rick_h__morning huwshimi 00:18
huwshimirick_h__: Hi :)00:18
hatchhuwshimi:  hey02:39
huwshimihatch: Hello!02:40
hatchso did you end up figuring out your issue or do u want me to take a look?02:42
huwshimihatch: I haven't figured it out. It appears that when I attach the event it then gets triggered by the event's method that created it!02:43
hatchclickoutside is a complicated and resource intensive event because it is a 'fake' event02:44
hatchlemme pull down your code and take a look02:44
hatchhuwshimi:  do you guys get the show 'The Dome' there?02:51
huwshimihatch: Not that I know of02:51
hatchcount yourself lucky, it's horrible 02:51
hatchsome tv version of a steven king book - somehow it keeps getting renewed 02:52
hatchhuwshimi:  quite the issue we have here heh03:10
huwshimihatch: Yeah, fun times!03:10
hatchso I have a fix, but it sucks03:12
hatchif you wrap the clickoutside binding in a settimeout then it's ok 03:12
hatchohh I think I know how to fix it03:13
hatchok I was wrong lol03:25
huwshimihatch: oh :(03:26
hatchthe problem is how the clickoutside event handler works....03:26
hatchit's a synthetic event 03:27
huwshimihatch: This is only an issue because the button that triggers the open is outside the menu03:31
huwshimi(That's not something that we can change, however)03:35
huwshimihatch: Any other ideas?03:37
hatchhuwshimi:  yeah so I'm thinking that's what will have to be done03:38
huwshimihatch: The timeout?03:38
hatchthe clickoutside handler is just not written properly 03:38
hatchwell that was the wrong thing03:38
hatchit's not written to be used as we are using it03:38
huwshimihatch: OK, well thanks for taking a look.03:39
hatchhuwshimi:  I guess right now in the interest of getting this landed is to render the menu for each token 03:39
hatchrender the ... in the menu 03:40
hatchthen when it gets clicked, show the real menu03:40
hatchit's a big performance smack but the real fix is going to take too much time03:40
huwshimihatch: swap out button with the real one?03:40
hatchno I mean the ... is part of the menu03:40
huwshimihatch: Oh, so just render everything all the time?03:41
hatchwhen it's clicked then show the tooltip portion of the menu03:41
hatchyeah I think that's going to be the only way this will work, because the clickoutside will capture everything on the various up, down, bubble event phases03:41
hatchit doesn't filter them to only catch one way unfortunately03:41
hatchit can be written to work as intended03:44
hatchunfortunately it'll take too long and I think we'd like to get this landed heh03:44
huwshimihatch: Oh, I have a solution.03:46
huwshimilet me push this up03:46
huwshimihatch: https://github.com/huwshimi/juju-gui/commit/370e1510bb44d483da21d36f82e9e477d09a578f03:48
huwshimiactually that 'all' could be 'one'03:50
hatchso I was thinking something like that, but it's touching the DOM x number of times 'just incase' 03:50
hatchhuwshimi:  you know that's probably an alright idea if it uses a .one03:52
huwshimihatch: Yeah, so this: https://github.com/huwshimi/juju-gui/commit/afd157fe01fc39488f0727335cb69b457bbb4d5303:53
hatchbut it's a little bandaidie03:53
huwshimihatch: Is it better than rendering all the widgets?03:53
hatchmuch :)03:53
hatchlike orders of magnitude haha03:54
hatchgood work03:54
huwshimihatch: OK, I'm going to have some lunch and then add tests. This could probably do with another review tomorrow03:55
hatchyep for sure I'll review it in the am03:55
hatchthanks for staying on this :)03:56
huwshimihatch: Thanks for that!03:56
huwshimithank you03:56
hatchno problem04:07
=== uru-afk is now known as urulama
rogpeppe1urulama: morning!08:13
urulamarogpeppe1: heya08:16
urulamarogpeppe1: how are we doing today, sir?08:17
rogpeppe1urulama: good thanks08:17
rogpeppe1urulama: and you?08:17
urulamarogpeppe1: a bit sleepy, but nothing that proper indian tea could not solve :) 08:19
rogpeppe1urulama: :-)08:20
urulamarogpeppe1: could you take a look at Jay's PR, please ... https://github.com/juju/charmstore/pull/7708:20
rogpeppe1urulama: i'm just looking at it already08:20
rogpeppe1urulama: reviewed08:44
urulamarogpeppe1: thanks08:45
urulamarogpeppe1: i've set him towards the baseURL yesterday, but it was too late in the night to actually review the code08:46
* urulama goes make some tea09:13
urulamarogpeppe1: ping, when you are ready09:29
rogpeppe1urulama: ok, one mo09:29
rogpeppe1urulama: ping :-)09:30
urulamafrankban, rogpeppe1: give me 5min please, there's a post-man at the door09:59
rogpeppe1urulama: ok10:00
urulamafrankban: wonna join for a blobstore talk?10:03
frankbanurulama: sure10:03
frankbanurulama: link?10:04
urulamaoh, sorry10:05
urulamafrankban: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/canonical.com/blobstore?hceid=dXJvcy5qb3Zhbm92aWNAY2Fub25pY2FsLmNvbQ.i8ktli6o0tbmsbe5qmtk62eaik10:05
urulamafrankban, rogpeppe1: google does not like us :)10:43
rogpeppe1urulama: we're back in...10:44
frankbanrogpeppe1: is it better to compare two *charm.Reference by value (e.g. *id1 == *id2) or by str repr (id1.String() == id2.Strng())?11:01
rogpeppe1frankban: value11:02
frankbanrogpeppe1: cool thanks11:02
frankbanmorning rick_h__ 11:06
* frankban lunches11:06
urulamamorning rick_h11:15
rick_h__morning bac11:50
urulamarogpeppe1, frankban: wrote minutes about blobstore. please take a look if anything is missing, lots of topics were covered :)11:51
urulamarick_h__: you have a minute to chat?11:51
rick_h__bac: this was funny last night. https://twitter.com/chcholman/status/50190609313696972911:51
rick_h__urulama: sure thing11:51
rogpeppe1urulama: looking11:52
urulamarick_h__: daily standup? https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/canonical.com/daily-standup?hceid=cmljay5oYXJkaW5nQGNhbm9uaWNhbC5jb20.j0rk5d371ph8331ijtf48t2uj011:52
urulamarick_h__: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/g4sy3treomztkk367qiounpbg4a11:52
bacrick_h__: so you know that person on twitter?11:53
urulamarick_h__: the first one was "borked", hope the second one works11:53
rick_h__urulama: trying11:54
rick_h__bac: so she's in a city nearby and we 'know' each other by knowing some of the same tech people11:54
rick_h__bac: never met11:54
rogpeppe1urulama: i hadn't heard of CADF before11:54
urulamarogpeppe1: ah, its just some standard for auditing in clouds11:55
rogpeppe1urulama: have you got a good overview link by any chance?11:55
* rogpeppe1 is wary of standards11:55
frankbanurulama, rogpeppe1, guihelp: I need two reviews for https://github.com/juju/charmstore/pull/78 . anyone? thanks12:08
rogpeppe1frankban: on it12:09
urulamafrankban: will be on it after a short lunch12:17
frankbanurulama: thank you12:17
hatchmorning all13:38
rick_h__morning hatch 13:39
hatchkadams54:  so we also had a monstrous storm last night :) took the power out :)13:39
rick_h__" But now that JavaScript itself will soon have a built in module system and loader, the way forward is to embrace ES6 modules.13:45
rick_h__"will soon" bothers me13:45
rick_h__:( on the lack of noting the niceities of a deep event system, common api across code, etc. 13:46
rick_h__but yea, it's running its course13:46
hatchheh there is no way we'll be able to use es6 modules/loader any time soon13:47
hatchmaybe 1yr13:47
hatchMy next personal project whatever that may be will not use YUI so I can try and find a good collection of modules to provide a similar functionality 13:48
hatchso far I can't find anything that has the event stack :/13:48
hatchthose darn events.....13:48
hatchmaybe I could write something13:49
rick_h__yea, I bet you still end up writing a lot more code13:49
rick_h__it's kind of sad that there's not more of a desire to modernize YUI vs deprecate13:49
hatchY! is too busy buying mobile companies....lol13:49
lucarick_h__: just rebooting13:59
* rick_h__ heads back to the house14:43
hatchkadams54:  did you end up doing the review of my branch yet?14:44
kadams54hatch: in progress. I'm also having problems with changeState in my branch.14:44
kadams54So I'll finish off QAing yours and then pester you with state questions ;-)14:45
hatchyeah sure np14:47
hatchchangeState is really easy to understand and debug once you wrap your head around how it works14:47
lucahatch: jcastro kadams54 btw is the uncommitted progress icon just the yellow triangle? The yellow triangle technically means pending...14:47
hatchluca:  right now there is no uncommitted progress icon14:50
hatchthere is the pending icon but that's after juju has ACK'd it and it's really pending14:51
hatchbut there is this odd place between uncommitted and the ACK14:51
hatchwhich I have seen be up to 30s 14:51
hatchwhere it's not pending or not uncommitted 14:51
rick_h__jujugui call in 514:56
rick_h__or 414:56
rick_h__kanban away please14:56
urulamarick_h__: i get "this party is over" :(14:58
rick_h__jujgui https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/gw35roelf4huu6vmyvyl3z6rgea?authuser=1 14:59
lucahatch: I see, thanks14:59
rick_h__see if this works14:59
hatchI'm in the normal standup room15:00
hatchwith ant and matt15:00
rick_h__ok, it's working now15:00
rick_h__just doens't like me15:00
rick_h__jujugui standup time!15:00
urulamarick_h__: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/canonical.com/daily-standup?hceid=cmljay5oYXJkaW5nQGNhbm9uaWNhbC5jb20.j0rk5d371ph8331ijtf48t2uj015:00
urulamarick_h__: try this one15:00
rick_h__bac: ^15:01
bachaving trouble15:03
hatchrick_h__:  are all of the cards in the ready to code of equal priority? It seems like some of these may be able to be pushed to post 1.0 15:10
bacjujugui: sorry, i cannot get into the hangout15:10
hatchit's over15:11
bachatch: miss anything good15:17
hatchrick_h__:  did some break dancing to lady had a little lam15:18
kadams54guihelp: where is views.Templates originally defined/setup?15:20
rick_h__hatch: we can debate over them15:20
rick_h__hatch: but they all seemed 1.0 stuff when I looked monday15:20
rick_h__kadams54: it's built from the /lib/templates or something, /me pulls up a browser to look15:20
rick_h__kadams54: sorry, the things in app/templates is built into lib/templates.js as compiled handlebars15:21
rick_h__kadams54: what are you trying to do?15:22
urulamajujugui: bye, see you later15:24
=== urulama is now known as uru-afk
* rick_h__ goes to get lunch15:59
hatchjujugui do we have any assets or mockups for ""handle changes from the delta stream and alert with conflicts in ecs"" ?16:27
kadams54not that I've seen16:27
rick_h__hatch: no16:27
hatchI can work on the backend of it np, but I'll send something to luca about it I guess16:28
rick_h__hatch: yea, I think that card is one that breaks into smaller. we need to plan out where/how to keep the 3 results (current, ghost, delta) and how to resolve that16:29
hatchyep ok on it16:29
rick_h__hatch: thanks for the great qa notes on huw's branch!16:44
hatch:) np16:44
Makyojujugui it appears we can't clear config changes, because we don't retain the old ones, just a list of what has changed.  Any thoughts?16:48
rick_h__Makyo: chat with hatch as I think we need it for that as well16:48
rick_h__Makyo: hatch quick chat?16:48
* rick_h__ will try again wheee16:49
hatchif it says it has ended just click refresh a couple times16:49
rick_h__went to FF16:49
frankbanrogpeppe1: so, should we return nil, nil in a meta endpoint if, for instance, it makes sense only for charms and a bundle is passed?17:02
frankbanrogpeppe1: IIUC, if the meta result is nill, then the result is not included in meta when include is used17:03
rogpeppe1frankban: yes, that's right.17:04
* rogpeppe1 needs to stop now. wedding anniversary requires prompt stopping :)17:04
rogpeppe1g'night all17:04
frankbanrogpeppe1: good night17:05
rick_h__happy anniv rogpeppe1 !17:06
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hatchjcsackett:  thnks for the review, I replied18:23
hatchkadams54:  review?19:20
kadams54hatch: yeah, still wrestling with a local env19:21
hatchhmm, what issues are you having? I've probably had it before haha19:21
kadams54hatch: the behavior was funky when I ran through, so I wanted to verify and make sure it wasn't just my setup.19:21
hatchoh ok, what was happening?19:22
kadams54hatch: the machine would go through OK, but the bare metal container would be left as uncommitted state. I had to force a re-render on the container token before it properly displayed the state.19:23
hatchoh ok that's possibly a real bug19:23
hatchactually probably is19:23
kadams54hatch: So I ran through the QA instructions, deployed, confirmed, waited, then saw the machine change from uncommitted to deployed. But the container stayed as uncommitted.19:23
hatchthe uncommitted state rendering is kind of implemented funky19:24
hatchthe bare metal cannot be uncommitted so that's definitely a bug19:24
kadams54As far as my local env woes… I think it's the same thing jcsackett's seen. I've run the juju set command, it seems to run successfully, then I refresh in the web browser and nothing is running anymore.19:24
kadams54Annnnnddd now it works fine. Of course.19:25
hatchare you juju setting the source?19:25
jcsackettkadams54: on precise you have to use sha to set the source. 19:25
jcsackettOn trusty you can use branch. 19:25
hatchit takes time to pull down and build the source19:25
kadams54Hmm, I'm on precise, but it just worked with the branch…19:25
hatchand what jcsackett just said19:25
hatch( which I also learnt just recently)19:26
kadams54hatch: yeah, I gave it 10 minutes :-)19:26
jcsacketthatch, I'm not sure I'm +1 with your reply; you say it's overkill to put update id on the machine list, but that's the only place you use the method. 19:26
jcsackettSeems like overkill to patch, to me. 19:26
hatchI just figure because it's a limitation of the library and not of our code it should go to the lib19:27
hatchkadams54:  can you write that bug in the PR and I'll look into it after lunch19:27
jcsackettI agree it's unnecessary to create our own extension, but can't you just add update I'd for the machine list? We already have one as an object, right?19:27
kadams54hatch: Yeah, now that I've finally managed to confirm it :-)19:27
kadams54hatch: FYI, I added the changeState code pretty much as it is in scale-up.js, for navigating to machine view… but it seems to do nothing. That is, if you're in service view when you click on the link, you'll still be in service view.19:28
hatchjcsackett:  no LML has an internal ID map which is only updated on add and remove so you cannot update the id of a LML object and still have it functional 19:29
jcsackettAaaah. 19:29
jcsackettThat's the missing part of info. 19:29
hatchkadams54: does the service view bubble the change up to the browser.js?19:29
hatchjcsackett:  oh sorry :) 19:29
hatchI'll add that to the PR19:29
kadams54Ah, good question. I'll make sure it does.19:30
hatchkadams54:  typically you will include the steps to reproduce the QA failure19:31
hatcheven though I know how....just for good measure19:31
jcsackettok. hatch, knowing that, I'm good. Can you add a test for the patch's added method, though?19:31
hatchjcsackett:  I can19:31
hatchplz add to the PR19:31
kadams54hatch: done.19:33
jcsackettWill do. Thanks, hatch. 19:33
hatchthanks - I'll get on that right after lunch19:33
hatchI'm trying to figure out a good strategy to port the gui to Dart without rewriting :D19:33
* rick_h__ runs away night all!20:55
hatchcya rick_h__21:18
hatchoh that was like 25mins ago21:18
lazyPowerheyyyyyy hatch21:37
hatchwassup boi!21:37
lazyPowerWanna be a peach and proof something for me? (rough video cut, but almost done)21:38
hatchyeah sure 21:39
hatchI'm just finishing up a review21:39
lazyPowerhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CEfFy6tODrQ knew I could count count on ya! ty ty21:39
lazyPoweroooo you're doing a charm review?21:39
hatchhaha no, js review21:42
hatchlazyPower:  I'll start looking at it in about 521:42
lazyPowerno rush :) and ooohhh yeah. i almost got excited there for a second.21:43
hatchlazyPower:  your quiet...21:48
hatchcan you preamp the audio?21:48
lazyPowerthat has been preamped21:48
lazyPowerWhats your youtube volume at perchance?21:49
lazyPoweri preamped it and ran it through a compressor21:49
hatch100% heh21:49
hatchand my laptop is also at 100%21:49
hatch:) maybe it's just my computer21:49
hatchI'm running in a vm21:49
lazyPowerlet me solicit additional feedback - you're on mac right?21:49
hatchI'm on a mac, in Ubuntu21:50
hatchmaybe my soundcard default volume is set to low :)21:50
hatchanyways, continuing21:50
lazyPowerhatch: ty for the feedback though - if i need to up the amps on the audio i'll try to do that on teh final copy21:52
hatchlazyPower:  notes pm'd22:02
lazyPowerThanks man! Much appreciated.22:04
hatchanytime :)22:09
hatchWhen it's done let me know so I can spread it among my network too22:10
hatchanything to get the juju love out there22:10
jcsacketthatch: how does one turn the simulator off in gui?22:39
jcsackettit's massively mucking me up.22:39
hatchctrl s22:39
jcsackettthank you.22:39
hatch"One does not simply....turn the simulator off"22:39
* jcsackett sort of wants the simulator off by default22:39
hatchjcsackett:  you can also set it to off in the config-debug.js file22:39
jcsackettyes, but then i have to fix that before i commit.22:39
hatchI've been asking for that but always get voted down22:39
jcsacketti might bring it up on friday (again)22:40
hatchcome to the dark siiiide22:40
* hatch hands you a pin22:40
jcsackettit is *so* annoying when you're dealing with machine creation/unit creation etc.22:40
hatchI'll +1 your vote to banish22:40
hatchnow and convince others behind closed doors like a good politician and make it look like a true democracy when we vote22:41
hatchoh I crack myself up22:41
* jcsackett laughs22:53
hatchmorning huwshimi23:08
hatchlots of comments on your branch but good to land once those are taken care of (they are all tidy up things)23:09
rick_h__morning hju23:20
rick_h__mornin huwshimi 23:20
rick_h__tab completion works better when you type correctly :/23:20
huwshimirick_h__: If you happen to have the time, I'd love another review of the more menu: https://github.com/juju/juju-gui/pull/49823:41
rick_h__huwshimi: will look in a sec here. 23:43
hatchhuwshimi:  thanks for making those fixes23:44
hatchbe sure to rebase before landing :)23:44
huwshimihatch: Thanks for the review, yeah, lots of changes in there :)23:47
hatchheh mine is the same, I'm going to have to have fun rebasing that one23:47

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