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lordievaderGood morning.06:00
soee"To be honest, GNOME is a better choice for users rather than KDE. " - lies :)07:34
Tm_Tsoee: what is "normal people" anyway08:05
apacheloggerand what is 'better'08:06
apachelogger...prime example for why one should not enable comments on tech blogs08:06
Odur"KDE is only suitable for power users". Oh, so he means that people don't want to be able to customize things to their liking? That must be why IOS is so popular :P08:10
valorieI guess I'm a "power toaster user" since I have a toaster-oven where you can change the temp08:13
valorierather than a toaster that is either on or off08:13
Riddellta da http://blog.qt.digia.com/blog/2014/08/20/adding-lgpl-v3-to-qt/09:01
RiddellMirv: canonical all good with that do you know? ↑09:01
MirvRiddell: dunno "officially", but given all Canonical's own stuff tends to be GPLv3/LGPLv3, probably it's completely fine09:03
* Riddell blogs https://blogs.kde.org/2014/08/20/qt-licence-update09:27
alleeapachelogger:  isn't that your domain:  dragon a-movie;   works , but dragon sftp://localhost/$PWD/a-movie;  search for a sftp codec via qapt.  Upstream or kubuntu spec. bug?09:58
shadeslayersounds like a kio slave bug10:01
shadeslayerRiddell: oxygen-gtk3 uploaded10:19
* Riddell uploads 4.14 to utopic10:38
freglRiddell: you misspelled digia on the last line of your blog10:49
* Riddell looks10:50
Riddellfregl: where?10:50
freglRiddell: thanks DIgia10:51
freglRiddell: and thanks for such a positive blog post :)10:51
Riddelloh aye, well spotted, fixed10:51
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shadeslayerRiddell: yofel ScottK apachelogger objections to getting armhf builders for kubuntu-next ppa's ?11:06
shadeslayerI got a tester in #kubuntu11:06
Riddellmemeka is the guy who ported neon to arm?11:08
Riddellbring in into here :)11:08
Riddellobjections would be that's it's slow, good side would be it catches problems before going into the archive11:08
shadeslayeris publishing blocked on armhf though?11:09
Riddellhi memeka!11:09
Riddellmemeka: what arm hardware are you using?11:10
memekaRiddell: Odroid U311:10
memekaand soon I'll test XU311:10
memekaso that's Mali 40011:11
memekaand Mali 62811:11
memekaMali 400 is Open GL ES 2.011:11
memeka628 is 3.011:11
Riddellall these obscure bits of hardware :)11:11
shadeslayermemeka: any clue if the Mali 400 drivers from the Odroid U3 will work on the Nexus 10?11:12
Riddellmemeka: I've never tried plasma 5 on arm so it may well needs bits fixed to make it work right11:12
memekawell, as opposed to PVR? :P11:12
shadeslayerah, PowerVR11:12
memekaPower VR :P11:12
memekashadeslayer: Nexus 10 is T60411:12
memekathere are different drivers for every one :)11:13
shadeslayeroh, I thought it was a T40011:13
memekaT604 should be EGL 3.0 though11:13
alleeshadeslayer: I doubt sftp-kio work fine:  dolphin sftp://localhost/$PWD/;   work as expected and you can browse around.11:13
memekabut Mali now gives universal drivers for T6xx11:13
allees/I doubt//11:13
kubotuallee meant: "shadeslayer:  sftp-kio work fine:  dolphin sftp://localhost/$PWD/;   work as expected and you can browse around."11:13
shadeslayermemeka: most interesting, do you have instructions on how to use those?11:14
memekashadeslayer: use what?11:15
shadeslayermemeka: the universal T6XX drivers11:16
shadeslayerI have a Nexus 10 at home lying unused11:16
memekacan you put linux on it?11:16
shadeslayerwould be nice to put some effort to get X11 up on it11:16
memekathe idea is that they have the open source drivers11:16
memekathe kernel part11:16
memekathen there is the armsoc X11 DDX11:17
memekathen there's the binary blobs11:17
memekawhich originally you had to get from board maker11:17
memekanot the binary blobs are on mali site - for 6xx 11:17
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memekax11 version and fbdev version11:18
* Riddell watches shadeslayer go for lunch and considers the same11:19
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Riddellmorning sgclark 12:47
Riddellsgclark: if you send a debdiff for partitionmanager I'll get that uploaded12:47
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Riddellsgclark: if you send a debdiff for partitionmanager I'll get that uploaded12:50
shadeslayerRiddell: so publishing of binaries is not blocked on all arch's being built12:53
shadeslayerso we should be fine wrt armhf being slow12:53
shadeslayerif it's alright with you guys, I'll ask for armhf support12:54
Riddellsure go ahead12:54
shadeslayerdone https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/25335112:56
BluesKajHiya folks12:56
shadeslayermemeka: we should get ARM builders soon12:57
shadeslayerthat way you don't have to build things from scratch12:57
sgclarkRiddell: debdiff? not commit to bzr?12:59
shadeslayeryour font seems bizzare13:00
shadeslayermaybe it's quassel being weird13:00
Riddellsgclark: does it have bzr?13:00
Riddellsgclark: if so then yes do that13:00
sgclarkI usually use konversation, but it is not behaving today13:00
sgclarkRiddell: yeah it does13:00
Riddelloh go ahead then13:00
Riddellhmm, arm seems broken https://launchpadlibrarian.net/182773997/buildlog_ubuntu-utopic-armhf.kde4libs_4%3A4.14.0-0ubuntu1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz13:01
Riddellseems we explicity use gcc 4.7 on arm which is probably old school13:02
Riddellwhat we need is a useful perso who's interested in arm to help13:02
Riddellooh memeka.. are you interested in helping?13:03
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shadeslayerwe have armhf builders \o/13:32
shadeslayermemeka: ^^ :)13:32
* shadeslayer bootstraps new pkg-kde-tools13:33
Riddellshadeslayer: which PPAs?13:34
shadeslayerkubuntu-ppa-next and next-staging13:35
* shadeslayer builds ecm13:36
shadeslayerhm, should have appended ~ppa1 there13:37
Riddellshadeslayer: you're uploading the stuff that's already in there to get it built on armhf?13:40
shadeslayerRiddell: no13:41
shadeslayerRiddell: this has the right pkg-kde-tools script13:41
shadeslayerthe one that is being used by all the frameworks right now is wrong13:41
memekashadeslayer: Riddell on now...13:45
memekaim not usually on IRC so a mailist would be better13:45
memekawhere is next-staging?13:47
shadeslayermemeka: https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/ubuntu/next-staging13:48
Riddellmemeka: there's a kubuntu-devel mailing list13:48
Riddellalthough we tend to use irc lots13:48
Riddellmemeka: do you think you'd be able to check if we still need to use gcc 4.7 for kde4libs in utopic?13:49
memekaRiddell: yes i am getting in there...13:49
memekai will have to upgrade to utopic first ...13:49
memekaill do this this weekend13:49
Riddellchroots also work of course13:50
memekawell i kind of trashed my system...13:52
memekaand getting another board soon13:52
Riddelluh oh13:52
memekaso i can has both 13:52
memekaRiddell or shadeslayer -> any idea how I can build kwin against GLES instead of GL? :D14:17
shadeslayermemeka: you have to rebuild qt first14:18
shadeslayeragainst gles14:18
memekais it an environ var ?14:20
memekawhen building?14:20
shadeslayer!find libGLES.so trusty14:22
ubottuPackage/file libGLES.so does not exist in trusty14:22
Riddellqt doesn't use gles?14:22
Riddellthat seems a bit of a problem on arm14:23
shadeslayermemeka: you want to install libgles2-mesa-dev14:24
shadeslayermemeka: and maybe remove libgl1-mesa-dev14:24
shadeslayerand recompile Qt14:24
shadeslayerthen in the configure output you'll see "Qt5 OpenGL (qtbase)"14:24
Riddell"gles2_architectures := armel armhf"  qt5 is gles14:24
shadeslayerRiddell: this is Project Neon14:24
memekathis is for kwin: $ cat CMakeLists.txt | grep GLESv214:25
shadeslayeryeah, you have to install  libgles2-mesa-dev14:25
Riddellaah, neon14:25
memekaand kwin can see gles14:25
shadeslayerbut as Martin mentioned, make sure Qt5 is compiled with GLES too14:25
memekajust that it selects glx14:25
shadeslayerthen you might want to mention that on the ML14:25
shadeslayerwith the full CMake output14:26
shadeslayermemeka: btw did you make sure Qt is compiled with GLES14:26
shadeslayerbecause that's required as Martin said14:27
memekashadeslayer: I am recompiling QT, checking how to get GLES instead of GL14:28
shadeslayerI think all you have to do is install  libgles2-mesa-dev 14:29
shadeslayerand it should pick it up14:29
memekaI don't need to install it14:30
memekasince i don;t use MESA14:30
memekaanw mesa is installed14:30
memekabut I use the native ones14:30
memekaand yes it is picked up14:30
memekasee here14:30
memekait picks up GL and GLES14:30
shadeslayerthat's not Qt14:31
memekathat;s kwin14:31
memeka-- Found EGL: /usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/libEGL.so (found version "1.4")14:31
memekaBuilding KWin with OpenGL support14:31
shadeslayeryes, but what about Qt5, Qt5 needs opengles first14:31
memekayes I am unarchiving it now14:32
memekathe idea is that I have GLES installed and is picked up ... just now as the default :(14:32
memekalet's see what QT does14:33
memekashadeslayer: -opengl es2 flag14:37
memekais that right?14:37
memekafor qt...14:37
shadeslayersounds about right14:37
shadeslayermemeka: yeah -opengl es2 should work14:38
shadeslayermemeka: I don't see opengl es2 there14:39
memekalol it was tehre.... last line was not selected :)14:40
memekashadeslayer: looks like i got it right: http://pastebin.com/i1yBkJn014:44
memeka OpenGL ............... yes (OpenGL ES 2.x)14:45
memekanow just have to wait...14:48
memekacan't wait for my 8-core arm board :D14:48
shadeslayermemeka: we've enabled arm builds for the PPA14:50
shadeslayerso you can just use regular packages soon on Utopic14:50
shadeslayerwho wants to script fixing debian/rules for all the frameworks14:51
memekashadeslayer: qt package needs debian/rules with -opengl es2 :P14:51
shadeslayermemeka: already has it14:51
shadeslayermemeka: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/179094828/buildlog_ubuntu-utopic-armhf.qtbase-opensource-src_5.3.0%2Bdfsg-2ubuntu6_UPLOADING.txt.gz14:52
shadeslayerfrom the official package14:52
memekaso, only qt basically needs to be built against that?14:52
memekaevery other package will pick up?14:52
shadeslayerI'd recompile kwin at least14:53
Riddellhi RoozbehShafiee, you're an elite ubuntu person from Iran who's a kde fanboy?14:54
memekayeah kwin for sure... i'll see how everything else goes14:55
shadeslayercool, keep us apraised please :014:55
memekaeven with compositor disabled, it was slow, but i guess that was because of qt14:55
shadeslayermost likely14:55
memekashadeslayer: btw if i wanna change the platform driver from xcb to other ... is it also from qt compile options?14:57
shadeslayerwon't work14:57
shadeslayerkwin hard deps on xcb14:58
memekaas in, new default, to be used by klauncher and everything14:58
shadeslayeror that's what I remember14:58
memekalet's say i won't use kwin, but openbox or smthg else14:58
shadeslayerwell, I don't know, we haven't checked that configuration14:59
shadeslayermaybe it'll work14:59
memekai did try to start kwin -platform eglfs and it complained it was expecting xcb :P14:59
memekathe idea is that i wanna try in a system where there is no xcb ... or eglfs actually14:59
memekai found a platform driver from jolla that uses libhybris with android drivers15:00
memekafor egl15:00
shadeslayeractually, I think -platform only accepts X11 or wayland15:00
shadeslayeron linux15:00
memekano eglfs ?15:00
memekalinuxfb ?15:00
shadeslayernot that I know of, I'd say ask on kde-devel15:00
memekakinda stupid linuxfb not to work on linux :))15:00
memeka  QPA backends:     DirectFB ............. yes     EGLFS ................ yes     KMS .................. yes     LinuxFB .............. yes     XCB .................. yes (system library)15:02
memekai think they all work on linux15:02
memekaor maybe not... dunno15:03
Riddellta da! http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-sc-4.1415:11
Riddell** proofreaders please check ↑15:11
Riddellseems the best way to add a story to kubuntu.org now is to turn off javascript in konqueror15:12
RoozbehShafieeRiddell: yes jan15:12
RoozbehShafieeRiddell: you still remember me :)15:13
* sgclark shares15:13
jalomannHi. Does anyone know if oversized iso kubuntu 14.10 is reason not to boot properly?15:13
Riddelljalomann: nah it's just an arbirary size limit, I need to bump it really15:14
Riddelldoesn't affect the images15:14
RiddellRoozbehShafiee: this is the place to hang out if you want to become an elite kubuntu ninja :)15:15
RiddellI'd love to see how well Plasma 5 does in right-to-left languages15:15
jalomannJust wondering. Downloaded yesterday and boot stops in random steps.15:15
RoozbehShafieeRiddell: I don't download KF5 images yet. but this weekend I can test it and report the result to you :)15:17
Riddellgreat :)15:17
RoozbehShafieeRiddell: I would like so much to contribute and develop in k/ubuntu project. but today for second time the board didn't accept my membership application.15:23
lordievaderRoozbehShafiee: You don't need a membership to contribute ;)15:25
shadeslayerok, tier 1 up15:26
shadeslayerlets see if this works15:26
RiddellRoozbehShafiee: plus if you contribute to kubuntu then the kubuntu council can make you a member :)15:27
RoozbehShafieelordievader: yes but after so many year activity in Iran community I would like to have this membership15:27
shadeslayerRiddell: https://packages.debian.org/sid/kapidox15:29
RoozbehShafieeRiddell: I know,  about 5 months ago I send my application but didn't any respond from kubuntu team15:30
RiddellRoozbehShafiee: oh um really? that seems like a failure15:31
RiddellRoozbehShafiee: I can't find it, the only thing a gmail search for "Roozbeh Shafiee" turns up is you joining kubuntu-devel list in July15:33
RoozbehShafieeRiddell: I added my name to a wiki page that I'm search for. a wiki page like ubuntu membership15:34
RoozbehShafieeRiddell: I think it was the page: https://community.kde.org/Kubuntu/Meeting15:38
RiddellRoozbehShafiee: ah but indeed you need to do more than just add yourself to the page, hanging around on this IRC channel is a good start15:44
Riddelldoing useful things like testing, user support, loco work, packaging etc etc are what mean you're ready the go for membership15:45
Riddellthen in kubuntu you need to organise a meeting and confince the kubuntu-council to give it to you15:45
RoozbehShafieeRiddell: aha15:45
RoozbehShafieeRiddell: in kubuntu not but in KDE project previously I had so much activity15:46
RoozbehShafieeRiddell: but this time, instead of ubuntu membership, I will apply for kubuntu membership15:47
Riddellhelping KDE is great, although usually won't get you kubuntu membership15:47
RoozbehShafieeRiddell: I didn't know it15:47
RoozbehShafieeRiddell: I got it now15:48
Riddellbut we do encourage the crossover15:49
RoozbehShafieeRiddell: yes I know it. because of this I think that contribution  to each one is the same15:52
shadeslayermhall119: pingly15:52
shadeslayermhall119: remember that weird perl snippet that was doing weird things15:53
shadeslayermhall119: I thought that it ran perl from inside perl with the strict module explicitly enabled to make sure that the parsing is correct15:53
shadeslayermhall119: but nooo, it uses 'use strict' at the top of the script15:53
shadeslayerso now I have no clue why it does what it does15:54
shadeslayernow I still have to figure out how to make it pass the right flags15:55
* Riddell out16:17
mhall119shadeslayer: it looked like it was dumping shell-parseable parameters out to a shell (bash, dash, etc) to be converted and then fed back through the perl interpreted to be printed out so the original script could read them16:26
mhall119it was basically a very round-about way of doing parameter replacement/expansion in the way that the default shell does them16:27
mhall119so I hope whatever parameters are being used are safe, because if somebody snuck in a " ; rm -r ~/; " it could do some really bad things16:28
mhall119it looked like it was probably being used for a startup script or something, so it's probably "okay" from a safety perspective16:29
apacheloggerRiddell, yofel, shadeslayer: any opinions on where to put an initial CP ppa?18:09
apacheloggerI was thinking ~kubuntu-ppa/plasma-daily-trunk  {trunk,trunk-proposed,stable,stable-proposed}18:10
apacheloggerpossibly even drop the daily18:10
apacheloggermakes no sense unless we intend to do a snapshot thing like for neon which doesn't seem too useful TBH18:10
shadeslayerapachelogger: why not a new team, I think kubuntu ppa's should be stuff from tars18:50
shadeslayerAlso, all hail git for packaging18:50
apacheloggerI am a bit torn, having it all in one place helps with management OTOH CP might depending on how much we want to use it need more PPAs than 4 in the long run18:51
apacheloggerso kubuntu-ppa would get way too crowded18:52
shadeslayerI think that cp shouldn't be for regular users tbh18:54
shadeslayerSo it has no place in kubuntu-ppa18:54
shadeslayerBy regular users I mean , people who won't be pissed at things breaking 18:55
apacheloggerconsidering upstream CI is the measure of quality for frameworks and CP ultimately will reflect a working CI result as a package it could be argued that things shaltn't ever break and if they do someone screwed up in making the automation prevent the breakage18:55
apacheloggeri.e. the goal is that CP is as stable as a release18:56
shadeslayerUpstream ci does not take into account file moves18:59
shadeslayerAnd if we are using regexes its going to be hard to track those19:00
apacheloggershadeslayer: I never ever mention regex when talking about file move detection :P19:01
apacheloggerI always talk about needing loads of disk space and caching all the possible upgrade versions19:01
apacheloggeri.e. that's how one does detect a file move short of noticing it while packaging19:01
apacheloggersomeone upgrades from a conflictering version and it goes kaboom and they complain19:01
apacheloggernow that still involves someone's system going kaboom, so that should really very much be outsourced to automated QA19:02
kdeuser56shadeslayer: noninteractive boot option does not work on the plasma5 utopic iso :-( all other utopic isos work ... strange21:11
yofelhome sweet home :)21:41
yofelshadeslayer: wrt armhf: I don't know hat happend to automoc, so you might beware of anything that uses it21:42
yofelmaybe the new buildd's will work..21:42
kdeuser56yofel: are you familiar with ubiquity?21:55
yofelkdeuser56: not really21:57
pedahzurSo, I saw this today: http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-sc-4.14  It says builds are available for "Kubuntu 14.04LTS."  The announcement about 4.13.3 said the same thing; have they stopped doing back ports for 12.04?21:58
yofelunless someone with percise gives a reason why we should backport to it and volunteers to do all the Q/A, yes21:58
OdurBy the way. Sorry I didn't got set up for 4.14 testing before release. Better luck next time, now that I got the ppa ;)22:08
pedahzuryofel: 1) Because I like running the latest 2) Because 12.04 is LTS, and still supported, 3) because my system is stable and I'd rather not have the upheaval of moving to 14.04.  Didn't realize there was so much QA to do.  Understand spreading resources thin.22:12
yofelit's LTS, and we'll provide support for the official archive for that time, but we simply have too much work on our hands to support multiple releases for everything we do. Thus backports is last LTS + last stable22:14
pedahzuryofel: Makes since. Still a bummer, though.22:14
yofelwell, if someone steps up that wants to do the work we'll give support. But so far 2 people have popped up and none stayed around22:15
pedahzuryofel: I'd love to, but I really don't think I have the ability to make that time commitment right now.  What would you estimate as the average number of hours per week?22:25
kdeuser56yofel: do you know of any hack to start plasma/X session in utopic?22:27
yofelis it broken? I wasn't around all day22:27
kdeuser56yofel: no, but noninteractive boot option for preseeding does not work22:28
kdeuser56yofel: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopCDOptions22:28
kdeuser56yofel: it works with all utopic isos I have tested (ubuntu, kubuntu) but not with kubuntu-plasma522:28
kdeuser56yofel: normally x should not be started with the "noninteractive" boot option22:28
yofelplease ask shadeslayer about that, I have no idea how he set that ISO up22:28
kdeuser56yofel: since you are from germany and I am in the same timezone: at what times is he usually around22:29
yofelhe lives is Barcelona now, so he's usually online at europe work hours22:30
kdeuser56ah okay22:30
yofelpedahzur: it's usually about 2-4h per release (generating/uploading packages which we would do, fixing builds, then doing upgrade and run QA and following up if other people find issues)22:32
pedahzuryofel: What does QA entail?  Installing and running? Running test suites?  How much knowledge about packaging is required? I'm certainly willing to learn; just dont' have a lot of knowledge right now.22:35
kdeuser56yofel: for example: on all isos the "text" boot option works, but not on the plasma5 iso, so I suppose rohan uses a hack to start the session22:42
yofelpedahzur: it's mostly making sure no packages break during upgrades (which is usually a chroot-ed upgrade test) and running means making sure the desktop and most applications still run (some of that depends on what's backported)22:43
yofelPackaging knowledge isn't requied that much, we will help there but some basic knowledge about dpkg would be good ^^22:43
yofelThe most important thing would really be sticking around, otherwise we'll again have one-shot backports22:43
yofelanyway, I'm tired and signing off now22:46
pedahzuryofel: I'll certainly think about it!22:46
valoriehave a good evening, yofel22:47
valoriepedahzur: I'm sure you would make lots of stability-minded kub. folks happy if you make more backports happen for 12.0422:48
pedahzurvalorie: What else are you signing me up for? :P22:49
kdeuser56yofel: c ya22:51
valoriewe have no one testing that stuff now, because no one speaks up for it22:51
valorieso it would be good if you were that person watching out for that22:52
valoriewe always backport security stuff, but everything else is ... extra22:52
pedahzurvalorie: Yeah, I've enjoyed using the KDE backports.  It's nice to stay up-to-date without major upheaval.  I'll need to look at my schedule and see if I could fit this in.22:53
valoriejust hang out here and we'll lure you in22:54
pedahzurvalorie: +123:18

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