kzardHi. Is there any place I can look for a bzr 2.6.0 windows installer?13:34
jelmerkzard: I don't think there is one for 2.6.0 yet13:40
jelmerkzard: 2.6 doesn't have a lot of changes compared to 2.5.x though13:40
jelmerkzard: is there a specific feature from 2.6 you need?13:40
kzardI'm having an issue with Bazaar Explorer, and thought that the newer version might fix it13:41
kzardI installed he newer version of bazaar explorer and it didn't have the extra tools menu I was expecting though13:41
kzardanyway, I'm getting "Could not acquire lock. Please retry later." on prettymuch anything I try do in bazaar explorer13:42
kzardwhile the command-line tool seems to work fine13:42
kzardFor example, I open my local copy of our trunk branch, and click "Log". The log opens fine. I then click "cancel", and bzr explorer hangs and after a few seconds displays that error message.13:44
kzard* "close"13:45
jelmerkzard: bzr-explorer hasn't changed since august 201213:45
kzardah yes, I see13:46
kzardjelmer, any ide3a on what could cause it to report a lock?13:51
kzardor how I could fix it?13:51
jelmerkzard: sorry, it's been years since I've looked at this code14:18
kzardwhat would be a good place to as kfor help?15:35
jelmerkzard: for bugs, please report them in the bug tracker for bzr-explorer15:42
jelmerkzard: for general help on hacking on bzr-explorer/qbzr, this channel or the bzr mailing list are the best places to ask15:43
kzardeh kay15:59
kzard* okay15:59
kzardI'll ask around a bit more then. I don't know it's a bug yet15:59

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