Palihello, I have problem with importing svn repo into launchpad bzr (via launchpad auto import service)... for 5 days it trying to import svn repo every 30 minutes and something is not working07:31
Palibzr repo is still empty07:31
Paliit is normal?07:31
Palihere is repo: https://code.launchpad.net/~pali/llvm/llvm-3.507:33
wgrantPali: Subversion imports are done incrementally, a few thousand revisions at a time.07:33
wgrantSomething like LLVM has hundreds of thousands of revisions of history; it will take many attempts before it completely imports.07:33
wgrantAh, 500 revisions at a time, in fact.07:33
Paliwgrant: so I just need wait more time?07:35
wgrantPali: Right.07:35
wgrantImporting a large Subversion history can be very slow due to the nature of the protocol.07:35
Palilooks like llvm has 216045 revisions, so it will take about 216045/500/2/24 ~= 9 days?07:37
Paliwgrant: bzr repos from svn branches do not support stacked bzr?07:39
Palibecause there is already autoimporting llvm trunk branch into bzr (from svn), but not branch 3.507:39
Paliand both branches have big same history07:40
wgrantPali: They do not.07:40
wgrantImports are always independent.07:40
Palithanks for info, I will wait 4 days and if there will be problem I ask again07:44
Paliwgrant: another question: it is possible to check how many revs are imported now?07:44
wgrantPali: No, you'd have to estimate from the number of imports so far.07:48
jelmerwgrant: imports should be stacked I think11:46
jelmerwgrant: or did I have a branch for that that never landed?11:46
wgrantjelmer: I know you had an incomplete branch at some point. I don't remember how far it got, except that it certainly doesn't work on the side of the importer.11:54
wgrantThey may be stacked on codehosting, but they're certainly independent on the importd intermediary.11:55
wgrantAnd the latter is all that matters for performance.11:55
jelmerwgrant: ah, yeah. That must be it.11:55
jelmercodehosting does stacking, and my branch to use stacking on the importer never landed.11:55
jelmer(I remember we had bugs with regards to stacking for code imports)11:56

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