anarkhosi tried disconnecting the wifi and unloading the wifi modules, because that could make suspend-resume work, but it did not help in this case01:16
holsteinanarkhos: it wont01:25
holsteinanarkhos: its not being triggered to wake up01:25
holsteinits not getting that command01:25
anarkhosill look at the error report again. i get one upon reboot01:27
holsteinyou likely get a "dont shut the computer down like that forcefully while its suspended" message01:27
anarkhos"This occured during a previous suspend and prevented it from resuming properly"01:29
holsteinif its literally not getting the message, and not doing *anything*, its a sleep.. its not going to log anything01:29
holsteinsure.. but, if you are postulating that "this" has occured, thus, breaking suspend, then, suspend should work in the live environment where "this" hasnt happened01:30
anarkhos"CRDA: Error: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'iw'01:30
holsteini know what i would do01:31
holsteindisable suspend, and enjoy whats left of the hardware01:31
anarkhosive actually refreshed my linux-mind quite a bit during these attempts at solving the problem01:32
holsteini actually think its kind of odd that any of it works.. when you think about the process01:33
holsteini mean, a company makes hardware, states windows support.. and pays professionals to support it.. then, we go and download some software that works on the hardware somehow? thats amazing01:34
anarkhosacer aspire one obviously works well with windows. however, does that necessarily mean that it will not work with linux?01:39
anarkhosbecause it sounded like that's what you're implying01:39
holsteinanarkhos: the question is, does acer work with linux? and if they did, it would01:39
anarkhosin general it works very well with linux too01:40
holsteinanarkhos: all of linux is open. for *anyone* to have, and see.. its open from top to bottom.. all of linux/ubuntu/xubuntu..01:40
anarkhoseven windows has problems sometimes01:40
holsteinso, if anyone, like acer, wants to support it, they can01:40
holsteinanarkhos: we are not talking about "casual problems".. we are talking about hardware support01:40
holsteinanyone can break any operating system. but, what are you dealing with is either broken hardware, or soemthing that acer could address easily01:41
anarkhosi suppose this is irrelevant:01:57
anarkhos"This script should work or your money back guaranteed (Joking this is open source project so use at own risk :P ), as it forces the graphic card to reboot itself using a good old kick from chvt1 and chvt7 commands which simulate what I used to do manually using Ctrl + Alt + F1 and Ctrl + Alt + F7 to refresh the GUI. "01:57
anarkhosby the way, there are 200+mb of updates available for lubuntu now01:59
holsteini would just try it02:02
holsteini would have already updated02:02
holsteini suggested that early on02:02
holsteinsudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade02:02
holsteinupdating is the easiest way to get "Fixes" if there are any02:02
holsteini assumed, you had done that already02:03
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onla_a linux question15:59
holsteinonla_: you mean, you would like to ask a linux question?15:59
onla_anyone know, if I can somehow echo or print or such to a cli the result of a query from glosbe api. It uses web interface, for example  http://glosbe.com/gapi/translate?from=pol&dest=eng&format=json&phrase=witaj&pretty=true16:00
onla_I only know that there are links, lynx and w3m or such cli web browsers, but16:01
onla_if I do cat url .. It posts something but not the ingredients of that url16:02
holsteinonla_: i would find other code that is alread doing that at another site.. something for query-ing the weather or time or whatever16:03
onla_I need a command-line english-tajik-english dictionary, and there are not many options16:04
holsteinonla_: i would try going upstream to a coding, or general linux, or #ubuntu channel or mailing list.. i would ask in the community at the site (if there is one) and see if anyone already  has something16:04
holsteinonla_: im not talking about what you need right now, functionally.. im talking about looking at an already existing application that is doing something similar, and seeing how they do it16:04
onla_so there is no innate linux commands16:05
holsteinonla_: i have seen scriprs for conky for example that get the weather, or other things... and dont use a web browser, per se, like that16:05
holsteinonla_: yes16:05
holsteinonla_: ther are *many* commands for doing what you want, and that site is welcome to comply with them16:05
holsteinonla_: are they? i dont know.. but, if i wanted to learn to "scrape" the site for data, i would look at another piece of code.. i would ask in a general linux channel, and a programming community as well16:06
holsteinthis is the #lubuntu channel, which is not a bad place to start, but, its specificially for the lubuntu operating system.. you will likely find folks doing what yo uare doing upstream, in a general linux channel16:07
onla_ok thanks16:09
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GatisHi! Tell me, please, shortcut key to switch desktops?16:12
holsteinGatis: i hold "control" and "alt" at the same time, then use the arrow keys16:13
Gatishmm doesn't work16:13
holsteinGatis: ok.. are you sure you have desktops available? are you sure the keyboard is working?16:14
holsteinGatis: yeah, what?16:15
GatisYes, sir16:15
holsteinGatis: you have other desktops? how are you certain? can you switch to them some other way?16:16
GatisYes i have. I see them on Panel GUI :)16:16
holsteinGatis: sure.. you "see" them.. so, can you actually swtich to them by clicking on them? or mouse wheel? or *any* other way?16:17
GatisYes i can switch them with mouse click and mouse wheel :)16:18
GatisI didn't know i can switch using mouse wheel16:18
laki-lakiapakah disini ada orang indonesia ????18:07
wxl!id | laki-laki18:07
ubottulaki-laki: join ke #ubuntu-id untuk membahas ubuntu dalam bahasa Indonesia18:07
laki-lakinggak ada pengguna lubuntu disana18:08
wxllaki-laki: i don't speak the language, but they do at #ubuntu-id18:08
laki-lakioke thanks!!18:09
anexis anyone else on lxqt?18:32
wxlanex: might want to move over to #lubuntu-offtopic given it's not officially supported yet. :)18:32
anexok thx18:33
anexi was just wondering who to report broken meta packages too and how i can get involved in testing related things as i have made my own installation iso on arch with lxqt and know it real well https://forum.manjaro.org/index.php?topic=14880.018:36
koellhappy birthday phillw19:08
phillwkoell: thanks :)19:08
wxldon't make me kick you guys to #lubuntu-offtopic19:09
wxlalthough phillw may require support in his advanced agent19:09
wxlj/k ;)19:09
koellthe next lubuntu release need to have phillw 's house as wallpaper included :D19:10
mhldshaving trouble getting audio out from hdmi in lubuntu19:35
mhldspulseaudio volume control does not detect the hdmi19:36
mhldsbut no problem detecting the hdmi in monitor settings19:37
phillwmhlds: have a read of http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=214765119:38
koellwhat happened to my lubuntu machine? i cant paste into my terminal anymore =(20:32
koelli use ctrl+shift+v as always but nothing happens20:32
ianorlinwhat terminal?20:32
koelllubuntu default terminal: xterm with zsh20:33
koellbash dont work too :/20:33
wxlafaik lubuntu default is lxterminal w/ bash ;)20:37
* genii sips and ponders shift+insert20:38
* wxl agrees20:40
ianorlinkoell if you use a usb mouse you can middle click to paste the selection buffer also xclip is useful for this20:41
koelli dont like to use the mouse, i just wonder why it worked all the time20:43
wxli don't either, thus shift+insert20:44
Unit193That's the secondary clipboard, what if he wants primary?20:45
koellugly keyboard shortcut, shift+ctrl+v is lot of faster as i dont need to leave the home row20:45
koelloh, it was just me wrong. hit fn+shift+v :D20:48
koellweird keyboard at work :/20:48
koelli need to sleepeating..20:49
melodiewho can tell me about consolekit in Trusty: not used anymore I would imagine?21:02
holsteinhttp://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=MTMyMDE , though, you can look and wee more what happened rather than whats coming up, since this is a bit dated21:04
Unit193lxsession "depends" on it, but logind should be what's used.21:05
melodieUnit193 can you remind be briefly what are ConsoleKit and Logind roles?21:06
melodieI used to think there needed to be some "seats" in a user session and not seeing one active makes me feel I am missing something in the picture21:06
Unit193Well basically, consolekit is deprecated in Ubuntu, so logind stuff is used.21:14
melodieUnit193 I'll rtfm21:14
melodiebut, no man?21:15
melodieI'll stfw then :D21:15
melodielogind is what? a package? a process? something else?21:16
melodieI'll have a look at packages.ubuntu to see what I can find about it21:17
Unit193Part of systemd.21:20
melodieUnit193 would that be the package "systemd-services", or the package "libsystemd-login0" then?21:21
melodieI haven't hit packages.ubuntu.com yet :)21:22
Unit193dpkg -L systemd-services -> /lib/systemd/systemd-logind, /etc/systemd/logind.conf21:22
melodieUnit193 thank you!21:48
melodieUnit193 it appears systemd-services is installed in my Bento Trusty, but if I try to remove ConsoleKit it triggers the removal of a large bunch of packages which are needed for my apps to be there21:51
melodieand I don't even talk about lxsession which I don't use here21:51
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