Nelson_nice to see U04:24
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lordievaderGood morning.06:00
valoriemhall119: the KDE sysadmins are banning the nextdoor.com site from all KDE lists -- is there a way I can get the *buntu mail admins to do the same thing?06:09
valorieor I'm afraid I'll be the first of many spammers on their behalf06:09
valorieI've written to them about their faulty webform, but.....06:09
Unit193Canonical sysadmins would be the place to ask, I'd think.  Also banning LinkedIn would be good.06:10
valorieUnit193: do you have an email, or should I submit an RT?06:17
* valorie has never done this before06:17
valorieI mean an email for the sysadmins06:18
Unit193valorie: RT is them, they also have a channel but RT is the way to go.06:18
valorieso is the web address https://rt.canonical.com ?06:18
Unit193s/canonical/ubuntu/, but it redirects there so no matter.06:20
valoriegot it, email rt@ubuntu.com06:20
joedj12.04 -> 14.04 upgrade is failing with this error in main.log - suggestions? ERROR Dist-upgrade failed: 'The package 'update-manager-kde' is marked for removal but it is in the removal blacklist.'07:22
CrypticByteI just installed kubuntu and opened kde telepathy but its saying i need to install the haze and gabble plugins but when i try to install them it states i already have the newest versions07:46
CrypticBytenvm randomly started working07:46
admine_hello :)08:55
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memekaI'm trying KDE5, but EGL seems not to work, although it works on KDE4 ... :(10:42
memekacompositor works only with XRender...10:42
memekacan anyone help me debug the issue ?10:42
shadeslayermemeka: hi, I saw your post in #project-neon earlier10:47
memekawell I am not thanks shadeslayer10:47
memekathanks, you think you can help?10:48
shadeslayermemeka: there's no KDE5 :) , I'm assuming you mean plasma 5, for that, I'd recommend running kwin_x11 from konsole and checking the output10:48
memekaI mean it works on KDE 410:48
memekai mean project neon :)10:48
shadeslayermemeka: yeah, but they're different stacks10:48
memekawell, the output is not like kwin_egl10:48
shadeslayerone uses Qt5 and the other uses Qt410:48
memekaof course :P10:50
memekashadeslayer: KWIN_OPENGL_INTERFACE=egl /opt/project-neon5/bin/kwin_x11 --replace10:52
memekahere's the output: http://paste.ubuntu.com/8096952/10:52
memekabind OpenGL API failed10:53
memekanot a lot of info there...10:53
shadeslayermemeka: you're also missing kglobalaccel?10:54
memekashadeslayer: no but I did that from SSH10:55
shadeslayermemeka: I'd recommend contacting the kwin maintainer tbh, I'm not entirely sure what would be required apart from making sure Qt is compiled with opengles10:56
memekashadeslayer: http://paste.ubuntu.com/8096971/10:56
shadeslayerhm, though possibly martin is on vacation10:56
memekathis is run from within, so qdbus can see everything10:56
shadeslayermemeka: send a email to plasma devel I'd say10:56
shadeslayerlibGL error: dlopen /usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/dri/exynos_dri.so failed (/usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/dri/exynos_dri.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory)10:56
memekathat's GLX10:57
memekaI have other apps running that try GLX first, and get that error10:57
memekabut then use EGL just fine10:57
memeka(yeah, GLX Is not available)10:57
shadeslayerah hm, yeah10:57
shadeslayertrue, it doesn't give alot of info10:57
shadeslayerdunno, I'm no opengl expert10:58
shadeslayermemeka: plasma-devel@lists.kde.org might be able to help10:58
memekak I will send an email thanks10:59
shadeslayermemeka: also, how long did compiling everything take?10:59
shadeslayercan you also test the Plasma 5 packages from regular ubuntu utopic?11:00
memekaabout 1 day11:00
shadeslayerwould be really cool11:00
shadeslayerdamn, Plasma 5 isn't in the archive, so no armhf packages11:00
memekaI had to compile everything by hand11:00
memekahad to figure out myself the deps11:00
memekaso a script to compile stuff continously would take few hours :)11:01
shadeslayermemeka: well, in utopic we have half the stuff compiled for armhf11:01
shadeslayerall the frameworks11:01
shadeslayerbut plasma you'd have to compile by hand11:01
shadeslayermight be worth looking into that11:01
shadeslayerneon is a fairly fast moving unstable target11:02
memekawell... if it's half the stuff11:02
memekait's still a pain11:02
shadeslayerI can understand11:02
shadeslayerI could try and get armhf for the kubuntu next ppa11:02
* shadeslayer asks11:02
shadeslayermemeka: but the point of getting armhf builders for the PPA would be to get testers11:03
shadeslayermemeka: do you reckon you can provide useful feedback?11:03
shadeslayeri.e. do you have the time to test packages?11:03
shadeslayermemeka: fwiw there's also #plasma11:04
memekaI'll ask, thanks11:05
memekaI can test stuff out I guess...11:05
shadeslayerok, I'll ask for armhf builders11:05
shadeslayerlets see what happens11:05
memekacool, thanks11:06
shadeslayermemeka: might want to join #kubuntu-devel too btw :)11:08
alleeKDE mime type system claims: /boot/grub/i386-pc/  is full of 'Amiga audio files'.  file /boot/grub/i386-pc/*.mod  correctly detects 'ELF 32-bi t...'11:18
alleeWhere are the config files that KDE uses to detect mime-types?11:18
alleeI usually don't browse boot/grub, but baloo lists them in dolpins 'Audio Files' view :-(11:19
Walexallee: depends...12:26
alleeWalex: on what ? ;-)12:26
Walexallee: consider looking at '/etc/mime.types' and 'man xdg-mime' to start with12:27
Walexallee: and also of course 'kcmshell4 filetypes' but probably that is derived from the above.12:27
Walexallee: also nothing prevents the Baloo indexer from using its own list12:28
alleeWalex: thx, I assume xdg-mime and the f.d.o standard will lead the to the xml config files12:46
Walexallee: maybe...12:49
BluesKajHiya folks12:56
jubo2Salutation BluesKaj13:00
jubo2We should have FLGOSS devel appreciation days .. like .. often13:00
jubo2Once / week might be good13:01
jubo2Thursday - from Thor's Dag would be my off-handed choice13:01
BluesKajhi jubo2 and what does that acronym mean ?13:01
jubo2Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, FLGOSS devel appreciation day, Friday, Saturday, Sunday repeat13:02
jubo2BluesKaj: jubo-jubo not acronym13:02
jubo2and 2 is just another number.. 'k.. maybe the only even prime in the .. whatever you call this reality thing at any point13:02
BluesKajif you want to discuss offtopic then #kubuntu-offtopic is the place13:03
jubo2BluesKaj: My friend Migisq just one day said: "What if we'd call you Jubo?"13:03
BluesKajnot hjere jubo213:03
jubo2I liked it so it stuck13:03
jubo2BluesKaj: 'k.. was forgetting in a support channel. channel traffic ~~ support demand, support demand == bad for us13:04
jubo2no traffic == no support demand == good for us13:05
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mhall119valorie: you can many ask in #canonical-sysadmin13:50
ik_hi ¡15:07
ik_hi ¡15:07
WizardHi everyone.15:12
WizardSeems everything works ;15:13
yossarianukhello everybody !15:19
RiddellWizard: great :)15:19
Riddellhi yossarianuk15:19
yossarianukKde - 4.14 is out : http://kde.org/announcements/4.14/15:19
RiddellI accept payment is beer and hugs :)15:19
Riddellyossarianuk: have you tried the kubuntu packages yet?15:19
yossarianukis that going to be in the 14.04 standard repo or PPA only ?15:20
Wizardyossarianuk: No updates yet..15:20
Riddellyossarianuk: PPA only, it's a feature release15:20
yossarianukriddell: thanks - not tested yet...15:20
yossarianukriddell: will be tonight though on my home desktop.15:20
yossarianukah - just seen the announcement on kubuntu.org...   http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-sc-4.1415:21
yossarianukis 14.10 going to be using kde 4.x or 5.x ?15:23
Riddellyossarianuk: Plasma 4 on the default image, there will also be a tech preview image with Plasma 515:27
yossarianukthanks for the info riddell:  it should be in fairly good shape by then....15:28
WizardNah, I'm happy with default 14.04 ;]15:45
WizardI even encouraged myself to use netbook-plasma.15:46
Wizardplasma-netbook rather.15:46
Gatiswhat is netbook-plasam15:47
WizardGatis: http://www.kde.org/workspaces/plasmanetbook/15:48
WizardKubuntu enables it automatically on small screens.15:48
ubottuvinco: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».15:48
Wizardvinco: Your IP address has been reported.15:50
BluesKaj!it | vinco15:50
ubottuvinco: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)15:50
ubottuvinco: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».15:53
BluesKajthe file sharing irc servers in Italy are blocked, hence the15:53
yossarianukhold on - why is saying 'list' a demand for warez ?15:54
yossarianuki haven't even heard the term 'warez' for over a decade.....  Since I have used Linux as my main desktop I only have legal software.15:55
BluesKajyossarianuk, usually it;s for media like mp3s etc, since the Italian gov't blocks p2p irc servers15:55
ikoniavinco: you've already done that - there are no wares here15:57
BluesKajok, bbl15:58
yossarianukBluesKaj: ah got you - i.e sharing of copyrighted stuff...15:59
yossarianukOne more advantage of running Linux  - generally its all 100% legal.15:59
yossarianukin the last few months I have paid for more games (thanks to steam) than I did in all the time I ran windows.16:01
yossarianuk(I only ran windows for 5 years - Amiga before (so much better) and linux after.16:01
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BluesKajhey monkeyjuice17:05
monkeyjuicehows it going BluesKaj17:06
BluesKajnot bad monkeyjuice ...wet here tho, how about you ?17:07
monkeyjuiceya rain day also , im on the mend messed up my leg so im in a cast17:07
BluesKajbummer monkeyjuice, what happened?17:08
monkeyjuiceme being old and stuped at the same time, over lifted and messed up my Achilles tendon17:09
BluesKajouch ouch ouch !17:11
monkeyjuiceya it was ouch .. ;(17:11
BluesKajhow long to heal ?17:13
BluesKajno pun intended17:13
monkeyjuiceonly 6 to 9 weeks ;)17:13
BluesKajok, took 6 weeks for the big toe tendon, which got severed by a broken vinegar bottle while diving into a river17:15
monkeyjuiceso your old and stuped too i guess LOL sorry had to do it17:16
BluesKajcast as well17:16
BluesKajthat was when I was young and stupid, 19yrs old17:17
monkeyjuiceoh lol ;)17:17
* genii makes more coffee 17:17
monkeyjuicehowdee genii17:17
BluesKajhey genii17:18
geniiHi people :)17:18
foobar_hello, how to remove an icon app from the bottom Panel,please?17:29
BluesKajright click on the icon , there should be an option to remove17:33
foobar_BluesKaj: no17:34
BluesKajno wahT/17:34
foobar_i mean: there's a Remove this Panel, but dunno if it will remove the whole panel bar instead just that one17:34
foobar_all the icons are in that widget which I don't know how it is called, correct'17:35
foobar_task manager, perhaps17:35
BluesKajfoobar_, is it in a launcher in the panel?17:35
foobar_BluesKaj: sorry dunno: i only made Add to Panel for the apps17:35
foobar_and now kate won't be launched, so I am trying to remove it17:36
foobar_got this and permissions issues right now17:36
foobar_since I cannot create, edit and save my files in /var/www/ as normal user, i only can create them by doing sudo kate filename.ext but this sounds very wrong17:37
BluesKajfoobar_, right click on the panel>panel options>panel settings17:37
foobar_uff i remove the whole default bottom bar now:(17:38
foobar_and now?17:38
BluesKajthen pass the cursor over the icon , there should be an opion to remove17:38
foobar_add Panel->defaults17:38
BluesKajread above17:39
foobar_BluesKaj: yup i mean that to restore the bottom bar was just Add Panel->defaults17:41
foobar_a solution to use permissions on files correctly, now?17:42
foobar_I would just launch kate and work, without think about permissions17:42
BluesKajsorry I don't know what that has to do with icons in the panel17:42
foobar_nothing, icons issue is solved, more or less:)17:43
BluesKajok for giu app lauch with permissions use kdesudo in the krunner/run command for launching with permissions in the terminalk use sudo17:44
foobar_BluesKaj: i won't use sudo17:45
BluesKajkdesudo for GUI ..if you need to use a command to launch17:45
foobar_it sounds a bit weird anyway17:48
foobar_many thanks for now BluesKaj17:48
foobar_btw BluesKaj i got linux on a SSD17:59
BluesKajook foobar_ yw18:02
foobar_my first SSD18:02
foobar_don0t hack me please18:02
* bprompt guesses foobar_ is foobared18:03
BluesKajnicholasjanssen, no shouting here ,and ask your question in the #xchat chan18:09
foobar_anyway BluesKaj i do't get why i cannot create files by just launch kate in my home and deeper18:15
foobar_well, /var/www is not my home, indeed, but still18:16
foobar_every web dev just open the terminal and launch kdesudo kate?18:17
BluesKajkate should launch from the kmenu>applications>utilities, no need for any other method unless you have existing textfiles in dolphin that you click on18:26
foobar_BluesKaj: yup but if i try to create/edit/save files in /var/www using kate, it will failes18:31
BluesKajfoobar_, are you using kdesudo to open /var/www?18:33
foobar_BluesKaj: no i didn't18:34
foobar_just asking if it is a common method that i never discovered18:35
BluesKajuhm, never heard of /var/www , so you obviously created it ,... which command/path did you use>?18:36
foobar_BluesKaj: it is php/apache local server18:39
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BluesKajfoobar_, then ask in #php or #apache18:40
BluesKajthsat's not a kubuntu related question18:41
Pici//var/www is the default document root in Ubuntu.18:41
PiciBluesKaj: ^18:45
BluesKajPici, odd, I've never seen it18:46
BluesKajPici, perhaps you can help foobar_  then rather than correcting me18:46
Picifoobar_: You should either add yourself to the www-data group, which should allow you to save files in there (after a logoff/logon) or create a new document root in a place you both have access.18:48
foobar_Pici: mhmh i will search for that way then18:54
foobar_BluesKaj: ask on #php would be a way too, since the server is on linux, i thought it would a good question for this chan too18:56
BluesKajwell maybe, seems #ubuntu might be more suitable since your question is about  //var/www which is the default document root in Ubuntu as Pici pointed out to me, not sure about the ruling would be for this question19:01
BluesKajnot sure about what the ruling would be for this question, rather19:11
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* keithzg ran into the change of /var/www to /var/www/html as the default apache2 document root just the other day19:42
keithzgSo, anybody have any answers for re-integrating Chrome with KDE? Since they switched off of GTK to their own stack I've found it kindof annoying (can't click-drag to or from with the same nice results, for example).19:44
keithzgIt kindof kills me that I can't just click-drag pictures from a chrome window into a Dolphin one now, for example.19:46
foobar_BluesKaj: :)19:48
BluesKajkeithzg, have you tried chromium-browser ?19:49
keithzgBluesKaj: Hrmm, you're right, that *does* work. Did Chromium not switch over to Aura or something?19:51
BluesKajdunno keithzg, I just assume since it's written for linux exclusively that any linux DE will integrate with it19:54
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BluesKajor rather the reverse :)19:55
keithzgBluesKaj: It's weird though, since I swear until the Aura changeover it worked fine on Chrome to. Although maybe that's a read herring and it's something else that's breaking it. Hmm.19:55
BluesKajkeithzg, chrome is a windows browser adapted to run on linux. whereas chromium is a linux browser period, dunno what aura is.19:59
keithzgBluesKaj: No offense, but you're just wrong.20:01
keithzgBluesKaj: Aura is Google's toolkit which they replaced GTK with. As such, the version of Chrome for Linux is nearly identical now to the version they use in ChromeOS.20:01
keithzgIn many respects, their Linux branch is getting far more attention these days than their Windows one.20:02
keithzgSeveral times recently features came to ChromeOS and normal Linux long before they made it to Windows.20:02
keithzgAll Chromium is these days is Chrome with some proprietary Google blobs excised, in the same way AOSP compares to what ships on Nexus devices.20:03
BluesKajkeithzg, seems the devs are working on an android browser that with a few mods runs fine on linux20:04
keithzgErr, the Chrome on Android is further from what's in ChromeOS than Chrome on (normal) Linux is.20:05
BluesKaji don't have a nexuz or andoid device so I\m behind the curve there :)20:05
BluesKajor an "i" anything either :)20:08
BluesKajguess you young guys would classify me as a Luddite20:09
keithzgWell, if you use a dumbphone, perhaps!20:09
keithzgMyself I just try to use whatever is closest to GNU/Linux as possible, ex. the phone I'm holding in my hand right now has a UI written in Qt5, rendered with Wayland, and using systemd underneath :)20:10
keithzgAnyways, though. Aura is essentially Google's underlying toolset to replace most of the beneath-the-hood usage of GTK, so that the ChromeOS, desktop Linux and Windows versions are all unified (to a degree; Chrome still uses GTK for theming, for example).20:11
keithzgChromium being just Chrome without the proprietary bits, this all is true of it too: http://dev.chromium.org/developers/design-documents/aura20:11
BluesKajI don't use a cellphone as an audioplayer or text or camera device ...it's a phone, that's all20:12
keithzgI use a phone because then I have a terminal in my pocket! And lots of great KDE-sourced apps, too.20:13
keithzgHell of a lot nicer than carrying around a big bulky and battery-inefficient laptop.20:13
BluesKajas it is I spend entirely too much time on this laptop anyway, it's good to give it a rest20:15
BluesKaj<--- retired , don't need a job device20:15
keithzgWhatever works for you, works. But I'd have a hell of a time finding a device that did only one thing that even did it better than my phone can, ex. for listening to podcasts it's way, way easier to just use gPodder on my phone (written in Python and QML!) than to wrangle that stuff from my desktop onto an mp3 player, which then wouldn't have as nice of a UI/UX as gPodder does anyways.20:17
dnelis there a kde control panel to manage cpu frequency scaling?20:17
BluesKajditto keithzg , whatever works for you ")20:18
linuxi have kubuntu with motion and it work few days dhan came update and all beauty was gone , when i try to start cheese i get linux@linux-K55VD:~$ cheese20:18
linuxlibv4l2: error setting pixformat: Device or resource busy20:18
linux(cheese:4439): cheese-WARNING **: Device '/dev/video0' is busy: gstv4l2object.c(2524): gst_v4l2_object_set_format (): /GstCameraBin:camerabin/GstWrapperCameraBinSrc:camera_source/GstBin:bin17/GstV4l2Src:video_source:20:18
linuxCall to S_FMT failed for YU12 @ 1280x720: Device or resource busy20:18
BluesKaj!Paste | linux20:19
ubottulinux: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.20:19
keithzgBluesKaj: Yup, yup and I suspect that's why many of us use Linux and KDE in the first place; everybody's wants and needs are different!20:19
keithzgdnel: Not any kde control panel option for that which I know of, but there are definitely GUI applications for such.20:20
BluesKajdnel, there is an app called cpufrequtils in the repos20:20
keithzgAlso, indicator-cpufreq, which is a appindicator-based applet.20:22
dnelthanks keithzg, BluesKaj, trying cpufreq-set to set to ondemand governor but it wont work for some reason20:23
keithzgHmm, removing my Chrome profile makes drag-and-drop work. So it's something messed up in my profile, not with Chrome itself per se (which makes sense since Chromium worked too).20:25
BluesKajwell, it's been a long day ....time to give it a rest, later folks20:30
keithzgTake care20:30
ScuniziMy live usb will not open kde partition manager.  It tries, spins then nothing. Any ideas how to fix that?20:35
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keithzgScunizi: Have you tried launching it from a terminal? (I believe it's just "partitionmanager").20:39
Scunizikeithzg: yea.. looks like the system is just reeaallyy slooow in loading the package. I actually got 3 windows up and closed two.20:40
keithzgScunizi: Haha, fair enough20:41
ScuniziI've got another issue though. When creating a live usb the system asked for credentials.  There were 2 user names to pick from, both identical. But when I look in the gui's user configuration section there is only one user for the system. would this be caused by having both unity (as the first install) and kde (kubuntu) as the second?20:42
keithzgHrmmm, maaaaybe, I do vaguely remember something along those lines back when I also ran non-KDE environments (these days it's just KDE and sometimes Openbox for me). I'd check "getent passwd" in the terminal for the canonical users list first.20:45
keithzgCanonical meaning the authoritative, true users list, not referring to the company, heh.20:46
ScuniziOk.. did that with only one recognizable user outside of system stuff.. and it was me20:47
Scuniziit also shows www-data in /var/www but there is no /var/www and I don't have a webserver running.  When I upgrade to 14.04 I may take the opportunity to do a clean install20:49
keithzgNo big deal for that, apache2 just adds that user when installed, as AFAIK it's generally not Debian policy to have packages remove users like that even if you've since uninstalled apache2.20:51
Scunizithat could be.. the last time I upgraded I was shocked to find I didn't have to do a fresh install to fix things. I may have had apache on at some point in the past.20:58
keithzgI've never done a fresh install on an existing one, but I'm a stubborn SOB ;)20:59
ScuniziFor whatever reason I've had issues on almost all my home built desktop machines. They weren't the latest and greatest at the time either. 2 gens behind typically21:26
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