution time "no such file or directory"04:57
Arbitionstrace isn't telling me anything more04:58
TJ-Arbition: you need 32-bit foreign architecture, multilib04:59
ArbitionHow do I install that? What does that mean in context of what OerHeks said?04:59
=== SuperLag_ is now known as SuperLag
ArbitionI seem to have multiarch-support installed05:02
ArbitionI can only find multilib packages with respect to compiler packages (of which there are a lot of)05:03
NordomTJ-: Thanks for helping me creating that PV, but now xl create /etc/xen/windows.cfg command lines don't work. do I need to use xl create /dev/sdb1 or do I need to use my PV?05:03
Arbitionseriously, the system call trace is indicating that it literally cannot see the file05:05
Arbitionthis is crazy?05:05
ArbitionI can only think it has to do with AppArmor05:05
Arbitionwhich I know virtually nothing about05:06
Arbitiononly that it is similar to SELinux05:06
Arbitionand I know SELinux could be configured to do this05:06
TJ-Arbition: it's the multi-arch support missing - it needs the multiarch binutils libraries and foreign architecture i386 enabling05:11
Arbitionbinutils eh?05:11
Arbitionthere is binutils and binutils:i386, niether of which were installed05:13
ArbitionI cannot install both at the same time, so I went with the non i386 one05:13
Arbitionwait a minute05:13
Arbitionfound more packages05:13
Arbitionwait, assembler? Just so you know, this is not being compiled by me05:14
ArbitionFor reference, I have run this (exact same executable) under CentOS and Fedora x86_64 and it will complain that libraries aren't installed, not complain it can't see the file.05:16
ArbitionI installed the version out of the package manager, but it doesn't seem to be a complete build05:17
Arbitionmissing postgresql support05:17
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=== justinS is now known as jhsimpson
TJ-Arbition: It'll need "libc6-i386" ... you can also check the dynamic libraries it is linked against with "ldd /path/to/exe" to identify other 32-bit libraries it requires, which are installed using "apt-get install <package>:i386"05:25
Arbitionldd thinks it isn't a dynamic executable05:25
thetravI've been doing a ton of ubuntu installs, and am likely to do a ton more... I seem to be installing the same packages a lot of times... is there an easy way for me to set up some sort of local proxy/cache/package repo to save my internets?05:25
Arbitionah, installing libc6-i386 makes it behave better05:27
ArbitionNow it actually sees05:27
Arbitiongood good05:27
Arbitionnow I have to repair apparmor05:27
Guest-7801hey guys05:27
TJ-thetrav: "apt-cacher-ng" and you might want to look at pressed files, or deployment/configuration management tools too05:28
thetravthanks TJ, yeah I'm looking at kickstart and preseeding05:29
thetravwait... preseeding or pressed?05:29
thetravmaybe pressed05:29
=== guest683 is now known as erix
Arbitionok well that seems to have got things working, thanks for all that TJ-05:37
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ubunthelp please06:34
ubuntin firefox i have in pluggins -> shockwave flash 11.206:35
ubuntwhen i want to play forge empires i need install a new adobe how install the new pluggin in my firefox?06:36
Beldarubunt, What ubuntu release?06:38
Taevi inserted a 16gb HD USB drive into my Ubuntu 0S and I can't find it06:38
Taevdo i have to mount it or something?06:39
BeldarTaev, run sudo fdisk -l and pastebin it.06:39
ubuntubuntu 14.04 LTS06:40
Beldarubunt, There is the peeper flash remove the adobe and install this and see if it works. http://www.webupd8.org/2014/01/pepper-flash-player-installer-for.html06:40
BeldarTaev, It is showing look in home in the left panel.06:42
ubuntbut is for cromium no firefox!!06:42
ubuntthe pepper flash is for cromium no firefox06:43
Beldarubunt, read the link, it can work in firefox06:43
Taevi dont see it06:43
Taevwhat about mount /dev/sdb1 /home/djs/usb06:44
Taevwould that work?06:44
Beldarubunt, You can down load it and transfer the plugin. http://www.webupd8.org/2014/05/fresh-player-plugin-pepper-flash.html06:45
Taevgot it06:46
Taevwhats the apt-get command to upgrade my system?06:46
BeldarTaev, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount/USB06:46
BeldarTaev, a upgrade in the release or to another release?06:46
Taevi did mount /dev/sdb1 /home/djs/usb06:48
Taevand i chown 77706:48
Taevand it wont let me paste anything there i want to back up06:49
Taevwhen i try to mv whatever /home/djs/usb where i mounted my 16gb USB drive i get06:53
Taevmv: failed to preserve ownership for `/home/djs/usb/Documents/games/FSX/Virtavia A-4 Skyhawk Manual.pdf': Operation not permitted06:53
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SimeonKhow do i configure pulseaudio to output sound through headphones only?06:59
ubuntdon't work but i install http://ppa.launchpad.net/nilarimogard/webupd8/ubuntu/pool/main/f/freshplayerplugin/freshplayerplugin_0.1.0+git20140602~webupd8~quantal_amd64.deb06:59
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ubuntand now workit07:00
=== dominic_ is now known as mdih
mpourhadii use to have my audio working but when i upgrade my kernel version i use to have sound for a day but now it seems my sound card is been removed but when i play music i can see the indicator movieng in "pavucontrol" and form more info it shows only monitori dummy output07:13
isyswayhi this is amalan new to irc07:16
SanuraiRMi have installed sudo apt-get install webcam07:21
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bazhang!info webcam | SanuraiRM07:22
ubottuSanuraiRM: webcam (source: xawtv): image grabber and uploader. In component universe, is extra. Version 3.103-3 (trusty), package size 31 kB, installed size 117 kB07:22
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zyt0Good Morning Everyone07:34
littlebithi people, I wanted to know if it is possible, like in network interfaces, to create virtual bluetooth interfaces. I don't know the terminology so excuse my noobieness. It would be a help alone to tell me what those terminologies are so that I have something to google for, but I also greatly appreciate if someone tells me how to do it :)07:34
_nedRhello my graphics card is messed up... So i need to repartition my drive in terminal mode using a livecd; so gparted i guess is out of the question... any suggestions, tips?07:39
ubunthow unisntall the pluggin shockwave from firefox?07:39
Stevewhy ubuntu closed ubuntu one service??? cuz of financial troubles??... I know the cloud competition is tough, bunt ubuntu one was cool kloud service07:40
ubunthow unisntall the pluggins from firefox?07:41
_nedRubunt Tools>Addons>Plugins Change "Always activate" to "Never  activate"?07:41
ubuntyes but i want uninstall07:42
ubuntbecause is the pepperflash and can't uninstall07:42
_nedRubunt, ubuntu remove flash using Software center?07:45
ubunti can't don't is possible remove07:47
ubuntfrom software center07:47
Beldarubunt, The PPA pepper?07:49
ubuntthe plugin is  Shockwave Flash Versión:
_nedRubunt, don't uninstall firefox uninstall flash plugin07:51
Beldarubunt, Just remove it like you added it.07:52
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_nedRhello my graphics card is messed up... So i need to repartition my drive in terminal mode using a livecd; so gparted i guess is out of the question... any suggestions, tips?07:52
Beldar_nedR, Why from a terminal?07:52
_nedRBeldar, graphics mode is messed up, only terminal mode works07:53
ubuntyes i want to uninstall flash plugin but i proved if purge firefox is possible then also purge shockwave but not07:53
Beldar_nedR, Did you try bootinf with nomodeset?07:53
_nedRBeldar,no, can you do that with liveusb?07:54
Beldar_nedR, The card is toast?07:54
Beldar!nomodeset | _nedR yes07:54
ubottu_nedR yes: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter07:54
_nedRBeldar, yep, 8600m GT07:54
_nedRBeldar, liveusb normally goes straight into graphics mode ... how do i change this option?07:55
Beldar_nedR, So if you have no chance of graphics what is your overall plan, If I understand you?07:55
Beldar_nedR, Read the link07:55
_nedRBeldar, I actually have another laptop(the one i am typing in ), i just want to back stuff from this laptop into the toasted laptop...07:58
_nedR*backup stuff07:58
SanuraiRMhi how collegate my webcam but on videochat and on skype i see reverse07:59
Beldar_nedR, I would pull it's hard drive and buy a cheap enclosure, would be much easier.07:59
KartagisI mount an external USB HDD and its mount point is /media/$USER/blkid. however, it randomly umounts and mounts itself. typing it in /etc/fstab doesn't seem to work. what can I do about this?08:02
_nedRBeldar, I am (strangely enough) too lazy to buy a hdd enclosure, but not too lazy to partition08:02
ikoniaKartagis: look in the syslog, I suspect it's either powering down, or the usb port is resetting08:03
Beldar_nedR, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingANewHardDrive#Command_Line_Partitioning  and to lazy to find this in about 5 seconds08:03
_nedRBeldar, thanks, for link i just was stuck at how to boot liveusb into command line08:05
littlebithi people, I wanted to know if it is possible, like in network interfaces, to create virtual bluetooth interfaces. I don't know the terminology so excuse my noobieness. It would be a help alone to tell me what those terminologies are so that I have something to google for, but I also greatly appreciate if someone tells me how to do it :)08:06
Kartagisikonia: what are the keywords I should be alerted for? and what precaution can I take about that afterwards?08:07
ikoniaKartagis: there are no keywords08:07
ikoniaKartagis: look at what's actually happening, no keywords08:07
ikoniaKartagis: depending on what's happening will dictate what you can/can't do about it08:07
_nedRBeldar, Also i have this ridiculous plan to bring my gpu back to life using ovenbaking technique i found over the internet.. Its seems very legit08:09
Hernouhave it a client for use facebook ?08:09
Hernouto see he flux, and the friend's wall08:11
_nedRHernou, Yes, its called firefox08:11
_nedRAlthough I also here about this new one called Chrome or Brass or something08:12
paldepindAnyone knows of reasons why an Ubuntu server won't connect to Gmail with smtp? The command "openssl s_client -crlf -connect smtp.gmail.com:465" gives "connection refused"08:14
Hernoulol go out _nerdR ^^08:14
somsippaldepind: do you need to enable TLS? I'm pretty sure Gmail SMTP uses this, but don't know how to do it with that command08:15
paldepindsomsip: What does 'enable TLS' mean?08:17
paldepindsomsip: I'm using openssl since the connection is TLS. Shouldn't that take care of it?08:18
Beldar_nedR, Make sure you sniff the fumes while you bake it. ;)08:18
Hernouit was friend-app08:19
SanuraiRMhow setting my webcam?08:20
SanuraiRMbecause is reverse?08:20
SanuraiRMi m install webcam?08:20
SanuraiRMsudo apt-get install webcam?08:21
Hernouso, now, i must configure my facebook account in system setting, (ubuntu-gnome 14.04) and when the facebook connetion appear, i can connect my account, but when i'm on the next page, it say that the windows is to small08:21
Hernouand I can't clic anny when in the windows :-(08:21
somsippaldepind: on another program I use to connect to gmail SMTP, I need to explicitly add a -tls flag. So I thought that might be relevant to you too08:22
SanuraiRMhel me whit my web cam08:24
SanuraiRMif i install program webcam?08:24
BeldarSanuraiRM, What is your native language?08:24
Beldar!it | SanuraiRM08:25
ubottuSanuraiRM: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)08:25
SanuraiRMecscusemee per language08:25
SanuraiRMi m banned08:25
SanuraiRMin this channel08:25
SanuraiRMi m using translate i promise08:25
ikoniaSanuraiRM: try to talk to the #ubuntu-it ops and sort your ban out08:26
ikoniaSanuraiRM: it's really hard to help you due to your English08:26
SanuraiRMbut only program for webcam setting the webcam08:26
SanuraiRMbecause rotate=008:27
k1lSanuraiRM: that is the task for the program using the webcam08:27
SanuraiRMI'm sorry I did not understand08:27
k1land some webcams are build upside down into the laptop. so you need to rotate08:27
SanuraiRMkll yes but is no laptop08:28
paldepindsomsip: Ah! Good idea. But I don't think that is needed when I use openssl.08:29
somsippaldepind: yeah - I've never used openssl on the command line, but thought it worth mentioning, just in case08:29
SanuraiRMthe web cam is hold on cheese it work08:29
SanuraiRMi have installed webcam08:30
SanuraiRMsudo pat-get install webcam but i remove08:30
SanuraiRMthank you08:33
SanuraiRMi rotate the web cam08:33
SanuraiRMin no integrated08:33
SanuraiRMbecause no hel p me?08:37
VladimirI need a software that can manage network devices09:06
Vladimirwith a webgui09:06
Vladimirlike cisco and hp devices09:06
Vladimirto setup a weekly backup jobs of network device config09:07
SrRavenHey there, I have a problem. Im setting up a server right now with Ubuntu and want to install MantisBT (bugtracking tool) and I dont know why, but I cant access any of the web sites09:10
SrRavennot the mantis installation or the phpinfo file09:10
prohobohow do i terminate an app in command shell?09:10
prohoboi can't exit python with CTRL + C09:10
SrRavenkill -9 app process?!09:10
prohoboor CTRL + X09:10
geirhatry Ctrl+D09:10
geirhaor exit()09:11
prohoboty geirha09:11
geirhaSrRaven: kill -9 is not good advice. It's the worst way to end a process.09:13
SanuraiRMfuck you09:13
somsipprohobo: CTRL D for python interactive shell, or exit()09:13
geirhasame with bash, except without the ()09:15
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geirhaSrRaven: See http://stackoverflow.com/a/690631/1524545 for more on why kill -9 is bad advice.09:16
SrRavenalright so im guessing my apache is the reason it isnt working09:16
SrRavenwill do geirha09:16
poplThe solr-tomcat package for Trusty depends on tomcat6, which has been superceded by tomcat7. Where's the best venue for me to ask a maintainer to update the dependency?09:17
poplhttps://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/ or should I file a bug report?09:18
SrRavenhow do I check why my apache isnt working ? logs all give me an OK09:18
poplSrRaven: What do you mean by isn't working?09:18
SrRavenwell I cant access the "it works!" website09:18
SrRavenand neither does the installation of the mantisbt or the info.php file09:18
SrRavenall just dont work09:18
poplDoes netstat tell you the server is up and listening?09:19
=== PriceChild is now known as Pricey
popltry netstat -tl09:20
SrRavenok one sec09:20
SrRaveneverything is set to listen09:20
popldid you configure DocumentRoot and such?09:22
SrRavenpopl:  firs time i ever heard of that09:22
DarkMantisSrRaven: what now?09:23
DarkMantisOh I'm not "Mantis" here09:23
poplDid you read any documentation about configuring Apache?09:23
SrRavenI simply followed the step by step guides on the big bad internet :/09:23
poplWhich steps?09:23
poplDon't blame the Internet. :P09:23
SrRavenwell I did apt-get install lamp-server^09:24
SrRavenset up the mysql password when asked09:24
SrRavenbut that was it, even a restart of the apache process didnt help09:25
SrRavenyes thats what I did09:25
poplDid you edit the apache configuration files?09:25
poplThe configuration files are heavily documented.09:26
loasorry for offtopic, but what was that paste site hastebin.com?09:26
loaor how?09:26
SrRavenno I didnt, but where in the step by step doess it say I need to :o09:26
loaah it is. problem solved09:26
prohobolinux is hard09:27
SrRavenapache2ctl configtest also gives me good results popl09:29
SrRavenso im really dumbfounded as to why it isnt working09:29
cpghi, i installed the ati driver and it does not work on my machine (a bit aged, i guess)09:33
cpgi should not have09:33
cpgbut now i would like to know 1) how to get into some repair mode or something that has screen or console09:34
cpgand 2) how to uninstall that driver and get back to the default (acceptable) setup09:34
cpgany advice?09:34
=== ExtreGhost is now known as Extreminador
k1lcpg: choose "recovery" on the grub start screen (press left shift if its not comming up) and then do a "apt-get remove fglrx" if it was that packages from the ubuntu repos you used09:37
cpgk1l: looking into getting a command line … not there yet (no cursor and in low graphics mode) .. but close09:44
k1lcpg: ctrl+alt+f1 to get to konsole09:44
cpgah, totally forgot about that!09:46
cpgdone removing those09:48
prohoboim having trouble installing dropbox, it gets stuck on 'Applying changes' for a while09:50
prohobothen when it finishes, the icon appears and clicking on it does nothing09:50
prohoboi have a clean ubuntu install and im trying to install dropbox thru the software center...09:50
prohobonow it says i need to restart nautilus but clicking that doesnt do anything either09:52
k1lprohobo: do a relogin09:52
cpgk1l: i recovered graphics .. thanks much09:53
k1lcpg: no problem.09:53
trijntje_prohobo: I've seen multiple people who have problems with installing dropbox, looks like their site has issues09:53
prohobok ill try restarting09:53
cpgi stll get a “system program problem detected” each time the system gets to desktop09:53
prohobohmm okay09:59
prohoboi think my dropbox is actually working09:59
prohoboit's just doing it weirdly09:59
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ahhughesI just installed ubuntu, and its saying I am not in the sudoers file.... I dont know how this can be. How can I add myself?10:25
ActionParsnipahhughes: what is the output of:  cat /etc/issue10:26
ActionParsnipahhughes: its a single line so no need to pastebin10:27
ahhughescat /etc/issue  returns Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS \n \l10:27
ActionParsnipahhughes: and what is the output of:   groups10:27
ahhughesahhughes vboxsf10:28
ActionParsnipahhughes: ohhh, you added yourself to the vboxsf group, didn't you10:28
ActionParsnipahhughes: then you did it wrong and now its is the only group you are in10:28
ahhughesthe virtual drive was group permission r/w10:29
ActionParsnipahhughes: you will need to drop to root recovery mode from Grub, then run:  mount -o rw,remount /; usermod -a -G sudo ahhughes10:29
sekonThe following snippet pasted directly into shell works:10:29
ahhughesbah, its virtual box and I have snapshots :)10:29
sekonThis code10:29
sekonprints the following error:10:30
ActionParsnipahhughes: that'll make it easier10:30
sekonI dont know what i am doing wrong .. anyone please care to help ?10:30
ahhughesits paying off already10:30
cfhowlettsekon,  one line.  ONE LINE>  no need to hit ENTER10:30
ActionParsnipsekon: I'd ask in #bash as well10:30
ahhughesquestion really is ActionParsnip how can I safely add myself to the group after I restore the snapshot10:30
Ben64sekon: and when you ask in #bash, use one line instead of 910:30
sekonBen64: ActionParsnip cfhowlett thanks10:31
cfhowlettsekon, happy2help10:32
hughsaunderssekon: what are you trying to extract from top? theres got to be a simpler way..10:32
ActionParsnipahhughes: sudo usermod -a -G sudo ahhughes10:32
sekonhughsaunders: cpu usage10:32
ActionParsnipahhughes: or use useradd, or use the GUI on the desktop10:32
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Plato_Hello. How to install Mozart Programming System on my computer with Ubuntu? (I'm getting started. :/)10:35
Ben64Plato_: sudo apt-get install mozart10:36
ActionParsnip!info mozart210:36
ubottuPackage mozart2 does not exist in trusty10:36
ActionParsnip!find mozart10:36
ubottuFound: mozart-doc, mozart-stdlib, mozart10:36
ActionParsnip!info mozart10:36
ubottumozart (source: mozart): Mozart Programming System. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.4.0-8ubuntu1 (trusty), package size 2555 kB, installed size 5812 kB10:36
cfhowlettActionParsnip, that seems contradictory10:37
Plato_Ok, thanks.10:37
hughsaunderssekon: top -n1 |awk '/^%Cpu/{print 100-$8"%"}'10:37
ActionParsnipcfhowlett: how so10:38
mong00seis there a handy way to bootstrap an etcd cluster on ubuntu via cloudinit sort of as if it were CoreOS ?10:38
cfhowlettActionParsnip, ah. THERE it is.  mozart2 not found, mozart found10:38
prohobohey, i installed python 2.7 and now i want to remove it10:38
prohobobut... i think i've found out that ubuntu relies on python 2.710:39
hughsaunderssekon: or better top -n2 |awk '/^%Cpu/{p=100-$8"%"};END{print p}'10:39
ActionParsnipcfhowlett: I guess its because the version is 1.410:39
deleveHi, how csn i acceass10:40
ActionParsnipdeleve: access what?10:40
=== Germanaz0|0FF is now known as Germanaz0
itinfo ubuntu mate10:42
cfhowlett!mate | it,10:42
itubuntu 14.10 mate edition10:43
cfhowlett!ubuntu +1 | it,10:43
cfhowlett!ubuntu+1 | it,10:43
ubottuit,: Utopic Unicorn is the codename for Ubuntu 14.10 - Support only in #ubuntu+110:43
ActionParsnipit: then your support is in #ubuntu+1 as you are using pre-release10:43
cfhowlettit, not supported in this channel.  go to #ubuntu+110:44
itnew linux user!!10:44
ActionParsnipit: then why are you using the pre-release.10:45
ikoniait: then it's advised you not use development releases.10:45
ikoniait: I suggesst using a stable tested release, such as 14.0410:45
ActionParsnipit: I suggest you reinstall with Trusty. It is supported long after Utopic is EOL and is rock solid, suited to new users10:45
cfhowlettit, download and install 14.0410:45
itmaybe thats better10:45
innocent95Where can i find the kivy directory in ubuntu?10:46
innocent95Where can i find its source code10:46
cfhowlettinnocent95, kivy? never heard of it.10:46
cfhowlett!source | innocent9510:46
ubottuinnocent95: You can easily fetch a package's source with apt-get. See: http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/apt-howto/ch-sourcehandling.en.html10:46
innocent95cfhowlett, KIvy it's a graphics framework10:46
ActionParsnip!info kivy10:46
ubottuPackage kivy does not exist in trusty10:46
innocent95ActionParsnip, You would add the package10:47
ActionParsnipinnocent95: http://kivy.org/docs/installation/installation-ubuntu.html10:47
ActionParsnipinnocent95: took me seconds to find.....10:47
innocent95ActionParsnip, I have installed it10:47
ActionParsnipinnocent95: did you use that guide?10:48
innocent95ActionParsnip, I'm not able to find where it's located10:48
eeeeinnocent95: how did you install?10:48
ActionParsnipinnocent95: how did you install it?10:48
cfhowlettinnocent95, terminal: whereis kivy10:48
ActionParsnipinnocent95: I have found several PAs with it too https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas?name_filter=kivy10:48
innocent95cfhowlett, that's what i was looking for10:48
cfhowlettinnocent95, happy2help10:48
innocent95cfhowlett, oh my bad10:48
ActionParsnipinnocent95: the stable one even supports utopic10:48
innocent95doesn't exxist10:49
eeee!info python-kivy10:49
ubottupython-kivy (source: kivy): Kivy - Multimedia / Multitouch framework in Python. In component universe, is extra. Version 1.7.2-1 (trusty), package size 1918 kB, installed size 5336 kB10:49
innocent95ActionParsnip, I used pip10:49
cfhowlettinnocent95, whereis kivy*10:49
eeeeinnocent95: i think it's in the repos now10:49
ActionParsnipinnocent95: or:  sudo updatedb; locate kivy10:49
innocent95cfhowlett, even this10:49
eeeethat guide is from ubuntu 10.10 (maverick) ...10:50
innocent95got it10:50
innocent95locate kivy10:50
eeeeinnocent95: install using the repos, if it's the same kivy you want, apt-get install python-kivy , and if you want the source use apt-get source python-kivy , it'll download it to your home directory10:50
ActionParsnipinnocent95: after updatedb so that the database is updated10:50
innocent95ActionParsnip, Yes10:51
VladimirI don't have the ifcfg-eth0 file10:51
eeeeinnocent95: apt-get source python-kivy , will get you it's source10:51
innocent95installing using pip is not a good idea10:51
ActionParsnipVladimir: thats an rpm-base distro file, like in Fedora10:51
hughsaundersVladimir: sounds redhatish, see /etc/network/interfaces10:52
ActionParsnipinnocent95: the PPA method will gel the app better with your system as it uses debs like the rest10:52
innocent95eeee, Okay10:52
innocent95I'll remove it from pip10:52
innocent95and reinstall it using python-kivy repo10:53
innocent95ActionParsnip, How can i remove it from pip?10:53
ActionParsnipinnocent95: not sure, not something Ive ever used10:54
innocent95Okay thanks ActionParsnip ee cfhowlett :)10:54
innocent95or 2*ee10:54
innocent95ActionParsnip, got it, 'pip uninstall'10:56
innocent95DzAirmaX, :)10:57
source47hi guys. anyone here good with NAT?11:02
mloeffhi, im trying to create a new partition on my Ubuntu VM. currently following guide @ http://www.joomlaworks.net/blog/item/168-resizing-the-disk-space-on-ubuntu-server-vms11:04
mloefftrying: sudo fdisk /dev/sda, but when creating it asks me for the start and end sector11:04
mloeffso the start sector is default, right after the end of the 2nd partition, but the end sector can only be "Last sector, +sectors or +size{K,M,G} (31998047-31999999, default 31999999)"11:05
mloeffso now im ending up with a 3rd partition of only 976 blocks11:05
mloeffand i dont know for sure, but that doesnt look like it could hold 940gb11:06
eeeemloeff: i'm not sure, maybe that's the size, you can use 40G for 40 gb11:06
mloeff/dev/sda1 is 16gb and 15998992 blocks11:06
mloeffhmm ok will try11:06
mloeffit says "Value out of range." when i try "+940G"11:07
zoidberg-Hello all, I have setup a little ubuntu server as a deivce that sits in between my adsl modem and router.. so that anything that connnets to the router gets routed through the ubuntu box out throught he modem to the internet.  The reason being, i would like to setup an vpn (openvpn) server on the ubuntu box one for incomming vpn connections (so that i can connect to my home network when away) and one for outgoing vpn so that i can tunnel all my traffic o11:07
zoidberg-The question i have is, i setup simple iptables for masquerading and forwarding, does however my router is the dns server.. for dns to go through the ubuntu server should i setup soemthing like dnsmasq or will iptables handle that and just forward it over to the router and back?11:08
mloeffalso Out of range when i try sector 1971322879, which is the final sector11:08
zoidberg-at the moment i have 3 iptables masquerading rules/forwarding rules, it all works but i wonder if dns is being routed directly to the router rather than the ubuntu box11:08
eeeemloeff: if you use the last sector what happens? (if you just press enter)11:09
mloeffwell then it just uses 31999999, and i end up with a partition of only 976 blocks11:10
cfhowlettzoidberg-, maybe a question for #ubuntu-server11:10
eeeedoesn't it say default 31999999 ?11:10
mloeffit does11:10
mloeff(31998047-31999999, default 31999999):11:11
Plato_Hello. I tried to install a tar.gz file. I first used "tar zxvf /home/..." in the terminal and got a folder whose type was "Folder (inode/directory)". No README, or Install. What can I do?11:11
eeeemloeff: are you sure the disk has 940gb free space?11:12
=== Joshua^Dunamis is now known as Joshua^Dunamis_i
cfhowlettPlato_, get install details from the program author's site?11:12
ActionParsnipPlato_: what are you trying to install?11:14
Plato_I don't understand what you mean. (big beginner) I'm trying to install Mozart Programming System.11:15
ActionParsnipPlato_: we gave you the package to install11:15
ActionParsnipPlato_: you dont need anything manually downoading from the web11:15
Plato_I tried it.11:16
eeeePlato_: yeah, and?11:16
ActionParsnip!find mozart11:16
ubottuFound: mozart-doc, mozart-stdlib, mozart11:16
ActionParsnipPlato_: sudo apt-get install mozart11:16
ActionParsnipPlato_: done11:16
Plato_It didn't work. I don't even remember what was said...11:17
eeeePlato_: try again and tell us what it says11:17
mloeffeeee: i think so, it says "Disk /dev/sda: 1009.3 GB, 1009317314560 bytes"11:17
eeeemloeff: try cgdisk11:18
ActionParsnipPlato_: found this too https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mozart11:18
eeeemloeff:  sudo cgdisk /dev/sda11:18
Plato_Some packages could not be installed. This may mean that you have requested an impossible situation or if you are using the unstable distribution that some required packages have not yet been created or been moved out of Incoming. The following information may help to resolve the situation:  The following packages have unmet dependencies:  mozart:i386 : Depends: emacs23:i386 or                         emacsen:i386 E: Unable to corre11:18
mloeffeeee: it says command not found, also tried to apt-get it11:19
eeeecgdisk ?11:19
eeeewhat are you using ? cat /etc/issue11:20
mloeffsudo: cgdisk: command not found11:20
ActionParsnipPlato_: what is the output of:  cat /etc/issue11:20
mloeffeeee: it says bitnami and then  Built using Ubuntu 14.04 - Kernel \r (\l).11:20
Plato_sudo apt-get install emacs23:i386  Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree        Reading state information... Done Some packages could not be installed. This may mean that you have requested an impossible situation or if you are using the unstable distribution that some required packages have not yet been created or been moved out of Incoming. The following information may help to resolve the situation:  The followin11:21
Plato_Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS \n \l11:21
sekonhughsaunders: thanks for your help11:23
sekonit was the newline in the awk print statement11:23
sekonthat was the issue11:23
Plato_I'll read the links proposed. Thank you for all.11:24
ActionParsnip!info emacs23:i38611:27
ubottuPackage emacs23i386 does not exist in trusty11:27
ActionParsnip!info emacs2311:27
ubottuemacs23 (source: emacs23): The GNU Emacs editor (with GTK+ user interface). In component universe, is optional. Version 23.4+1-4.1ubuntu1 (trusty), package size 2969 kB, installed size 9030 kB11:27
mloeffwelp, ill research further some other time11:27
DaghdhaI upgraded from 12.04 to 14.04 and it seems tohave removed the littel icon that was that was for the virtual desktops11:28
mong00sedoes anyone know how to specify the current eth1 ip address in a cloud-init file ?11:28
Daghdhadoes 14.04 not have VD's by default?11:28
eeeeDaghdha: workspaces?11:28
Daghdhaeeee yes workspaces i h ad 611:28
Daghdhanow just 1 :/11:29
eeeeDaghdha: 14.04 has them11:29
ActionParsnipDaghdha: I believe it comes with 2 x 2 desktop by default11:29
eeeeDaghdha: settings > appearance > behavior > enable workspaces11:30
yorwosi cant seem to find a working way to add the command "kwin --replace" on my startup so i dont have to do it manually by pressing alt+f2 and typing it every time i boot11:31
yorwosi have tried adding on on session and startup but it still wont work - ubuntu studio 14.0411:31
eeeeyorwos: when do you need it to run?11:31
eeeetry ~/.profile11:31
yorwosi want it to be the last11:31
eeeethat'll run after you login in lightdm11:32
yorwosi dont even know what u said , i just know that lightdm is something that exist along with xorg11:32
ActionParsnipyorwos: what desktop do you use?11:33
yorwosubuntu studio ,11:33
yorwosits xfce11:33
ActionParsnipyorwos: is that the XFCE desktop by default?11:33
eeeeyorwos: add the command to ~/.profile (that's a hidden file in your home directory)11:33
ActionParsnipyorwos: if you make a .desktop file in ~/.config/autostart     to run the command, it will run11:33
yorwosill try ty brb11:33
ActionParsnipyorwos: copy one of the existing ones and edit11:34
MethodizeHello, does any one know how i could get my  windows drive detected by grub after reinstalling ubuntu , it seems to have cleaned out some setting on it and now it goes straight to ubuntu. if anyones interested here is a log from boot-repair http://paste.ubuntu.com/8087963/11:34
evil_dan2wikImage editor for ubuntu 8.10?11:34
Daghdhaeeee: Where can i find the initial settings you mention?11:35
ActionParsnipevil_dan2wik: Intrepid is no longer syupported11:35
yorwosok im rebooting to test it brb11:35
eeeeDaghdha: top right corner > settings11:35
evil_dan2wikwhy did I say 8.10? I meant 14.1011:35
ActionParsnipevil_dan2wik: I suggest a clean install of Trusty which is LTS and supoprted til April 201911:35
ActionParsnipevil_dan2wik: then your support is in #ubuntu+111:35
ActionParsnipevil_dan2wik: this channel is for stable releases only11:35
evil_dan2wikI just need an image editor.11:35
Daghdhaeeee i only have: language support, privacy and security, printers and software and updatesthere11:36
ActionParsnipevil_dan2wik: its not supported here til release date in October11:36
eeeeDaghdha: are you using unity?11:36
Daghdhai think so, it's default stuff11:37
eeeeDaghdha: you could try to right click the desktop, change background11:37
eeeethen behavior11:37
Daghdhaeeee right clicking desktop gets me to the same palce as clicking System Settings.11:38
DaghdhaI guess i am missing some stuff t here11:38
deleve2Hi all11:40
ActionParsniphi void11:40
voidim running an app it says theres no space but ive got a free 20 gb partition there is any way to unificate it ?11:40
deleve2How can i acess android mobile phone via USB in ubuntu?11:41
ActionParsnipvoid: can you please pastebin the output of:   df -h; lsb_release -a; df -i11:41
ikoniadefine access11:41
voidyes 1 seg11:42
ActionParsnipdeleve2: do you want to get at the USB storage? Use it as a modem?11:42
Daghdhaeeee this is what i see under system settings, i think i am missing a lot of apps/icons there http://postimg.org/image/jc8y13vrl/11:42
leeyaahow to fix  this error dpkg: error processing multipath-tools (--configure):11:43
eeeeDaghdha: O.o11:44
ActionParsnipleeyaa: can you please pastebin the full output11:44
ActionParsnip!info multipath-tools11:45
ubottumultipath-tools (source: multipath-tools): maintain multipath block device access. In component main, is extra. Version 0.4.9-3ubuntu7 (trusty), package size 156 kB, installed size 563 kB11:45
notlagsHello, How do I remove all the ads from ubuntu ?11:45
DJones!adlens | notlags11:45
ubottunotlags: If you wish not to see "More Suggestions" from places like Amazon in your Ubuntu, simply remove the package unity-lens-shopping, or adjust your Privacy settings as shown here: http://goo.gl/kFO4u . Mark Shuttleworth's blog entry on this is at http://goo.gl/uF7zZ11:45
ActionParsnipnotlags: sudo apt-get --purge remove unity-lens-shopping11:46
notlagsthanks guy!11:46
eeeeDaghdha: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop11:46
eeeeDaghdha: run that command in the terminal11:47
ActionParsnipvoid: its a solaris box....11:49
ActionParsnipvoid: so is not supported here11:49
Daghdhawow eeee that will install a lot of stuff11:50
eeeeDaghdha: is it saying it needs to download anything?11:51
Daghdhaeeee: also control center stuff i see.. it's busy11:51
Daghdhaeeee: i didn't check, it was just a realy long list and it's installing now.11:51
Daghdhaall t hatlibreoffice and other st uff i removed yesterday11:51
eeee"other stuff" ? :D11:52
deleveSorry, but how can i acess my mobile11:53
leeyaaActionParsnip: this is full output http://bpaste.net/show/ogrdDLERwa9te4Mw1OLj/11:53
eeeedeleve: plug it in, check nautilus11:53
Daghdhaeeee: well, apparently also control center. But things like firefox, libre office, and pretty much anything i don't use.11:53
k1ldeleve: what mobile and how is it connected?11:53
deleveAndroid mobile phone11:53
Daghdhayey :)11:53
ActionParsnipleeyaa: and what is the output of:  cat /etc/issue     please11:53
bzfWhat's the meaning of the "a"-suffix on an package?11:53
deleveLG via USB11:53
ActionParsnipdeleve: yes you said that, we asked you to clarify the "access" you need11:54
ActionParsnipdeleve: simply repeating the question doesn't clarify the issue11:54
leeyaaActionParsnip: well its eol, but i have it on several servers including 12.04 lts11:54
leeyaaand on some it does work11:54
k1ldeleve: what ubuntu?11:54
ActionParsnipleeyaa: if the system you are having issues on is EOL then we cannot help11:54
deleveSorry, but i fall down and didnt sae it11:54
deleveSaw it11:54
ActionParsnipdeleve: so...what do you mean by access?11:55
deleveAcess mean how can i transfer files via usb11:56
sveinseI have a script which is run with gksu. However I need it to be able to be run via console login as well. Does anyone has a good way to detect if my script should use sudo rather than gksu?11:56
ActionParsnipdeleve: finally11:57
ActionParsnipsveinse: are you using trusty?11:57
ActionParsnipdeleve: have you tried putting it in camera mode in Android?11:57
leeyaaActionParsnip: i actually said i have same error on 12.0411:58
leeyaabut anyway, i have figure it out on my own11:58
sveinseActionParsnip: No 12.04 right now, but we are migrating to trusty. Is there any difference between the two on this?11:58
deleveNo... camera mode ?11:58
ActionParsnipsveinse: yes, in Trusty, sudo has been added to polkit so can run GUI applications. gksudo isnt even installed by default11:58
ActionParsnipdeleve: yes...camera mode11:58
k1ldeleve: make sure the device offers the mtp mode? which ubuntu are you on exactly?11:58
deleveXubuntu 1212:00
kilonuxhello, I'm an idiot needing doctor for 12.04 who is reporting problems and refuse to install things like Openshot, flowblade and load of others12:00
kilonuxloads of others12:00
ActionParsnipkilonux: what is the output of:   sudo apt-get -f install12:01
k1ldeleve: which exactly? what does lsb_release -d give you?12:01
ActionParsnipkilonux: use a pastebin to host the text12:01
deleveK11, let me see12:01
ahhugheshow can I upgrade from 12.10 straight to 14.04 I read it was possible but no one has said how12:02
kilonuxon my way, please wait12:03
k1lahhughes: with a reinstall12:03
ahhughesk1l, thats not an upgrade is it?12:03
ActionParsnipahhughes: it gets you to the newer release, so yes12:03
k1lahhughes: else you need all steps from 12.10 to 14.04. if you dont want to upgrade a long time use the LTS in first place12:04
deleveUbuntu 12.04.512:04
ahhughesk1l, yeah I learnt that the hard way12:04
k1lahhughes: no, its a reinstall not an upgrade. a upgrade would need all steps12:04
ActionParsnipdeleve: then it's not "Xubuntu 12" (which doesn't exist) it is Xubuntu 12.0412:04
ahhughesI would like to upgrade but cant12:04
kilonuxActionParsnip:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/8088284/12:04
ahhughesIm kinda desperate todo so, but cant see any path foward12:04
ActionParsnipahhughes:  you could upgrade to 13.04 using a CD< then to 13.10 using a CD, then to 14.04 online12:05
fajunghow can I do to change the gnome-mime-application-x-bittorrent icon(ubuntu 14.04) ?12:05
ActionParsnipahhughes: its a real mess and there wil be lots of old fluff from the old installs12:05
source47anyone has any ideas why i cant NAT like this: https://gist.github.com/developerinlondon/31b4244113373c22b05612:05
ahhughessounds like I should not bother AccioChips12:05
eeeefajung: what do you mean by change?12:05
fajungchange the icon that represent that file  extenssion12:06
kilonuxk1l: Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS12:06
ActionParsnipahhughes: pretty much, we cannot support 12.10 but the OS will continue to function12:07
ActionParsnipaaha clean install of 14.04 will give you support til April 201912:07
ahhughesI'll re-install :( its a dark day to be honest12:07
ActionParsnipkilonux: sudo apt-get --purge remove flowblade12:08
ActionParsnipkilonux: is it then smooth?12:08
ActionParsnip!info flowblade12:08
ubottuflowblade (source: flowblade): non-linear video editor. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.8.0-3 (trusty), package size 4735 kB, installed size 14865 kB12:08
fajungfrom the 1º to the 2º: http://s16.postimg.org/gynpdrm6t/Captura_de_pantalla_de_2014_08_19_09_07_26.png12:08
k1ldeleve: see http://askubuntu.com/questions/257874/ubuntu-cant-see-my-android-phone12:09
YevgenyI get an error when trying to stop iptables12:10
kilonuxActionParsnip:  computer works fine, but I always get errors when I open synaptic and software center, updates goes wrong etc...12:12
ActionParsnipkilonux: bu does removing that one package make it ok?12:12
kgalahassaI want to do this : tlmgr install multirow, but this happened: cannot setup TLPDB in /root/texmf at /usr/bin/tlmgr line 5336.12:14
kgalahassaI want to do this : tlmgr install multirow, but this happened: cannot setup TLPDB in /root/texmf at /usr/bin/tlmgr line 5336.12:16
ikoniakgalahassa: why are you looking in /root12:16
ikoniakgalahassa: /root is for the root user12:16
ajrs188Wtf is that12:17
kgalahassaikonia, don't understand, don't i need to set up in root before installing?12:18
kgalahassaikonia, this happened without root session: cannot setup TLPDB in /home/kgalahassa/texmf at /usr/bin/tlmgr line 5336.12:20
ikoniakgalahassa: you should be using sudoo12:21
kilonuxActionParsnip: no I guess not, it has been like this since a year or so,  but as I said, basic use is  always fine, but i cannot install  many apps and system-update is failing12:22
kgalahassabut with sudo the result is the same: (running on Debian, switching to user mode!) cannot setup TLPDB in /home/kgalahassa/texmf at /usr/bin/tlmgr line 5336.12:22
ikoniakgalahassa: are you using ubuntu or debian just to clarify (sorry)12:23
ikoniakgalahassa: and exactly what command are you running ?12:23
evil_dan2wikMy ubtunu is making the regulators on my motherboard heat up12:24
evil_dan2wikWhy did I have no problem with windows or debian?12:24
k1levil_dan2wik: take a look at the sensors12:24
ubottuTo access CPU temperature sensors and detect fan speeds, install the lm-sensors package. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SensorInstallHowto for installation and usage instructions.12:24
kgalahassaikonia, the command is: sudo tlmgr install multirow, on ubuntu14.0412:25
evil_dan2wikk1l, how do I use that package?12:26
k1levil_dan2wik: i bet its explained in the link the bot messaged :)12:27
ikoniakgalahassa: does /home/kgalahassa/texmf exist ?12:27
evil_dan2wikk1l, I only get 1 CPU temperature sensor which reads 79C12:28
k1levil_dan2wik: the amount of temperatures differs from used hardware and kernels12:29
kgalahassaikonia  the directory doesn't exist sorry12:29
ikoniakgalahassa: create it, re-run it12:29
evil_dan2wikk1l, does this mean ubuntu is shit and won't run on my hardware even though windows and debian can12:30
=== zimbres is now known as coolcat
ikoniaevil_dan2wik: please control your language12:30
k1levil_dan2wik: drop that tone!12:30
sakamopevil_dan2wik: Check you haven't got any processes running that are hammering the cpu12:30
evil_dan2wiksakamop, using top, there is 13% cpu usage from firefox12:31
ikoniaevil_dan2wik: based on ##linux you seem to be having a lot of problems with this computer as a device, you've managed to corrupt a disk, and have routing problems12:32
evil_dan2wikikonia, different computers.12:32
ikoniaevil_dan2wik: then you seem to be having problems with lots of computers12:32
evil_dan2wikI have 7 computers.12:32
ikoniaevil_dan2wik: is there a possibility you / the user is causing problems due to miss-managment / lack of understanding of what's going on ?12:32
evil_dan2wikThey are used by my family who knows nothing about keeping them working12:33
sakamopevil_dan2wik: It should the same temperature as it is in Debian with the cpu at the same usage. I have to ask but have you checked the fan?12:33
evil_dan2wikI thought I would switch from the damaged windows install to ubuntu on this machine but then the CPU voltage regulators started to burn.12:33
sakamopcpu voltage regulators?12:33
sakamopI dont see why that's related to the operating system12:34
k1lthat sounds like there is some real issue. and that is not to blame ubuntu.12:34
evil_dan2wiksakamop, it started when booting from the ubuntu live disk12:35
sakamopThat steps down the voltage from the psu into the cpu?12:35
evil_dan2wiksakamop, yes.12:35
evil_dan2wikand stopped when I switched back to the broken windows install.12:35
kgalahassaikonia, any changes: (running on Debian, switching to user mode!) cannot setup TLPDB in /home/kgalahassa/texmf at /usr/bin/tlmgr line 5336.12:35
sakamopAnd how do you know they are burning?12:35
ikoniakgalahassa: doesn't look lke it12:35
=== mirage_ is now known as Guest27340
ikoniakgalahassa: I was hopeful the error message was just not verbose12:35
sakamopBasically what you are telling me sounds like hardware.12:35
evil_dan2wiksakamop, they are burning my finger and smoking a little.12:36
ikoniasmoking !12:36
ikoniathat sounds like your machine has a hardware fault12:36
ikoniaturn it off quickly12:36
ikoniaunplug it from theh wall12:36
evil_dan2wikikonia, except the machine is fine on windows.12:36
sakamopIt *was* fine on windows but is now broken, apparently.12:37
evil_dan2wikIt isn't much smoke, just a few wisps that are barely noticeable12:37
ikoniaI'm surprised the bios isn't shutting down due to temp warnings12:37
ikoniaturn it off now12:37
ikoniathere should be no smoke12:37
ikoniaunplug it12:37
evil_dan2wikikonia, it is off12:37
evil_dan2wikIts been off for a while12:37
Ririshisounds like some limitations were deactivated?12:38
RirishiThe dangers of LINUX!!! :Ooo12:38
* Ririshi trolls12:38
ikoniaRirishi: then please don't12:38
evil_dan2wikWould it be possible to read CPU voltage?12:38
sakamopIf it's genuinely smoking from electricial fire, it's not going to power on - it's probably just dust burning off.  :-)That has to be dealt with though12:38
ikoniathe bios shows it12:38
Ririshievil_dan2wik, yeah you can :o12:38
Ririshi^^^ what ikonia said12:39
evil_dan2wikikonia, the bios shows normal, and they don't heat up until ubuntu gets to the desktop12:39
DJ_U|LaptopIf it was electrical, you'd most likely smell it too.12:39
ikoniaevil_dan2wik: that seems unlikley12:39
Ririshievil_dan2wik, try CPU-Z12:39
ikoniaevil_dan2wik: as other components such as the cpu would be overheating/overused12:39
Ririshievil_dan2wik, nvm you're not on windows x)12:39
Ririshiif the cpu overheats, the bios shuts down, right?12:40
evil_dan2wikI guess I should just retire this unit then.12:40
sakamopRirishi: If set to do so. This is a default.12:40
Ririshisakamop, can you disable BIOS features?12:40
sakamopRirishi: Once people start fiddling with firmware settings, then all bets are off.12:40
Ririshisakamop, custom bios image?12:40
Ririshisakamop, or I don't quite understand stuff yet lol12:41
sakamopRirishi: In a factory configured system of sane design (like most commercial boards) it will have thermal shutdown enabled.12:41
evil_dan2wikRirishi, have fun writing the image.12:41
Ririshisakamop, I thought so12:42
sakamopRirishi: You could try to reset your firmware settings to factory defaults via the options in the menu, but if you have custom firmware then it's highly unsupported here :-)12:42
Ririshievil_dan2wik, lelno I'll stick with high level dev stuff12:42
Ririshisakamop, woah don't flame me, I'm not having any problems. I was just wondering about whether stuff would automatically shutdown :(12:42
sakamopRirishi: You interpreted that as a flame? Why?12:43
Ririshisakamop, "if you have custom firmware then it's highly unsupported here"12:43
Ririshisakamop, I thought you'd assume I had custom stuff running12:43
sakamopRirishi: Why is that an insult (flame)?12:43
Ririshisakamop, Well.. I used the wrong word there :/12:44
Ririshisakamop, I interpreted the sentence wrong.. Nothing wrong with it after a double take, though12:45
craigbass1976is /etc/init.d/smbd start still the preferred method for firing up samba?  I miss the OK or FAILED messages I used to get when starting things.12:46
RirishiWhen I start up my Ubuntu, I get an old-looking boot screen (like you'd boot up in safe mode) with low res text just and 4 dots... How do I get the fancy high resolution bootup screen back? :(12:48
=== Pici` is now known as Pici
sydneyRirishi: Idont think its possible to without reinstalling,but i may be wrong. I have the same issue,but dont care much. ;)12:51
Ririshisydney, it's been there since i've installed it lol12:52
sydneyTHe low rez?12:53
Ririshisydney, I installed 12.04.1 though, then updated, I had that one still on CD :p12:53
Ririshiyeah it's been there since I updated to trusty12:53
DexterSkullhey, please help me!12:53
* Ririshi helps DexterSkull 12:53
sydneyOk,i have to go,AFK :)12:53
DexterSkulli was trying to install Ubuntu 14.04 LTS12:54
DexterSkullbut it got stuck at section saying "Creating virtual disks"12:55
DexterSkullsince then it never moved forth12:55
=== fred_ is now known as Guest70758
DexterSkullif somebody has the answer please tell it to me12:56
DexterSkullTY in advance12:56
DexterSkullRirishi, what happend?12:58
RirishiDexterSkull, not much... It's just hard to try solving an error without a specific error x)12:59
knobHello everyone.   I am having an odd problem with my 14.04 server.    I have a user where I modified his .bashrc       At the very end, I placed the line           umask 0002              Yet when I log in as him, and type umask in the command line, it gives me back  002212:59
Ririshiand because I'm not super experienced when it comes to ubuntu, I can't instantly give you the solution DexterSkull12:59
knobAny idea what could be going on?           Does a group super-sede the .bashrc profiles?12:59
DexterSkullRirishi, that's okay :)13:01
RirishiI'll try to help you, though, Dexter13:01
DexterSkullRirishi, okay13:02
pdo_fn14!info docker.io13:04
ubottudocker.io (source: docker.io): Linux container runtime. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.9.1~dfsg1-2 (trusty), package size 3146 kB, installed size 17185 kB13:04
enycHrrm...  How do I find packages / sources  for  'discontinued'  ubuntu variants?  In this case I'd like to fish out some xen-utils wrappers from "raring-updates" ...13:09
ikonialooks in the oldreleases repo13:10
compdocmaybe on the mirrors13:10
DexterSkulldoes anyone have the answer to my question?13:12
DexterSkullhow to get rid of this "Creating virtual disks" annoyance?13:13
=== Guest-1729 is now known as zealotnagah
enycikonia: ooooh thankyou ... is   old-releases.ubuntu.com  but thatnkyou that found what I was looking for !!13:16
kgalahassaI want to do this : tlmgr install multirow, but this happened: cannot setup TLPDB in /root/texmf at /usr/bin/tlmgr line 5336.13:18
ActionParsnipkgalahassa: what is the output of:    cat /etc/issue13:19
ActionParsnipkgalahassa: its a single line so no need to pastebin13:21
codygmanMy hardware clcok has the wrong local time, how can I fix it?13:27
ActionParsnipcodygman: have you checked the time in your BIOS?13:28
codygmanActionParsnip: I have not, I should change it there? What my computer has marked as utc time is the actual local time btw13:29
ActionParsnipcodygman: worth a check as a quick fix13:29
codygmanActionParsnip: Alright I'll try it13:29
kamhaghhi, i didn't make any swap when insalling ubuntu, but now disk manager says i have 8GB of ram, how can i disable it?! im using a 20gb ssd partition so i need space, but anyway i can resize it a little if swap is neccessery !13:29
kamhaghi ment 8gb of swap13:29
=== UKn0Me is now known as dontwearhats
ActionParsnipkamhagh: could use an SD card. You will only use swap if RAM gets filled. Do you not have a platter based drive in there too?13:30
trijntjekamhagh: you should'nt need swap if you have 8GB RAM, unless you are doing some crazy stuf13:30
kamhaghyes i got an secodnary hdd13:31
=== klew1 is now known as klew
trijntjeyou can also install zram-config to give you  fake swap13:31
compdockamhagh, you have to turn swap off, and then you can delete the partition and expand the data partition. Id use gparted13:31
ActionParsnipkamhagh: then resize a partition on there and make a swap space there, or a swap file13:31
kamhaghok thanks, how can i move the swap partition to HDD?13:31
kamhaghmy hdd is huge, so i shouldn't worry13:31
ikonia8gb of swap is a mistake13:32
compdoctheres a package that lets you use a file for swap. forget the name13:32
kamhaghi didn't even chose to use swap , at installation13:32
compdocits automatic13:32
kamhaghcan i make  apartition?13:32
compdochowever you like13:32
kamhaghoh, so what should i do now?!  i perfer partition, but anyway how can i remove ssd one and make new HDD one?!13:33
Gatishow can i check what KDE metapackages ubuntu has?13:33
kamhaghcompdoc: i mean how should i do it?!13:33
ActionParsnipikonia: not if you need hibernate13:33
ikoniaActionParsnip: yes, a fair point13:34
compdocyou use the command 'swapoff' and use gparted to delete the swap partition you dont want13:34
ActionParsnipkamhagh: do you intend to use hibernate?13:34
kamhaghActionParsnip: nope !:)13:34
kamhagh<ActionParsnip: not even sleep :P13:34
OERIAS10.04 lts is still supported?13:34
ActionParsnipkamhagh: they you wont need it13:34
ActionParsnipikonia: looks like you were right :)13:35
pdo_fn14OERIAS: Only for server13:35
kamhaghActionParsnip: good, so how can i delete it :?13:35
GatisHello, how do check packages?13:35
Ririshikamhagh, press delete :)13:35
Ririshikamhagh, ignore me, I like trolling13:35
kamhaghlol :D13:35
GatisHow to find or search packages in terminal?13:35
kamhaghi can just remove it in disk manager? wont that damage system as its running?13:35
Ririshikamhagh, you want to get rid of your swap partition?13:36
kamhaghRirishi: yes13:37
ActionParsnipkarakedi: what is the output of:  sudo parted -l; lsb_release -a     please use a pastebin.like http://pastie.org13:37
Ririshikamhagh, opend GParted, right click swap partition, swapoff, then delete the swap partition13:37
Ririshiyou'll end up having some empty space though x)13:38
=== Daghdha is now known as Daghdha_AFK
kamhaghRirishi: GPartition is disks?13:38
Ririshikamhagh, GParted is the disk manager program included in Ubuntu when you install it13:38
kamhaghRirishi: ig ot it thanks:D13:38
Ririshinp :)13:39
kamhaghRirishi: i got it thanks:D*13:39
pdo_fn14Gatis: See "man aptitude"?.13:39
ActionParsnipkamhagh: my command will give us what we ned in text format13:39
ActionParsnipGatis: apt-cache search text13:39
ActionParsnippdo_fn14: aptitude isnt installed by default13:39
kamhaghActionParsnip , Ririshi told me to deactive and remove it , i did it, now i got free sapce, i assume i have to reboot to some partition manager and change size of ubuntu main partition13:39
Gatisah alright thanks13:40
GatisI forgot about man13:40
ActionParsnipkamhagh: if you want to resize your system partition into it you will need the liveCD desktop, so that the partition is unmounted13:40
pdo_fn14ActionParsnip: ISO Trusty image won't provide it?.13:40
kamhaghActionParsnip: i got it on usb flash drive, should i reboot now and use the disks apps?13:40
Ririshikamhagh, yeah you can reboot and use the GParted app on the liveCD13:41
kamhaghActionParsnip: sorry i don't want to damage my ubuntu !:) i spent like 4 days to download these apps :D13:41
GatisI have a problem.. When i try to install Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron i get black screen after Ubuntu loading screen during install.. Do you now why so? Something with video driver?13:41
kamhaghRirishi , thanks a lot :) rebooting13:41
ActionParsnipkamhagh: makes sense, as long as yu can boot to a desktop off the one you are running so that the partition is not mounted, you are ok13:41
ActionParsnipGatis: hardy is completely EOL and no longer supported13:41
kamhaghthanks a lot guys :) BB rebooting:)13:41
ActionParsnipGatis: do a clean install of Trusty and enjoy suppor til April 201913:42
stangelandhow do i install this ppa on my ubuntu 14.04 6bit desktop machine? https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/trusty/amd64/pidgin-sipe/1.17.3-113:42
GatisIm using Ubuntu 14.04 now but i needed to try Ubuntu 8 Hardy Heron13:42
pdo_fn14Gatis: try a VM.13:43
RirishiApril 2019 O.o13:43
Gatispdo_fn14,  can't slow pc13:43
ActionParsnip!info pidgin-sipe13:43
ubottupidgin-sipe (source: pidgin-sipe): Pidgin plugin for MS Office Communicator and MS Lync. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.17.3-1 (trusty), package size 245 kB, installed size 1159 kB13:43
ActionParsnipRirishi: yes, released in 2014, 5 years support13:43
ActionParsnipRirishi: thats why the release number is (14).0413:44
ActionParsnipRirishi: its also released in April, the (04)th month13:44
ActionParsnipstangeland: sudo apt-get install pidgin-sipe13:44
stangelandActionParsnip, so how do i exectute pidgin-sipe once installed?13:44
ActionParsnipstangeland: its a plugin for the application, just close Pidgin then reopen it and the plugin will be available in the plugins window13:45
littlebithi people, i need a little help with connecting the "wii remote black MOTION PLUS" onto my ubuntu system. i followed the steps of this link: http://wiki.ubuntuusers.de/Wiimote but the pairing doesn't work. ubuntu doesn't see the remote13:45
littlebitcan someone help13:46
RirishiActionParsnip, woah didn't notice that :o13:46
RirishiActionParsnip, So they always release in april and october?13:46
stangelandActionParsnip, ahh i see...which protocol should i then choose if i want to use LYNC?13:47
hey_joe_i know this may be off topic, however I can't find a good channel for it... I need to factory reset a Sonicwall ESA 3300, however can't find any documentation. I have web access to the device at, however need to reset the box completely as I do not have credentials (bought off eBay)13:48
hey_joe_anyone have experience with these devices?13:48
pdo_fn14Ririshi: it's depends on when Ubuntu's released. Noticeably April and October, but maybe soon Ubuntu will be surprising cut for a little bit changes.13:48
compdochey_joe_, usually best to press the reset button in the right way13:48
DJoneshey_joe_: It might be worth asking in ##hardware they may be able to point you in the right direction13:49
Ririshipdo_fn14, that'd be ugly (I probably have OCD)13:49
hey_joe_thank you guys13:49
hey_joe_i tried the reset button obviously13:49
hey_joe_a few different combinations13:49
hey_joe_ill ask in #hardware13:49
hey_joe_i know this may be off topic, however I can't find a good channel for it... I need to factory reset a Sonicwall ESA 3300, however can't find any documentation. I have web access to the device at, however need to reset the box completely as I do not have credentials (bought off eBay)13:49
sakamophey_joe_: There is usually a tiny button you press with a paperclip to factory reset (and a larger button to reboot)13:49
hey_joe_sorry for the double spam13:49
hey_joe_sakamop, didn't realize there was a reset and reboot13:50
hey_joe_just the one button :/13:51
Ririshilol -.-13:51
RirishiThat's on pretty much every piece on hardware13:51
Ririshitiny almost invisible reset button ;D13:51
littlebithi people, i need a little help with connecting the "wii remote black MOTION PLUS" onto my ubuntu system. i followed the steps of this link: http://wiki.ubuntuusers.de/Wiimote but the pairing doesn't work. ubuntu doesn't see the remote, can someone help13:52
sakamophey_joe_: This is offtopic but they do appear to have docs. Not sure if that is your exact one. https://support.software.dell.com/sonicwall-e-class-nsa-series/e650013:52
depeszhi. how to add non-utf8 locale to system?13:53
depeszlocale -a lists  lots of en_*.utf8 locales, but I need also en_US13:53
user123321Help, LUbuntu shows nothing after logging in. Just the desktop background.13:55
user123321Anything I could do through ctrl+alt+f1?13:55
ActionParsnipuser123321: if you press CTRL+ALT+T do you get a terminal?13:56
user123321I suspect there's an error in bash, I reinstalled bash but the problem still persist.13:56
user123321ActionParsnip, Yes.13:56
user123321I reinstalled desktop and bash both through ctrl+alt+f113:56
user123321no luck13:56
g4br1e1Hello, I had a questions whether we can do iOS development on Linux. Ubuntu or whatever distributiojn13:57
MonkeyDustuser123321  install a different desktop environment (DE) and work from there, if you want unity back13:57
k1l_user123321: see the logs what is making trouble: .xsession-errors in /home. dmesg/syslog in /var/log13:57
ActionParsnipuser123321: try:  openbox --replace13:58
ActionParsnipMonkeyDust: user has Lubuntu :)13:58
MonkeyDustActionParsnip  i missed that part... btw , just discovered openbox myself13:58
ActionParsnip<3 openbox13:58
user123321what's the easiest fix, installing Unity desktop?13:59
=== BlackoutIsHere|O is now known as BlackoutIsHere
mainanybody here that have experience using AppArmor ? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AppArmor13:59
ActionParsnipuser123321: did my command help?13:59
user123321ActionParsnip, failed to open the display from the display encironement variable14:00
main... why do people in the Ubuntu community insist calling documentation for tutorials : (14:03
ActionParsnipmain: sometimes they are, sometimes they aren't14:03
ActionParsnipmain: plus, once you can do the fix, you can repeat it :)14:03
DJ_UnibobGPU upgrade appears to have went smoothly on the ubuntu side, though the text on the GRUB loader is TINY.  Most likely a resolution issue though.14:04
abadayHi, how do I change name of interfaces in ubuntu 14.04?14:05
ikoniaudev rules14:05
ikonianot sure why you would want to/need to14:05
mainActionParsnip, yes you have a point, still is is frustrating  then you searching for examples setting up something14:06
abadaythey are called em1,2 and p2p1 and p2p2, just need to have them as the others as eth0-314:06
ActionParsnipmain: try searching for different terms14:06
abadayikonia: what do i do in /etc/udev/rules.d/14:07
abaday70-persistent doesnt exist there14:07
mainActionParsnip, I try to get AppAmor to work and have search for an hour after some guide explaining all steps. Like for example how to restrict the "ping" command14:07
ActionParsnipmain: is there an apparmor channel?14:08
ActionParsnipmain: you could always use groups to manage who can run what14:09
ikoniaabaday: persistnat rules are for after the device is created14:09
ikoniaabaday: look for the network development rules14:09
ActionParsnipmain: then set the binary to 660, then only the owner (root) and the group you make (and apply to the binary) can run the applications14:09
ikoniaabaday: there is no need to change the device names though14:10
ikoniaabaday: infact I advise you against this14:10
abadayikonia: why?14:10
ikoniaabaday: as those devicie names are now the standard across a modern linux install, why do you need to change them ??14:10
mainActionParsnip, yes, but if I install a application how do I know what permissions that application have ?14:11
ActionParsnipmain: I guess, apparmor is a lot more graceful14:11
abadaybecause all the servers we have, use eth0 for one purpose, eth1 for other and so on. We wanted to have same name for documentation14:11
mainlets say you want to restrict firefox to only access files in the download folder in your home dir. how do you do that ?14:12
yskapellHello guys14:13
rezahello guys14:13
abadayikonia: forgot to tag you14:13
rezacan u suggest me wher can connect to linux kernel forum14:13
yskapellHow can I specify a specific order to start servers using upstart?14:13
anarkhos"WARNING: Although this configuration sets a "safe" refresh rate of ~60Hz, I cannot absolutely guarantee that your hardware won't be damaged. Use at your own risk" - why would the hardware be damaged?14:14
ikoniaabaday: all your servers won't be using eth0 if they are on the same hardware and same ubuntu version14:14
rougethHello people. My onboard video card is not working, how can I verify the drivers? Do you know how can I explore the problem?14:15
ikoniadefine "not working"14:16
teololtoyyeah try check if it's disabled in bios settings, rougeth14:16
yskapellHow can I specify a specific order to start servers using upstart?14:16
ikoniayskapell: "depends"14:16
rougethikonia, I plug the monitor and Ubuntu does not detect it.14:16
yskapellikonia: from what?14:17
teololtoyis it disabled in bios, rougeth?14:17
ActionParsniprougeth: is the system a laptop?14:17
rougethteololtoy, good! I'm gonna try it know14:17
rougethActionParsnip, no, it is not.14:17
teololtoyyeah, good luck14:17
ikoniayskapell: depends on either a status or a different script14:17
ActionParsniprougeth: do you have a video chip in the system that works ok?14:17
rougethActionParsnip, yes14:18
abadayikonia: servers are running sles, ubuntu, centos and whatnot14:18
yskapellikonia: Can you please be more specific?14:18
ikoniaabaday: right, so you can't have a standard then14:18
ikoniayskapell: in what way ?14:18
yskapellFor example I want the mysql to start before tomcat7 and apache before tomcat14:18
yskapellhow can I do that?14:18
ikoniayskapell: so you'd need to have tomcat depend on mysql script and tomcat depend on apache14:19
ikoniaso tomcat will not start until apache has started14:19
abadayikonia: but lets say my life is at risk and someone is pointing a gun at me, how '14:19
yskapellyes, how I do that...14:19
ikoniaabaday: lets not make up nonsense solutions14:19
ikoniayskapell: by script depends14:19
abadaydo I chacnge network interface name on ubuntu 14.04?14:19
ikoniaabaday: the udev rules is the answer, but I very ystrongly addvise you to stay clear or this14:20
=== Daghdha_AFK is now known as Daghdha
yskapelldo I have to add it in /etc/init/apache.conf ?14:20
yskapellif yes how?14:20
ikoniayskapell: check the upstart docs for script depends, I don't have the syntax off the top of my head14:20
tadoi need to make a bootable usb for mac os x from my ubuntu 14.04, but can only find info that goes the other way round. does anyone know how to do it?14:22
anarkhosRougeth_: have you verified that the monitor works with other operating systems?14:24
=== Daghdha is now known as Daghdha_AFK
=== Daghdha_AFK is now known as Daghdha
Rougeth_the problem is not in the bios14:26
prohobowine sucks14:26
k1l_prohobo: please watch your language in here14:27
ActionParsnipprohobo: its not perfect but....what's your point?14:28
prohobowell, i was in this situation.. "hey maybe i should just uninstall windows now, dark souls should work in wine right? that's all i play anyway. oh, it doesn't"14:29
prohobothat said, dark souls does use that stupid legacy windows online gaming platform14:30
prohoboso it's understandable14:30
k1l_prohobo: look into wine app database what to do to make it work14:30
k1l_!wine | prohobo14:30
ubottuprohobo: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu14:30
prohoboGames For Windows Live completely kills the possibility of dark souls working properly on wine probaly14:31
ActionParsnipprohobo: thats why you check the wine appdb before starting, to see if it works14:31
Gatisprohobo, what are you talking about?14:31
ActionParsnipprohobo: you are forgetting that wine is trying to translate Windows ( a proprietary OS) API calls to native Linux calls14:31
ActionParsnipprohobo: as the definitions of the calls are only known by microsoft, it is a best effort attempt after lots of work14:32
prohoboi understand what wine is, and it's good at what it does, it still sucks though and isn't good enough to justify moving away from windows14:32
ActionParsnipprohobo: so not all apps work, some wont even install, some will run better than under WINdows14:32
ActionParsnipprohobo: is that your point "It's not perfect"?14:32
prohoboif it was just "not perfect" i'd be okay with it14:33
k1l_prohobo: do you have an actual ubuntu support question? this channel is not a trashcan for your ranting and flaming.14:33
ActionParsnipprohobo: again, what is your point? why bring it up?14:33
prohoboi'm not flaming...14:33
MonkeyDustprohobo  did you have an ubuntu support question?14:33
tadoi need to make a bootable usb for mac os x from my ubuntu 14.04, but can only find info that goes the other way round. does anyone know how to do it?14:33
anarkhoswhat's the best way of using the vga driver?14:33
prohoboyou guys don't have to get angry, im just saying14:34
prohoboi wish wine worked14:34
ActionParsnipprohobo: this is support, people state issues and we help them14:34
GatisSteam has many games for linux14:34
ActionParsnipprohobo: idle chat is in #ubuntu-offtopic14:34
ActionParsnipGatis: wine is more than just games ;)14:34
ActionParsniptado: you can use unetbootin and make a bootable USB for your system14:35
tadoActionParsnip: i'll look into it, thanks14:37
=== gnarly_p1rker is now known as gnarly_parker
tadoActionParsnip: unetbootin does seem to work that way. it copied the files suspiciously quick, and the bios freezes at boot with the usb inserted. on their own page it also says that it is to create ubuntu/fedora etc bootable usb's, more than from ubuntu to other os... do you have other ideas?14:48
tadoActionParsnip: sorry.. does NOT seem to work that way14:48
atlanxhello, my ubuntu has grafik problem after update from 12.04 LTS to 14.04 - how can i access the text mode to fix this?14:49
MonkeyDustatlanx  ctrl-alt f114:50
=== om26er is now known as om26er|away
atlanxnot working - all tty consoles are complete black after boot-up14:50
eeeeatlanx: try to hold shift during bootup to get the grub menu14:51
atlanxSystem: Notebook Samsung R700 - GeForce 8600M : everything worked fine with 12.0414:51
=== dontwearhats is now known as halp
atlanxgrub - yes, i can access the grub menu14:52
=== halp is now known as UKn0Me
eeeethen select recovery, then root14:52
atlanxand i can choose there the recovery mode - but same result like in normal mode - screen gets black after boot up14:52
eeeeatlanx: you dont get a menu ?14:53
atlanxi get the grub-menu14:53
eeeeafter you select recovery, do you get a menu to choose what to do?14:53
ActionParsnipeeee: remember, you will need to remount / read/write in root recovery mode14:54
atlanxno menu after hitting enter at the recovery line14:54
atlanxit says then Starting up....14:55
eeeeatlanx: ok, try to edit the grub command line, and add nomodeset14:55
atlanxand then the linux boot messages run through14:55
atlanxadding to the recovery line?  ( after the single entry)?14:55
eeeeatlanx: no on the normal installation, press 'e' to edit the menu entry14:56
atlanxeeee: ok, i try14:58
eeeeatlanx: where it says linux /boot/vmlinuz..... quiet splash14:58
htmltmux | html14:58
atlanxubuntu 14.04 splash screen is showing14:58
atlanxnot working - black again14:58
eeeeadd 'nomodeset' after quiet splash14:58
html!tmux | html14:58
Guest86615can i run ubuntu touch apps on windows?15:01
atlanxeeee: yes- i did. not helping - still black after bootup15:01
eeeeatlanx: do you have a live usb ?15:01
atlanxmoment - linux live usb creator is just downloading the 14.04 iso and preparing the stick ;)15:02
atlanxok - live usb stick is ready15:04
eeeeok boot into it15:05
atlanxok i see the live usb stick ubuntu menu15:06
atlanxwhat to start? persistent or live mode?15:07
guest2Question: I have kernel "ubuntu 3.2.0-23-generic-pae", i need "ubuntu 3.2.0-24 generic" to support Symantic AV.  how do I update the kernel to that specific level?15:09
atlanxok, ubuntu booted up - i see the desktop15:09
EL13ok atlanx what do you want to do?15:09
eeeeatlanx: open the terminal15:10
atlanxi want to repair the grafik driver of my ubuntu 14.0415:10
atlanxok - terminal is open15:10
eeeeatlanx: type lsblk15:10
eeeeget your ubuntu installation's partition15:11
tobyjones8is this where I should be for lubuntu support?15:11
atlanxok, sda1 looks like the ubuntu partition15:11
eeeeok, type sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt15:12
Cathyrinesudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt15:12
eeeeCathyrine: ?15:12
atlanxok, ls -la on /mnt looks good15:13
eeeeatlanx: ok, what else is in lsblk ?15:13
eeeedo you have a efi partition?15:13
atlanxsda2 : a 1K big partition - strange - no idea what is this for15:14
atlanxsda5 : swap15:14
atlanxsdb1 : part /cdrom15:14
atlanxsr0 : rom15:14
atlanxloop0 loop /rofs15:14
eeeetry sudo parted -l | grep fat15:14
eeeeor run sudo parted -l15:15
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=== ezhik1_ is now known as ezhik`_
atlanxi don't see anything about efi in lsblk - what is my usb-stick?15:15
eeeetry sudo parted -l15:16
eeeeit'll mention file system types15:16
atlanxah, ok sub is the usb-stick15:16
atlanxah, ok sdb is the usb-stick (sorry- auto correction changed id)15:17
atlanxsda 1 == ext3 primary15:17
=== yargh is now known as YUV
eeeeok, so i guess this is a mbr legacy ? no efi ?15:18
atlanxsda 2 is the extended holder - sda 5 is the swap15:19
atlanxi think too its mbr - partition table is msdos15:19
eeeeok, try to sudo chroot /mnt /bin/bash15:20
eeeeok, which drivers did you install ?15:21
eeeenvidia ?15:21
atlanxyes - i think it was the nvidia 304-117 ( looks like completely wrong for the 8600M GT)15:22
abadayikonia: how do I reset to default network interface names?15:23
eeeeok try to apt-get purge nvidia-*15:23
atlanxok i try15:24
innocent95Is there a way to install Eclipse Luna directly from Ubuntu?15:24
innocent95bad question, right?15:24
innocent95anybody interested?15:26
MonkeyDustinnocent95  what's eclipse luna?15:27
innocent95MonkeyDust, It's an IDE15:27
innocent95for programming development15:27
innocent95and Luna is the name of the version15:28
innocent95current version15:28
MonkeyDust!info eclipse15:28
ubottueclipse (source: eclipse): Extensible Tool Platform and Java IDE. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.8.1-5.1 (trusty), package size 15 kB, installed size 122 kB15:28
ikoniaabaday: change them back to default ?15:29
html!tmux | html15:32
htmlany here know haow to use tmux ?15:33
eeeehtml: /msg ubottu !info15:33
htmleeee,  <ubottu> Sorry, I don't know anything about tmux15:33
eeeetmux (source: tmux): terminal multiplexer. In component main, is optional. Version 1.8-5 (trusty), package size 237 kB, installed size 536 kB15:34
eeee( /msg ubottu !info tmux )15:34
ktosiekis there any support for quorum disk in Trusty Thar's HA stack?15:35
ktosiekit's based on corosync2, and seems to be missing qdisk15:35
htmleeee,  yeah nothing.15:36
MonkeyDustktosiek  14.04 has corosync, not corosync215:36
littlebithi people, I have on my machine 2 usb bluetooth dongles, and I would like to run bluetooth service only on 1 of the 2 hciX interfaces. how can I do that15:36
htmleeee,  tired -been staring at this cli for hours.15:36
shoerainso can I still stop a service after removing its associated upstart conf in /etc/init/service.conf ? Does the service just stick around?15:38
shoerainif I don't send SIGTERM or SIGKILL to it, anyway15:38
ktosiekMonkeyDust: are you sure? corosync -v says it's "2.3.3", and I can see corosync-quorumtool15:38
eeeehtml: http://www.ocf.berkeley.edu/~ckuehl/tmux/15:38
MonkeyDust!find corosync15:38
ubottuFound: corosync, corosync-dbg, corosync-dev, libcorosync-common-dev, libcorosync-common415:38
littlebithi people, I have on my machine 2 usb bluetooth dongles, and I would like to run bluetooth service only on 1 of the 2 hciX interfaces. how can I do that15:38
littlebithi people, I have on my machine 2 usb bluetooth dongles, and I would like to run bluetooth service only on 1 of the 2 hciX interfaces. how can I do that15:39
ktosiekumm, ok, and can you list versions of those packages?15:39
user123321I tried to remove most of the files from ~ that starts with "." to fix the empty desktop, now everytime I try to login, it continues to re-appear the login screen.15:39
ActionParsnipinnocent95: http://blog.vogella.com/2014/02/21/using-eclipse-luna-on-ubunbu/15:39
ActionParsnipinnocent95: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EclipseIDE15:39
MonkeyDustktosiek  use    info [package]15:39
eeeeshoerain: i think so, it would still be running15:40
ktosiek!info corosync15:40
ubottucorosync (source: corosync): Standards-based cluster framework (daemon and modules). In component main, is optional. Version 2.3.3-1ubuntu1 (trusty), package size 206 kB, installed size 920 kB15:40
ActionParsnipinnocent95: http://www.kaibader.de/fix-eclipse-luna-display-on-ubuntu-14-04/15:40
digitsmI want to install xubuntu 14.04 x64 on my old laptop15:40
ActionParsnipinnocent95: http://tutorialforlinux.com/2014/04/16/how-to-install-eclipse-4-4-luna-for-java-ee-developers-on-ubuntu-14-04-trusty-lts-32-64bit-easy-visual-guide/15:40
ktosiekMonkeyDust:  ↑ looks like it's 2.x :-)15:40
ActionParsnipdigitsm: what CPU and RAM amount does it have please?15:40
digitsmI consider using btrfs as my only partition15:40
ActionParsnipinnocent95: WebUpd8 has a PPA for Oracle Java15:40
MonkeyDustktosiek  then it's your lucky day :)15:40
digitsmActionParsnip: CPU=Intel Core2Due (Dual core) @2.2GZ, RAM=4GB15:41
ktosieknot really, as I want to use qdisk or sbd15:41
ActionParsnipinnocent95: quick huh, good old internet15:41
MonkeyDustdigitsm  if you waqnt to expermiment, try it in a virtual machine, first15:41
ActionParsnipdigitsm: thats plenty of grunt, install any Ubuntu release you desire.15:41
ktosiekand they both seem to be missing in trusty :-<15:41
innocent95ActionParsnip, How you know?15:41
ActionParsnipinnocent95: they appear very concise....15:41
innocent95alright :D15:42
digitsmI only have a question,  does ubuntu make btrfs subvolumes automatically for / and /home?15:42
digitsmOr should I do something manually?15:42
louisdkAm I missing a proper package since Skype lacks global menu support: http://i.imgur.com/ujSECg9.png - Ubuntu 14.04 with Skype
MonkeyDustdigitsm  see my advise above15:42
kronusCould anyone help me with a memory problem with gnome-shell?15:43
digitsmMonkeyDust: I am a heavy linux user, I don't want to experiment, I want to migrate to a strong distro15:43
ktosiekanyway, is there any site/ML for HA on Ubuntu?15:43
ActionParsniplouisdk: I suggest you report a bug15:43
digitsmI used to debian testing with ext4 and separate / and home partitions15:43
digitsmNow I want to try xubuntu and a single btrfs partition for everything15:44
htmldigitsm,  define your meaning of "strong ditro and you get linux/gnu  XD15:44
digitsmI have read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/btrfs15:45
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htmldigitsm,  what are you looking for15:45
ActionParsnipktosiek: we use heartbeat here15:45
ActionParsnipdigitsm: thats fine, why not ext4?15:45
digitsmhtml: I want ubuntu to make different subvolumes for / and /home, so I could rollback to their older version by reverting to their snapshots15:46
ktosiekActionParsnip: on trusty?15:46
digitsmhtml: Does ubuntu make it automatically?15:46
ActionParsnipktosiek: its on Mandriva but should operate similarly15:46
ktosiekActionParsnip: well, there are a few options when it comes to HA stacks, and most distros only ship one of them15:47
ActionParsnip!info heartbeat15:47
ktosiekUbuntu trusty seems to be corosync2/pacemaker, RHEL 7 will probably go this way too, RHEL6 was corosync 1/pacemaker15:47
ubottuheartbeat (source: heartbeat): Subsystem for High-Availability Linux. In component main, is optional. Version 1:3.0.5-3.2 (trusty), package size 272 kB, installed size 1184 kB15:47
ActionParsnipktosiek: seems to exist15:48
ktosiektouche, mistyped the name when searching :-)15:48
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digitsmActionParsnip: I need btrfs to: 1. take snapshots 2. get transparent compression15:48
=== subhojit777|AFK is now known as subhojit777
htmldigitsm, you mean like use clonezilla server to take a "snap shot " and when recovering place it back on the same partition ?  [assuming you have your data it its our partition ?15:48
bstringhtml, no snapshots on btrfs and zfs are diff based, i know you can do them live on zfs15:49
MonkeyDustdigitsm  if you do'nt get an answer here, ask in #btrfs  <-- 300+ people there15:50
ktosiekok, gotta go, bye!15:50
digitsmMonkeyDust: Yeah, it seems I have to go to #btrfs15:50
digitsmSo bye now15:50
ActionParsnipdigitsm: zfs has great snapshotting too :)15:51
bstring<3 zfs15:51
digitsmActionParsnip: I know, but zfs works better on freebsd rather  than linux kernel15:52
digitsmAnd zfs is more for servers with multiple storage devices15:53
bstringzfsonlinux, rather than the fuse version... but yes, I use freebsd and OpenIndiana at home15:54
ActionParsnipdigitsm: not seen an issue with it personally15:54
bstringso, i did come here with a question in mind htough. I have a storage box on u-12.04. (getting there)15:54
RirishiHow do I enable timestamps on xChat?15:54
htmlbstring,  digitsm  wanted to know that15:54
bstringlots of mixed disk arrays, one mhddfs set and a usb3 card15:55
bstringfdisk -l gets a coredump when a seagate usb3 external 4tb is plugged in.15:56
htmlRirishi,  settings -> Preffernces15:56
guest2I have ubuntu 12.04 and trying to install an app that requires kernel "3.2.0-24-generic", but my installed version is "3.2.0-23-generic-pae".. does anyone know how to update to a SPECIFIC kernel?..15:56
ActionParsnipRirishi: http://blog.bodhizazen.net/linux/xchat-customizations/15:56
guest2should I be in #ubuntu-kernel for this?15:56
ActionParsnipRirishi: https://duckduckgo.com/?q=enable+timestamps+on+xChat    5th link....15:57
MonkeyDustguest2  i use 12.04 too and it has 3.8.0-44-generic, guess you have to upgrade, first15:57
RirishiGreat thanks :)15:57
htmlwelcome -15:58
RirishiI'm fairly blind :/15:58
guest2but how do you upgrade to a specific level?  has to be 3.2.0-24-generic..15:58
RirishiI didn't even see it when looking at the settings x)15:58
genii!info linux-image-generic precise15:58
ubottulinux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (precise), package size 2 kB, installed size 32 kB15:58
htmlRirishi,  well while you are at it you can resize the text so you can see better15:58
Ririshihtml how did you guess my eyes are bad? :"(15:59
bstringisn't "requiring" a specific kernel a bug in itself?15:59
Ririshihtml, lel.15:59
NDShi, i accidently deleted my partitions while installing ubuntu. need assistance on using "testdisk"15:59
digitsmIf any ubuntu user here has experience in installing a fresh ubuntu installation on a btrfs partition, please help me15:59
htmlRirishi,  you just told the whole group15:59
ActionParsnipdigitsm: its an option in the installer15:59
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guest2Symantic AV only works at 3.0.24-generic..16:00
yofunCan anyone help me...I kinda broke my sound while trying to install drivers16:00
MonkeyDustguest2  why do you need symantec av?16:00
digitsmActionParsnip: Does ubuntu installer automatically make different subvolumes for / and /home16:00
NDShi, i accidently deleted my partitions while installing ubuntu. need assistance on using "testdisk"16:00
digitsmActionParsnip: And shall I edit boot options or does ubuntu automatically mounts those subvolumes upon boot?16:01
ActionParsnipyofun: http://pastie.org/948641016:01
Ririshidigitism, subvolumes as in... partitions?16:01
geniiguest2: In apt-get you can specify package version with syntax like: sudo apt-get install linux-image-generic=
Ririshidigitism, It doesn't make those afaik..16:01
ActionParsnipdigitsm: once you set the partitions to use for the mount points, theinstaller sets it up for you16:01
ActionParsnipdigitsm: remember Ubuntu's target audience16:01
yofunActionParsnip:  trying now16:01
digitsmActionParsnip: I don't want to make different partitions for different mount points, only different subvolumes inside the btrfs 0partition16:02
NDSsomebody help me with using recovery tool "testdisk"  to recover multiple ntfs volumes16:02
htmldigitsm,  i guess you can try the server/ for the installer options then guts the server stuff out and install a desktop of your choosing?16:03
ActionParsnipdigitsm: that will be accommodated16:04
bentinataHello, anyone know how to fix when my keyboard special keys won't work?16:04
Ririshibentinata, wrong keyboard layout?16:04
ActionParsnipyofun: also try http://www.webupd8.org/2009/06/sound-muted-after-restart-in-ubuntu.html16:04
digitsmActionParsnip: Really? Then I got my answer16:04
ActionParsnipbentinata: if you run:  xev   and press the keys, do they make events?16:04
bentinataActionParsnip, yes. It's work pretty well in browser.16:05
zzhi, could someone please help me install the correct graphics driver from a ppa16:05
ikoniazz: be careful16:05
ikoniazz: what do you believe you need ?16:06
Ririshithey're watching you!16:06
* Ririshi feels like eating popcorn...16:06
zzi need open source drivers that can use shaders 3.0 on my r9 280x gfx card16:06
bentinataActionParsnip, and only browser. It work couple days ago, and Google search doensn't help.16:06
ikoniaRirishi: the pointless noise/comments, can you please stop them, I asked you this earlier I ibelieve16:07
ikoniazz: is that an AMD/ati card ?16:07
zzi found open source amd drivers from ppa:oibaf/graphics-drivers but i dont know how to install them after adding the ppa16:07
NDSi need assistance in recovering partitions using "testdisk"16:07
Ririshiikonia, did you?16:07
zzyeah its amd/ati16:07
Ririshiikonia, I'll stop then16:07
yofunActionParsnip:  that pastie command didnt work out, I still have a "dummy output"16:07
ikoniaRirishi: I think so, but I could be wrong, but either way, please stop16:08
ActionParsnipbentinata: if you go into keyboard settings, you can double click an action and press your key to assign the key to the chosen function16:08
BLZbubba_anyone here familiar with configfs?16:08
ikoniazz: so what's wrong with the driver packages ubuntu provide in their repos ?16:08
bentinataActionParsnip, yep, I've tried that, also tried different binds. Just don't work.16:08
zzthey dont have shaders 3.0 for my graphics card16:08
ActionParsnipyofun: if you boot an older kernel, is it ok. There seems to be a missing driver version for Alsa16:08
yofunActionParsnip:  Yea. how do I fix the drivers? i broke it myself16:08
zzthe catalyst control center doesnt have it also, thats why i need the open source16:08
yofunI was trying to install the maxaudio drivers for my laptop.16:09
yofunIt has a subwoofer etc....16:09
ikoniazz: there are open source ones in the repos too16:09
bstringACK - that catches me every time! ssh to an ubuntu setup and the default EDITOR is nano! almost screwed up a crontab typing on autopilot thinking i was in vi...16:09
ActionParsnipzz: what is the output of:   cat /etc/issue16:09
zzcan you please tell me how to install it is what im asking, i dont know how to install anything from a ppa lol16:09
ikoniazz: I'm advising you not to install anything from a PPA yet, until you are certain you need it16:10
ActionParsnipbstring: you edit crontab with visudo, you canexport EDITOR=nano   and use nano if you prefer16:10
ActionParsnipzz: what is the output of:   cat /etc/issue16:10
zzi dont even know what you are talking about sorry16:11
ActionParsnipzz: its a terminal command with a single line of output, so no need to pastebin16:11
bstringActionParsnip yes, I know. I'm just griping about their "standard"16:11
ActionParsnipzz: press CTRL+ALT+T and run the command I gave, copy the output and paste as an update16:11
zzlook, i installed steam, i went to play cs go, i need shaders 3.0 the current catalyst control center doesnt support my gfx card properly, does this understand16:11
ikoniazz: ok, so thats a good reason not to install anything from a PPA yet if you are not sure what we are talking  about16:11
ActionParsnipikonia: +116:11
NDShi, i accidently deleted my partitions while installing ubuntu. need assistance on using "testdisk"16:11
ikoniazz: I understand that - but that doesn't mean you need a PPA16:11
ikoniazz: hence why I'm trying to get you to slow down and check the versions that ubuntu provide in their repos16:12
zzUbuntu 14.04.1 LTS \n \l ?16:14
ActionParsnipzz: that is your release, you are using Trusty :)16:14
zzso how does this get my graphics driver working correctly lol16:15
MonkeyDustzz  maybe you don't need a PPA, first look in repo's, ubuntu's own sources16:15
yofunActionParsnip:  How do I find and install the correct drivers?16:15
ikoniaI think I'll stop help16:15
ActionParsnipzz: if you REALLY want to use the PPA, run:     sudo add-apt-repository ppa:oibaf/graphics-drivers; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get dist-upgrade16:15
BLZbubba_ubuntu desktop has a device manager16:15
Ririshizz: System Settings > Software & Updates > Additional Drivers > Look at available drivers?16:15
MonkeyDustzz  use synaptic, or the software center, or apt-get16:15
ikonianot massively liking the smart attitude from someone who is admitting they are "new" and asking for help16:15
ActionParsnipzz: I would take ikonia's advise but keep that as a last resort16:15
BLZbubba_zz: search for "hardware" in the ubuntu search thingy16:16
zzsorry if i offended you because i am not as knowledgeable at something as you are .16:16
ActionParsnipzz: be sure your OS is fully updated too, this can make a big difference16:16
BLZbubba_zz: i meant driver, not hardware16:17
ikoniazz: no offense due to that, offense taken due to your smart comments with people who are actually trying to get info to help you properly16:17
BLZbubba_zz: or from a terminal just run: driver-manager16:17
bentinataikonia, you're sensitive eh? :P16:17
ikonianot at all16:18
zzseems like you feel some sorta way16:18
zzits just as difficult for me to understand as it is you trying to make me understand your questions, no need to be mad about me16:18
ikoniazz: if I'm asking people for help - the last think I do is make smart mouth comments to them, it's rude, it's not sensitive, I just don't waste my time with rude people16:18
zzlol, wake up and smell the coffee love16:19
zzthanks guys16:19
bentinatais xhe logged out?16:20
capncrunch4meWho should I submit a kernel bug to in the latest Ubuntu 14.04 kernel that can easily be exploited to kill a host machine?16:20
capncrunch4meI would prefer to keep it out of the community for security reasons16:20
ActionParsnipcapncrunch4me: run:   ubuntu-bug linux-image-generic    and it will start the process16:21
ikoniacapncrunch4me: mark it as a security bug16:21
BLZbubba_capncrunch4me: how about linus16:22
BLZbubba_or is it just in ubuntu16:22
capncrunch4mei dont know if it affect latest stable kernels16:22
capncrunch4me14.04 runs a bit behind the ml kernel, as you know16:22
ikonialog the bug to ubuntu and mark it as security, then let it filter upstream16:23
capncrunch4meok thanks. I wish I could bump up the fact that Pxe install is broken in 14.04 as well. Kind of a biggie for large users16:24
lickalottgents, just updated to 14.04 (finally) and as I'm running through certain programs and finding errors I'm correcting them.  The one that I'm having trouble with is Multibit.  I don't get an error so I don't really know where to go next.  Any help would be appreciated.16:24
bentinatahmm, restarting x11 doesn't help16:24
yofunIs there a way to completely purge all sound related drivers and packages reinstall them hoping it would automatically reconfigure the drivers?16:24
ActionParsniplickalott: what is the output of:  java -version16:25
ActionParsniplickalott: I assume you used this guide https://www.multibit.org/en/help/v0.5/help_installing.html16:25
lickalottActionParsnip,  java version "1.7.0_55"16:26
MonkeyDustyofun  try this: sudo aptitude purge '~c'16:26
ActionParsniplickalott: have you tried Oracle Java? It is easily installable via the WebUpd8 PPA16:26
lickalotti haven't.  It worked fine before I upgraded.16:27
ActionParsniplickalott: what did you "upgrade" exactly16:27
yofunThis is what broke my sound drivers.16:27
lickalottwhen I launch via command line I don't get errors but I don't get a window either.16:27
lickalottActionParsnip, 12.04 --> 14.0416:27
ActionParsnipyofun: try:   sudo apt-get --reinstall install `dpkg -l | egrep -i 'alsa|pulse' | awk {'print $2'}`16:28
lickalottActionParsnip, I'm going to back up my wallet, then uninstall and re-install and see if that works.16:29
ActionParsniplickalott: I suggest you try the Oracle Java, you may need to reinstall the application too but hopefully it's just after some of the features in Oracle Java16:29
yofunActionParsnip:  Should I restart now?16:30
ActionParsnipyofun: also try:  killall pulseaudio; rm -r ~/.pulse ~/.config/pulse*16:31
ActionParsnipyofun: then reboot16:31
yofunActionParsnip: rm: cannot remove ‘/home/yofun/.pulse’: No such file or directory16:31
NDSi accidently lost windows partitions while installing ubuntu . i need to recover it16:33
yofunActionParsnip: still a dummy output ;(16:33
MonkeyDustyofun  did you try the command i suggested?16:33
lickalottActionParsnip, the ppa gave me nothing.  Followign this now - http://www.webupd8.org/2012/06/how-to-install-oracle-java-7-in-debian.html16:33
yofun11:26 AM <MonkeyDust> yofun try this: sudo aptitude purge '~c'16:34
yofunLooks suspicious16:34
yofunI broke my sound drivers following this http://askubuntu.com/questions/246684/do-i-need-any-extra-drivers-for-the-realtek-waves-maxx-audio-on-my-dell-xps-1716:35
MonkeyDustyofun  scroll down http://linuxg.net/aptitude-trick-delete-the-packages-that-were-removed-but-not-purged/16:35
lickalottis it a good idea to remove all the "Disabled on trusty" sources in my sources.list now ?16:36
=== goku is now known as Guest51062
yofunMonkeyDust:  Im sorry.16:36
yofunNo packages will be installed, upgraded, or removed.16:36
htmllickalott,  sudo apt-get install default-jdk16:37
bentinataNDS left alone :(16:37
yofunlspci -v | grep -A7 -i "audio"16:37
yofunHow do I find/install the drivers for https://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/RLnTOwzD16:38
htmllickalott,  https://www.digitalocean.com has some great stuff to get you going.16:38
NDSbentinata im already broke.:) i dont know what to do. cant find enough resources on web too16:38
bentinataNDS, I've done that before, currently searching16:39
NDSbentinata i tried testdisk and its showing my 4 ntfs volumes . dont know how to proceed to get it back16:40
guest2genii, thanks for the earlier suggestion.. cant find kernel.. any way "apt-get" can list available kernel packages?16:40
eeeeNDS: press "p" to list files16:40
moegreenhey guys have a simple question im sure.  I have 2 simple text files. the first file has 653k server names.  My 2nd file has a list of a few server names.  I need to know if any server names from list 2 are in list one and spit out a yes or no or something like that.16:41
lickalotthtml, a cloud server?16:41
kali-linuxCompair both...16:42
kali-linuxWIHT cp command16:42
bentinataNDS, guess eeee can help16:43
guest2can apt-get be used to list available kernel installs?16:43
kmystanybody know how i can download an older version of the server guide??16:43
OerHeksmoegreen, "diff file1 file2 "16:43
ActionParsnipguest2: apt-cache policy linux-image-generic16:44
kmystguest2: dpkg --get-selections | grep linux-16:44
NDSeeee i pressed p, but its giving some weird results. the folders are not named in readable form. so i cant understand the needed volume16:45
yofunHow do I find/install the drivers for https://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/RLnTOwzD16:45
moegreenso you're thinking diff file 1 file 2 > output16:46
lickalottActionParsnip, still nothing.16:46
htmllickalott,  well if you want , but im pointing you to their data base of good and well written articals16:46
lickalottahh... thanks html16:47
htmllickalott,  wellcome16:47
eeeemoegreen: you need to comm command to see if any names in that list exist in the other16:48
eeeemoegreen: diff will only show the difference in the files16:48
zteamHi all!16:48
eeeemoegreen: run comm -12 list1 list216:48
zteamIs there any easy way to install ALL suggested packages from say Audacity?16:48
moegreencool ill try that16:48
zteamwith APT?16:48
user123321Can ctrl+alt+f1 recovery mode detect my  USB flash drive?16:49
ianorlincontrol alt f1 will switch you to a command line enviroment user123321 and it may be possible to mount and show the drive but would have to do it manually16:50
eeeeNDS: did you select intel as the partition type when you started?16:50
zteamI tried with sudo apt-get --install-suggests install audacity16:50
user123321ianorlin, Oh ok, thanks.16:50
NDSeeee yes i selected "intel/pc"16:50
htmllickalott,  they have a irc channel on here if you want to join- im on there-   the ppl on #digital have stuff that may be helpful to you.16:50
ActionParsnipzteam: sudo apt-get install `apt-cache search audacity | awk {'print $1'}`16:50
zteamBut that doesn't seem to install suggested packages showing up from Audacity in synaptic?16:50
moegreeneeee says file 2 is not sorted16:50
ActionParsnipzteam: will install all packages with names or descriptions with the word "audacity" in them16:51
htmllickalott,  they have a irc channel on here if you want to join- im on there-   the ppl on #digitalocean have stuff that may be helpful to you.16:51
eeeeyou need to pipe them to sort -u first16:51
lickalottahh...lol  I joined digital and was the only one in there.16:51
html sorry16:51
eeeedont know if there's an option in comm16:51
htmllickalott,   #digitalocean16:52
svenxyofun: that should probably work with snd_hda_intel.16:52
lickalottshould I just come right out with the multibit issue or start with the java one (that seems to be handled btw)16:52
svenxyofun: type this: ls -la /sys/devices/pci0000\:00/0000\:00\:1b.0/driver16:52
yofunyofun@yofun-Inspiron-3521:~$ ls -la /sys/devices/pci0000\:00/0000\:00\:1b.0/driver16:53
yofunls: cannot access /sys/devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:1b.0/driver: No such file or directory16:53
svenxyofun: alternatively, find the XXXX:YYYY id of your card, by "lspci -nn"16:53
svenxyofun: it should say [8086:something]16:54
zteamActionParsnip, that seems to work fine, but why isn't sudo apt-get --install-suggests install audacity working as it should? or did I make a typo somewhere?16:54
svenxyofun: next, see if that matches the pci module aliases produced by: modinfo snd_hda_intel|grep alias16:54
bentinatathanks, bye16:54
ObrienDavezteam, sudo apt-get install --install-suggests audacity16:54
yofunmodinfo: ERROR: Module snd_hda_intel not found.16:55
svenxyofun: what system is this?16:55
yofunDell inspiron 15-352116:56
zteamObrienDave, tried that one too, but it doesn't want to install anything more, than just sudo apt-get install audacity in that case16:57
tjrhow do I backup and restore the kde calendar (kontact)?16:57
svenxyofun: i mean, is it ubuntu 14 or something?16:57
OerHekszteam, what package do you think will install extra? or what do you miss from it ?16:57
svenxyofun: you really should have that module available if it's a normal ubuntu system16:57
ActionParsnipzteam: not sure tbh16:57
tjrI've already tried exporting it as icalendar and then re-importing, but that mangles all of my separate calendars together16:57
yofunIts ubuntu 14.04 and yes Im the one who broke it.16:58
svenxyofun: how did you break it?16:58
user123321fdisk -l does not show my USB drive.16:58
yofunThen I have tried many other troubleshooting gudies to fix it....16:58
user123321ianorlin, ^16:58
yofunAfter I get a "dummy output"16:58
ianorlinuser123321: does it show up in lsusb?16:59
svenxyofun: try: find /lib/modules/`uname -r`/ -name 'snd?hda?intel*'16:59
ObrienDavezteam, did you try ActionParsnip's command?16:59
ObrienDavesudo apt-get install `apt-cache search audacity | awk {'print $1'}`17:00
yofunsvenx:  no results.17:00
zteamOerHeks, Well if I go in to synaptic there are over 10 suggestions from Audacity, I'm just looking for a simple way to install  all of them at once instead of just marking each suggested package17:00
nighty-_Anyone succeeded in installing and actually using lua-sql-sqlite3 on 14.04 ?17:00
user123321ianorlin, Yep.17:00
svenxyofun: does this produce any output at all? find /lib/modules/`uname -r`/kernel/sound/pci/hda17:01
yofunsvenx:  output is: /lib/modules/3.13.0-34-generic/kernel/sound/pci/hda17:02
zteamObrienDave, yes, that one seems to install most of them17:02
svenxyofun: you said you've broken your system. how did you break it? i didn't read the askubuntu thread, as it doesn't say clearly where you broke anything at all.17:03
user123321ianorlin, any idea on how to mount it?17:03
yofunsvenx:  After I followed the install of those drivers I got a few errors. then noticed I had a dummy output17:03
wirelessproblemhi all am using ubuntu 14.04 but the wifi button is greyed out and i can see the driver at additinal drivers as well, can anyone please help?17:04
wirelessproblem*cant see the driver at additional drivers17:04
yofunsvenx: does this help any http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=82d127bb0b2b149fd6b0ada1de63789ef4dfed6817:04
svenxyofun: yes, hold on.17:05
htmlwirelessproblem,  plug that pc into a lan17:05
wirelessproblemhtml: i am connected from LAN17:05
htmlwirelessproblem,  plug that pc into a lan then sudo apt-get update && install updates then that driver.17:06
svenxyofun: my 3.13 kernel's snd_hda_intel module supports pci alias pci:v00008086d00001E20sv*sd*bc*sc*i*, which matches your card. see the 8086:1e20 ID numbers.17:06
svenxyofun: so it's really weird that you don't seem to have the appropriate drivers. try this: find /lib/modules -name 'snd?hda?intel*'17:06
wirelessproblemhtml: what do you mean by and then driver?17:06
yofun /lib/modules/3.13.0-32-generic/kernel/sound/pci/hda/snd-hda-intel.ko17:07
svenxyofun: so the module is present in a previous version of the kernel.. interesting17:07
svenxyofun: just a sec.17:08
wirelessproblemhtml: I ran  "sudo apt-get update && install updates"    and it gave this  "install: missing destination file operand after ‘updates’"17:08
svenxyofun: indeed, snd-hda-intel is not present in the -34 build. let me investigate a bit.17:09
htmlwirelessproblem,  lsb_release -a17:09
svenxyofun: you could, if you want, try to boot on the previous -32 kernel to check if it works.17:09
htmlwirelessproblem,  copy and paste the output17:09
yofunsvenx: It should, My sound did work recently,17:10
htmlwirelessproblem,  copy and paste the output here17:10
svenxyofun: right. you should probably have said that up front :)17:10
svenxyofun: anyway, why are you messing with the realtek .. mess?17:10
yofunsvenx:  I did saw that, I said I broke it after17:10
wirelessproblemhtml: https://pastebin.mozilla.org/605581617:11
yofunsvenx:  Becasue I was hoping for better sound, windows has a nice audio with the sub woofer etc.17:11
svenxyofun: hm, ok.17:11
svenxyofun: well, first things first. hold on a bit17:12
yofunsvenx: Its "Waves MaxAudio" on widows my sound is much better, I was hoping to get the same on here, seems like theres not much support for it, so I would go back to the previous setup if I knew how.17:12
OerHeksyofun have you tried a mediaplayer with equaliser? that gives the same rich sound as in windows. standard sound settings are flat17:12
htmlwirelessproblem,  sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install updates17:12
svenxyofun: does your lspci output show any traces of this waves maxaudio device?17:13
yofunOerHeks:  I will try that after I sort this sound issue.17:13
user123321ianorlin, Oh, sudo fdisk -l showed.17:13
yofunsvenx:  how should I check?17:13
yofunsvenx:  at this point Im not worryed about it, I just want my sound back. lol17:14
htmlwirelessproblem,  what version are you running ? 32 bit or 64?17:15
wirelessproblemhtml: 64 bit https://pastebin.mozilla.org/605583817:16
kevin_hi everyone17:16
Beldarwirelessproblem, sudo apt-get upgrade is the correct command not install updates17:17
svenxyofun: does this produce any output? dpkg -l|grep -i linux-image-extra-3.13.0-34-generic17:17
svenxyofun: and about the waves device, just paste the entire output of "lspci -nn" to some paste site.17:18
yofunsvenx:  ii  linux-image-extra-3.13.0-34-generic                   3.13.0-34.60                                        amd64        Linux kernel extra modules for version 3.13.0 on 64 bit x86 SM17:18
htmlwirelessproblem,  sudo apt-get install update    this hould world sorry i gave you the wrong version17:18
wirelessproblemhtml: Beldar https://pastebin.mozilla.org/605588617:18
yofunsvenx: https://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/bu278PTs17:19
xcyclistSo, I installed Nautilus Image Converter, but I cannot get it to come up in the GUI search.  Any suggestions?17:19
=== thomas is now known as Guest72367
svenxyofun: hm, right. so this also produces a line of output? dpkg -L linux-image-extra-3.13.0-34-generic|grep -i snd.hda.intel17:19
wirelessproblemhtml: it says unable to located package 'update'17:19
Beldarwirelessproblem, sudo apt-get dist-upgrade17:19
yofunsvenx: /lib/modules/3.13.0-34-generic/kernel/sound/pci/hda/snd-hda-intel.ko17:19
svenxyofun: and if you do: ls -l /lib/modules/3.13.0-34-generic/kernel/sound/pci/hda/snd-hda-intel.ko17:20
htmlwirelessproblem,  im just trying to update you pc  then we can move on17:20
svenxyofun: ..the file is really there?17:20
yofunsvenx:  yes?17:20
Beldarwirelessproblem, http://www.tecmint.com/useful-basic-commands-of-apt-get-and-apt-cache-for-package-management/  This might help17:20
svenxyofun: and if you do: insmod /lib/modules/3.13.0-34-generic/kernel/sound/pci/hda/snd-hda-intel.ko17:20
svenxyofun: ..does it seem to load the module?17:20
yofunls: cannot access /lib/modules/3.13.0-34-generic/kernel/sound/pci/hda/snd-hda-intel.ko: No such file or directory17:20
svenxyofun: right, so it's not really there.17:20
yofunyea, I noticed.17:21
svenxyofun: i would reinstall the package 'linux-image-extra-3.13.0-34-generic' to make it work.17:21
htmlwirelessproblem,  go to the dash and type " drive "17:21
wirelessproblemBeldar: it started at "71% [1 linux-image-extra-3.13.0-34-generic 32.8 MB/36.8 MB 89%]" and still working17:21
kevin_I wonder if there is a mailbox associated with Linux, that would be as well protected as Linux and unobtrusive for the privacy of the user ?17:21
wirelessproblemhtml: yeah and then?17:21
htmlwirelessproblem,  today is not my day for spelling17:22
svenxyofun: as for your 'waves' device: it doesn't seem to appear anywhere in your lspci output. could it be a sort of usb device?17:22
htmlwirelessproblem,  additional drivers then install that17:22
wirelessproblemhtml: haha happens man :p17:22
svenxyofun: in windows, do you know how to determine the driver and bus details of a given device? you know, in that device manager window.17:22
wirelessproblemhtml: but I cant see wireless driver at additinal drivers that's what i mentioned initially as well17:23
htmlwirelessproblem,  yeah this headahe is not helping17:23
svenxyofun: that will give you details about what bus hardware address the waves thing is using, so you can easier locate it in linux17:23
htmljust a sec17:23
OerHeksxcyclist, did you install imagemagick too ? http://www.webupd8.org/2010/01/convert-and-rotate-images-with-nautilus.html17:23
Beldarwirelessproblem, What is the wifi hardware find it by running lspci in the terminal.17:23
yofunsvenx: -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 98612 Aug 13 11:47 /lib/modules/3.13.0-34-generic/kernel/sound/pci/hda/snd-hda-intel.ko17:24
wirelessproblemBeldar: 02:00.0 Network controller: Qualcomm Atheros QCA9565 / AR9565 Wireless Network Adapter (rev 01)17:24
svenxyofun: so now you can modprobe it? "modprobe snd_hda_intel", or maybe with hyphens. it seems to work with both17:24
yofunsvenx:  I got to go.17:25
htmlwirelessproblem,  do you have teamveiwer ? i can just do it for tyou then just kill this with my bad spelolling day.17:25
svenxyofun: well, ok. try the windows trick i told you about to figure out the waves mystery.17:25
Beldarwirelessproblem, That is  problematic hardware for some. http://askubuntu.com/search?q=QCA9565+17:25
htmlwirelessproblem,  http://itsfoss.com/how-to-install-additional-drivers-in-ubuntu-12-10-quick-tip/17:25
wirelessproblemhtml: I have to install teamviewer wait17:26
xcyclistOerHeks:  No.17:26
htmlwirelessproblem,  lol XD its a joke17:26
OerHeksxcyclist, install it, and then try this first:  killall nautilus17:26
OerHeksxcyclist, then it shows up in rightclick-menu17:26
xcyclistOk.  Thank you...17:26
wirelessproblemhtml: hahaha I would love that if it was for real :p17:27
htmlwirelessproblem,  sure - i can do that17:27
xcyclistIt says it is already newest version.17:27
OerHeksxcyclist, it worrks nice, resized images get a new name, so the original is still there17:27
htmlwirelessproblem,  pm?17:27
wirelessproblemhtml: yeah sure17:27
Beldarhtml, I see you not really helping, keep it in the channel17:28
Beldarwirelessproblem, You want this in the channel for peer review.17:28
htmlwirelessproblem,  http://itsfoss.com/how-to-install-additional-drivers-in-ubuntu-12-10-quick-tip/17:28
OerHeksfoxynna, please don't spam in PM, thanks17:28
wirelessproblemBeldar: yeah I'll keep it on channel then17:29
xcyclistYes I got foxynna too.  Please stop.17:29
htmlfoxynna,  seems it be sending ads in pm17:29
xcyclistOerHeks.  Got it.  Thank you.17:29
Guest72367cant i block that spam ?17:29
wirelessproblemhtml: I have ubuntu 14.0417:29
kevin_I got myself a spam from this profile, is not a bot ?17:29
htmlthe link should point you in the right direction17:30
Beldarreport PM spam to the ops as it is17:30
OerHeksBeldar, i am in #ubuntu-ops now, thanks.17:31
Mowdywhere can i read about using terminal ?17:31
=== BlahBlah is now known as david00000
wirelessproblemBeldar: even I got a spam PM17:32
elichai2what do you prefer Untiy or Gnome?17:32
elichai2(for a very good laptop)17:32
ObrienDaveXFCE ;P17:32
MowdyI get them too, can you block a user there is doing that17:32
david00000I have a PAM authorized USB stick in my server and want to execute commands with sudo over SSH. But it says i'm not authorized to use PAM over SSH.17:32
BeldarI have pm off I never get that junk17:33
elichai2ObrienDave, LOL, i have a really good laptop (i7 with 12GB RAM)17:33
wirelessproblemBeldar: please help me out what should I do I cant see my driver in additional drivers?17:33
ObrienDaveelichai2, so? XFCE would blaze on your machine17:33
elichai2ObrienDave, i want nice GUI17:34
Beldarwirelessproblem, Read the link I gave you on that wifi hardware it is problematic in general, I never see additional drivers offering wifi drivers in general.17:34
eeeeelichai2: it is a matter of preference, but i'd go with unity17:34
ObrienDaveelichai2, eye candy, bells and whistles impress me for about 30 seconds. i want performance17:35
OerHekselichai2, choose from these screenshots, http://imgur.com/a/9iaLJ ,  i prefer unity/gnome317:35
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ObrienDaveOerHeks, now you need to add Cinnamon and Mate DEs17:37
david00000I have a PAM authorized USB stick in my server and want to execute commands with sudo over SSH. But it says i'm not authorized to use PAM over SSH.17:37
OerHeksObrienDave, it is not my post, just saved the url, but you are right, mate is going to be a supported distro17:38
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BeldarObrienDave, cinamon is not in the repos mate is17:38
ObrienDaveMate is not there just yet. i looked less than 5 minutes ago17:38
Beldarand mate is only 14.0417:38
=== fuho is now known as fuho_
OerHeksObrienDave, look for mate-desktop ;-)17:38
ObrienDaveOOPS, i was looking for Mint ROFLMAO17:39
OerHeksouch, that hurts17:39
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ObrienDavedummy me17:39
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The_Challengerhi guys..17:41
=== _fuho is now known as Fuho
flipshm, seems libvirt/virsh/virt-manager doesn't understand Xen ('hvm unrecognized'), is there a package for making it understand it? (14.04.01)17:41
=== Fuho is now known as hofu
The_ChallengerI have a vps that have been offered by a friend..17:42
=== hofu is now known as hufo
The_Challengerhow do I know how many connections are outgoing from it?17:43
ActionParsnipThe_Challenger: run:   who17:43
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elichai2sorry, i disconnected. this is the last thing i saw and wrote:17:43
ActionParsnipThe_Challenger: will show SSH connections.....17:43
elichai2<OerHeks> elichai2, choose from these screenshots, http://imgur.com/a/9iaLJ ,  i prefer unity/gnome317:43
elichai2[20:39] <elichai2> ammmmm hard decision17:43
elichai2[20:39] <elichai2> OerHeks, i know, but which of them?17:43
elichai2[20:40] <elichai2> gnome = gnome3. right?17:43
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest11149
OerHekselichai2, yes, unity is a compiz thing on top of gnome317:44
ActionParsnipelichai2: when you use Unity, it uses the Gnome desktop, just a different shell17:44
elichai2OerHeks, so the gnome is the screenshots are from gnome317:45
The_ChallengerActionParsnip: that I know.. but to see the outgoing connections? ie, eggdrop = 1 outgoing connection17:45
elichai2btw, there is any 'testing' or 'unstable' repos for ubuntu?17:46
ActionParsnipThe_Challenger: oh, irc connections you mean?17:46
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The_Challengeryes, that17:46
ActionParsnipThe_Challenger: then why did you only sayt "connections"? It could mean anything....http connections, ftp connections......think about it17:46
The_ChallengerActionParsnip: sorry for my bad english17:47
OerHekselichai2, for testing choose proposed in softwaresources, i would not recommend those17:47
ActionParsnipThe_Challenger: its not bad english, you just need to be more exact17:48
elichai2OerHeks, why not? i'm on debian sid(unstable) for a long time, and i use Arch too17:48
ActionParsnipThe_Challenger: seems the command is "countusers"17:48
ActionParsnipThe_Challenger: http://www.satexas.com/support/egghelp/bot1.6.x/egg-core.html#sect217:49
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ActionParsnip!away > c_smith17:50
ubottuc_smith, please see my private message17:50
OerHekselichai2, oke, then go for it17:50
elichai2any OPs here?17:50
elichai2this is what foxynna send me in private msg (he got my nick from here)17:51
elichai2<foxynna> show gratis (solo hooy) --> http://s422803032.mialojamiento.es/17:51
ActionParsnipelichai2: then tye:   !ops | foxynna17:51
elichai2!ops | foxynna17:51
ubottufoxynna: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang17:51
elichai2ActionParsnip, what it's does?17:51
ObrienDaveoops, sorry about that17:52
ActionParsnipelichai2: it calls the ops....17:52
elichai2ObrienDave, i don't care, it's just look malicious and i don't want other poeple to fall for that17:52
elichai2ActionParsnip, ohh, ok :) thx17:52
ActionParsnipelichai2: thought that was clear from the resulting text, no worries17:53
Mowdyokay i have a strange problem, my terminal suddenly not accepting my password for SU command :S how do i fix that17:53
ActionParsnipMowdy: try:  sudo commandtorunhere17:54
ActionParsnipMowdy: this is how Ubuntu is intended to be used17:54
The_Challengerthat command is for eggdrop?17:54
Snake2kMowdy: You want to reset the password for SU?17:55
Mowdyyeh how can i do that17:55
ActionParsnip!root | Mowdy17:56
ubottuMowdy: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo17:56
odisaIs installing apache2 as simple as typing 'sudo apt-get install apache2'? I can't seem to find any proper guides or explanations about it..17:56
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Mowdyubottu so you mean i didnt have a root password ?17:57
ubottuMowdy: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)17:57
Snake2kMowdy: Well... I use "passwd"...17:57
leeyaaguys du -hs will count total size of files recursively right ?17:57
Snake2kMowdy: No apt-get, just type in passwd and enter17:58
Mowdyi found out that sudo apt-get update works, but why cant i type SU first to get superuser powers17:59
ActionParsnipMowdy: yes, there isnt one in ubuntu17:59
elichai2_btw, why when i try to download Ubuntu 64bit i get AMD version?17:59
elichai2_(i have Intel i7)17:59
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Snake2kMowdy: It's like dancing at a rave with knives in your hands...17:59
compdocelichai2_, thats what you want17:59
ActionParsnipleeyaa: yes, you will need to put an asterisk on the end, it will show all files in pwd then17:59
elichai2_compdoc, are you sure? it's not for amd processors?18:00
ActionParsnipMowdy: sudo gives you the powers you need,su'ing to root won't work as there is no password for iit and the account is disabled18:00
compdocelichai2_, thats the one18:00
elichai2_ok, thx18:00
ActionParsnipMowdy: like I said, sudo is how Ubuntu is designed to work18:00
=== elichai2_ is now known as elichai2
ActionParsnipMowdy: you can get a root prompt by running:  sudo -i18:01
Snake2kMowdy: sudo grants you temporary access to do something... I prefer using su only if I'm doing things that require permission constantly, not a single command.18:01
MowdyOki, ill use i future, i came from linux mint, this is a bit different18:01
leeyaaActionParsnip: you mean * ?18:01
Snake2kMowdy: Sudo > Life18:01
beginereeee, eeeee :D   :D   the problem I had yesterday has been solved!!!!18:01
beginereeee, thank you so much18:01
leeyaaActionParsnip: if i dont put * it will show total size i guess18:01
leeyaai dont want to calculate myself ;p18:01
beginerI installed boot-repair repaired it and now I have windows in the Grub menu.18:02
* Snake2k hugs ubottu.18:02
The_ChallengerActionParsnip: that command you gave me..18:02
* beginer hugs eeee 18:02
The_Challengerit is to eggdrop right?18:02
knobHello everyone.  I am running into a umask problem.        I modify my user's .bashrc to contain the line      umask 0002        .  I log out, log back in.  When I run  umask  in the command line, it returns   umask 002218:02
knobAm I missing something basic?18:02
borisetoIs there a way to change the priority of the applications on startup? I mean the skype, dropbox and chrome start before unity does (in my case). But it happens only with Unity3d (I'm still on 12.04)18:02
Snake2kOh eeee is actually a user lol... I thought... Nvm...18:02
ActionParsnipThe_Challenger: no idea, I dont use it. All I did was search the web and found that page.....18:02
The_ChallengerActionParsnip: what I want is to know how many connections are going out from the vps18:04
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Mowdyif i use "apt-get download package name" where does the system then download to ?18:07
eeeebeginer: great :)18:07
coolacidQuery: Anyone using winbind to auth against AD? I have it working fine, but it seems sudo requires nscd -- which winbind doesn't play well with.18:07
beginereeee, :)18:07
Snake2kknob: No idea man :|18:07
knobSnake2k, thanks man... I am pulling my hair out.18:08
Snake2kMowdy: Somewhere in /var/cache/ I believe18:08
Snake2kknob: Have you tried doing a system wide umask just to try it out? lol18:09
Snake2kknob: /etc/profiles I believe or something18:09
knobHaven't tried that one out...18:09
Snake2kknob: I'd try it just for curiosity :|18:10
knobyeah yeah... true.   Going to try that out18:10
* Snake2k hugs terremto 18:10
yecril71pl<URL: http://askubuntu.com/questions/513501/ubiquity-restarts-the-computer-before-step-5 >18:11
ObrienDave!es | terremto18:11
ubottuterremto: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.18:11
Jeeves_Mosswhat causes a Ubuntu box running on a VM to be so laggy?  the unit has no serious load and the host is only at 50%18:11
ObrienDaveJeeves_Moss, because it is NOT running as a native app18:12
Snake2kyecril71pl: did you shrink your windows 7 partition before going for the installation?18:13
Snake2kyecril71pl: As far as I can remember, you probably have to shrink the Windows partition, then when you select "Alongside Windows" it looks for that free space and asks if it's okay if it takes it lol18:13
=== BradCrittenden is now known as bac
yecril71plI shrinked, the rest is unallocated.18:15
Snake2kyecril71pl: How many partitions does your drive have?18:15
Snake2kyecril71pl: Like, C, D, E, etc18:15
yecril71plC volume only18:16
yecril71pland one that is not visible in Windows, that is HP_TOOLS18:16
yecril71pland another invisible one, that is Windows Boot18:16
yecril71plI shrinked the C volume18:17
Snake2kyecril71pl: That is weird18:17
yecril71plWhat is weird about it?18:17
Snake2kyecril71pl: I mean, it should install alongside with windows just fine :|18:17
ObrienDaveyecril71pl, i have 3 similar windows partitions18:17
yecril71plIt should not reboot just like that anyway.18:18
Snake2kWhat was the MBR limit for partitions I forgot18:18
=== goku is now known as Guest3486
Snake2kyecril71pl: Nothing :|18:18
yecril71plI have an openSUSE system with 7 partitions all right.18:18
MonkeyDustSnake2k  4 primary, that is18:19
Snake2kMonkeyDust: Yep 4 primary18:19
Snake2kMonkeyDust: Thanks18:19
Snake2kyecril71pl: Did you try going into custom instead of the alongside thing?18:19
smitzerWhat would be the best way to draw a chequered (b&w) square?18:20
Snake2kyecril71pl: "Something Else"18:20
yecril71plI went to custom, shrinked the C drive, booted Windows all right, booted Ubuntu Live.18:20
smitzerhow do I install a .deb file?18:20
smitzeri downloaded google chrome, it is a .deb file18:20
Snake2ksmitzer: sudo dpkg -i <file>.deb18:20
yecril71plNow I select alongside and it just reboots again.18:21
Snake2ksmitzer: Usually if you double click it, it opens in the Ubuntu Software Center for you.18:21
Snake2kyecril71pl: And now if you go into "Something Else" do you still see the free space? You can use it up manually.18:21
yecril71plYes, I see the free space.18:21
yecril71plca. 78 GB.18:22
Snake2kyecril71pl: Try using it up manually or something :|18:22
Snake2kyecril71pl: I mean, that's what I'd do at this point18:22
yecril71plIs it still valid that I should create partitions under Windows?18:23
smitzerwhen did firefox so backwards? bookmarks are so unintuitive18:23
yecril71plsmitzer: go ask at Mozilla IRC18:23
underw0rldim having trouble calculating my dist upgrade, anyone have experience with this?18:23
elichai2if my CPU support 'AES New Instructions' it will slow down my laptop if i'll encrypt it?18:24
elichai2[21:24] <elichai2> (with Ubuntu encryption)18:24
jhutchinssmitzer: Bookmarks work the way they always have.  What are you trying to do?18:24
jhutchinsyecril71pl: No reason to use windows for disk management, Linux does a fine job and can handle filesystems Windows can't.18:25
idsCan anyone help me getting SPDIF to work on 14.04?18:26
jhutchinsids: Work where?  What chipset?18:27
idsit shows up in alsamixer, but no sound :(18:28
kronusCan anyone help me with a memory leak problem with Gnome-shell18:29
yecril71pljhutchins: <URL: http://askubuntu.com/questions/221835/installing-ubuntu-on-a-pre-installed-windows-8-64-bit-system-uefi-supported >18:29
yecril71pl"I have had cases where doing the partition from the LiveUSB rendered Windows 8 unbootable, even after doing a boot repair. "18:30
jhutchinsyecril71pl: I believe you do need to use Windows to shrink the partition for Windows 8.18:30
jhutchinsyecril71pl: Creating new partitions and such can be done from Linux.18:31
elichai2is it possible to encrypt an existing ubuntu machine?18:31
elichai2(with ubuntu encryption)18:31
jhutchinsyecril71pl: Sorry, I'd forgotten about that.18:31
ubottuFor information on setting up encrypted private directories (8.10+) see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedPrivateDirectory18:31
elichai2MonkeyDust, yes or no?18:31
elichai2i just want to know that before i choose to not encrypt my laptop18:32
yecril71pljhutchins: "Doing" refers to creating in the quote above.18:32
MonkeyDustelichai2  yes, see the link that ubottu suggests18:32
elichai2thx, that all i wanted to know :)18:33
=== albrecht is now known as hurz
idsyecril71pl: Any drivers I need to install for this chipset?18:35
yecril71plI have nothing to say :-(18:36
underw0rldim having trouble calculating my dist upgrade, anyone have experience with this?18:36
MonkeyDustunderw0rld  ask your question and wait18:38
underw0rldty MonkeyDust18:38
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noud_is_nolhi all18:40
noud_is_nolthanks 8818:40
noud_is_noloeps..wrong channel18:41
noud_is_nol(20:41:04) noud1: hi all18:41
noud_is_nol(20:41:04) Cannot send to channel -- GOD DAMIT SHIT yours18:41
DJonesnoud_is_nol: Please be careful of your language18:41
yecril71plHow big should I make the swap partition?18:42
OerHeksyecril71pl, let the installer calculate the space, usually your ram + a bit more18:43
underw0rldNeed help upgrading ubuntu from 13.10 to 14.04. Disabled 3rd party sources, still getting error. need help. Ran do-release-upgrade -d, many errors http://pastebin.com/C2xbRFMM18:44
eeeeunderw0rld: why are you using do-release-upgrade -d ? -d is for the development release18:45
eeee( 14.10 )18:46
underw0rldeeee: this was suggested to me, after error running regular do-release-upgrade18:46
usr13 yecril71pl  A little larger than RAM or the amount you may have in the future.  For instance, if you now have 2G of and you are soon to upgrade to 4G, I would go with 4.2G swap, (or somewhere a little above 4 as OerHeks suggests.18:46
=== peter____ is now known as pc8
noud_is_nolgood i got the XV done18:47
OerHeksnoud_is_nol, do you have an ubuntu support question?18:47
eeeewhat error did you get running do-release-upgrade ?18:47
underw0rldeeee: i get similar error for 13.04 upgrade18:47
noud_is_nolam talking done..am driving it on this18:48
=== ryan is now known as Guest43497
noud_is_nolthat formentinned XV18:48
OerHeksnoud_is_nol, this is a support channel, not for chitchat18:48
noud_is_noli can scrot if any-one directs me quick to a etalage18:48
noud_is_noli know18:48
underw0rldeeee: (sorry i meant 14.04)18:48
bpromptyecril71pl:     depends on usage really... if you have say 4gbs or ram and you mainly use regularly about 3gbs...then the swap partition wouldn't be used, so no need to maybe even make one... on the other hand if you say run a few Vbox sessions... and you'd expect to use say 10gbs.. then yes.... you'd need a big swap file to compensate the rest18:48
noud_is_nolgot XV running while driving Ubuntu Linux non-touch18:49
eeeeunderw0rld: try sudo apt-get update18:49
elichai2how do i connect to 5ghz network with ubuntu?18:49
elichai2(my laptop just don't see it)18:49
noud_is_noland i am not familiar the packages-ings (kinda) .. and know cross-dev18:49
underw0rldsame repos error should i send a pastebin?18:49
noud_is_noland  am just in from local work18:49
noud_is_nolanyone knows a graphic pastebin?18:49
usr13noud_is_nol: http://imgur.com/18:50
noud_is_noli knwo a Unix source tree..but my first touch and in a Linux source tree is .. how shall i say this .. whole different18:50
noud_is_nolthanks..did copy..18:51
noud_is_noldamit real got to check my sf account the name..18:52
underw0rldeeee:  http://pastebin.com/aHpRjX3u18:52
noud_is_nolanyone knows.. http://pkgsrc-group.sf.net/ ?18:52
noud_is_nolgot it18:53
OerHeksnoud_is_nol, for netBSD?18:54
eeeeunderw0rld: try do-release-upgrade again18:55
underw0rldeeee: same result. errors for a bunch of canonical sources http://pastebin.com/YXC19DD818:57
ironwineHi, anyone have problem connecting with iPhone on Ubuntu 14.1018:57
Kris545545ironwine, what problems18:57
ironwinecannot mount18:57
OerHeksironwine, for 14.10 alfa support, join #ubuntu+118:58
=== khatri is now known as projectile
TechChristophhi there18:59
noud_is_nolgot the account..mmmm18:59
eeeeunderw0rld: cat /var/log/dist-upgrade/main.log19:02
eeeeunderw0rld: cat /var/log/dist-upgrade/main.log | pastebinit19:02
OerHeksnoud_is_nol, sorry, not going to click that offensive name.19:02
Pulock2014having problems while upgrading from 12.04lts to 14.04lts....please help19:03
noud_is_nolbsd stands for beersexdrug so i am at one those19:03
noud_is_noljust habitual .. i guess ;)19:03
noud_is_nol<am still nervous>19:04
electricprismI want to set my folder icons in Nautilus, but I want them to be agnostic to the device, so that when I plug the drive into another linux computer it keeps the same icons, can I set folder icons through a .file19:04
noud_is_nolog..aha..you do not know my todlist.. one is the push my local tree/GNOME3 patches needed done to pkgsrc-wip..i guess..19:05
noud_is_noli know19:05
Pulock2014after typing do-release-upgrade i get 2 errors and one warning..19:05
jhutchinselectricprism: It depends on what is displaying the device.  Some file managers will respect a .folder file, some won't.19:05
noud_is_nolmakes my list at netbsd.se the sf account bigger19:05
Pulock2014Err Upgrade tool signature19:05
Pulock2014  404  Not Found [IP: 80]19:05
Pulock2014Err Upgrade tool19:05
Pulock2014  404  Not Found [IP: 80]19:05
Pulock2014Fetched 0 B in 0s (0 B/s)19:05
Pulock2014WARNING:root:file 'quantal.tar.gz.gpg' missing19:05
noud_is_nolnot the ..wow hoi19:05
unopastePulock2014 you have been muted for 60 seconds as it looks like you are pasting lots of lines into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste just the URL of your data here when you are unmuted19:05
noud_is_nolaside..not that complaint the sweep-from-regions again is it ..19:06
noud_is_nolone was asking here before polock19:06
underw0rldeeee: http://pastebin.com/0S05nLHi19:06
OerHeksPulock2014, quantal is EOL19:06
OerHeksPulock2014, use EOLupgrade factoid to see if you can add old-release to your sourceslist19:07
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades19:07
Pulock2014OerHeks, EOL?19:07
OerHeksend-of-life, dead19:07
noud_is_nol(<bookmark all tabs is handy>..)\19:08
yecril71plWhy does Dash show Epiphany for IRC?19:08
noud_is_nol-\ <=== is typoo19:08
yecril71plWhy does Dash show Empathy for IRC?19:08
noud_is_noleuu.. is in tilde/.local somewhere19:09
yecril71plI cannot get Empathy to talk IRC.19:09
noud_is_nolor tilde/.config ?19:09
OerHeks!ot | noud_is_nol19:09
ubottunoud_is_nol: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!19:09
noud_is_noldid you see the XV program intro flash on Ubuntu Touch i jus tposted?19:09
noud_is_noleuu.. Ubuntu 14.0..19:10
noud_is_nolwant the link?19:10
linuxer1995Can disable all Connections to Amazon?19:10
brunosthi! could anybody here help me with fixing the "white noise issue" on the dell xps 9333 (sputnik) on 14.0419:10
noud_is_nolmaybe talks more eas to you: http://naziii.imgur.com/all/19:10
linuxer1995Sorry: In the Dash.19:10
eeeeunderw0rld: apt-get remove ubuntuone-client-gnome nvidia-331 libsyncdaemon-1.0-1 nvidia-opencl-icd-331 deb.torproject.org-keyring libcuda1-331 nvidia-libopencl1-331 xserver-xorg-video-glamoregl teamviewer:i386 libxatracker219:11
brunostI have followed this guide: http://xps13-9333.appspot.com/ and the fix for the white noise works until I restart the machine19:11
captinehi all.  Trying to google my error.  apt-get keeps telling me Problem with MergeList /var/lib/apt/lists/archive.canonical.com_ubuntu_dists_trusty_partner_i18n_Translation-en.  Have tried to change repo's etc.  could it be linked to my transparent proxy?  using squid and dansguardian?19:11
eeeeif you want to try to disable the ppa's first, and give it another go before deleting those, go ahead19:11
eeee( @ underw0rld )19:11
yecril71plBecause Empathy requires telepathy-idle to talk IRC.19:12
yecril71plWhy is telepathy-idle not on the Live CD?19:12
linuxer1995use it ppa purge for remove the ppa.19:12
underw0rldeeee: ty attempting + apt-get update + dist release19:12
OerHeksyecril71pl, as you are online, no problem installing it, even it is a live session19:13
noud_is_nolow oeps..not pub19:13
netlarI get the output http://paste.ubuntu.com/8091421/ Does that mean my system has bluetooth?19:14
OerHeksnetlar, seems so, yes19:14
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=== med_ is now known as medberry
underw0rldeeee: same issue19:15
smittixHi all, has anyone experienced any problems booting after installing the latest nvidia drivers?19:15
netlarOerHeks: My speakers are not showing up though, not sure what is wrong then19:15
smittixOptimus laptop19:15
eeeeunderw0rld: it's due to ppa's or old software19:15
eeeerun the log command again19:15
netlarOerHeks: Those speakers do work for other devices I have19:15
OerHeksnetlar, did you pair them? any errors?19:16
underw0rldeeee: i tried disabling all 3rd party PPAs before this channel and still got the same reply it must be something wrong with a core ppa19:16
netlarOerHeks: They do not even show up to be paired19:16
netlarOerHeks: Do I need to load any other modules on Ubuntu, like blueman?19:16
OerHeksnetlar, not sure, i can pair an touchdevice perfectly19:19
underw0rldeeee: new log http://pastebin.com/jN9rYMLn19:19
netlarOerHeks: You are on 14.04?19:19
OerHeksnetlar, yes19:19
netlarhuh, maybe it is just my system somehow19:20
OerHeksnetlar, maybe this post #3 is any help http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=222170819:21
netlarOerHeks: Thanks I will read that19:22
atlanxok    apt-get purge nvidia-*   deleted a lot of nvidia stuff19:22
atlanxbut said it had failures with nvidia-bl-dkms19:23
irssi__Good evening, I always reinstall the same packages after reinstalling distribution. I know there are programs to help me automate this task, but I can not find their names. Could you help me?19:24
umarHaving problem with connectivity using huwai ec150 dongle. My provider allows broadband only to certain extent. So i need to disable broadband manually. How can i do it.19:24
bazhang!clone | irssi__19:26
ubottuirssi__: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can use the !software package "apt-clone" - See also !automate19:26
eeeeunderw0rld: do you have a ppa relating to xorg ?19:28
atlanxeeee: how can i fix nvidia-bl-dkms?19:29
underw0rldeeee: not in my /etc/apt/sources.list should i look elsewhere?19:29
Beldarumar, Found this never tried it however. http://askubuntu.com/questions/137815/how-to-enable-disable-mobile-broadband-from-terminal19:29
irssi__@bazhang : I do not want to reinstall all the packages already installed, just the ones I want with a list19:30
Beldarumar, This 14.04?19:30
eeeeunderw0rld: try sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-video-all19:30
umaryes beldar19:31
umari'm using 14.04 gnome19:31
TechChristophor make a python-script and try to install all the packages from it19:31
Beldarumar, Might help to have the source I have used, https://www.google.com/search?q=14.04+disable+broadband+manually&btnG=Search&hl=en&output=search&sclient=psy-ab&gbv=119:31
femtacHi, I was trying to mount a fremote ssh directory using sshfs. But it asked for a password, so I thought of setting up ssh key on the server so I cancelled it by preseeing ctrl + C at the password prompt. and now the mount directory seems corrupted.ls -la gives d?????????  ? ?      ?         ?            ? mountdir19:32
eeeeatlanx: what do you mean fix? reinstall ?19:32
underw0rldeeee: already at latest version19:32
femtacI am unable to delete this file even with root19:33
=== JonJ is now known as Guest3449
umar@Beldar Thanks for your effort. I will try it.19:34
eeeeunderw0rld: you can look in  /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ as well19:34
underw0rldeeee: should i remove anything ?19:34
idsI'm (still ;)) trying to get SPDIF (ALC850) to work on 14.04. It shows up in alsamixer, but no sound :(19:34
atlanxeeee: it says that nvidia-bl-dkms kannt get "purged" because the post-removal-skript returns 119:35
eeeeunderw0rld: in the log file, search for "Obsolete" , it's complaining about those19:35
atlanxeeee: it says   depmod: ERROR: could not open directory /lib/modules/3.13.0-24-generic: No such file or directory19:36
bipulikonia: hello19:41
devuserhi i have a notebook with 16gb ram, cpu  i7 2.3ghz, ssd but I hear the fans constantly notebook19:42
jhutchinsdevuser: That's pretty common.  You need to install the power management tools.19:42
jhutchinsdevuser: it was cpufreq when I had to mess with it last.19:43
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swahiliQ: I'm trying to install some drivers for a "huion graphic tablet (like wacom)" in Ubuntu. I'm following the instructions here https://github.com/DIGImend/digimend-kernel-drivers but I get an error when I run "make" http://pastie.org/private/fn2tqr2ocqzm59reora0pw Anyone experienced could give some hints about what to do to solve this ? Thank you!19:43
jhutchinsdevuser: Do you have laptop-mode-tools installed?19:44
devuseri don' t know19:44
RirishiCan someone name a few fancy DEs?19:44
devuserjhutchins, how can i install laptop-mode-tools19:45
jhutchinsdevuser: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PowerManagement/ReducedPower http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-improve-ubuntu-laptop-power-management.html19:45
jhutchinsapt-get install laptop-mode-tools19:45
jhutchinsdevuser: sudo apt-get install laptop-mode-tools19:46
devuserjhutchins, ok l-m-tools installed19:46
devuserand now i have to launch?19:47
umarmuktharsudo apt-get install laptop-mode-tools19:47
umarmuktharsu then sudo apt-get install laptop-mode-tools19:47
Gatisvpn is not working19:47
umarmuktharmake sure that is available in your repo sudo apt-cache search laptop-mode-tools19:48
eeeeatlanx: try update-initramfs -u19:48
GatisWHy vpn is not working?19:49
k1l_Gatis: see error messages19:50
atlanxupdate-initramfs: Generating /boot/intird.img-3.13.0-34-generic19:50
atlanxcat: /proc/cmdline: file or folder not found19:50
underw0rldeeee: ... wow. needed to enable future sources19:50
Gatisk1l_, no error messages19:51
Gatisim using GUI19:51
underw0rldeeee: thanks for your help19:51
dcopeis there any program i can use to throw a bunch of random data into it and go back and mine?19:51
eeeeunderw0rld: np19:51
dcopeie for time stamped counters19:51
smitzerwhat the hell, my eclipse just keeps crashing today, never happened before19:53
Gatisok VPN not working19:54
eeeeatlanx: update-initramfs -d -k 3.13.0-24-generic19:54
Gatistoo bad19:54
laze1989Does anyone know how to dig deeper to make my laptop resume on lid open? It works under Windows. I've already made a post about this half a year ago (http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2203563).19:54
atlanxeeee: you mean 0-34-generic or really 0-24-generic?19:55
eeeeno, the 0-24-generic,19:55
eeeefirst do a uname -r for me19:55
eeee"uname -r"19:55
eeeeok hold on19:56
eeeedon't run the update-initramfs19:56
smitzeri hate linux pinux. how can anyone use this crap19:56
eeeesudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade19:56
=== h is now known as Guest45910
atlanxapt-get is blocked by the nvidia-bl-dkms19:59
atlanxshould i make the update-initramfs -d -k 3.13.0-24-generic now?20:00
ShutemDownI have a new grub install, and when I try to boot to windows 7 it just takes me back to the grub menu20:01
maqrif i need to recompile a package, what's the best way to go about that? i'm trying to get python2.7 support into gdb on ubuntu 14.0420:02
TjrHi, how do I find out which compiler options were used in a package?20:05
eeeeatlanx: i dont know if it'll bork your system20:05
TJ-Tjr: Read the build log20:06
eeeeatlanx: you'd have to run mkinitramfs -o /boot/initrd.img-3.13.0-24-generic20:06
TjrSpecifically, I'd like to find out if http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/collab-maint/syncevolution.git/tree/ is compiled with --enable-akonadi and --enable-kwallet20:06
eeeeafterwards to get it back, but you had an error before about a missing /proc/cmdline20:06
eeeeatlanx: ask Tjr20:06
eeeei mean TJ-20:07
TjrTjr /= TJ-20:07
TjrTJ-: is there an easy way to find the build log?20:07
teololtoyI can't remember the command for up and downloading files inside an existing ssh terminal session.20:08
TJ-Tjr https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+archive/ubuntu/landing-014/+build/591218520:08
smitzerI want to make  a chequered square, black&white, is it easy to do in gimp?20:08
teololtoythe cmd was able to change local working dir also, anyone remember?20:08
TjrTJ-: thanks. How did you find it that fast?20:08
=== justinS is now known as jhsimpson
TJ-Tjr: All package in Ubuntu can be found at https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/$PACKAGE_NAME   .... from there I drill down into the Published Packages and Release/Version I want to check on20:09
teololtoyI'm asking for an ubuntu server, although it might be a netbsd specific cmd. Was the last place I used it.20:09
TJ-Tjr: top-right if the summary page is a link "View full publishing history"20:10
TjrOk, it seems to be compiled with --enable-kwallet --enable-akonadi Now I'll have to think up another potential source of my troubles.20:10
PiciTJ-, Tjr, the source package name, of course.. which is listed on the package's apt-cache information. it often does not match the actual package name.20:10
TJ-Tjr :)20:10
PiciAlso, your two nicks are very similar.20:10
TJ-Pici: We were already dealing with the source repository20:10
Picigreat :)20:11
eeeeatlanx: try the mkinitramfs command20:11
atlanxok i try20:11
TJ-eeee: if "/proc/cmdline" is missing that suggests procfs has been over-mounted, or even unmounted20:11
eeeeatlanx: you're in the live session right?20:13
eeeechrooted ?20:13
davido_lol, a Win7 guest running in VirtualBox goes to 200% CPU (ie, 100% of the two cores I permit) when I shut down, and sits there forever.  I wonder what it could be spending so much CPU on. :)20:14
TJ-eeee: I usually only replace /proc/cmdline with a bind-mount of a file to install a custom kernel command line when I'm hacking bugs in early-stage boot, such as in the initrd20:14
atlanxi did the chroot command like you told me today20:14
TJ-eeee: Ahhh... chroot?20:14
eeeehe was reinstalling nvidia drivers20:14
TJ-atlanx: Before entering a chroot you need to populate it with the proc, sys, dev, and dev/pts file-systems20:15
eeeeneeds to mount /proc and the rest right20:15
TJ-atlanx: I have a script that does it all for you: https://iam.tj/projects/misc/chroot-auto.bash20:15
atlanxah ok20:15
atlanxok i try to download it20:15
nodingHey, I'm having trouble with my install of nvm20:17
nodingnot sure what happened or how to fix it20:17
nodinghere is what I posted on SO20:17
atlanxok, is now in the download folder - i have to mark it as a startable program, or?20:18
TJ-atlanx: correct: "cd Downloads; chmod a+x chroot-auto.bash"20:19
eeeeexit the chroot, and copy it to /home/ubuntu20:19
TJ-atlanx: If the file-system is already mounted, you'll need to exit the existing chroot and umount the file-system first20:19
TJ-atlanx: doing "./chroot-auto.bash" will show you the 2 parameters the script requires20:20
TJ-atlanx: which is: "usage: ./chroot-auto.bash [-f | --force] /path/to/mountpoint /dev/path/to/root-filesystem"20:21
ikoniabipul: did you want me ?20:21
smitzerHow do I move an item in the actionbar?20:22
smitzerand can i make the icons smaller?20:22
eeeesmitzer: actionbar ?20:22
Beldarsmithkm, 4 desktops name which and what bar.20:22
smitzerthe left bar on ubuntu20:23
smithkmBeldar, wrong username, I think you meant smitzer20:23
Beldarsmithkm, I just saw that sorry.20:23
eeeesmithkm: click and hold on an item, then move it20:23
* smithkm facepalms20:23
eeeelol sorry20:24
eeeethat was for smitzer :D20:24
eeeesmitzer: settings > appearance > launcher icon size20:24
atlanxhow can i umont /dev/sda1 on /mnt type ext3 (rw)20:26
eeeeatlanx: umount /dev/sda120:26
atlanxsudo needed?20:26
atlanxah ok now worked20:27
ikoniasudo umoutn /mnt20:27
TJ-atlanx: Sounds like you can now do "sudo chroot-auto.bash /mnt /dev/sda1"20:27
TJ-atlanx: or rather, if the PWD is ~/Downloads/, : "sudo ./chroot-auto.bash /mnt /dev/sda1"20:27
atlanxim in /home/ubuntu and have there the script - i try now20:27
TJ-atlanx: OK, modify as required then :)20:28
atlanxis it not the same?20:30
Voidwalkrso i just did updated ubuntu's graphic drivers with intel drivers and now it won't go past login, how do i get to the terminal to do perform the remove commands or what do i do now?20:30
TJ-atlanx:  "sudo ./chroot-auto.bash /mnt /dev/sda1"20:30
ikoniaVoidwalkr: why did you get modules outside of the ubuntu repos ?20:30
e11bitsI installed ubuntu 14.04 LTS 32bit on a iMac intel 1.83GHz/ATI RV530. In general  it's working fine, but applications randomly "hang" for a while now and then. Firefox window fading gray with no response for some time and returning with a dialog that a script took to long. How can I find out where these hangs are rooted at? Any suggestions?20:31
atlanxok looks like worked20:31
atlanxnow at :   root@ubuntu:/#20:31
TJ-atlanx: Yes, you should have a prompt telling you you're in the chroot and to type "exit" when you're done20:31
Voidwalkrikonia, i didn't realize i wasn't supposed to... but i wanted to add graphics acceleration to ubuntu so it would tap into the intel GPU on the laptop20:32
atlanxyes exact like this20:32
ikoniaVoidwalkr: again the ubuntu ones can do this20:32
ikoniaVoidwalkr: why did you feel the need to use ones from an external resource rather than the ubuntu supplied ones ?20:32
TJ-atlanx: eeee maybe you can pick up on fixing the original issue now... I have to stop the roast Chicken from cremating itself :)20:32
eeeehehe ok :)20:33
Voidwalkri didn't realize ubuntu provided support for intel gpu20:33
ikoniaVoidwalkr: yet you did enough research to go to the intel website and install stuff20:33
buriedalivehi there20:33
samthewildonehi yhrtr20:33
=== justinS is now known as jhsimpson
samthewildoneI totally messed that up.20:33
samthewildoneHi there.20:33
Voidwalkrso now i can't even reinstall it because it boots into the ubuntu login screen even from the bootable USB... what do i do now?20:34
OerHekse11bits, ATI rv530 is ati x16xx ?20:34
ikoniaVoidwalkr: that can't be the problem then, as a bootable usb will not have been updated20:34
ikoniaVoidwalkr: that will still have the standard ubuntu configuration on20:34
Voidwalkrikonia, no i actually didn't do much research i was just playing around with it very quickly, thats the thing20:34
e11bitsOerHeks: Yes it is20:35
OerHekse11bits, i think that would be your bottleneck20:35
Voidwalkrwhen i boot from the USB it doesn't give me the option to reinstall ubuntu20:35
ikoniaVoidwalkr: what do you expect it to do ?20:35
eeeeatlanx: ppa purge should work now, i think20:36
OerHekse11bits, you can run this test from terminal: /usr/lib/nux/unity_support_test -p20:36
Voidwalkri can't get into ubuntu through safe mode either20:37
e11bitsOerHeks,  Just a sec, compiz just crashed ...20:37
Voidwalkrno way to undo driver installations?20:37
Voidwalkrrestore it to the default drivers?20:37
ikoniaVoidwalkr: it would be helpful if you respond to the questions comments being asked rather than just keep giving different information20:37
Babloyican someone suggest a desktop environment that a terminalphobic fellow like myself can use? Something convenient and compatible and still flashy, but not blehishly tablety and overly done like unity?20:38
BabloyiI was using xubuntu up till now, but everyone makes fun of me for that...20:38
e11bitsOerHeks, that command returned yes on every test though20:39
Babloyiat least it is better than kubuntu20:39
Voidwalkrwhat do i expect what to do? the usb stick? I expect it to give me the option of resh installation of ubuntu on the partition20:39
ikoniaBabloyi: what do you care if people make fun of you20:39
ikoniaBabloyi: if you like it, use it20:39
atlanxthis again?    apt-get purge nvidia-*20:39
BabloyiI dunno, ikonia. Maybe there's some secret better one that I don't know about?20:39
MultbrelchBabloyi, use "classic gnome"20:39
Voidwalkri would perform the purge, but i can't get to the terminal lol20:39
buriedaliveVoidwalkr use dd for usb20:39
BabloyiI was very comfortable with gnome 2, yeah20:39
ikoniahe doens't need dd20:39
Voidwalkrbetter yet, i'd rather not reinstall and just remove the installed drivers20:39
k1l_Babloyi: take a look at awesome20:39
Babloyibut...is there a fork or something of it that is still developing?20:40
ikoniaVoidwalkr: are you %100 certain it's booting from the usb ?20:40
Babloyithat doesn't go in the unity direction20:40
Voidwalkrim trying to figure that out right now by testing one more time20:40
atlanxeeee: This again?:      apt-get purge nvidia-*20:40
eeeeatlanx: the one that was erroring on the 0-24-generic20:40
k1l_Babloyi: ah wait, did overread terminalphobic20:40
Babloyidefinitely :D20:40
bjoern_@<Babloyi> try mate20:40
MultbrelchBabloyi,  as far as I know u can install 14.04 and install classic gnome20:40
buriedaliveVoidwalkr reinstall it later20:40
k1l_Babloyi: see http://imgur.com/a/9iaLJ if something suits you20:40
Babloyiyeah, but what happens later, Mult?20:40
Babloyithat looks useful, k1l_20:41
MultbrelchBabloyi, you choose the gui at the login20:41
e11bitsOerHeks, I tried to install fglrx, but the card seems not to be supported by that driver anymore.20:41
OerHekse11bits, correct, 1xxx-4xxx are dropped20:41
Babloyimate looks interesting, seems to fit what I want20:42
Babloyiwill I run into terminally problems or something? :D20:42
Babloyior having to edit config files in text editors :O20:42
atlanxhm, still can't open /lib/modules/3.13.0-24-generic folder20:42
eeeeatlanx: why are you removing that?20:42
bjoern_mate is the same as gnome2 with some improvements20:42
k1l_Babloyi: there is a mate-ubuntu comming up. its beta now and will be released with 14.1020:43
TJ-atlanx: is that kernel version installed? "dpkg -l 'linux-image-*'   "20:43
BabloyiI'll stick with xfce for now, then20:43
ikoniamate is dead20:43
ikoniait's built on a dead platform20:44
MultbrelchBabloyi, look here: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2014/04/ubuntu-14-04-classic-gnome-flashback-session20:44
Babloyibut one that everyone liked!20:44
Babloyiand shouldn't have been abandonned20:44
bjoern_mate is alive, why you say mate is dead?20:44
k1l_Babloyi: or everyone just took what was shipped per default :)20:44
ikoniathe project is dead, but the platform (gnome2) is dead20:44
e11bitsOerHeks, glmark2 and glmark2-es do run fine, where the former seems to run more smoothly than the latter20:44
Babloyiprobably true, k1l_ :D20:45
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bjoern_but they'll port there desktop to gtk320:45
Voidwalkryup 100% sure it's not booting from the usb20:45
Babloyigah...I keep forgetting what my system is...how can you terminallishly check whether you're 32b or 64b?20:46
atlanxi see no 0-24 in the list20:46
eeeeuname -m ?20:46
atlanxonly 0-33 and 0-3420:46
eeee( @ Babloyi )20:46
Babloyithanks e20:47
Babloyilemme see20:47
eeeeatlanx: what about ls /boot , is there an init....0-24-generic there ?20:47
=== justinS is now known as jhsimpson
eeeeand 0-34-generic ?20:48
Babloyii686 means....32?20:48
atlanxthere is a config-3.13.0-34-generic20:49
atlanxeeee: there is a config-3.13.0-34-generic20:49
atlanxan an initrd.im-3.13.0-24-generic and  initrd.im-3.13.0-34-generic20:50
eeeeok cool20:50
eeeeatlanx: run the updateinitramfs -d -k 3.13.0-24-generic20:50
atlanxeeee: oki20:50
eeeewait a sec20:50
eeeeuname -r20:50
atlanxeeee: uname -r    >   3.13.0-24-generic20:52
Babloyithat just gives the linux thing, yeah20:52
atlanxeeee: is it ok now to run   update-initramfs -d -k 3.13.0-24-generic   ?20:55
eeeeatlanx: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade20:55
eeeeatlanx: you're using the 0-24-generic, but you have the 0-34-generic, dont know how that happened20:56
ubottuxavix: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».20:56
eatsleepsuplexrehello is there anyone who can assist me with reinstalling ubuntu in private msg20:56
eeeeatlanx: if you want try to update-initramfs -u , see if you get any errors20:56
eatsleepsuplexremy issue is this : I have dual boot Windows 8 and Ubuntu 14.04 , when i put in my ubuntu usb and select boot from usb, it doesnt work. it goes to the grub loader and just lets me pick my current ubuntu20:58
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ubottuxavix_: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».20:59
eatsleepsuplexreso i dont know how to start the reinstallation / boot from usb because grub menu comes first.20:59
teololtoywhy does it assume !list is warez related?21:00
e11bitsOerHeks, it seems to help if I disable all effects using the compizconfig-settings-manager21:00
Babloyiooh, I'm in a similarish situation, actually.. I have 14.04 that got messed somehow, I'm just downloading a live cd iso right now, hoping to just wash away and restart everything (except my data files)21:00
e11bitsOerHeks, anyhow thanks for your help21:01
OerHekse11bits, have fun, may you can consider a lighter desktop, like Xubuntu21:01
Guest51204hi... question about being stuck at ubuntu 12.10... i got the recommendation to replace "archive" by "old-releases.archive" in sources.list, but that did not work... then i tried replacing "archive" by "old-releases", and now the package manager complains about signing problems, any idea what i am doing wrong? thanks :)21:01
e11bitsOerHeks, thanks I will keep that in mind21:02
Guest51204(with old-releases.archive i got the same 404-style complaint as with the original sources.list, that is)21:02
eatsleepsuplexreah , does anyone know how to start the usb installer to reinstall ubuntu?21:03
k1l_Guest51204: run "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" to get the latest old-releases updates21:03
atlanxeeee: sudo apt-get update >  can't find the ubuntu hostname21:04
TheDracleIs anyone else getting 404 Not Found errors trying to install archives from archive.ubuntu.com?21:05
eatsleepsuplexrewell i guess i could put linux mint onto usb disk and see if that will come up on pc boot instead of the grub menu first21:05
eeeeatlanx: what's the error it's giving? do you have internet connection?21:06
fulkaHelp needed: I upgraded to ubuntu trusty and now all updates say "failed"21:06
Guest51204the apt-get update gives me an error about signatures being invalid21:06
k1l_TheDracle: which ubuntu are you on?21:06
Babloyiit seems trusty update issues are more prevalent than I thought :O21:06
Babloyiand here I thought I did something bad21:06
k1l_!paste | Guest51204 put it there21:06
ubottuGuest51204 put it there: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.21:06
LunarioI am trying to connect to my other ubuntu OS via ssh and then x11vnc. SSH connection works fine but when I start an x11vnc display after launch an x11vnc server, it loads some lines in the terminal, says "screen setup finished", gives me info on the VNC Desktop (name:1 PORT=5901) .... however the screen with the desktop does not appear. Why not?21:07
eatsleepsuplexremy screen says low res only, i dont know how to get a desktop , i try to revert to "backup settings" idk i think i just went and completely broke my linux lol21:08
fulkathe error description says: "tex-common is not yet configured"21:08
TheDraclek1l_, I'm on 12.04 on one system, and I'm seeing it on www.shippable.com too.21:08
Guest51204with the old-releases variant, apt-get update gives signature errors while with the old-releases.archive variant, it gives 40421:08
TheDraclek1l_, I'm not sure what Ubuntu they use on their build nodes. I was just surprised to see it show up in both places.21:08
k1l_TheDracle: lsb_release -d # gives you what?21:09
TheDraclek1l_, Ahem, sorry, 12.10 on my system.21:09
k1l_Guest51204: we cont see what you see. so we cant help you. you need to paste the whole output to let us help you21:09
Guest51204TheDracle you have the same problem as me21:09
TheDraclek1l_, shippable.com doesn't give me terminal access, just logs.21:09
eatsleepsuplexrei will keep researching please if anyone knows how to reinstall ubuntu i could use the help21:10
alexdmccabeThoughts on System76? I've read a couple of really good reviews like http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/system76-gazelle-professional-laptop-review-giveaway/ and http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2012/09/the-system76-gazelle-professional-just-how-good-is-it-review, and some really bad, like http://www.reddit.com/r/linux/comments/1pwwr0/system76_is_screwing_me_need_a_laptop/21:10
k1l_TheDracle: its end of live since a lot of time now. you need to upgrade now!21:10
k1l_!eol | TheDracle21:10
ubottuTheDracle: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades21:10
k1l_TheDracle: then talk to shippable, what ever that is, that they have a huge security issue right there21:11
Guest51204k1l_ that is exactly what TheDracle and I am trying to do :) we missed the end of life moment of 12.10, and now we try to get unstuck so we can upgrade to 14.04 :)21:11
TheDracleYeah, I'm posting an Issue with their support.21:11
k1l_Guest51204: i can just say: it works like its described in the link the bot gave. if you have issues you need to tell where exactly and provide errors and logs in pastebin.21:12
Guest51204i think it also tries to access security.ubuntu.com which no longer has quantal items?21:14
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k1l_Guest51204: we cant know since we dont see what you see21:14
Babloyidoes it matter if a live usb has other stuff (all in folders) in it, as long as it still has 3GB free?21:15
Babloyibe a big hassle to have to clear up my usb otherwise ._.21:15
k1l_Babloyi: when you create  a live stick it will be formated. so all old data is lost21:15
Babloyibackup it all on the disk, then, I guess21:15
gordonjcpis it possible to bridge networks for libvirt in 14.04 Desktop?21:15
gordonjcpit seems that the bug that prevents one from doing sudo service networking restart to bring up the bridge, stops any of it from working21:16
atlanxeeee: yes im connected to internet - google works21:16
eeeeatlanx: what's the error?21:17
gordonjcpalso, since "networking restart" doesn't work any more, how do you force all the network interfaces to restart on a remote machine?21:17
atlanxfailure is
sudo: Hostname ubuntu can not get resolved21:18
atlanxFehl: http://ppa.launchpad.net trusty InRelease21:18
atlanxFehl: .............................. Release.gpg21:19
atlanxgpg.launchpad.net couldn't get resolved21:19
atlanxaand so on21:19
abuBackrhello ladys and gentlmen21:22
abuBackrcould smbdy help me21:23
edlihi anyone here ?21:24
abuBackri cant install ubuntu21:24
abuBackrme here21:24
Guest51204okay i managed to get the output to use english language: http://pastebin.com/J4D0anwV21:24
Guest51204as you see, sudo apt-get update gives quite mixed results after the recommended sudo sed -i 's,//.*archive\.,//old-releases.archive.,' /etc/apt/sources.list21:24
Guest51204hi abuBackr21:25
html5bacon  is always the answer21:25
atlanxeeee: sudo: Hostname ubuntu can't get resolved21:26
coldfallgreets to all here21:26
Guest51204i hope that helps k1l_ with debugging? :)21:26
k1l_Guest51204: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades lists exactly what to do. make sure you have the exact entries in sources.list as they are stated there21:27
eeeeatlanx: ah21:27
k1l_partner repos or other 3rd party stuff will ofcourse not work21:27
eeeeatlanx: cat /etc/hosts21:27
smitzerEclipse keeps crashing for me, where can I see why?21:28
coldfalli have a question about the MD5sum value located at http://mirror.anl.gov/pub/ubuntu-iso/DVDs/ubuntu/14.04.1/release/MD5SUMS21:28
k1l_smitzer: start eclipse from terminal and see if that brings some output there21:29
atlanxeeee: localhost atlanx-laptop    than following some ipv6 things21:29
sakamopcoldfall: What is this question? We can't read your mind.21:29
eeeeatlanx: cat /etc/hostname21:30
smitzerk1l_, hmm it is android eclipse, not sure how to run it21:30
k1l_smitzer: what?21:30
atlanxeeee: atlanx-laptop21:30
k1l_smitzer: so its not a ubuntu issue at all? talk to the android people then21:30
Guest51204interesting EOLUpgrades page but it ends at "updating to 12.10" in a way... anyway, i gather that deb http://old-releases.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ quantal ... is what i need21:31
smitzerit might or it might not be an ubuntu issue because i run iton ubuntu21:31
k1l_Guest51204: come on. cant you read what is written there? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades#Upgrade21:32
coldfall02hi all I have a question about the MD5sum posted 4 new releases ...  http://mirror.anl.gov/pub/ubuntu-iso/DVDs/ubuntu/14.04.1/release/MD5SUMS21:33
k1l_coldfall02: what is the question?21:34
Guest51204k1l_ the section that you refer to explains that the first part will cover upgrading from 8.10 to 9.04 and up (eventually to 10.04) ... while i have 12.1021:34
Guest51204further below there is a link to "known issues" for 11.10 to 12.10 upgrades21:34
k1l_Guest51204: dont mind the numbers. you are the same way behind support like those old versions were when the site was written21:35
Guest51204my aim is 12.10 to 14.04 upgrade21:35
Guest51204or at least 12.10 to the next version which is still alive :)21:35
coldfall02MD5SUM for *ubuntu-14.04.1-desktop-amd64+mac.iso ... is... 08a56c68e3681a6f4ae128810f6359d721:35
elichai2can someone please comment on that link?21:35
k1l_Guest51204: ok, last time now, after that i will not answer anymore: just do what it says on that side. dont mind the numbers. the procedure is exactly the same21:35
atlanxeeee: why the laptop has its own address ?   my ip is and im connected to an fritzbox  with dns
OerHekselichai2, not wise to feed the trolls21:35
coldfall02MD5SUM for *ubuntu-14.04.1-desktop-amd64+mac.iso ... is... 08a56c68e3681a6f4ae128810f6359d7 ... but I am getting a value like 119cb63b48c9a18f31f417f09655efbd21:36
k1l_coldfall02: so your download is corruptet21:36
coldfall02thanks k1, i assumed that but it happend twice21:36
coldfall02I changed the name of the first download and reissued21:37
elichai2OerHeks, what do you mean? what trolls?21:37
elichai2i just want to know if you think it's legit21:37
k1l_try a different mirror/server or another method. torrent is safer since it got integraded checking21:37
coldfall02yes I used torrent because the dirct download connection would disconnect half way during the download21:38
k1l_elichai2: there is a lot of FUD about ubuntu. do you have an actual technical ubuntu issue? else you could discuss that FUD in #ubuntu-offtopic21:38
OerHekselichai2, i am not even going to answer that, those accusations are not true, or incomplete, or just trolling.21:39
elichai2k1l_, ok, thanks21:39
elichai2OerHeks, that what i wanted to hear :) thanks!21:39
eeeeatlanx: what do you mean?21:39
fooHey, getting a strange apt-get update error, any ideas on this? http://pastie.org/private/wryouzutm4u4sk3rusaa21:40
eeee!eol | foo21:40
ubottufoo: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades21:40
OerHekselichai2, i'd like to answer them in -offtopic, but it takes a lot of typing21:40
atlanxeeee: not important - i read now thats it is correct like it is21:40
Xer_Which ubuntu version have you? foo21:41
k1l_foo: 12.10 is way out of life. you need to upgrade now due to security issues. see the bots message21:41
elichai2now for a tech issue, my Fun keys dosen't work, any idea?21:42
atlanxeeee: update-initramfs -u    run now without problems    ( Generated   0-34-generic)21:42
k1l_coldfall02: use a different mirror. that md5sums seem wrong.21:43
Xer_versuch mal sudo apt-get upgrade21:43
coldfall02k1 I was not able to select the mirror from the download page for Ubuntu21:43
k1l_coldfall02: "119cb63b48c9a18f31f417f09655efbd *ubuntu-14.04.1-desktop-amd64.iso" does it give me on that mirror: http://ftp.hosteurope.de/mirror/releases.ubuntu.com/14.04.1/21:43
Xer_enter sudo apt-get upgrade in the terminal foo21:44
zCoderim trying to use grep to find a string in all files   im doing grep "test"  while already in the directory.. nothing is happening..  do i still need to provide path?21:44
eeeeatlanx: ok, try updateinitramfs -d -k 3.13.0-24-generic21:44
k1l_Xer_: the 12.10 repos are shut down. 12.10 lost suppport really long time ago. so he needs to mak release upgrades21:45
eeeethen try to purge the nvidia again21:45
awyglezCoder: try grep "test" *21:45
eeeesorry update-initramfs21:45
Xer_I know21:45
fook1l_: hmm, this was just installed not too long ago.. .I wonder if hosting company is using this.21:45
awyglezCoder: you may also need -R if you expect to search subdirectories as well21:45
fook1l_: can someone shoot me the factoid for upgrade?21:46
zCoderawygle: yup that worked. Thank you21:46
eeee!eolupgrade | foo21:46
ubottufoo: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades21:46
awyglezCoder: you're welcome21:46
atlanxeeee: > update-initramfs: Deleting /boot/initrd.img-3.13.0-24-generic21:46
Guest51204eh http://old-releases.archive.canonical.com/ubuntu/dists/ only has hardy, no wonder it fails for quantal? :p21:46
fooubottu: htank you!21:46
eeeeatlanx: ok, try to purge now21:46
Xer_foo must upgrading to the 14.04.121:46
elichai2my Fun keys dosen't work, any idea?21:47
Guest51204http://old-releases.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/ does not have quantal either :(21:47
Xer_install a new keyboard treiber elichati221:47
fooXer_: thank you, crazy that this is outdated21:48
Guest51204http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/ does have quantal, though21:48
eeeeGuest51204: you want http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/21:48
Xer_You are welcome21:48
atlanxstill depmod: ERROR: could not open directory /lib/modules/3.13.0-24-generic: No such file or directory21:48
atlanxdepmod: FATAL: could not search modules: No such file or direcotry21:48
TJ-Guest51204: Looks like someone's messed up21:48
k1l_Guest51204: you are still making all trouble yourself. instead of doing what ou told you making up stuff that doesnt work at all.21:49
atlanxeeee: still depmod: ERROR: could not open directory /lib/modules/3.13.0-24-generic: No such file or directory21:50
atlanxeeee: still depmod error21:50
eeeeatlanx: ok21:50
Guest51204eeee but without the "dists/" part in sources.list i assume?21:50
Guest51204sorry for stressing your patience k1l_ but what am i doing DIFFERENT from what i am told?21:51
eeeeatlanx: update-initramfs -c -k 3.13.0-24-generic21:51
coldfall02k1, I am contemplating a method for checking the sha1 value and the sha256 value, to see if my md5sum checker is wacky21:51
k1l_Guest51204: the wiki page i linked you and the bot gave you des _exactly_ tell you what to have in your sources.list. you did something other and you got problems. so its you to blame.21:52
TJ-Guest51204: http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/quantal/21:52
Guest51204i put exactly that:21:53
Guest51204deb http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ CODENAME main restricted universe multiverse21:53
Guest51204deb http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ CODENAME-updates main restricted universe multiverse21:53
Guest51204deb http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ CODENAME-security main restricted universe multiverse21:53
k1l_coldfall02: the .iso is fine. the server where you read the md5sums from got false md5sums21:53
Guest51204with quantal instead of CODENAME, of course :)21:53
=== Schnabel- is now known as Schnabeltierchen
TJ-Guest51204: Did you then "sudo apt-get update" ?21:53
coldfall02K1 i used the md5sum feature in K3b21:53
k1l_Guest51204: so where is the issue right now?21:54
Guest51204that somebody on the chat last week told me to do:21:54
Guest51204sudo sed -i 's,//.*archive\.,//old-releases.archive.,' /etc/apt/sources.list21:54
TJ-eeee: atlanx what is the problem you're facing?21:54
k1l_Guest51204: you dont need to put the /dists/ at the end since that does apt-get for you. so stop making a mess and do like millions of other users did that upgrade21:55
Guest51204which produced different hostnames, so now i understand why the recommendation of last week was bad :p21:55
MarcGuayHi folks.  Ubuntu 14.04.  Sometimes programs don't gain focus / bring their window to the forefront.  For example, if I go to the top bar, networking, and choose "connection info" it opens it in the launcher but I have to click it to bring it up.21:55
MarcGuayIs this expected behavior?21:55
TJ-Guest51204: what are you trying to do?21:55
eeeeTJ-: he is trying to purge a nvidia package, and it keeps giving an error about /lib/module/3.13.0-24-generic21:55
Guest51204TJ- i am trying to upgrade from 12.10 which is past eol21:56
k1l_Guest51204: you are aware that i am telling you that nearly one hour so far? you could easily be done with all that21:56
TJ-eeee: that'll be because update-initramfs still thinks that kernel version should be installed21:56
atlanxeeee: update-initramfs -c -k 3.13.0-24-generic  not working21:56
coldfall02k1, the volumn id for ubuntu-14.04.1-desktop-amd64.iso ... is listed by K3b to be ... ¨Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS amd 64¨  do you have the same volumn ID?21:56
eeeeTJ-: uname -r gives 3.13.0-24-generic, though he has 3.13.0-34-generic in dpkg -l21:56
TJ-eeee: Yes... but isn't that kernel version from the Live ISO?21:56
TJ-eeee: So that may not be installed in the chroot so you can't use update-initramfs -k all21:57
eeeeok, well i just told him to update-initramfs -d -k 3.13.0-24-generic21:58
eeeein the hopes the error would go if he reinstalled maybe21:58
eeeenow it complains there is nothing in the /lib/module/21:59
eeeehe hasn't reinstalled yet though21:59
TJ-Guest51204: The entries you showed in sources.list are correct to access the non-supported Quantal archive, and "sudo apt-get update" will fetch the package lists from there. From that point how are you attempting to upgrade to the next release? If you're trying to go from Quantal to Raring... that's an EOL too, so the upgrader will likely try the wrong URLs for fetching the Raring packages too.21:59
atlanxeeee: /boot/config-3.13.0-24-generic   no such file or directory21:59
TJ-eeee: I'd suggest simply install the latest kernel with "apt-get install linux-image-generic"22:00
TJ-atlanx ^^^^^22:00
atlanxTJ-: ok, i try22:01
eeeeTJ-: apt-get isn't working22:01
eeeesudo hostname ubuntu can't get resolved22:01
Guest51204thanks for the warning TJ- but how do i work around that?22:01
eeeehe says google works though22:01
TJ-Guest51204: I've never tried that, surprisingly!22:02
atlanxapt-get install linux-image-generic  >  linux-image-generic is still the newest22:02
eeeeatlanx: try apt-get install --reinstall linux-image-generic22:03
TJ-Guest51204: I suspect you'd be better doing a clean install of 14.04 and then installing the list of packages currently installed in 12.10. That'd also imply keeping the existing /home/ directory - if /home/ is a separate file-system already that isn't too difficult22:03
coldfall02K1, i see that you posted the link to http://ftp.hosteurope.de/mirror/releases.ubuntu.com/14.04.1/MD5SUMS  ... and the MD5SUMS are different than the link I originally posted - confirmed?22:04
krenkenHello, I'm trying to make a self-install of ubuntu on a usb can someone please help me22:04
k1l_coldfall02: that was what i said: your md5sum table is wrong.22:05
TJ-atlanx: eeee: can you show me "ls -l /var/lib/initramfs-tools/ | pastebinit" ?22:05
Guest51204i get your point TJ- but actually i am just coaching a very inexperienced user who has 12.10 because they forgot to leave 12.10 early enough...22:05
atlanxthe following packages will get removed:   nvidia-bl-dkms    > Yes > can't download the kernel image because  security.ubuntu.com can not get resolved22:05
Guest51204i doubt that they would be able combine their old home directory and package list with a fresh install22:05
coldfall02that is not my MD5sum table, K1, it is posted on the link maintained by Ubuntu ... verify?22:05
evil_dan2wikWhy does the brightness meter cause severe lag on my laptop?22:06
TJ-Guest51204: There isn't a user-targeted upgrade mechanism from one EOL to another EOL release. At best it might be possible by hacking the upgrade config. Are you using "do-release-upgrade" ?22:06
krenkenanyone? self install on usb?22:06
Guest51204but the good news is that by commenting out everything else in sources.list apart from the 3 old-releases lines, they got a mix of "Ign" and "Get" and "Hit" so there seems to be progress :)22:06
odisaHi, I had this error when trying to restart Apache on my Ubuntu 14.04 server; http://paste.ubuntu.com/8092609/ . Port 80 is open, yet it seems to inform me it cannot port through. What is going on here?22:07
TJ-Guest51204: The other issue is this, upgrades from 12.10 are to 13.04 only, which then needs another upgrade to 13.10 (also EOL!), then another upgrade to 14.0422:07
atlanxTJ-: pastebinit ist not installed22:07
TJ-atlanx: Can you do it manually?22:07
odisa(this is after a fresh install of apache2)22:08
k1l_coldfall02: please forget all you have and just see this md5sum. they are the correct ones: http://releases.ubuntu.com/trusty/MD5SUMS22:08
Guest51204i know but i had the hope that the 13.04 and later distros were not YET eol so that the chances to eventually reach the next LTS would increase...22:08
k1l_Guest51204: even 13.10 is eol. the only ones not EOL are 12.04 and 14.0422:09
Guest51204so basically updating from 12.04 to 12.10 was a very bad idea...22:09
coldfall02k1, thnks m522:09
krenkenim looking for a self install on usb for a headless server. thanks22:09
TJ-Guest51204: I really think the least pain is a clean install of 14.04. On 12.10 you can use "debfoster -q --show-keepers" to get the list of primary packages that need to be re-installed on 14.0422:10
k1l_Guest51204: you still can upgrade if you would actually follow instructions. but you need to upgrade every version until 14.0422:10
atlanxTJ- eeee : pastebin.com/Y6rbv4v222:11
Guest51204i think i will survive that k1l_ :)22:11
TJ-Guest51204: Depending on how the disk space is used, it may be possible to install 14.04 side-by-side with 12.10 whilst the upgrade is done and user data is copied/moved into 14.0422:11
* k1l_ leaves now, good luck then22:11
TJ- pastebin.com/Y6rbv4v222:11
Guest51204ok thanks :)22:11
TJ-atlanx: OK, so that shows you the versions of the kernel that update-initramfs thinks should be updated.22:12
krenkenim looking for a self install on usb for a headless server. please and thanks22:12
TJ-atlanx: those files containd the checksums of the initrd.img files in /boot/ that were previously generated.22:13
atlanxTJ- : ok22:13
TJ-atlanx: If I recall correctly, simply deleting the offending version there should solve the issue: e.g.for 3.13.0-24-generic then "rm /var/lib/initramfs-tools/3.13.0-24-generic"22:14
elichai2My Functions Keys dosen't work on ubuntu, any help??22:15
TJ-eee: atlanx: The error about  " /lib/module/3.13.0-24-generic" when purging the nvidia package is likely due to DKMS, because it has to de-install the modules it has built, but there isn't one for -24 so it fails. So the fix here might simply be to directly use "dkms" to remove that entry in its own database22:16
TJ-atlanx: eeee: can you pastebin the output of "dkms status" ?22:17
atlanxTJ-: In /boot/ is only existing  0-24-gen  files(beside memtest) - still save to remove them in /v/l/initrams ???22:17
TJ-atlanx: Hmmm... hold off on that then, lets check the 'dkms' part first22:18
CuybeI require some help22:18
atlanxTJ-: forget my last posting - was wrong - wrong terminal22:18
Cuybeis this an okay place to ask for help?22:18
Babloyiok, I was going to go with xfce, but then the same making fun dude starting going on about screen tearing, lacking features, poor performance, no consistency, broken compositor....how much of this is valid?22:18
Babloyiis xubuntu a bad choice? :/22:19
TJ-atlanx: arghhh, hate when that happens :) do the DKMS status report because that is more likely the issue here22:19
Cuybeduring the install process with a Minimal CD, I accidently selected a random package and installed some server ubuntu on my PC that doesn't even match my screens frequency.22:19
CuybeI need to install 14.04 Ubuntu22:19
CuybeI tried using Apt-get but it ruined both of my ram sticks and I had to replace them both22:20
atlanxdims status not working: Error! could not locate dkms.conf file.22:20
eeeeCuybe: lol22:21
atlanxTJ- : dkms status not working: Error! could not locate dkms.conf file.22:21
Cuybeeeee: :(22:21
fhfCuybe remove packages you dpnt want using Synaptics22:21
CuybeHow do I do that?22:21
eeeeCuybe: how can apt-get ruin your ram?22:21
TJ-atlanx: you can that as root in the chroot?22:21
CuybeI don't know, but during the install process for ubuntu desktop, my laptop popped off and never turned back on22:22
fhfCuybe install Synaptics from Software Center22:22
CuybeI don't know how to do that from a server copy of Ubuntu22:22
eeeeCuybe: maybe it overheated?22:22
Cuybemaybe, but replacing the ram fixed my problem.22:22
CuybeWhen I try to reboot my Minimal CD, it takes me to a GRUB launcher22:23
atlanxTJ- eeee : pastebin.com/jzRGc33322:23
TJ-atlanx: show us "ls -l /var/lib/dkms/"22:24
=== hugh is now known as hugegreenbug
TJ-atlanx: eeee: this is an amd64 (x86_64) architecture installation?22:25
Guest51204okay TJ- they now get the upgrade from 12.10 to interestingly 13.10 offered in the update-manager :)22:25
Guest51204will do that some other day22:25
Guest51204have a nice day everybody and thanks for the support :)22:25
fooAny ideas why I'm having these errors? https://jumpshare.com/v/xa5dj4zTWCT5bUovlQPg22:26
atlanxTJ-: sorry im not sure if the installation on this laptop was 64 or 3222:27
BabloyiCuybe you can usually set the order of booting right at the start....F12 or DEL or ESC when you PC starts (before grub)22:27
Babloyiit usually tells you in the corner22:27
atlanxTJ eeee : pastebin.com/8NztUamh22:28
TJ-atlanx: "dpkg --print-architecture"22:28
CuybeYeah Babioyi22:28
genaкто знает как настроить точку доступа на ноуте чтоб раздавать инет22:28
atlanxTJ- : i38622:28
eeee!rs | gena22:29
ubottugena: Molimo udjite u #ubuntu-rs za pomoc u vezi sa Ubuntuom na srpskom jeziku.22:29
atlanxTJ- : the live usb stick is an i386  ubuntu22:29
hugegreenbugI just started this site called distroshare.com.  It is for sharing Linux distros that are customized for a specific machine or purpose.  If you are interested, join me at #distroshare.22:30
Babloyireally, atlanx?22:30
CuybeI think that the CD is booting but instead of the minimal installer it goes to GRUB22:30
BabloyiI just downloaded it from one site, and it gave me the option22:30
atlanxTJ- : because the grub boot menu showed me  options with PAE i was quite sure it is an ubuntu-32 installation22:30
Babloyi32b or 6422:30
Babloyiwhich is why I was asking22:31
TJ-atlanx: OK, so DKMS has installed nvidia-304-updates. Try "dkms remove nvidia-304-updates/304.117 -k 3.13.0-24-generic"22:31
CuybeIs there an ubuntu desktop installer smaller than 700mb's22:31
TJ-Cuybe: No. netinst or -server are the smallest22:32
eeeeCuybe: i doubt22:32
kostkon!mini | Cuybe22:33
ubottuCuybe: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD22:33
=== banister is now known as banisterfiend
TJ-Cuybe: If you're seeing a GRUB menu, isn't that the one from the hard disk which you previously installed? If so, then you'd need to change the boot device in the system's firmware to choose the CD drive in preference to the HDD22:34
atlanxTJ- : Should i first do the "rm /var/lib/initramfs-tools/3.13.0-24-generic" before this ? i don't have done this until now22:35
TJ-atlanx: No, it may not be necessary22:35
atlanxTJ- ok22:35
grodiussudo apt-get update22:37
grodiuslol mt22:37
* eeee [sudo] password for grodius:22:37
atlanxTJ- eeee : pastebin.com/66BGmVfi22:37
daftykinslol i was thinking up a similar response22:38
daftykinseeee: ^522:38
chrs_are there any HiDPI differences between Ubuntu 14.04 and 14.10?22:38
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OerHeksSelenaG, don't abuse the bot, thanks22:40
SelenaG!ops (oerheks)22:40
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TJ-atlanx: Hmmm, so not that then.22:41
TJ-atlanx: What do you get when you do "apt-get -f install" ?22:41
chrs_if i install one of the daily images now, will it be easy to upgrade to 14.10 when that drops?22:43
chrs_because apparently unity 7.3.0 has new hidpi code when i want to try22:43
atlanxTJ- eeee atlanx: pastebin.com/W5jnLztn22:43
daftykinschrs_: #ubuntu+1 for future release talk please22:43
elichai2ammmm ok, my functions keys are way weirder, it's the opposite,  when i click on 'Fn' i get F1, F2 etc. and when i don't click on 'Fn' i get the functions22:43
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OerHekschrs_, sure, as easy as any 14,04 iso22:43
popeySelenaG: please stop that22:43
chrs_daftykins: ok22:44
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang22:44
atlanxTJ- eeee: sorry - its in german... Fertig means finessed:  ENTFERNT means will get deleted.22:44
daftykins*finished ;)22:44
atlanxyes finished - the auto-correction of macintosh drives me cracy22:45
elichai2[01:43] <elichai2> ammmm ok, my functions keys are way weirder, it's the opposite,  when i click on 'Fn' i get F1, F2 etc. and when i don't click on 'Fn' i get the functions22:46
TJ-atlanx: Ahhh, it is "nvidia-bl-dkms" that's the issue, not nvidia-304!22:46
TJ-atlanx: show me "ls -l /usr/src/"22:47
atlanxTJ- : i think nvidia-304 is not un-guilty but the nvidia-bl-dkms is another failure22:48
TJ-atlanx: Also, a tip to get default English language is to do "LANG=C apt-get -f install"22:48
CuybeOkay, i'm going to need a smart fella to walk me out of this pickle I stepped into22:49
CuybeWho here is an intelligent enough dude?22:49
popeyCuybe: ask away22:49
atlanxTJ- eeee : pastebin.com/VK1KU14k22:49
CuybeSo I was installing ubuntu on a busted laptop I repaired using the Minimal CD installer22:49
CuybeWell, during installation22:49
TJ-atlanx:  Try "dkms remove nvidia_bl-/0.16.10 -k 3.13.0-24-generic"22:50
TJ-atlanx:  Typo! try "dkms remove nvidia_bl/0.16.10 -k 3.13.0-24-generic"22:50
CuybeI accidently selected a random package and now I have some server now22:50
TJ-Cuybe: You've got the Ubuntu base install with no GUI, you mean/22:51
CuybeThat makes sense22:51
daftykinsCuybe: is it an old machine?22:51
TJ-Cuybe: OK, then simply do "sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop" if you want the default Unity desktop environment22:51
Cuybeearlier I was doing that22:51
popeyactually if you want the desktop I'd do "sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop^" to get the full set22:52
Cuybeand the laptop shutoff mid operation22:52
Cuybeand I couldn't get it to start for a week22:52
CuybeI had to replace the ram22:52
popeyis there any data on it? might be quicker to reinstall it.22:52
CuybeNo data22:52
Cuybeperfectly empty HD22:52
daftykinspopey: is the circumflex a general rule for dependencies on meta packages?22:52
popey^ means install the task22:52
popeynot the meta-package22:52
TJ-Cuybe: "...busted laptop I repaired..." ... points to it not being fully repaired22:52
CuybeIt's fully repaired.22:53
atlanxTJ- eeee: pastebin.com/aqdcRPM522:53
TJ-Cuybe: It can't have been, you already said the PC shut-off midway through the installation. That's a hardware fault, not software22:54
klutzI am ready to try ubuntu mini again and I would like to find out what is the difference between mate-desktop-environment-core and mate-desktop-environment22:54
=== Rahul is now known as Guest49748
TJ-atlanx: I'd love to know what you've done to that system!22:55
CuybeI think I may have selected AMD on the website while I have an HP laptop22:55
Guest49748Im trying to connect to my SSH, my shared hosting is via GoDaddy.22:55
TJ-atlanx: "ls -l /lib/modules/"  ?22:55
atlanxTJ- : lol - im too22:55
Guest49748Im on a mac, and I tried ssh mysite.com22:55
TJ-Cuybe: "AMD" only refers to 64-bit capable CPUs, originally developed by AMD but used by Intel as well now22:56
Guest49748But it wouldnt let me log in...22:56
Guest49748Im using terminal to connect.22:56
CuybeIt is 64 bit22:56
daftykinsGuest49748: contact your provider's support22:56
Cuybebut it was not originally developed by AMd22:56
Guest49748Not sure, I type the pass but it wont log in.22:56
CuybeWhat should I do to install the desktop environment now?22:56
Guest49748Also it connects at Myname@mysite.com22:56
grodiusSince updating to 14.04 my subpixel smoothing aliasing is messed up making all my text really blurry... anyone have any idea how to fix?22:57
atlanxTJ- : pastebin.com/hLkVbLjp22:57
Guest49748Any ideas?22:57
elichai2[01:43] <elichai2> ammmm ok, my functions keys are way weirder, it's the opposite,  when i click on 'Fn' i get F1, F2 etc. and when i don't click on 'Fn' i get the functions22:57
TJ-Guest49748: the target system has the same username as on the localhost? Because that's the implication of "ssh mysite.com" rather than "ssh user@mysite.com"22:57
Guest49748Thanks, that worked!!!22:58
lickalottalright guys...i'm still stuck.   Upgraded from 12.04 ---> 14.04 and not multibit won't work.  I've updated java (jdk/jre 7) still nothing22:59
Xodus989Can anyone try and help me get my second monitor working? it worked in the live-cd but now it won't.  It's detected in the settings, and I can enable it, and move windows over to it, but the monitor doesn't 'wake up' but stays in standby. I've tried the propietary drivers, and the xorg ones.22:59
lickalottany help would be much appreciated.22:59
CuybeWhy is this server version all glitched visually?22:59
Xodus989...You know, I haven't checked all the cables. I'm going to do that.22:59
CuybeIt's got 2 copies overlapping eachother.22:59
TJ-atlanx: We're getting close! show me "ls -al /var/lib/dkms/nvidia_bl/ " ... I think you'll simply need to delete a symlink from there that currently relates to the non-existent kernel version22:59
Xodus989Hrm, cables are all plugged in properly23:01
=== quem_ is now known as quem
Xodus989Maybe I'll see if i unplug the working one, if the other one will work... Rebooting23:02
atlanxTJ- : pastebin.com/puUE88pX23:02
daftykinsCuybe: take a picture?23:02
TJ-atlanx: This makes *no* sense whatsoever!23:03
TJ-atlanx: "dpkg -r nvidia-bl-dkms"23:03
atlanxTJ- : pastebin.com/Q5z29yBJ23:05
CuybeI did "sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop"23:06
Cuybeit filled my entire screen with info23:07
eclahello,i am a new user to the linux os...ok... i think that my ubuntu 14.04 got hacked23:07
CuybeI did "clear" trying to clean things up and nothing happening23:07
CuybeHow can i see the progress of the install?23:07
Cuybewhat do I do when its done?23:07
daftykinsCuybe: you'll know when it's done, just be patient. "sudo reboot" at the end.23:08
CuybeHow long does it take?23:08
daftykinsCuybe: but i wouldn't recommend ubuntu-desktop if it's old23:08
CuybeAm I suppose to not see anythig?23:08
daftykinswell it depends on the age and spec of the machine23:08
daftykinsbecause it won't run well23:08
Cuybeit's an okay enough system23:09
daftykinsgive me names and numbers, not words!23:09
TJ-atlanx: OK, it is the post-removal script that is failing. I'm downloading the same package to check it's source-code, so we can do a fix to get you out of this hole23:09
Babloyiohdear...is formatting the partition where grub was (the master boot?) to put a new ubuntu going to mess things up?23:10
atlanxTJ- : ok23:10
TJ-atlanx: eeee: this is the post-removal script, you can see why it is failing! http://paste.ubuntu.com/8093034/23:12
elichai2how do i generate new password to bitcoind rpc?23:13
elichai2ops, wrong channel :\23:14
CuybeIs there any way to make sure it's installing?23:15
lickalottdoes anyone here use (or have experience with) Multibit?23:15
CuybeI don't want to leave it on any longer than I have to23:16
TJ-atlanx: So, this should remove the "depmod" line from the installed postrm script so things start working: " sed -i  's/depmod//' /var/lib/dpkg/info/nvidia-bl-dkms.postrm  "23:16
Cuybeand if it's not installing23:16
TJ-Cuybe: it will be printing messages as it goes... what is the last thing it has reported?23:16
Cuybeit filled my entire screen instantly then stopped23:16
CuybeI did clear23:16
Cuybethinking it would refill with commands23:16
Cuybebut nothing has come up23:16
TJ-"clear" - you mean you typed that command at the shell prompt?23:17
TJ-Cuybe: in which case you failed to read a prompt that apt-get had presented, and you've inadvertently said "No" with typing 'clear'23:17
TJ-Cuybe: run the command again, and check what it is asking and which key to press for it to continue23:18
CuybeIt's really hard to read23:18
CuybeThe left of the screen is in the center23:18
Cuybeand theres another copy on the left side23:18
Cuybeand they overlap23:18
TJ-Cuybe: video mode issues too?23:18
CuybeOnly when this server boots23:19
TJ-Cuybe: apt-get will be showing a list of packages it wants to install, and asking for a "Y" or "N" answer23:19
CuybeOh, alright.23:19
Cuybei entered the command it has filled the sreen with messages23:20
Cuybeun unity-scope-musicstores unity-scope misque unity-scope-openclipart23:21
TJ-atlanx: how are you getting on now?23:21
CuybeAbout 30 lines simiar to that23:21
TJ-Cuybe: Yes, it is waiting for you to answer Y or N23:21
atlanxTJ- : so after sed now just    do the purge again?23:21
CuybeFailed to fetch23:21
TJ-atlanx: "dpkg -r nvidia-bl-dkms"23:21
TJ-Cuybe: No network?23:22
CuybeI might not have it setup23:22
Cuybethe installer was working23:22
CuybeWhat commands would I use to connect to a network23:22
Cuybea wireless network23:22
stiv2k_two things: 1. i need to have ubuntu stop getting stuck at the GRUB prompt (it thinks i shutdown incorrectly last time i assume, except i didn't, but i'd like to disable it anyway)23:22
atlanxTj- : hey, looks good23:22
TJ-Cuybe: The installer runs a DHCP operation, but the installed minimal system requires the user to define the network settings23:22
atlanxTJ- : Removing old module source...23:23
stiv2k_2. XFCE4 is still blanking my monitor even though i dont have any screensaver enabled and i disabled DMPS and all that23:23
TJ-atlanx: OK, see if you can move on with it now23:23
CuybeAlright, how do I do so23:23
CuybeThank you by the way23:23
CuybeWould it work automatically if I just connected it directly to my router23:23
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TJ-Cuybe: You only need a temporary network config, because once the GUI has been installed it will have pulled in Network Manager, which will auto-configure it23:24
TJ-Cuybe: see https://help.ubuntu.com/14.04/serverguide/network-configuration.html#ip-addressing23:24
TJ-Cuybe: connect it to the router (by wire is much easier than via WiFi) then follow the instructions in the guide I linked you to23:25
atlanxTJ- : you mean just restart?23:25
Beldarstiv2k_, Have you modified grub in any way? Stuck means no countdown at the grub menu?23:26
TJ-atlanx: whilst still in the chroot, check that things seem to be correct. I'm not sure how many operations you did earlier that might need manual fix-ups23:26
CuybeWhich instructions23:26
CuybeThe same one for if I was using Wifi23:26
atlanxpurge now killed the last nvidia package (nvidia-bl-dkms)23:27
CuybeAlso my question mark doesn't work23:27
atlanxTJ- : purge now killed the last nvidia package (nvidia-bl-dkms)23:27
TJ-Cuybe: "Temporary IP Address"23:27
atlanxTJ- : my main problem was that the wrong video driver was installed - is the deinstalling of this nvidia files enough?23:28
CuybeAnd I can get that information needed by using ipconfig on a windows computer connected to the network?23:28
daftykinsCuybe: plug into your router then reboot the system to get an IP on the network, then run the install command.23:29
TJ-Cuybe: If you know the wired interface is "eth0" you can use DHCP manually (assuming all the required packages are already installed) by doing "sudo ifconfig eth0 up && sudo dhclient eth0"23:29
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TJ-daftykins: That won't work from minimal because there's no entry in 'interfaces'23:30
daftykinsTJ-: roger that, if we were told accurate info ;)23:31
TJ-atlanx: Sorry, I missed that ... if you want to remove the nvidia package you need "apt-get remove nvidia-304-updates"23:32
TJ-daftykins: We were; Cuybe is stuck in a (fresh) minimal install that has not had any configuration. I overlooked that network wouldn't be there without user intervention though :)23:33
atlanxTJ- : ah ok23:34
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daftykinsTJ-: yeah there was talk of 'server' too, so we'll cross that bridge when we come to it23:35
TJ-atlanx: then you should be OK to "exit" the chroot, the script will unmount what it can (it is likely some daemons were started in the chroot which prevent the umount finishing but don't worry about that). then you can reboot cleanly23:36
TJ-daftykins: "server" meant CLI interface :)23:36
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CuybeAlright, it's installing properly now.23:36
CuybeThank you guys for your hep23:37
atlanxTJ- : Ok thats fine i will try23:37
CuybeOne more thing though, I saw AMD64 being installed. Would this in any way perhaps damage my Intel?23:37
ObrienDaveCuybe, nope23:37
daftykinsTJ-: ok... but sometimes we're guessing as much as anything what users mean.23:38
CuybeOh great.23:38
TJ-Cuybe: AMD is just the architecture type... 64-bit CPU capable23:38
CuybeAh alright.23:38
CuybeAm I going to have to input any more commands?23:38
daftykins'sudo reboot'23:38
CuybeSince I can't really see I should probably know.23:38
CuybeHow will I know it's done?23:38
daftykinsCuybe: it'll return to the prompt.23:40
CuybeWill it clear all the messages off the screen?23:40
daftykinsCuybe: permit yourself this ONE bit of mystery23:40
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daftykinsit'll be fine.23:41
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atlanxTJ- : unbelievable - the Ubuntu starts again and loads the desktop ^.^ *Happy*23:43
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CuybeFailed to fetch us.archive.ubuntu.com/??????????????????/ubuntu/pool/main/s/systemd/libgudev-1.0.023:44
hencylokebefore I bore you with a long story: am I at the right place for asking a question about live screencasting to a local html site? :p23:45
hencylokeif not, could you direct me to a channel more suitable?23:46
Cuybedaftykins: I have an issue23:47
daftykinsCuybe: did it actually stop or are you just getting worried? :P23:47
CuybeFetched 541 MB in 4 min 56s23:48
Cuybeand then it lists a few files that failed to fetch23:48
hencylokeI guess no?23:48
jellow!ask | hencyloke23:48
ubottuhencyloke: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience23:48
daftykinsCuybe: "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop^ "23:49
Cuybeis it waiting for an input?23:49
hencylokeallright, thank you. prepare for a long question :)23:49
daftykinsCuybe: depends if you see the prompt like i described, please use your brain23:49
Cuybei told you what I see23:49
jellowhencyloke, welcome to #ubuntu I'm sure someone will help if not point you in the right direction.23:49
Cuybebut the bottom of my screen is cut off23:49
CuybeI'm missing a few lines23:49
Cuybethe OS isn't fitting my monitor well23:49
daftykinsCuybe: keep hitting enter then23:50
Cuybewow it is23:50
CuybeFailed to fetch 4 files23:50
CuybeShall I run the command?23:50
Ridley5hi all23:50
Ridley5im looking to display all running daemon on boot23:51
Ridley5i used rcconf23:51
CuybeIt says "Unable to fetch some archives, maybe run apt-get update or try with --fix-missing?"23:51
Ridley5but didint display all23:51
TJ-Cuybe: that'll probably be due to the local package lists not having been updated, so the archives don't contain the package versions the PC requested. You can usually fix that with "sudo apt-get update" and then re-run the install "sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop^ && clear"23:51
grodiusHi, Since updating to 14.04 areas on my screen will be really blurry. When I mouse over them they are no longer blurry. I believe it has something to do with sub pixel aliasing but i am not sure23:51
dportinIs there any way to make window menus persistent (so that one doesn't need to roll over the title bar with a mouse) and separate from the title bar (so that rolling over the title bar doesn't make the menu appear) in unity/ubuntu14.04? I see the local menus option, but not the others.23:52
hencylokeI want to live broadcoast my current desktop screen and than play that stream in a html file that is on the same machine. I then want to publish that html site to the internet so everybody can see that stream. in other words; broadcoast my desktop to my desktop and then make it viewable through a site that runs locally. I searched for good ways to do this and the best way I THINK is with ffmpeg (libav now).23:52
TJ-Ridley5: "initctl --system list | grep running"23:53
hencylokebut the sample's i've seen stream it to a udp://192.x.x.x. is it possible for me to play that udp://192.x.x.x stream embedded in a locally hosted website?23:53
daftykinsCuybe: run what i told you to23:53
xNinehello, I installed Xubuntu, and I'm now trying to default to Unity, but I still have the Xubuntu boot animation and lock/login screen. How can I get rid of that?23:53
Ridley5ok thank you TJ- :) i try that23:53
hencylokeor do you know any other method that is better instead of ffmpeg/libav23:53
CuybeI ran sudo apt-get update23:53
Ridley5is ok TJ-, any gui editor to remove somes ?23:54
stiv2k_how do i tell ubuntu to stop leaving me at a GRUB prompt whenever it erroneously thinks the computer didnt shut down properly?23:54
Ridley5i trayed rcconf i doesent display all23:54
TJ-Ridley5: No, it's upstart responsible, there is no GUI23:55
CuybeThats a good but weird question Hency23:55
Ridley5ho i should remove on daemon then23:55
hencylokeCuybe: weird in what way? :p do you mean my english isn't good? (which is true haha)23:55
TJ-hencyloke: VNC muti-casting/plexing maybe?23:56
daftykinsCuybe: try the latter portion without the ^23:56
CuybeSo do I run (sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop^ && clear) after my23:56
CuybeYou mean "sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop && clear"23:56
hencylokeTJ-: Does VNC multicasting (I tried vnc4server and tinyvncserver) have sound? and wouldn't a site be 'easier' in terms of usability for less educated people?23:57
daftykinsCuybe: your clear will never run so don't do that23:57
TJ-hencyloke: Possibly easier for them; but harder for you to configure I'd expect.23:59

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