joseQUESTION: Why am I seeing [Review Queue] emails now?02:36
sarnoldjose: oops, did you do enough good work to earn more work? :)02:44
josesarnold: hehe nope, they're on the juju mailing list02:44
sarnoldoh :)02:44
joseI was just wondering if it had something to do with the new revq that's on the works!02:44
tvansteenburghjose: no that's just a new thing we're doing. we're taking 2-hr time blocks on the review queue and reporting our progress to the list03:03
josetvansteenburgh: oh, it's good to know :)03:03
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jamI have a question about the appropriate way to write a charm configuration.11:48
jamI have in mind a very simple charm that I give my account credentials to, and it issues "juju destroy-environment" after a given timeout.11:48
jamSo that I can deploy the charm when I have just a testing env, and make sure it dies even if I forget about it.11:49
jamBut I'd like to have it allow a syntax like "destroy after 45 minutes" or something along those lines11:50
jambut it seems odd to have a config setting that would "reset" the state every time config-changed runs.11:50
marcoceppistokachu: what do you mean it breaks it?12:32
jammarcoceppi: there you are. I ran into https://bugs.launchpad.net/charm-tools/+bug/1359170 trying to use charm-tools with trunk juju12:40
mupBug #1359170: juju charm create fails in an unhelpful fashion with juju-1.21 in PATH <Juju Charm Tools:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1359170>12:40
jamI'm not sure that you're the maintainer, but I thought I'd start with you12:40
marcoceppijam: I am one of them, this is concerning, I'm not sure what I can do to fix it12:41
marcoceppiseems like juju-core is not being so nice12:41
jammarcoceppi: so something is failing in the subprocess starting other things, but its unclear what12:41
marcoceppijam: I'll compile from trunk and punch on it a bit12:42
marcoceppijam: any idea when 1.21 is expected?12:42
jammarcoceppi: so I think we set "command.Env"12:42
jamand probably juju-create expects PATH to be in there, but we aren't putting it in?12:43
jamno, we are appending to os.Environ() so that should be ok.12:43
marcoceppii mean, we're just using argparse in python12:43
jamthough the way we are doing that makes me wonder if we are actually mutating os.Environ() in-procses (not that it really matters)12:43
marcoceppinothing too crazy12:43
jammarcoceppi: you're looking for /usr/bin/charm-create and invoking that12:43
jamfrom juju-chram12:43
jamwhich then uses setuptools to again look up where main is, etc.12:44
marcoceppioh, right, for "plugin mapping"12:44
marcoceppilet me compile, throw in some debug statements, see what I can find12:44
jammarcoceppi: doing "print sys.argv" in juju-charm shows me:12:50
jam$ juju charm create -h12:50
jamargs ['/usr/bin/juju-charm']12:50
jammarcoceppi: vs 1.18 does:12:50
jam$ /usr/bin/juju charm create -h12:50
jamargs ['/usr/bin/juju-charm', 'create', '-h']12:50
marcoceppiah, so that's what is different12:50
marcoceppibug in core I guess?12:51
jammarcoceppi: yeah12:52
marcoceppi\o/ less work for me12:52
marcoceppijam: thanks for catching that though12:52
rm4could anyone help possibly with charm debug12:58
rm4juju debug-hooks wordpress/3 loadbalancer-relation-joined12:58
rm4I was hoping to see a special prompt with %12:59
rm4but I just get:12:59
jrwren_rm4: did you resolved --retry yet ?12:59
rm4don't quite follow sorry13:00
jrwren_rm4: something needs to trigger the hook executing again, assuming it is in a failed state. juju resolved --retry <unit> will trigger this.13:01
jrwren_rm4: do that in a different terminal and your debug-hook tmux will open a new tmux window with the special prompt13:02
rm4vagrant@vagrant-ubuntu-trusty-64:~$ juju resolved --retry wordpress/3 ERROR unit "wordpress/3" is not in an error state13:02
rm4it all works but I would like to see what is happening13:03
rm4so I can make a charm13:03
jrwren_rm4: In that case, you could remove the unit and add it again and immediately after running add run the debug-hook and hope you were fast enough to catch the hooks (you likely will be).13:04
jrwren_rm4: or if you are only interested in that relation, remove and add that relation13:05
aisraelIn cloud-images, what's the functional difference supposed to be between the vagrant boxes in http://cloud-images.ubuntu.com/vagrant/trusty/ vs. http://cloud-images.ubuntu.com/vagrant/trusty/current/?13:07
rm4thanks jrwren13:08
rick_h__aisrael: might be good to pin utlemming on that. He's in CO so might not be on for a bit.13:08
rm4I'll try and come back13:08
rick_h__adeuring: do you know the answer to aisrael's question ^ ?13:08
jcastroaisrael, the first one has all the boxes13:09
jcastrothe 2nd one only has the latest builds13:09
jcastrothe boxes get published every few weeks, so we keep those around too13:09
jcastrowhat is in /current will always be the latest one13:09
aisraelThe reason I'm asking: the image in current/ only sets up one adapter (nat) and doesn't provision juju.13:10
aisraelThe larger image bootstraps, but sets up two adapters (nat and hostonly)13:10
jcastrook, the ones without juju in the filename13:10
jcastroare just the normal vanilla vagrant boxes13:10
jcastrothe ones with juju in them are supposed to bootstrap/gui, etc. with juju13:11
adeuringaisrael: the smaller files are "plain" ubuntu cloud images, while the larger files have juju preinstalled, and the Juju GUI is installed during Vagrant's provisioning13:11
aisraeljcastro: Oh, duh.13:11
aisraelok, so that's one doc I should look at getting updated13:11
jcastrowhich one?13:11
aisraelpoints to a non-existent box, in current/13:12
jcastroah yes13:12
jcastrodamn, I fixed the config-vagrant page13:12
jcastrobut totally forgot about this one, yeah, fix it in the docs please.13:12
aisraeland I'm still troubleshooting why the networking problem13:12
jcastrohttps://github.com/juju/docs has the instructions13:13
jcastrothey're in markdown, very easy to fix13:13
aisraelexcellent, I'll add to my list today13:13
jcastrombruzek, coreycb: did you guys not review yesterday?13:13
mbruzekjcastro What makes you say that?13:14
coreycbjcastro, review what?13:14
jcastrothe review queue, you guys were on the calendar yesterday13:14
coreycbjcastro, hmm not familiar with the calendar.. sorry.  I do need to start doing more reviews though.13:15
jcastrowe each were  supposed to pick 2 hours a week to review, then send the results to the list.13:15
mbruzekYes I reviewed the ufw changes for elasticsearch and I DID email the group about it.13:15
mbruzekjcastro, I think you have coreycb mixed up with cory_fu13:16
jcastrohah yes I do! sorry about that coreycb13:17
jcastroI meant cory_fu13:17
coreycbjcastro, ahh, np13:17
jcastrooh excellent!13:18
jcastrombruzek, I now see both of your [Review Queue] posts, that is quite excellent!13:18
mbruzekthanks for the positive reinforcement jcastro13:19
mbruzekand for checking up on me13:19
jcastroit is unclear to me if you merged his changes though13:19
jammarcoceppi: turns out it only happens if you don't have an environment set13:29
jamI *might* be rare in not having a default env13:29
marcoceppijam: that's fun!13:29
jamor using juju switch13:29
jammarcoceppi: I always run "juju command -e env"13:29
jamso that I know what environment it is running in13:29
ctlaughjamespag`: Hi, mwhudson sent me... I'm having a problem with the cinder charm on a system with only 1 drive.  I am trying to have it use a loopback file for storage.  The file is created, the loop device (/dev/loop0) is created, but the volume group is never created.13:32
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rm4I managed to get charm debug working14:03
rm4thanks for that14:03
rm4bit of a different prompt to documentation though14:04
rm4https://juju.ubuntu.com/docs/authors-hook-debug.html shows ~14:04
marcoceppirm4: ah, yes, debug-hooks shows unit/hook-context now14:05
rm4root@vagrant-local-machine-34:/var/lib/juju/agents/unit-wordpress-3/charm/hooks# relation-get14:06
rm4yes I think so14:06
marcoceppirm4: that's the prompt you get for debug-hooks?14:07
marcoceppiit should look like wordpress/3@<hook-name>14:07
rm4that was the prompt for debug-hooks yes14:35
jrwren_rm4: is that window 0 of tmux or window 1 ?14:38
rm412.04.5  0:- 1:website-relation-departed*14:39
rm4I think that is 114:39
rm4I was in /home/ubuntu14:49
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natefinchmarcoceppi: are you and the other charmers on the juju-dev mailing list?19:01
marcoceppinatefinch: I am19:02
natefinchmarcoceppi: ahh, right, I remember you responding to the default-hook thread.19:02
natefinchmarcoceppi: you offered to survey the current charms and see which ones used the all-symlink model... do you know when you might get that done?  I know it's a big job.19:03
marcoceppinatefinch: I can do that now, should take about 15 mins19:16
natefinchmarcoceppi: that would be fantastic, thank you19:18
marcoceppinatefinch: here are precise charms in the store, slightly curated: http://paste.ubuntu.com/8100495/19:32
marcoceppinatefinch: and the command used to get that, by running it in a directory which `charm getall` was fetched19:32
marcoceppifor f in `find */hooks/ -maxdepth 1`; do if [ -L $f ]; then echo "$(echo $f | awk -F/ '{print $1}') `readlink $f`"; fi; done | sort | uniq19:32
marcoceppicharm common file19:33
marcoceppiwell, "charm" "common file" is the output19:34
natefinchmarcoceppi: nice19:41
natefinchmarcoceppi: so, are there any that symlink only some of the hooks?19:44
marcoceppinatefinch: yes19:44
marcoceppinatefinch: most all hooks that say relation_common19:44
marcoceppiindicates that only some of the hooks of that are symlinked19:44
marcoceppiI also removed entries that were just sylinks between relation-joined and relation-changed19:45
marcoceppisince that's a stupid pattern and easy enough to clean up19:45
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natefinchmarcoceppi: heh19:45
natefinchmarcoceppi: so how many charms are there total?  I'd like to know what this is 62 out of :)19:46
marcoceppialso, there are some dupliates in there19:47
marcoceppias some are inconsistently symlinked (./hooks.py vs hooks.py)19:47
marcoceppithat list needs to be curated a bit more19:47
marcoceppialso does not include trusty charms19:48
natefinchmarcoceppi: thanks, I got rid of dupes, easy enough19:59
mwhudsonctlaugh: :(20:54
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