smoserdevicenull, ir you put it in /var/lib/scripts/per-instance it probably will get run once per instance, but if you're writing after it has done that it might be too late.01:05
smoserby default, though, if you pass in a '#!' it will be executed once per instance.01:05
smoserand you can pass in multiple #! in multipart01:06
* smoser has to run. sorry to tease you.01:06
devicenullsmoser: actually, it works okay if you use "write-file" 01:27
devicenullit executes once per instance, it seems01:27
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harmwRaginBajin: I hope I'm not pushing you to much :p13:59
RaginBajinHey.. Nope. Working on it today. Just going through some issues iwth FreeIPA and then I can start looking at it. 14:00
harmwgreat man14:00
harmwbtw, which timezone are you in?14:00
harmwor just country :p14:01
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RaginBajinharmw: I'm in the Eastern Time Zone. I'm just outside of Washington,DC14:22
harmwok, this is NL14:23
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harmwRaginBajin: ping!18:45
RaginBajinIt's alive and it works!18:46
RaginBajinI even added my changes to it and was able to get it to work with ConfigDrive successfully. 18:46
harmwno shit :)18:47
harmwsmoser: time to review :>18:47
smoserharmw, well, feature freeze is tomorrow. so i'm planning on getting a upload in by then.18:49
harmwfreeze for juno? what we're talking about :)18:52
smoserfor utopic18:54
harmwah, and you want ci 0.7.6 in there18:55
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smoseri was considering that, yah. b19:11
smoserbut was basically planning on doing a round of bug fixes and pulling stuff in19:11
smoserand that included your stuff19:11
RaginBajinWould that include my stuff as well 19:15
harmwsmoser: ok19:17
smoserRaginBajin, maybe. .. where is that?19:18
devicenullis there any way I as a provide can convince cloud-init to only use certain metadata sources?19:57
devicenullI've just found that the debian cloud-init package will try to use the CloudStack metadata source.. which adds two minutes to boot time while it repeatedly retries19:57
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devicenullah I think there's a preseed option for it20:04
devicenullcloud-init cloud-init/datasources multiselect     Ec2, None20:25
devicenullif anyone's wondering!20:25
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RaginBajindevicenull, you can do it in the cloud.cfg file as well.   You can just say Datasources: Openstack 21:37
devicenullya, that's what the preseed option does21:37
devicenullI dont suppose you know of any 0.7.x packages for ubutnu precise?21:39
devicenullah found one21:42
kfox1111odd problem. we are using a vendor data plugin we wrote for openstack. its outputing a json document, as its based on the example json one. it causes newer cloud init's to crash though.21:52
kfox1111know how to make it ignore things if its just a json doc?21:58
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